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posted by Emy1402
Hey, hey, hey
I got a condo in Manhattan
Baby girl, what's hatnin'?
आप and your नितंब, गधा invited
So gon' and get to clappin'
Go pop it for a player
Pop, pop it for me
Turn around and drop it for a player
Drop, drop it for me
I'll rent a समुद्र तट house in Miami
Wake up with no jammies (Nope)
झींगा मछली, समुद्री झींगा tail for dinner
Julio serve that scampi (Julio!)
आप got it if आप want it
Got, got it if आप want it
कहा आप got it if आप want it
Take my wallet if आप want it now

Jump in the Cadillac, girl, let's put some miles on it
Anything आप want, just to put a smile on it
आप deserve it baby, आप deserve it all...
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A 5 year-old Bruno Mars does an impression of Elvis in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas
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