ब्रूकस S5 moments that i think दिखाना there WERE still feelings between BL // आप agree with?

Pick one:
The way they hold each other while hugging in 5x02 ♥
The way Brooke looks at him in 5x04 ♥
She wouldn't miss the chance to spend a night with him ♥
"You're probably not gonna see me for a while." ♥
Lucas is the one boy she would have लॉस्ट everything for ♥
The way she looks at him during his wedding ♥
He remembers little things, like her purple monkey ♥
The way they look at each other while talking about doing things differently ♥
The fact that they fall asleep snuggling with Angie ♥
Lucas always being there to help with Angie ♥
How protective/concerned Lucas was when he saw Brooke crying ♥
He came to the airport even though she told him not to ♥
"I प्यार you, Lucas Scott. आप know that?" / "I प्यार आप too, Brooke Davis." ♥
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