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livelovelaugh posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 06:42PM
For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =)

Ok so heres the deal if you dont come on in a long time the chances are i will delete you from the list so people dont get cofused.

If you belong to the group of medal whores (you all know who you are) you will also get removed from the list we dont acept people like that on fanpop at all never mind on our forum! sorry to be a bitch but its something that shouldnt happen and it does so if you are part of the medal whores you should eb ashamed of yourself!

so basically this forum is to come and talk to BL fans. You can talk about what ever you want seriously anything at all. if you wanna vent about something then do it thats what this is here for.

im gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

Livelovelaugh - Dawn 240
Brattynemz - Nem 201
Dermer4ever - Terra 170
Sophialover - Mary 224
1treehillfan - Alice 111
Brucas4ever - Hannah 281
Cas_Cat2 - Cat or Catia 116
Janni - Janni 335
Broody_4_Cheery - meikei 88
Mollyx365 - Molly or lou 92
TSOYPRA - Vicky 32
Chlarkfan - Jellena 16
jennifer_02 - Jen 2
OMGitsBrooke - Leyla
Isabellaaa - Bella
xoheartinohioxo - Holly
MONlovesBRUCAS - Mon

(i know ive forgot some jus let me know lol)

 For the प्रशंसकों of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =) Ok so heres the
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Chlarkfan said…
Happpy Easterrrrr (:
anyone on?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
okay, im confused this "energizerbunny" girl added some BL banners & motto's & icons .. & Is not even a part of this spot & bashes BL a lot ... huh?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
lol weird but whatever, at least it wasnt some anti stuff. maybe she was bored. nice icon jess, fn gorgeous.

anyone on?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
im still here,goign through spots .. bored :D
how are you?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
fn buggered, had my niece all weekend and then my nephew last night and today as well and hes in teh terrible two stage. i hear the word no ever again and i am going to go crazy! but theyre gone so now i have peace and quiet again and can wtach something other than sailor moon, never thought i would get so sick of that show. im soooooo tired but if i go to sleep now ill be up way too early which means ill be tired at work tomorrow night, so ill try to hold out crashing. sleep oh sleep how i miss you. other than that, i fel sick from chocolate :P bloody easter.

how are you? good weekend?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
wow,busy weekend i'd say ;) but on the other hand isn't it also fun..at least a bit? ;)
SAILOR MOON! how i loved this show .. god now i cant even remember one damn thing about it. & where do you work btw?
eww, i know this feeling ..

im good, i have holidays now & on saturday i was out with some friends at some party & yesterday just relaxing :)
tomorrow is girlsnight :DD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
busy, busy. the kids keep me entertained and i love them and yeah it was fun, took them to teh park and on sat i met up with a friend and her kid and teh girls played together an dthat, but i am still getting use to my new sleeping pattern. i just got transferred from working mornings to working nights so having to wake up early or through teh night to kids just is rough on my body atm. i work for aus post, with mail, oh so exciting.

sailor moon rocks! i use to watch it every morning before school, got it on dvd and now the kids are obsessed with it, my nephew is two and like sings the song. when they are over its like on 24/7 no matter if they are playing, so as much as i love it i am kinda over it. "fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one names sailor moon!"

ooh holidays, anything planned? other than a girls night of course. always good fun.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
aww,well sounds tough, but also fun ;) & that sucks, i bet thats not so good on your body & all,it totally mess' up your routine, but i hope you get used to it. well at least you have something & i bet its not THAT bad,right? ;)

here sailor moon always came after school :D & yeah me,too ..god,but honestyl i cant remember anything from it :/ doog old days xD

yes,finally,but just 1 week ;/ well meet up with my friends alot & I have to work on some stupid essay that has to be 10-15 sides long :/
but well i have a nice theme (you could decide what theme you want) so it gnna be alright :D
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
its just strange because i was so use to late nights, sleeping a few hours getting up for work and tehn having the rets of teh day to do whatever but now its like i go to work at night, come home, dowhatever until i crash and then because i dont have any reason to get up i sleep in. so in teh last two weeks ive been spoiled, more than four hours sleep, my body is in shock and now its like i cant not get sleep, i wake up think hmmm got nothing to do until klater so i o back to sleep. nuhmy job isnt bad, i love teh obscure hours, means i still have teh day to go shopping or meet friends for lunch, but well its not exactly something that people think "oh when i grow up i wanna...". but its called work not fun, and the hours gives me time for my writing if im in the mood, best thing about it is i got new boots lol, i love my new work boots i like wear them every day, they make me an inch taller :P
i got new jeans on sat and im wearing my boots and like my jimmy eat world shirt and i grab a leather jacket, and im like "can i pull this off" and shes like "nuh, you'll look too butch" and i go "thats your polite way of saying it would make me look like a lesbian right?" and she says "yeah" and im like "its the boots with the jacket" and she just nods and says "steel cap boots, leather jacket" and shakes her head. so i didnt get a leather jacket :( but i still love my boots. goit distracted there sorry.

awesome, what theme you choose? im sure you'll do great.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
oh wow, honestyl sounds like a big change! your gonna keep doing this or you wanna do something else later on?
LMAO,no problem I get carried away alot,too :D

well i write about 'homophobia in schools' bc even in my class i have the nicest guys in there , they do whatever you want & are real gentelmans but in this subject, nope;no way. they are really mean & cruel to one guy in my school who is gay & im honestly the ONLY one in my class who supports him, i mean he has his own friends ( hes 17 or 18 & in my class we are all 15 & 16) but still its annyoing how bad they talk about him.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
well i dont plan to work there for teh rets of my life, who knows might work my way up or do soemthing else, or go to uni and get a degree, or lol the dream of writing part time and getting something published.

ouch harsh, good on ya about tackling the situation. my group in high school had the first gay/bi couple to come out in our year, or the years close to ours. it wasnt always easy on them but mostly everyone was really good, a lot of people just wanted to know if it was true or not, but they were girls. who knows how the reaction of a gay guy would have gone. so yeah good on ya, call them on their bullshit.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
aww,thats sounds amazing i read alot from your articles - they are awesome !you've got some talent, so i wish you good luck! :)

yeah, i already tried talking to them but theres no way they would understand this ^^ so ill do it like this & even make some polls, that they can fill & yeah , i could even choose my teacher & he's awesome,so i hope it'll be good :D

whats your plan for today?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
thank you, always nice to hear.

they're young, sometimes people just need to grow out of shit like that.

well seeing its 9pm on a monday night, my plan is to do nothing, watch a movie or tv show once my sister figures out what she wants to watch seeing shes decided to come home for a night. and then sleep. how bout yours?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
no probelm & yeah i hope so, but well , i honestly dont believe in that bc their parents are the same at least thats what they told me.

already? here it is just lik 3pm right now, but i wont do anything either, cause i feel al little sick so just staying home & maybe do something with my mom bc its her birthday ;)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
happy birthday your mum!

so theyre just following their parents, sucks one of teh greatest things about our generation is the fact we dont just inherit our parents prejudice, some may say we lack respect imo the younger generation doesnt lack respect, they simply think its earnt.

yep already. jsut have a lazy day, build up energy for your girls night.

hmm we've got a list of maybe movies to watch, pride and prejudice, ten inch hero, pathfinder, the hitcher, fast and furious, ever after, teaching mrs tingle. which one?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
thanks,ill tell her ;)

yeah i know exactly what you mean :/

yes i'll , im just doing a new video & yeah thats about it for now i guess.

hmm,well i love the hitcher & after that something romantic like pride and prejudice :DD but you've got to decide what you wanna watch :]
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
i was thinking the hicther too, but you know sophia bush makes me bias, plus great soundtrack. okay now nick like she wants to wtach alias, nope now she wanst to watch gossip girl, omg, okay now she wants to wtch erin brokavich which i dont have. shespissed because our al back movie, shes the man, is not an option becaus ei watched it friday when i couldnt figure out what to watch. okay now we've decided to watch something scary but funny... im like the hitcher, but thats not really funny, and nicks like it makes me laugh. whats a funny thriller? which i have, hmmmm....

btw loving ur vids. wat u working on?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
oh god, i know your problem ;) LMAO ..tucker& dale VS evil is awesome :D well & if you just download anything? i always do it that way ...
The hitcher makes me bias bc of soph,too .. she looked so stunning in that movie,right? i mean who looks like THAT covered in dirt & stalked from some psycho? :D she's the man is an awesome movie,too but when you already watched it some time ago , i dont like it either...

aww,thank you <3 & well a brathan video & i want to start a new video now about the vampire diaries , like the bad-asses from TVD with the song 'rockstar' from rihanna ,we will see how it will turn out .d
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना brattynemz said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
nem! hey :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
omfg soooo hot, and the acting is just brilliant, it was like she needs to do more roles like this. really she just needs to do more roles full stop, another reason oth should end. im peeved her otehr show wasnt picked up!

yay the brathan preview looked awesome, it was totally working. btw, any comments u get from mdgc82 is me :P

heya nem! wats up?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
i know,right? she was amazing in this, but she doesn't get any new roles anymore? & i knew there was a new show , but why wasn't it picked? what happened?
AND BTW i really dont like her with blonde hair .. it looks so washed out & all ...

thanks & oh cool, now i know its you ;)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना brattynemz said…
Nothing much, I'm dead tired from the Lenten vacation. How are you guys?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
how was it? =)
& im good,just feelin a little sick, but i hope it goes away ..
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
i think it just wasnt picked up because stations r fucked in the head. omg i hate the blonde hair, ew, ew, even start of s6 when it was paler was a turn off for me. my sister was reafing this next to me and asked about brooke being blonde and wanted to see so i showed her a pick, she as like ew. thinks it makes her look tacky and try hard. great way to describe brookes persona this season. so fake.

nem, lenten?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
oh okay & yeah,i hate it! well in s6 i was even fine with it & then in s8? what did they do to her? and at first i just thought,it was for a new movie that she will change it again,but nope! she just let it be like this ... eww.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना brattynemz said…
It was amazing, got to spend it with my cousins, never a dull moment! :)

Yes, Mickei. Well, we didn't really observe it, haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
maybe they wanted a blonde now p sawyer is gone. shlda been haley. i wana know what colour is meant to be haleys natural. love her acting, always will, but im starting to question sophia as a person now, just little thinks. shes no b davis :(
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
yeah but haley'sa already the blonde on & also quinn. haley in realitly is blonde ;) well ethany.
me,too! i really believe she starts to change because of austin ?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
"Life is too short, and I'm Italian. I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine ..." SOPHIA BUSH

and now she said that she's an vegetarian,she ALWAYS said in interviews that she couldn't live without meat and all that,b/c of her family and all and now she's trying to be an vegetarian , just because AUSTIN is one as well?

i mean i know its not such a big deal and all , but it just annoys me that she CHANGES everything about herself,just because of Austin.

i posted this MONTHS ago on the ventig forum.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
i hate to say it because i dont like judging em in real life because somply we dont know therm but i agree, its like ever since austuion/julian theyve both cganged so much. and i never ever really was behind the whole bl werent together because of chophia thing, like i thought it was naive to think it didnt play some role in it, but all the things that sophia has been saying thats anti chad and bland lucas made me go whoa maybe it was a way bigger part of it than i thought. like saying lucas shldnt be at brookes weddng like wtt, wtff.

maybe thry bulk buy hair dye...

so bethany is natural blonde,but really wtf is haley because hs haley didnt seem the type to dye her hair... and jamie is blonde so... and peyton what was she, because despite hil being a nayural brunette always seemed peyt weas a batural blonde except once brooke makes a comment sabout her being a fake blonde.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
omg, dude, really, why cant he eat meat for her instead!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
yeah i mean its their thing what they do in private & im not gonna go & tell them what to do :D but ater a time you just realize these changes as a person & together.
saying lucas shoudn't be on the wedding was way out of line, its like ALL of them forgot what happened

ANYWAY i cant wait for chad's book to come out :D FINALLY!

bethany is like peyton ;D curly & blonde & hilarie is brunette & so is peyton,right?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
lol why cant they just tell us in the show wat ppls natural colour is meant to be.

chads book? he has a book. did hom a his chil bride actuallt get married or break up or anything yet?

i love how its like they try to not have brooke say lucas' name on the how, like sone scenes you just know shes talking about luke, or like s6 when she tell deb not to tell anyone ad thr only main core she doesnt mention is lucas, wtf, deb shdlda told hom "well u didnt say lucas' name"
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
yeah, i mean thats important!

& yeah he's writing on a book righ tnow here's a picture of it ;

so really hope he will also write about sophia & all the drama.

i know,always just 'that guy' or something & everyone knows that lucas is meant with that. yeah deb should've done that, i hated how he didn't even seem to care? he saw her in 6x03? in the funeral and didnt care...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
totaly random but something i think about to do with colouring. eye colour. so often i see differences of opinions about the eye colour of tv/movie characters, so many ppl say green. to me green is a rare colour, you know some eyes have a green tint sometiems or whatever but usually are divided in the blue or brown category. but i read fanfics and it just peaks my interet son what eye colour people are given, like brooke i read green or hazel mostly, and supoosedly peytons are green too. and i read smallville pics, and ive rezd that lana and lois and clark and oliver have green eyes, it differed depending on the author. now i woudl say lois has brown eyes and clark blue. right anyway, totally random but on an episode of smallville in s9 theres a book where the characters details are lsitened by a guy who is watching them and i think omg ill pause it and see what eye colour teh creators say they have. so clark... green, oliver... green, chloe... green. at this point im smiling inside a little, every single member of the justice league was listed as having green eyes except ONE, cyborg, who has brown, and i couldnt help but think what they all have green eyes but the black guy, wtf. seriously to me its not really green eyes unless they are the fucking colour of grass, jade or reaking moss or something. liek you know GREEN. why not just say hazel which is pretty much teh def of eyes that have a mix of colours. end rant.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
it made no sense whats so ever with teh bl friendship from s5 to not have it continue with s6 its like why cant he be with peyton and be friends with brooke at the same time. i kinda like it though because in mymind it backs up that bl are never just friends, lucas knew if he was committing to peyton brooke had to not be important becuse she was important you know, its like why was she an option, why make her an option if they were friends. the fact she was on teh list at all i saying something! he considered it, if it was so cut and dry with lp brooke shouldnt have been a choice, there shouldnt have been 'choices'.

awesome book, wonder if itl give is lots of behind the scenes oth stuff,like if tehre is a bigegr reason why he left the show.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
brooke's hazel,right? :D & dont watch smallville ... :( soo i dont even know who ur talking about xDD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
lol yeah l;ots of ppl dont but you can see teh unlikelyhood that like every cast member has green eyes right! i would say brooke has hazel, but dude i would say she had brown over green. if she has green eyes i bloody have green eyes!

ooh saw the link, awesome, looks cool
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
i know! its not true love if there are 2 (3) other woman in the battle also. bl were friends,ll were seperated & lp were nothing.
& 1 day before he says he HATES her & 1 day after that he wants to marry her? it just doesn't make any sense.

i also hate how sophia always says that every actr needs to seperet their private life with their acting,bc she CANT do it how you could see.

i hope so,too! i want to know about everything thats going on! ;)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
liek it ouldnt matter so much if they didnt shove the true love thing down so uch, and taht everything else was a 'denial' but it weakens them and makes their foundation such bs.like with bl its known that p sawyer means something to both of them, it makes sense that the what if thought is there, that there moight be doubt, as long as its explained away the ? isnt a horrible thing, brooke knows its there, lucas knows its there, tehy fight about it, they scream, he defends himself. but with lp its like, okay so brooke was an option we're putting it out there, lucas could still love her he could ask her to marry him hes thinkig about it, but oh right no peyton is his soulmate, it was always her, she'll never doubt his love for her even though he does, shell never know he thought about her bff that way, theyll neve discuss it ior iover come it, in fact the show is going to pretend it never hapenned. better yet, bl now have a ten second rule. like omg i gotta say it because lp drives me crazy but they just drive me crazy, its like every possible bad thing that coul mean growth and development for them is just swept under teh rug. liek the i hate you thing, wtf! yes of course teh most natural way to deal withj that is get them ENGAGED! yes get them engaged and staright away moved in and loved up tehn two secs later pregnant, and forget the fact they gadnt ben together in like FIVE YEARS! the lp relationship is like reading a book where teh author has inconveniently just left out a chapter every now and then.

seriously looking at lukes character and the way they deal with teh whoel dream proposal airport thing,. lucas thpught about ptoposong to three difffrent women and simply chose the only one he thought would say yes. and of course she did because she'd told him hours beforehand that it was her dream that she would "say yes every time", gawd as a p sawyer fan i wish she'd made him work dfor it, i would ahev loved to have seen lp developed in s6, have a little chase, have a few fights, get em to prove their feelings. act like fn human beings.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
i have noothing else to say,you fit it all together perfectly ;D

lp is always so rushed,not just in s6,but also in s4! i mean 8 whole episodes it is brooke that lucas loves,he fights for her & doesnt want to give up on them but then BANG;its PEYTON!

but you know what i hate the most? brooke saying that lucas should go to peyton with his line:"Who's standing next to you when all your dreams come true?"
BECAUSE lucas never told that to brooke so he realized in 4x09 'oh peyton told brooke that she was the one, how nice of her'
he just thought higher of peyton now as this really great & honest person who really tried to bring them back together when in reality she just drove them apart more :/
he now knew that peyton told brooke that & that brooke still didnt come to him .. argh.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
dont get me started on s4, gawd. that was just fucked up. why not give a litttle time but omg they get lp together an dthen the dead lucas dream thing1 overkill much like are they not already together! you ahve to have this to make their love seem better, as if peyton would mourn lucas forever lmao, lets ignore jake, lets ignore the fact they later gave her julian. why not show taht lucas has relaised he likes peyton, show im consider it, struggle with it and then go after her and then decide to date, why does it have to be so "light switch on lp are in love"
and the who standing next to you thing! is it weird taht when his 'dreams came true' teh show actually put brooke next to him???? its like bl is the most foreshadowed non endgame couple ever. and how him looking at peyton when brooke says that gets her to say 'go' and all as if he then thinks about peyton, possibly just maybe he looked at peyton simply because his mind flashed to his convo with peyton because she was the one who had been asking him that. not saying tahst why, but it was an option yet brooke cant consider yhat, because of course it means he relaly wanst peyton even though he said OH to her love confession. haha and oh yeah peyton honesty, s4 yeah right. peytons 'honesty' in s4 was what bumoed her down from my fave character to my second fave, honest my ass.

whats classic is s5, you know the scene when se tells lucas thatll shell be like keith and do teh honorable thinag dn all and step aside, like wtf. not only is that using keith and his mum against him but by doing it shes taking the glory of something she is in fact doing teh cpmplte opposite of because she sai something. pretty much what she said she was gona do but never actully did was eaxctly what BROOKE FUCKING DID! sighs.

arghh the way the show has lucas think of peyton makes m arghh, love her but she is not perfect, she is flawed and imperfect but she shoudl own that, not have te show act like the only way lucas can love her isif hes completely bliond to the real her. like his bullshit ibtegrity thing from hsi book, and how lindsey had such respevt or whatever for teh peyton form teh book. rigth the girl who cheated with her best friends boyfriend........ hmmm.

speaking of, classic lp contradiction. s1. lucas accuses peyton of trying to like get with nathan behind haleys back in the boytoy actiopn ep when he sees bthem kiss, and her comeback "i wouldnt do that to haley" um... dude, you did it to your best friend, realy
i wouldnt do that to haley" some practical random she didnt know or care aboyt at all until like what a few mobtsh before is more important not to hurt or betray over her childhood best fn friend who was there for her when her mum died.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
i know,right ? that wa sthe first think in my mind! i mean you wouldn't do it to a girl you just met but you did it to your childhood best friend? :/ i mean come on!
another thing in s1;remember when lucas wa sin the hospital and PEYTON was the one they called? I mean WTF! but then peyton's just like 'Okay,omg!" and LEAVES LUCAS GIRLFRIEND STANDING there on her own, until she realizes 'oh right , lucas isnt my bf' .. i was so pissed at that.

s5? she was the meanest person EVER. the way she treated lindsay? and i hated how everyone was 'poor peyton,aww' bc brooke might have suffered,too..but she just better at hidiing it? and lindsay is the one that always get all peyton hate... i mean its not lindsay's fault that lucas WAS together with peyton & isnt anymore .. gahh i just hate evrything abou it!

i mean in s1, peyton wanted to be such a bad ass,driving over the red lights & all, noot wanting to look like she likes lucas but since season 3/4 she was BEGGING him to take her ...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
one of the shows worse things was how they didnt develope peyton, its like they made her regress not progress. some of the things were just really on character, push comes to shove peyton puts her own feelings, wants and needs first, shes at heart a very selfish person, but instead of facing this and making her grow as they did with brooke and nathan, it is ignored as a flaw with peyton and continued to b used with her. its like nobody could possibly care for lucas more than her, she underestimated brookes feelings for lucas from the beginning and then uses her own perception of them as an excuse to act the way she does.

or how its poor peyton s5, and lucas is of course dirt because ehs with lindsay and peyton acts like "oh he has to love me we;re menatto be" and then in s6 julian is added and we find out this whole missing thing from peytons past and come on it makes her behaviour in s5 seem even worse yet whatever doenst matter because its peyton and she gets a get out of trouble free card like dan can avoid fn death.

seriously lp peyton just props jp peyton even more.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
its always like , thats peyton she can do that bc she's been trough so much & whats even worse always bugging your friend with your problems and then when she needs you you move out!

in 6x02? i mean you could see that brooke didn't fall sown some stairs & i was so pissed at peyton when she just laughed it off & was just like "oh you little stupid brooke you.." ... i mean who's so stupid and even WHEN my friend just fell down the stairs i still wouldn't have left her bc she's my friend & she's in pain & i know that she needs me.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
that falling down the stairs crap was crap, i dont know why the writers insisted on handling brookes attack the way they did.

yeah peytons been through so much *rolls eyes* as if shes the only one who had something bad happen to them. liek her mother died, sucks, painful, but seriously theres only so much you can milk one tragedy. grow up and move on. one of my best friends lost her sister to breast cancer when she was in primary school and then had to watch her mother die of cancer early on in high school, it was long and it was painful and through it all she went through being bullied at school as well. and she became dark and broody and a little bit mean to outsiders, but she wasnt all woe is me, she never acted the victim, she was sad and heart broken and had to deal with her emotions and her loss and she did it, it changed her and it will always be with her but dude she grew up and she didnt let it bring her down for ever, and the last thing she tolerates is people not fighting cancer (unlike peyton repeating her mothers mistake and going the red lighst not caring about otehr people lives or her own). we dont let her get away with shit because her fn mother died! if shes being a bitch we tell her shes being a bloody bitch. i have this one friend whose parents got divorced when she was like 15, and omg she milked it for ages, she still does even now and the rediculous thing is like every single one of our group came from broken homes through divorce or death or just plain abandoment, but just teh way she acts with it is just i cant begin to eclpain it, iyt just reminds me of peyton. like even thpough it was in year ten she blames her psrenst divroce and her mothers new bf on her failing year 12, like they didnt make her fail year 12 he made her fail year 12, she made it harder on herself because she refused to accept the fact her parenstb were happier apart because its not what she wanted, she didnt like her mothers new boyfriend and eventhough he never did anything to her she acted like he inconvenienced her so much. i love her, but i wanted to roll my eyes every time she starting talking about it. thats how i feel about peyton sometimes lol, like oh stop complaining, at kleats you were loved unlike nathan, brooke and lucas who each had at least one parent who might as well be dead with teh tyoe of loev they give em.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
i know what you mean i have friend and his dad died bc of cancer,too some months ago & he was bullied by his friends by it! & he doesn't talk about it at all & He going through so much right now.
bc his dad took care of everything & he has to do all of it now & he's so broken bc he doesn't know what to do! he always thought his dad would show him & that they still had time & now all of this weight is on his shoulders & he never complains.never. he's still great in school & is always so fun to be around.

i mean its horrible what happened to her, but she needs to get over it one day.
& then that fucking stalker thing? hello,? then why do you have your fucking cam on 24/7 ? & i personally think its totally her fault.as rude as that sounds.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Broody_4_Cheery said…
but one of the things about being there for your friends in such terrible times is that its not forever, you're helping them get through it and they are getting through it. one day life simply becomes something else, and you gotta live for the good of the future not the bad of the past. everyone has their own story, their owen sorrows and pain and tragedy, but theres a crossroad where you have ot make it apart of yourself and its either in a good way or a bad way, are you ging to make it an excuse to be worse or better? and that choice has to be for you, mad einside yoruself and its there forever like a tattoo, it doesnt rely on anything else happening in your life, it isnt ignored when everything else is going good and then comes back up when eveyrthing else is shit to just add to the pile of crapness so you can yell a little louder and whine a little more convincingly. its just apart of you.

she does seem to crave negative attention, like she looks for it lol. and with teh stalker, it could have been a lot worse, she should be thankful she had such good people around to be there for her and save her. i just dont like the whole stalkrthing, peytons reaction to it isnt my prob with it, the whole thing was just lame. esp the huge gap between the im's in s2 and ian actually appearing in s4. its like with peyton they focus so much on every drama they ignore all the good sometimes, liek people always leave, what about the people who stayed and were there, what aboit the fact that though some people who only their breifly they loved her so much and so well.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jessica4695 said…
well i think peyton's the one that NEEDS that,so when something good happens everyone should be thankful,idk :D
her whole life just seems really weird honestly,all are horrible things, but i dont believe that everything she's been thrugh can actually happen to you in 2 years of high school ? i mean the stalker thing i would want my dad to come right away! well .. whatever

& the drug thing,everyone was like 'OMG,poor peyton,dont do it again!" (???) I didnt understand the problem ,she tried it out 1 time! just once and everyone is like,she needs rehab :D lmao.
all the fans always say that s2 is her worst season 2 .. i dont understan dthat either,mostly it was good. jake was there for her , she found some new people & friends,opened her own club!
& she also handled the whole 'dyke' situation really well ,i've got to give her that ;)