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Lucas and Seyton met because he is a car mechanic and he fixed her crappy engine...from then on they were in love. EPICZ!!~! Lucas loved her since दिन one, they are both ईमो freaks they could sit alone in the dark listening to screaming संगीत together he thought...EPICCZ TLA~!~ Then Lucas told Peyton about his ईमो hopes and she कहा no she did not want to be ईमो together she just wanted sex. Then they didn't have sex. TLA~!~! Then Seyton's wonderful best friend Brooke took her out to party to cheer her up and Seyton got herself into a situation with an ईमो screwed up college boy who drugged...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
hannah though your little walk in hasn't happened yet i am planning on लेखन it in, probably chapter seventeen.

Chapter Thirteen


If आप were to spread my life out in front of you, the good, the bad and the seemingly insignificant, it may read as a tragedy. If आप look deeper, if आप don't get distracted द्वारा the darker facts – dead beat dad, bullied, poor, murdered uncle, left at the alter, widowed, dying son – then my life is far from tragic. I've been gifted, I truly believe that, yes I have लॉस्ट and may still lose more, and it is painful however the reason why it is so painful is...
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posted by Brucas_Chophia
Okay, I didn't do this, I found it in Fanforum, and I प्यार it! It's about 3x18, episode that I think is underrated, and analyzes the BL scenes of course <33
I think you're gonna प्यार it!!

ok, sorry it took so long, my internet wasn't working & then ff wasn't working. Ok, the ep I've chosen as my fave BL episode, I wasn't sure about simply bc it's an episode where BL don't even have a storyline, in fact the whole episode itself is pretty filler, there's no important storyline. It's 3.18

What I प्यार about this episode is how आप just get to see Brooke & Lucas being a couple, they're...
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(so that's another soapbox..and OMG..i'm sorry if आप get tired पढ़ना this but it really explains how i feel..and how true Blers Feel! Hope आप enjoy it...)

I hope Mark won't go with the obvious in this situation which would be Peyton's car. I hope Mark's got something up his sleeve.

Soo...Lucas did say it was about a scientist so he must have looked it up himself, also i don't understand how everyone think's it's a LP thing...i mean in the quote Lucas states that someday it would come back! hello? if it was about Peyton she did come back she actually offered her self up on a silver platter...
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When I found out Hannah (Brucas4ever) was my secret santa I couldn't have been happier. She is truly an amazing प्रशंसक and person. If आप do not know this BLer आप should, you'll never forget her. So Hannah, Merry क्रिस्मस and a Happy New Year.


Painted faces all around
Dancing, spinning, falling down
Dazzling fakes are such a bore
A genuine smile sparkles more

So lift your chin
High and proud
Remember you're better
than half that crowd

You're honest and sweet
Loyal and true
The loudest and funniest
of our crew

आप are you, mangos and all
A beautiful person for a beautiful soul
And though others may fail to see
We flove आप always, at the BFG.
 and a red door वॉलपेपर just for you. ily tigger
and a red door wallpaper just for you. ily tigger
Brooke and Lucas is the couple in my heart. Brooke and Lucas is the couple in many billion hearts. Brooke and Lucas is a couple that has come to stay, and people might try to overshadow them, but their प्यार will never be something that आप can hide under a blanket. Their प्यार is a प्यार that will not alter!

They entered in many peoples दिल in season one, and later in season two and three they entered in billion hearts. They convinced us that their प्यार was stronger than anything, maybe even stronger than the devil trying to विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें them. But in the end, it was up to a man with great powers to...
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 Chad and Sophia
Chad and Sophia
Lucas and Brooke, what a great couple. They shared प्यार and great times. And off screen, Chad and Sophia were very romantic to the point of marriage... but after they divorced...the writers on the दिखाना suddenly re-enacted Leyton, and showed that Peyton had begun to have feelings for Lucas again.
And just think. Maybe if in real life Chad and Sophia didn't break up, then maybe ब्रूकस would still be together and be like Naley.
But of course, being like they are, without them dating in real life anymore, they don't have a lot of on screem chemistry anymore.
And even if it wasn't Brucas, if it was Leyton या something, it would still be wrong to ruin a relationship jjust because of their off-screen activity.
 just wrong
just wrong
posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Mary's XMas present part two.
(based off the song 'i want an alien for christmas' but the mary version)

This साल for Christmas
There's something I'd really like
So if you're up there somewhere Santa
Please don't bring me another bike
I could go for some Brucas
Serenate is just fine
And have I mentioned *wink wink*
Skins is a प्रिय of mine
But there's something kinda special
That I want most of all

I want Amy Winehouse for Christmas
Bring me some Amy this year
I want a little Winehouse
With hair almost three feet high
And big brown eyes
It’s my dearest wish, no lie
I want Amy for Christmas, this year...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Remember today for it is the beginning of always…

When it comes to One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल not much can be counted on, our hearts as प्रशंसकों have been played with, hope destroyed and rebuilt over and over again, sometimes the दिखाना is far too predictable yet it still manages to surprise us with twists and turns which leads to doubts to if it will go the predictable route. Yet amongst all the uncertainty there is one constant, one thing we all secretly know is untouchable – Naley. Nathan and Haley may be cheesy, they may be boring at times and far too predictable yet their fairytale प्यार always and forever...
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lizisme पोस्टेड this one the oth spot but i want to add it here

1,659 Reasons Why We प्यार ब्रूकस

1. Because they can have fun together

2. Because he gives a rats about her

3. Because he had his first time with her

4. Because he chose her first

5. Because she read a book for him

6. Because he is Broody and she is Cheery

7. Because they have chemistry

8. Because fell hard for him

9. Because they had so much on-screen chemistry, they got together in real life

10. Because they had sex in a hot tub that wasn't hers

11. Because she feng shuied his...
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So here is Tofu's(Dawn) क्रिस्मस Gift she asked for an article, i think its pretty clear we ALL प्यार HER!

If i had to pick one word to describe Dawn it would be BADASS! i mean seriously this girl is amazing, she's kind hearted, and beautiful, a very influential person in my life.
Even though Ive never met her in person i feel like i know her! I remember the first time i talked to Dawn. Well i actually saw her around the oth spot and bl spot first. Anyways she created the BFG and i believe it was originally called like vent thread, then it was "lest talk it out" and they it was changed to...
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So I did mine a bit differently :) I hope that आप guys still like it :P ♥

A - Always. ; I प्यार आप Lucas .. and I probably always will.

B - Boyfriend ; See ya later boyfriend!

C - Cheery ; हे Broody. हे Cheery.

D - Do ; I do know some things about आप Brooke Davis.

E - Everything ; It means a lot to know you're there .. it means everything.

F - Forever ; Lucas & Brooke forever.

G - Guy ; I'm the guy for आप Brooke Davis .. you'll see.

H - Hurt ; That doesn't really matter Lucas, cause' in the end it all hurts just the same.

I - I ; I प्यार you. I प्यार आप too .. prettygirl.

J - Just ; This is...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
okay its और breyton than brucas, but well i think blers will appreciate it more. yeah still dont own oth.


Love is not प्यार which alters when it alteration finds.
- Shakespeare

There is something similar about this scene, something that at the moment neither girl can really pin point. They stand in front of each other, two best फ्रेंड्स who have gone through so much together, one a stunning brunette and the other a beautiful blonde. Brooke Davis is known for her smile and cheery attitude, but over the last few months life has beaten something out of her and that smile is...
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posted by bdavisrocks
Refuting some BL negativity :)

False Theory #1 = Season 1 ब्रूकस were all fun and shallow:

Brooke: What I mean is..I do what I do, and I like what I like, and that's just who I am.
Lucas: I know, and that's what I love about you.
Brooke: Ok, but the संगीत that आप listen to and the पुस्तकें that आप read..I'm not into any of that stuff.
Lucas: And I never asked आप to be, ok? आप know, I kinda enjoy the fact that we're different.
Brooke: Ok. I'm sorry. It's just that, you're the first really great guy I've ever dated, and that really scares me because I never gave a rat's नितंब, गधा before, ok?...
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posted by brattynemz
 ..and I probably always will.
..and I probably always will.
I was on OTHforums when someone asked about the ब्रूकस break up and I realized I've got so much to say about it.

Brooke on Peyton.

If I remember it correctly:
1] Peyton told Brooke about her feelings for Lucas
2] Brooke found out about the पुस्तकालय kiss

Peyton telling Brooke about her feelings has a big effect on the ब्रूकस break up. Brooke could have forgiven the पुस्तकालय kiss, she could've chosen to believe that it was innocent, but आप cannot do that if आप know that Peyton has feelings for Lucas. I know in the Leyton timeline it isn't like that, but in Brooke's it was. Anyone in Brooke's place...
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posted by katie_07
Okay little rant here about a certain P.Sawyer (so called best friend of Brooke)and her disrespeect for the words friendship, loyalty and love., like seriously does she not know what these words mean!! But after rewatching the केबिन episode in season three i am seriously so pissed and amazed (in a negative way) at Marks storytelling skills, watching the रसोई, रसोईघर Peyton/Lucas scene in the episode i seriously wanted to throw something at the tele like the cheek of Peyton is unbelievable. Well to remind आप about the scene Lucas tells Peyton that she looks happy and she says that he does too, so...
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So I've been thinking. And I'm just sooooo mad at Mark for all the things that point to BL being end-game but then he gives us the one thing we hate the most Pucass. So this is a सूची of why they should be end-game.
1. He made the 'destiny shot'! I mean c'mon Mark if they aren't supposed to be together why would he have made it?!?
2. In season5 during the ep with all the flashbacks after Brooke leaves Lucas (at the hotel after he kissed her), Bitchtoria says something to the effect of 'You have far to much to lose, Brooke.' and what does she respond with? Oh, that's right. 'And Lucas Scott was...
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Lucas was the first really great guy that Brooke ever dated, and it scared her because she had never दिया a ratsass before. She never let herself get into an emotional relationship.

The moment Brooke met Lucas was essientially the moment where it all changed for her. Her relationship with Lucas helped her change and grow. It helped her realize that it wasn't all about sex, that she didn't have to act a certain way to make a guy like her. It made her realize that some guys will see through her slut act and notice how amazing her heart truly is. It also made her realize how much प्यार can hurt,...
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posted by BrightSparkle
 "they're amazing - they have such chemistry and emotion."
"they're amazing - they have such chemistry and emotion."
So as most of आप probably know, Ally is the FOTM for April. She really deserved this, and I for one am extremely happy for her! Congrats Hun <3

1.    YAY! आप won, how do आप feel?
- Super happy and excited! :D Seriously thank आप guys for voting for me!

2. Are ब्रूकस your OTP, if yes, why?
- Yes! Because they're amazing - they have such chemistry and emotion. They're real - they have issues like any other couple but in the end all that matters is their प्यार <3

3. What are your other प्रिय TV couples?
- Cook and Effy, Tim and Lyla and John and Mary Winchester.

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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
okay so this is a पूर्व दर्शन of one of my latest fanfics it is based off Jodi Picoult’s novel ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ with पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल Twists. -- How far would आप go to save a child’s life, even if that means infringing upon the rights of another? BL family. so tell me what आप think... (oh yeah, i dont own anything, oth belongs to not me and yeah plot sorta belongs to jodi picoult)

Chapter One


At school today we learnt और about the reproductive system and how शिशु are created, but the how isn’t what really interest me. My sister, Sawyer, covered that lesson years ago. It’s the...
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