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posted by CheeryDavis
Have आप ever met someone who at the first time आप make a mistake, defends आप whole heartedly, and makes आप feel a little better about yourself! Someone who even though आप have your differences is so sweet and kind that it makes आप forget about all those dissimilarities. Well that is what Laurencia7 did for me! So i just want to say thank आप so much for standing up for me even though I didn't deserve it! आप are a rocking Leytoner and even though आप are from the dark side लोल I really think आप are an amazing person! So here is to ब्रूकस and Leyton प्रशंसकों being able to exist in one world and being able to meet kick नितंब, गधा individuals like Laurencia7! आप rock girl even if आप are a Leyton slap my booty they got cooties प्रशंसक lol! Just kidding about that, but it totally rhymed so i had to use it! प्यार ya!
Lucas and Seyton met because he is a car mechanic and he fixed her crappy engine...from then on they were in love. EPICZ!!~! Lucas loved her since दिन one, they are both ईमो freaks they could sit alone in the dark listening to screaming संगीत together he thought...EPICCZ TLA~!~ Then Lucas told Peyton about his ईमो hopes and she कहा no she did not want to be ईमो together she just wanted sex. Then they didn't have sex. TLA~!~! Then Seyton's wonderful best friend Brooke took her out to party to cheer her up and Seyton got herself into a situation with an ईमो screwed up college boy who drugged...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
im in a very bittersweet bl phase at the moment. this is one of the results.


"It's a mystery, how we fall in love, who we fall in प्यार with, why we fall in love. But we do."

He's just like his father, she is just like her mother and neither one believes it no matter how many times their parents tell them. A lot of outsiders nod, yes, they are the spitting image of their respective parents but no, that's where the resemblance ends. Of course those outsiders don't know what they use to be like.

He's a quiet dreamer, over thinking everything with a rare smile and brooding eyes. He's...
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Lucas was the first really great guy that Brooke ever dated, and it scared her because she had never दिया a ratsass before. She never let herself get into an emotional relationship.

The moment Brooke met Lucas was essientially the moment where it all changed for her. Her relationship with Lucas helped her change and grow. It helped her realize that it wasn't all about sex, that she didn't have to act a certain way to make a guy like her. It made her realize that some guys will see through her slut act and notice how amazing her heart truly is. It also made her realize how much प्यार can hurt,...
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posted by alwaysforever
हे girls. This is my entry for the How it Should Have Been contest: Round 1. While I was लेखन this it was kind of a part two to another fic I'm लेखन but then it wasn't लोल so it might not flow as well as I wanted. Hmmph well it takes place after season 5 but Lucas never goes to the airport.

“Hey Brooke.” Lucas Scott says to the brunette standing in her front door, a little startled seeing as he didn’t even get a chance to knock before she appeared.
“Lucas…”, Brooke says with a glance back into the house (Peyton’s not here… She thought to herself), “What’s up?”
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posted by brucas_naley101
Brooke and Lucas walk in to the नेली house.
"Cooper! What are आप doing her?" Lucas asked at seeing him.
"Hot Uncle Cooper!" Brooke yelled at the same time as Lucas.
"Hey Brooke Lucas." Cooper said, hugging them.
"Uncle Luke! Aunt Brooke! I want to see some pictures of आप and Daddy all messy." Jamie कहा to them.
"What pictures are we talking about?" Cooper asked. ब्रूकस and नेली laughed, Brooke took out her ofhone and showed Jamie and Cooper the pictures.
"What the Hell!" Cooper said, causing everyone to laugh, and Lucas explained the story. "You two always were kinda cute when आप were together."...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
hannah though your little walk in hasn't happened yet i am planning on लेखन it in, probably chapter seventeen.

Chapter Thirteen


If आप were to spread my life out in front of you, the good, the bad and the seemingly insignificant, it may read as a tragedy. If आप look deeper, if आप don't get distracted द्वारा the darker facts – dead beat dad, bullied, poor, murdered uncle, left at the alter, widowed, dying son – then my life is far from tragic. I've been gifted, I truly believe that, yes I have लॉस्ट and may still lose more, and it is painful however the reason why it is so painful is...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
okay its और breyton than brucas, but well i think blers will appreciate it more. yeah still dont own oth.


Love is not प्यार which alters when it alteration finds.
- Shakespeare

There is something similar about this scene, something that at the moment neither girl can really pin point. They stand in front of each other, two best फ्रेंड्स who have gone through so much together, one a stunning brunette and the other a beautiful blonde. Brooke Davis is known for her smile and cheery attitude, but over the last few months life has beaten something out of her and that smile is...
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First off, I'm a solid JEYTON FAN! ब्रूकस FAN! P. SAWYER FAN! (she's not a backstabbing w***...she's just confused.)

Now why should ब्रूकस प्रशंसकों be interested on Peyton's view, let alone her feelings? (since most BL प्रशंसकों hate her and I still can't understand why.) It'd be interesting if this speculation of mine is true and Peyton realizes it (the girl has late epiphanies) and then maybe she will go look for Jake (whom I strongly believed she never stopped loving and loved GREATER than Lucas) and Brucas...well...YAY! They'd be back on the road again. So..read this:


SEASON 5: Brooke Davis still...
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(so that's another soapbox..and OMG..i'm sorry if आप get tired पढ़ना this but it really explains how i feel..and how true Blers Feel! Hope आप enjoy it...)

I hope Mark won't go with the obvious in this situation which would be Peyton's car. I hope Mark's got something up his sleeve.

Soo...Lucas did say it was about a scientist so he must have looked it up himself, also i don't understand how everyone think's it's a LP thing...i mean in the quote Lucas states that someday it would come back! hello? if it was about Peyton she did come back she actually offered her self up on a silver platter...
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posted by brucas_naley101
So this is like oth season 7 my way :P . FYI this is NOT like the one we talked bout Krissy. It's still good..... I hope :P . And this has LOTS of Brucas, Jeyton, and Naley.

The Leyton House
Peyton's cell rings, "Can आप get that, Luke?" she calls from where she is sitting holding Sawyer. "Sure." and he runs to get her phone. He picks up the phone but before he can say anything he hears someone on the other line yelling, "Peyton! आप कहा आप were going to tell him! I'm tired of sneaking around! This was on your terms but now we are DONE if आप don't leave Lucas like आप कहा आप would, and...
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 made द्वारा mickei
made by mickei
disclaimer: we do not own any rights to One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल and this is all for fun, but if we did the दिखाना would have turned out a lot differently.

quick note if आप haven't read the prologue yet to this story, don't read this yet until आप have!! anyways we hope आप enjoy this chapter and don’t forget to leave a review!! :D


That’s When It All Changed

Chapter 1: The Person I Wasn’t Raised to be

There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment आप must choose your direction. Will आप fight to stay on the path while others tell आप who आप are? या will आप label...
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 her boyfriend...his pretty girl
her boyfriend...his pretty girl
After watching episode 5x15, that episode have many ब्रूकस moments, i noticed chemistry in some feelings being there between brooke and Lucas.
The first time to notice it was when Lucas helped Brooke put Angie's सीट in the car, and then right after suggesting to come with Brooke to Angie's open दिल surgery. *aw*
Then at almost the very end of the episode, Brooke goes to Lucas' house to settle down Angie. (She could have gone somewhere else u kno)
And then closer to the end of the episode, Brooke was about to leave Lucas' house to at least let him get any sleep at all. But Lucas says,"Stay,...
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"Kinda feels like Dejavu"
"Not really, आप told me to fight for me and I did, आप never fought for me!"
"Why would I do that , Lucas? आप cheated on me, with my former best friend...again! And even though आप know how much this hurt me, आप two are still together all the time and it kills me to see this. I asked आप to stay away from her, but आप don´t care. We broke up and it seems like आप don´t really care, like आप always wanted to be with her. So why would I fight for you, what should I do, run after आप even though I know you´d rather to be with her? Even though I know my दिल would...
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Okay so i was just watching some new clips of Oth and I just think Brulian had many scenes which seemed a lot like Bl past scenes.

Am not an Anti-Bju but i dont ship them either unlike pucass its all Hate.
I know people sometimes have scenes alike but हे its my opinion.

okay so Starting with हाल का scenes

Julian helping Brooke With Sam is like Lucas helping Brooke with Anjie.

The season seven promo of Julian holding Brooke द्वारा the आग reminded me of ब्रूकस scenes at Rachel's केबिन of both ब्रूकस द्वारा the fire.

Julian fighting for Brooke was like Lucas fighting for her in season 2 and 3....
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
ok there is something we may have to face... i know its terrible but the possibilty is there, even if its slim... im sorry to break the bad news, but its possible ब्रूकस is not end game. I know, it's terrible. but for some reason this peyton chick, आप know the girl - blonde, possible eating disorder, has a thing for loving people she cant have, great artist but sometimes depressing, should have a warning lable on her because people she प्यार have this nasty habit of dying (watch out lucas don't get back with her या आप could be next). anyway it seems this blonde chick might get lucas therefore...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
हे so this is my entry to the contest thing,a one shot bl wedding, and i must admit i kinda 'cheated' well maybe taking a short cut would be a better term, because i just so happened to have written the wedding chapter to one of my fanfics last week, so लोल its that, so yeah obviously AU, though any BL wedding would be AU. just yeah if something doesnt make sense,just like go with the flow. :P oh yeah, and italics w]are flashbacks/emphasis, majority are flachbacks

Lucas POV


Just breathe and count back from ten, and when आप stop counting you’re ten और सेकंड्स closer to having...
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आप have such pretty words, shame they are repeated, engraved and forever in my heart.

Even though it turned out to be a lie, आप still gave me प्यार and with that i can go on knowing that we did once प्यार and we grew together & we have the memories that no one can take away from us.
Brooke: There are 82 letters in here, and they're all addressed to you. I wrote them all this summer. One a day, but I never sent them 'cause I was afraid.
Lucas Scott: Brooke...
Brooke: I was afraid of getting my दिल broken again, like before. 'Cause आप hurt...
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This is a summary of the fic it has not been started yet and my लेखन partner and i will begin लेखन it soon. a note this is my version of 518/601. also if आप hate ब्रूकस do not reply. on with the summary of this fanfiction.

Lucas sat their in the पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल airport waiting for the person on the other end of the line to दिखाना up so they can start their new life journey together. Peyton just hung up the phone after hearing from someone from her past that she has not heard from in years who is coming back to पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल to see her and record some संगीत for Red Bedroom Records. Haley returned घर from the river court to be greeted when she walked in the front door द्वारा Nathan and Jamie. Haley and Nathan but Jamie to बिस्तर and sat द्वारा the पियानो to just talk about their family life and the other positive things going on in their family and career
This fanfic is the result of boredom and desperate need for a fanatic.
Here we go :)

Umm yeah.
So about a साल has passed since leyton gave birth to their child and were married.
Brooke is out being a hot sexy fashion designer, and Luke is a fugly stay at घर dad.

"Yo Luke आप gonna fry me up some chicken? I'm hungry."
"In a moment dear, I'm wiping Sawyer's doodoo."
"Your such a pansy ass." -she sits down on the lounge chair and unzips her jeans- "I need a little breathing room!" -takes a sip of beer-. "Who decided to name the fart Sawyer anyways? What a dumbass name!"
"You did,...
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