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I have to say, i adore the ब्रूकस friendship!! They are really sweet together, and luke provides great support for brooke. however, i don't think they mesh well as a प्यार couple. i think that while they were together, a lot of it was just about sex and और superficial stuff, while as फ्रेंड्स they don't have that stuff in the way, so they can really प्यार eachother for their true selves (in a friend-y way!)

i also felt that, although always sweet to lucas, brooke was always trying a bit hard to be romantic and lovey-dovey. i think this really affected the way i felt about them, because with leyton, there is a deeper connection- look how long they lasted without sex, while dating! i just couldn't see ब्रूकस doing this. but as i said, once the sex is out of the way, they can finally have a deeper connection as friends, not lovers.

ok, i have more, but i'm going to बिस्तर now. thanks for readin :)
Now, I have only been watching One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल for a महीना and I have to say that they are very cute together. They were always there for each other and the rain scene was to cute when Lucas even though I could get pneumonia, If आप need to know why I प्यार you, I'd stay out here all night. Isn't that just romantic? Escpecially at the party were Lucas says "I'm the guy for आप Brooke Davis. Lucas seems very happy with her and I know she is really happy with him. आप can tell that with him she smiles extra hard and when he's with her, he has complete faith in her. Brooke and Lucas have went through...
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