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posted by deedragongirl
 Look Through My Eyes!
Look Through My Eyes!
Hi guys, it's been coming to 14 years already since I had seen with this wonderful movie and here is my review on the brotherly film about 2 bears. Ready?

The Story

Throughout the film, I keep thinking that it serves as a foreshadow to Disney's 2013 smash hit Frozen, as it deals with sibling love. So, this film really touches my heart, especially the songs in which I'll talk about it later in this article.
It also reminds me of Beauty and the Beast due to the fact that it has 2 characters that are sulky and redeem themselves in the end shortly after being transform back, another topic that I'll...
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 Koda is stupid! KIDDING!!!
Koda is stupid! KIDDING!!!
Hi guys, I would like to give a review to this movie and its sequel. Considering that it's one of Disney's underrated movies.

Brother Bear

I watched this movie in the Malaysian cinema back in 2003, my impression was it was like Beauty and the Beast meets Mother Nature, mainly due to the transformation scene reminds of the famous transformation from Beauty and the Beast.
Kenai reminded me of Prince Adam/ the Beast mainly because they're spoilt and that Koda was like Belle, despite that the former was somehow annoying during the first half of the movie.
Denahi was like Gaston, except that he...
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