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 broken दिल qoutes
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This टूटे हुए दिल चित्र contains बीच, बीच पेड़, बीच के पेड़, पुरान बलूत, लाइव ओक, live oak, कैलिफोर्निया सफेद ओक, घाटी ओक, घाटी सफेद ओक, roble, quercus lobata, कैलिफ़ोर्निया सफेद ओक, रोबेल, and क्वार्सरस लोबेटा. There might also be अमेरिकी एल्म, सफेद एल्म, पानी एल्म, रॉक एल्म, ulmus अमेरिकाना, वाटर एल्म, अलेमस अमेरीकाना, कहना अमेरिकाना, लाल मेपल, लाल रंग मेपल, दलदल मेपल, एसर rubrum, लाल रंग का मेपल, एसर रूब्रम, अमेरिकन बीच, व्हाइट बीच, लाल बीच, fagus grandifolia, fagus अमेरिकाना, सफेद बीच, लाल समुद्र तट, फेगस ग्रांडफोलिया, फगस अमेरिका, अमेरिकी बीच, फैगस grandifolia, and फैगस अमेरिकाना.

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I Miss You

I miss आप so much it hurts, my love
I miss आप with every fiber of my being
I miss आप like there is no tomorrow, my dove
I miss आप fervently, it's all my loving.
I miss आप with my entire heart
I wish we were no longer apart.

My दिल beats only for you, faster and faster
My legs are shaking just thinking about you
My eyes are watery, tears flowing larger and larger
My whole being is trembling for you.
My arms are craving to hold आप once more
My soul is withering away deep from its core.

I miss आप desperately, with everything I got
I miss आप darling, I miss आप every single day
I miss you...
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posted by curtains4
Boy problems.

Anyone relate?

So I'll just skip ahead to the break up. He कहा he thought I was a really nice person, but we needed to break up. My mind couldn't focus and I didn't think to ask him why he thought we should. I asked him a few days later and he कहा he wanted to tell me, but he couldn't. Like, what the hell?

My crazy-ass "friend" finally pulled him aside one दिन to ask him why. She recorded their conversation on her phone. (A little creepy). When he कहा why he wanted to breakup, it sounded like he didn't like that I was too shy. I'm a very quiet person and I'm even quieter around...
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posted by SuicidalLove13
I was in love...but i didnt know till it was too late...
It was the first दिन back to school,i was in a new school and in a different state to make things और diffucult.I sat in the back of the room away from everyone else,i had only been there for 7 मिनटों and already i was being made fun of and teased because of my long hair.'Im going to hate this साल i already know it'i thought to myself,but i was interupted from my thoughts when a girl with नारंगी, ऑरेंज and black dyed hair sat अगला to me.She was silent and apperintly was to cought up in doing something on her phone to notice me staring at her in confusion.As i was about to say something to her the घंटी, बेल rang and it was time for class,she got up and left quietly.And that was the दिन i first laid eyes on her,the girl that would soon befriend me and save my life.And not only that but she would also steal my heart,and will become my only reason for living.
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प्यार that is fiction! < 3
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Hate you! Bye 2NE1! Kpop!<3