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posted by Lovebug401
Hello, my reader my name is alley and I have been a big प्रशंसक of bradley for a long time. Even though he has been in फिल्में where he plays gay. Hold onto your सीट ladies and gentleman. He is not really gay. Even though he has play gay in many movies. That does not mean that he is. It's just a movie. He has dated lots of women. फिल्में are not reality. There is this actor name Gabriel Burns i think that his name he was the german professor on little woman anyways one time there was this women who recognized him on a tv दिखाना where he is a therpist and he is getting help too. Anyways she was telling...
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Whoa!! – Bradley Cooper the most handsome man in the Hollywood according to the standards provide द्वारा them. Speaking at VIP screening of his upcoming movie Limitless we caught up with Bradley and asked him a few सवालों about his life and companions.

Well, Bradley is presently dating Renee Zellweger; yes she is the one who is known for her great performances in the evergreen movie like Jerry Maguire and Chicago. Bradley and Renee has been dating around for almost like 19 months and, when asked Bradley when they are getting married, to which he stated that he has not thought about that(getting married again) and moreover he does not plan to have any और children. He said,” I’m enjoying my life pretty good at the moment.” Visit here and Read और