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posted by berlinintherain
 "Girl, did आप आप just touch my FOOD??"
"Girl, did you you just touch my FOOD??"
I'm always disappointed when I find a Boys Over फूल club that doesn't have a corner for my प्रिय character. Now, don't get me wrong, Lee Min-ho's facial structure is enough to warrant its own club, and I adore Kim Hyun-joong both as Ji-Hoo and as a member of SS501 (Let Me Be The One is gorgeous). Even so, I didn't get nearly as much of a kick out of anyone as I did from Ming - that one Chinese friend of Ji-hoo's from episodes 14 and 15 who is most likely not entirely straight and barrels into his total of about five मिनटों on the दिखाना with hilarity and adorable-ness. Bonus: His facial...
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Boys over फूल drama has broadcast in Sri Lanka's some TV media station in past yer of 2014. this drama most लोकप्रिय now in Sri Lanka. this song is Sinhala translated version. Song शीर्षक - Sonduru dawasaka munagasi
because i’m stupid
boys over फूल
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posted by miskyella
While delivering a student's dry cleaning, Geum Jan Di saves the life of a heavily bullied student,Lee Min Ha/Lee Ji Ha, at the most prestigious school in South Korea. Her actions soon became public and exposes the bullying within the school, leading the public to go against the Shinhwa empire. To silence the public's attention, Jan Di is offered a swimming scholarship to Shinhwa High School which she declines but her family forces her to attend.

During her first दिन at Shinhwa, Jan Di learns of the famous F4 and of the other students' adoration and fixation with the boys in the group. Gu Jun...
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