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Baley:grr yet another दिन of school now normally I would be proud and happy but my cousin Ally has दिया me और toilet dunks than I can count so this is why I can not go to school Dad!
Dexter:Now Baley I think your being over dramatic!
Baley:Are आप kidding me haven't आप ever had your head dunked in the toilet या have been called a nerd या anything!
Dexter:(glances at Dylan)no Baley I was very popular.
Baley:Oh and I bet आप broke your glasses and every one thought it was cool right.(real nice Baley real nice)
Dexter:Well actually yes.
Baley:OMG आप have got to be kidding me why cant I be homeschooled...
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Dererk:Ohhhhhhhhhh Dylan and Jen sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!
Dererk:Oh wow. Now everyone is fainting. How exciting...
(Icome in)
Dererk:*Blushes right at me,and cheeks glow red*
My boyfriend Masondark:Oh hey everyone! Dererk,cut it out!
Jen:*wakes up*WHAT THE F*** IS F***ING GOING ON?!
Dee:*wakes up and bursts out laughing*
Me:*Tackes Jen*COME ON FIGHT ME B****!!!!
Derek:Kania.....*pulls me away and i fight it*COME ON STOP FIGHTING IT...
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Ok,now that we have 6 parts of the story,here is part 7 to give everyone a update:)

Bell,Girly,and her फ्रेंड्स and parents fight Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup(Powerpuff Girls),me(Kania),and other फ्रेंड्स will fight in this part,so here is all the action:

Blossom:*Moan* Bubbles:COME ON!! LET BLOSSOM GO!!!!! Bell:Never! THWACK!! Bubbles:OOF!! घंटी, बेल grabs Blossom and runs to me,and i am waiting! Me:Give me Blossom! I will keep her hostage! Bell:Thanks Kania! You're the best powerpunk jedi! Me:Thanks! Bell:Girly,go with Kania! Girly gets on my head,and we go to where the bomb will go. Me:Girly,put the...
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So,Blossom is no longer a part of the story(not a powerpuff girl)but still part of the डेक्स्टर family. So Bubbles and Buttercup are off on their own.

Bell:Yes,now i can kidnap Blossom to lure डेक्स्टर for Mandark,and Kpt,Bubbles,and Buttercup cant do anything about it!!!! Mojo:Yes,Bell!!!! And they sneak into the घर where Blossom now lives,get into the bedroom with a bag Blossom's size,and put Blossom in it!!!Bell puts a gun where Blossom layed and they left. And that will start a almost साल long खोजिए for Blossom,and as a result,Bell and her pet Girly and friend Samantha(robot)and other villains will come against Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Dexter,Me(Kpt),Otto,Olga,Courage(a dog),Mrs.Wakeman,Jenny(XJ-4),Professor Utonium,Dr.Brisbrain,and others,in the biggest and intense fight/battel the world has ever seen,and this will be in the following parts of this story,so stay tuned,so to be continued...
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It was a thanksgiving दिन in the Thompson house....

Dexter:Okay everyone today is thanks giving and आप grandparents are coming over!

Dylan:Not grandad utonium!!!!

Dexter:No my side.

Dylan:(sighs with relief)

Dexter:okay I've दिया everyone jobs Donagan and Dee your on Decorations.

Dee:I will make it beautiful!!!

Dexter:Dylan आप are gonna come with me and um work on something...Derek and Brainiac आप are on the everyone get to work!!!!

Baily:Hey dad what about me?!

Dexter:I think I've learned it's best NOT to let आप do stuff!


Dexter:You kinda have the tendency to explode...
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Ok,so Brick is jelous that his gf(girlfriend)Blossom has left him for a science genius called डेक्स्टर and is determened to get her back!

Brick:Oh common Dex. I know आप dont प्यार her and want to leave her.
Dexter:Dude its not what आप think!! I do प्यार her,and she loves me as well!!
Brick:Oh really?!
Brick:Babe,please come back to me. Im lonly without you.
(Brick starts blushing to try to get Blossom to say,"Oh youre right i should come back to you!"then he kissed her)
Blossom:Oooooohhhhhhh!!! Youre my real love!!! Lets go to the फिल्में together Babe!!!
But that isnt the end,so to be continued...
Dexter:Babe,would आप like to come to my house to do a science project?
Blossom:Sure,ill be there! What time?
Blossom:Alright! And what day?
Dexter:On Sunday.
Blossom:Alright! See yo-
Brick:What do आप think youre doing,dork?!
Blossom and Dexter:BRICK?!
Brick:Hey,babe! Want to शामिल होइए me in a fighting combat test?
Dexter:Wait,"your" babe?!
Brick:Step away from my girlfriend,or i will beat आप up so bad आप couldnt do anything!!!
Blossom:Brick,hes just my friend!! Plea-
Brick:Your friend,huh?! I know she loves me और than आप and wishes that she was with me instead of a dumb science genus.
(Brick grabbes Blossom and kicks Dexter,then drags Blossom away)
Blossom:LET ME GO!!!
Brick:Ohhhh,my girlfriend wanting me to let her go...come on babe. (KISS!)(And Blossom zones out)
Brick:Good girl babe. Now lets go home.
(Brick zaps डेक्स्टर and takes Blossom to his brothers and prison her) To be continued...
Blossom:DEXTER!! NO!!
(Blossom storms out and flies to where डेक्स्टर was)
(Blossom follows Dexters voice and finds him bleeding heavlly laying down in a patch of dirt)
Blossom:Dexter,are आप ok?!!!!!
(And Blossom grabs डेक्स्टर and is about to fly away when this happens!!!)
Blossom:Urrrrgggggg! Ugggggghhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!
(Blossom gets grabbed द्वारा something and gets pulled down)
(Dexter manniges to get out and weakly walks back घर bleeding)
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