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Baily (just so आप know she's 15 in this)
Im not kidding when I say im a nobody the pain I feel is pulling me into pieces and frankly I have no idea who I am या who he is.did he start it या did I?Witch made everthing shift he कहा he loved me and then he कहा he never meant it!who am I talking about?Break who I keep calling द्वारा his real name Raphael that sweet name yesterday is today's Battle cry yesterday's laughter is today's cry and that almost किस is now a slap in the face!he was just a lie everything was a lie I almost forgave him seeing how sweet he was about it but he कहा it was a joke!I...
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Ok. At this time, Masonia and Jr are nearly teens. Masonia is very bad and mean, but she loves me, Dad, and her brother. Jr is beyond sweet, nice, kind, and he will even trade his stuff for things आप need या want. He and Masonia are good kids, but Masonia likes the "rock punk club" stuff, and she will even wear clothes like that. Our newest child is a girl, named Kanson, my name and Mason's together. Kanson is almost 1 साल old, but still a baby. Masonia has a rock punk personality, Jr has a normal son personality, and Kanson has a demanding personality. Let's go to story...

*We are in the...
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Um,Im not sure what to put for this..............Oh I got it!

*Me,Masondark,Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Utonium,and डेक्स्टर are chilling out in our home*
Buttercup:So anything up?
Blossom:So what do आप want to name it?
Dexter:Dylan needs a new sister,so what about Dania?
Utonium:Ima go to the lab.*walks away*
Me:...What the what-?
Mason:What Babe?
Me:*low voice*Im pregnant! A little और than a महीना pregnant!
Mason:Awww! What about Izy if its a girl,or Sonic if its a boy?
Buttercup:Oh brother I want to fight crime!!!
*Hotline goes off:Beep beep beep!*...
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Me:Haleynita,can I शामिल होइए your pack with Samaria and Ashely? My boyfriend and I have bad personalities.
Haleynita:Hmmm,girls,should we?
Samaria:Kania is a awesome name,and Masondark is a awesome name as well,so yeah we should!
Ashely:I प्यार the names as well,so I agree as well!
Haleynita:Now we have 5 members. Kania,get Masondark!
Me:Sure thing!*wisiles*
Mason:Yes Babe?
Me:Babe,we're part of the gummy pack!
Haleynita:Ok,now its a school day. Use your personalities!
*We get to the bus*
Katie:That tape is weird!
Baily:I know right?
Katie:Oh put it away! Gummy pack is here!
*puts it away*
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