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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
big smile
OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back in! But no more insults like mental problems, okay?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
good, i hope you settled this. Now we can continue with the story. And im just getting right into the war because i think it will be epic

---Seeking the fire---

Soul raising the moral of his comrades: they do not seem to be here. They have hidden themselves from us because they are frightened of fightning us close and personel. They are afraid because we have more skill, because we have more intelligence then these measly angels. these angels are nothing more than rodents at our feet. We will shread the wings that allow them to strive and give them their first taste at the ground beneath our blades. They will plea for forgivness and retibution. Our fight starts now, i have located them toward the west of this area. Who would like to assist me in this battle?

*all cheer*

Sempai-Well Ella are you ready?

Ella: yea, thank you for training me. Im happy that you tought me how to cause water to explode under pressure. Its really difficult though.

Sempai: i know you canhandle it.

Songoku:well Lin, i hope you suceed in your battle, i know i will easily beat whomever im up against.

Lin:oh please, you couldn't even beat me.

Songoku:even though if i recall i demolished you that one day in battle.


Songoku:psshhh, yea sure. Anyway lets get ready.

Zeron who has thought of joining grim on his mind: I guess ill fight.

Tenchi: dont worry, i know youll do fine, we all will.

*another new shinigami appears*

???- I beleive you wanted to have my assistance Soul?

Soul: Migato, you have arrived. You winds will lead us into victory.

Migato: of course Soul. I will do my best.

Kevin: who is this captain?

Soul: an old freind and an old Captain commander, she is the one who releived her title to me years ago before I became a captain. She will help us indefinetly.

Migato: I hope that you yourself will become strong, kevin. *smiles*

Kevin- How did you know my name?

Migato: I know lots of things, anyway we should go.

*everyone vanashes toward the small energy Sekhmet hides, then the appear infront of her an her angels*

Sekhmet: i guess this is what it has come to, Soul. Even though i have raised you s a child when your mother died you insist on challenging me. And even if we strive to recreate our land you oppose us.

Soul: we both now that your intentions of peace and tranquility are fake in itself. you confuse peace with death and your goal witch you think is pure is vile. You have insulted our peoples name. You have desicrated our home land by maing such a vile crusade to bring it back, you plan stops here Sekhmet

*all shinigami, Tenchi, And Soul (who is at the head of the army) unsheath their blades)

Soul: your life ends here as well.

*all shinigami charge at the angels*

---Goku and Azriel and Vaznesel---

*Goku clashes blades with Vaznesel and Azriel*

Songoku: you two will be my opponents, ill take both of you to the ground and make sure to step on you as i leave.

Azreil: such smart words for a dead pathetic shinigami.

Vaznesel: you think you can take us both on?

???: not without my help.

Goku: Lin, this is my battle. Leave!

Lin:no, i wont let you make a stupid mistake and end up killing yourslef.

Azriel: listen to your friend, she is right when she says you will die.

Songoku: it is you two who will perish.

*goku vanishes and kicks both Vaznesel and Azriel so fast that they canot counter, then he appears at Lins side*

Lin:now the battle starts.

---Soul and Sekhmet---

*Soul stands infront of Sekhmet on the battle field*

Soul: well Sekhmet, we settle our diffrences here.

sekhmet: we settle you fate here.

Soul: we will see.

everyone else fight an angel or somthin, there are many other shinigami that havent fought yet other than Lin songoku and soul. Crazione i dont know your angels names, so you might need to start some of the fight in this war.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Everyone is against me...I'm bound to lose. I have no allies..

P.S. I need some other villains to aid me. :)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-------------Lin’s Zanpakto (Finally)---------

Lin grabs her Zanpakto: Since I cannot fight without it, (Holds her sword out) Mie Awai, Heban-Ken.

She disappears in a blinding light, and appears behind Azriel: Too slow. (She hit with a blow, and Azriel goes flying. Azriel gets back on her feet and charges at Lin, whom disappears as soon as Azriel gets to her)

Azriel: How do we match such speed?

Lin: When you learn what speed it.

-------------Zeron’s decision-----------

Grim is moving back to a safe spot where he can regenerate. But someone confronts him.

Zeron: I would expect you know my answer.

Grim: How could you find me?

Zeron: I already told you, I took some of your reiatsu, reiatsu from one person like to come together so to speak. In other words, if I’ve hit you, I can find you by releasing small amounts of reiatsu that you had.

Grim: I would assume your answer is no.

Zeron: Yes, precisely.

Grim: What about your captain? He told you to fight with the others.

Zeron: I had another captain before him, and he said, (Unsheathes his sword and points it at Grim) follow what you believe in.

------------Kevin and Traea------------

Kevin just lingers around looking for a fight he could join in. Kevin thinks: Just walking, always walking, walking, walking, walking, (I’m trying to be mellow here, not to mention it’s like twelve ‘o’ clock) enjoy yourself, grab a beer, and relax, oh, wait, I can’t drink…

Traea: What are you doing?

Kevin: Huh?

Traea: What are you doing?

Kevin: Doing what?

Traea: There are thousands of battles around you and you’re just wandering around.

Kevin: Yep, that’s right.

Traea: So, what are you going to do?

Kevin: I don’t know…

Traea comes at him with a sword and Kevin blocks: ARE YOU AN IDIOT!

Kevin’s eyes turn serious: No, I’m relaxed.

Traea: What’s wrong with you! (Hurls Kevin to the ground and Kevin falls back, tumbling back, and gets his footing and slides back)

Kevin: That hurt…


Kevin: We’re supposed to hurt each other, that’s not nice.

Traea: What are with your mood swings?

Kevin: Ugh, I just don’t feel like fighting… (Appears in front of Traea who is surprised by how much his speed has increased, Kevin brings his sword down on Traea and she does what Kevin did earlier, tumbling back, that sort of thing) But if someone is asking for it, then I will.


See Crazieone, I’m confronting Grim just like I said. And I kind of agree with Songoku that you should start some of the fights, I don’t know any of your angles’ names…
Would Zeron be your friend, or all of our friends, he's after Grim.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Hey i wouldnt mind going evil....muahaha, but i need you to get me there haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
wow this is a bit sudden... i was only gone a day and so many things happened. anyway now that everybody is cool with each other i guess me and crazieone can continue our battle... oh and crazieone eve aint in bankai, yet... this is just a transformation for her zanpakuto :)
eve is desperately using as much shunpo as she can to get away from the steel balls(i think thats what it is). when she is further away from them she faces baello and points the luster shield towards them.
"commence, luster shield!" the shield grows immensly and starts to protect her however the balls are slowly breaking it down.

"damn why is she so strong!" she then looks at her zanpakuto and reealizes what she has to do.
"im fed up..." resolve glowers in her eyes as she looks at the laughing angel."i came here to find my uncle and i DONT HAVE TIME TO WASTE ON A WEAKLING LIKE YOU!!!"

she fights back and the steel balls are blown away. instantly the angel advances using her cannons to attack. many blasts are fired at eve however she just waves the grand decapitator and crimson flames erupt from it. a clash ensues...

eve: thoughts "i can win this.. for all my friends. for all the lost AND FOR MY PRIDE!"
the angel is beaten back but not for long. yet again she advances towards eve yet again.
this time however baello attempts to distract eve with the steel balls, however she doesnt even flinch.

"grand luster slash!" using the grand decapitator she instantly destroys all of them. crimson flames cover the whole area making it extremely hot.
baello not used to the heat breaks down.

"what is this? why did you destroy your own forest?"

"i didnt i transported us to another location, or as you said a parralel universe. now i can fight you for real without holding back..."

"you were holding BACK! thats a lie! theres no difference in your power now than before so stop bullsh**ing me!"

without any thought baello rushes towards eve. eve realising the situation grasps it with both hands.
"GRAND LUSTER SLASH!" the whole cannon was destroyed. baello screames out in pain. "you bi***! youll pay for this!"

again she rushes forward and without remorse eve attacks. "ULTIMATE LUSTER DECAPITATION..." baellos head was cut off and lolls on the floor. eve stares at her dead corpse and laughs.

"next time your master sehkmet will know fear... when we finally fight you this winter..."

eves transports them back to the forest where she buries baello 500 feet deep into the earth as a precaution just in case she comes back...
ah finally finished...
hasta luego amigos!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
-----------------Orcale vs the angel-------------------------
Orcale: (Stands in front of an angel) I think I'll fight you.

Angel: Bad choice, you'll end up dead fighting me.

Orcale: We'll see. If you're so so strong, then I can enjoy this. (appears behind angel and swings sword. The Angel dodges down and swings their own sword at Orcale's opening. Orcale blocks it with his sword and pushes sword out of the way. He then kicks the Angel hard in the stomach and he goes flying back)

Angel: Tch, you're fast.

Orcale: I have good reflexes. Don't tell me this is all you can offer.

Angel: No where near. (Holds hand up) Cero! (fires red blast and it collides with Orcale. Dust flies up around him)

Orcale: (points hand from inside the dust) Hado 61 Six light rod prison. (six yellow bars slam into the Angel and they're stuck in place.) You're making this too easy Angel.

Angel: (Smirks) Don't underestimate me! (let's of a tremendous amount of spiritual pressure and the rods break) It will take more then that to kill me! (Appears in front of Orcale and kicks him in the stomach. Orcale skids back) You're years away from being a match for me!

Orcale: Well I'll give you marks for enthusiasm. But unfortunately for you, I'm well beyond you.

Angel: As if! You can't even defend against my attacks! (Appears in front of Orcale and punches him in the face. Orcale slams into a nearby building) Why don't you release your sword? It will be more interesting.

-----------------play song at bottom---------------

Orcale: (Is sitting on the rubble with crossed legs and sighs)So you want to see my sword, huh? Fine, but you'll regret it. (Holds sword upside down) Strike all who oppose me and reveal the reality and truth to those blinded by darkness's shadow, Kazeken. (sword completely dissapears and Orcale let's off an enourmous amount of spiritual power. A harsh wind picks up and slowly calms and swirls around Orcale)

Angel: (Is blown back slightly by the wind) Ugh, what is this?!

Orcale: My sword, the wind blade of balance, Kazeken. It allows me to control wind freely. (points at the Angel's shoulder and a slash appears over the Angel)

Angel: (Barely blocks with their own blade and a transparent sword bounces back in the air and dissapears) Damn, I barely blocked that.

Orcale: Well it seems you have good reflexes also. Well it won't do you much good with my next attack.

Angel: (Appears behind Orcale) We'll see! (kicks at back of head. Without hesitation, Orcale ducks and wind swirls around his hand. He jabs the Angel in the heart and punctures skin. The Angel falls back ward to the ground and Orcale holds both hands up.)

Orcale: I wanted to enjoy this longer, but this is the end Angel. (Claps hand together) Teimyaku. (A blast of wind flies at the Angel quickly and slams into them. Orcale turns away and looks at the others fighting.) I wonder if I can fight somone else a little stronger...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Yo Crazieone, if you want me to, I can post something about some more Angles for you if you want, I was thinking like reinforcements, and a guy Angle, or do they all have to be girls? Anyway, I've got like, what, two thousand ideas in my head, or those I haven't even thought of. I can also think of a female Angle too, you can call them in and I can just make them, deal? Last thing is that, they all have Zanpaktos right? Like not just kido and stuff…
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Here’s my first suggestion (For Crazieone only):


Character name: Talima (You can change this if you want)

Zanpakto Shikai name: Kongou-Ken (Diamond Sword)

Call for release: Kizu-Issai (Cut All)

Bankai name: Kongou-Gusoku (Diamond Armor)

Shikai power: Its name gives it all off, it a double edge, cross hilt, diamond sword ($$$). Get over it… And as most of you know, (Or should know) diamonds are the hardest rock we know of. Moh’s scale of hardness says this, nothing can scratch diamond, and diamond can scratch all. In other words, it cuts trough all metals and nothing can break it. Probably Kevin’s weakness… Of course, with enough power and a good size, then it can break.

Bankai power: Again, its name says it all; diamond armor surrounds the user of the blade, protecting him/her from any physical and somewhat indirect attacks. The user still has the sword, and the armor is light, so it doesn’t decrease the speed too much. And it’s pretty, very pretty. Diamond armor and sword ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$$­$$) good day for me! (If I get a kill)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Orcale, you must be joking! You think it is that easy? You haven't seen power yet.

Pardel: (stares at Orcale) You're not very bright. I believe you meant to strike me with that attack; however, you caught an after image. Useful trick for avoiding rather potent attacks. (Suddenly is beside Orcale) It's also convenient when you wish to distract someone (smashes him in the back sending him flying).

Orcale: You are pretty resiliant. What is your name?

Pardel: Pardel Alyal, Septimo Angel (reveals number on her back shoulder). To fight at my caliber, you'll need to improve those shotty skills. You're going to need more speed and better concentration, otherwise (appears beside Orcale, to his surprise, and slices his side with her sword) you'll die. (Vanishes and repositions herself parallel to orcale).

Orcale: (cuffs his deep bleeding gash) I see...you are very serious with these threats. Prepare yourself.

Pardel: Ah...(folds hands)I am not too worried about you. (holds sword infront of her and calmly begins calling out a name) Piuma Diaedo.

(The wind becomes yellow and encircles pardel. The spherical wind vortex, in which pardel is encapsulated within rises high in the sky. It begins to dissipate, but is swirling around her hands and she reveals two huge fans that have large plates extending out from the handle. She has two pair of wings that fall from her back. The wings feathers are a glorious golden luster and her fan blades are silver with golden edges).

Orcale: ...is this her shikai?

Pardel: (Stares at Orcale from the distance and merely smirks. She raises her hands and without warning huge torrents of wind bursts out of no where and orcale is pummeled to the ground) Hah. Get up! (waves her fan and a gale of golden colored wind swoops up a recovering orcale and smashes him into several objects)

Orcale: (pants and vanishes appears in the distance) What is this material.. It is wind, but it is denser and has an immense force behind every blow. (looks at Pardel) You control the wind?

Pardel: What is this? Now you're asking more questions? I have a question! Are you concerned if I wield a similar ability? Well, do not fret little man. Our powers are nothing alike.

Orcale: What? Do you expect me to believe that your power doesn't involve wind?

Pardel: I never implied that. I simply said that our powers are nothing alike. You shinigami sure are slow! I'm placing this on the table now, my powers are far beyond anything you could ever imagine. Beyond the wind, beyond a little breeze like you demonstrated earlier. Our gap in power places us on whole different levels. (smile goes to a stone face) At my level, you don't stand a chance .

(swings fan and a gigantic torrent of golden wind furociously smashes into the ground as Orale attempts to dodge. He ends up dodging the second huge plume of golden wind by veering to the left with flashstep).

Orcale: This wind is certainly very fast, but if I can dodge it Pardel. If this is all you have, you better hope it keeps me at bay long enough for you to escape.

Pardel: (smiles) Hahaha! You shinigami are so arrogant.

Orcale: No, arrogance is your initial speech about power (suddenly as he dodges a huge wave of wind, he realizes the wind that he dodged split into two. Before he can react the golden wind smashes into him causing much damage. He stands up after the attack with blood covering his clothes.

Pardel: You were saying?

Orcale: (wipes blood from face) [Inner-monologue: I need to be much more careful with this one. Her attacks are fast and even when they don't seem precise, she seems to be one step ahead. This is a dangerous combination.] So....Pardel, why are you only septimo?

Pardel: Is this one of your famed mind games, shinigami? Sorry to dissapoint you, but i've been vaccinated. Your mind games will not affect my composure. Nice try, however. I'm a quick study, how about I try!

Orcale: (stares at Pardel with disgust) What are you talking about?

Pardel: You're not that stupid, are you? You are just like those other shinigami. You're quote unquote caring, warm, empathetic, and you deliver justice. With such a moral compass, you may...(swipes her fan and huge torrents of wind fly at several unexpecting shinigami) want to save those innocent shinigami. You have a choice, save them and recieve immense damage or fight me?

(oracle makes a choice and flies over to save the unsuspecting shinigami)

Pardel: (Grins) Fool! (Throw a fan which becomes a huge flying disk. Gathering up an immense amount of golden wind and hurtling toward orcale. The good ones always die first.

(Orcale places himself in the forfront of the gigantic gale and recieves much damage. Before he can recover he looks back and is struck by a heavy gale from pardel. As the wind envelopes him, he is sliced across the chest and back by the first swipe of the disk and return swipe. He falls to the ground covered in blood, clothes shredded, and barely has enough energy to move).

Pardel: You were saying about strength? (Pardel laughs hysterically).
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Orcale: (Sits up with a satisfied smile) This is more fun then I've had in a long time. You're right though, our abilities are nothing alike. You seem to draw as much blood from the opponent as possible while I do the opposite. (Stands up and stretches limbs) Sorry for my lack of reflex earlier, it's been a while since I've last fought seriously.

Pardel: How can you stretch after all those cuts?

Orcale: You mean these minor wounds? Oh, you can't tell can you? (Takes deep breath and the majority of the wounds dissapear and the blood dries up) That blood and the extra marks on me were just illusions to make it look like I was hurt badly. Sorry to trick you, but Kazeken is rather peculiar.

Pardel: I was sure that I made all those cuts though!

Orcale: But they're gone, it must be obvious if you simply look. But anyway, (stands up and wipes sword) how about you attack me instead of those other guys? Makes it a real hassle if you keep redirecting your attacks.

Pardel: Humph, you're the one who wasted your time to save him.

Orcale: (Shrugs) Human weakness. But enough talk. (holds sword at his side) i want you to come at me with all you got. You're obviously strong, but I'm a high rank in the Zero Squad. You won't do any good simply by playing around.

Pardel: Fine by me! (swings fan and a wave of golden wind flies at Orcale)

Orcale: (throws sword up and it dissapears. Holds on hand out and the golden wind vanishes. A second later Pardel is thrown back by a powerful gust) You can't use wind attacks so blatantly against an opponent with similiar abilities, especially if it's colored.

Pardel: Don't look down on me you filthy Shinigami. (Appears behind Orcale and kicks hard. Orcale blocks with one hand and counters with a kick surrounded by wind. Pardel is forced to block and prarry with her fan. Orcale flips back and holds out right hand.)

Orcale: Obviously your wind has a tornado like nature to it, with the twisting and multiple slashes it sends. Well you should know, Kazeken is a sword of matter. It can form into any object at my will. (A long transparent spear apears in his hand. He chucks it at Pardel and she dodges. Orcale twists his hands and the spear spins at the last second and manages to cut Pardel's arm slightly then vanished)

Pardel: I thought you were a close range fighter, not someone who attack from a far.

Orcale: No when did I say I was either one? Think back, Kazeken is the wind blade of balance. And where does Kazeken come from? (Points at chest) From my soul. Obviously Kazeken are more over one and the same, but with different views. (eyes suddenly go wide and a spurt of blood come from his back. he falls and Pardel is behind him)

Pardel: Heh, you let yourselof get distracted again.

Orcale: (Stands behind Pardel) Did I?

Pardel: (Turns in shock) What?! How did you get behind me so fast?!

Orcale: Simple, while most people gain abilities and power with their Shikai releases, I gain the three attributes of speed. Evasion, precision, and agility. I have to admit though, you almost got me. I think I may have to use Kazeken's true power like this.

Pardel: True power?

Orcale: Everyone assumes Kazeken means wind blade, but it doesn't. It means wind matter. (Holds out left hand and sword appears) This will be a complicated technique so try to keep up with what happens. (Releases large amounts of spiritual pressure that is almost equivelant to Bankai) Trust me when I say this. Wind is the best element to represent balance. My sword is the perfect example.

Pardel: Like I'd let you! (Swings fans and golden winds burst at him then dissapear before they hit) What?

Orcale: (points sword at the ground below her. It automatically melts into an unidentified liquid and she falls in) I think I should explain to you what's going on.

Pardel: Like I need to be patronized by a Shinigami! (Jumps out of the water at throws fan. Orcale dissapears and appears far above her. Pardel chases)

Orcale: You are persistant. (Sighs and points sword at the ground below them again. It completely dissapears this time and before Pardel could say anything, the ground reapeared directly below her and she barely was able to destroy to floating land mass by breaking it with a golden gust of wind)

Pardel: How can you do that with a wind sword?!

Orcale: It's quite simple. You just need to know the law of matter. You know what it is right?

Pardel: No duh, matter cannot be created nor destroyed.

Orcale: Exactly. It can only change form. Kazeken may be a wind sword, but controlling the balance between molecules is its secondary ability. In my defense, I only use it when I'm in a difficult battle, such as this.

Pardel: why would you hide an ability like that?

Orcale: You obviously still don't understand. The first time I turned the ground under you from solid to liquid. The second time from solid to gas then solid again. I need not ask how, right?

Pardel: By widening or narrowing the amount of space the molecules have to move...

Orcale: Correct again. But this sword isn't limited to that. He can speed up or slow down molecules. That way, I can control temprature. But my sword has two more features. The next is rather fiercesome. (Points to Pardel)

Pardel: (now notices that her limbs are gone and the rest of her boy is slowly turning to dust and blowing away with the gentle breeze) What the, how did I not notice this?!

Orcale: Whether it is ignorance of reality or simple minipulating it, I don't know. But Kazeken can have the same affect on people's bodies and it is absolutely painless. (smiles in fustration) I have no way to find out. I'm usually rather accepting but knowing that there is something with no answer irks me a little. Ah well.

Pardel: How...how can you use such an incredible techneque? Is it your Bankai?

Orcale: ...no. It's more like a second Shikai to say the least. Also, it is even more powerful and way more cheap when I'm in Bankai. I absolutely hate the ability. It's thanks to the King that I even managed to master it. But...even though it seems unbeatable, there are a few people strong enough to counter this move.

Pardel: (is now a floating face that is almost gone) You...How can you say something like tha so casually?!

Orcale: Like I said before, I fight wit the least amount of blood possible. I enjoyed clashing swords with another wind sorcerer. If your particles manage to come back together in around 60% within the next nine years and you still have you memory, I'd love to fight again. (Pardel dissapears compeletly and Orcale sheaths his sword and gives a long and mournful sigh) Goodbye Septimo Espada. be proud, I've never actually killed anyone with that move on purpose until today. Shows how pressured I was. (Seems to remember something) Oh yeah, I forgot to tell him my name. I guess it's too late for that.

In my defense, before anyone says how cheap Orcale's sword is, he's only using it now because he can't afford to go to easy on anyone. That and Kazeken is a peculiar sword. It's personality is shown more than in the moves that it can use. Kazeken influences Orcale to use some moves without him even noticing.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey Crazieone, can you write on our battle next time please? I can't really do anything if I don't know what you're going to do...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
hmmmmmm i see your point crazione, i did take Grim away so i guess i owe you another. here take Alester Fuiser.

Name:Alester Fuiser

Bio: He is under Sekhmet in her army and much is unknown about him. He is young and seems to be playful. Like Grim he has mastered the Oni devastator technique and he always hangs out with the other angels because he is the hugest flirt in existence. He has the number 32 on his back but no one knows why. His blade is in the position of Halibels blade (across the back. And is completely black and jagged. It represents a giant arrow head. Its very large and extremely heavy, but he can swing it as fast as a knife. He has spiky grey hair and he wears the espada clothing.

I won't reveal his powers yet, but i will start a battle for you as Alester.

---Zeron and Ella---

Grim:well i guess it has come to this.

Zeron: i guess it has, i think that i will allow you to speak your last words.

???: I think he will have plenty of words left.

Zeron turning to confront the warrior behind him: And who may i ask are you?

Alester: Alester is my name. *removes ear phones from his ears that is blasting rock music* Master Sekhmet has warned me of your ability and i think that it is to strong to be in existence.

Zeron: I don't have time for you. *turns and grim is gone*

Alester:looks like you have no choice.

Zeron: Ill finish this fast. *appears behind Alester* Experience the life being drained from you.

*Zeron slices down on a after image of alester*

Zeron: WHAT!

Alester: Kinda sad that your so weak. And your even a captain, pathetic.

Zeron is punched in the face and sent into a mountain that crumbles at the impact

Alester: Cero.

*a rainbow cero lounges into the mountains, now creating a creator*

Alester: I hoped you would be stronger. *turns and senses that Zeron is still Alive* hmmm, this is a surprise. Why do you insist on fighting a battle you can not win? I believe that such stupidity is the reason that made you shinigami beneath us.

*Zeron appears directly in front of Alester, about 10 feet, and is bleeding from his chest*

Ella: Zeron! are you ok?!

Zeron: stand back!

Alester: You should have listened to him, you might have survived a little longer if you have. Though this mistake is on your shoulder rather than mine. *black reiatsu flows out of Alester in an unimaginable amount, equaling Tenchi at his Bankai form* I hope i see you two in another life. Oni devastator. (normal oni devastator)


*a giant green explosion emanates the battle field showing all the angels that Alester is fighting*

Vaznesel: what poor souls, i feel sorry for whomever is facing Alester. He is to smart for his own good.

Songoku: what do you mean?

Vaznesel: he seeks knowledge, he seeks the knowledge of the ones he kills. He was excepted to be one of Sekhmets commanders because of his vile powers. Even i fear such a monster.


Sekhmet: I guess Alester is finally taking things seriously.

Soul: Alester...YOU MEAN!

Sekhmet: yes, Alester Fuiser. the one who has a thirst for knowledge. I have accepted him in this army and he is one of my favorites. You will see what he can do after slaughtering your friends.

Soul:you monster! *appears in front of Sekhmet and again, they clash blades*

---Back to Alester---

Alester: how intriguing, you blocked my attack. Yet you did it with no harmful intentions, but the intention to save you friends. What is your name, warrior?

Element: Element, and it will be the last name you remember.

Alester: i can sense that you have experienced much in your life. Allow me to take it away from you.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Songoku, you really want to get to know Element. Well, you’ve got your wish, and you just might regret it.


Element: Alester, I am afraid you only killed half of my captain’s body. As we speak, he will be reborn. But I can never allow such nonsense. (Reiatsu of red, black, white, blue, green, and gray come from Element as he holds his sword out, it pushes Alester down, Alester struggles to get up) I really don’t like to fight, I’ve lived for millions of years here, and fighting is my least favorite thing. (Appears right in front of Alester, and hits him with his forearm, Alester goes flying and crashes into the ground flying back crushing trees below from the fall. Alester comes to a stop and Element appears again, Alester is shocked by his speed, and Element kicks him up, Alester flies into the air. He starts falling back down and regaining balance. Element appears once again, Element is about to punch Alester as Alester pulls out his bade to prevent the attack.)

Alester smirks: You’re strong. (Element says nothing) Well, you aren’t as strong as me though, and I will promise you that I will defeat you.

Element: Don’t say promises that you know you can’t keep.

Alester: SHUT UP! CERO! (A burst of rainbow light comes from his hand and hit Element head on) Heh, that wasn’t so tough. (Element appears right in front of Alester unmoved and unharmed) What?

Element: You are thousands of years too young to be fighting me. I have been alive for millions of years, which means millions of years of training. You would stand no chance against me.

Alester: You nothing but an old man. Oni Devestator. (He throws his blade at Element who catches it in his mere hand and it explodes and Element doesn’t let go of the bade and is once again unharmed) No, way, impossible.

Element: And yet I am standing in front of you making it possible. (Element holds his sword out) Kousei Ranmyaku-Tsuchi. (The six colors mentioned before appear as reiatsu once again) You will die here. (Element slices at Alester and Element’s bade becomes fire, Alester flies back with his cloths on fire, and Element slices at Alester and Element’s blade becomes water and wind slicing at Alester, cutting him. The fires are put out, and Element holds his sword above his head and a giant bolder appears, and he throws it down, and it crushes Alester. Somehow, Alester is still standing.)

Alester: What the heck is this, how many powers does your Zanpakto have?

Element: One, the ability to create and control any element at my will. It is very simple, I am the planet Earth.

-----------Zeron’s a Tick------------

Grim keeps moving and a gate appears in front of him and Zeron steps out.

Grim: I thought he got rid of you, and that Alester is fighting you.

Zeron: Alester is more than likely dead by now.

Grim: What?

Zeron: He has confronted my captain.

Grim: Soul, or is it Kevin?

Zeron: Neither.

Grim: What?

Zeron: My captain’s name is Element, he created our group. (Zeron holds his sword to Grim) We will fight, we are miles from the others, and there is no one around. You cannot escape, and you will fight.


Songoku, you asked for it... sorry...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Thirst for knowledge---

*a laugh is heard from behind element*

element:How did you get there?! I thought you were beneath my feet in battle!

Alester: you fail to understand that we angels are as old as Soul society itself. You say that your millions of years old, you must have lots of knowledge in your head, i want it, i thirst for it.

Element: You also underesimate me.

Alester: Do I?

Element: You measly child! *he uses the fire element and shoots it at Alester, then he uses water, followed by a gale of wind*

*the dust clears and Alester is holding his giant Arrow head blade*

Alester:For a master, you don't seem very intelligent.

Emement:neither do you *appears behind Alester and prepares to smash him with a giant bolder, but Alester's blade cuts it before it could even be hurdled at him, before Element could decide to throw it* How! You new what i was doing!

*All of a sudden Element has blood shooting out of him from every part of his body and he is brought to his knees*

Alester: You may be earth, but earth can't tell the future.

*Alester looks at Element revealing green eyes that have altered to look like Owl eyes*

Alester: I am Knowledge, I know what your future moves will be before you do. You might as well say your choices are a part of me. You can't even come close to overcoming such an ability. Yet i want what you know, i seek the thought in your head!

*Element is stabbed through the chest by Alesters Arrow head sword and what seems to be a surge of green aura climbs up his blade from Element into him, then Element pulls away from the painful experiance*

Element:what...what did you do? (blood is pouring out of the wound)

Alester:hmmmm, So our Kevins, and Zerons master. You created the group that they have strive to obey, you actually do hate fighting, your very old, and you have much power inside you. Hmmmmm, you memories taste so good, allow me to eat more of it.

Element: gahhhhh, hOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!?

Alester: I took some of your memories, some of the information that is stored in your head. I also found out your power level and it is nothing compared to mine.

*Element then notices that his arms are chopped off*

Element: Wha..what?!

Alester: good night, planet earth.

*Alester stabs his arrow head sword into the ground and 10 other arrow head swords impale Element from below him as they burst from the ground*

Alester: Your memories will taste so good.

*what is this monster? will Element live?*

Tecno, you underestimate Alester and over estimate you Element. You will soon see his abilities to their full extent
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Azriel: Huh?

Element gets back up with an arm cut off and a hole in his head, chest, and gut (Not a pretty picture) from the harsh blows: Hm, you’re not trying are you?

A second Element appears behind Azriel: Because I’m not that dumb. (Element slices at Azriel and Azriel merely dodges)

Azriel: How did you.

Element: A mirage mixed with stone, you can tell the future, but you can’t always say what will happen. Every time you look at the future, it changes.

Azriel: For my benefits.

Element: Maybe, but if I can tell what will happen, then it is easy for you to do so. From what I have experienced with you is that you can only tell the future in a certain time span, correct?

Azriel: Yah…

Element: Then that means, (Element disappears and hundreds of more Elements appear)

All of the Elements: If I am many, then you cannot tell who is giving the throw, (Rocks from the surface start cracking up and floating in the air around the Elements and Azriel) especially with a widespread attack like this. (All of the rocks come in every which direction anyone could name, Azriel doges well, then one rick hits him in the back, and more follow after. A giant rock floats above the battlefield and Azriel is right in the middle of it all) Change. (The rocks start melting, changing into magma, burning anything they touch with their fiery hands)

A burst of rainbow colors (A Cero) comes from the lava rock, and Azriel comes from it: You almost got me there. (Glares at Element) Then again, that is almost.

All of the Elements: You say these things and all you care about is my memories, well, that just means I would have to adapt to the situation. You can only tell what my future is if I had already made the decision, but if I had no idea what I was doing, then that would mean that you wouldn’t be able to see my future because it has not been made up yet. So then, (All rocks, rivers, wind, and fires start thrashing violently, all directions, not knowing what to do. Azriel is having a hard time dodging them all, he looks up to Element who has his eyes closed and thinks to himself, “That’s how he’s doing it.” Then a rock comes flying at Azriel and brakes his headphones)

Azriel: Now you’ve done it.


Element is not as weak as Zeron, and is far from being so, Element is very well stronger than the six combined, take note of this. And have you watched the movie Push? I'm getting how to counter you fortune telling with it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
haha, you mean Alester, not Azriel. Lol ill respond tomarrow
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Looks like someone has been taking the lectures from chemistry into this forum. Interesting use of classroom time. I know you're new to this, but a little science won't win you a battle. :)
Pardel:(laughs) I truly pity your attempts. (she smirks and recites) Diadora! (the air around her picks up and swirles a huge spiritual pressure begins to weigh on orcale)

Orcale: What is this?

Pardel: (Her whole head begins Piecing itself back together, then her arms, legs, and torso). Your perception of my powers are so skewed. You couldn't be more wrong, my powers have nothing to do with tornados. You shinigami prove over and over again just how ignorant you are. (Her body is completely formed) It was easy to counter such efforts. Applying my spiritual pressure to the area combine with my abilities allows me to reassemble myself.

Orcale: Impossible!

Pardel: I'm here physically are I not? Ah ha ha!

Orcale: How?

Pardel: My spiritual pressure is a unique to my body, so every cell reacts and is attracted to it. I gathered them with my abilities and reconnected with my spiritual pressure. No one attains a position as an angel and falls so quickly.

Orcale: Resourceful...(beads of sweat fall down his face).

Pardel: Hah. (Waves fans and energy comes crashing together with Orcale in the middle) Struggle all you'd like, it will take more than thrashing about to release yourself from that pressure system.

Orcale: What is this? This is different from your previous attacks?

Pardel: You thought you had me figured out, which was a mistake. However, nothing else can be expected from your kind. (throws fans and slices him several times. They begin swirling around him slicing his body) My zanpakuto is ancient and controls more power than you could imagine. You set on your metaphorical pedestal wishing that our abilities were even in the same category. (begins laughing) You can't control anything once my shikai is in effect. (fans return to her) Your illusions don't work on me, that is real blood and real wounds. (Folds arms) I should probably pay attention to that other ability of yours. I'm quite curious, it must be difficult to change the molecular structure. I find it difficult to accept, to change something from a solid to a liquid, you need to have particular molecules. Dirt cannot simply become water, it needs to be a solid composition of ice crystals. I find this power very prevocative. More illusions? Haha. Despite this, I will demonstrate true power.

Orcale: (Struggles to break-free) You have many questions, but I have one too. Why do you wish to kill me?

Pardel: (waves fan and huge tempest bursts toward Orcale from every direction. He struggles from than ever to release himself) The tempest smashes into Orcale and carries him for a long distance inflicting sever damage while he is caught in the horrible stream. Suddenly huge gashes begin appearing all over his body. A glimpse is caught of glistening silver shards).

Pardel: Ha Ha ha! (One of her fans is missing and as orcale falls to the ground, her fans begins to materialize again. She vanishes and appears beside him). Let me help this process! (begins slashing away at Orcale with her fans and swings them forward as a gale smashes into orcale and begins holding him in place. She points her fan and recites) CERO GRANIDO! (a gigantic mass of energy begins forming and begins breaking and destroying the ground around her. It fires with such magnitude it causes a recoil pushing her backward.

Orcale: (looks up with the little energy he has and his eyes become wide) ...how did I let it get this far... (the cero envelopes him and his body is completely dissintigrated)

Pardel: (Gate opens) Galgalzzi-sama.

Galgalzzi: Enjoying yourself?

Pardel: Hah. He turned out to be nothing but a joke.

Galgalzzi: I can't sense his reitsu and it appears as if nothing is left of the poor shinigami. We have a job to do. (Both vanish).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(suddenly eve is smashed in the back with a huge cero and flies foward into the forest)

Baello: I presume this is where you hope to find your friend? I was hoping you would lead me in this direction, I would enjoy killing your friend too. (smiles) Decapitation is such a messy way to die, why would you go with such a method?

Eve: ...wh..at? H..h..ow. (she looks at the grave site and looks at Baello) I saw your body dismember...I witnessed it.

Baello: Did you? I'll admit, I can be a bit sneaky. (laughs) You simply can't measure up, why not stop while you're ahead. Kido is ever so useful when you need to find yourself out of a predicament.

Eve: Kido? I never saw you cast a spell!

Baello: Who said your eyes were reliable? I'm far faster than you, I had muliple steps taken before you finished your attack. This technique is quite deceptive. Frankly, it allows me to suggest whatever I wish to you. Unfortunately, I am not as adept at this technique as other. I was hoping to maintain better control, but I couldn't. Which is why I lost control over you moments ago after you buried the animal.

Eve: Animal? It was you?

Baello: Ha! Did I forget to mention that you minced your little animal friend! You're almost as wicked as me now! (begins laughing hysterically) Ha ha ha ha!

Eve: No! NO! NOOO!!!! (begins attacking Baello with furocity and slices her side)

Baello: OW! (punches Eve in the face with such force she is seen hurtling into several trees). THIS ENDS NOW! I am done with these games we've been playing.

(Baello begins pulverizing the environment around her as her spiritual pressure comes crashing out in an inferiated state).

Eve: This power...it's immense (wipes blood from mouth)

Baello: (her eyes reflect a darkness that eve has never seen) I am going to crush your very being! BANKAI!!!! CRACK AND WREAK HAVOC, BARAGGEM CAOS! (The whole area is enveloped with a huge expolsion of bright red light. The force is so entense it desomates the forest and pushes eve farther back).

Baello is revealed and does not look like herself any longer. She is covered in a metalic substance and has several huge spiked spheres lodged in her back. She has a mane that look like it's composed of small tiny spiked spheres and she is holding a long, slender mace with multiple spiked spheres all over the end portion of the mace. At the very end there are four rounded spiked spheres that have gyrating shards. )

Eve looks upon her with tremendous fear.

Eve: What has she become?

Baello: (A huge face golden face plate covers her face, but her eyes are visible and beaming at Eve. Without warning she appears beside Eve with unimaginable speed and begins smashing her around with her mace. She smashes her to the right, vanishes, and smashes her to the left. They volleys Eve around and then slams her into the ground face first. She grabs Eve by the throat and Eve tries to stab her, but her sword is bashed out of her hand. She throws up her mace and smashes eve in the face and begins kicking her about. She returns to her orignal postion and catches the sword in midair and pursues Eve further).

Eve: (coughs up blood and tries to recover) Stop...

Baello: (stares at Eve with no mercy in her eyes and grabs her face and smashes her into the rock formation. She jumps back and the four spheres at the end of her mace seperate and a huge blast erupts from her mace smashes into Eve)

Eve: (She lays on the ground in peril as Baello's bankai form is too much for her to handle)

Baello: I knew if I went into bankai this would end in moments. Weaklings deserve to be wiped out, is that not what all shinigami endorse themselves? (flies up and hurtles down with her mace and smashes Eve with such force it causes a crater around them)

Eve lays bloodied and lifeless on the ground.

Baello: (With back to Eve) You never stood a chance. (Turns head and peers at Eve's body) I knocked that halo right off your dainty little head. ( Pointes mace and fires a potent cero which takes out Eve) (Baello vanishes).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
WOW... Gee you sure know how to take out somebody swiftly huh crazieone? hahah well i guess all i can do is counter :)
eve remains lifeless on the ground covered in blood. before she dies she mutters a few words quietly.
"help me fénix de rubíes..."
immediately her zanpakuto begins to manifestate and take form into a giant phoenix.

phoenix: "that was foolish young one... as soon as she said bankai you should have asked for my help or even better enter bankai yourself. these adversaries are extremely powerful and if you are not as ruthless as them you shall never win... however let this be a reminder for the next time you encounter them...

the phoenix basks eve in powerful flames. these flames are the flames of rebirth that the phoenix uses to live again. eve quickly heals and stands up, before immediately falling down again.
"it seems that your still not used to the rebirth syndrome yet. but don't worry child i shall escort you to you're father..."

with that the phoenix takes eve to bakuens base...
well that"counter" was quite rubbish but it was fun though right crazieone? ah well need to have breakfast..
hasta luego amigos!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
You are rather...violent with your kills crazieone. But Orcale has a way to counter being blasted into such small pieces. That and hiding his presence perfectly is a nice ability of his.

(A small breeze blows and Orcale's transparent face appears then vanishes in a moment)

Orcale: (his voice floats quietly) I really did underestimte these people. To cath me off guard and move so fluently...It's a good thing I didn't tell him my last ability. (grunts in pain) Its really painful to use Kazeken like this...(dust starts to form in an area where no one is around and Orcale's messed up body appears. he looks around to make sure no one is watching) I hope I can still do this...(Air particles start to slowly regenerate his body as he sits back and completely relaxes his body. He thinks to himself as he does) *If the enemy is this strong and there are so many powerful people on the other side, then this war with drag out for a while. This may very well be the Armegedon.* (sighs) I guess my usual habit of going easy on the opponent to see their technique won't do much good here. I guess I should actually try in the next fight. (his sword seems to lose a bit of its luster and a wind swirls around in a small area. Kazeken's true form appears)

Kazeken: You should be ashamed of yourself, letting youself lose to another wind user so easily.

Orcale: I didn't expect her to be able to attract her particles so soon. Besides, it was fun.

Kazeken: No wonder your sister gets annoyed with you so much. You never try to win.

Orcale: (doesn't answer at the mention of his sister and looks up. Massive amount of spirit pressure is easile felt) I didn't come out of the King's Dimension simply to fight. Remember they're the people who lived since Soul Society. I'm rather curious to know more about them.

Kazeken: Then allow me to fight side by side with you in this form. I don't want to risk you dying.

Orcale: You know better than me how hard that will be for anyone. Besides, who knows what abilities the other enemis have? Even Migato is out here. I can't risk anything happening to you.

Kazeken: You don't think I can fight alone?

Orcale: (shakes head and stands up) No, but if you fight outside of my body it could attract unnecesary attension. These people are rather smart. They'd love to find otu what would happen if they killed a Zanpakutou that is outside their wielder's body.

Kazeken: Fine, but on the moement needed, I'll come out and assist you, whether or not you like it. (Kazeken dissapears)

Orcale: Fine by me. (brushes of ripped clothes) Well I guess I'm healed more or less. But these clothes are all ripped. (holds hand up and a strong gust blows off the clothes. Underneath he's wearing a black jumpsuit that covers his body except for his feet which are only covered by tabi socks) Much better. (prepares to set off but notices a certain change in rietsu. He looks to his side in shock) That must be Element. Is he really fighting? Is wonder how he was convinced to. (Shrugs it off) Oh well. I guess I should get going. (jumps up into the air and vanishes)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना elli555 said…
I am new here and here is my charecters name and his sword. Charecter name: Elli Hinote
Sword\zanpakuto: Mizumaru
Sealed: a dark blue hilt with a turqoise blade and yellow sheaf
Release: flood Mizumaru
if you dont know what a jitte sword is it looks like ukitakes shikia.
Bankai release:Nami-se mizumaru(wave torrent circle of water)it has cattails on the hilt and shark teeth on the end.
The clothes are yellow, green, and turqoise kimono with a light blue hiyori and a red belt holding mizumaru.
He has dark green eyes, ocean blue hair and he is chick magnet.He spends most of his spair time surfing,otherwise scoring with the ladies. he is a very strong opponent so don't underestimate him EVER.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना elli555 said…
I have a water type zanpakuto and has many different attacks like drown mizumaru,swim mizumaru,Dive mizumaru Etc.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना elli555 said…
i am on the shinigami side!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Dang! crazione and Kofusius, not to be mean but you guys forgot that Tomo and tekken was at the fight of eve and Baello pg 16 towards the bottom. Anywyas, crazione if you wanted a person to turn evil with you im willing to try sides. but you need to get me there haha. uhh hmmmm. i think thats it.

----------No attention------
Tomo and Tekken stood where the battle ended betweem Baello and Eve.

Tomo sighs
Tomo: Uhhh, did they just forgot we were watching the whole time?

Tekken: I guess, thats annoying... well there is nothing else we can do. You know you and i dont want to fight, and for some odd reason no one found us yet.

tomo: maybe they think we're too usless to fight. so they just ignore us.

Tekken: well thats just rude.

Tekken, starts to walk up the mountains, and Tomo slowly follows after. They discuss the different fights they see through visions or thoughts.

sorry soo short have no ideas...writers block
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Mind over matter---

Alester: this is very interesting, you think that all these clones will hold me back from causing the enevitable, your death. I will assure you that it is unavoidable, and that you streangth will not be an obstacle. I hope your feeble mind understands that.

ELEMENT: How do you conclude?

*Alester stabs a clone and the green aura goes into him*

Element: How can you take memories from my clone?!

Alester: the only memory these clones have is te location of the one controlling them, and i know that with these facts in your head that youll jump back and attempt to burn me with your flames.

*sure enough Element jumps back and throws a giant fire ball at Alester*

Alester who is cutting down all the clones im the way: this is sad, stop tring to steal more time away from death, he doesn't like it at all. *vanishes and appears behind Element*

Element: what are you!

Alester: I am your reaper, soul repear.

*Alester swings his giant blade down on Element who falls to the ground limp*

Alester: Delicious, now i know that your students aren't very strong. What a tasty memory, now I know that your warriors will die to my comrades feet. How do you feel about that?

Element who is squirming on the ground: Damn you!

Alester: are those your last words?

---Grims shadow---

Grim: you plan on fighting me when im crippled. most of my very soul is missing, and my plan is a failure because i figured out that this part of my soul is th only thing holding and altering my abilities. When i get all my soul back ill be the normal me again, yet i will be strnger. With this failure that sekhmet showed me i have realized the power inmy ability, you will never be able to beat me. I even threw away my abilities that i stole because i notices there uslessness to me. i don't need to use them to be strong, i can kill with what i hvave.

Zeron: i dont care, i want to kill you know.

Grim: When I get my soul back, then i will fight you.

*grim vanashes and Zeron can no longer sense him*


*zeron then notices Eement drop in life energy to nearly none*

Zeron: Element!

*Zeron vanishes to see what has happened*

---Tomo and Tekken---

tomo: this battle doesn't want us.

Tekken: i agree, there is no one that needs us at all.

???: Im not so sure about that.

Tekken turns to see this man: And who are you, Shinigami?

Alester: well to start off, im not a lowely shinigami. i am Alester, Commander in Sekhmets army. She has notified me about you and told me to recruit you for a certain battle. I think you know what i mean.


(what will element do next? Will Zeron assist Ekement? And if Alester is fighting Element, then who is talking to Tomo and Tekken?!)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
i thought allester was already fighting someone else.....haha. sorry ill write tomorow....haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
uhh songoku i didn't give a name to the general talking to Tomo cause, you wrote at the bottom asking who was talking to me, and 2 i thought Allester was already fighting...so ill just leave it nameless for now. haha

-----Tomo and Tekken-----

???: so do you know what i mean?

Tomo: NO, not at all.

tekken giggles in the background.

???: i see then i'll explain.

Tomo: okay, (sits down)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Songoku, for one thing, the other Elements weren’t clones, they were mirages over a rock shape of figure. In other words, the original Element is the only one with a memory or sense of what the heck is going on. Thus, the original Element is the only one that has a brain. I would like to know how you would get memories from a rock… Element can’t create, he can only control, well, he care create the six Chinese elements, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I’ll just go with the flow, and say in some way you got a hit on Element, thus putting him in the position he is in now.

-----------Dark Battle----------

Alester: Any last words, Element?

Element: Ya, why don’t you look at your future?

Alester: Why?

Element: You would be surprised.

Alester takes a look at the future: What, how is it dark, did I die?

Element: No, (Darkness surrounds the both of them) you’re merely in a cloud of shade. (Element disappears into the shadows and reappears fully healed.)

Alester: What!?

Element: I can make my body into any element I chose, and by adding more, I can heal myself. Now then (Grasps his sword) become blind.

Alester sees nothing but darkness, pitch black, no sign of light anywhere: What is this?

Element’s voice echoes: I can merely tell you this, this is one of those imaginative powers I thought of when I was young. In you speaking, it’s a simple technique.

Alester thinks: He’ll strike left, no right, or is it left? Wait, he can’t even tell where he’s going to swing his sword!

Element: Alester, let me ask you, do you know what dark matter is.

Alester: What the heck does that have to do with anything?

Element: Dark matter is what you’re clouded in, I have found the exit, and I will not allow you to leave, I feel where you are in my cloud, but not only does dark matter create that cloud, it creates black holes.

Alester: What!

Element: Goodbye Alester, enjoy being ripped to pieces. (Element creates seven black holes in the cloud, one in its center, one below, one above, and one North, South, East, and West of the cloud.) Black Chaos.

------------Zeron Won’t Leave-------------

Zeron continues to move to Element as he feels his increase in reiatsu, and moves back to Grim: I’ve lost time and why would I move back to begin with? Element can take care of himself.


Zeron won’t leave Grim alone. Grim better heal fast. Anyhow, Songoku, remember, Element has a million years of training, and a billion battles he has won, or else he wouldn’t be alive today, keep that in mind.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
haha, though Soul society hasn't been around millions and billions of years, yet ill let that slide. And the only memory of the stone is the location of its creator. If thwe clones have the ability to move and attack, then there is someone controling them, thuse giving a connection between the two. Anyway I am surprised element has so many techniques even without shikai, impressive. Though the black whole won't kill the one of pure knowledge.

And By the way Tomo, It is still Alester. You will find out soon what the pupose of it is. :)

---Blackened mind---

Alester who feels the pull from each dark hole at every direction: This may be your own personal shroud, but it won't last very long. Only because of my ability, you think im limited to only absorbing knowledge from living creatures! Wrong, poor shinigami. Feast!

*his sword glows in the shadows and the black holes themselves get sucked into his blade*

Alester:hmmmm, black hole are a very interesting matter. I have never been able to obtain this kind of knowledge on space, interesting and devistating.

Element: you are a clever monster, Alester.

Alester: what do you expect from the one that feasts on knowledge. Anyway, im tired of this barrier. Allow me to turn the table. Raven Owl Feather reproductoin.

*The shadow barrier that surrounds them slowely in unpeiced like a puzzle as black feather fall from the barrier that created them*

Element:what is this?

Alester: Darkness is a very bad element to use on me, i actually gain amunition from the darkness. I can take the darkness and use it to create these feathers, changing the properties to a dark metal on top of that, as long as there is darkness, the owl hunts.

*element looks at his prison change into thousands of black feathers. And as the feathers, that seem to driping from the darkness, fall they turn shiney like a glaced metal*

Element: that is easy, just brighten things up.

* element uses the light element thinking it will vanquish the dark feather, but it doesn't*

Alester: as i said, from darkness it is born, then it changes to the black metal. That wont work.

Element: how have you obtained such a stratagy?

*the feathers decent from the sky like rain water, yet they sway left and right as Alester answers*

Alester: because i have stolen the memories and thought and idea of hundreds of shinigami, arrancar, humans, and even my own kind. how else do you think i would have been so powerfull and intelligent.
Raven Owl Storm.

*the feather point all their tips at Element, then they dart at him like arrows. Element manages to block about 77, yet the rest penetrate him and stick IN his body*

Element: gahhhh, you moster.

Alester: and to think that you were a match for Sekhmet. Tisk tisk.
Raven owl blade feather extention!

*All of a sudden, about 3 hundred thin blades burst out of Elements skin*

Element who caughs up blood: What are these?!

Alester: every feather has about 30 individual strand to build the feather itself, those independent strands can extend into a thin blade at my comand. I beleive i have punctured all your vital organs and more.

*All of a sudden Alester Caughs up blood from his mouth*

Element: what? What is going on?

Alester: NOw?! Damn! Sekhmet should have just completely healed me. I hate being limited in time for a battle.

*Out of no were a gate opens and Pardel walks out*

Pardel: Alester, Time is up for you. Lets go.

Alester who never took his glare of Element: I will come for you later, shinigami.

*alesters owl eyes turn normal and he walks through the gate*

Pardel: i am impressed with your power, Alester. You have become much more powerfull.

Alester: Thank you *glares at Element* Yet now that i am back, i thirst for knowledge constantly. i can't live without it now. *caughs up more blood*

*the gate closes and Element is left with the hundreds of holes in his body bleeding viciously*

---Alester reveals---

Alester: you see, we are clearly outnumbered, not out powered but out numbered. We don't want to see our people get massicared, thus i have asked you to join our side to fight the shinigami. the shinigami only have selfish thought to rule Soul society.

Tomo: not true! And your way is worse! Countless deaths!

Alester: Not true? you beleive that the shinigami are not selfish. they create a government out of the strongest warriors to rule. nothing else. And our way needs these suffering souls in order to make other prosper. the future is on our shoulder.

*All of a sudden Alester starts to look staticy like a failed hollowgram*

Alester: I need to go, im out of time.

Tomo: what do you mean

Tekken: yea.

Alester: i can project my self in other areas as a conciousness. owl replication illusion. Its one of my many abilities. yet i can't be free to battle until Sekhmet agries to heal me from my sickness. the sickness only allows me 50 minutes of freedom until i need medication. She says she will heal me, thus i am loyal. I will allow you two to think on what i have said.

*Alester slowely vanishes to a green mist*

---Grims battle with death---

Zeron head back to the battle and he senses a certain reiatsu and stops

Zeron: I sense your here, grim reveal yourself.

*grim appears infront of Zeron*

Grim: why do you insist on challenging me, I am already crippled and my powers are limited. I can't use bankai synthasis more than 20 minutes.


Grim:Fine, i will fight you, yet it won't be very exciting for you.

*both take out their sword and point it at each other*

Zeron: you won't run away will you?

Grim: won't need to.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----Tomo's decision------

Tekken: Pathetic, we should go. (starts to walk up the moutains again)

Tomo doesn't follow.

Tekken: What are you doing. C'mon lets go.

Tomo: Tekken, i think i might take the offer.

Tekken: Stop playing around.

Tomo: I- Im not. Just then i looked into he thoughts, and heis sickness is true. he doesn't know it, but he is confused. His thoughts of pure intentions has been slightly clouded. he only wants to be healed.

Tekken: But how does that have to do with anything?

Tomo: I don't know but i feel like i should go. I don't feel like killing our people, yet at the same time you know i don't want to kill the others too.

Tekken: So who side is on, what path are you trying to take??

Tomo: I guess i always did have a different point of view from others. I just didnt want to express it.


Tomo: THE PATH THAT WILL LEAD to a peacful life.

Tomo eyes start to tear.

Tekken:So how does going with them lead to a peacful life?

Tomo: I hope by doing this i can show that we are not so bad, and in the process find out/change thier minds about us.

Tekken: thats crazy but...ill go with you

Tomo is shocked, then happy

Tomo:you'll come with me?

tekken: i guess....lets go.

Start to walk.....

Tomo:wait where do we go to find them???
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना indv11 said…
ok, here i go!

Zanpakuto: ketsueki sakezuki(Blood Drinker)
Relese Command: kawaki(Thirst)
Banki: Ketsueki Akuma(Blood Demon)

Zanpakuto Ability 1: Creates an indestructable barbed wire that wraps its self around the wrist.
Zanpakuto Ability 2: As long as i hold it i will gain more power the more i am injured by my opponent.
Zanpakuto Apperance: Starts off as a weak looking blade but becomes more fine as the fight goes on.(i.e. the more i am hurt)

Bankai Ability: Summons forth an invincible winged horned deamon for a short amount of time.(10 minutes)
Bankai Apperance: Same as Zanpakuto

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Ah, we are finally beginning to fight; this is going to be awesome! I’ve got dibs on someone who looks like Grim. (Reaper and person, just someone named Grim) I’m going to get to Element later.

-----------Grim vs. Grim, A 20 Minute battle---------

Grim: Shall we?

Zeron smiles: Let’s.

Grim and Zeron: Bankai Synthesis!

Grim appears as his Bankai Synthesis as we all know of, and if you don’t, pay more attention, and Zeron appears in a cloak like the Grim Reaper with his double edged, cross hilt sword in hand. They appear in the space dimension.

Grim strikes first: Oni Devestator!

Zeron stands strong; he doesn’t use his dimension gate, knowing it is useless now, and goes to the blow head on. He moves below Grim who is slicing strait at him, and Zeron hits the hilt of the sword and the green cloud flies up in the air. Zeron gets up and slices at Grim, barely getting a hit.

Grim: Ah, this is getting harder.

Zeron: Let’s not forget that not only did that machine put you in that condition, I did too.

Zeron thinks to himself: If I could only hit that arm and kill it, (He looks at Grim’s star tattooed arm) I have a fifty, fifty chance of getting the powers out of his grasp, or him getting my power as well.

Grim appears in front of Zeron and strikes down: I only have 20 minutes!

Zeron: Then I’ll stall. (He jumps back and when Grim hits where Zeron use to be, Zeron strikes him in the side.) Or I’ll finish this before then.

Grim strikes up at Zeron and cuts Zeron’s arm off: We’ll see.

Zeron regenerates his arm: Alright then.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim thinking to himself: Time is thin, i have to end this now. i don't have time in my state of being. Create Sashabai!

*the background dissapears and they now float in the blackness of space*

Zeron: so you not playing around anymore. I can tell that you a little bit scared. i thought you were famous for killing people, am i wrong?

Grim: You wish you were wrong. *points his sword at Zeron* Burn Sashabi!

*fire similar to Sekhmets shoots out of his blade at Zeron*

Zeron: Shit! he isn'y joking around!

*Zeron barely dodges, but his left arm gets sinjed*

Grim: 17 minutes and 34 seconds. *appears behind Zeron and stabs him through the back. Oni devestator major!

* a giant green explosion lightens up the battle feild, then it subbsides revealing a glowing skeleton and a reaper slowely healing*

Zeron: I just need to get that arm, then i will surely win.

*grim, who is worring about time, appears infront of Zeron and slashed horizantally*

Zeron: There!

*Zeron ducks back and slashes up at the tatooed arm an slashes right through it, draining its life*

Grim:Crap! *grim pulls back and recreates the arm, yet it has no more power* You little insect! I wont allow you to live after that stunt. I will have to end this here and know!

zeron who feals a massive growth in power: what!

*Grims skeleton starts to mutate into a demonic skeleten with horns and a tail*

Grim demon: No i will kill you. Meteor blitz!

*thousand of meteors create themselves out of no where and shoot at Zeron from every direction, all making direct contact.

Grim demon:Meteor prison!

*the rubble from the meteor forms a prison around Zeron who is injured and bleeding intensly, near death.*

Zeron:what do you plan on doing?

Grim demon: i once new an attack that was so devestating that it shattered space, now it is stronger. Sashabi the super nova now is Sashabi th e star of armeggedon!

*Grim appears infront of the prison and hold his sword out at Zeron*

Grim: goodbye, zeron. Morning star, FINAL ACTION, SASHABI BEGIN THE END, ARMEGGEDON!

*his sword turns red with furious reatsu and then an explosion like none other is created, it shatters space then it shatter the land were they originally were in the first place, leaving a barren creator so large that it nearly came into contact with the others battles*

Grim looks for any left of reiatsu: I cant tell if he survived, the left over reiatsu is every were, i can't sense him.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Play song at bottom


Clouds clear from the blow and Grim looks closer into the dust. He sees a figure.

Grim: How are you still alive!?

Zeron’s voice: I honestly don’t know, my dimension gate worked somehow, and quite frankly, my limit has apparently gone up.

Grim’s eyes widen: But, how? I sense your reiatsu all over the place.

Zeron’s voice: Remember when we had our fist battle? I didn’t use Sythasis, my power has increased, and that is all. And look around.

Grim sees small dimension holes, no bigger than a marbles width, scattered all around, Zeron was putting reiatsu through that: But what will you do now?

The smoke clears and Zeron is holding a blood red scythe with a pitch black pole with two glass spheres on the top and bottom of the pole: I had really hoped you had not of used all of your powers. (Zeron feels Grim’s very low reiatsu) That last attack must have taken most of your time. You barely have a minute left, by your measurement of reiatsu. And I have already given you a chance, and you denied it, thus you must die. And since you’re a worthy opponent, (Zeron grabs his right side of his face with his left arm and pulls on a mask as if the mask itself was in a thirst for death) I will give you a special show. And if there is one thing I know about reincarnation, it is that the one and only organ that can’t be revived is the brain. (Grim’s eyes widen with Zeron knowing what he had found out) You have to tell the body how to move and how to act. And thus I say (Appears in front of Grim) good-bye, creator. (Zeron brings down his scythe with a sure slice through Grim’s heart and brain, utterly killing them both.)

You can stop the song here if you want to.

------------------Other Battlefield Where Not Too Many People Are Going All Out-----------------

Everyone feels Grim’s reiatsu drop drastically to the point that no one can feel it.

Soul’s eyes widen: What? It couldn’t be, could it?

Sekhmet: There’s just no way is there.

Kevin just smiles.

Lin: He did it…

Ella laughs: Way to go.

Tenchi just has his mouth wide open along with his eyes and says nothing.

Everyone just stares in awe at the battlefield where the two Grims fought.

Element turns to darkness and recovers from his wounds: Without a doubt, he did it.

Alester is too busy with whatever he’s doing to care too much but realizes that that was the supposed “weak” person he faced.

Then, oddly enough, a lot of people cheer.


I know Grim was weak to start with, but Songoku, if you would like to say something just ask. I can do something about it. Oh, and I couldn’t mention this before because something happened to my internet, but I never said that Soul Society was around for a million years, I was saying that Element has been dead for millions of years; I would expect that someone died around that time.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Alesters secret---

*grim is peirced by the sythh and is lifeless*

Grim: you...have no idea what you have done. *slowely Grim disinigrates into a green mist until only his face remains as it disinigrates slowely* You have just unleashed more than you can imagin.

*grim completely disinigrates and Zeron falls to his chest, the green mist the flows far away from them*

---Alester seeks fire---

Sekhmet and Soul are battling ith there swords clashing and sprks are bor from the clashing steel, then a gate opens and Alester and pardel walk out

Alester: Sekhmet, I want to be heaed now. I can't wait any longer. *gets on one knee in respect*

Sekhmet who pushes her blade and pushes Soul: Well, i sense that you will soon feel it, youl notice yourself healing. I beleiveou already know that your oly half a soul, Alester. Your soul was split into two beings. One of witch died not to long ago. And i even sealed that part because he became curupt.

Alester: Grim!?

*all of a sudden a green mist flows into the scene and sinks into Alester, and he arces his back in releif*

Alester: i feel. I feel so diffrent, like i gained new memories. i ove it, these new thoughts that he gained are now in my possesion. it is delicious. I never knew this hapened.

Sekhmet: there is alot you dont know, anyway you shoud head back into battle, your strong enough.

Alester: yes princess. *Bows and kneels, then walks through the gate*

Seekhmet: now we can continue.

---Alester on the battle feild---

The gate opens and alester walks out

Pardel; enjoy your self Alester.

Alester: I promise i will, you to.

*the gate closes*

Alester: im to tireed to seek out an opponent. Il allow them to find me.

???:what about me master?

Alester: find tekken and tomo.

???:understood. *The girl turns and walks through the gate *

---The temptress---

Tomo: i wonder were that Aester is?

* a gate opens from behind them*

Tekken: what! Alester?!

???: not exactly, just one of his minions. I am Aya Toshisawa. i have been assigned to test you two out. *takes out her blade that is hooked at the end*

Tomo: test us?

Aya say seductively: just fight with me you little boys
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Migato, former catain commander meets her end---

Alester: hmmmm, this is interesting *looks at his head phones, then he makes it levitate as it peices itself back together* there we go, finished. That was bugging me for a while.

???: And thats the most of your wories?

Alester: ahhhhh, i can sense that your..hmmmm, Migato former catain commander, am i wrong?

Migato: how did you know that, warrior?

Alester:Well, i have eaten the memories of many other shinigami from past actions. i beleive you were in charge in that time. I devoured three captains memeories and knowledge. i can tel you it was good, i didn't expect you lowely shinigami to be smart.

Migato, who is somewhat disturbed: well then i guess i have a reason to kill you. *take out her sword and puts her hand on it.
Shibai, Kageneko (play shadow cat)

* A bright flash of blue reatsu blows back Alesters cloak*

Alester: you look, diffrent. is this what you call a shikai. it looks....cute.

*the dust fades revealing that she has black fur paws holding two blades and she has a black with purple stripped tail, she has become a neko*

Migato: i know you think its cute, its very seductive and irresistable. New moon!

*the moon begins to move faster until it center in the sky above them, then the light shines on Alester*

Alester: I...I can't move!

Migato; as long as the light of the moon shines on my enemy, it enables any kind of movement, even from allowig them to use their blade to defend attacks, now watch this. Kage Neko Moon seal!

*the moon from the sky gets a acient marking on it and so does its light that is projected onto Alester*

Migato:DEcapitate, Kage Neko.

*Alesters body begins to dissolve until there is nothing left*

MIgato: and i thought he was strong.

Alester; don't mistake that fact with a lie.


Alester:you think i would be caught by such a slow attack. interesting it may have been, but intelligence is missing. I merely created a clone. How come you missed such a simple counter?

Migato thinks to her self: he new what i was going to do! thats the only way he could have known.

Alester: Now, since you have brought darkness to this land, allow me to show you my favorite ability.

*the darkness the moon creats is slowely unpeaced into many black feathers until the moon is in the sky without darkness*

Migato: you took away the shadows! how?!

Alester; a mear conversion. Raven Owl feather death x1,000,000.

*one million black feathers, created by the mass darkness the moon brought, hurl them selves from the sky and or ground at MIgato*

Migato:decapitate kageneko! *but the light of the moon is gone*
Crap, without shadows i cant use that ability, BANKAI!

*Suddeny all the feathers vanish and all is silent*

Alesters thoughts: what, what is going on, i can't speak. I cant use my abilities. this is insane!

*all of a sudden alester hears a voice in his head*

MIgato thoughts: you owely worm, now i am going to have to kill you from the inside out. I have silenced your abilities and your speech. there is absolutely nothing you can do, the ultimate restriction. also, why dont you look up.

*alester does what he is told and notices that the moon is now i giant eye*

Migatos' voice: this is also the ultimate illusion, at this point you should be fealing off balance and sick. your body should be trying to adapt to the change in inviroment that it notices, yet there is no change. You can't even convince yourself about what is real and what isn't.

Alester thoughts: *all of a sudden Alesters sword dissolves* What! how did you do that?! I can't wait until i eat your knowledge right out of your skull to figure out how this works.

Migato voice:that is the least of your worries.

*all of a sudden back blades emerge from the ground and stab anything on them (all the angels and Sekhmet, and Alester)

Alester thoughts:NOOO, Sekhmet! this can't be real!

Migato voice: decapitate, Kage neko.

*the eye shoots out a bright beam of light onto Alester, who seems to be unharmed8

Migato voice:what! you can't survive that! its unavoidable, impossible to dodge, it is the death that must be accepted

Alester thoughts: you fail to notice my ability *lifts up his head revealing his green owl eyes* I can see you coming, i cans ee through your illusion. i mearly just got your hopes up in order to crush them at my feet. I hope you enjoy pain, MIgato

*The illusion is filled with screams of Migato and the ilusion dissapears and Migato is on her knees with a giant arrow head blade in her chest*

Migato: You, you found my location, how?

Alester: if you create somthing, it also creates a link to its creator. I take this as an advantage by absorbing it as a memorie in order to loacte the source. the owls eye is all seeing. Anyway this wont matter to you, you wont live to remember it.

*Alester pulls the sword out only to stab his arm into MIgato*


Alester: ooooo, i can feel your spine. Its a interesting structure. Now, let me take what makes you alive. Your memories and mind!

*After these words a green aura is absorbed from Migato to Alester. She screams as the knowledge is taken from her. ad with every thought taken she grows old from her beuty until she can no longer scream and turns to a lifeless corpse*

Alester, who drops the frail body: haha, delicious. I wonder who is next.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-------Tomo, Tekkens test-------

Tomo vomits

Aya:HAh, it'll be very easy to kill you if you are sick.

Tekken giggles

Aya: Whats so funny?!

Tomo: I vomited not cause im sick, but because i saw yourface.

Aya's face turns red and enraged. Tekken still laughing.

Aya vanishes and appers next to Tomo, she slashes down but Tomo took a little step to the left, to dodge and kicks her. She rolls 10 feet away.

She gets up: Just like a low life shinigami, you people could never tell what beauty is.

Tomo: You too, if you're thinking you're pretty.

Aya really enraged, vanishes, and kicks Tomo in the back. Tekken as a reflex kicks her too.

Tekken: Don't forget there is two of us.

Tomo smiling: here catch.

Throws a orb. Aya dodges and cut it.

Aya: Pathetic attack.

the orb then lights up and explodes.

Tomo smiles, Tekken's face now serious.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I want to fight an angle, or someone, and Crazieone isn't responding to Kevin and Traea's fight...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
--------Zeron’s Goal-------------

Zeron slowly regenerates from the battle he has experienced; the intense and final strike had helped restore his lost power. He lies there, and thinks to himself: I have avenged you Anna, finally. I have killed your killer, and have become strong. I have nothing more, my goal has been achieved. (Thinks of nothing) Now what? Is this what revenge feels like, nothing? I do not understand why it feels this way, why? I suppose it is time for a new goal. (He thinks of all the possibilities of the world, all of them) It’s decided, that will be it, that will be my goal from here on out. That is it. My final goal until I die.

--------Alester’s Shock--------

Migato lays there behind Alester as Alester is looking for a fight: Hm, who’s next, I could go after, (Stumbles a bit) Element? Anyway, where is everyone?

A dark circle forms around Migato and she is taken in, Alester looks behind him and sees what is going on, and before he could do anything: What the heck?


Zeron holds Migato’s body and sets it on the ground. He brings out his blade and stabs her in the heart. After a bit, he takes the sword out and sits to wait.

A long while later, Migato wakes and looks around: Where am I? (Everything is pretty dark)

Zeron: My dimension.

Migato: Who are you?

Zeron: My name is Zeron.
Migato: Who am I?

Zeron tosses her a dog tag she was carrying: That’s your name, you had it, and I would expect it would be yours.

Migato: Mi-ga-to… My name…

Zeron: Yah, your name, your power is intense, but you more than likely don’t know what it is.

Migato: Power?

Zeron: Guess there’s no helping it; I’ll just have to teach you.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Kazeshini said…
(uhh.. hi I'm new here ^^')
zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Kyoushunari 'assassin howl'
release command: baito kyoushunari
bankai name - raijin kyoushunari
=description -

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
=description : works like a taser, electricuting the oppenent
also has fanglike spikes sticking out the side of it
[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - ken-ame (sword-rain), raikoukiba, shatter

=(then comments on your zanpakuto):
uhh.. this is the best I can come up with- a thunder zanpactou that shatters and becomes a giant wolf thing... yeah...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना elli555 said…
Ok decent zanpakuto and it will be awhile till youre in the battles.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना elli555 said…
also make a charecter. like a description.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
oh, elli, did you want to be in the story or something
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I keep wondering to myself, how many people are reading this? I see that there are... 1667 fans and about 17000 veiws, does this mean that like, 17000 people are reading this stuff that we write... Or is that like over time or somehthing?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
haha that seems cool. anyways no one wrote anything yet. and i can't continue fighting Aya cause i dont know what she can do. haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Help us! Crazieone, Songoku, did you abandon us!? Well, now what, that's about all I can do…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
sry, i have been really busy lately. Ill get to both of them tomorrow.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
We're running out of ideas... Songoku, thank you for notifying us.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Aya fight back---

Tekken:you really should learn how to fight in a battle when the odds are against you.

Aya: i assure you i alraedy have.

*both realize that there are cuts on them*

Aya; my weopon is constantly in shikai, thus giving me an advantage. Rise Kage sakura (shadow flower).

*black petals rise from the ground and spin around everyone*

Tekken who stummbles:what is this: my head hurts and i can't stay in balance.

tomo:same here!

*all of a sudden all the petals form to gether to make black blades and they slash at tomo and tekken till they fall on their knees*

Aya:well, are yoiu going to fight back?


Migato:so your going to teach me?

Zeron: yes, yes i am.

*all of a sudden both of them feel a surge of power enter the demension*

Zeron: It can't be! Alester how did you get in here!

Alester: i know alot more about dimensions than you do. I can easily find a trace of a portal and use it myself. Anyway i wont allow you to train her, her power is much to powerfull to stand against us.

Zeron who draws his blade: i wont let you kill her, ill fight you!

Alester:kill her? you get me all wrong. I am going to let her fight you.


*all of a sudden alester appears behind Migato and stabs her with his hand then the green aura flows INTO her. then he pulls out his hand*

Zeron:what did you do!

Alester:just shared some memories, and put some others in. She now thnks that you have killed her family, freinds, and her brother. i think thats a reasonable cause to kill you. And she think I am her mentor. Good luck.

*a portal appears and Alester vanashes*

Zeron:Migato, are you ok?!

Migato:you...YOU SCUM *draws her sword and cuts him through the chest*

Zeron:what is going on?

Migato; im gettin my revenge! Thats whats going on!