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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
A new one..... Hope you like it.

Shinigami: Kin Beka

Name: Gentou (Severe Winter)

Shikai: Change The Order of this World! Gentou! (Severe Winter)
In shikai, his sword turns into 2 small scythes, that are just handle and blade, connected by a chain.
His ability is to turn everything softer or harder than it is.
Whevever he touches something with his right mini scythe, it becomes harder. So for example, water becomeing hard means ice.
Whevever he touches something with his left mini scythe, it becomes softer. So for example, getting hit by a rock will hurt him like being tickled by a feather.
He has one special attack with each:
1) Migi Iken: Kowai Tsuyoikaze! (Right Judgment: Solid Strong Wind): With this special attack, he slices through the air around him with the Right Scythe.
Now, the air becomes hard: Its difficult to move through it, like moving through water or gel.
2) Hidari Iken: Yawaraka Tanima (Left Judgment: Soft Valley): With this special attack, he strikes the ground with his left scythe.
The ground around him sort of collapses into a flowing river of mud, that rises from his sides. Both Offensive and Defensive.

Bankai: Magirawashii Gentou (Confusing Severe Winter):
In bankai, his scythes become one, big double headed scythe. It huge, and the head lookes kinda like a pickaxe with those 2 scythe blades on each side.
Now, he can make anything soft/hard from each blade, doesnt matter which. Also, if he strikes with the handle of the scythe, it also makes something soft/hard.
His shikai special attacks become stronger and his area of effect grows as well.
He has one special attack which is called: Magirawashii Reiki (confusing Aura):
This covers his scythe with a cyan aura, which he has 2 ways of using:
1) He can make the aura just surround his blades, making his soft/hard change area bigger, as the aura counts as the blade as well.
2) He shoots the aura in a wave, tht changes anything in its path to its opposite: Hard becomes soft and soft hard.

When he stabs himself with his blade, he enters a special mode: Now, he himself becomes hard, increasing power and defensive ability.
Also, the air around him shimmers. Anything close to him becomes softer and softer, making attacks against him very hard.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
Zanpakuto: Yūrei

Release command: Mroph

Released name: Reikon Yurei (Soul of the ghost.)

Description: In its sealed form it looks like a traditional samurai sword with a silver colored handle and a silver hand guard. In its shikai form, it looks transparent and is now the size of a ninjato sword. It also has a transparent look to it. In its released form it loses its hand guard and becomes even smaller, but it is know much lighter and much faster.
Shikai Abilties:

Ability 1: Yurie Kiritsukeru (ghost slash): It is a sheath sword technique that allows the wielder to send a slash attack that is invisible to the naked eye. Only people with a keen ability to trace spiritual pressure can see the attack coming. When it makes contact the attack does not immediately affect the enemy. Only whenever the sword is placed back in its sheath does it do its damage. Anything with a spiritual pressure below a lieutenant is mortally wounded or killed. Anyone that is a lieutenant or higher is becomes moderately wounded if the attack makes contact.

Ability 2: Yurei Sanpo(ghost walk): The ability has the same qualities of shunpo, but is much more devious. The wielder can hold on to the hilt of his sword and make himself completely transparent. This makes all physical attacks go directly through him. Kido and other attacks like it can still affect him in this form.

Ability 3: Yurei sakkaku (Ghost illusion): This abilty allows the wielder to make multiple copies of himself. The special part of this ability is that as long as the copies are still up and running he can trade places with them. They have the same power of ghost walk which makes physical attacks go right through them, but they are still affected by kido and other attacks like it.
Bankai Abilities:

Ability 1: Yurie Ryoku: (Ghost power): This ability is deadly because it pumps the wielder of the sword speed and power by amazing standards. This powers drawback is that when the user exits his bankai, his body is drained of energy and he becomes unable to fight.

Ability 2: Yurie ken (Ghost Blade): The blade begins to glow with energy and begins to produce massive spiritual pressure. The user then teleports, leaving behind what looks like to be him but in reality he is charging at the opponent. If the attack makes contact with the body, it cuts of a person’s spiritual pressure and instantly kills the enemy. Unless there spiritual pressure is that of a god, in which case it will severely wound them.

i still have one ability to put up.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ultimajv said…
zanpakuto/shikai: Barasu no ha (blade of god)
release command: heaven and hell

description: this Zanpakuto's shikai is two angel wings as a blade. 1 wing is white and the other is black to symbolize the balance angel. when the wings split apart then it will show a great ability ability

shikai ability:Hakai no tsubasa (destruction wing) when the wings seperate. this will send out ove 20,000,000 mini wings around the battle feild. together it could dtroy he whole 13 court guard squad or dmolish hueco mundo. seaperatly it could destro an espada.

bankai name: Baransu no tenshi no tsubasa (blade of the gods wrath)

description: the bankai has the handle that is 2x the normal size,
it kind of looks like an energy sword from halo but it shows a middle blade when it separates and sows a little surprise.

bankai abilities: Tengoku CERO (heaven cero for right side of blade) this cero is as bright as heaven itself and stronger than the granray cero (the strongest cero for espadas)

Jigoku CERO (hell cero for left side of blade) this cero is reder than hell its self but is the same strength as tengoku cero

barasu cero (balance cero for whole blade) this cero is 3x stronger then jigoku or tengoku together because it is also using your power.

for the love of this ill say my Resurrección form (espada/visored form)

release command: rise
Resurrección form: Baransu no kami (the balnce god)

description: this shows you in the middle hell at your
left side and heaven at your right (all attached but with 2 led and 6 arms) each your boies has a sword. you can make the heaven and hell sides seperat from your body and attack but he dont have a choice to leave you forever where ever in te world they will come back into the same body whenever you want (both sides have a brain to act on by themselves) ihope you like my

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ultimajv said…
sorry about some of the misspells on my zanpakuto but i will paste it again with the right selling
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ultimajv said…
zanpakuto/shikai: Barasu no ha (blade of god)
release command: heaven and hell

description: this Zanpakuto's shikai is two angel wings as a blade. 1 wing is white and the other is black to symbolize the balance angel. when the wings split apart then it will show a great ability ability

shikai ability:Hakai no tsubasa (destruction wing) when the wings separate. this will send out over 20,000,000 mini wings around the battlefield. together it could destroy he whole 13 court guard squad or demolish hueco mundo. separately it could destroy an espada.

bankai name: Baransu no tenshi no tsubasa (blade of the gods wrath)

description: the bankai has the handle that is 2x the normal size,
it kind of looks like an energy sword from halo but it shows a middle blade when it separates and sows a little surprise.

bankai abilities: Tengoku CERO (heaven cero for right side of blade) this cero is as bright as heaven itself and stronger than the granray cero (the strongest cero for espadas)

Jigoku CERO (hell cero for left side of blade) this cero is redder than hell its self but is the same strength as tengoku cero

barasu cero (balance cero for whole blade) this cero is 3x stronger then jigoku or tengoku together because it is also using your power.

for the love of this ill say my Resurrección form (espada/visored form)

release command: rise
Resurrección form: Baransu no kami (the balance god)

description: this shows you in the middle hell at your
left side and heaven at your right (all attached but with 2 led and 6 arms) each your boies has a sword. you can make the heaven and hell sides seperat from your body and attack but he dont have a choice to leave you forever where ever in te world they will come back into the same body whenever you want (both sides have a brain to act on by themselves) ihope you like my

hpe you lik my Zanpakutō this is with he correct spelling
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
Another one. Im not going to continue posting... This is my 40+ zanpakuto so im totally empty of ideas. Also, Bleach is really going downhill lately........

Shinigami: I.B

Name: Kooru Hone (Freeze Bone)

Shikai: His Shikai is constantly active. It takes the form of a long spear made out of bones, covered in a thick layer of ice.
His ability is to store a bit of the power of the opponents he beats. He can store up to 5 different powers.
Each power source is stored in one of the bones. He can only use each one once before needing to replenish it.
To replenish, he must wait 4 hours, or defeat an enemy.
Each use gives him a small power boost. He can choose to unleash the power boost in a wave of bones covered in ice.
The stronger the enemy he defeated, the bigger the power boost and the stronger the wave is.

Bankai: Genshiteki Kooru Hone (Prehistoric Freeze Bone)
In bankai, he stabs the spear into the ground. Then, a huge valley of ice is created. THrough the ice prehistoric animals skeletons are seen.
In bankai, he can make any of those skeletons come to life and break the ice. They are all armoured with ice armor.
He can summon Sabertoothed tigers, Mammoths, Giant Bears and so on.
He fights with them.
His ultimate skill involves him combining with one of his animals, to get a ice skull armor. The armor is different for every animal.
The Mammoth Armor gives him huge ice tusks, and can create craters just by punching, with his huge ice skull hands.
THe Sabertooth armor gives him the famous teeth, as well as claws and an armoured tail. He is faster and fights using unique attacks using his
tail and teeth.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Danielfreddie said…
Zanpakuto Name: Infinity Dragon
Zanpakuto Element: Unknown
Zanpakuto Type: Long Katana
Shikai Incantation: “The flow of time will cease, as all of space bends to my will. Show them our reality, Infinity Dragon”

Shikai Description: Before the command is said, the wielder will place his Zanpakuto out in front of him, with his right hand; the tip of the blade pointing at the ground and the place his left hand on the Zanpakuto as well. Once the release command is recited, the wielder’s reiatsu will manifest around him in the form of pure black and white crystals, as the Zanpakuto dissipates into the air, and suddenly the wielder’s reiatsu wraps around the wielder, creating what can be assumed a pair of gloves and a pure white sword.

Shikai Ability: After the shikai is available, the wielder will gain the ability to manipulate the time and space around the wielder’s body. This allows the user increase his speed by slowing down time and space around him that allows him to seem to be moving at incredible speeds and increases his reflexes, but in actuality, the very space around him halts. Another ability of this shikai is the power to create a pocket dimension out of nowhere. However once it is created, it cannot be altered nor can anyone else access it, except if the user allows one to do so. This pocket dimension is never to be used or should I say cannot be used for combat purposes, because if it detects the presence of any hostile or negative emotions, it will implode, killing all of those inside, even the wielder himself.

1)Severing Wave- The wielder focuses his spiritual energy into his blade and then releases it in a very quick and deadly wave of black energy. This attack has the power to level half a forest with just one swing. The power comes from the wielder’s determination and resolve. If the wielder should ever hesitate or second-guess himself, the attack will not work and will backfire, causing an explosion.

2)Tempus Strength- By dissipating his sword, and transferring its power into his gloves, the wielder’s power and strength tenfold, giving him the power to crush boulders and topple buildings with just a single punch. The power lasts for only a short time, ten to fifteen minutes.

3)Spatial Distortion- This technique is by far the cruelest and demented one in his arsenal. Which is why he does not use it, except when he is desperate or he is provoked into using it, which is not often. By absorbing his sword and gloves into his body, the wielder will then use the immense speed at his disposal and circle around the enemy. With every turn he releases reiatsu, creating tiny ripples in space and time, that will began to push and pull on the enemy’s body, stretching and distorting it, causing unspeakable pain to the target, but it also causes pain to the wielder as well. Being so close to the ripples and then moving at incredible speeds, the wielders body will be pushed to its extreme and begin to break down the longer the attack goes on. The technique is ended by either stopping the wielder or somehow managing to survive the technique, which can only be held for two minutes (2 posts), at the most. Once the technique is over the wielder will be left severely injured and nearly void of reiatsu. That is why this technique can only be used once/
Bankai Incantation: “All of creation will burn to the ground; All of time and space will cease to function, tear down the borders between space and time, Dragon’s of Space and Time!!!”

Bankai Description: Before the wielder is able to use Bankai, he will first have to exit out of Shikai, and then place his Zanpakuto out in front of him, pointing the tip of the blade at his opponent. Once the command is spoken, the Zanpakuto will ignite and then burst into a swirling mass of black and white spiritual particles, which resembles small crystals. These crystals serve as a part of the wielder’s very being and is his to control at will. This gives the wielder an wide array of attacks and defense abilities. However, the wielder can only make a set amount of these crystal-like particles, but can exert more reiatsu in order to make more.
Bankai Ability: Using the crystal-like particles at his disposal and the abilities of his shikai, the wielder’s overall stamina, speed, strength, and power gets a major boost. The crystal particles can be manipulated and controlled by the user to form powerful attacks and defense maneuvers, which, in use with his enhanced speed and stamina, makes him a very formidable and deadly foe.

1)Tempus Storm- The user will disperse the particles throughout the atmosphere, and then channels his spiritual energy into the atmosphere. This allows the user to create small storms and gale forces by merely channeling his reiatsu. If the user places small traces of the particles on the opponent, he will be able to summon down bolts of lightning that will strike the opponent with the particles.

2)Trinity Force- The user will use most his crystal particles to form two blades, a black one in his left hand and a white in his right hand. The user will then send the rest of the particles cycling through his body, increasing both his speed and reflexes even more, allowing him to strike with deadly speed and accuracy using both of his blades. However the blades can be broken, scratched or even destroyed with the right amount of strength and power, but they can be repaired by using even more energy to replace them.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kotobukiaino said…
big smile
your image is nice
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tammav5 said…
I can oly think of the name and release command but its in eninglish....
the name shazukimaru

and the release command is ...haunt there memories
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
Okay, i came up with a few new ideas. This is my #50 Zanpakuto idea! Gojuu Zanpakuto shisou! Hope you like it!

Shinigami: Light Kirikami

Name: Kiri Teppou (Mist Gun)

Shikai: Hikaru! Kiri Teppou! (Shine! Mist Gun)
In shikai, The sword dissappears. Instead, he gets a gun, pure silver. When he aims/shots, there is a straight beam of white light coming from the gun.
Once he pulls the trigger, the area the light shines upon will be shot by his light bullet. They travel at the speed of light, are practicaly light actually.
But when they hit, they hurt more than a normal bullet. Now, if there is a mirror forexample, and the light gets deflected, so is the bullet.
Any surface like mirrors or water, which show reflections of the light, make it jump and that way the bullet as well.
He has one special attack, which he can only use when the circumstances are right:
Hikari Saku (Light Split): Only when there is a surface that breaks light into mulitpule beams he can use this. He points at that surface,
and it multipules the beams and thus the bullets, making it a deadlier attack.

Bankai: Honoka Shiro Bukiko, Kiri Teppou (Hazy White Armoury, Mist Gun)
When he enters bankai, Both he and his enemy are teleported to a different dimension, which looks like an endless white space, with even whiter light beams
all around.
Tho0se white beams just sort of float around, horizantally and vertically. Each one of them acts as an amplifiar to his gun:
If he hits one with his own light beam, he can redirect its direction in any way he wants, and make it come out out of any point of that beam.
If 2 beams touch each other, it ca also come out of that beam.
Using thisa, he has a few techniques he uses:
1) Kiri ori (Mist Cage): He redirects his beam of light, so it creates a cage of light around his enemy, or any thing he chooses.
The moment the enemy touchs one of the beams, the bullet will shoot and strike him.
2) Kiri Prism: He shoots his beam, and it collides with another. Then, it splits and continues spliting, creating a narrow hall of light, from him to his enemy.
Then, he starts deflecting the light beams as usuall, only now there is barely any space to dodge the attack. He can make the attack come straight down the hall way,
thus making it like a long beam of light peiring his enemy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Zordaik said…
Name: Kiarawasu (Demon voice)
Sealed appearance: A wakizashi with a black hilt wrap. The blade is considerably shorter than one on a normal wakizashi, and the very edge of the blade shines golden when held up to the light.

Release command: Saezuru! Kiarawasu! (Sing! Demon voice!)
Shikai description: When released, the wielder must declare one of three "songs" to fight with. The appearance is dependent on the song.

Saishu Kasho, Omomuki (First song, tenor): The edge of the blade glows dark blue. Each time the wielder swings it, a small arc of blue reiatsu with the power of Hado four shoots out at the opponent. Also, each time an arc is shot, the oppoonent hears a terrible screeching noise.
Hitotsu Kasho, Dokuso (Second song, Solo): The blade glows brightly for about two seconds, then flashes, covering everything within a hundred meter radius with bright light. When the light clears, all enemies that were inside the flash, even for a split second, see only a transparent silhouette of the wielder. This ability also cuts each enemy's ability to hear down to about one half.
Daisan Kasho, Basu (Third song, Bass): The blade turns turns completely black. The wielder then gains the ability to, by drawing a circle in the air with the point of the blade, create a black reiatsu shield. The shield can stop all manner of attacks, and is a little stronger than santen kesshun. The wielder can create multiple shields. The shields will stay in place until shattered or until Kiarawasu is resealed. When a shield is made, a painfully loud and low sound, like the strum of a bass guitar, sounds in the opponent's ears.

Bankai: Kizu-no-nai Kiarawasu (Flawless Demon Voice)
Bankai description: The wielder utters bankai, and a beautiful voice, like that of an angel, sings through the air. The blade glows golden and lengthens until it is the size of an average katana. In bankai, the wielder can select two "songs" at a time. In addition, he gains the ability to use two more.

Daishi Kasho, Sassayaki (Fourth song, Whisper): Black smoke creates an aura along the wielder's arm. The wielder gains the ability to conjure black smoke-like tendrils from the point of the blade. These tendrils are sent to strangle and restrain the opponents. This ability can only be used if the blade is kept still, and the tendrils can be severed. While the tendrils are being used, demonic whispers, much like the ones heard in the OST "Choked."
Daigono Kasho, Nadameru (Fifth song, Lull): The hilt of the blade turns dark purple. Each opponent in one hundred meters hears a beautiful voice singing to them. As the battle continues, the opponent will find all his senses deteriorating. He will slowly become harder on hearing, and he will find he has a harder time holding on to his sword. His sight will slowly blur, and he will gently lose his sense of smell. But not his sense of hearing.

If you have any constructive criticism, please share it. It is appreciated.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TaiShi16 said…
Shinigami: Taiyua Shinmaru

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Uchuu Ryuu (Space Dragon)

[release command] Bakuhatsusaseru: Unleash/Explode

[bankai name] Kuroi Nagareboshi Ryuu (Black Shootingstar Dragon)

Shikai: A 5' medium all black blade w/a dragon shaped hilt with glowing blue eyes on the hilt with a 1' blue ribbon coming from the end of the hilt.

Bankai: In the bankai form the sword separates into two separate swords for dual use or as back up if the other shall break, the swords themselves become sleek and shrink down to 3' blades w/a blue edge. And the user grows dragon wings, horns, tail, grows talons on his feet and hands, and eyes become dragon type, and he grows fangs.

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
1. Black Dragon Wave: A technique similar to ichigo's getsuga tenshou except for a different color scheme of black w/ a blue outline, but first when the attack begins Taiyua begins to draw spititual energy into the sowrd which then starts to swirl around it until the first initial slash which has enough strength to break a weak zanpakuto. There are also different variations of this move such as Rapid Fire in which he continuosly swings his sword creating multiple slashes and its ultimate for listed below.

2. Raito Sokudo Koogeki "Light Speed Assault": Literally moves at the speed of light and in an instant begins to attack his opponent from various angles and places.

3. Ryuu Heri (Dragon Edge): This attack makes the sword's edge become blue and can nearly cut through almost any metal in human existance.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
1. Ultimate Black Dragon Wave: This version of the attack can be 10-100x stronger than the original depending on how much energy he has left to put into it, and while at 100x power this attack has the power to cut the moon completely in half.

2. Kuroi Suisei Ryuu Nami (Black Comet Dragon Wave): This attack even as it may seem impossible is 2x as strong as the 'Ultimate Black Dragon Wave' at 100x strength and while it is exteremly powerful it also takes the shape of a massive dragon to strike fear into it's target and this attack can also destory an actual comet 3x the size of the earth itself but after use of this attack the user becomes instantly drained and exhausted making its use only once per battle or day.

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)
This is a sword that i thought about when i first saw bleach back in '06 and i was jus amazed at how the swords look i jus had to make one and then this one is one of the most powerful out there so its a pretty good deal at its own reward in battle so 2 statements dont pick a fight with this guy and if you make him mad i suggest you try and run

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowhunters said…
Zanpakuto: Rameiookami (Thunder Wolf)
Release Command: Hibana (Spark)
Bankai: Shinjinbukai Rameiookami (Godly Thunder Wolf)

My zanpakuto have its own kind of kido called Ikazuchi Houto (Art of thunder). There are eight techniques to that.
#1 Hekireki Tama (Thunder Ball),
#2 Ikazuchi Bakuha (Thunder Blast),
#3 Dakou Raikou (Crawling Lightning),
#4 Seiteki Kyuutai (Static Orb),
#5 Sutatikku Tate (Static Shield),
#6 Dendou Mori (Electric Lance),
#7 Denkouken (Lightning Blade),
#8 Ikazuchi Arashi (Thunderstorm)
Zanpakuto appearance: No difference, but there is a big thunder wolf coming from the zanpakuto. When the wolf is doing the Ikazuchi Houto, the power is magnified by 5. Also, I could split the wolf into many wolves.

Bankai Ability 1: Creates the entire battlefield skies into a thunderstorm. Gives me the advantage of striking the opponent with lightning.
Bankai Ability 2: The Ikazuchi Houto's power is magnified by 20.
Bankai appearance: I am wearing armour buzzing with electricity, and riding my thunder wolf. The zanpakuto is encased with lightning.

My appearance: Very short, with white hair in braids with silvery highlights tied with red ribbon. Teal eyes. My brother is Toshiro Hitsugaya, and I'm the third seat in his company. My power surpasses a lieutenants', but I like the third seat, and I want to serve under my brother. I am funny, but level headed, and analyses all situations. I often have to do the paperwork of my lieutenant while she drinks, but I don't mind. Many people know of my power, and can always rely on me anytime. My best friends are Rukia, Momo, Izuru and Renji. I was a child prodigy, graduating the academy in only 1 and a half years. Candy and other sweets are my weakness.I am very protective of my brother and Momo. If you make them bleed, I will kill you!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ShadowHunter15 said…
Name: Dasukufangu (Dusk Fang) Dōnfangu (Dawn Fang*)
Release command: Dōnfangu- Usher forth the day. Dasukufangu- Bring in the night.
Shikai look: Look at pic
Dasukufangu Abilities
First Ability: Anything my weapon cuts it gets colder and colder bu 10 degrees with each cut.
Second Ability: Kōri no furea- Fires a flare that explodes into huge spikes when it hits something. Uses the same amount of power as Shakkahō.
Dōnfangu Abilities
First Ability: Heats up about 10 degrees every time that it cuts something.
Second Ability: Reijingu kagaribi- Fires a fire ball that explodes in a 10 foot radius. Uses the same amount of power as Shakkahō.
*My zanpakto's abilities on the time of day. From dusk till dawn is when Dasukufangu's abilities are active. From dawn till dusk is when Dōnfangu's abilities are active.
Bankai: De~yuarufangu
Abilities: I am able to wield both of my Zanpaktos.
The blue scyth is Dasukufangu and the yellow one is Dōnfangu.
 Name: Dasukufangu (Dusk Fang) Dōnfangu (Dawn Fang*) Release command: Dōnfangu- अशर forth the day.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ShadowHunter15 said…
Open for comments
 Open for टिप्पणियाँ
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
shadowhunter15, nice one. I really like the colder and hotter effects, it makes strikes mu8ch more effective and for longer terms. If you hack at steel making it hotter it will eventually melt, stuff like that. I also made a time of the day dependent zanpakuto, but mine was more of effects on the senses then physical effects. Anyway, really nice zanpakuto! I think you should make another attack in bankai, something that will like freeze the target then burn him down, or cooler, the other way around, freezaing the flames themselves around him. Something like that would be cool.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MrNentendo said…
Name:AmatsuInju (Heavenly Ribbon) HeruIchiren (Hellish Chain (loosely translated))
Release Chant: nozoite,(Save) AmatsuInju, shou(Destroy) HeruIchiren
Shikai Look: The 2 katanas that were sealed straighten out while the ends of it curve into a hook shape further more a thin metal knuckle guard extends from the grip,the hilt on AmatsuInju becomes gold while the one on HeruIchiren becomes a very dark red. Furthermore a small white ribbon extends from AmatsuInju and a 3 link chain extends from HeruIchiren.

Shikia Abilities: The primary ability of this zanpakto is primarily physical however it has 2 abilities.

Ability One: This has no name cause it isnt a spell or kidou it allows the wielder to pour his spirit energy in either one of the swords and turns his spirit energy into a condensed fog that can transform into reishi at his will this can serve as either defense or attack the only disadvantage is one or the other he cannot perform the same thing twice cause each of these abilities is unique to the sword he used for the fog to be made

Judgement: The user pours all of his spirit energy to either one of his blades to inflict a devastating blow however after this attack the user is completely drained of his energy as well as his sword and therefor cant release his sword for 3 days after using this ability further more the wielder passes out shortly after using the move.

Name: WasureppoiAmatsuInju(Forgetful Heavenly Ribbon) HokkorashiiHeruInju (Arrogant Hellish Chain)

Look: Similar in shape to the shikai however WasureppoiAmatsuInju is Pure white all over and HokkorashiiHeruInju is pure black all over also there is a chain and ribbon on both swords color according to the rest of the swords Color

Ability: Each Sword has one main ability as well as multiple others related to the main ability.
WasureppoiAmatsuInju- As its name suggests can alter ones memories or even create flashbacks that can make everyone except people with the strongest of resolve loose control of there emotions in battle.

HokkorashiiHeruInju- Anybody who has a spirit energy on par or lower than the wielder is subject to loosing his rational thought and will most likely end up getting killed do to reckless actions in the battle. Strong minded or opponents superior in power can negate this ability completely

Final Day: Before activation of this move the wielder of the 2 swords will shatter and there energy will absorb around the wielder creating a zebra color like orb around the wielder then it expands to engulf the opponent and then gets smaller as the opponent now in the middle of the circle the circle is now about the size of a small room what is called the forest of sins. Demon like spirits made of the entense spiritual energy from the orb slowly kill the victim however if the enemy is extremely powerful or is in full condition and on par with the wielder they can easily escape but in most cases this move is to be used near the end of the battle and the opponent is commonly exhausted.Like Judgment this drains the spiritual power of the wielder and furthermore he passes out for a full 24 hours to wake up with an inability to use spirit power for a full week he cannot release his shikai for 1 month and his bankai for 3 months
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MrNentendo said…
I also Decided to Post The Name of the Wielder and a short description

Previous Name: Sharu (derived from potensharu which means potential)
Name: Zetsu (derived from zetsubou which means despair )
Formal Name:None
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stands at about 5 "8" feet with a slightly small build and not extremely muscular is also light skinned. Light orange eyes and light brown hair.
Hair length varies bangs about half way down his forehead the sides cover the way to lower ears. Hair at back of head reaches 3/4 of the way down his neck. Very messy unbrushed hair.
Cloths: Has a black haori similar to a captain's one but with multiple differences 2 of the most noticeable is the fact that it has a large part of it missing on the middle of the back of it and also it extends all the way to touch the floor other than stopping at the ankles.Clothing under the haori is an old shinigami uniform with red markings on it. Has the same sandles (sorry for spelling) as that of a shinigami but does not have socks.

Early Life: Unlike most shinigami that either became shinigami before the acadamy like yamamoto or like all others through the shinigami academy. He was introduced through the world as an expirement deviced by Mayuri in an effort to able to see if souls can be made shinigami by artificial ways it was a success however the project was scrapped due to the first tests were extremely emotionally unstable. Zetsu being only one of the survivors not to commit suicide or being purged by the soul society.He resided in Rukon disctrict #54. The locals seeing bursts of his powers now and then avoided him at all costs this caused him at only an age of 6 the be extremely untrustful of others.

Introduction as a shinigami: at an age of 10 Zetsu met a shinigami ranked of 6th seat of 8th squad seeing Zetsu as an orphan and also a potential shinigami he adopted the boy as his son and named him Sharu.A year later encouraged him to enlist in the shinigami academy. Due to his early powers it took him a year less than others to graduate. He was assigned much to his displeasure to squad 13 and ranked as 7th seat within a year.

Leaving the Gotie 13: In the next 2 years he ranked up all the way to 4th seat many people suspected him of being on par with that of a co-captain. However he refused to advance due to the fact he did not want to take such an important position. He also refused to go as his adoptive dad was a co-captain and didn't like the idea of being equal to the one he looked up to. He happily lived for 3 years without incident until his father was sent to the world of the living were he was promptly defeated by a menos grandes. Upon hearing the news he lost control of his emotions and a great explosion that destroyed 1/8 of squad 13 barracks he was therefor exiled as a shinigami.

Exile- Durring exile he changed his name to Zetsu and as he was growing in power he later achieved bankai 15 years after being exiled.


Zanpakto- AmatsuInju and HeruIchiren.

Spirit Energy- The fact he achieved bankai states his spirit energy is on par with captains

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना brodi3 said…
Mine Is This

Zanpakuto-Samsara (Eternal Dispare)
Release Command- Megasameru (Awaken)
Shikai- Mugetsu (Moonless Night)
Bankai-Murciélago (Dark Shadows of Despair)

Zanpakuto Ability 1- Mugetsu- releases a wall of darkness 5 times more powefull than ichigo's Mugetsu
Zanpakuto Ability 2- Instantaneous healing from injury. (Only when in the cover of darkness.
Zanpakuto Ability 3- Can infiltrate ones heart and fill it with dispare
Zanpakuto Apearance-straight black katana blade with a white edge. Hilt is black and has white diamond shaped imprints on the handle and a 50 cm row of black barbed wire hanging of the back of the hilt as a spirit ribbon. The cross gard is identical to ichigos bankai's.

Bankai Ability 3-Allows me to appear and disappear in shadow and it also grants me the use of a hollows cero
Bankai Ability 2- generates a fog like darkness around me.
Bankai Ability 1- Increases my speed, strength, riatsu and can use a Pitch black Getsuga Tenshou
Bankai Blade Apearance-Same as Zanpakuto, but gives me the appearance of ichigos final hollow form with black markings
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ryuuikari said…
Brodi3 your zanpakutou is waaay too overpowered.. also it's not really original because you copied a lot of Zangetsu's abilities and some stuff from Ichigo..
Apart from that its okay though.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
ya, way overpowered, and, honestly, not very original AT ALL! Make up your own ideas...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
oKAY, GOT A NEW ONE. Just read my first post and loved it all over again. Shame i dont get any more original ideas. @ brothers using guns. Already done that..... Anyway, hope you like it, and please comment.
Shinigami: Dark Kirikami

Name: Ankoku Teppou (Darkness Gun)

Shikai: Yaminimagirete! Ankoku Teppou (Under Cover of Darkness! Darkness Gun)
When in shikai, his sword takes the form of a black handgun, which its handle continues, kinda hard to explain. The gun looks like this:
_____ __
|/___________ ... Kinda like this. This part |/ is the handle, and then this ____________ is the handle going on behind.

His ability is Dark shot: He shoots out bullets that move faster the darker it is, they spin faster the darker it is.

Bankai: Muchino Ankoku Teppou (Ignorent Darkness Gun)
When he enters bankai, a huge black sphere of darkness surrounds him before it dissolves. When it does, he has two guns instead of one.
Now, his bullets expand on impact or when he wants them, creating spheres of darkness. Basically, no lght can enter those spheres, meaning,
anyone in them is practicaly blind. They arent so big, about 1 meter large each, but if he shoots lots of them in one space, it can be quite deadly.
Ofcourse he can see through that darkness with his special vision.
Also, becuase these are spheres of pure darkness, with no light, his bullets have maximum effect in them and can do huge ammounts of damadge.
His ultimate attack is called: Kasokudono Taihou (Accelerating Cannon): He shoots a few bullets, then makes them expand to spheres in a row in front of him.
Then, he charges both his guns, attachs them one to the other, and fires one dark bullet through the darkness he created.
This way, his bulet goes through maximum spin and speed, gaining full power, creating a devastating attack.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Zordaik said…
Name: Ogon no Sora (Golden sky)
Release command: Kuiarata! Ogon no Sora! (Repent! Golden Sky!
Sealed appearance: The blade is somewhat longer than that of a normal katana. The hilt guard is a hollow black ring attached to the hilt by four small black bars equal distance apart from eachother. Filling the distance between each pair of black bars are two golden rings, much resembling wedding rings. There are eight rings in total. The hilt wrap is golden yellow.

Shikai description: Upon uttering the release command, the hilt guard disappears, leaving only the golden rings. Each ring's size increases greatly, until each has a two foot diameter. Golden reiatsu also forms around the edges of each ring, creating a blade around them. The rings can then fly around the battlefield, spinning at incredible speeds and cutting up opponents. At any time, the wielder can have a ring stop spinning and begin charging golden reiatsu into it's center. It can then fire the reiatsu in the form of a large ball about the size of the ring, if not smaller. The blast has the power of hado 31, and can only be used by one ring at a time. There are a few special abilities as well:

Shirudo Tenrai (Divine Shield): The rings form a circle, each a seven foot radius from the wielder, and collect golden reiatsu in their centers. The rings need only charge for a split second, before releasing the energy into the form of a strong, golden dome designed to stop enemy attacks of all sorts. The dome can be broken with enough force, and the rings must stay in place to maintain it.

Rokuwa Sumaito (Six ring smite): The rings shrink down to a size just big enough to fit around the blade of the sword. They then file down the length of the blade. Each then charges up golden reiatsu and submits it to the blade. Once enough energy has been charged up, the wielder fires it in the form of a large golden beam with the power of an espada's cero.

Bankai name: Kami no Panisshā, Ogon no Sora (Divine punisher, golden sky)
Bankai description: The hilt guard reappears, bearing more rings, before once again disappearing, leaving only the rings. Once again, the rings grow to the two-foot diameter. In bankai, the wielder can have up to four rings using the golder blast technique. In addition, Shirodu Tenrai and Rokuwa Sumaito are two times as powerful. The wielder can also wear the rings, and in doing so boost his attributes, both spiritual and physical. For instance, he can boost his speed to the point where it nearly exceeds that of Yoruichi Shihoin. He can wear one on each finger and one on each wrist. Each ring he wears boosts the desired attribute by fifty percent, meaning he can become up to six times as physically strong as he originally was, for instance. He also gains some new abilities:

Ten-no Shugo-sha (Heavenly guardian): Usable only once per Bankai. The rings all create a sphere of pure reiatsu and fly in. For about five seconds, the sphere expands five feet a second, before finally exploding in a golden flash. The reiatsu then forms into a massive giant, complete with a full suit of white and gold armor, an enormous white broadsword, and a gigantic white shield. The size of the giant is about the size of Tengen's bankai. There is one golden ring on each of the giant's fingers.For every minute the giant is active, one ring disappears. Once gone, each ring cannot be used again until the sword is re-sealed. While Ten-no Shuga-sha is in use, the rings cannot be used.

Saigo no Kuiaratame (Final Repentance): The wielder absorbs the rings, infusing his body with massive power. The power this technique gives is powerful enough to defeat, for example, Vasto Lorde Ichigo, though not without sustaining some injuries. The drawback: The wielder's body cannot withstand so much power, and so using this technique when the wielder is not yet ready can be lethal. Furthermore, due to the very sudden massive increase of power, a certain primal instinct is awakened. It takes over the wielder's mind, causing him to behave like a cornered animal. He focusses only on the enemy at hand and will attack even his allies, should they get in his way. That being said, there are also short intervals of five-ten seconds where he regains control of his mind.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Zordaik said…
Also, criticism is appreciated. If you would like to see my other blades, I have one more on page 176, and two on page 169.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
Zordiak, Very nice Zanpakuto. I liked it very much.
I think you should find another drawback to the Final Repentance.
If i may suggest, such power should be, like vasto lord ichigo,
uncontrollable. He should be like all set on one enemy, or target, and not think about anything else like injuries and such.
Just my suggestion. Except for that, i love your zanpakuto, keep it up.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Zordaik said…
Thanks man, great idea.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ikebulan said…
This is my idea of a Zanpakuto and information on the link with it's user(Me) If you like, hit me up in an email - martinlavernjr@yahoo.com

Zanpakuto - Tsuinkurimuzonraion (Twin Crimson Lion)
Shikai Release Command - Decimate and Prosper
Bankai -Enshō Tsuinkurimuzonraion

Shikai Abilities (Dominant hand/Off hand)
Tsuinkurimuzonraion is a beast flame zanpakuto and consist of two blades, thus naturally it having flame base attacks. Tsuinkurimuzonraion is able to fully engulf the blade, hilt, entire sword, body parts and with enough training, the entire body including sword. The sword in the dominant is responsible for power, devastating attacks that can cause shock waves even without use of flame, this sword is able produce a mist from the guard that serves as catalyst for strategy and can be used to dull pain and heal wound if given enough time.
The sword in the off hand is smaller and able to deliver fast fencing and slash based attacks. It can spit fire like darts and permanently leaves a sear and burn sensation on his opponents whenever cut for the duration of it's activation. It is also able to physically boil the blood of it's opponents when it comes in contact with it, and can destroy the moisture in the air making it hard to breath for other opponents.

Shikai Apperance (Dominant hand)
The sword in the dominant hand has a red hilt with cracked bone links resembling chains at the bottom. The guard is covered with a thick tannish brown fur with dark red highlights and bone with tips. The sword itself is straight yet curved, the non sharp end of the sword is straight and is solid bone oppose to metal however just as hard if not harder. Covering the non sharp end is fur just like the fur from the hilt, the two connect. The sharp end is curved at two angles, inward, going towards the non sharp end at first, but 70 percent up the sword curves out again for a sharp curved edge. On the inside of the blade where it curves inward are bone like fangs sticking out from the blade. There are seven fangs and they're parallel to each other rest on each side of the blade, allowing the middle part of the blade to still have a sharp edge. the blade is 5'9 inches tall including the hilt and has is 12 inches wide from the the two farthest points.

Shikai (Off hand)
The sword in the off hand appears like a regular zanpakuto except it has no guard and the hilt is exactly like the other sword. The blade however is more curved and is about 5 inches shorter than a regular zanpakuto. The blade has no dull side as both sides (Curved outward and inward) have sharp edges allowing the curved blade to serve some purpose as a piercing weapon. The only other distinguishing facto about this blade is that it keeps the sheath that a regular zanpakuto comes with, with exceptions of it compromising for the shape and size.

Bankai (Dominant hand)
The sword in the dominant keeps most of it's original appearance from it's shikai form; however, the fur from the guard curls up the arm of the user and connects up to the users hair, changing his hair color as well. He can still detach his hand from this sword as the hair does not bind him. The sword now has flamed tips that burn red and yellow, this bankai causes dominant arm to bear flamed tips as well. The blade itself takes no real changes other than the fangs on the sides of the blade are now black and are larger.

Bankai (Off Hand)
The sword in the left hand changes the entire left arm appearance with fur just as the right arm is. This isn't greatly seen as the right arm's sleeve is longer and hangs over his wrist with a wider opening than his regular shihaksho, the sleeve is also color white with a lions head imprinted on the shoulder sleeve. The sword itself is no longer a sword but a chain of bone connected to the collar of a huge lion with a main similar to the users fur on his arm and sword. Standing, the lion's head comes shoulder height, it has white eyes and can spit fire in rapid succession and his teeth posses all the powers of the off hand's sword. He can also speak, but not english, only the user (I) can understand what he says.

Bankai ability
The two swords (The Lion still being a sword) work as a group. They can attack regular seperatly; however, most of their stronger attacks require time and this needs to be use after a successful distraction. However, the bankai is able to separate and perform basic level attacks once the chain is separated however, the attack strength is cut in half. The bankai is able to fly and has enormous strength. The lion part increases in power, but does not sacrifice speed as it serves as a distraction for most of the user(My) special attacks with the sword. Both versions of the bankai can sustain attacks from each other without feeling pain as they are one, however if not careful are able to temporally render the other useless if cut, bitten, or smashed. Due to the minor healing powers of the sword, this is reversed if given enough time.

Relation between Zanpakuto and User (Me)
The sword is a direct reflection of the user's past, as he was raised within a tribe of people who hunt hollows, but do so with the assistance of beast in nature. His father was particularly found with lions and became friends with one of the stronger lions of the forest and allowed it access to his home. Before the user was born (Me) the lion sensed the baby's presence and kept close to the user's (My) mother and protected her up to her time of conception. During the birth, a captured hallow entered into a frenzy for is sensed the presence of a baby being born, as the mother was in labor. This was a particularly strong hallow so the spiritual pressure mixed with it's frenzy caused most of tribesman to faint and/or be killed. The pressure affected the mother and caused her to pass out during labor. The father, afraid for the well being of his child's and wife's life charged the hallow and was knocked unconcious, his battle partner, name Gusho, noticed his partner being knocked out but refused to leave the side of the mother in labor. He attacked the hallow and injured it but was injured as well when the hallow attacked him with an intense fire ball in which Gusho had to take the full blunt for or witness the death of the mother and her unborn. The battle was ended when other tribesman arrived and caused a distraction for Gusho to bite off the hallows head from the neck. Moments later, after all the wounded were attended to, the mother noticed that she felt no labor pains and said the baby felt, "stuck" with that panic ensued, but Gusho walked over to the mother and laid his hand on her stomach, concentrating his spiritual pressure and turned into an unstable ball of reishi which jumped started her labor and increased it's intensity 2 fold. The baby was born, but the mother suffered internal scarring and burning and has to use a cane to get around. The child (me) was name Senshi Rabān (Senshi meaning warrior as my english name does, and Raban being the Japanese translation for my French based last name). He was immediately recruited into the thirteen court guard squads due to the immense and mixed spiritual pressure coming from the kid (Me). He was trained at and early age and like Toshiro possessed a very strong zanpakuto however has always had a zanpakuto present in his as it was always in it's release form on the inside of him, which aided in his seeming limitless strength and constant need of sleep and food. Although his is younger than Toshiro he is taller and looks older due to rich dark facial hair, his facial features link him to that of African decent, yet his skin is a very dark caramel tint and his hair is dark red and is in locks.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Rahvin said…
Here's one:

Zanpakuto - Kukyo na Ikazuchi (Void Thunder)
Release Command - Reduce all creation to nothingness

Shikai Description - When released the guard reforms into a six pointed star, with a pulsing sun of black energy at its center. Ribbons of dark power then spread from that to envelop the blade, hilt and the arm holding Kukyo na Ikazuchi.

Shikai Abilities:

Kukyo Yaiba (Empty Blade) - The bands of energy that envelop Kukyo na Ikazuchi are formed of a special negative spirit energy that completely cancels out and erases any other spirit energy it comes in contact with. This enables Kukyo na Ikazuchi to cut through anything comprised of or reliant on spirit energy (for example a Kido barrier spell). However, the spirit energy that exists within a spirit being is too deeply embedded in the soul, so Kukyo Yaiba does not have any effect on the enemy (besides cutting them with a sword that just sliced through their defences like a hot knife through butter).

Kukan Shinsei (Void Nova) - This technique releases Kukyo na Ikazuchi's energy explosively over a large area. This effectively destroys all spirit energy not contained in a spirit being (including incoming spirit projectiles, spiritual defences of any kind and even spiritual pressure) for a kilometer in every direction.

Bankai - Senkai Kukyo na Arashi (World Voiding Storm)
Release Command - Bankai (obviously)

Bankai Description - Senkai Kukyo na Arashi is released by raising Kukyo na Ikazuchi into the air and releasing it. It will rise and be absorbed into the sky with a crackle of dark electricity (much like byakuya's sword is swallowed by the ground). Massive dark storm clouds will then emerge from the spot, spreading out for miles in every direction, and completely obscuring the sun. Senkai Kukyo na Arashi is essentially a version of its shikai, but it just affects a wider area. Also the method of attack is somewhat different, since Kukyo Yaiba cannot be used (Kukyo na Ikazuchi was just absorbed by the sky, remember). Instead, the wielder can call down lightning from the clouds above which has an amplified effect, this time EVERYTHING the lightning hits is completely erased from existence (including anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in the way). In addition, the area covered by Senkai Kukyo na Arashi is so huge that control is next to impossible, so random bursts of lightning will frequently strike pretty much everything the clouds are over (all the wielder can really do is stop the energy from consuming him/her as well!).

Bankai Abilities:

Fuainaru Mukonisuru (Final Voiding) - The wielder can stop protecting himself in order to concentrate and call down a massive burst of power from the clouds, completely destroying everything they are over. Unfortunately this is so draining the wielder is destroyed as well (he/she hasn't the strength left to stop the energy from destroying them after releasing it).

Comments : Please note that this Zanpakuto is probably the only one that has a permanent seal that prevents the usage of its Bankai without the express authority of at least 10 other Captains, including the Head Captain. The simple reason is that if Senkai Kukyo na Arashi was ever released in the Soul Society, it could wipe out the Sereitei and a big chunk of the Rukon district (plus almost everyone living in these areas)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Hey. Now i realize it's been 30 some pages since i last posted my first zanpakuto, but if any of you want a refresher, then here i go.

Name: Kinuzuma-"Gold Lightning"

Release: Split he Sky

Banaki name: Densetsu Kinuzuma-"Legendary Golden Lightning"

Normal appearance: A normal katana, with a lightning bolt carved down the scabbard. The guard is a gold-ish color, and the handle grip is gold as well. And the blade is straight, with very little curve.

Shikai appearance: The blade turns gold, and the guard becomes a lot like tensa zangetsu's, but they're lightning bolts, and it's still black. The handle still has the same gold grip, but the handle itself, is now made of onyx.

Blade length: 2.5 feet

Shikai abilities:

1. Kaminari-"Thunder wave": He slashes his blade, and a wave of thunder is sent toward the enemy. When he says kai, the thunder will explode into a blast of lightning.

2.Denki-suta-"Electro-star": He slashed in the shape of a star, leaving streaks of lightning behind, so that he can push them at the enemy.

3.Renningu-no-ken-"Raining Swords": He pushes his sword into the ground, and duplicates will fall from the sky, until it is removed form the ground.

Banaki Appearance: The blade stays the same, but he grows Metal Gold wings, and Gains golden armor on his gloves, "boots", around his waist, and on his shoulders.

Banaki abilities:

1. Gigasutomo-"Giga storm": his blade is engulfed in lightning, and when he swings it, a blast of lightning will come out of the blade, and fly at he enemy.

2. Jigoku-no-kaminari-"Infernal Lightning": He calls forth lightning from hell, and uses it to attack three times. Anything other than people and zanpakuto will wither when touched by it.

3. Saiga-kenjou-"Blade of Storms": His blade is engulfed in lightning like before, and now becomes 5x as powerful. The size of the Lightning varies according to the amount of spiritual pressure poured into it.

Spirit form: It looks exactly like the weilder, but is the exact oposite.

Side note: It's the most powerful Lightning-based zanpakuto, and one of the most powerful in general, he's catching up with Ichigo, but Ichigo is still stronger than him.

And now for the character.

Name: Teiko Spirit
Age: 16, not 400, not750, but litterally 16.
Height: 5'1
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair color: Blonde, and spikey like Toshirous(it's not white, it's blonde!).
Eye color: Electric blue
Skin tone: A slight tan
Muscle Build: Lean, but strong.
Clothes: The same as everyone else, but with silver lining, and he wears gloves that go up to just under his elbow.

History: Nobody knows where he came from. All they know is that he has an elemental zanpakuto, and that he just randomly showed up in soul society one day. He is also a vizard.

Personality: Kind, funny, serious(if need be)and always willing to protect his friends.

Vizard name: Perno Osscuro-"Dark Bolt"
Mask: Below, only the white part is black-ish gray.

Enjoy. This is a RE-post, so it's not new, but it was my idea. I made a lot of changes to this/these and they are very different from the original. I hp you like 'em.

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 Hey. Now i realize it's been 30 some pages since i last पोस्टेड my first zanpakuto, but if any of आप
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
My other two blades are on pages 154, and 156.

The name on pg 154, is: "Kuraiho-kiba" It means Dark Flame Fang

The name on pg 156 is: "Hagano Tsubasa" It means Steel Wing
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना hoshi-kuchiki said…
Ikuzo! link
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Wat? I read it, way overpowered. Just because it's an illusion type, doesn't make it that dangerous, and there's no such thing as the same as Ryujinn Jakka.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
damn it all to hell.... I was working on this cool idea i thought about after watching a movie promo, involving bad luck attacks, and now there is something similar in the newest chapter of bleach manga.... back to the drawing board i guess...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
Hey everyone it's Dancing...I haven't been present and accounted for in a while...school keeps me very busy..sorry to anyone I said I was going to assist in Role Plays with....the timing was just really bad...I have a couple of new Zanpakutos I will post when they are more developed but I figure I'd shed a little light
I really like your Kukyo na Ikazuchi (Void Thunder)Rahvin...I really like the first ability I think it's a really original idea but the second shikai ability has way too much range I mean one kilometer is equivalent to 1,000 meters or 0.62 miles....the Bankai is also really overpowered...the self sacrifice move balances it out a little but I don't see how almost anyone could fight aganist it....overall it is a really great Zanpakuto..just pointing that out

All the other swords look good...I'm sure WhiteFlame will have better reviews than me
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
There are some great zanpakuto ideas here,and it would be a shame for them not to be used in an RP. Some of you should come check out Bleach:Blackout. It's an RP that allows the posters to create alternative stories. It'd be fun, and you should join in. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
crazy one, i dont know anout the rp, but if somebody wants to use one of my zanpakutos or shinigamis i posted here, hes free to do it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Unknownone said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai-Dyuaru Rei(Dual-Ghost)
Release Command-Okugi(Mercy)
Bankai-Ken Dokuro/Rei(Shackles Of the skulls/ghosts)

Shikai Apperance:One dagger And One Long sword
Shikai abilities

Pa-su Tsuujite:Allows the user to pass through solid objects for a brief period of time.

Ankoku Bakuha:A blast of Darkness that causes 5seconds of paralysis.

Bankai Abilities

Rei Danmaku-The User Drops One of his weapons into the ground and forms 5 ghosts that can manipulate the enemys body by grabing them and forcing them into Almost complete paralyse.

Dokuro Renda-The users Other weapon is droped into the ground to form 300 skulls for offense and defence(Main Move)

Character appearance-Hair like ichigo but long side burns and blonde.white eyes cause my character is partially blind.Medium build.I'm in the 10th squad (lieutenant) My personality is mysterious simular to Urahara.Everyone underestimates me they think I am not formidable in anyway.What they don't no is im good in Hoho and Kenjutsu.In Kido and Hakuda im not as good as i should be.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LucasMan272 said…
Name:Kokoro no neji (Mind Screw)

Release:Sorera o kondō (Confuse them)

Bankai name: Sonari kokoro no neji (Mind ahnnialation)

Zanpakotou Ability 1- It makes the victim hallucinate so he thinks he's not fighting at all, so i can go in for a easy kill

Zanpakotou Ability 2: I charge up a bit of reatsu and send it at him, sort of like Getsuga Tenshou but it mentally harms them instead, it makes them go mad until they can't take it anymore and decide to kill themselves.

Zanpakotou Appearence: in normal, it looks like a normal sword with black and purple hilt, Shikai, i have 2 little swords like captain kyoraku has but they look normal apart from the little brains hanging on chains on each 1, like tensa Zangesu.

Bankai Appearence: in bankai, i dont wield a sword, or swords, instead i use my reatsu as a weapon.

Bankai Ability 1: I use a little bit of my reatsu to make artificial brain waves inside my victims head so i can control him.

Bankai Ability 2: I can steal my enemies abilities and make them better, then i can just over-whelm him and i kill him

Bankai Abilities 3 & 4: And i can still use the abilities i had in shikai form

About me: I am 3rd seat in 12th squad, i have long, brown hair, you can't see my eyes cos i am allways wearing engineers glasses. Captain Kurotsuchi thinks pretty poorly of me cos he thinks i have a better zanpaktou then him, but i think his is better, but he dosn't listen to me. The shinigami i think i get along with the most is Izuru Kira, Lieutenant of 3rd Squad.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gecho said…
i have another zanpakutou, havent been around in a while.

Name:Tsukisasu yōna kyōi (piercing menace)

Shikai: release is strike(Sutoraiki)

appearence:dual axes. with a long blade. about 4 feet long.

abilty 1(and the only one): when the axe strikes a target it sends out a kido like frequency that attempts to shatter or break apart whatever it strikes. on in-animate objects this is almost 100% effective on one strike. The real power is that with each consecutive strike it hones in on the particular frequency that will cause the thing it is striking the break apart. This takes 10 consecutive strikes on a zanpakutou.( notes this takes full on attacks...i cannot tap your zanpakutou like kiras zanpakutou wabiske, also the axes are not connected, it takes 10 strikes on one axe to shatter a zanpakutou and another 10 if i use a seperate one, ALSO this is probably the most important part to make this less overpowered is that u must hit the same thing consecutively if i have 9 strikes on your sword and u throw a rock at me and i block it with the axe with 9 strikes it begins to find the frequency of the rock and forgets the sword making me have to start over).The closer the frequency gets makes the thing it strikes vibrate making it harder too block consecutive strikes.

Bankai: Name: Kyodaina, sasu yōna kyōi(giant piercing menace)

appearance: the 2 axes combine to make one large battle axe the handles length is increased by a foot and the blades increase by 25% in size.

Ability: the same effect as shikai but it only takes 5 strikes however this form only has one axe so the strikes are lost easier and it makes you much slower.

Notes: in shikai for this character is of only average strength but is very fast..he has focused this so he can get strikes of quickly and disable his opponents. However in bankai this changes dramaticaly, he loses his speed and gains tremendous power. bankai would mostly be used for taking down someone heavily armored or something like komamuras bankai.

Please feel free to review or criticize. :D
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 i have another zanpakutou, havent been around in a while. Name:Tsukisasu yōna kyōi (piercing menac
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LucasMan272 said…
gecho, your latest 1 is pretty good, what do u think of ym latest?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
The blade looks good, Gecho. Seems reasonably balanced, though I'd say it's extremely weak versus any ranged blade. Honestly, I'd say it could use some sort of boost, something that allows you to more easily get up close and personal with your opponent, otherwise you're basically defenseless beyond kido spells at range (since, if you block with the blades, the ability resets).

LucasMan272, I can't see one ability in here that's not overpowered. Let me get this straight: you can create hallucinations that make you basically invisible, fire a getsuga tenshou that makes them go mad and kill themselves (I'm guessing with one hit), perform mind control with sound waves, and use all your opponent's abilities...but better. All you need to include here is something that can warp the universe and time to your will and something that insta-kills your opponents and you'll have the most overpowered sword in existence.

Unknownone, specifics are lacking. For the shikai, how fast does the blast move, how large is it, and does it cause full body paralysis or just paralysis of the limb it hits? For bankai #1, can the ghosts be harmed or pushed away, can they be seen, how fast do they move, how much control do they have, what does "almost complete paralysis" mean, how many ghosts are required to get there? For bankai #2, what do the skulls do, how much damage can they do, how much can they defend against, can they move by the users mental action or only physical?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gecho said…
to White flame :thanks for the review. i feel if i add another ability following the theme of my zanpakutou will make it obviously overpowered. and i like the fact that its not overly complicated. all i can say to help my range fighting situation is that his speed can make up for the range disadvantage. you can say that there is goin to be a situation where my speed wont be enough...but isnt that true for any situation in a none overpowered zanpakutou. if u can make up for everything its not truly balanced.

to lucasman272:thanks for the the compliment, but like whiteflame55 i also beleive your latest zanpakutou is overpowered. somone b4 had mentioned the difficulty that illusion type zanpakutou have. the fine line between useless and overpowered.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
I'd disagree with you on the "obviously overpowered" aspect, but I respect your position. I think, given what we've seen in the show, the necessity to defend with one's zanpakuto makes it exceedingly difficult to get 10 or even 5 strikes in a row unless your opponent is absolutely clueless to what's going on, though I can see just how powerful a blade like this could be without the safeguard.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gecho said…
in my head i had pictured him fighting much like kenpachi...relentlessly attacking and almost ignoring damage he is taking but still seeming to have a strange strategic way about his assault. if u obvioulsy block with one axe and attack with the other your attacks can become very predictable, however attacking with both blades constantly makes it hard to keep track of which one has how many strikes, also this character is obviously ambidextrous from his dual weilding of axes, meaning he can swtich hands like ikaku does further confusing his opponent
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LucasMan272 said…
and i got another 1, this 1 is based for Ichigos little sister Karin

Name:Rikurūto (Recruit)

Release: Watashi o hogo (Protect and serve)

Appearance: 2 pistols in shikai and a RPG in Bankai

Shikai: In Shikai, Karin brings out two 9 mm pistols and starts shooting out reiatsu bullets that act like real bullets, so they go through the victim and cause pain and all that, but if Karin uses them too much, she will obviousy need to reload before she can start shooting again

Bankai: Sensō no eiyū (War hero)

Ability: In Bankai, Karin drops her pistols and they transform into a Black Reiatsu propelling gun. Karin has the exact same abilities as she had in shikai but they have been enhanced, so instead of little reiatsu bullets, they are Getsuga Tenshou's and the RPG never Needs reloading.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LucasMan272 said…
that, i think is better then the last 1, if u think so or dis-agree, then comment
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Rahvin said…
LucasMan272, ill agree that its more balanced than your last Zanpakuto, but its really unimaginative. You pretty much just copied Coyote Starrk's Resurreccion Los Lobos.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Rahvin said…
Here's a bit of inspiration for you:

Zanpakuto - Kitsunekaji (Fox Fire)
Release Command - Lash

Shikai Description - When released Kitsunekaji's blade is envelpoed by flame and then extends into a large whip of flame that thickens and then tapers off (much like a fox tail does). The blade then vanishes (just the blade, not the guard or grip), leaving you with 5 meters of lashing fire whip.

Shikai Abilities:

Honou no Muchi (Whip of Fire) - Kitsunekaji can be used much as insinuated, to lash out at enemies (a lot like Ryo Utagawa's doll, Fried) causing major burn damage. Please note that Kitsunekaji's whip isn't solid, so while an impact will cause minor kinetic damage, the attacks do not have much force behind them. Unfortunately this also means that it cannot easily be blocked, as the flames will just arc around most obstacles (such as a blocking zanpakuto).

Hihonou Oshitsubusu (Fire Whip Crush) - The user can extend Kitsunekaji and send it spiralling around the opponent, and then contract the whip, causing massive burn damage to the enemy.

Bankai - Kyubi Kitsunekaji (Nine-Tailed Fox Fire)
Release Command - Bankai (obviously)

Bankai Description - To release its bankai, the user wraps Kitsunekaji into a solid sphere of fire around themselves and then shouts the release command. The hilt and guard of Kitsunekaji disintegrates and the sphere of fire enveloping the user becomes almost transparent. Then nine whips of fire emerge from the sphere, each twice as large as the single one used by Kitsunekaji.

Bankai Abilities:

Kyuaku no Kouen (Nine Flame Arcs) - The nine new whips can then be used exactly as Honou no Muchi would be and are directed by movements from the user. The burn damage is much the same, but the essential difference is that the arcs are much more compressed, and therefore carrying much more force behind the blows.

Himemai ga Suru (Violent Fire Whirl) - The user can use all nine of the fire arcs and spin them around the opponent, creating a swirling corridor of intense flame. The rotation then generates a massive surge of fire, beginning at the user and then racing through the corridor to inflict massive physical and burn damage on the enemy. This technique takes a few moments to align all the fire whips, so there is a few seconds to escape if the target is fast enough. Also note that while this technique is in use the user is temporarily vulnerable from attacks coming from other directions than what the corridor envelops.

Please feel free to comment, on this one and my other zanpakuto Kukyo na Ikazuchi on page 177.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना candy97 said…
zanbaktou- jus a normal thin sword
Shikai- absolute freeze
effect slows anything that comes into zone of 24meter diameter and if within the diameter freeze 2 a no moving zone
bankai-absolute zero
effect- No effect exept total coldness.
Descrition-the cold should kill u before i do
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hadez17 said…
so this is a lil after the fact but i havent been looking on here in a while non the less

@Gecho the valid point was made. A blade that relies on hitting the same target multiple times in a row to get its full effect had a few hindrances. The primary with yours being a lack of ranged attacks. The other is though you stated the wielder would be able to use both equally well in either hand being able in a heated battle to hit the same object with one weapon 10 times in a row are slim. On their Zanpakuto it is a little easier because they will be parrying and blocking your attacks but on anything else like a body ,which idk if it is included in the range of objects your blade effects. it is much more difficult. And i also wanna point out that saying the opponent moving at high speed to close distance isn't a really good argument. If you think about it when Ichigo went bankai for first time a big deal was made about him being fast due to focusing his power and not letting it go wild. yet he fights everybody and has no speed advantage. if anything he is slower than them. Not to mention in the specific scenario of fighting a mid to long ranged fighter the wielder of your ax will have trouble getting close cus the mid to long ranged fighter would be good at getting away from his opponent. Having said that the blade its self looks pretty good. I honestly don't feel any ranged attack needs to be added to it because not every blade should be balanced. it takes away the uniqueness of a blade if it balances out just like all the others and can handle every situation in one way or another. The only blades that should be balanced are the ones that the wielder believes that he needs to be balanced where the wilder of blades that focus on only one avenue believe that what they focus on is the best way to win. One idea i will sujest for your blade is in bankai you made it easier to loose the strike total but i feel its not needed. when you only have one blade to attack and defend with it would be amazing if u could say hit their zanpakuto 5 times in a row without being forced to use your axe to block something else like using the broad side to block a punch or kick or if they are forced to take a hit to their personal body instead of blocking. Having said that i believe adding in 5 strikes for each side of the blade. You still have the versitility of two blades like in shikai but it can give the wielder the option to focus on strikes they know will hit in one spot (like enemy zanpakuto) with one edge of teh axe and using the other side for general fighting that if it happens to build up enough strikes it can but it isnt necessary cus what ever the wielder feels they must destroy they will hit with one side and make sure that one side hits nothing else. Its a bankai ability so it is reasonable to make it a tad bit stronger (not over powered but not as restricted as shikai)...thats just my idea u can do what u wish with it