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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheGuy6 said…
Zanpakutou Name- Kuro Hoshi Raiku (Black Star Lightning)

Trigger- Dageki (Strike)

Shikai description- a bolt shaped blade about four feet long with a one foot black hilt with a diamond patterned wrap and a black star shaped guard

Shikai abilities- Boruto Surasshu (Bolt Slash)
Torishokku (Tri shock)

Boruto Surasshu- The Zanpakutou is imbued with spirit energy and takes the form of an actual lightning bolt that electrocutes the enemy through their own spirit energy running through them when contact is made.

Torishokku- The Zanpakutou splits into three bolts and flies toward the enemy.

Bonkai Name- No Sunda Kuro Hoshi Raiku (Sunder of the Black Star Lightning)

Bonkai description- The Zanpakutou of the sword becomes completely black radiating a dark aura.

Bonkai abilities- Jinsokuna Sutoraiki (Swift Strike)
Yoru Kaminari no Aki (Fall of the Night Lightning)

Jinsokuna Sutoraiki- The users speed becomes one hundred times that of his original speed

Yoru Kaminari no Aki- A starry night falls upon the sky regardless of time of day and from each individual star begins to rain down bolts of lightning focused directly at the enemy regardless of his/her movement.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheGuy6 said…
ne body tell me what you think
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
This is dragon pics 2 through 5 from left to right sorry about the size
 This is dragon pics 2 through 5 from left to right sorry about the size
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
ok ddarksonic. First i gotta say. Amazing Zanpakuto your Heki.
It could rival my earth elemental one easily. I liked it very much. VERY COOL.
sorry, but i personally hate dragon zan, although yours was the best ive seen so far. It was used very originally and it differed from other dragon zan.
I have a question about it though.
In shikai, accelerate - What do you mean by "thinking speed"?
is it like reflexes or hightened ability to form plans?
i didnt quite get it.
Overall, 2 really cool zanpakutos.
Now for my new one. I kinda based it from portal:

Shinigami: Megumi Kiruna

Name: Kado Shinai (Portal Bamboo Sword)

Sealed State: Purple handle. Normal length blade. Elipse with a circle in it guard.

Shikai: Kaihousuru! Kado Shinai (Open! Portal Bamboo Sword)
In shikai, the sword stay he same, except it becomes half blue half orange.
In shikai, she has one skill:
Kiru Kaijou (Opening Slash): She waves her sword and slashs vertically. Where she slashed, along the line of the slash (be it air or wall), a portal opens up.
At the same time, another portal opens up where she wants, in a range of up to 30 meters from her.
The 2 portals are connected and only she can travel through them, although she can bring somebody if she wants to.
She usually opens a portal near the enemy and tries to stab him through it.
She also can open up a portal and drag her enemy into its twin, that is in the ground. This will make the enemy stuck in the ground.

Bankai: Tsume Kado Shinai (Talon Portal Bamboo Sword)
In bankai, her robes become dark purple. also, the sword disappears, becoming a set of 2 metallic gloves with sharp long nails.
In bankai, the only thing that is different is that she doesnt need to slash the air in order to make a portal. Also. she can make more than 2 portals, and decide
which lead to which.
Thirdly, the portals can be up to 30 meters wide now.
Lastly, her range grows to 8 kilometers. Her range depends on the size of the portal: the bigger it is, the smaller the range.
She can only open portals to places she sees/ saw in the past.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
O, and ddarksonic, you are really forming a team to beat my RI:
A water element, an earth one and a dragon one that goes towards wind and lightning.
Better watch out im full to the brim with ideas.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
theguy6... you cant really expect us to say anything do you?
You have given us minimum data on your zan.
If somebody wants to post, he shouldnt just post the names of the attacks.
Also, your third bankai ability, the 1 with the stars, is overpowered.
Lightning fast lightning, and alot of it, homes on on the enemy?
Really? Why not just say, it kills the enemy?
Sorry but you should give it more thought.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
ok! new one. just thought of it. I think it is quite the original idea.

I dont know why i decided his shikai turns into a book.
I guess every memory is written there or something.
I just thought it would be cool if animals and swordss would pop out of it and form in his hands. anyway here it is:

Shinigami: Ryu Hoshizawa
Age unknown. Light brown long hair. Green Eyes.
He looks about 28 years old, but is infact much older.
No one knows how old he is, but he was seen at any magor event in shinigami history.
He gathered many comrades during the years. The only known living person to know him from the past is yamamoto.
He is very wise and has great eyesight. He also has great memory, and can remember what people said to him word by word
before 500 years. He also has photographic memory, and he notices the smallest of details easily.
He is very cheerful and is always joking around about his age.

Name: Omoide Toshokannin (Memory Librarian )

Shikai: Dokushosuru! Omoide Toshokannin! (Read! Memory Librarian )
In shikai, the sword transforms into a book.
His skills in shikai are 2:
1) Omoidasu (Remember): When he uses this, he can create an object from his memory.
He can bring back this way weapons, animals, anything he can remember.
The sharper his memory of the object is, the closer it is to the real thing.
2) Kioku (Record): Using this, he can record into his mind clearly the events he decides. They are recorded so good that when he remembers them he can
see every thing in detial, and feel every thing like it just happened.
Bankai: Seikatsu Omoide Toshokannin (Life Memory Librarian )
In bankai, his ability Omoidasu is strengthened. He can now not only bring back objects, but feelings and abilitys as well.
This means, that is for example he remembers a zanpakuto, he can bring it and use it. He cant bring bankai though, only abilitys from it.
If he copys a zanpakuto, he can only copy its shikai form and abilitys.
He has a special form of attack in this form:
Isshouno (Lifelong): Using this, he can complitely copy any abilitys, including bankai, of anyone.
THis lasts for up to 3 minutes and then dissolves. He can stop it at any time. It has a 45 second cooldown.
His ultimate skill is this:
Denki (Biography): In this form, he can turn completly into another person from his memories for 5 minutes. He gets their personalitys as well.
This means that he can only use this to bring back friends, or else enemies will just run havoc for 5 minutes till hes back to himself.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
and another
Shinigami: Zen Ibarehime
142, but looks 27. Short Dark black hair.
He is an excelent swordsman and can fight in varius styles.
He is very smart, and has studied kido for a long time.
He knows a few hidden Kido.

Name: Eichi no Kenja (Sage of Wisdom)

Shikai: Haijosuru! Eichi no Kenja! (Clear! Sage of Wisdom)
In shikai, his sword gets a guard that well, guards the hand. Like in the image below, only the blade and handle are black,and the guard is gold.
In shiaki, he has 3 modes:
1) Kougeki (Attack): In this form, his sword is twice as strong, and he can cut alot easier. His strength is at 150%.
2) Shubi (Defense): In this form, his skin becomes like a hierro. His guard also grows bigger.
3) Sokudo (Speed): In this form, his sword becomes very light, so he can swing it alot faster.
He uses a swift series of piercing moves in this form.

Bankai: Gendo Eichi no Kenja (Maximum Sage of Wisdom)
His robes turn black and gold, and he gets a black headband around his forehead with the kanji for "Exceed your limits" on it.
All his stats are doubled: his speed, strength, wisdom, kido etc...
In bankai, he has a few skills:
1) Saikouno Kougeki (Supreme Attack): In this form, his attack strength goes up to 1000% of its normal state.
He can cut open huge rocks easily. He can crush metal with his bare hands.
This draws huge amounts of reishi from him. So he keeps this state for a few minutes every time. He
2) Saidaino Shubi (Biggest Defence): In this form, his skin becomes very very hard. Also, his guard grows bigger, until it forms a sort of shield.
He can maintain this for about 15 seconds, and it has a 10 second cooldown.
If he stands in place and doesnt move, he can keep it for up to an hour.
3) Kousokudo (Velocity of Light): In this state, he becomes super fast, way above shunpo. also, his strikes are so fast they create electrical chrages.
He can maintain this for 12 seconds, and it has a cooldown time of 12 seconds.
4) Gendookoeru (Exceed the limit): This is maybe his deadliest mode: His speed, power and defense are all doubled.
Also, the most powered up this time is his reitsu.It becomes enormous.
In this mode, he mainly uses kido, but like level 80-99 without chanting. He can maintain the mode for 5 minutes, after which he has to wait 30 minutes before using it again.
It takes it toll. If he uses it 3 times in one day, he will faint after the third time.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
ok a new one! its raining zanpakutos! haleluya!

Shinigami: Luke Ash
Gray long hair. Looks 23. Bright blue eyes that look like reptiles.
He is very smart, and acts very cold towards others.
Name: HaiKokuryuu (Ash Black Dragon)

Shikai: Kokyuu! Hai Kokuryuu (Breath! Ash Black Dragon)
In shikai, the sword becomes gray with red glowing stripes like lightning. Also, it becomes longer, about 1.2 meters.
He has one ability:
1) Yuurei (Ghost): When he activates this, his sword gets the abilty to pass straight through anything without touching it.
Unfortunatly, this ability must stay activated at lesat 3 seconds before he can shut it off. It has a 2 second cooldown.
Leaving enough time for the enemy to dodge it. He mainly uses it to pass through walls and such.
Bankai: Boureino HaiKokuryuu (Ghostly Ash Black Dragon)
When in bankai, he gains a robe that matchs his shikais sword. gray with lightning like thin glowing red stripes.
He has a few new skills:
1) Wazawai (Misfortune): When he activates this, his whole body, including his sword, become made of ash, with red sparkles.
In this mode he can fly freely and split himself if he is cut, and so on. His flying speed is like shunpo at max.
2) Musouka (Dreamer): In this mode, he actually becomes a ghost, his whole body like his shikai.
It can last up to 20 minutes, and has a cooldown time of 30 seconds.
3) HaiKokuryuu no Keshin (Incartation of the Ash Black Dragon):
When he activates this, he turns into a giant dragon made of ash, like his Wazawai .
He can breath out flames made of ash and fire. His claws can pass through anything and cut it at the same time.
He can only retain this for about 3 minutes before he reverts to normal. It has a cool down time of 30 minutes.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Kenya-Hantaro said…
Name:精神ミスト(spirit mist)(stays same hole time)

Call: Form the mist of the spirits 精神ミスト.(idk on this if you can mack a better one pleas feel free to do so)

Shikai Abilities: Can turn into mist that is the color of the users spirit presser. The mist cloud can rang any size, as in can grow or shrink. The mist can become solid in 1 second at any time. If your aponte inhales the mist it can squer them from the inside out. In this form it can only form in to any type of blade.

Banki Abilities: The Banki has a larger range of artillery to turn into. Ie. Armor, a mace(one of those spiked balls on a chain), chains to tie your apoint down, any type of blade, etc. Mist can still grow as big or as small as needed.

Also I want commentary(questions and comments). So feel free to add some.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
Ok, got a new one, although i expect alot of questions about it since i didnt really explain myself the best i could, i think.
Anyway, feel free to ask.

Shinigami: Tenchi Aburame

Name: Araiguma Tokkan (Rush Raccoon)

Shikai: Tsuuka! Araiguma Tokkan (Pass! Rush Raccoon)
In shikai, the sword turns into a black spear when the blade is pure silver.
He has only one ability:
Totsugeki (Rush): When he activates this, anything that is in contact with his spear, except him, is blown away by a sort of weak reishi blast.
For example if he clashes with his enemys sword, he activates this and his enemy is blown away.
This is not ment for offensive purposes and is used to simply repel his enemy.
He has one technique using this: He rushs forward and stabs his enemy fast. If his enemy guards, he activates this and thus he blows away
his opponent with more force. It has a cooldown time of 5 seconds.

Bankai: Makimodosu Araiguma Tokkan (Rewinding Rush Raccoon)
When he enters bankai, a sort of large floating green ring of rietsu appears, floating vertically just behind his back. It is 1.5 meters wide.
In bankai, he has a very special ability:
Now, in a radius of 500 meters from him, no one can stop his movment. This doesnt affect him.
Meaning: If an enemy is moving forward, and he wants to stop and turn around, he cant. He has to keep on moving in a half circle
while constantly moving foward if he wants to turn. Another example: If the enemy swings his sword, he cant stop the movment, and must continue
swinging his sword, until it hits something. That is the way to stop his ability: by forcing yourself to stop by means such as chains and such.
He retains his shikai ability. He can now use it better: If he thrusts forward his spear, he can send the repeling force flying through the air.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shands99 said…
mine is called - Shi(death)
sealed form - looks like a normal katana but its blade is fully black

release command - Shi o osorete inai (dont fear death)
shikai - is twin sickles held together by a chain with a dagger on the top
ability 1 - makes the sickles inches longer than what they appear its called Shi no kakusa reta tanken (hidden dagger of death)
ability 2 - breaks the chains that hold the sickles which gives me huge power but it causes me to lose 55% of my sprite energy Shi no kusari o tachikiru (break the chain of death)

bankai - called Shinigami (grim reaper)
gives the user the scythe which has a chain comeing from the center on the chain is a knife a skull on the top and a dagger on the bottom its all black and gray it also has a cloak of shadow
ability 1 - lets me teleport (not flash step) anywere Karitori no suteppu ( step of the reaper)

ability 2 - i can turn into a skeleton and it gives me the power to of 3 bankai's but it is limited to about 3 mintues and only once per day anymore i can burn my soul sleeve and can nolonger become a soul reaper Shi no karada ( body of death)

ability 3 - gives me the ability to enter a world of darkness and no one can enter or leave with out my say so Karitori no sekai ( world of the reaper)

Shi's sprite form is a man with a beard wereing a black cloak with cover every thing but his mouth his bankai form is every thing is covered by darkness but his hands which are bone

my apearance is - black hair - pure red eyes - and i never were a Kimono i always wear a t-shirt and jeans i am also a visord because a hollow absorbed me and i killed it but i woke up with a hole in starting to form in my cheast which was why i was kicked out of the soul society and udahara helped me control my hole but it broke about 20 years later and i went hollow but my mask formed frist and i beat my hollow again
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
big smile
And a new one. a made at least 7 these past days.
Im just brimming with ideas.

Shinigami: Tsuka Itsuragi
Gray spiky hair and clear blue eyes.

Name: Hannei (Reflection)

Shikai: Kakusansuru! Hannei! (Difuse! Reflection)
When he enters shikai, his blade dissapears in a flash of light. He is left only with the handle.
His special skill in shikai is:
Hanshakou (Reflected Light): This is active all the time in shikai.
His blade that dissapeared is only visible in reflections of the sword, like from water or a mirror.
He can send the blade through any reflection to stab the enemy. His blade just appears out of a reflection of it, from the reflecting surface,
and attacks the enemy. Its 1 meter long. The blade that appears is made out of the reflecting surface material.
One thing to clerify: He only needs to be reflected while activating this. He doesnt have to stay reflected in the surface,
as long as he was when he decided to bring out the blade.

Bankai: SenIkiHannei (Thousand Spirit Reflection)
When he enters bankai, his whole cloak is covered by mirrors. It basically reflects anything like a mirror. Its also strong like glass.
In bankai, he retains his shiaki ability, only now, it is improved:
Now, instead of a reflection of the sword, if any part of him is reflected, he can pull the sword out from their like in shikai.
He also gains a few new skills:
1) Hanshazou (Reflected Image): This is a very strong attack. With this, he can instantly teleport himself into any reflection of himself.
He disappears quickly and appears quickly from within the reflection.
2) Sen no Hanshakyou (Thousand Reflector): This is a special technique for Hanshakou.
When he activates this, he summons his blade from each and every reflection in the area.
He has 2 sub techniques to this:
1. Sen no Hanshakyou no Yoroi (Armor of the Thousand Reflector):
When he activates this, instead of wasting reishi to unleash a blade from every surface in the area, he consintrates on making the blades
come out of his coat, covering it completly in blades. This is used mainly as a defence, although he can use it as an close quarters rush attack.
2. Sen no Hanshakyou no Tachi (Long Sword of the Thousand Reflector):
When he activates this, he focuses on 2 blades: when they are both reflected in one another, he raises it again, creating 2 chains of blades
that keep on reflecting a growing towards attacking the enemy. This all happens very quick.
3) Gouu Hannei (Rain Reflection): First thing first, Tsuka always carries around a whole load of small metallic squares.
When he uses this tecnique, he throws a bunch at the enemy. These squares reflect the sword, and he makes the blade come out of each and every one.
He can use it in varius ways. He can throw them at the ground to make sort of land mines: when the enemy lands, he pulls the blades out and stabbs him.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan12 said…
big smile
Ichigosuke - cool zanpakuto it sounds like the spirit muramasa (if spelled wrong sorry), about the blade can the blade come out of another persons blade. for there would be a reflection on the blade of the opponent. also with the bankai abillity to teliport to any reflection and reappear, dose the reflection have to be your soul reapers height or will any surface do?

ok i just got done watching the fight between kenpachi and nnitora, so i have a joke qustion. who do you think kenpachi's father is?
as i said this is a joke qustion, you can make up a complete bs story, so please don't go "we don't know who his father is"

for my answer i say it is the guardian of hell (the one who pulled shreiker into hell) for they are both insanly strong and it would be a hilarious family reiunion.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Silverwolf41 said…
big smile
whiteflame55..............(1)i think the ice wall move really fast,it like running fast.how thick is about two feet.And it is as high the person inside it.(it varies to the the person)they are one foot from the person inside.(2)it covers the person really slow so the person can escape.it ranges about ten feet away from the wielder.

OK time the bankai(1)ok the ice rope is like a whip.it is 5 feet long.it moves like a car going 50mph.(2)the sword can not break,,,,it's the cat(because it's made of ice)it uses the ice abilities.(like my shikai abilities)

ok if you still have questions go ahead and ask.thx for telling me my problems.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Zordaik said…
Zanpakuto Name: Orai Domamoshi (Blade Viper)
Sealed Appearance: A white bladed katana that curves to a pointy elbow at the tip, then continues down about half the blade's length.
Release command: Utsu! (Lash!)

Shikai description: The blade triples in length and hangs slack, as a whip would. At any time, the blade can lengthen significantly. The blade is also controlled by the wielder and moves like a snake would. For instance, the wielder can have the blade coil around him like a shield without moving his arms. In addition, each time the opponent is hit by this blade, a docile toxin is applied to the wound. That toxin can be used for certain abilities later on in the battle.

Shikai ability 1: Sasu-Kamukoto (Stinging bite). When activated, this ability causes the toxin in the wounds to create unbearable pain.

Bankai Name: Sokkyo-Adatsu Orai Domamoshi (Death Striking Blade Viper)
Bankai Description: The blade falls off the hilt and comes to life as it burrows itself into the ground. Five other blades also spring out and tunnel underneath the battleground. The wielder can then command them to attack from beneath the feet of his/her foes. The blades are also flexible. In addition, the blades apply twice as much poison, causing the activation of Sasu-Kamukoto to cause twice as much pain.

Bankai ability 1: Yaiba-Shuku (Bladed Constriction). When activated, five of the blades come up from underground and form a coccoon around the victim. The sixth then comes out and slips through the coccoon to the target, stabbing him/her and usually resulting in a killing blow. Using this ability requires an immense amount of focus and energy, and so is mostly used as a last resort.

Bankai ability 2: A passive ability that is active throughout the bankai use. The toxin applied through the blades causes the wounds made by the blade to be twice as lethal, as they bleed more profusely, and cause the opponent to become flushed and exhausted at a quicker rate.
Notes: If you like, please give some constructive critisism. It is appreciated.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan12 said…
Zordaik cool blade, but im wondering for the shikai ability: dose it only work on wounds that were made when your sword was sealed?

same qustion for the bankai ability #1(but adding shikai wounds): maybe just word these differently to not cause confusion. also the blades that go underground, how high can they attack from the ground for the opponent could just move out of their reach. for the second bankai ability, since this is a killing move, maybe make it so that you can only use it once (twice but it is costly).
as for the third bankai ability, since it is a passive ability, maybe make it so that your sword sprays out poisen that couses this affect, this could fit your sword since it is called blade viper, since it would be logical for a snake to spit poisen.

last thing: what would your zanpakuto spirit look like? this is a cool blade and i really want to know what the spirit looks like.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ichigosuke said…
as for the blade, it cant pop out of a reflecting surface containing ones reishi except his own. This prevents it from being overpowered.
Also it doesnt matter the size of the reflection, as long as even a tiny bit is reflected.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan12 said…
Ichigosuke-ok, so that now brings up one more qustion. since it can only pop out of reflecting surfaces that contain his reishi, how would he put his reishi in that surface? other then that you cleared up my qustions.

Zordaik- same thing, your first answer brings up one more qustion. so if it causes all wounds to burn, then you must be including yourself? and how far doses this ability extend? you may consider using the idea of your sword spraying the poison out for this ability since that sounds like that would be the reason for the burning.

man don't you just hate when people find more things to b*#$h about?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
well yea, and sorry, i've been gone for a really long time, so, i'll take any element ideas, and morph them into cool zanpakutos. If you want to look at my three so far, then look on page 143, page 154, and page 156. Their names are, in the order posted, Kinuzuma (Gold Lightning), Kuraiho Kiba(Dark Flame Fang), Hagano Tsubasa(Steel Wing).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra456 said…
Tosego. A Darkness, explosive, and ice sword. It would be pure red like blood. After all i am the darkness of the world. link
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Zordaik said…
Zanpakuto name: Jigoku-keibi (Hell guard)
Sealed appearance: A black bladed katana with a short black chain hanging off the bottom of the hilt. The hilt is also black, but with a crimson string wrapped around it. The blade is also spotted with patched of dark red dried blood.
Release command: Hikiorosu! (Drag them down!)

Shikai appearance: The blade heats up until it is a bright red. Flames then light on the edges.

Shikai ability 1: Akainetsu (Red heat). This ability activates upon release and stays active throughout shikai. Each time Jigoku-keibi hits something, it increases the temperature of whatever it hit by five degrees farenheit.

Shikai ability 2: Hakunetsu (White heat). When activated, the flames on the blade leap off Jigoku-keibi and onto the target, whatever it may be. These flames heat the target up by ten degrees a second. This ability can be countered if the user's concentration is broken.

Bankai name: Dai-heru Kaen (Grand Hellblaze)
Bankai description: The blade is engulfed in flames. The chain on the hilt becomes red hot and wraps around the arm holding the sword, not burning the weilder of course, and merged with the shoulderblade of that arm. The other arm is also engulfed in crimson flames and turns a bright reddish-yellow colour, like hot metal. This bankai also greatly increases the strength of each strike, and heats things up by ten degrees per strike. The flame arm also acts like a sword, and can be used to block a strike or burn the opponent.

Bankai ability 1: Shinigiri (Deathgrip). The user plunges his flaming arm into the ground. A much larger fire-hand then shoots up out of the ground beneath the target and grabs him/her, burning them severely.

Bankai ability 2: Kaenhosuteki (Great flame blast) The flames around the blade shoot out at the target, causing a massive explosion wherever they hit.

Bankai ability 3: Kyu-heru Kaen (Final Hellblaze). The user plunges the blade into the ground, and a ring of crimson flames appears around the target. The chain on the hilt then disconnects from the weilder's back and shoots up into the sky, and a massive blast of white fire falls from the sky and onto the opponent. This attack is usually utilized when no other options are available, as the cost of using it is so high in energy it usually results in coma.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gecho said…
100% new to this just googled to find something like this. Hope you like it :D

Name:Kuro girochin(black guillotine)
sealed looks like a normal katana with a point on the end of the hilt.

shikai: release is Gyakusatsu(slaughter).

Appearance: becomes a crescent shaped blade(about 4 feet long and 2 feet wide in the the thickest par, extremely heavy but u wouldn't know by how i wield it) attached in the middle of the curve to a very long chain that connects to the top of a dagger.

Abillty 1: at any given time the two ends of the chain can instantly change positions.

Ability 2: kido attacks are channeled through either end of the chain enhancing there power significantly.(dagger makes attacks twice as fast, and crescent makes them twice as strong)

Bankai: (name pending)a full suit of spiked armor is created around me lowering speed but enhancing strength and defense greatly. armor is immune to energy based attacks but fragile too physical attacks.

Ability: Kido is amplified 4x from the other affects instead of 2x

Notes: in shikai form heavily reliant on speed and lacks strength, mostly using the momentum and weight of the swinging guillotine to give a false sense of huge power. Bankai form relies on keeping opponents at range using swinging attacks and tricky strategies with the switching ends to keep opponents guessing.

From my own observations the crescent shape and constant curve of the blade will make it almost impossible to block the blade being straight at you due to that it will roll over or under depending on where the weight distributed( unless blocked perfectly in the center of course)all parts of the blade itself are sharp.(meaning only the little handle thing on the bottom isnt)

I wanna stick this pic in here to give an idea of what it looks like cuz its hard to explain...at least i think it is, i just did it in paint in a min or two.

comments welcome and would be apreciated :D thanks for reading!
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 100% new to this just googled to find something like this. Hope आप like it :D Name:Kuro girochin(
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Boredasian said…

Name:Takeru Urahara
Position:12th Squad 3rd seat Visored
Background:Adoptive Child of Kisuke Urahara was adopted during age 5 he was training with a wooden sword cane for 1 year after that kisuke killed him and made him into a shinigami same way as Ichigo Kurosaki He went through hollowification with the mask coming in first after that he knocked off urahara's hat of by using his zanpakutou while sealed since he trained with him for 4 years after his training with a wooden sword cane he flanked him but he got thrown back Urahara was releasing the crimson slash until Takeru learned his Zanpakuto's name Gyaku and Kirikae he knocked off Urahara's hat by using (See abillity number 1 of Gyaku and Kirikae) and using it to his advantage to knock the hat off he later was thought kidou by tessai tsukabishi and shunpo by yoruichi shihouhin for 1 year for each of them and the last year to train fighting against each of them 3 months all the time and used the extra three months to visit the other visored

Look:He has black brown medium length hair with a laid back face wearing thick glasses (Ray ban wayfarers) his clothing consists of a white golf shirt with a black trench coat with white diamonds by the bottom of it


Name:Gyaku and Kirikae
Release Command:Reverse Switch
sword form:
Scabbard-is blue in colour with the rope securing it is purple
Hilt-the hilt is blue with purple diamonds on them
Cross Guard-the shape of the cross guard is <-0->
Blade-is Silver in colour
Spirit form:
has light gold messy medium hair has a laid back face and white shinigami robes they are twins

1st abillity- Dizzy Wave Kirikae glows blue and a purple shockwave emits from Takeru's foot who ever gets in contact with the shockwave gets dizzy and all the things they do go in reverse if they try to do the opposite so they do the right thing instead they will do the thing they intentionally did not the thing they wanted to do this last for an hour

2nd abillity- Reiatsu MASK- Takeru rests Gyaku on his left shoulder while resting his right palm on the blade charging up reiatsu which gets attached to his body the reiatsu forms in to the shape of his hollow mask from the training with his dad

3rd abillity- Getsuga Tensho

Bankai- Kyooretsu Gyaku and Tsuyoi Kirikae

Look:the blade of kirikae turns into a pure white color gyaku is also a pure white color attached by a rope colored black with white diamonds hanging off it the blades also turn thinner while the hilts turn into more of a cane but with the same katana pattern with the end of the hilt moved to the end of the cane and the katana pattern extends till the new end of the hilt in other words

Bankai Abillities

Five white swords(Go Shiro Tsurugi)- The Five Diamonds Glow Takeru stabs the ground with Kirikae and uses Gyaku to cut the rope off the five diamonds dissolves and makes a pentagon around the enemy the rope stops them not even shunpo can get off this Takeru uses both swords and using telekenisis sends the swords to stab the enemy on the chest and Takeru charges up the getsuga tensho while the swords are in the enemy then Takeru uses special type of Kido he made for this trick making a big pentagon on the ground which ends up absorbing the reiatsu of the enemy and Takeru uses shunpo grabs the swords goes back to the bottom line of the pentagon then stabs the 2 swords on the ground and saying Go Shiro Tsurugi then five swords appear from the white diamonds then stabs the enemy in a pentacle shape then Takeru uses double getsuga tensho with both swords detonating the swords and ends with a cero blast (he has to wear the mask to use the cero blast part)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan12 said…
big smile
Zordaik- for me the last bankai ability seems to be the only one that should be taxting. but, it dosen't seem to be to overpowerfull

gecho- yours seems to be well balanced, it dosen't seem to be overpowerfull

Boredasian- i'm having trouble understanding yours, it seems that you put this together in a hurry (only on the sword abilities)
-also the bankai abilities seem to be like a special attack from a game, the special abilities are unique and tend to be a added tribute to the soul reapers fighting ability. if you need a good example look at the two above yours. sorry if it sounds blunt or harsh.

i thought of a nother soul reaper and zanpakuto

soul reaper: yamaru karoshi

age: is a few years older then yarchiru

appearance: he would be the male form of yarchiru, he is the same hight and has black hair that is difficlt to see in the dark. he is almost always smiling (like a demonic smile. he carries his zanpakuto on his back like soi fon but it comes out longer on the left and hits doorways because of the length.

personality: he is extremly mistevious and likes pulling pranks on people(gets in trouble for he does it to yamamoto too). he is like a childish form of kenpachi for when he fights he tends to laugh as if it's a joke.

zanpakuto: piper
release command:(geki)play

shikai appearance: changes the large blade into a knife with a blade that is 20 intches long that has holes on the blade.
yamaru holds the handle with one hand and plays with the other.

shikai ability 1: manipulation- when yamaru playes songs on his zanpakuto, he gains the ability to manipulate matter around him (like water, earth, fire, and air to a limited extent, etc). this matter ussally takes up the form of people and wepons that assist in attacking for him. it can take the form of animals or what ever he likes, to an extent. the longer he plays the longer the effects remain active, he can't manipulate clothing or zanpakuto. if for instance an energy attack is used he can manipulate the energy (if it isn't being handled by the opponent, once it's left the persons hand he can control it), like gestuga tensho or Ryūjin Jakka's flame to an extent.

shikai ability 2: clones- by manipulating the matter he can create and control 3 clones of himself(or his apponent, to confuse others), these clones can't use his shikai or kido, only melee. they look like the orriganal but an experenced fighter can tell the difference.

shikai ability 3: force wind- by blowing hard on his zanpakuto he can make a force of wind come from the blade. this is only to stop an attack, nothing else.

note: he can play quitely with the same effects, but to add stealth to his attacks.

bankai: mystic piper of caos

apparace: the blade extends to 40 inches and has more holes then the shikai form.

ability 1: he is now able to control more matter at once and he can now control more powerful energy and more of it. ( like with Ryūjin Jakka's flames)

ability 2: clones- can now create 9 and their attacks are stronger, again can only use melee.

ability 3: force wind- because of the extra holes, there is always a sheild of wind around yamaru. can be cut through with enough force.

i'd love to hear your thought on the zanpakuto.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Boredasian said…
its okay bleachfan i actually did make this in a rush and thanks for the honest opinion and by the way i love your idea on the shinigami and zanpakuto the zanpkauto is so creative
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan12 said…
thanks Boredasian, that one was hard for i had to be specific on what could be manipulated. i figured that people would say "well, he could just manipulate the opponents clothing to strangle them" but that would be annoying and a little comical.

i'm glad that it seems good to others for i've been known to make my zanpakuto overpowerful (if you want to read on some of them, i think they are on pages 50-64, i'm not sure which one so you'd have to look around. the name of the zanpakuto in particular is called one tsume).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Boredasian said…
Name: Shun
Age: 5
Look: Has dark black hair with a few strands standing up he’s tiny which he uses for stealth he wears a black sleeveless sweater with black sweat pants and a black bandana around his neck and collar bone with black sandals (this guy loves black and he also wears glasses

Zanpakutou: Shizuka(Silent)
Look: it is a plain tanto not a wakiazashi explained by the word silent for silent kills
Release command: ansatsu shimasu(assassinate)

Note: shizuka is not pulled out it is summoned by it just appearing on the hands by particles coming together and forming itself

Shikai abilities

1st ability Silent kill combo = Ugoku and Konran

Ugoku (sneak)- a type of shunpo with no sounds and you don’t notice it it’s so fast you don’t have enough time to move it goes in match with 2nd ability

Konran(Confusion- using an aroma Shizuka generates when its spun makes the enemy faint ,fall in a deep sleep or gets trapped in an illusion after that you can kill them connects with the 3rd abillity

2nd abillity Ketsueki moero (blood burn)-using the blood on the tanto after using the procedures before this one Shizuka amplifies the blood’s heat making it go on fire making any dead body reduced to ashes leaving no trace behind if the blade comes in contact with them

3rd ability Rai Tsurugi(Lightning Sword) Using the shockwaves from your nerves Shizuka amplifies it to have lightning flowing on the blade


Name: Shizuka Juu(Silent Gun) Shun summons a revolver
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Boredasian said…
this is a rush job so i didnt work hard on it
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Boredasian said…

Name: Sora
Look: he has spiky brown hair wearing a black golf shirt with a blue tie on it and khaki pants he carries his zanpakuto by hand and always has a big smile on his face except when angry

Zanpakuto: Kumo(Cloud)
Release Command: Arawareru(Appear)
Look: Kumo turns into a storm cloud that can turn into a solid lightning bolt to use as a sword it can change shape depending on Sora’s will


Inazuma Ryuu(Lightning Dragon) = summons a lightning dragon Sora controls with his hand shocking everything Sora commands it to shock

Tobu(Fly) = Sora uses a cloud to form something similar to a skateboard since Sora is young and not yet trained on the art of levitating on the air he uses Tobu. Tobu can also wrap around the enemy like a bandage pull them up and make them crash down in other words telekinesis

Doku Kumo(Poison Cloud) using Kumo Sora spins his sword emitting the cloud poisons people making them weak , faint and dead. The amount of poison is controlled by the amount of times Sora spins Kumo. 1-3 spins = weak 4-6 = faint 7-12 spins = coma 13 spins = death

Bankai Arashi Kumo(Storm Cloud)

Tatsumaki (tornado) = With the 1,000,000 storm clouds Sora can control he uses some 1 or all to create a gigantic Tornado to Suck up the opponent(s) making them dizzy and it also grabs rocks which the wind hurls towards the opponent(s)

Harikeen(Hurricane)Sora summons a hurricane to drown the enemy with the rain the wild winds hurl the opponent(s) towards Sora where sora attacks using Inazuma ryuu or uses a rock to smash against the enemy

Fubuki(snowstorm)Summons a snowstorm to freeze the opponent(s)

Jinsoku Arashi (Rapid Storms) uses 333,333 storm clouds to summon 333,333 tornados to hurl the opponent(s) uses another 333,333 to make hurricanes uses the other 333,333 to freeze them all of the ice rocks and high winds will collide smashing them all together the last trick is to use all 1,000,000
To make a gigantic Inazuma Ryuu to Finish them off if they live Sora will cut there Soul Chain And Soul sleep

Backstory: Sora was a young boy who was killed in a car accident and when he ended up in west rukongai he met Byakuya Kuchiki who thought him how to use a sword and his control of clouds is similar to Byakuya’s control over senbonzakura after that he met Shun who was being trained by Sui-fon they became the best of buds both of them would always train together. When Urahara and Yoruichi came to soul society to help the Gotei 13 they helped Sora and Shun achieve Bankai that’s why you always see Shun not say the release command everytime he releases his sword .

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Boredasian said…
oh btw all of my characters wear the signature glasses
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan12 said…
boredasian: i must say that this zanpakuto is way overpowerfull in some aspects. the most obvious one is the Jinsoku Arashi (Rapid Storms)because if that many tornadows and huricanies were ever present on any world, it would cover the entire world.

also your zanpakuto sounds like an elimintal, and with the poisen cloud it really throws it out of syncink. the idea of a storm zanpakuto is ok but the 1,000,000 is again overkill, i'd say lower it to a reasonble number.

as for the fly ability i'd say that instead of a skateboard, he rides the wind currents and it increases his speed.

for the appearence, the "thunderbolt" sword, is it an accuall bolt of electicity? that way you can keep the idea of a element zanpakuto and you could add an continuall abillity, say static, were the electricity can shock the opponent.

i do like the idea though, it just needs to be toned down allot.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
"Awakes from his coma." Um... hey guys! How many hours have I been... Is that the date? Well, time to find out what's happened since I've been out. How's that whole Japan thing going? Godzilla back yet?

Anyway, all kidding aside, now that I am officially a master of something (I want to say "of the universe") as a result of recently graduating my Master's program, I have time to do reviews again! Going to take it a bit slower this time, so everyone who wants a review, just post that interest, include the name of the blade and the page it is on, and I'll get to them in the order I see them.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ShadowHunter15 said…
Zanpakuto Name:Tsuin majutsu-shi (Twin Magicians)
Look:Two Katanas
Command: Bind
Look: The two katanas bind togather, and turn into a staff with a blade on the end.
Shikai Abilities: 1. Enhances Kido

2.Is able to fire beams of spirit energy

3.Can consume an form of spirit energy

Bankai Name:Grand Magician (Gurandomajishan)
Look:The staff breaks in half and dissolves. It then materializes with a gauntlet on each hand.
Bankai Abilities:

1.Kido is now 10 times enhanced

2.Spirit energy gathers around the wielder's body making an invisible armor

3.Gives wielder a strange form of magic.*

*If a spell were to be disrupted, then all the energy that was gathered will hurt the caster.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ShadowHunter15 said…
Character for Tsuin majutsu-shi
Name: Kaosu
Look: Black hair, Soft green eyes, skinny and tall for his age
Background: When Kaosu was still alive he was able to see ghosts. He was also able to focus his spirit energy to make things move or create a destructive orb. He died protecting his mother who was attacked by a hallow. Kaosu destroyed the hallow but his wounds were too severe.
In the Soul Society, he lived in Rukongai District 80. He was able to fend for himself by using his strange powers he had from the world of the living. He joined the Shinō Academy because he got bored with the life he was living. He quickly advanced in Kidō, and in other areas. Kaosu graduated the Academy in 4 years. He joined Squad 4 because of his powerful healing.
Kaosu secretly achieved bankai and has also gained a hallow form. No one knows about his bankai or hallow form.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gecho said…
Name: Kiseichū (parasite)


Appearance: 2 arm blades with a pinsir shaped front.

ability 1: any wound inflicted by there blade will syphon life from the enemy healing the user.if the user has no wounds he gains an aura that acts as a shield to future injuries of the same damage as the wounds he has inflicted.

ability 2: the blades can be used to absorb spiritual attacks if they touch the blades.( the arm guard is sharp but only acts as a blade and does not apply any of the abilites of Kiseichū )

Bankai: Yōsha no nai kiseichū(relentless parasite) the two arm blades can turn into into 2 different things. either blade can be either type at any given time(there is a transforming period of about 2 sec when the blades change form, during this period none of the abilities of Kiseichū take effect.

Sheild form: the arm blade turns into a spiked sheild, losing all syphoning abilities (life force or otherwise) but gaining the ability to absorb energy attacks from any part of the blade.

Sword form: the arm blade turns into a dual pointed sword(looks like an energy sword from halo) The sword has no abilities to absorb on coming energy attacks but life force syphoning is increased drasticaly. it also gains the ability to syphon spirtual pressure from anything it touches giving this energy to the user.(this is not permanent, once bankai is disengaged this extra energy is lost. The area between the two points is filled with extremly focused spiritual energy cable of breaking fragile blades and if in contact with another shinigami will sap the life force and spiritual pressure from you at twice the speed.

Notes: in bankai if the 2 forms are not used together( if you are using sheild and sword rather than 2 swords or 2 sheilds)the abilites of both are diminshed, still greater than that of shikai but significantly less than them used together.

the character weilding this sword is very reckless in his figting style due to his swords affects, he acts much like kenpachi loving battle and uses very little defense. using attacks that leave him vulnerable makes enemies use attacks that make them vulnerable, hopefully allowing him to do damage and heal.

this character has little physical strength but is very fast and has exremely high spiritual pressure. this allows him to move around and cut any fighter( dont want any Kenpachi/Nnoitra moments if you know what i mean)

all life force stealing or the healing affect heals as much as the damage done, the spirit energy absorption from being would be about .5% per cut from the blade meaning 200 hits would lead to you haveing no spiritual pressure. in the center of the bankai blade this affect is 1% per second of contact.

being stabbed by this blade is very very bad :D

comments apreciated and suggestions if seems to over powered. the percentages i just kinda made up on the fly. thanks for reading! :D

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 Name: Kiseichū (parasite) Shikai: Appearance: 2 arm blades with a pinsir shaped front. ability 1:
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ktbryden said…
hi im new here
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ktbryden said…
this is my zampakto
shikie name: kuro ryuu (black dragon)
release: gekido (rage)
my second stage is a covert witch is the same as a katana but the blade has a funny shap. it goes up then fourd then down a bit like a seven.

my third stage is the same but back to front with a piont at the top

daburu machimasu (double waight)
any time my zampakto hits an object it doules in wait.

banai powers
kyampu-faiyaa kabe (fire wall)
it makes a soliered wall of fire aruond me like a bouble and when it is struck a fire ball it shoot at you.

grand trizma
if i cut a person they are forced to do what ever i tell them to do from telling there name to killing themself.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ktbryden said…
plz comment
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hagashi_Yuki said…
i like ur zanpakuto, ktbryden...
though.. i was just wondering how many times can u fire a ball of fire when using (fire wall)?
and also what are the circumstances and gap when u cut a person and how deep it is, and is there any way to stop it?

and another one..
what's up with ur stage thing.. what are the additional abilities in that...?

that's all... :)
hope u don't mind.. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
ktbryden -

Alright, I'll go through it piece by piece. But before I do, while I realize you're 17, the English in this is really hard to understand. I mean really hard. Each sentence I have to read over 2 or more times to get it.

Shikai: This one is literally word for word the same as Kira's. There's nothing unique here. What's more confusing about it is that this ability has nothing to do with the name of the blade. The blade is named "Black Dragon," why would it have an ability like this as its first manifestation?

1) So how much defensive power does this wall have? Can it take any strike and convert it to a fireball? How fast does the fireball move? How large is it? How powerful is it? Can you use offensive abilities while inside the wall? How long does it last? How large is the wall?
2) By itself, this one's extremely overpowered. Any cut with the blade gives you absolute control over another person's actions, to the point that you could kill them instantaneously if you chose to do so? So a scratch on the finger is enough to control everything they do? Can the opponent resist this at all? Can you control more than one person this way? How long does it last?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Hi whiteflame gratz on your masters and Magnunamu pg 163 Swarm pg 163 Tsurukusa pg 163 Mokuhon pg 164 mizu pg 168 heki pg 168 ryu pg 168 could use reviews if you want BBBut i would Really like feed back on Neko Tsume and Ribon pg 166 ,same post. Also if you need any reviewed iv'e started doing them so let me know and i'll get on it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
Well here are the reviews i've done so far so far today
First up ichigosuke

kado shinai For shikai i have some questions for one how much reshi do these portals use also how long do they take to open and how lond do they stay out also she can open up portals where she can't see? that kinda op due to like you said she could just open a portal in the ground and kill anyone she can phyically get through it .

bankai No real question about bankai but how many can be open and can mutplie portals all lead to one or is it a entrence and exit kind of thing?

Next your Omoide Toshokannin OOOOK for this one i love the idea but i have a lot of questions for it as well For one for weapons i have no questions but with animals and pepole if he makes them do they obey him or do they do what the real thing whould do also for things like reshi how much does it cost to make something like for example the captin commander could he bring him out with the same reshi as a dog and if you bring him out does he have as much reshi as he normally wood or just how much the user put into it

For bankai if he copyies someones zanpakuto them does he have all of i's abilities or just the ones he knows about that goes for people and stuff to. With Isshouno how much reshi does this take cause copieing anyones bankai is kinda op when it lasts 3 min and has only a 45 second cooldown. Lastly with Denki i think i get this but how much reshi does it take and how does the person he turns into know what is going on?

Number 3 Eichi no Kenja lol you forgot the pic :) For Kougeki i have no real questions is the easier cutting an ability or from the 150% speed. Shubi no real questions but you forgot the pic sooo yeah. Sokudo With it's lighter weight is it any more fragile.

Bankai Saikouno Kougeki with the 1000% increase does that stack with the X2 of being in bankai? Saidaino Shubi With this how much stronger then a herro is his skin and once again no pic so can't really ask about the sheild part. Kousokudo For this how much faster then shunpo is he and how much reshi does this take? Gendookoeru his stats are already x2 so does this stack with it or what also how much reshi does he gain and is the kido thing the soul reaper or an effect of the zanpakuto?

Number 4 Kokyuu! Hai Kokuryuu Ok for Yuurei what effect does this have once it is deactivated if it is deactivated in a person what does it do?

Bankai Wazawai how long does it take for him to turn into ash and back? also does it have a cooldown and how much reshi does it take? Musouka For this the same questions as the shikai one? HaiKokuryuu no Keshin For this how big is he how much reshi does this take and how strong is it?

Number 5 Araigume Tokkan With this ability how powerful is it and how much reshi does this take ?

Bankai For this Bankai ability it is pretty unique No real questions about it but what does the ring do ? Also i really like this one :)

Number 5 Hannei This ability is good but a like confusing so when he makes the sword come out it has to be reflected but it dosn't have to stay reflected to stay out right other then taht how many can he make out of a reflection and how fast do they come out?

Bankai Hanshazou no questions. For Sen no Hanshakyou how much reshi does this take to use ? Sub 1 No questions for this Sub 2 For this no questions ether but how fast does this happen and how much reshi does this cost? For Gouu hannei this just sounds like it just sounds like a sub of Sen no Hanshakyou other then that no questions for it over all this one was pretty well explained :) good job
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
Kenya-Hantaro Spirit mist

For the mist how fast can it grow and shrink also how fast is it how long can it stay solid and how hard and heavy is it ?

Bankai With bankai my only real question is can it turn part of the mist into a solid or is it all at once? Also it think the ball on a chain is a flail and i realing like this one its cool and proves you don't need tons of abilities to have an awesome zanpakuto :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
Ok Gecho's Kuro girochin

shikai only question for this is how long is the chain or can it grow and shrink if so how fast?
For ability 1 when they change places this changes where the dagger and blade are right? For this how much reshi does this take and does it have a cooldwon?
For ability 2 This is a cool ability does this take any reshi to use and after the kido is statred can he change whitch sind it will come out of?

Bankai with this what is the armour like does it cover the whole user or are there holes were the user is exposed also hoe hard is it to break and is there a limit to how fast and much energy it can take in and lastly does the user get this reshi?
ability 1 no real questions for this other then the ones for shikai 1

Ok for your Kiseichu one For shikai thanks for the pic before i saw them i had no idea what they looked like
ability 1: For the syphon life thing what do you mean by "life"? onther then that no real questions except for the aura with this i think i understand it if the user is hit by a cutting attack after having cut the enemy it wont do as much right also after the user has been hurt it goes away so does that include any injurys from before shikai was used?
Ability 2: For this how much and fast does it absorb that attacks ? if he hits like a getsuga tensho will it just take all of it or will some still hit him?

Bankai No questions about this

Sheild form with this does the absorbing time increase?
Sword form With the life force thing how much does it go up for the spirtual pressure thing does this work on attacks aswell?
With the diminissed effect for using to of the same how much is the decrease no other questions for this one good idea :)

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
Bleachfan12 's piper

Shikai with this how many holes are there and this is a cool idea :)
Manipulations With this a little confused for one how many things can he control at once also how long does last can this last until he stops playing also how long does it take for him to stop for it to stop moving if he wait a few sconds to catch his breath does it stop? also how much reshi does this take?
Clones For this how much reshi does this take and how long do they last? also do they retain a properties of what they were made from
Force wind for this how hard is the wind like and buffet of wind or like kido number 58 Tenran?

Bankai With this one i have no extra questions except for ability 3 how strong is it and is it only there he he is blowing on it or always?
Overall a really cool idea.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
This is my newest one tell me what you think pls

Shikai: reaver

Relase comand: feed

During shikai the sword looks like the on in the pic. During shiaki the user gains the ability to restore there reshi and heal wound by drinking blood. This is based on the amount of blood drank in proporton to the users to total blood reshi is equal and healing is half. During shikai every time the user closes there eyes anything that has reshi glows blue the only thing that changes the glow is distance objects don't effect this glow.

Path of the body: This uses a level 30 kido amount of reshi and lasts 1 mintute. When the user activates this they look into someones eyes and there eyes are locked together so when the user has there eyes open or closed so does the other person.

Path of the mind: This uses a level 35 kido worth of reshi. The user shoots invisable reshi at kido speed out of there hand that is a 5 foot in diameter ball that moves at kido speed if this hits an object smaller then a 15 by 15 foot box. Then the user can move it with there mind at kido speed for 3 seconds. This does not take speed or weight into account and can't work on anything that has reshi in it.

Path of the Shadow: This uses a level 20 kido worth of reshi to use. When this is activated the users shadow grows two eyes there shadow can now move at the users runing speed this shadow can be used to activate the first two abilities but with 2x the cost. This shadow keeps the same size as when this was activated. This shadow can blend in with other shadows but it's eyes are always visable if there open. This can be destroyed by hiting it with a reshi type attack at least as strong as a level 50 kido. This shadow can also drink blood if it moves under it at the users drinking speed this blood. After the shadow is destroyed or it merges back to the user the blood forms in to a marble sized red crystal that is as hard as sweet tarts and have 10% of the bloods effect when used but take 10 minutes for it to finish it's effect.

Bankai Soul Reaver

In bankai there are no changes except that the user becomes pale. The user keeps the swords effects but not the abilities.

Physical Path: This uses a about 5 level 80 kido worth or reshi. This ability allows the user to transform there body into any thing they want from the size of a cat to the size of mayuri kurotsuchi's bankai. This transforming must be into a life form real or mythical, but it has to have a phyical form for example they could become a Hydra but not a ghost, but this can only increase the user streangth speed etc. by 10x each based on the form taken the user also can use any physical abilitys of the creature but non of the supernatral ones for exanple if the user turned into a bird the they could fly but if they turned into a soul reaper, ignore that the user would be one, then they could not fly due to that being reshi manipulation. This has a 30 second cooldown but the user can go from one form to another. Also this doesn't take reshi to mantain but does take calories for example if they became a drgaon they would need to eat a lot of food to so they could do stuff however the user can supplement reshi for food at a rate of level 10 kido for 1000 calories.

Mental Path: This uses a level 90 kido worth of reshi to start. Once used this sword glow green for 5 seconds the user cuts the oppenet then a bit of there reshi replaces that cut to make it seem like there was no injury. After this the user breathes out mist at about 1 squrae meter every 2 seconds for a level 60 kido worth of reshi for every 2 seconds the user can make the mist look like anything they want and the person cut by the sword sees it as what the user wants it to this is still mist so they can go through it for them to get out of this they need to get the reshi out of the wound. while the illusions are out the wound glows green and it has the consistantcy of dirt so you could just dig it out. This can only effect one person at a time

Evil Path: This uses a level 50 kido worth of reshi if the Path of the shadow form shikai wasn't in effect when bankai was activated. The shadow , or the users shadow if it wasn't in use, splits in to 2 shades that look like the pic. These are made of a shadowy gas and can't be hurt. These have 50% of the users strength, explaned later, speed and reshi. if they are in light light they are drained or reshi at a speed of 1% per secnond and 10% per second for sunlight the can reganerate this by standing in shadows at a rate of .5% a second. If they run out of reshi then they dissapper and have to be remade. The user can see through the shades and they can fuse them selfs with someones shadow if they touch it when there like this they can only be removed by the user or by pointing a bright, about spotlight strength at your shadows head ,this drains it's reshi at a speed of 5% a second. While it is in someones shadow ,other then the users, they have there reshi effected just like the shadows, light drains there reshi ,unless it is only pointing at the shadow head mentioned before also they recove reshi from darkness like the shades, the shadow can leave at any time and entering and leaving take 3 seconds each also the shade can once per 20 seconds stop the persons shadow for 5 seconds for half there reshi this cuases the persons movements to be hinders by the shades strength, for example if they went to swing there sword it would be like the shades was holding them back. However if the person is stronger then the shade then it won't stop them just slow them down. If the shade goes into the users shadow they give the user there strength and speed. They do not give the light or shadow effect and can be removed like before. Also they can both go into the same shadow.

 This is my newest one tell me what आप think pls Shikai: reaver Relase comand: feed During s
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना JDeezy12 said…
Here I go For my Zanpaktou

Shikai Name- Seidenkienjin (Static Ring)
Appearance- Eight Blades float behind my shinigami's back, and spin counterclockwise and has electricity flowing around them. the electricity is created using my reiatsu.

Denjishaku (Electromagnet)- the electricity flowing around the blades create an electromagnet which i can control. i can either repel all metal or attract it. Depending on how much reiatsu i use affects the strength of the magnet.
Aiansheeku (Iron Shake) I know the name sux trying to think of one- If i channel all of my reiatsu into the magnet i can even affect the iron in your blood which i could pull out of your body tearing you apart or condense it to make you heavier.
Aatifisharujuuryoku (Artificial Gravity)- I can use the electromagnet i created to change the magnetic field around me and on earth to allow me to levitate in a sense. i can use a diffrent pole of the magnetic field to repel against earths to allow me to levitate.

Thats all i have for now and i also dont have a bankai but tell me how this is so far ill add more when i think of it

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zetsu_96 said…
i want to create one zanpkuto!!!!link
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zetsu_96 said…