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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I am getting the distinct impression that Tomo wishes to help Sempai! He must want to become incorporated in that story line. Tomo is a bit rash.

Veznesel: (her eyes scale to the left) I believe we have a visitor. The poor thing is so frightened, it hasn't even bothered to hide it's spiritual energy. (suddenly a shadow bursts out and flings Tomo forward to Veznesel)

Tomo: (Panting and struggling to break free) A..ghh.

Veznesel: You're nothing but a mere child! Is this some joke? (leans up to Tomo) I believe you intended for this to be a rescue mission, am I correct?

Tomo: (Stares into Veznesel's nightmarish eyes and begins to sweat). ...

Veznesel: No response? (sempai manages to get by Byakuya and Mayumi and heads toward Veznesel, but is slashed on both sides by Byakuya and Mayumi and send pummeling toward the ground with a double kick). I can tell you are close to this shinigami, your looks completely gives it away. He can't help you, he can barely help himself. He's about to die, and you'll be able to watch!

Tomo: No! Don't kill him, please!


Veznesel: What a fantastic opportunity I have here. Your poor choices have led you here, in a rather dangerous situation. Far beyond anything you would be able to handle. Thankfully, your loss is my gain. I will rip your insides out and watch Sempai suffer through another loss (looks at Sempai, who is trying to recover from all his wounds, and begins to grin). Your name is Tomo and you care for this man?

Tomo: ...yes.

Veznesel: These are perfect circumstances then (sword forms from shadows and she places it above Tomo) I think one, clean swipe will suffice.

Sempai is much too preoccupied and injured to assist Tomo, but Tomo needs immediate assisstance or he will die. What will come of this? Will Sempai have to watch another loved one fall to Veznsel's blade?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
--------mysterious man-----
???: (stops suddenly as he feels several spiritual pressures nearby) What the? Is someone fighting? (Focuses and is shocked) Some of the presence I feel isn't even a living being. May as well see what is going on. (holds sword out and mutters under his breath. The particles in the air start to form a portal and he jumps through)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Leviathan falls, Monkey Rises---

*Tomo is thrown down by Vaznesel's shadows as Sempai is overpowered by both Mayumi and Byakuya*

Vaznesel-Poor child, i wished that i would just have to take Sempai to the end of his life iunstead of you, but it can't be helped. You choose your time of death right when you walked in on this battle. If you die, its not my fault.

Tomo-gahhhhh *falls to his knees under VAznesel*

Vaznesel- Well, i guess it's over for you *raises sword, then she is kicked backward by an unseen person* Gahhh, what incompetence is this?

???- you should now me by now, Vaznesel.

Vaznesel- So its you, i have been wondering what happened to you.

(sempai, byakuya, Mayumi)

Byakuya-what a sad attemt to beat us. Your rashness and stupidity will only speed up your death.

Mayumi- I would never love such a incompetent fighter. You can't even beat us.

Sempai who is bleedy intensly and can't get up- I...I..can't fight.

???- you don't need to.

Sempai, looking up at a new comer- Goku?

Goku clone- im just a clone, but yea.*grabs Sempai*

Byakuya- your not leaving without him. *millions of petals follow Goku*

Goku clone- bad move. *the flower petals are blasted away by Songokus fast blade movement* Shibai Songoku! *golden reatsu explodes and a staff extends out of it, peircing Byakya. Then it expands ripping him to peices*

Mayumi- *appears behind Goku* you forget about m....*interupted and is smashed by a giant staff from above*

Sempai-Don't..your rank...it isnt..

Goku clone- im stronger than you think. Soul put me in fifth rank to make sure i don't bring to much attention. The truth is that im strong enough to be Captain commander when i master Bankai synthasis.

Sempai- *shoked*

Goku clone- Lets go. *vanashes*


Vaznesel- So goku, you have become stronger. Yet your only Fifth rank. I feel that your stronger than Sempai and even Tenchi, What is the pupose of your rank?

Goku- to make sure attention isn't foccused on me. It's that simple. And that i still havent mastered Bankai synthasis. ill make sure that i wont allow you to win.

*Byakuya, Mayumi, and Toshiro appear*

Vaznesel-can you beat them?

Goku- we will see, but i might as well go into Bankai like you. Bankai! HANDSOME MONKEY KING! *the Golden riatsu blinds everyone, then a staff fleis from the light stabing Mayumi, turning her to gold. The the staff ripps through her golden body and turns her to dust*

Toshiro- your weak, you wont be able to be able to beat us. Bankai!

Byakuya- Bankai!

*Thousand pink petals are hurrled at the Golden light while a group of frozen Dragons fly at him through the petals. Then Goku shows himself as a golden monkey/man figure*

Goku- I wish i had more of an opponent. *he multiplies his staff into 50 staffs as they levitate and spin on their own* I don't think this will be painfull.

*the staffs, as the spin, shoot out and turn every petal they touch turn to gold and the dragons as well, the Goku releases a small amount of reatsu to shatter them all*

Toshiro- Impossible Hybima!...*a staff emerges from the ground, he tries to dodge but it peirces his left arm and he turns to gold*

Byakuya- i accept my defe...*All the floating spinning staffs straiten and piont themselves at byakuya and then are shot at byakuya. He is stabbed by every one and turns to gold and shatters*

Vaznesel- Has he gottone this strong?

Goku- Now i beleive that your next *turns to Vaznesel*

Tomo- i never new you were this strong?

Goku- go and heal Sempai, he need you the most right here tomo. ill take on Vaznesel. *a shadow shoots at Goku and he swings his pole at the lunging shadow and it turns to gold and shatters* Are you becoming impatient...Vaznesel?

(Goku is Vaznesels new opponent, what will she do? What will tomo do?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
orcale999, im not sure where you are. If your at Gokus fight. Or if your somewhere else. You kinda have to be a tad more spacific.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
I had actually tried to put up a post awhile ago on my phone but it didn't work haha. well its ok i should be able to do a little here. hmmm lets do this

-------Tomo turn-----

Goku holds off Venezel as Tomo heals Sempai,

Tomo:Sempai are you okay?

Sempai: does it look like it?!

Tomo: haha, shut up. well here, (starts to pull out band aid)

Sempai:HEll no use something else besides that!!

Tomo: dont worrry its new and improved here.

Tomo quickly puts it on Sempai before he could refuse.

Sempai: i feel noth- ow. Wait thats it,

Sempai looks down to see his major cut and injuries were all gone.

Tomo: Told you...but you still can't fight,

Sempai: I need to, move tomo

Tomo:NO! i can't let you die, i need you. (eyes start to water)

Sempai: I need to, if i dont we all die here, do you want that?

Tomo: no

Sempai:See, c'mon i wont lay a hand, on him,you can protect us, Goku will be close combat and, i will be fighting from afar.

Tomo:oh, fine. but hold on. Is this still all water

Sempai: Yea why?

Tomo:You'll see....

breaks vial open and contents spill in the water

Tomo: Let the light shine, Vial 33:Deminish the darkness

The water turns to a shiny silver, and 4 pillars surround the whole area. On each of the four pillars sits a white orb slowly shining light and all the shdows dissapear.

Venezel: What the hell!! where is all my shadows. (stares at Tomo)

Goku: hey pay attention!!!! haha.

Sempai: Haha, i see you've been watching, us fight

Tomo: you know i can see any place and anywhere as long there is a something to reflect the scene.

Sempai: But i have no mirror- wait! my water!!!

Tomo nods and smiles.

Goku: c'mon guys lets do this!!!

yea!!!! haha
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Soul: What is your intention for fighting?

Kevin: My intention is simple; I wish to merely protect my friends and myself and to make my friends make the right choices. It is simple isn’t it?

Soul: I do not understand.

Kevin: The only reason we’re fighting Sekhmet is because you couldn’t put her in the right path! (Slashes down on Grim) I feel it’s a fair idea for Zeron to take Grim’s life for the reason that Grim is our enemy! And the reason that is, is because you couldn’t put him on the right path! Every one of my followers and friends want to protect their friends, I set them on the right path! And if I can’t talk you into it, then I’ll pound it into your head! (Soul slices at Kevin and Kevin blocks and goes flying in the other direction, then gets his footing and charges in and chops down on Soul. Kevin’s sword moves around and into Soul’s sides, but he moves back before that’s possible.)

Soul: Don’t you dare talk about my friends.

Kevin: You think I don’t understand! How it feels to have everything taken from you! I was an outlaw! I lost everything! But did central 46 care, NO! I lost my family, friends, life, and meaning! I was a monster to everyone! I came back for you! Don’t you remember me!? Think hard Soul! Think of who I am!

Soul thinks hard: You were…

Kevin: Yes, I was the eight year old kid that couldn’t control his powers. I get it now, but you just don’t understand, those once a week classes, they weren’t enough! After I was sent to the real world, you shoved me to the back of your mind! You were my teacher! You could have defended me! I could still hold that grudge but I don’t, instead you decide to fight, what is the meaning to this fight!? I do not know why I am fighting my teacher, but surely there’s a good reason for it! For him to decide why he needs to fight? I can tell you that here and now, Soul! Set your friend on the right track! Get her to stop wanting revenge! She gets her revenge and then what? NOTHING! She gets dead bodies and nothing more, she hasn’t lost anything, a generation dies when it is forgotten. Look at us; we use what the Angles used thousands of years ago! And she wants revenge for her angles evolving. We are the evolution of the Angles! And she doesn’t get that because she is blinded by revenge! If you can make her see the light, even if that means killing her, then she will die happy, but if she get her revenge, how would that make her feel? How would it make you feel? Zeron has a reason, he gave Grim a chance. Grim killed his mother, the one person that cared for him! Sekhmet needs a guide, and I know she won’t listen to me. What are you going to do Soul? TELL ME! (Kevin comes in with his sword in hand and clashed with Soul and the Earth breaks near five feet into the ground) ANSWER ME!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
sorry for being so vague. bad habit of mine.
Orcale: (watches as the former captains fell back from Songoku with surprise and says to himself) He's pretty strong. I was planning on helping that fisherman since he was out numbered but obviously it isn't nessassary. I guess I'll sit back and watch how this plays out...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Songoku, I have noticed you enjoy changing your ranks around to suppliment for your weak warriors. It's fine, it is a must. Sempai is too weak, so you bring Songoku in and claim he's "stronger" to help Sempai. :)

Veznesel: I'm not familiar with you, Goku. However, I know you faced my brother. Pity, he should have just finished you off while he had the chance. He has a terrible way of toying and allowing his prey to escape. I'm not so merciful. And you've come to help Sempai and that child, too. This is quite funny, you feeling compelled to aid these weak shinigami. Equally humerous is you believe you've won (Smiles).

Goku: You may be strong, but I can put up a fight.

Vezensel: Indeed, I do not disagree. However, your friends cannot. (suddenly Tomo is stabbed through the chest and dragged to veznesel)


Veznesel: Simple. I really wanted to see Sempai's expression as I take another person from him (Grins).

(Goku swings his staff and attempts to take out Veznesel. She smacks it away and a shadow flies down the staff and smacks him in the face sending him into a rock formation).

Veznesel: Please, stop waving that little stick around. Those tricks don't work on me. (looks at tomo) Are you afraid to die?

Tomo: (coughs up blood and pants) I...I...am..not.

Veznesel: Splendid (slams her sword into tomo and pulls it from his stomache all the way to his upper chest and pulls it out. Blood gushes out and bursts all over) This sure is a mess! (throws tomo and he falls and smashes into the ground).

(Suddenly a gate opens and out walks Sekhmet, Azriel, and Yashnamiesh).

Sekhmet: Having fun?

Veznesel: (smiles) Absolutely. I presume you wish for me to stop and return with you?

Sekhmet: Wise guess.

Azriel: Well, you certainly did a number on those two warriors, especially...

Veznesel: That pathetic shinigami's name is Tomo and the other is Sempai. They were no effort at all. I enjoy releasing my Bankai once in a while (chuckles).

Azriel: Despite your lust for blood, we have other matters to contend with. Let us go. (from a distance Goku screams "AZRIEL"). I knew I felt a weak, wavering spiritual pressure that seemed nastalgic.

Goku: You harm people and run away, Veznesel?!

Sekhmet: He certainly is angry. (Vanishes and is standing beside Goku) You once aided Kenaka, correct? And now you serve Soul? Actually, don't bother answering. (Goku tries to move and realizes he's caught in Veznesel's shadow technique and Sekhmet places her hand on Goku's back) You are no smarter than the others, which is why your fate will be no different. Hado 122: Cosmic River

(a circle forms around Goku and his hair begins to stand on end. Suddenly an uprush of energy bursts burning off his cloths and charring his skin. He has been immersed into a cylinder of energy that is rushing upwards and dealing immense damage).

Azriel: What trash.

Sekhmet: That should arrange us enough time to prepare. (gate reopens)

Yashnmiesh: What about that one down there?

(veznesel appears beside sempai)

Veznesel: You were never capable of beating me. I led you on the whole time, just as I did Mayumi. She has a couple words to say, too.

Mayumi appears fromt the shadows.

Mayumi: You, Sempai, are weak. I loathe your very existance. (takes sword and stabs him in the chest).

(They all exit through the gate).

All that is left is lifeless tomo, Sempai; who is seconds from death, and an injured Goku. What did Sekhmet wish to arrange time for? What is her plan?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
wow, hmmm...Tomo is sure is weak on offense, but dont forget his other talents. haha. Well time for bandaids again.


After the others left, Goku quickly gets Sempai and brings helps him get to the lifeless Tomo.

Sempai: Tomo, stupid kid i told you not to stay! (tears)

Goku: Dont strain yourself too much Sempai or you'll cry yourself to death.

SEmpai Puts a hand on tomo's head, when Goku noticed something in Tomo's hands. There laid a vial and note.

Goku: hmm, it says: break open if i died.

Sempai:What kind of message is that?

Goku: I dont know but we'll open it anyways.

Goku opens the vial and mist comes out and surround Tomo's body.

Sempai: Whats going on?

Tomo's body starts to heal under the mist,

Semapi: Tomo?

Tomo: *coughs**takes a deep breath*

Goku: What the hell?!

Tomo: uhh. that bottle is soo small.

Sempai:!!! you were in that bottle?

Tomo: yea, my soul was, but damn she messed up my body soo much.

Goku: So that wasn't a copy, yet it wasn't really you?

Sempai: thats new! wait so what soul did you use?

Tomo: a fish, then to make sure no one could take over my body i input my body to be sure to use vial 33. so that no mind control powers can take over.

Sempai:wait so that thing wasnt to get rid of the shadows?!

Tomo:of course not, haha. Time to heal.

Tomo takes out more bandaids,and heals them.

Sempai:lets go,

They slowly dissapear in the water to go back to soul society.


can someone say BACKUP PLANS????? haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Orcale: (watches as the others dissapeared) The two that came...Azriel I think one was called. They seem rather powerful. I don't think I'll ever shake of that dark presence. (Holds sword out again) I guess i should find out who they are, though approaching them would be dangerous. I guess i'll have to ask those other people. (small portal appears and he jumps through)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Soul's purpose---

*Kevin lectures Soul on what his purpose is, on what he should be doing in this war and what his purpose in battle is. The speech moves Soul, and as Kevin slashes down on Soul, he grabs the blade with his bare hands to indicate that the battle is over*

Soul- you are powerfull, yet you need to learn alot in battle. But i can tell that your ideas in battle and the goal you must complete will allow you to climb to become stronger. I do refdalize what my purpose is, I will Challenge Sekhmet and kill anyone who gets in my way. I will pure her heart and allow her to strive to glory. Thank you kevin for allowing me to realize that. Lets go back to the base we need to talk.

*both sheath their sword and vanish to the barracks*

---Goku, Sempai, and Tomo---

Goku- I feel Souls reatsu, he is heading back to the base. We should head back as well.

Sempai who is gloomy about his battle and lose- of course

Tomo- its ok, we will get her next time.

*all vanish and head toward the base meeting grounds*

---Base, and a mysterious warrior---

*all captains and all other warriors arrive at the barracks to here about their new ranks and a couple of items that will be usefull later*

Soul- Is everyone here *sitting calmly at the head of the large table* The new ranks have arrived. here is the list

*Captain Commander-Soul (vice Captain Kevin, for the reason to not draw attetion)
*1st Captain- Tenchi
*2nd Captain- Goku (vice Captain Jake)
*3rd Captain- Sempai (vice Captain Ella)
*4th Captain- Zeron (vice Captain Averis)
*5th Captain- Lin (vice Captain Tekken)
*6th Captain- May (vice Captain Tomo)

Soul- the other purpose of the meeting, are these *Tenchi toses a number of belts on the table *These are very high powered belt that will protect a number of us from any large surge of energy. From our observences by the Captains and the newcomers, we have concluded that the angels are planning on using the souls they have collected in order to release somthing. So these will allow us to withstand a certain level of power. We only have a certain number of these belts so we need to hand them out to the strongest warriors. For the Captains it will be me, Goku, Sempai, Tenchi, Zeron, and Lin. The vice Captains will be Kevin, Tomo, Tekken, and Ella. We will be the group of warriors to be sent out for this mission, though we may not have all the details to this final battle. The warriors i have just named need to train before this time comes because i don't think Sekhmet would want us to interfear, and this time most angels will be more serious then they have been.

Tenchi- that is basically our plan for now. Are all of you ok with that? *all nod*

Soul- good, so this will be our priority from now on. Though, i do sense another persona in these halls, Goku, may you do the honors.

Goku- Of course Captain *vanishes, then appears across the room holding someone neck to the ground* who are you, shinigami?

???-My name....my name is Oracle.


Sekhmet- are you all ready?

Azriel- of course, why wouldn't we be. Those pathetic shinigami won't be able to stop us at this point.

Grim- Don't underestimate them, Azriel. Your blindness consumes you view of their power as well as sight.

Azriel- you dare insult me!

Grim- What? Do you want to fall at my hands Azriel?

*Azriel is silenced*

Grim- There, thats what i thought. As i was saying. *turns toward Sekhmet* None of us have seen Soul's power. Im starting to become worried at this point in the battle, what if he returns and decides to oppose us?

Sekhmet- Soul's power is very interesting. The ablility to erase is a magnificent power that none of you can overcome. That is why I will fight him if he decides to lead the shinigami. Anyway, thats irrevolent, He won't be able to stop our plans. Lets continue *smiles*

(what is their plan? what will she do when Soul decides to oppose her? And who is this Oracle?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
The captain meeting is over, and Zeron and Lin return for their final training and Kevin to his room.

--------Dimension Training------------

Zeron grasps his sword as he faces the Grim Reaper (So to speak).

Zeron: You’re doing well…

Grim Reaper: As are you, next dimension! (Scenery changes to a forest) Come, now for round 72.

Zeron and the Grim Reaper clash, sword and sword, the dimension changes about every five to ten seconds. Darkness comes from each sword as they clash.

Grim Reaper: If you do not fight me with all that you have, then you will die!

Zeron: I know! (Clashes with the Grim Reaper [Note that this is his Zanpakto] and the dimension changes, complete darkness, nothing but, where in the universe are they?) We’re working on Bankai Sythasis and we’re fighting each other, I don’t get it.

Grim Reaper: You must completely master me, control me, and understand me. I wish nothing more than to take people’s lives. You oppose that, thus I must understand you as well. We will combined into one soul, and the master of that soul is the one fighting, and if I were the one fighting, I would take every person’s life that I could get my hands on, and we don’t want that, do we?

Zeron: No.

Grim Reaper: Fine, (He comes at Zeron with focused power) show me you can completely control me!

-----------Lin Understands----------

Fairy: Alright Lin, let’s try again, my name is……….

Lin: I... can… understand, I hear you! I know your name!

Fairy: Really!

Lin: Yes, really!

Fairy: Next thing to work on is Bankai.


Averis walks and walks for some fresh air. Then he looks around at all the broken buildings and houses.

Averis: This place is a mess…

A girl walks up behind him: Ya, we already said that.

Averis turns around: Oh, hey Ella.

Ella: I’m done with some of my training.

Averis: That’s good.

Ella looks at Averis: What’s bugging you, you’ve been down lately.

Averis: I was just thinking how everyone can control their Bankai and I can’t, I don’t get it. Why is it like that?

Ella: Come on, it’s not that bad, is it?

Averis: Yes it is, You, Jake, Kevin, Zeron, Tomo, all of the captains, and all of the enemies. How can I match up if I can’t control? It’s just too much.

Ella: Then why don’t you communicate with your Zanpakto?

Averis: Huh?

Ella: Communicate with your Zanpakto, in other words meditate. You can see your Zanpakto and talk to it and all. It’s fun and cool.

Averis: Ya, I guess that’s one option.

Ella: Come on, cheer up, go and meditate, it will help a lot, trust me.

Averis: Fine, but if it doesn’t work, then I’m coming to kill you.

Ella laughs: Ya that will be the day.

---------Zeron continues to fight------------

Zeron: Is this endless!?

Grim Reaper: Maybe, if you don’t get it.

Zeron: Huh?

Grim Reaper: Listen to your sword, and what it tells you, and listen to mine as well. (The Grim Reaper comes in and chops down on Zeron) LISTEN!

Zeron focuses on what he’s doing: I hear it… (Zeron moves to the side and slices at the Grim Reaper’s side, and the Grim Reaper flies back. Zeron moves in and jabs the Grim Reaper in the heart.)

Grim Reaper: You picked that up fast. Now we are almost there.

Zeron: Ya, almost…

-------------Kevin and May--------------

May comes to see Kevin in his room while he is getting ready for the final orders.

May: May I come in?

Kevin: Ya sure.

May: I’m impressed, you’re the captain commander’s vice; that’s a good rank.

Kevin: Uh, huh.

May looks at Kevin as if he should be more grateful: Why are you doing this, you should be thankful of Soul for giving you this position. You’re new and this position is somewhere no one can get to.

Kevin: It’s because I fought him.

May: What!?

Kevin: I fought him, is that wrong, a simple sparing match.

May: Wait, I heard that an entire forest and a range of mountains were completely destroyed because of intense reiatsu.

Kevin tenses up and looks at May: You can’t tell anyone…


Kevin covers May’s mouth: Sh…. Soul and I don’t want anyone to know about that, just keep your mouth shut alright, don’t tell a soul about it, alright. (May nods her head yes. Then Kevin takes his hands off her mouth.) Good, now if all you came here for was to praise me, then you may leave, I don’t need any.

May: Why not?

Kevin: Because.

May: Because why?

Kevin: Are we really going to do this!?

May: Alright, alright I’ll leave, but keep this in mind Kevin, if you and I are alive after all of this, we’ll face each other again, deal? (May holds out her hand for Kevin to shake.)

Kevin: Deal. (He shakes May’s hand.)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
By the way, a side note on Orcale. He doesn't use that technique with the particles while others are around, he tries to keep that hidden. It's part of his sword's second ability that he keeps a secret.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
----------------the newcomer's intensions------------
Orcale: You are pretty fast on the uptake. Don't worry, I don't have any hostile intensions. Sorry to intrude, but I only have a few questions.

Goku: And they are?

Orcale: Who exactly are your potential enemies? I saw them earlier but I want to know a little about them.

Soul: They're called the angels.

Orcale: Angels...I think I heard something about them before. Weren't they some of the survivors of those people that were killed by genocide?

Soul: Yes.

Orcale: So then they got their revenge on the 13 court guard squads. I guess it's natural that they want their land back. I take it the girl with that fire Zanpakutou is the leader.

Goku: How do you know she has a fire Zanpakutou?

Orcale: I'm pretty good at sensing another elemental energies. I noticed it during that fight earlier.

Sempai: But I didn't see you there.

Orcale: Of course not, I was only watching. If I let anyone noticed me I would have gotten sucked into the battle.

Soul: But you are a Shinigami, are you not? Do you seek revenge?

Orcale: Not really. It may not seem very noble, but I don't play the avenging type very well.

Soul: I see...

Orcale: But I have one more question.

Soul: What would that be?

Orcale: Excuse me if I'm mistaken, but if the Shinigami were mostly wiped out and 'dethroned', that would make it seem that those others are next in line to be in control, right? What's your reason to go against those who want their land back? I may have no right to ask, but I'm curious.
What will the answer be? Whose side will Orcale take? What is this man's true intension?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----intentions (partly answered)-----

Tomo cuts in between the conversation with Orcale.

Tomo:Simple they wanna kill us for it. I know its unfair to them, for we killed their ancestors and wiped out their population. But none the less, we are not fighting because we wanna keep soul society, but more of the fact we are trying to protect ourselves from dying and getting the vengence on our loved ones.

Orcale: But isn't that what they're doing? You killed their people after all, and shouldn't they also have the right to get back as much as you.

Tomo: i didn't say they couldn't fight for the same reason. But they want to kill us based on what our ancestors did. We wanna get back for what they did.

Orcale: Still dont get it.

Tekken: Basically they wanna kill us even if we didnt contribute to what the others did, but we want to kill them for what they did "personally" to us.

Goku: Stop fighting, we all need to relax.

Sempai: i agree.

hmm, i dont know if that made sense haha. but i tried. you guys can help clarify. lol

Orcale: And isn't that what they did. They lost so you guys got it, and then you loss yet you still have it. Shouldn't they get back their land?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-----------Final Training---------

Zeron is tired and panting from what he has done: Are you kidding me, are we ALMOST there…

Grim Reaper: Almost.

Zeron: You said that an hour ago.

Grim Reaper: Yes, and this is the final training, the last lesson, the…

Zeron: I get it!

Grim Reaper: Alright, the final training is that you must experience death.

Zeron looks at the Grim Reaper as if he is insane: What?

Grim Reaper: You will die to pass through Bankai Sythasis.

Zeron: But, I’ll DIE, then I can’t use Bankai Sythasis because I’m dead!

The Grim Reaper appears in from of Zeron and jabs him in the heart: Cherish this pain, the pain that all feel near death, you will not die, but you will understand.

Zeron zones out, and sees complete darkness, nothing but, pain surged through his mind as he stares. The pain suddenly disappears and Zeron opens his eyes, he looks at the Grim Reaper and sees his face, only for a mere second as he wakes, then forgets all about it.

Grim Reaper: You have done well, we can now use it.

Zeron’s eyes widen: Really!

Grim Reaper: Truly and honestly.

Everything fades, and Zeron is sitting in the room and opens his eyes to see Lin in front of him.

Lin: You got it down?

Zeron: Ya, you?

Lin: Shikai and Bankai.

Zeron: What, really, that’s amazing!

Lin: Ya, well I figured it out.

Zeron: Mask.

Lin: Almost there, only a little to go.

Tekken walks in the room: Hey, how are you?

Lin: Tekken, what do you want?

Tekken: Figure I should meet my captain for the first time just to chat.


Kevin back into the captain meeting room and as he passes by Orcale and all of them.

Kevin: Hey, Orcale. (He walks into the meeting room with Soul.)

Orcale: Hey Kevin.

Goku: You know him!?

Kevin yells back from inside the meeting room: Old friend.

Inside the meeting hall, Soul has a few questions: So Kevin, you say you want all of your friends and students to be on the right track. Tell me who taught you that?

Kevin: I did, I get my own ideas and I think for myself.

Soul: Alright, so who taught you how to control your Zanpakto after you left, someone had to.

Kevin: I can’t speak of his name, but I can tell you he is our leader, he is hidden in a different dimension and is far more powerful than us, and he almost never fights.

Soul: Hm, interesting, what is his power?

Kevin: No one knows, he refuses to tell anyone, and he almost never uses it.

Soul: Alright, so he is in a different dimension, and he barely ever fights, so what does he do?

Kevin: How should I know, *Shrugs* I don’t ever see him anymore.

Soul: Okay, this is a dead end no matter which way you go.

Kevin: That’s about right.

Soul: Alright then, anything else you would like to tell me.

Kevin: Well I can tell you I can use Bankai Sythasis.

Soul: What, you can?

Kevin: Yep.

Soul: Okay, let’s review on what you can do, you use a mask, a powerful Bankai, a tube that allows you to go into an outburst, and you can use Bankai Sythasis. What kind of power house are you?

Kevin: One who likes to defend his friends, nothing more.

Soul: Okay anything else you would like to tell me?

Kevin thinks for a moment: Nope, that’s it!

Soul: Alright then, we’re about ready for our final battle, so get ready.

Kevin: Okay.

Soul thinks to himself: That is one strange kid…

-----------Ella Trains Again--------

Ella walks over to Sempai: Any more water techniques you want to teach me before we confront?

Sempai: Maybe, just give me a minute.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(A golden gate rips the sky and begins to unfold revealing eight figures).

Veznesel: Place every amplifier on their designated locations. It is necessary that we be precise, otherwise their could be disastrous consequences.

Azriel: (lands on the ground and a spherical barrier forms around him. Moments later the dome shatters and azriel vanishes several yards away). We need to consider proximity too, angels. Each amplifier must be within specific measurments of one another. Begin with the triangular pattern and as they they spead shape them.

Grim: Why can't I participate in setting up the amplifiers?

Yashnamiesh: Simple, you aren't adept enough in these acient techniques to equalize the signal or render the amplifier viable.

Azriel: She forgot to mention you're a complete moron and such high level spells are far beyond any of your agents.

Grim: (grinds teeth) I will kill you if you speak to me like that again!

Azriel: What hollow threats. Please, allow yourself some time before you speak because your idle statements are baseless and pointless.


Azriel: (glances at Grim and he begins punching and suddenly finds himself without sight or hearing). One simple kido spell immobilzes this brute, he certainly is unthoughtful.

Veznesel: (everyone chuckles) Free the troglodyte, he has learned his lesson. I'm sure he is humiliated enough.

(Azriel snaps his fingers and the walls crack and shatter around Grim).

Grim: What the heck was that?!

Azriel: (looks down and forms another barrier).

Veznesel: Grim, shut up and just keep guard.

Grim: Fine! I'm no foot soldier!

Veznesel: Please, don't give yourself that much credit.

(All the angels and arch angels finish their domes and several other angels appear)

Veznesel: I believe we're all done here. Ladies, did you finish in the restricted areas?

Baello: Yes.

Traea: Yes, we successfully constructed every amplifier. Each sector is secure and prepared for injection.

Veznesel: I believe we're fully prepared. The day of ascension is upon us (smiles and gate opens).

Grim: We're done? Completely? What if they discover the amplifiers?

Azriel: Did she speak too fast or was her speech too advanced for your comprehention? And to answer your question, only the caster of each amplifier is capable of relocating each individual one. Sekhmet, however, is capable of viewing all of them, but none of us know how defies that precautionary measure.

Grim: Oh, whatever. Let's go.

(They all walk through the gate).

A darkness begins to hover over the soul society. What is Sekhmet and her angels up to?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
This part that you will read is the true plan of grim in this generation. His original was just to kill Sekhmet, yet he failed and discovered Sashabis' secret, yet he must die and be altered into a monster. I did not come up with this on the spur of the moment. Though i was inspired about 1 month ago by "heroes" lol.

---Grims deception---

*Azriel, Vaznesel, and the other angels walk through the gate and are shoked what happens next. they here a couple simple words that shocks them permenetly*


*A giant green explosion occurs and the angels, Azriel, and Vaznesel jump back. Some of the angels are hurt from the green impact*

Azriel- What are you thinking you idiot! Are you tring to kill us!

Vaznesel- You think you can stand to all of us?! We gave you your soul and body back and this is how you repay us!

Grim who smiles greedly- who ever said that when i gained a body that my soul didn't change as well, who says that i..am the Grim you all used to know. *starts to laugh satanicly* I told Sekhmet that if you insulted my abilities, that i would either go against her or kill you. I plan on doing both. I planned on doing both any way when you were all together, but i can't help myself.

Vaznesel- So you plan on betraying us. I won't allow that. * a shadow wrapes itself around grims leg and throws him downward, but before he hits the ground he appears behind her* What!

Grim- you, said that i was incapable of assisting in your attempt to heal our land. But from what i can see, you won't allow me to be the idle you used to treat me as. I have changed since my death, i have changed alot. My whole plan was just to retreive two things. *pulls out belt* with this i will be able to be part of that final battle and be the victor over all. I will restore our land, i will become the governor of that land and i will make it prosperus. And i plan on absorbing..your abilities.

Azriel- What! you can't take our Zampaktous ability! You have no idea what your getting into.

Grim- Niether do you.

*the background changes to the black empty arena of space, and it fades to blackness. Screams are heard throughout the space and it soon fades with Vaznesel, Azriel, and all the angels on the ground uncouscious. And revealing the secret of his mutation of his new soul. His arm is all skeleton, glowing red with the tatooed stars on it.*

Grim- what delicious powers and memories, mmmmm it tastes soo good. *lifts arm up and a shadow slowely rises from his own* It will take time, but when i master these powers i will be able to kill Sekhmet for hers, Then Soul for his. I will be the titan i planned to be since she left. The plan that after death i would be able to use the ultimate bankai synthasis, the ability to take others abilities and use it for my own. *starts to rotate his arm* Sekhmet....Your next. Sashabi, star of armegedon will eat your powers so i can use it myself, then i will kill you with it.

*looks at the bodies*

Grim- to bad i can't remove their powers as i take them, it would be more usefull.

* a red eyes Girl with beutifull red hair and four arms appears with her left arm blackened by shadows*

Sashabi- i can only take 2 more abilities. I now have shadow manipulation. you intend on getting the flames of destruction, the erasers power. And creation is already ours.

Grim- Correct, I dont seem to recall anymore abilities stronger than those. Yet know i must go through more training to master these new abilities.

*The angels start to wake*

Grim- I need to go, that ability is to much for me know. I need rest. And now i need accomplises, i must start my search.


(what will Sekhmet do now that grim has the shadows for his defences against her? How will she respond when she hears that she is next?)

P.S. all powers can still be used by others, he just can use them as well. Only four though. He know has creation and shadows. He needs two more to be the titan he wants to be. he must touch them with the skeleton arm he has on the opponents head and he gains the ability and gets their memories.

---Soul's journey---

Kevin- what is your plan know?

Soul- I intend on finding this man you speak of. he could assist us very much in this battle. You say he is stronger than you, so i must go.

kevin- why?! We need you!

Soul- i will be back, Tenchi will lead for know and he will lead you all out into battle.

* a man in chains appears behind Soul*

Man in chains- he is a couple of miles to the west of here, yet i can't pinpoint his exact area.

Soul- good, we will use a spiritual portal.

Kevin staring at the chained figure- is that your...

Soul- my zampaktou, yes. I have acheived ultimate understanding with him, thus i can bring him out here to talk instead of forcong my self to go into the world. he is visible to other that are strong as well.

Kevin- Will you promise to return?

Soul- i wont let my freinds down.


(scene changes to a forest)

Soul- I sence a power unlike any other, you feel it?

Man in chains- yes, to your left. *vanishes like mist*

*soul turns to see a figure looking at him*

???- i believ you know that i don't fight.

Soul- i believed that for myself as well, but we need all the help we can get.

???- i refuse.

Soul- its not that simple.

*the two glare at each other and it seems like they have a angered attitude toward each other*

---Zeron and Lin---

Zeron- know we must teach you Bankai synthasis.

Lin- i don't know, will it be hard.

*a mysterious voice is heard from a nearby tree*

???- I can be some assistance

*the voice may be mysterious, but it is recognized emediatly by Zeron.*

Zeron- GRIM! WHY ARE YOU HERE! *takes out his sword*

Grim- im just throwing you an option, join me. Join me and you will be able to be strong.

Zeron- NEVER. *attempts to charge but can't move* what..what is this!

Grim- im binding you with shadows.

Lin- you dont have that ability!

Grim- I do know *jumps down from tree* Zeron, if you join. In no time you will be able to kill me, to finally get your revenge. And lin, you will be able to use your abilities to their highest ability. you will both be gods in the eyes of other, you will both be the rulers of Soul society. I think i gave you both a summary of my ideals. I hope you choose the write choice, and Zeron. you will be strong enough to kill me one day.

*vanashes, and Zeron is released from his paralyisis*

Lin- what..what do we do?

*zeron pants and is speechless for moments as Lin awaits an answer*

(what will LIn and Zeron decide, will they go with the titan?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-------Tomo's Sickness-------

Tomo is located in the forests, wandering as he tries to miditate and train his mental abilities and talk to his zanpaktou.

---Tomo's mind----

A tall man is standing, in front of tomo. His a much taller, and built aged around 30. He is wearing all white, his cloak, draped over him is also white. The mans face is well shaped, and has one scar diagonally across his left eye.

???:Hmmm, been a while since we last talked.

Tomo: Shut up Shiroi, you know i always visit.

Shiroi:haha i know. So what do you want to do today.

Tomo:train i guess, can we began?

Shiroi: On your mark.

They nod to each other and began sparing, they are evenly matched.
Both are very close and it shows as they battle.

Hours later.

Tomo:well i should go. (panting)

Shiroi:as you wish.

Tomo comes back to reality, and for some apperant reason doesnt feel soo good.

Tomo stands to go back. As he takes a few steps his coughing goes up and, falls to his knees. He grabs his head from the banging ache in his his.

Tomo: uhhh, my h- head, hurts.

He makes a final atempt to stand, but he ends up fainting.

His body lies there lifeless.

sorry to be soo blunt, ill explain later. TAKE it away Songoku. lol.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Haha. Wow. You steal my powers because your character is weak, alright.

(Sekhmet, all angels, and generals appear)

Sekhmet: I believe it is time to get this ball rolling.

Azriel: All the devices are running as expected.

Veznesel: Each amplifier is viable and filled.

Zalbeseal: Each sector's array is angles and fully equipt.

Yashnamiesh: All the vessels were seperated into their designated chambers and expanding as we speak.

Galgalzzi: I placed three barrier for our convenience.

Sekhmet: Excellent. Everthing is completely readied. Formation!

(All members place themselves in a circle with Sekhmet in the middle. A huge black dome forms around them all and nothing is visible or felt from inside. Scattering light begins bursting out of the dome and the ground begins to shake and the sky turns red. All the amplifiers begin generating a pulsating signal that alerts everyone in the soul society. The aplifiers are undetected, but begin to form a pattern that is unmistakable. This diagram is of the insignia of Demohocah; the ancient civilization that the shinigami attempted to wipe out).

The whole soul society begins rumbling and and beams of light turn the red sky into a darker, blood red.

Sekhet: I am assuming Grim will be here soon. I did not suspect his betrayal, he was suppose to rule beside us all. first, however, he was suppose to direct this process since he was strong enough. I thought giving him such an important opporunity would be revolutionary, but evidently not.

Azriel: Trash will always remain trash.

Veznesel: I since many shinigami heading our way. OH!

Zalbeseal: (begins laughing) Yes, I sense it too. They have some new recruits after so many losses. We have some half hollow half shinigami inbreds to toy with now, too.

Nuvem: They apparently united to thwart our efforts.

Poiera: Do they ever cease fighting fate? They only make themselves look more foolish.

Traea: They're not moving very fast, if they are considered captain level class.

Tesoura: I believe I sense our little friend, Grim. He's moving as sluggish as usual.

Farfall: (looks at Sekhmet) Do we have any new orders?

Sekhmet: You don't need any. We're riding on fates faithful gale, we will triumph this day. Grim wants to kill the shinigami as do we. He'll deal with them, first.

Yahsnamiesh: Signal is completely secure.

Sekhmet: Wonderful.(a huge platform bursts out of the ground and Sekhmet begins place several mysterious objects in it. The platform begins to resonate this intense, suffocating pressure.)

Veznesel: Now?

Sekhmet: Yes, now. They'll arrive and wish to discuss some things. We'll talk and figure out what to do next.

Grim: (appears in front of the platform) You taught me how to direct this monsterous contraption. I can freely use this machine to bring back the land and destroy you in the process!

Sekhmet: WHAT?! You fool! Get away from that, you no longer have to help us. You betrayed us.

Grim: (places vial in the platform counsel and it sends out a shockwave) I know exactly what to do, and I will do it.

Sekhmet looks at all the angels and generals in confusion and they all direct their attention to grim who is controlling the machine.

Azriel: What do you mean by "you will kill us all, Grim?"

Zalbeseal: The device is at it's peak, it's going to begin filtering the area in moments...

Galgalzzi: Wait...so it's already ready to emit the cleanse?

Veznesel: Yes, stupid! That is what he said! Unfortunately, grim is controlling it. We have just a couple momnets until it reaches its prime level and begins emitting.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
weak? you think thats the reason to absorb others powers. Its because every warriors ability has some absent areas for battle. Craetion is a healing ability in general and somewhat a defence. Its not weak at all. Your Sekhmets fire is offence, as is Souls erase. Vaznesel's shadows are mearly defencive to me. And with all these powers he will be able to use the ultimate ability. The armegedon of soul society will come.

---Grims plan---

Sekhmet: what do you exactly want to do when you kill us with that mashine, do you really want to provide only your self the honor of creating our kingdom?

grim: you underestimate my ability. I could have created a new kingdom with my ability.

*all are shoked*

Grim: sure it wouldn't be the same, but it would be a kingdom none the less. My whole plan is destroying you all and them taking what i should have taken awhile ago. Sekhmets flames.

Vaznesel: but you can't take them without the one you need containing life!

Grim:true, I see your point. Well Sekhmet, why don't you come closer to me and allow me to share your ability, if you do then i will releave control of this machine to you. although.

*sekhmet freezes and can't seem to move*

Grim: ill bring you here, i can this shadow puppetry. Now come! *sekhmet starts walking toward Grim as he unwrapes the badaged arm revealing the skeleton* I promise you this won't hurt a bit, maybe a little.

Vaznesel: how dare you! *a shadow lounges at grim*

Grim; *the shadow freezes before it make contact with his body and sinks into the armor he controls now* you're going to need to try somthing diffrent in order to hurt me, but i have to admit your defence is quite handy for my cause.

*at this point Sekhmet is infront of Grim*

Grim: I am so close to victory, after you there is one more before my plan will work *the skeleton hand grabs Sekhmets head and she screams as a red aura is fed to the skeleton arm* ahhhhhh, this feels delicious!

*seconds later he releases her and she is panting*

Sekhmet: you got what you wanted, now let me take control of this machine!

Grim who lifts his arm as fire levitates in his palm: Sure, i keep my promises. But this wont allow you to avoid Armegedon Sekhmet. Soon you will die along with everyone unless you decide to join me. Any of you angels want to live!?

*the angels stand their ground do to what seems like complete loyalty*

Grim: your loss. I have warned all of you. i will return to this battle when Soul arrives, I would perfer if you left it as a surprise to him. *vanashes*

Sekhmet: i offered him a rank in our kingdoms, i don't understand why he did this.

---the captains arrival---

*the captains arrive with their belts amongst the angels along with the captains vice captains*

Tenchi: Sekhmet you plan stops here!

Zeron who has somthing on his mind: we won't let you complete your mission!

Vaznesel: you have no choice, you won't be able to stop our ideas.

Tomo: i doubt that!

(grim has acheived the flames of ditruction, the creation of lands, and the shadow armor. Now he wants Souls erase ability, what is his plan? How will the war start? When will Grim return?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
uhh, Songoku, you forgot that Tomo is in the woods, lifeless right? haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sorry, Songoku. Your rational is poor at best.

Sekhmet: That poor fool think's he has our powers.

Azriel: Well, he is pretty stupid.

Sekhmet: It's time to initiate the Rebirth of our nation! Azriel!

Azriel: (Smiles and begins reciting) Brooding honor, clashing swords, grinding steel, lifeless eyes, battered bones, and blood bathed lands. Bakudo 193: Radiance

(suddenly time stops and Grim appears infront of the machine)

Grim: How did I get here?

Sekhmet: Easy, we're smarter and more powerful.

Grim: Sends out his attacks of all the generals and they quickly dissipate.

Sekhmet: What's wrong grim? You're plan didn't quite work, huh?! Don't remember what I said when I released you, friend. I had a safety measure just for this occassion. I never brought back all of you, but you never pay attention because you're a stupid fool.I left parts of your soul locked away for safe keeping, so those powers you wish you had, are all but lost. A temporary burst of strength for your. You'll always be weak.(suddenly the counsule begins to resonate and bursts of energy rush in every direction. The other aplifiers are now visable and erupt with power sending huge beams of light in into the sky forming a dome around the whole Soul Society). Sorry, Grim, but no one comes in and no one goes out now that the dome is up. I appreciate your pitiful attempt to become strong, but stealing others powers is a sad way to do it. You wouldn't no offense or defense if you watched it demonstrated in front of you.

Azriel: You never truly had our powers because you don't have the strength to control them with part of your soul locked away. If you had paid attention, she stated that at your release.

Veznesel: Haha. Even so, you may try and use our techniques against us, but it wouldn't be very useful. We control them, remember? If we have full sovereignty over our powers, you control a very limited portion. They will always yield to us.

Zalbeseal: And a lot of good that has done you! They have already dissipated, haha. I can't believe you were this stupid! You have a severe cognitive deficit to believe you could defeat us.

Sekhmet: (suddenly angels vanish into smoke). Remember that spell that was used on you before? It never wore off!

Azriel: It's a difficult and high level kido spell which arrests all senses in the victim. When all senses are arrested, they become entranced in your words. The simplest suggestion is so overwhelming that they follow it without question. It wasn't a simple kido spell after all, but you're stupid, so you never recognized my bluff.

Sekhmet: So not only did you not injure my warriors, but you never stole their powers. The spell has worn off and that is why you can't use any powers, I can't convince you of it any further. Face it, I will always be smarter, faster, stronger, and one step ahead. Morons never beat the brilliant. In your case, you're a very, good example of that case (smiles).

Grim: (enraged) I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU! ONI DEVA...(suddenly is frozen on the spot)

Veznesel: These shadows are pretty stealthy. Don't you wish you could use them, too? (begins laughing hysterically).

Sekhmet: Rivers run dry, trees cease their bellow, air remains still, and the sky devoid of light. All life is silent, still, and awaiting a command. The silence thickens as time intertwines with the golden chain of the queen. Bound and held still in motionless space; never bothered, never touched for no end.
Bakudo 184: True Suspension! (suddenly huge light rods stroke grim all over his body and he is immobilized completely)

Grim: WHAT IS THIS! ( the counsule begins sending out giant pulses)

Sekhmet: This particular spell allows the wielder to adjust how it suspends the victim. I can either expend a greater amount of energy to trap them beyond time and space or suspend their motion. The motion one was much better, it allows you to suffer. It looks like all the souls are beginning to peel and rupture. It's only a minute now until the whole area is destroyed.


Sekhmet: Did I? Oh, well I must have mislead you. The souls energy is the purest and strongest energy, it is also immensly unstable. When that energy builds, collides, and erupts it doesn't purify anything per se. It more...obliderates the whole area. Anyone in its path their soul is ripped from their body and completely annihilated. Not even I could withstand the blast of such pure and unstable energy. You fell for this union hook, line, and sinker. It was convenient, however. If weren't so stupid, it may be more of a challenge.

(suddenly the counsel turns a bluish-purple and sends out a pulse that strikes Grim and burns his flesh)


Sekhmet: Yes! Did you think I'd ever join forces with you? Hardly! you're no ally, you're a hiderence. Poor choices, weak resolve, and judgement plague your every move. I knew you'd join with me if I gave you a sensitive opening. You took advantage of that! The only dependable thing about you, is that you'll betray anyone. Haha.


Sekhmet: Duds, complete duds. It's pretty funny actually, every one was.


Sekhmet: Didn't you hear me? They were all duds, all 30. Worthless, no good, pieces of trash.

Azriel: Just like you! (stares at grim) We never designed belts to repel the blasts or the generator to replenish the lands. This was all in an effort to eliminate all those pathetic shinigami! You were the icing on the cake!

Galgalzzi: We also know that those pathetic shinigami have someone who is skillful with barrier, however the dome around the soul society isn't a barrier its the energy from the souls. Unbreakable, uncontrollable, and unyielding even to that barrier specialist. Everyone that has arrived will die (looks at Shinigami).

Sekhmet: Like I said those many weeks ago, Grim. The souls energy is unescapable and no one can withstand the blast. It is so powerful it rips the soul and completely breaks it down leaving nothing but dust. That is why we took refuge far, far away.

Grim: WHAT?!

Sekhmet: Yes, you were under the spell so you wouldn't have noticed. We're all shadows formed from the techniques of Veznesel and Azriel. So each shadow resonates each of our individual reistus. So those shinigami fell for it, too! (begins laughing and looks at Tenchi). Feeling paralyzed yourselves? Pathetic! (Stares at grim) You are weak and never deserved to be by my side. In seconds the towers will spread the soul's unimaginable energy and destroy everyone in the area, especially you. You get the distincy pleasure of experiencing the most pain. With your distance to the main site, it should be rather painful. (leans in to grim) I'll make sure to finish off the rest of the shinigami and take my rightful place on the throne. Remember, you were never meant to rule, I was. I am the queen, you were nothing but trash. The right to rule belongs to me. I will savor your defeat and watch as the life is ripped from your body. I will savor every delicious second as the energy tears your soul and your body leaving nothing by the reminance of shame. You lose, Grim.

(The energy bursts and tears open the sky and bursts out and begins tearing apart grim)

Sekhmet: Bear with it, it will be over soon, Grim. Have fun burning in hell (smiles). You...lose!

(The burst rushes in every direction and strikes all the angels and generals and it pummels the shadow clones annihilating them. Grim screams "CURSE YOU SEKHMET! NOOOO!!!" and his soul lights up in his body and is pulled out, his eyes become a dull black and his facial expression smoothes. The soul begins breaking apart and dissintigrating. It bursts into the dust and the pulses resonate from the amplifiers. All the other bursts resonate throughout the whole area. Tenchi is struck with the blast and tries screams in agony as his flesh is ripped, burned, and his soul is torn from his body. The soul shatters within the blasts fury. Lin's soul is forced from her body and is torn and dissintigrates within the blasts. Everyone in the area had their soul torn from their body and lay mutilated, lifeless, and souless.

Sorry, Songoku. I knew you would betray Sekhmet and in every post I set up a precaution to avoid any threachery. From the very beginning I planned on ridding Sekhmet of Grim. With the first words of "Alliance" I had set up the fake belts and mislead you with much information. I knew that if I told you to give belts to people and ignored details that you wouldn't suspect a thing. Look where it got you? Grim is dead. Better try next time. Too bad you brought all of the other members characters there, too. Have fun explaining their characters demise to them. Your next character might want to have a better balance of skills. Fire, shadows, and all the rest are not only defensive or offensive. I created their zanpakuto to be both, equally. That is why I defeat your characters! :)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-----About ten minutes earlier-----


Kevin comes behind Soul and sees his leader.

Soul: Will you fight with us?

Man, around 40’s, long black hair, in his eyes, and eye color which seems to change (There is such thing): I do not wish to get caught up in your war. This is your fight, not mine. If one of my commanders were to be killed in a war like this, then I just might come out from hiding. I rarely come out, and you are lucky to see me and to be living right now.

Soul: You must be very powerful then, may I ask for your name?

Man: My name is Element.

Soul: Hm?

Kevin: He doesn’t remember his real name, so he made his own.

Soul: I see.

Element opens a dimension gate in front of him and looks at Kevin: Good luck out there, I hope you live.

Kevin: Agreed sensei.

Element walks through the door and Soul speaks: Why won’t he fight?

Kevin: Because when he does, both sides suffer.

--------Revolution-------- play song at bottom

A gate opens, and Zeron, Tenchi, and all other captains and vice captains (Except Soul and Kevin who are on their way) stand in front of the Angles.

Sekhmet looks wide-eyed: What?!

Zeron: Grim should know, different bodies, did you honestly think that that kind of trick would work on us, well.

Sekhmet: How did you?!

Zeron: I am a matter of life and death; I merely used some bodies to replace us, and a dimension to shield us. Sekhmet, that machine takes months to charge, correct? Then we have nothing to worry about.

Sekhmet: You did what?!

Zeron: I mislead you, tricked you, as you tried to trick us. Soul will be your opponent, there is a decision that has already been made (And might kill us all).

Sempai: Should we fight one on one?

Lin: I like that.

Averis: Fun idea, but if someone loses…

Jake: ………………

May: Hm, which should I chose.

Traea: Where’s the other kid, I didn’t get to kill him last time.

Sekhmet: I’m not too sure if I’ll wait for Soul.

Songoku: I don’t like fighting these ladies…

Soul and Kevin appear from another gate (Kevin’s gate) and Kevin talks: Sorry we’re late.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sorry, Tecno, but my people aren't there. :) So there is no fight. All the characters there died. It is too bad. Any character Songoku brought there is dead, amd you didn't suspect anything. This is just a last ditch effort you save your characters. Do what you wish, they aren't threatening. My characters are safely out of harms way and Grim, Tenchi, May, and all of the other characters there are dead. Deceit is so sweet! :)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----moments before detonation----
In the forest where Tomo's body was last left.

Tekken, annoyed, appears right infront of Tomo. Tomo still lies their lifeless.

Tekken: Uhhh, you need to get better at controlling your mental abilities. well time to hurry up.

Tekken gets on his knees and enjects medicine in Tomo's body, to help his sickness. Tomo then starts to show signs of life again.

Tomo:Te- te- Tekken.

Tekken:Yea, i saw what you were thinking and all the others, we need to hurry.

Tekken takes out a vial, and puts it to Tomo's lips.

Tekke recites: Energy flows, energy wavers, soul TRANSFER.

Tomo's eyes open wide but then looks lifeless, Tomo's soul then gets into the bottle.

Tekken starts to feel the explosion coming. He puts the bottle in his sleeve and throws a miror on the floor. He then waves a hand over it, opening a portal. He quickly jumps in.

When they left, the explosion riped away the flesh off of tomo's body, and is killed.

------In the Reflection Dimension, during the explosion-----

Tekken lays The vial on a table, They are located in a dimension, that is wide and spacious. Every few feet Giant mirrors are hanging in the air.

Tekken: Uhh time to transfer the bod-

Tekken sees that the new body Tomo's soul was about to take is a girls body. Tekken is stumped as he decides wheter or not he should transfer the soul.

Tekken then shrugs it off, and Transfers the soul.

Tomo:uhhh, finally, we could've got killed. Hmm, why is my hair long.

Tomo stands, and walks to one of the floating mirrors.

TOmo: WHATT!!!! Why am i a GIRL!!!!

Tekken:Hey you know how hard it was to find even a body to put your soul in, your memories are not the good to read, ya know!

Tomo: Uhh, I haves b- b- booo-

Tekken: Well at least you're alive.

Tomo calms down: Find, what ever. At least i look okay. haha.

Tomo's new body is of a 12 year old girl. He has black onix hair, with one black iris and the other silver. Tomo puts it now long hair into a ponytail with a ribbon.

Tekken:At least i got a pretty body for you.

Tomo: Shuts up, we need to hurry, see if the others are okay.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Actually Crazione, Tecno is right. We new that you would probaby pull a stunt like that and planned this ahead of time. You think you fooled us good, but your wrong. Don't underestimate us and overestimate yourself. To bad your plan did not work. Plus i can say the same about ast minute efforts about you triking Grim. Again, don't underestimate him or anyone else. Your angels aren't gods, they are just as mortal as everyone else.

---the escape---

*The barren land over looks soul society and the replacement bodies have been torn of their souls, or what seemed to be strings to Zerons puppetry*

Tenchi- Sekhmet doesn't seem to be here. Why?

*a man appears from the beyond8

???: because she fooled most of us, nearly got me as well.

Zeron: Grim!

Grim: She nearly tore me from my body, even limeted my soul on itself. My plan i useless without my soul complete, ut will not be able to work. Thus, i leave my trust to you all who, despite your efforts today, plan on defeating the one who attempted to kill us all. I wish i could help, but *holds both arms up and one releases a small amount of fire as the other releases small amounts of shadow* I don't have enough streangth right now.

Soul: I see, so i guess you don't want to take y powers anymore.

Grim: do not be mistaken, i will return once Sekhmet falls and i complete my soul. I defeated Azriel and Vaznesel with this handicap, so when im complete i will destroy all of you. Don't think of this as a truce.

Element: you are a stubburn and disturbed soul.

Grim: that may be true, but you are a weak and shallow soul.


Soul: we will attempt to find Sekhmet and the others. Their cowardly attempts to escape us dissapoint me. I thought they were strong. Yet i guess i was wrong, they are weak and insignifficant. We will be able to conquer all of them. Songoku, you and Lin will be back ups. You two will leave from the first part of the batte util you two master Bankai sythasis.

Songoku: WHAT! How come i have to leave even though YOU havent mastered it yourself!

*everyone is shoked*

Soul: Honestly, i don't need a synthasis. My bankai is powerfull enough to destroy creation. i don't beleive anything stronger should exist.

Kevin: you..you havent masterd it?

Soul: I never wanted to ever since i used Bankai last time and killed many of my freinds and family.

Songoku: you killed them?!

Soul: it was a set back and an emotional barrer to fighting ever again. I promise you that i wont make the same mistake to you guys. Captains, we will overcome these angels and stop them in their tracks. They will not be abe to withstand our forces.

Songoku: what about me and lin?!

Soul: Zeron.

Zeron: yes Captain

*Zeron vanishes behind both Songoku and Lin*

Zeron: come back when you master your synthasis.

*creates a portal and both Lin and Songoku sink into it*

Soul: good. Now we find the arrogant and pathetic angels and crush them wear they stand. We will leave to mercy on these brutal and savage creatures. I dare not ever associate myself with such pathetic animals after their attempt to end the battle. their incompetance disapoints us all. And from this chance they took to kill us, all they have left is to fight us. And i assure all of you that we will win, let us clip the wings of these angels that allow them to fy so high. they will fall and experiance hell.

Kevin: And for the generals ad Sekhmet?

Soul: The generals will be taken on by Tenchi, Zeron, Sempai, and Songoku and Lin when they return. I will extinguish the flames of Sekhmet myself. Make her fall to her knees for making a disgrace out of our people. Her Failure and greed for power defeats the purpose of what she said all those days ago. She wanted peace and harmony, but she was aways against it. A foul, vile, and confused mind could never understand Peace and harmony.

Zeron: But when you kill her, won't Grim have complete control over his soul and be able to master his new abilities?

Soul: he will be our second concern. He has no power at this moment other than running. We should focus on bringing the angels from their heaven, to the barren truth they reject.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Ahaha. I am sure, Songoku. Nonetheless, every step of the way I planned something to thwart your efforts. One, I kept half of your soul sealed, which significantly weakens Grim (go back to page 10, it's there), created faulty belts that were duds, and used bloody sovergneity to arrest your senses. Remember, if you read back I called it a "simple" kido spell and he only "snapped" as you could see. Precautionary measures outweigh your sad attempt to steal my characters powers. I realize it's difficult for you to generate creative ideas, but stealing mine isn't going to help you any. The thing that is troublesome about Grim is, he never stops developing powers, which is starkly unrealistic. First, he has the power of creation, alright. Now, he can absorb others abilities? Your last ditch efforts are comendable, but pitiful nonetheless. We'll see who wins. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Orcale:(stands high in the air staring up)*thinks to self* All of this just because they want to avenge themselves...I guess it's human nature. It's only right that someone tries to make sure the ones who killed their own feel misery. But if they end up accomplishing their goal, there will be people to avenge the one's defeated, then so on. This will just turn into a never ending chain of hatred vangeance. (sighs) I wonder which is right, defending one's honor, or ignoring personal feelings for peace? (closes eyes and everything goes dark)
-------------------true peace------------------
Orcale: (stands in an valley with nothing but grass and sloping hills. A ferret with spiral lines going down its fur stands in front of him) (nods at it) Kazeken.

Kazeken: Why do you waste your time? You know nothing will come from this but chaos.

Orcale: Perhaps, but I can't sit back and do nothing. They only want peace.

Kazeken: (Scoffs) Peace? How is this peace? A war is not peace, it is the opposite. (Orcale solemnly looks down silently) There is no such thing as peace. In order to have it you must have everyone at a mutual understanding. It's impossible for one to understand another. Conflict is part of human nature just like discrimination, the cause of all this.

Orcale: I know that we're incapable of reaching peace once you think about it, but it is definetly impossible if we think like that. It is because of people attempting to end conflict that happiness exists. It's easy to be wrapped up in conflict, it's hard to overcome it.

Kazeken: That is why there will be evil as long as there is good.

Orcale: But good doesn't necessarily mean right, and what we percieve as evil may very well be right. I'm not worried about which side is right. I already know what my resolve is. It's different from them though.

Kazeken: What is it?

Orcale: Soul Society is my home. I can't allow it to be destroyed. I will protect it with my life, regardless of whoever opposing it's reason is.

Kazeken: Is there anything I can say to change your mind?

Orcale: Not really.

Kazeken: As your Zapakutou I have no choice put to comply. Your reason is my reason. Don't die. (everything starts to fade and Orcale finds himself in the air still staring at the sky)

Orcale: Thanks, Kazeken...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey Crazieone, I will respect your characters if you respect mine, in other words, I won’t kill your guys off so easily and kill everyone off with Element if you don’t underestimate my characters. All of their abilities aren’t changing and have been thought of, so don’t think I’m making this up as I go along… And really, Kevin is creative, so why don’t you be; his defense can be an offence. Keep that in mind.

And Songoku, Element is in another dimension and will only come out when one of his commanders die, so right now, let’s say he was never there.

---------Kevin vs. Traea-------

Kevin looks at Traea: Long time, hasn’t it?

Traea: Heh, like you could be any stronger than before.

Kevin appears in front of Traea and slashes his sword at her: I can be.

Traea flies back and gets on her feet from the blow: He’s faster and stronger, how could he be this way in such little time.

Kevin: Don’t underestimate me.

Traea thinks: His reiatsu is different, too much different, how could this be that boy?

Kevin: I know what you’re thinking, my reiatsu is different right? Heh, that wasn’t even me, that was a different body, and if that’s just a body, imagine the real thing.

Traea comes at Kevin and kicks at him, Kevin merely blocks with his blade: That isn’t going to work. (Kevin slashes at Traea and Traea moves back.)

Traea: What the heck are you?

Kevin: The earth, it’s as simple as that.

---------Lin and Songoku--------

Lin: Aw, I really wanted to fight…

Songoku: Well at least we have each other.

Lin kicks Songoku in the gut sending him flying: SHUT UP!

Songoku: What did I do!?

Lin: Don’t get any ideas.

Songoku: I wasn’t!

Lin: Whatever, I need to talk with my Zanpakto if I’m going to do this.

Songoku: Fine…


I’m not one for decision making, so I was on writer’s block. This is all I could think of.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Chase1600 said…
Name: Anake
Release: Pierce The Heavens, Anake
Bankai: Nishoku Anake
Description:imagine 4 zangetsus that looked like a drill on both sides of the hilt by concentrating my reiatsu i can shoot the blades from the hilt and control them with the chains that keep them linked to the hilt. My bankai is a sleeker smaller version of my shikai.
Shikai abilities: Twin Dragon Storm: i spin my blade above my head with the blades released and by unleashing extreme amounts of reiatsu the blades form metal dragons which massacre whatever they touch.
Bankai ablilities: Drill Swarm: all the blades seperate and form new drills making up to 100 drills in the air which i can control with my hands. Eclipse Storm: the blades multiply to 1000 and detach from their chains rush at my enemy from all directions while constantly dissapearing and reappearing in different places woth a similar technique to flash step.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Since crazieone quit, I'll just say that the Earth blew up and that's that. Okay then, now what are we going to do, and suggestions? Oh and no one fight crazieone, he just plays unfair.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Who said I quit? Also, Tecno, stop being so childish. Starting fightings and spreading slander isn't very "fair" or sportsman like. Grow up, please.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----Tomo questions his sides-------

hmm i decided to make twist and make Tomo a little more interesting.


Tomo and tekken appear back in soul society, specifcally in Tomo's lab.

Tekken: hurry up.

Tomo: wait, im almost done finding my body- FOUND IT.

Tekken: hurry up transfer.

Tomo transfer his soul back to his orginal looking body.

Tomo: uhh, much better. hehe.

Tekken: Good lets go see who needs help-

Tomo:Wati tekken.

Tekken turns to face tomo.

Tekken:Yea, what?

Tomo: is it truly right of us to fight them.

Tekken: are you crazy?! of course.

Tomo: well. ive been thinking why can't we compromise? or why can't we just divide up the land or join forces? I mean, who else lives here but us and a few others???

Tekken: Tomo you shouldn't be talking like that.

Tomo: I- i know, but

Tkken: But what.

Tomo: well,

You guys can fill in what he says...gtg sleep. haha. plus i think i wanna change sides for a while haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Killing off everyone in a certain area is totaly fair too when it takes a few months for it to charge, although a tube, which is limited and takes 100 years to make, is totaly not. Not to mention the characters you make can't die no matter if they fall into a pit of lava. Also that you don't read most of the posts, thus you can't fight. crazieone, if you don't understand this, then what the heck are you thinking? Quite frankly, I'm just saying what you saying, right now, I have noting to do with Grim.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
crazieone, in case you need to remember our conversation last time, here's something that might supprise you:

Running for her life, Ella tries to escape the huge reiatsu; her life was at risk, why did she have the urge to begin with? It didn’t make any scene. An axe like thing, so to speak, comes at her head. She barely blocks with her sword.

Traea: Found you. (Smiles devilishly)

Ella’s eyes widen, they caught up to her! This was all that instinct’s fault! If she just didn’t have that instinct…

Traea: Die shinigami! (Another person appears behind Ella, punching her in the ribs. She bends over from the blow, such power)

Traea brings the axe down to Ella’s neck. Suddenly, a shadow appears and snatches the axe and hurls the axe and Traea who still hangs on. Person 4 is who it is.

Ella: Jake?

Traea: You said there was only one!

Zalbeseal: There was! This other one must have been hiding his reiatsu!

Jake takes Ella by the waist and vanishes.

Traea: Which way?

Zalbeseal pauses: I…don’t know…

Traea: What do you mean you don’t know!

Zalbeseal: I mean I don’t know it disappeared, go ahead and check.

Traea concentrates, no sign of when the reiatsu when, or were it was: How?

Zalbeseal: I don’t know, they could be using a Zanpakto or tool, but there are way too many options.

Traea grinds her teeth: Fine, let’s continue our search. (Both vanish)


This is what I wrote, and when I said "Continue our serch, I ment the person you were looking for before. This is what you wrote:


Zalbeseal: How beautifully done! With such skill and grace, he pummeled you and whisked his love away! He's hiding his reistu much better than our previous foes. Despite this, he will not get too far.

Traea: He was pretty strong to fling me like so! I want to fight him! It will be the most fun i've had in a long, long time. Not sense that moment where I killed Songoku's beloved shinigami. Haha.

Zalbeseal: Our friend doesn't have as much control as we previously assumed. His reitsu keeps spotting the country side! Ready? (Traea nods) Go! (both vanish).

(suddenly Jack drops Ella in order to dodge an axe to the head. He recovers and dodges Ella and goes to catch Ella, but she is missing).

Zalbeseal: You look overwhelmed with fear (Grins and chuckles)! (Jake looks behind him) Panicked, little one? I believe this is because I have your girlfriend. Don't fret, I'll take good care of her (lets out an insidious chuckle while looking at Jake. Jake stares at Zalbeseal in awe and thinks to himself).

Jake: (Inner-monologue)What is this sensation...I can't get a hold on it! He is just staring at me and smiling...Why do I feel this way. This feeling is torturesome...(Jake's hand begins to tremble).

Zalbeseal: (Holds an unconscious ella) What if I dropped? Would you try and pass me to save her? You could try, but there is a good chance you'd find yourself missing a limb afterwards. You look flushed? What ever could be the matter?


Traea: You truly believe you're acting completely self-righteous. You shinigami are so transparent.

Zalbeseal: Ha ha ha. That is a perfect description for this boy (suddenly the air thickens and begins to feel heavy).

Jake: (gasps for air) Ugh...what is going on. It feels like an ocean is above me...weighing down on me.

Zalbeseal: (chucks Ella and Jake vanishes to catch her but is stopped with Zalbeseal sitting standing within inches of him) I don't know how to stress this enough, but you should concentrate on your battle with me, otherwise...You'll die.

(Zalbeseal smashes Jake in the stomach and sends him flying backwards)


Zelbeseal smashes Jake in the stomach, that sounds like an attack. I ran, you attacked, that's all that's to it. You were wrong, I was right, get over it, blah blah blah...ya...whatever
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Haha! Wow! The beginning of this post was written by you, there is no mistaking it.

[(Another person appears behind Ella, punching her in the ribs. She bends over from the blow, such power)]
Traea brings the axe down to Ella’s neck. Suddenly, [a shadow appears and snatches the axe and hurls the axe and Traea who still hangs on]. Person 4 is who it is.

This is you, not me. It was you who began the assault on the angel and general. Why would you incriminate yourself, Tecno? You need to improve your investigative skills. I merely posted at the end, on page 10, "what is your name, little one." It wasn't directed at you, but you brought yourself in. Just get over this and direct your attention elsewhere.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
kk u guys this may clash a bit but i have a request from crazieone for us to have a fight okay? so dont hate me or nuffin...
"i wonder where i am... uncle bakuen specifically asked me to come to this spot, however i dont see him anywhere?"

a huge rip in the sky alerts all around and a huge green reiatsu approaches. out of the rip emerges a woman dressed in a shinigami cloak with a wierd green tiger striped pattern.
her zanpakuto was glowing with green falmes as she enters the clearing

she drops down from the sky and into the forest. immediatley every single creature is aware of her presence.strangely her zanpakuto changes colour. this time an aqua shade of flame.
what is with her zanpakutuo???

wierdly, animals are being called to her aid. a wolf emerges from the trees accompanied by a deer and a few bullfinches.

"hello friends of the woods! where pray tell is uncle bakuen ?"

the animals reply in chorus:"young one he is in the clearing further ahead. would you like us to accompany you and our master while you are in search for him?"

"no thank you, i can manage. you are dismissed. thank you for your help..."

one by one the creatures leave. by herself she walks oin unaware of the figure following her...

suddenly her zanpakuto changes colour again and this time the flame is the colour of slaughter... crimson.
she slashes towards the figure and a wierd red slah follows the strike.
unforunately it narrowly misses the her target and the flame carries on disintegrating everything in sight.

"that was a close one little girl.. you nearly got me there..."
the hooded figure has most of her cloak singed by the fury of her flames.

"it seems you lacked resolve in that attack or you surely would have aimed straight."

"thats true im not really the one to stay angry for no reason. you see i dont like fighting, i prefer protecting, preferably animals"

" i see" (the enemy seems deep in thought. "i want a fight. it seems like you have an interesting zanpakuto. sehkmet would surely benefit from it..." but he/she thinks(depends on the gender you pick crazieone)what can i do to get her to fight me...
instantly the thought hits him. ill kill one of her precious animals. it may take longer but itll be a no lose situation for me...

instantly he dissapears and then reappears with a newborn deer calf.
"resolve and determination flares up in her eyes as she says "dont do it!!!!!!"


she breaks down and starts to cry. why must you be so cruel.. it didnt even live its full life. you heartless scumbag..."

she suddenly rises and her hair changes colour to a deep crimson her eyes also change colour to a deep shade of purple.

" i am the daughter of karukai mesuke and niece of bakuen and feliciti mesuke, and i am here to slaughter you for killing an innocent life..."

hooded figure starting to take off hood. "this shall be interesting..."
the moods kinda cool dontcha think gguys its just soo tense. maybe i shou8ld become the movie director eh crazieone? lol1!
hasta luego amigos
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
its called defending, not offending, you need to look up what attack is crazieone...
and for the record, it was a warning, not a DONT DO THIS AND YOULL NEVER BE MY FRIEND thing. just saying that crazieone plays unfair
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
yea guys, lets try to be friends again haha...n e ways kofisius ive been waitting for you to come back haha....kk gtg
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Kof, ignore Tecno. He has some serious mental health issues he needs to address. With that said, I've never battled tecno so he has no idea how I do anything. His writing is barely legiable, so I doubt his reading skills are up to par either. :)

Angel: (removes cloak) That thing was beginning to irritate me. Normally I wouldn't cloak my reitsu, but I found it therapeutic to have my victims come to me, rather than go to them. There are so many times when I find myself pursuing others. It becomes tiresome.

Woman: I will never forgive you for all the harm you have done in the past and all the harm you wish to inflict.

Angel: Aw! Aren't you self-rightous! Who taught you these principles, girl? I'm sure these forest aniamls did not. (suddenly a cero bursts out and takes out parts of the forest and animals residing). You were saying, dear? You want to avenge the fallen? How about you add this whole forest to that list!

Woman: (unsheathes sword. Appears behind the angel and their swords clash. The woman kicks the angel and she goes flying. She appears beside the angel to slice off her head and is greeted with a huge cero. It blasts her into several trees. She recovers with minor wounds).

Angel: You don't realize the magnitude of this situation, do you?

Woman: What do you mean?

Angel: You'll see! (vanishes and appears infront of the woman and smashes her in the stomach and begins volleying her around with kicks and punches) You're going to wish you walked another path this evening (smiles).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
hahahah lol crazieone! its a par ,its a par ,thats why im parrin..
oh 4 those who dont know what im on about watch this...
lol tempz hes such a joker!
anyway where was i?
with that the angel rushes toward her with incredible speed. any sane person would rather try their hardest to get away from the attack, however she just stands there waiting for the impact.
unfortunately for the angel she didn't notice a strange black flame emerging from her sword. with this she is shrouded in it and vanishes...

the angel seems confused for a minor second and is then seen slashed from behind. even though its nothing but a minor slash. she examines her wound and laughes...

"this minor injury would not be enough to slay a bear! let alone someone of my caliber!"

out of nowhere she replies"it wasn't supposed to... as you have seen the red flame is mainly used for ranged combat, the green is for neutral combat, the black is a good defense as i am invisible and almost undetectable (by this, well... ill let you guess...:P)
the aqua flame is also to summon and speak to the inner thoughts of my friends(these mainly consist of animals.)depending on the range.
at the moment i have shown you 4 of my 7 flames used in shikai."

"you impudent girl... you should have never thought to have entered my playground..."
an immense spiritual pressure is building up and cloaks the whole forest.
"you couldnt even explain why you cut me, and for what.. a SPEECH? why am i wasttng my time on you, ill kill you now!"

"i dont think so..." suddenly a huge wolf bites her shoulder and several more bite her limbs preventing her from moving.
"these wolves suck your spiritual pressure and gradually weaken your skeletal frame. i can not only talk to them and command them i can also summon them... Now then i think its time i finish this..."

she rushes downwards and her flame changes to green.
"grand luster slash!"
the sword transforms into a gigantic sabre cloaked in emerald flames. she instantly brings it down without remorse, slashing the angel from top left of the neck down across the stomach.

lifeless the angel drops down to the floor with blood seeping down onto the ground the wolves are dismissed and the girl humbly buries the calf and prays for it. she then gets up, picks up her sword and continues to look for bakuen...
wow that took a while gee im bushed...
anyway its good to finally get back into a fight yknow? sooo exhilarating lol!
hasta luego amigos :P
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(suddenly) A sword is slammed through eves stomach and she looks behind her and the angel is smiling.

Angel: You didn't really believe you could kill me that easily? Did you?

Eve: Ugh...(blood pours from her wound as she clutches her stomach) I killed you...

Angel: No, you killed an after image and I used some blood from that wolf over there.

Eve: What?! (Look at dead wolf) Oh no...why would you be so cruel as to hurt them?

Angel: Well, I never was really good with weakness. I find it draining, so I strike it down immediately.

Eve: (charges the angel, but is slices another after image and is struck in the back of the head by the angels fist) Who are you...(is said while she lay on the ground)

Angel: I'm an angel in Sekhmet-Sama's army. You obviously underestimated that title, for you thought you cnould quickly dispose of me. It's a shame, really. Many people die this way.

Eve: By underestimating you?

Angel: No. They die because they're simply too weak.

Eve: I'm certainly not weak! (Wolves begin attacking the angle and blasts them away with ceros). What is your name, stranger?

Angel: You're so eager! I enjoy this! For your diligence, I will reward it with my name and a special surpise. I am the Octava angel, Baello. (an immense spiritual pressure begins weighing down on Eve and her eyes widen as she tries to withstand the pressure).
I need only say two more words... Barragem Caos! (suddenly her sword splits and a chain forms betwen the two. Each sword changes shape into long mallets with large maces on the end of each. The chain consists of several smaller shaped relics).

Eve: Impressive. You're the weakest of the angels...

Baello: Weak is just a point of few. However, weak at this magnitude is a deadly wager to rely on. (vanishes with blinding speed and smashes eve in the back with the mace and then before she can fly forward from the hit, Baello smashes her chest with the other sending her backwards). End that session with a cero, doll face! CERO!!! (A huge purple cero bellows out and is being held back with eves sword) The energy will become so immense, it will overtake your defenses.

Eve: This...is so strong...(with mighty force she blasts the cero off to the side avoiding tremendous damage.

Baello: (surprised) I never expected such resistance from a forest dweller! You only incurred minor damage after deflecting it. Those wounds from my zanpakuto look pretty serious, perhaps you should consider medical attention. Allow me to help! (throws mace and eve dodges and begins swifty running in the opposite direction. Baello appears beside her with a smile) It's far too late to escape now! (Kicks her backwards and swirdles her maces smashing eve, but eve stabs her sword into baellos stomache too).

Baello: (clutches her wound) You...litte...B****. I will destroy you! Giarada! (suddenly one of her maces begins sending out small spherical objects which eve dodges)

Eve: This is your great attack? (wolves charge baello but mysteriously explode before reaching her) What? (Inner-monologue- She didn't fire a cero or swipe her sword...) (Eve charges Baello but suddenly the little spheres parade infront of her and explode sending her to the ground)

Baello: You should be more careful. Those easily dodges spheres are explosives and have a nasty habit of pursuing fast moving objects. Due to their small size, they are immensly fast and will out run any target.

Eve: (gives baello a dirty look and attempts to avoid the spheres, but as she moves they strike her and explode)

Baello: By all means keep with these tactics. They're greatly convenient for me (smiles)

What will Eve do to avoid these endless and unescapable explosive spheres?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
WOW cool! this is just like old times huh?
eve is in an extreme source of pain. bleeding all over she resorts to using the last of her two *original* flames. she moves towards the ground regardless of the spheres which are exploding onto her back.

"sixth flame deathperaton!" her swords flame vanishes and her zanpakuto changes into 4 swords. "this form is the sixth, the flames from the original grey have been transformed into 3 more blades. i hope you undertand what this means..."

"hah! so you have more swords so what?"

immediately as if in response the swords all emanate a green falme.
"what! four enflamed zanpakutos!"

"no this is just a distribution of the flames..."

the angel becomes enraged and flings the mace towards eve
"thats a big mistake... Grand 10th emerald crucifix!"
with two of her swords she forms a crucifix a points it to the direction of the maces and the steel balls. instantly she fires but it seems nothing happens.
realizing that she is in trouble she quickly jumps out of the way and into the trees...

"hah running away are you girlie? that attack you just used was totally ineffective. youre just a waste of my time"

in response 10 more wolves join the fight and battle in eves place they too are glowing with flames however they are crimson. eve however is using her medical skils to heal most of her wounds. unaware the angel continues to fight the wolves.
the angel rushes forward and attempts to use the steel balls and the maces, however it proved to be useless...
"what happened i cant even get it out!"

eve appears again almost fully healed with the exception of minor injuries. "the reason why you cant use them is because i sealed their entities and transported them to another dimension. unfortunately for you you wont get them back. now then final original flame forma finale!"
the wolves seem to dissipate and fuse with her four swords. (oh it sounds really cliche and you probably dont know what it loks like so here it is:(down at the bottom)
basically the green flame is the wolf sabre, red is the grand decapitator black is the luster shield and the blue is the hook knife...


without a way to attack the angel resorts to hand to hand combat and attacks straight on.
eve merely smiles and is amused by her luck.
"grand tenth emerald crucifix!" this time it is directed straight at the angel. immediately she cannot move and she is trapped between the parallel worlds.
"your body is here angel whilst your mind is trapped in a heavenly vortex. you cannot even hope to escape. however this only happens to living things thats why i could only seal you weapons... now i shall bring this to an end. you were a good opponent but you will never live up to my caliber... EVER... Grand Inquisitors fury!"

a blinding flash1 a huge meteor like blast! the angel petrified(by that i mean paralyzed) what will happen?
wow that took a while... like my piccy guys?
 WOW cool! this is just like old times huh? ----------------------------------------------------------
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Hey guys im soo confused on where to start now, KOFISIUS and CRAZIONE whats happening, this is still the same storyline right, just from Kofisius' point of view now...right? sorry but im soo lost. haha. plus i want to bring TOMO AND TEKKEN back. haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Wait, are you in bankai? haha.

Baello: AHHHHHHHH!!!! DESTABALIZING VORTEX!!!! (Temporal threads begin unraveling and becoming unstable and Baello slips beyond the parallel dimensions and becomes whole again).

Eve: What is this sorcery?

Baello: (pants) This...this is our ancestors mixture of kido and Saro. That was a difficult spell...(looks up at Eve) I am going to kill you! (She vanishes and Eve begins trying to escape the tyrants angel's rage, but she is easily caught and the angel appears. Eve realizes that Baello's mace has changed and now is now two huge metal spear extentions covering her forarm and extending much past her hands. Before eve can react, Baello stabs her several times with each spear and flips and kicks her downward).

(Eve is lying on the ground with pools of blood around her. She looks up and fires a huge crucifix at Baello)

Baello: (Smiles) No, that will not work. (Crosses hands and makes a huge swip ripping through the crucifix. She begins stabbing her spears into the ground and Eve is trying to avoid these stabs at all costs. Baello kicks her and stabs her in the back).

Eve: AGHHH! (She swipes her sword and Baello smacks it away with her spears. Eve vanishes) You certainly are stronger than I ever imagined...

Baello: Hah. You haven't seen anything yet! (Suddenly her spears begin glowing purple and changing shape). Meet Ziriada! (Her hands are now huge cannons with long, sharp, shards for fingers) I hope you enjoyed playing hero, it will be the last role you ever try and fullfill!

Eve: DIE! (Suddenly hundreds of wolves fly out in Baellos direction)

Baello: What is this?! (Looks at Eve) A LAST DITCH EFFORT! FOOL! (The cannons mouths begin lighting up a deep purple) ZIRIADA BARRAGE! (She flips up as if doing a hand stand and begins twirling around. Huge blasts of energy pummel the wolves in every direction. The energy bullets easily shred and tear through the wolves leaving Eve's wolf army desolate).

Eve: Impossible...you took out hundreds!

Baello: (points right cannon at Eve) Impossible? Nothing is impossible for the angels. And you said I was the weakest. (begins laughing). The "weakest" in Sekhmet's army is severly deadly, you should be glad you faced me and not the others, especially the top four.

Eve: Wha...

Baello: Some of the angels' powers range so far beyond mine, I would perish within seconds of battling them. Of course, they are my sisters, I would never harm them. So, be thankful that you found me and now another. It would have ended much worse, especially if they had went into shikai. (smiles). (cannons begins firing huge spiked orbs that are floating all around Eve).

Eve: (looks at the orbs) What are these? More exploding spheres? I can dispose of them again!

Baello: Be my guest, little girl. I'll find it far more delightful if your struggle.

Eve: (fires a crucifix and it strikes an orb and it vibrates and huge needles burst from it destroying the crucifix and striking eve. Eve drops her sword and falls to the ground). What...is...thi..s.

Baello: I forgot to mention! You risk the paralyzing needles if you strike the orbs. Oh, and the orbs have a nasty habit of seeking out their needles.

Eve: (uses all her energy to get up and vanish) Inner-monologue- I can barely used my limbs...those needles gave me a strong dose of the neuro toxin. I need to get out of her, otherwise I will lose my life!

Baello: I'll bury you with that calf you adored so much! (Begins laughing hysterically) This is too good! (points to Eve and the orbs follow her) Watch out, girl. You have company!

How will Eve escape? And what will she do in the mean time to avoid the deadly orbs?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
jlazlo: Yes, this is still the same storyline. He just encountered one of my angels, which was waiting for someone to pass by, so she could attack. Haha! Jump in and save her, by all means. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------Tomo and Tekken---------

Tekken wait to her what tomo is thinking.

Tomo: well, the thing is-

Tekken: what happened, are you seeing something.

Tomo: my abilities...i- it just, like upgraded.

Tekken: what do you mea- Hey you're right.

Tomo:I can see you past thoughts now.

Tekken: as i can see you current thoughts.

Tomo: did we just share our abilities.

Tomo and tekken have mental abilities one can see the current thoughts and the other can see past thoughts. But since they found each other it had an effect one each other. Now they both have both abilities.

okay back to the story.

Tekken: Yea.

Tomo is stoped again.

Tekken: Whats happening?

Tomo: You know how i can see things somewhere else if the scence is being reflected off of mirrors or wtaer.

Tekken: Yea, that really come in han- did you lose it?!

Tomo: no, but now i can see things reflected of of swords, without using a looking glass.

Tekken: So you can see it in your head now right? (tekken concentrates to read Tomo's mind) Hey i see it.

They both see people fighting a unknown person and an what seems a angel.

Tomo: We need to help.

Tekken: i guess, but how do you know that girl is good?

Tomo: idk i just have a feeling.

tekken: Oh my gosh.


Tekken: i think i now can see people's thoughts from here.

(tomo can see others from afar, Tekken can read people from afar)

Tomo: is she good.

Tekken nods. then they both vanish.

------------Baello and Eve-----

Eve tries hard to dodge.

Baello: Ha, now you'll be kil-

out of nowhere 3 sparrow shoot down at Baello, cutting, her face.

The loss of Baello concentration stops the orbs. letting Eve stop to look at what happened.

Baello: Who are you show yourselfs.

Tomo appears infront of Baello's face.

Tomo: okay. Hi im Tomo. (vanishes and appears next to Eve)


YEA!!!! back in the story.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
i guess i should just quit at it, right, man, i had though that i had found something to enjoy, guess not. crazieone, thanks for ruining my time, hope you enjoy it. this will more than likely be my final post, not because that i dont like it, in fact i love doing this, but some people just dont want me here. guess this is good-bye, thats it.

p.s. crazieone, saying that my writing isnt legible is like saying i cant read english because i write on microsoft word so i make sure i get everything right, grammer and spelling, and ive asked you to fight, and you played your captain on me, how do i match with that? i have no mental health problems, and im likely smarter than you only because you say these insults. all i said was that you fight unfair, and you say that i have mental problems. i get it now, you want me gone. thats it, im done, thanks for ruining my time... if you want to apoligize (which ill doubt youll do) ill check every now and then. people, this is how i feel after getting into something that wasnt my fault, songoku is whom crazieone says is to blame, and i say otherwise. if crazieone would just go with the flow maybe thats fine. although grim having the power to steal other peoples powers, i admit, that was unfair, and you know what, i was going to counteract it for crazieone, i was going to prevent grim from using that power, but crazieone, you thought otherwise and quit right then and there. did anyone else quit, no. grim was all of our enemy, and he was a threat to us all, but you thought it was more of a threat to you. im typing this without any emotion in my mind, im am not angerr nor upset, i am disappointed, but i feel nutral. crazieone, does this sound like a madman? i think not. i am not asking for forgiveness, although it would be nice, and im not asking for an appolagy, although it would be nice, but i am merely saying what i feel in this final post.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Tecno, you have just as much right to post here as I do. If you quit, it is of your own volition. I have no problem with you or your characters. I have no idea where you conjured up these strange feud. However, I have no qualms with your characters, I think they're cool. If you wish to antagonize me and pursue fighting, I won't participate. If you choose to post kindly and cooperatively, I will be more than happy to oblige. Okay? :)