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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Gamehot2 -

Shikai: Yeah, as you stated, there are 4 abilities. You might just shift one of these over to bankai, best to hold to the form, even if they're not overkill.
1) So is the amount of toxin that goes into the system exactly the same no matter where, how many times, nor how deeply they are cut? How would this affect a person's ability to fight over time? How badly affected are they at 15 minutes vs. 30 minutes? I don't think you have to include the first drawback, mainly because, given the hour it takes to make this fully affect and the fact that he can't let go of the blade for even an instant, it just seems like too much.
2) So does this wailing come well ahead of the movement? Like, what's the time between the wail reaching the opponent and the actual movement? Is the wail focused only over a small area where they'll be coming to and radiate out from there, or can the opponent only hear it in a very limited space? I get that he can't make course corrections very quickly, but since the attack is so fast, it doesn't seem like a tremendous drawback. Overall, since this speed is supposed to be faster than any in existence, I'm not certain its fully reasonable as is.
3) So it gives his entire body the ability to burn through flesh, or just the blade? How much burning are we talking about (like a hot knife through butter, or a jet engine)? I'm guessing this burns through more than just flesh, so could you give some description of the amount of heat this radiates? Does it only burn when cutting, or does placing the blade against someone burn as well? When does the pain of the internal burning start to have actual effect on their movements and abilities?
4) So the idea is that they would have no idea what memory they're removing by doing this. Is the memory lost lost at random, or can they select a specific one? If they don't know the opponent, how will they know what to remove? How large of a memory can it be (if you're removing someone's knowledge of how to walk, for example, that's something they've been technically "learning" their entire life. If you remove knowledge of an ability, that's much less time)? What's the range on this ability? Does this persist after battle? What suffices as a "stronger opponent"? Does that mean stronger mentally, or stronger physically? What if they're weakened by damage?

1) What does it mean to turn into a demon? Right now, I'm only seeing that you're basically immortal, but since I"m not seeing any sign of increased strength, speed or energy, I wonder what it means. You can still be harmed at the same rate and still feel pain. In fact, from what I'm seeing, you're blinded by rage throughout this ability's activation, which can be detrimental when fighting technical opponents. I'm guessing deactivating the bankai would banish this ability as well? If he takes enough harm, would he be removed from bankai as well?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 -

Shikai: The difficulty with including a shield as part of the general zanpakuto is that you have to do some work defining just how much damage it can take before it falls apart and how large it is. You should make both extremely clear.
1) So the main benefit that this ability offers is detection of movement? Not sure if that's worth such a precipitous loss to kido usage and loss of the shield, but I leave that up to you. You'll just want to define the sensitivity (at what range do these air currents become undetectable?).
2) Physical attacks being weakened is a little vague. Is their strength in general reduced, or just their strength while attacking? Does this influence speed at all? The idea, from what I gather here, is that he can't see where all of these are unless he can physically see them, but I think that should be made clear. I get how this works, but I'm wondering how the direction the kido spell comes out of the orb from. Choosing the direction can be rather important, and I guess if you can see them, it's not a difficult choice to make, but if you can't see them and you know the orb is close, it's kind of difficult to decide. You say these can be destroyed as easily as your zanpakuto, but I'd be confused by that since a zanpakuto is able to take damage differently from an orb. Figuring out how much damage these can take requires a little more work than that.

Bankai: Especially when you increase defensive potential, it's important to note what that potential means. At 4 times the reishi, how much more damge can the shield take? How much damage can the armor take? Since this requires more reishi, couldn't that deplete the user of much needed energy, or is this supplied by the bankai? Can the armor and shield reform around the opponent's weapons (if they stab through them, will they reform around them)?
Second form: Can the user shift into this from the other bankai, or do they need to revert to shikai, change forms and then activate this? How much resistance does the flame and cold resistant fur confer? Does this confer this resistance to clothing as well, or just to the wielder's body?
1) So this fear only persists as long as they're looking at the wielder, or does only one look confer this for as long as this bankai is active?
2) So it's flames that spread along reishi. There's a lot of important details needed here. How quickly does it spread (going to need to be more specific than "slow pace")? If the opponent is emanating reishi and it hits that reishi, does it spread throughout their body, or does it merely take out the energy outside them?
Third form: Does the physical slow down only affect attacks, or all movements? I'm not sure if I understand the mechanism of transferring kido in this situation. Does he just have to create the attack and it will automatically be sent from any orb he wishes at any angle and range?
1) It becomes incredibly important to understand just how much damage it can take at this point. I'm left wondering how anyone could hope to take this form out, considering the second ability. They're basically immune to strikes while inside this orb because nothing can get within 3 feet of the orb and no amount of kido can take it down. How would someone defeat this? It basically sounds like the ultimate defense. Admittedly, offensive potential is limited, but this is a bit much.
2) How much reishi does this use up? Can they use it for extremely short periods of time to reduce the amount used, and use activate it and send through a kido spell? That takes, what, a couple of seconds, if that? What prevents the wielder from exploiting their nigh untouchable position and simply sending out kido spells regularly at half the cost?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Gamehot2 said…
Thank you whitefalme i will edit my zanpakuto
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra1313 said…
Whiteflame can i please get one too :D
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Ah, my bad, I'll get to yours in a little while.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Ulquiorra1313 -

1) As is, this isn't really an ability. I can full well understand that it's cool, but it's more a part of the blade than an extra ability. It's just a mechanical change, you can add another ability and put this up in the shikai description.
2) Is there a lag time between reloads? I mean, the wielder could keep one hand on the bottom of the gun continuously and just keep unloading as is. Do the bullets function the same as normal bullets, or do they have some extra effect? What's the speed of the bullets?
3) What's the spread of the bullets with this usage? Pretty much the same questions as before. Honestly, I would combine this with the previous ability. It adds nothing too substantial, so I could see these being part of the same ability.

Beyond that, seems alright. Devil May Cry ftw.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachintheuk said…
Ya ulquiorra1313 I only have 3 each my formats of because word is being stupid but there are only 3 each I promise also by unpredictable I mean one moment he could be duel wielding katanas a flash if blue and bam a giant sword also his spirit for keeps changing
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachintheuk said…
Pardon all the mess ups words giving me crap again
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Btw, these most recent zanpakuto were all pretty good. ddarksonic675, Ulquiorra1313, Gamehot2 and theoverlord, you guys all made pretty decent zanpakuto. I can tell you were careful with your abilities and thought through how you were doing things. Despite the length of my reviews, these were well done overall. Good to know that there's still people on this forum who do some of the extra work to improve on their blades.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra1313 said…
Weapon name: Burēdo jū (blade gun)
This weapon starts out as a blood red katana with a grey hilt and weaved pattern of grey and blood red as the sheath. When released with the phrase "Shotto o toru" The blade becomes a transforming blade/gun (see image below)

Abilities (shikai):
1. Enerugī kyūshū (energy absorb): with this ability, when the wielder stabs the bottom part of the blade form (see picture) into the opponent, they can use the reishi of that person to reload the gun. The part must go fully into the opponent, but if it goes in, the reload happens almost instantly.

2. Reishi Dan'yaku (reishi ammo): Each bullet used is made out of the wielders reishi, but only uses a small amount. This basically means that the wielder has unlimited ammunition for the gun. However, the weapon still operates with a clip sort of function. Each clip is good for about 35 shots. After 35, the wielder must put their hand on the bottom of the handle of the gun to reload it. The weilder, however, must remove their hand in order to start shooting again. They can reload before finishing a clip, but an entire reload must occur before more shots can be taken. The reload takes about 2-5 seconds
This also allows the wielder to take one shot that uses more than one of the shots in the clip (anywhere from 2-35). This causes the shots to act like a buckshot and spread over a wide area (so it is only really helpful or useful at all at close range, spreads about a half foot in radius for every foot traveled outward).
All of the bullets function as regular bullets

The character for this is a vizard so here is the information about the vizard form. The picture of the mask will be in the next post.

The vizard form of this character increases speed 3x and defense 1.5 times, but his physical attack power remains the same.

Dangan Cero: this is a cero that is approximately 2.5x stronger than a generic cero, but it originates from the gun form of the weapon and uses all 35 shots from the clip. The cero is completely black.

Name: Dante
Age: 22
Height: 1.8 Meters
Looks: see picture in third post below
Personality: Dante is a loner. He is calm always and never freaks out. He is the lieutenant of the 5th squad. He has a shady past, hence his loner-ness. He is intelligent in battle and in life too.

Strength: 50
Speed/Shunpo: 100
Intelligence: 100
skill: 100
Kido: 0 (can use absolutely no kido)

And sorry bout givin you grief. I understand the problems with word i have tried to use it before
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 Weapon name: Burēdo jū (blade gun) This weapon starts out as a blood red katana with a grey hilt an
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachintheuk said…
New zanpaktou idea need some help
shikai name: Ten no kuchiku-kan (destroyer of the heavens)
if you have any ideas please post!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना theoverlord said…
All righty then Whiteflame55 hope this helps

Shikai ability 1) I made like this on perpose because until the enemy firgued it out they wouldn't know. i personaly would not tell them about the abilitys before or after the battle.

2) sorry about the range, it is 150 meters but the enemys shadow must be in clear sight. if there is something obsturting the sight of the shadow then this move is cancled. yes this just damages blood vessels and muscle tissue but only slightly (it is very hard to specify how much damage so i will go with 25 hit points). and about the phrase, it just has to be said loudly enought that the Zanpakuto can heer it.

Bankia: Light attacks or anything that can cause light in short bursts will cause the user of the Bankia to dissapear as i said in my zanpakuto, this will not damage the user at all but (and i stress this very much)it costs 1/3 spirtiual pressure to reform. now when i say that it cost 1/3 i do not mean that after 3 attacks the user has no spiritual pressure, what i mean is that you lose a 1/3 and after that you lose a 1/3 of what you have left, so the user could probably be attacked 5 or 6 times before he's forced out of Bankia. Also about the guys who are all physical, i don't know how to fix this right now so they just are forced to retreat for now. (or as i like to put, "advance in the other direction").

Bankia ability 1)I do not know how to specify how much double damage is either( unless this is hit point in which case it's 50. Now the pain on the other hand... i don't know how to say this either but it's enough that the enemy will be imobalized (probably not people like Kenpachie now that i think about it). and the range is the same as the the shikia version.

2)yes the shadow considers being imobalized as being dead, so as long as the shadow can still move in anyway then it considers itself alive (this counts as twitching and breathing included). the Shadow will only create flesh wounds, so yes when it reaches a certian point it will just let the body slowly die of blood loss because it does not consider this to be it's fault.

3)yes this move requires stating it as the user touches the targeted enemys shadow this will allow the possession. now about the state the enemy must be in, the must be at the point where they are just about to fade in and out or already doing so, the only way to find out they are at this point is to try to possess. about the people who can't concentrate that well, i'm sure they can concentrate for only a second because that is what it takes to kick the user out of the shadow. now about getting kicked out the shadow let me change it so that the user loses let's say 1/8 spiritual pressure.

hope this explains things better and thank you for the reviewa and sorry for anything i missed
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
love the new Zanpakuto Ulquiorra1313...by far one of your most creative
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra1313 said…
Thank you very much DancingPetal :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HEAVY_rain said…
zanpakuto Name: amatsu fuurin (heavnly windchimes)

zanpakuto description: it is a normal katana with a yellow hilt color and a guard shaped like the letter I.

Release command: Utaimasu (sing)

shikai description: when released my zanpakuto then turns into a guqin (chinese harp)and with every note that i thrust forward sends out a gust of wind.

shikai abilities: kuuki yaiba(airblade)- sends a razor sharp and fast blade of wind that can come from any direction and is almost nearly impossible to dodge.

yaiba dansu (blade dance)- with one powerful thrust multible blades are sent to attack

onchi (tone deaf)- sends a very deadly low pitch sound blast at the enemy that will blast them back

bankai: utatteimasu tenshi de amatsu fuurin (singing angel with heavenly windchimes)

description: a powerful dragon of wind and light is sent down and i still have the harp from shikai. and with this harp i can control the dragon,and with every note creates a more powerful gust of wind than the shikai state.

bankai abilities- sanso shinkuu(oxygen vacuum)- by playing notes backwards the drago will begin to suck in oxygen from the oppent making future attacks stronger.

yaiba harikeen (blade twister)-by playing continues notes the dragon will create a large and powerful tornado made of blades that surround the opponent and cuts everything inside it.

saundo harikeen(sound hurricane- a huge blast of sound hits the opponent damaging them and putting them in a daze after this a powerful gust of wind knocks the the dazed opponent as far as 4 football stadium fields.


एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Ulquiorra1313 - Changes look good, don't see any problems. Well done.

theoverlord - You'll want to incorporate those changes, but it looks like you've addressed all my points.

HEAVY_rain - Never been asked to give a star rating before, but I'll give you one at the end of this review:

Shikai: Overall, you have to mention how much wind is released from each note. If this can have any reasonable effect on the battle, it has to be an ability.
1) What kind of cutting ability are we talking about here? How large is the blade? Is it visible to the naked eye? How fast is it, exactly? It matters a lot to know this, since the blade sounds like it can do some real harm. What does "nearly impossible to dodge" mean? How is this activated? If it can come from any direction, can it also be as close to the opponent as you want? If so, how can anyone dodge this? Making any ability impossible to dodge makes it very likely to be overpowered, but when that ability involves a cut that could very well kill your opponent, it matters. How many of these can be used? Can more than one be used at once? Is there a lag time between uses? Can you change the direction of each blade automatically, or do they move on their own after being released? How far can these blades travel before they stop?
2) How do you thrust with a Chinese harp? How many is "multible blades"? At what speed are they sent? How large are they? Can they only be sent from your direction, or do they have the same ability to be sent from anywhere? Can you change their direction in mid flight? Can you do this individually with each blade, or does your control have to be used on all of them? Is there a lag time between uses, or can you keep sending rains of blades? What's the range on these blades?
3) How is this pitch released? How far can it go? Is it visible to the naked eye? How much blasting power does this have? How much area does it cover? Can you control the direction? Is there a lag time between uses? What's the speed of this blast?

Bankai: What's the size of this dragon? How powerful is it? Can it be destroyed? Is it substantial (i.e., can you touch it?)? Will it attack without use of abilities? Will it defend? How powerful are these gusts of wind? If the answer to any of these implies that either portion of the general bankai can cause harm or defend for you, they should be abilities, not simply part of the description.
1) It's important to note the extent to which this works. How much oxygen is taken per note? How many notes would it take to suffocate your opponent? If your opponent is still breathing, does this affect his oxygen intake as well? How does taking oxygen away make future attacks stronger (is it because the opponent is weaker or because you're becoming stronger with each draw)? Do longer notes remove more oxygen? Does playing the notes backward have any adverse effect on the wielder or the dragon? Does playing them backward prevent the usage of other abilities, or at least make it harder to communicate with the dragon in other ways?
2) Which notes do you have to play continuously? Any of them? Can they be played backwards to activate this ability and the former one at the same time? How large and powerful is this tornado? What kind of force does the wind exert (does it draw people towards it, or push them away)? Does this tornado form around the opponent, or does it form near the wielder and move towards the opponent? If it's the former, it's overpowered, there's no way out and the blades would kill them in no time. How powerful are the blades (just as sharp as a normal zanpakuto with the same energy as the wielder, or less)?
3) Does this blast originate from the wielder, or does it immediately hit the opponent when summoned? How large is the blast? How fast is it? How long are they put in a daze? Is it visible to the naked eye? How is it released? How fast can it be used again?

Overall, I give this blade 2 stars. I think it's an interesting and somewhat unique idea, but there's just too little specificity. I don't know how anything on here really works, and it seems like you managed to work some extra abilities into the descriptions. You should be careful about the ways your abilities could be used and the ways that you could have a combined use of your abilities, because often that alone can make them overpowered.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HEAVY_rain said…
Thanks for the review this was my ideal zanpakuto. i have more but i will look over them one last time before putting them on the website and ill try to post a revised addition of amatsu fuurin
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HEAVY_rain said…
im not gonna completly redo my entire zanpakuto just make the changes that need to be made starting with shikai.

Shikai release: utaimasu (sing)

shikai abilities: with every note that i thrust forward on the harp a large ball of air is sent out almost the same diameter of 20 basketballs being shot towards the opponent I dont really know if this counts as a ability

kuuki yaiba (air blade)- sends a blade of wind that is razor sharp and can come from any direction.I can only send out 3 at the same time each blade must be played with a diffrent note they are nearly impossible to dodge. but the blades do violently cut the ground that they travel on, the blades are at my full control. there is a lag time of at least 35 seconds which is enough time to plan my moves the blades can show up from any direction.

yaiba dansu (blade dance)- by playing a certian song that i know it will activate the ability and send multiple blades at least 15 out at the opponent it has the same properties as the first ability but lag time is at least 10 seconds longer

onchi (tone deaf)- by playing a long continues deep note this will send a wave of deadly low pitched sound wave that will temporarily leave the opponent dazed and confused for about 25 seconds this will also leave them deaf for an extra 10 seconds.

bankai- utatteimasu tenshi de amatsu fuurin(singing angels with heavinly wind chimes)

the dragon that gets sent out is at least 6 stories tall and it has a weak spot on its forehead the drangon is invurable to projectile attacks an meelee attacks are fairly weak i can control this dragon with the harp.

sanso shinkuu (oxygen vacuum)- by playing notes in reverse i can stael oxygen from the opponent so long as he is 250 yards in range each note that is successfully played takes away 5% of oxygen each time a total of 20 note successfully played in a row will kill the opponent the oxygen that is taken can make only wind attacks stronger by 35%

yaiba harikeen(blade tornado)- by playing any note continuesly the dragon will send out a tornado with winds speeds at a f5 tornado made entirly out of blades of wind that cut like a large dao sword if a low pitched note is continuesly played the tornado will be strong but slow if a high pitched is played the tornado will be a little weakner but extremly faster than low pitch. the tornado pulls in anything with in a 150 ft diameter. the tornado cant take oxygen if its one continues note. but i can transfer from low pitch to high pitch and vice versa but i cant have low and high pitch played at the same time. saundo harikeen (sound hurricane)- creates a powerful blast of sound that is as wide and tall as a tsunami and can leave the opponenet deaf for about 4-5 hours and it will knock them as far as 350 yards it is extremly fast moving with windspeeds that are faster than an f5 or hurricane katrina when released it will demolish the ground it travels i also have complete control over the sound.

if the dragon should ever be destroied i will still be able to use all my attacks but they will all be far far weaker than with the dragon i can bring the dragon back to life only 2 times its weak spot is located on its forehead.

below is the dragon used during bankai

 im not gonna completly redo my entire zanpakuto just make the changes that need to be made starting w
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hagashi_Yuki said…
what does ur shikai look like??
does the dragon literally summon a tornado or something is done, before it is summon??
is the onchi visible to the eye???
please don't get angry if i have lots of weird question... !!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HEAVY_rain said…
if you want to see my shikai type guqin it means chinese harp btw did you look at the original layout of my zanpakuto its right above whiteflame55 on this page the one u read was the revised addition it litterally summons a tornado but i have to play the "tornado song"
and onchi is invisble
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hagashi_Yuki said…
sori i haven't seen it yet..
but i'll check it out...
uummmm... when the song starts, does the tornado appears automatically??
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HEAVY_rain said…
yeah it does
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना dreameater said…
zanpakuto's name: kanshisha (guardian)

release command: Tsubasa o hiroge (spread your wings

bankai name: Shugo Tenshi (guardian angel)

description: My zanpakto wouln't be normal; would be similer to the pokemon togetic in both size and shape, however it would be black with purple markings. It would be male. He can transform into dualing daggers; black handles with purple markings, and white 18 inch creasent shaped blade.

In bankai form he would transform into a huge dragon (the average person is the size of his claw.

he is very protective of me even though he probley dosn't need to be for I am half hollow. Ulquiorra is my big brother and he is protective of me too. (Kinda like a Ruika and Byakuya type relationship.)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HEAVY_rain said…
nice job dreameater
could you explain your reaction to uquiorra's death if hes ur big brother and does your zanpakuto have any abilities
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
Ty for the review heres my clarafications sorry it took so long
Shikai: For the first part about the damage When a soul reaper is fighting they normaly foucus reshi into there zanpakuto so it does not break like when ichigo was fighting captin zaraki the first time zaraki pushed his sword straigth through ichigos because he was not doing that with my shield it works with that same concept so how much it can take is based on the users reshi.
The size is a 2 foot radius i guess

1) The main theme in this zanpakuto is variation and this one is mainly for close range combat so this one wouldn't be used if kido are nesasary.
As for the whiskers i guess they are good for 10 feet i mainly put them in because my cat was on my lap while i made this

2)I guess the damgage the attacks do to the opponent are whats reduced and speed isn't reduced until bankai.No they can't see they if something is in the way but they are moving them with there mind so if one was out of shight they would only know the direction and distance.The kido comes out in any direction the user wants and if they can't see it they whould be taking a shot in the dark and the damage they take is determined like a zanpakuto (see above)

Bankai: i guess i wasn't clear what i ment was that the reshi they put in is mutiplied not what they have to put in. If the opponets weapon is still there i guess it wouldn't reform because it couldn't return it's self to its normal state

Yes they need to go to shikai then the ability so they would need to know what would be best for each fight to prevent the need to do that. The resistance i guess would be 60% of damage from each is negated.

1) only while they look at it but if you looked at someone and they made you that scared once you look away you would still proboly be a little scared

2) One yard every 10 seconds but if it's burning reshi it who
uld be as fast as fire burning gasoline, it would burn the reshi and if it's shrounding you and coming out of you it would end up following you or if your still it would shround you

Third form: Yes it only effects attacks. when in this form for kido the orbs are like part of them if they used kido 4 Byakurai they could use an orb insted of there finger to send it out and like before it would be any angle

1) The orb is a divine shield so it should be perfect right? Lol jk the users orbs are like a zanpakuto so the shield would endure hits like that but the amount of reshi would be put in at the start of the ability.The way to break it whould be with a physical attack sence the push force is limited to the users physical strength if your attack is stronger then that then it would only weaken the attack also the reshi for the push is from the orb so it would eventualy run out of reshi and break and it wouldn't take reshi form your sword

2) A lot don't really know how to describe an amount other then a lot i'm sorry :( I guess but the problom with that would be that if you look for only a second then you probobly wouldn't be able to really know what you saw like looking at a picture for a second then tring to describe it also in combat people are moving so if you looked for a second then stoped they could move in the time it took to cast the kido even masters at kido need to say at least the name and number to shoot one and that would allow pepople to move.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना FinalVersion said…
This is mine

Zanpaktuo-Kurozumi Mikazuki(Darkening Cresent)
Release-Kage kara jōshō(Rise from the shadows)
Bankai-Kurozumi Mikazuki Ogama(Darkening Cresent Scythe)

Zanpakuto Ability 1: automatically dramatically increases density to a point where it is impenetrable after the wielder lets go of the hilt of the Zanpakuto.
Zanpakuto Ability 2: Creates a spherical mall of spirit energy, and increases its density of the ball, then discharges it to the target in a matter of seconds, thus causing a massive explosing depending on how much spirit energy is made within.
Zanpakuto Apperance: A long black blade that is 76" long, and 14" wide with a hole within the blade. Hilt and guard are the same color as the blade.

Bankai Ability 1: Chains connect the blace to the pole which are created by spirit energy
Bankai ability 2: The blade has the ability to but the opponents shadow, thus disabling the ares that has been cut off
Bankai ability 3: Able to release the Gen Bakudon
Bankai Apperance: Long pole with a purple and black glowing Blade in the front of it. a compartment for small arrows, and a secret place for the back up Kantana
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taivetto said…
This is my one,

Zanpaku-to = Zentaic (see my profile picture its that, made it myself)(its my shikai)
Release = Arise
Bankai = Mephisto-Zentaic

(Shikai)Ability #1 = Dark Shoot Dragon << A black dragon that shoots out when ever I slash my sword. It poisons the enemy if hit.
(shikai)Ability #2 = Lighting Strike << It strikes all enemy with lighting.While using it the sky turns grey and shoots out lighting.
(Shikai) Ability #3 = Dragon Pulse << on release of this move, my entire body is surrounded by a dark aura. No special damage. Only my attack and speed increases.

(Bankai)Ability #1 = Swallowing Aybass << an attack that can swallow anything in its path. Once swallowed it enters a completely different world; there is no escape from it. The attack looks like a celestial body which is round and slowly closes with a flash of light at the end.
(Bankai) Ability #2 = Ultimate Dragon Barrage = A large number of dragons are shot out at once.
(Bankai)Ability #3 = Awaken Zentaic << Can materialize my zanpaku-to at will.

My height is 5.8 feet. Plain hair with a little spike (color black). My eyes are bloody red.Captain of squad 5.Im really shy....but evil. Im a vaizard in secrete, but everyone knows me as a shinigami. My Shikai's height is 195cm, with a width of 2.5cm, length 13cm, and mass 10kg. Bankai height is 135cm,with a widht of 0.5cm,length 3.5cm, and mass 500gm. And when i get to my bankai i get a pair black wings.My best friend is Aizen Sosuke who trained me and the one who made me a vaizard.
You can see how my bankai looks at my wall)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
If you don't mind whiteflame could you review this one as well for me
Howaitonoizu (white noise)

Relese command shizumaru (quiet down)

The shikai looks like the energy sword from halo (see pic)

1) The user fades from sight and becomes invisible over 3 seconds and this lasts for 30 seconds however the time isn't runing out if the user isn't moving there legs(walking runing) and the user always knows how much time is left.They are ivisible to all types of sight things like thermal are included and light goes through them so laser alarms for example won't see them. After the time is out they come back into sight over 3 seconds and must wait 3 seconds after coming into view to use it again. Also if something gets on then like blood paint mud it will fade from sight like the user over 3 seconds but if any thing comes off them it comes back to sight. This uses no reshi but can only be used 5 times every 30 minutes

2) This ability cost 5% of the users reshi the user touches someones shadow that person is unable to move as long as the user is touching there shadow however the user is unable to move as well. If the user puts reshi into something then puts it on someones shadow they cannot move but it only lasts for 5 seconds and can only be used once per shikai this costs twice the normal reshi for this ablitiy.

3) The user places up to 3 invisible marks about 3 inch diameter circles on any solid objects by touching it for 3 seconds and has the ability to see through them like they were cameras but can only see through 1 at a time.If one of these is put on a person then it no longer works as a camera but can allow the user to know the location of the person at any time in addition all projectils used by the user can be made to seek the marks on person or thing and they will seek it until they run out of momentem they travel in a sraith line to the mark. When on a person the marks apper a red color. After bankai or shiaki is released all marks are reset.

Bankai: Anadoru(Disdain) Looks just like shiaki but the user has 2 and they are red in color. The user retains all abilitys of shikai but they all last 2 times as long while costing no additional reshi however all other limits remain.

1) This ability is always ative during bankai. Everyone within 100 meters of the user( exept the user) has there reshi drained when ever they bleed. The amount is the same % as the % of blood lost so if they lose 25% of there blood they lose 25% of there reshi( percents are based on total now current amount). If anyone has a mark from the 3 ability on them the reshi lost is given to the user.

2) When this ability is activated the blades turn black and it lasts for 30 seconds every time the blades cut someone there speed is reduced by 5% it can only effect each person once every 4 seconds (5% of there curent speed not there total) after the ability stops the speed reduction stays but if the ability is activated again is affects are reset. Anyone with a mark on them also suffers from the speed loss but if they get hit themself the it dose not effect them 2 times per hit.

3) The user forms a 2 inch in diameter orb of reshi 5 inches infront of there eye that moves in the direction they look they can see through it, and when they blink it extendes to 10 meters over 5 seconds and then stays in that position for 30 seconds only 5 can be out at once, they are not solid and you can pass through them. if someone touches one of them then all the blood folowing through the beam is drained into the beam (if the beam is through your finger all the blood going to it that passes thourgh the beam is affected) every half pint of blood the beam drains refreashes the time it stays out and if one drains 1 pint of blood it no longer counts towards the total number that can be out. If someone with a mark on them touches a beam then after they leave it it a beam forks out from were they contacted the beam, to the mark on them, to a max of 10 feet in 1 second however it dose not fork itself
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 If आप don't mind whiteflame could आप review this one as well for me Howaitonoizu (white noise)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना infernalfeather said…
This is my favorite zanpakuto so far, any critiques or reviews would be helpful. Especially from WHITEFLAME ^^

This is my favorite zanpakuto so far

Name: Furrizer

Release Command: Shift

Regular Appearance: wakizashi with an unusually long 10 inch handle and a 14 inch blade. The sheath is a deep pine green. The handle of the blade is a light almost white pink and made of solid metal and the tsuba is a plain black rectangle.

Shikai : tsuba and handle stay the same and the blade turns completely white, looks like a longsword, but is still bent like a katana blade and has the same width. The length of the blade is now 28 inches.

Inner World: A world full of small lush trpoical floating islands. The grass, trees and flowers are all glowing white and actually soft, slippery fur, that feels like silk. The gravity on the islands is 1/10th what it is normally. You can fly when in the air, which has the light scent of watermelons. The sky is black and has gray clouds.

Zanpakuto Spirit: a glowing white Mew that can communicate psychically and has a deep manly voice


All abilities in shikai are unspoken

1. Seek- when an opponent is cut with the blade small sleek fur will begin to grow wherever I cut them (on the edges of the wound) and use their body heat as energy to travel inside and creep in their veins growing at a rate of 3 inches a minute until it absorbs all of their body heat, slowly clogging and cooling the opponent's body. All of the fur is connected to the root from which it started. If the opponent focuses their reiatsu on the original wound they can destroy all the fur created from each wound, or if stong they can rip out the roots of the fur and any created from it will dissolve into nothingness.

2. Etch- whenever the blade etches a surface (soil works as well, sand or anything liquid does not) metal fur will grow from it. One inch needed for each strand, which is razor sharp and half an inch thick. The planted fur can grow and shrink when I want it to. It can grow up to 20 feet and shink back down in any dirction/angle. But once an angle is picked,it will always grow back at that angle if made to extend again. All of the strands in each etching will all go in the same direction.

3. Grind- The blade grows super fine fur which rotates around it in a cyclonic fashion on the blade but is unnoticted by most opponents. Each piece of fur is 1/2 inch in length and rests on the blade vertically thus not changing the width of the blade. It shreds whatever it comes into contact with, for best usage stab opponents and move it around inside them.

Bankai: Not Yet Achieved aka thought of
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic -

1) Looks fine. As long as other senses work, I think this is entirely reasonable.
2) The second part of this ability walks a fine line, and as is, I think it can be abused. I could understand that, if they wanted to throw the item, they would have to put in the energy first, so that tactic would probably fail reasonably often, making it not as powerful. However, what prevents someone from going over with an item in hand, touching the opponent's shadow, putting their energy into it and releasing it in the split second after they release their shadow? Some opponents like Byakuya could still use their blades like that, but most would be rendered helpless for 5 seconds while you're at close range. I think if you restrict this to thrown items instead of placed items, that would work.
3) Interesting. This seems like a play on something that a recent character in One Piece was revealed to have, and I think it's very innovative. Don't see any real problems with it.

1) This one's interesting too, but I'm confused. Didn't you say the mark from the third shikai reset after bankai was activated? How can one still be on the target if you're not in bankai?
2) Same problem with the previous one, I don't get how the mark is still there. There's also some uncertainty as to stacking this effect. How and when does it stack? I can understand that it only affects once every 4 seconds (which means multiple slashes in a row wouldn't reactivate the effect), but does that mean that after every 4 second interval, their speed could be reduced another 5%? It's reasonable if it is, I just think that has to be made clear.
3) Same problem as before. I'm not quite certain on the duration of time that these can be out right now. I'm also uncertain as to just how long each amount of blood would extend the duration by. The main uncertainty here, however, is whether you can move while this is active, and what that means if you can. Do these lines from the orbs to you follow you as you move? Are they stationary? Can the lines be moved by any other means? Are the lines as thick as the orbs themselves? Are the lines visible to the opponent? Since blood flow is continuous, it should matter just how long the opponent's appendage is in the line, so I think you should make that clear as well.

Overall, it's an intriguing blade. There's still a lot of uncertainties, but I think this one looks very good, your best work yet.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
infernalhunter I like yours it is unique. Good job
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
Ty for the review and compement i'm making a new one so in a few days i will put it up here

2) When i made this i already had it in my head and tried to put it on paper i think thats were cunfusion one this one came from so i'll be more specific. The item most pierce what ever the shadow is on(if it's on the ground it has to break through it to stop them).Also the #2 abillity has a cooldown like the first one but it is 10 seconds.

Bankai for the mark you most replace it after bankai is activated if you had one on from before it is taken off

2) yes you have to wait 4 seconds before it works on a person again so you could cut one person then someone else and go back and fourth if you want

3) Each are out for 30 seconds unless half a pint of blood is absorbed if half a pint is absorbed then it's timer starts again so it stays out for 30 seconds after it takes the blood. After it becomes it's full size it stays in that place until it's time is up. How long the opponet is in one is vary important because if they stay in it and there heart keeps pumping blood to a place thats is in a beam all of the blood going there will be drained so they whould lose lots of blood when also matters a lot to because certin spots get more blood so more would be lost aslo if lets say it was through your neck then your brain wouldn't be getting blood.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
infernalfeather -

Well, this is certainly the most unique idea I've seen recently. Never would have even thought to use fur as a weapon. There isn't much to say on these abilities, and I think they're all very interesting, but I'll go ahead and see what could be problematic:

1) This one might have problems. I'm guessing it grows all along the wound, basically sealing it in fur. Does that mean it stops the bleeding as well? The travel inside the body is what I'm mainly concerned about. Where can it travel to? What does it travel through? I'm imagining lumps of fur in someone's veins and arteries, which is fine as long as the process is slow, but I'm not sure what the speed of transit is. How long after a cut does it enter the bloodstream? This is important, because it's basically the difference between a metastatic cancer and a solid tumor (in case anyone didn't know by this point, my background is pretty solidly in the sciences). A metastatic tumor couldn't be removed nearly so easily, since fur cells would be in the bloodstream, whereas a solid tumor could be removed in one big piece and never come back. I understand the methods of removal, it's just important to specify here.
2) I'm imagining those plants that were in the movie Avatar for this one, blooming into huge, hairy plants and sinking down to a small size, though obviously not based on touching them in this case. Seems like you could really change and manipulate the landscape with this one. I like it.
3) How long are each of these strands of fur? It can be rather important because it redefines the breadth of your blade. This is another interesting one, though. I think you could have a lot of interesting clashes. I imagine that this would often cause clashes between this blade and others to force the other one to rebound heavily, giving you an opening to strike through.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना infernalfeather said…
Thanks for the critique and compliments Whiteflame, even though the descriptions on this blade are the shortest, it took the longest to do in terms of coming up with ideas. I will add more details and address the issues for abilities 1&3
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
I came up with the idea for this one while facing a block on another zanpakuto of mine and i lied down on my bad and couldn't find my sheet it took about Half an hour so it might not be to good but if you( whiteflame) could review it that would be awesome.
Btw if you go to google and type in dicts.info click the first one then go to the bottom and click japanese romanji you can get words transalated thats how i come up with my names
Shikai Aian Uindo( iron wind):

Upon release the zanpakuto forms into a 4 foot wide, 1 mm thick, and 20 foot long piece of silver silk like cloth it is still metal but moves like silk and has no weight. As long as the user is holding it then they they can control it with there mind. The cloth moves as fast as the user and change shape and size at the same speed however if the cloth is increaseing in size it is formed at a speed of 1 square foot in 2 seconds there can only be 100 square feet of cloth at a time however. the cloth has the same strength as the user in every 2.5 square feet. If the cloth is cut then it heals it self at the speed of 1 square foot in 2 seconds however if part is cut off it has to touch the rest of it to heal or the user can have it turn into reshi and fade away.

1) The user gains control of the cloth, even if they aren't touching it, for 10 second ,this also applies to all peices of the cloth. This uses 8% of the users reshi and can only be used every 10 seconds and all rules, other then needing to touch the cloth, still apply.

2) The user can put any part of there body into the cloth and have it come out another part with no travel time and no reshi cost however if the users whole body enters into it this costs 25% of there reshi.

3) This ability has no time limit. The user forms the cloth into a person shape and puts at least 10%, it costs 5% additionaly for ever 10 put in, of there reshi into it. when it is like this it creates the illusion that it is the user, it can even look like it has been injued if a injury has happened to the illusion, and is controled by the zanpakuto spirt and can hear and talk to the user mentally. The spirit has all the physical capabilitys of the user and can not be told apart by physicaly, if you took a x-ray it would look just like the users insides for example,. It can also preform flash steps and any kido the user can use. Reshi is only used up if it uses reshi and if it runs out of reshi the zanpackotu spirt loses control and the ilusion fades. The cloth can regain reshi if the user puts more in but they can't put in more then the original amount. The cloth also has the ability to absorb reshi through skin contact this absorbs reshi at the speed of 5% of the cloths total reshi every 3 seconds and can not take more reshi then it's total.

Bankai Hagane Rippuru (steel ripple): this looks the same as shikai but can grow to twice the size and grows at twice the speed it also retains all of it's abilitys

1) The user can extend up to 10 blades that look like the blade of the swords sealed form from any on it At the same speed as the user this costs 2% of the users reshi for every 5 blades.

2) The user can make the cloth change texture and color allowing it to work as camouflage or sand something down. It takes 3 seconds to change completely. This takes no reshi

3) After this ability is over it costs 90% of the users current reshi and bankai is canceled. The cloth shrinks to a squre with 10 foot long sides for 30 seconds or until one person has been effected if the user can wrap someone up in the cloth, not them self, they are teloported instantly to the place they feel is there home not think is there home, if they moved somewhere and still feel that where they were is there home even if they aren't aware of it thats where they go, or as close to it as the cloth can safely(see below). If they don't feel they have a home they are sent to a random place within 100 miles of where the were. This will not put then in danger like if there home was hit by a nukeclear bomb and is radio active or there home is now under water.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra1313 said…
Hey everyone out there. I meant to post this a couple days ago but my finger and my wood carving knife had a bit of a disagreement and it postponed my posting. Anyways i looking back at the older days of this forum and recalled when it really was a community forum and people discussed zanpakuto until they were perfect. It has recently seemed to be more of churning out as many as we can and not paying much attention. Heck, whiteflame is the ONLY one who has done any reviews. so i think we should try to be more of a community forum and all comment on zanpakuto and post ones that have already had some thought :)
This may seem overly melodramatic to you, if so just ignore it but i know that this forum used to be a lot more fun when everyone actually chatted and had fun with it
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hadez17 said…
I sorta agree but tbh every time i get the ambition to review a blade whiteflame has said nething i though of...Kinda isnt a point in saying the same thing twice
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra1313 said…
Good point there but Hadez17 lets start a conversation on here :) anyone can join but we gotta make it seem more social
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
My ears are burning...but wait...since it's text...are my eyes burning? ARRRRGH!

Anyway, I'm always up for people reviewing blades that aren't me. I can continue to do so and will likely be doing as much, partly because I enjoy it and partly because it seems you guys appreciate it. As for the conversation, what were you thinking Ulquiorra1313?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jstar18 said…
I guess I can get back to checking this forum every once in a while. But I do understand where you are coming from Ulquiorra1313. It was a lot of fun back in the day.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra1313 said…
Just anything really just to kinda liven things up. How has everyone here been?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Been doing pretty well actually, going to be graduating from my Master's program in about 1 and a half months, so the job search is on in earnest. Thankfully, the course load's down during this time, so I have time to spend here.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना theoverlord said…
Hi, what sort of program are you in whiteflame?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
It's a Master's of Bioscience program, focused on getting us into the bioscience industry by combining business knowledge with applicable scientific acumen.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना theoverlord said…
actualy sounds pretty interesting interesting, i myself work for my dad in the business of archeology.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra1313 said…
Nice the overloard. I am still in high school but planning on majoring in Aerospace engineering or maybe nuclear/green energy engineering :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना HEAVY_rain said…
whiteflame55 can you look at the revised edition on the previous page and see if the problems are fixed
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Shikai: Hisshi ni(Tooth and Claw)
Bankai: Shi no kuro ōkami(Black wolves of death)
Release command: Abare kuruu(Rip and Tear)
Appearance: Hisshi ni is, while in Shikai, two wakizashi. On the sheaths there is a claw and a tooth. Upon entering shikai the two blades change into knuckle knives and wolfs head helm.
Bankai Appearance: In Bankai it forms into gauntlet and arm armor, the helm becomes more form fitting and turns black. My eyes become yellow and slitted, also black lines form around my eyes.
Shikai Abilities:
Ability 1: Karera no me o namida (Tear out their eyes). The knuckle knives glow red then begin to cause a smoke to appear, this smoke makes all opponents and other individuals, save those I consider allies, to be blinded. This lasts for 30secs.
Ability 2: Hanarete, sorera o sakeme(Rip them apart). The wolf head helms eyes glow yellow, my hair stands on end. Each strike of my knives causes my opponent to suffer an internal wounding to the same degree as the outer wound.
Bankai Abilities:
Ability 1: Pakku no kangaekata (Pack mentality). Upon activating this technique my eyes glow blue and about 10 wolves appear. Each of these wolves will attack whomever I define as the target, this is done by a second command of Kore ga tōsha emonoda (this is our prey). However if I don’t mark anyone they will target those who have been defined as enemies, this is simply done by a mental link between the wielder and the wolves.
Ability 2: Shi no tōboe (Death howl). The helms mouth opens and a wolf howl begins to emit from it, this harms the ears of all but the wielder. This disorientates my enemies and allows for me to attack unhindered, if this lasts for 10secs the ears of anyone within a 5 meter radius from me begin to bleed.
Ability 3: Daun sa seru yowai (Bring down the weak). Any enemy within 5 meters of me that is wounded is attacked by one of the wolves that appear during Pakku. The wolf will drag them down and begin to maul them, that is if they can manage to get ahold of the enemy. This lasts for 30secs.

Please give feedback
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना infernalfeather said…
Takeshi_Tsurugi Cool zanpakuto, it utilizes many different abilities

But they need more description

Ability 1) how does the smoke cause them to go blind? Can they still sense reiatsu?

Ability 2) where is the internal wound exactly, is it in the same location but just inside the body, or does it only attack something specific like blood vessels or organs, or is the internal wound just in a random location?


Ability 1) Are the wolves physical, or made of reiatsu. How powerful are they, how fast do they move, since the wolves are mentally linked to you do you feel pain when they are damaged?

Ability 2) By disorients do you mean it causes vertigo, or makes them deaf, or shatters the eardrum. Be more specific.

Ability 3) How injured does one have to be to be targeted. Does it just attack how a regular wolf would, or use some type of technique. Why make it only 30 seconds, they should stop once the enemy is no longer a threat or dead. This doesn't really seem like a technique but just part of what the wolf pack would do when summoned.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ddarksonic675 said…
Since were tring to be more of a community why dosn't someone review my newest one insted of only asking whiteflame. last one on page 159 ty for ANY reviews