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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Tenchi: Seriously, can you fix my arm?

Zeron: You said you put electricity in me? (Takes his sword and jabs himself) Good source of energy. (Zeron slowly heals, and when fully recovered, he jumps up) Stand still, (His looks at Tenchi and then slices his sword at his already-dead-if-I-don’t-do-this-in-the-n­ext­-th­irt­y-s­eco­nds arm. The sword goes straight through him, and Tenchi’s arm heals) I’m timed to a mere hour; I can’t revive anything after it is dead for an hour. You’re lucky I didn’t completely kill your arm, and then you knock me out for an hour.

Tenchi: What? But can’t I revive it?

Zeron: There is only one rule to death, (Looks at the ground) whatever dies, cannot be revived, it can be replaced, but not revived. My sword goes beyond those rules, but only if it kills it and revives it within the same hour.

Tenchi: Yes I see now.

Zeron jabs his sword in the air: Shall we?

Tenchi: Sure. (Both walk through the gate.)

----------------Kevin vs. May---------------

Kevin thinks: She can sense my thoughts and heartbeat, there’s only four ways to hide what I am going to do. I could empty my mind to the point that I’m only fighting with instinct. I could try and beat it with speed. I could do what I’m going to do right before I do it. Or I could use…that…

May dashes toward Kevin: What are you going to do?

Kevin lunges his sword down: I’ll show you. (Steel vines come out of the ground, Kevin not really knowing where they are going. He has his eyes closed, and the vines thrash violently.)

May: What is he doing? (A vine almost hits May) He’s not thinking where he’s going to hit, but he’s just thrashing. (More steel vines thrash around her)

Kevin: I know you can’t read this, what are you going to do?

---------------Lin vs. Goku---------------

Lin sees the cloud of reiatsu: Alright, fine. (Vanishes)

Goku: Speed won’t save you from this. (Looks around)

The fog clears and Lin appears again. (Goku thinks: There.) He come around and right in front of Lin before she can move, and throws his pole at her, and notices that the pole went through Lin, and Lin holds her and out as time slows down, (Goku thinks: How?)

Lin: Light is one with me. (A burst of light comes from her hand, Goku appears on the ground and his shoulder is a little burned) Aw, I’m not fast enough, oh well, (Ditches her sword’s case) it’s too hard to change those kinds of things, (Takes a hair band out and her shoes as well) I don’t need those. (Appears behind Goku before her afterimage disappears) Because they slow me down. (Another beam of light comes from her hand) Still, that move is too slow.

Goku thinks: Who is this?

----------Averis and Tomo------------

Averis appears behind Tomo and hits his back: You’re not all too fast are you.

Tomo: Oh shut up, I guess this means we’re fighting?

Averis: I suppose.


Wow, out of six characters, five are in action, hey, wait, what happened to Jake? Oh, ya, he’s the lonesome one. Anyhow, three are in battle, one just got out of battle, and one is chilling out. My characters have become the center of attention, which is weird because I was thinking that they would be bystanders, or something. Songoku and Jlazlo, you guys have respect for my character unlike some people, (*Cough Crazieone*) nah, just kidding, you guys are all cool.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
--- the lost ---

Tenchi- well, i do have to mention your abilities to Soul. I know you would prefer i didn't, but it is part of my Duty to tell my superior. That man is a lot stronger than I.

Zeron- Really?!, but if he is stronger than you are, than why don't i sense his power anywhere?

Tenchi- i was starting to think the same exact thing. I don't sense any trace of his power. I dont even sense a trail of reitsu. This is very bad. Im not sure were he is. I think that our commander has dissipated.

(what will the others think when the one that is suppossed to lead is gone!)

---May and Kevin---

May-well, this is a lot more confusing than i could have hoped for, but it can't be helped *unsheathes sword and Kevin starts to stumble and become tired. The world he now sees is distorted and awkward* This is the main power of my blade, it causes a serious fatigue in battle. Tiredness, loss of vision, loss of muscle strength. Without these, my opponent is very crippled when in comes to a fight *appears behind a tired and confused Kevin* unfortunately, i think i have one *slashes down on kevins back, who stumbles to his knees* Will you admit defeat?

Kevin- 8struggles to get up* im...im not finished yet.

May- well, why don't you get up and show me.

---Songokus capture of light---

Songoku- her speed is unreal, but i guess that can't be helped. *spins stick around his body* I will have to use a secret technique.

Lin- like that will work *appears on the ground with Songoku and point her hand at him* its over.

Songoku- really know *thousands of songokus golden staffs burst out of the ground pinning all of lins joints and muscles so that she is unable to move* You can't beat me. I do admit that its impressive i had to use shikai to beat you, but i still have achieved victory.

Lin- you little, you haven't won! how could this hurt me. Sure im stuck, but what move would deliver the finishing blow!

Songoku- you are right, My distraction was twirling my staff to look as if i was preparing for an attack. And your right that the golden staffs emerging from the ground limiting your movement completely was a trap, but if you look up.

Lin- *looks up to see a gigantic golden monkey staff floating in the sky above her*

Songoku- My shikais ability is to make copies of the weapon, and for that weapon to change its size completely. The weapon weighs a lot as well, so i think that this would have crushed you. *all the golden staffs sink back into the ground* If you hadent used that flash attack, i would have never been able to make copies of my weapons and send them underground without you knowing. I am still amazed by your overall ability. I wish to see no more, some day i will see you zampaktou, but for now i am content *the staff turns back into a swords and he puts it back in its sheath* Lin, pretty girl, you have a lot to learn in battle. If you would like to train in the way of speed and the strength through that speed, meet me in the far reaches of the barracks. *vanishes*

Lin- *sits down on the floor* that...that was strong. He... he captured light itself. I should have been able to escape but there was a certain aura on every one of those staffs that seemed to bind me. what is he?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------Kevin vs. May-------------

Kevin: Don’t think I’m done yet, my limit is far beyond this. (Holds out his sword) Bankai! (His release on silver reiatsu throws dust around)

May: You think you can beat me when you have to think of what to create before you use is?

Kevin: No, (The dust clears, and on the bottom of his feet, are two steel tubes) I’ll win with speed.

May: No, you wouldn’t.

Kevin takes a match and throws it hear the tubes: I would. (The tubes explode and Kevin flies toward May with incredible speed, and holds out his arm which hits May and they both crash into the wall.)

May gets back up and is bleeding from the forehead: What the heck! That felt like rock.

Kevin gets up: Good, (May looks at his arm to see that its steel plated) it should have. (Kevin grabs a bottle out of his pocket and drinks it) Thank you Zeron! (Kevin’s reiatsu flows back into him)

May: How?

Kevin: It’s a potion that stores reiatsu so we can use it later, Zeron made it for us; it only takes about a second.

May: Hey, that’s cheating.

Kevin looks at her: Hm, I was tired from the beginning because of my training, thus I think it’s fair.
May: Any more tricks?

Kevin: Just one, (Pulls on a mask and armor appears on him, wings and claws, Kevin now looks like he’s the Devil) shall we?


Lin: No, not now! No, why, I don’t want to go back! (Light surrounds Lin and she falls to the ground

*A few minutes later*

Lin wakes up: What happened? (Lin sees her Zanpakto is unsheathed) No. (Lin looks around for anyone dead or any blood on her body or clothes) Thank goodness, I didn’t kill anyone, but who was I fighting?

-------Zeron and Tenchi------------

Zeron: Okay, first we got to get out of this forest, so we should go…

Tenchi and Zeron point in opposite directions: That way. (Looks at one another)

Zeron: This means we’re lost.

Tenchi: Huh?

Zeron: Have you ever seen those animated shows, this always happens!

Tenchi: Well might as well go one way to figure out if we’re going to wrong way or not.

Zeron and Tenchi start going in one direction


Zeron’s dimension gate made them lost, May may think Kevin’s a Vizard, and Lin has no idea what the heck is going on! This is a disaster! But we’ll get out of it somehow.

I drew this picture of Kevin a while ago, I not too sure if it’s good or not, it’s my first time bothering to draw a character, and I’m not all too good at drawing. Sorry it's not too clear either, I drew it with penceil only If you want to complement, or whatever, then go ahead, I don’t really mind.
 ----------Kevin vs. May------------- Kevin: Don’t think I’m done yet, my  is far beyond t
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----Tomo, AVeris---

Tomo- Well if im slow then how did the happen to your hand?

Averis- (looks at hand, sees snakes around hand) What the heck, i didn't even here you say a kido, what is this? (looks back were tomo was and he is on the opposite side of the field) !!!1

Tomo: Haha, told you i was kinda fast, plus it was those creatures-in-a-bottle!! haha. BITE

Snakes bite averis

Averis: !!!!

Tomo: Don't worry they're not venemous...I hope. HAHa

Averis Vanishes and takes out sword and slashes down, to be only blocked by Tomo's sword.

Averis:!!! when d- d- did you do that.

Tomo: Haha. (kicks sword away then kicks AVeris' head.)

Averis flies a few feet away,

Averis: Haha, SHow me your sword already, im tired of seeing these tricks. Plus i already know your good at these tricks.

Tomo: Okay i have nothing to hide, plus why do people don't wanna share their zanpaktou. haha.

Tomo takes out his sword, points it toward Averis

Tomo:CLIMB THE SKY! Shiroi Kiraboshi!

The zanpaktou lights up grey, and the star from the hilts moves up the sword towards the center. When the dust clears, the zanpaktou is black, the shape is like a sai, the 3 points are like vector arrows, with stars carved in the three points.

Averis: Ha, thats it i though it'd be something big, or like kevins where it changes shape. haha. Sorry,

Tomo: Well then lets fights! (smiles)

Tomo dashes towards Averis and slashes down, Averis blocks.

Averis: Thats i- it. uhhh (shakes head)

Tomo grins, and the center vector arrow extends and traveles in 90 degree turns around the sword and cuts Averis.

Averis:!!! What you can exted the swords point.

Tomo: No just that but all three, haha Vector WAVE!

Soon the other two points extend and move the same way around the sword towards Averis. Averis then vanishes, and appears to be bleeding. The vectors go back to its orginal placing.

Averis: Uhh, so whats else can it do.
Averis Thoughts:i need to know before anymore surprises

Tomo: well, each time i hit or block i can take your reatsu, and use it to fuel my attacks or heal me. like so, SHOOTING STAR.

The star of the sword starts to light up and then tomo slahes down the sword. A star then shoots towards Averis.

Averis dodges but gets hit by a second star.

Averis: UHhh, good job.

Tomo: HAha, see thats why i think its a shadow and light zanpaktou, the star is the light and some of my powers uses the shadow but i'll show you later haha. Now, lets st-

Averis comes crashing down towards Tomo, Tomo gets mad.

Tomo: I said lets stop!!!

grabs averis and gives a few kicks. And a punch sending averis to the ground. Tomo then throws a tube to the ground. The tube breaks by Averis, and a mist covers averis then turns to clue keeping Averis from standing up.

Averis: HEy fine fine, i'll stop. Just get me out.

Tomo: (sheathes sword) Okay (smiles) but have a band aid first.

Averis: !!! nothing but tha- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Tomo: Haha.

Tomo then taps the glue which breaks away.

Averis: uhhh, that was worse then actually fighting. haha.

Tomo: haha, hey whose that, (points at jake)

AVeris: oh thats jake. Why

Tomo: He looks lonely, lets go talk to him.

Averis get up

Averis: Fine.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---May's final resort---

*may feels the power that Kevin now posseses and she falls to her knees*

May-this is....incredible *smiles and sticks out her sword at the demonic Kevin*
Attract, Flora Rosa. *a explosion of red reiatsu is formed and then the reatsu forms into red flower petals* Now that i have done this, its time to finally beat you, even with all your powers that you have gained. You can't win what you can't find. *the flower petals swirl around Kevin and he starts to get dizzy and reality becomes more distorted than usual* now i have to finish you off. evin feels cuts all over his body*

Kevin-what..what is going on *stumbles*

May- the aroma from the flowers has completely messed up every sense you have. You can't win now.

Kevin- or can i? *lifts up his demonic face with the mask and the wings spread out and pure reatsu releases a gigantic amount of pressure on May who is aught by suprise and looses control of her own Zampaktou and falls to the ground*

May- *attempts to get up and is unable to, her blade has turned to its normal self* how...how did you.

Kevin- *turns to normal8 i told you i wasn't going to go easy.

(May was defeated! Kevin has acheived victory!)

---Lin's final lesson---

Lin- who..who did i fight.

Goku- *appears behind Lin* you fought me *puts his arm around her shoulders* you did pretty well to. I was incerdibly impressed, your speed, your streanth, it was godly. No one has ever made me use shikai in years.

Lin- ummm, can you get you arm off me...please. *Songoku takes his arm off* What, what is my ability exactly.

Songoku- i wont say. i have decided that i need to help you master your ability so that you can contol it al together. If you can't you might kill the inocent bystanders. come with me pretty girl.

Lin- you going to help me control my power?!

Songoku- im going to help you *points at her and touches her breast* ummmmmm, i swaer i didn't mean it.

Lin- YOU LITTLE *punches songoku into another wall*

Songoku- thats not a good way to treat a captain *holds his bruised cheek*

Lin- im not even sure i want you as my teacher. you little pervert.

Songoku- fine, ill only train you if you really desire it.

Lin- do you have to use the word DESIRE after you touched my boob you little perv?

Songoku- i just want to help haha.

(what will lin say to songokus request)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
This is just the memories of Soul, that haunts him every day, please play the music at the bottom as your read :)


---Souls memories---

*takes place in the lands of the first ones to take order of soul society*

Mother- this is a wonderful place isn't it.

Child- yea, yea mommy i love it here.

Child (girl)- yea this is beautiful!

mother- Oh dearest Sekhmet, please dont pick the flowers. You want them to stay beautiful forever don't you?

Sekhmet (young)- yes ma'am *sets flower back in the lucious green, blue fields of flowers and a forest of breath taking trees*

Mother- why don't you help me name my son, dearest princess.

Sekhmet (young)- lets name him Soul, after this beautiful land. You like that name.

Child (boy)- My name....Soul. What that mean? *looks up at mother*

Mother- it mean that you'll grow up to be beautiful and elegant like the fields here, like the land we share.

Soul (young)- really?! *smiles*

Sekhmet (young)- But. not as beautiful as me right ma'am?

Mother- *laughs* you two will both be beautiful. *hugs both of them* Sekhmet, isn't it time for you to go home? I believe that Soul need to rest up.

Sekhmet (young)- yes ma'am, tell me when he wakes up *walks out of the house*

(a couple of years have passed)

SEkhmet (about 16)- c'mon Soul i now thats not all you got *smashes Soul in the face with a wooden sword* I thought you said you wanted to be a warrior, am i wrong?

Soul (about 14)- i do, i do! I want to be your strongest warrior princess! I want to protect you wherever you go.

Sekhmet (16)- please, just call me by my name. Being princess isn't an easy job. It's more of a burden, just call me Sekhmet *smiles and holds her arm up to pick up Soul*

Soul (14)- I'm sorry Sekhmet. I promise though, that i will protect you at all costs!

Guard- *rushes in the training rooms of a vast kingdom* Princess, the people ant to know what your going to do about the outsiders that have been threatening us.

Sekhmet- *turns from the guard back to Soul* you go off back to your family. Ill train you tomorrow a little bit more ok?

Soul (14)- Ok!

(background changes to the kingdom on fire and screams of innocent people being slaughtered)

yamamoto- Kill them all, these people are intruders and the skum of Soul society!

*shinigami's cheer as they kill the kingdoms people*

Sekhmet (looks 25)- Hold them back! We will win this battle! *points her sword at the wave of shinigami*

Grim- Yes ma'am! C'mon warriors! Lets go! *a loud cheer of the first people who occupied Soul society cheer and point there wepons at the Shinigami*

Sekhmet- Ready, Tenchi?

Tenchi- yes princess, lets go *all of them charge into battle*


Yamamoto- they are coming, are you ready...Sempai.

Sempai (young)- as ready as i will ever be, *charges into the battle*

(the scene changes to the collision of both armies and the young Sekhmet is at the feet of Yamamoto)

Sekhmet- you won't get away with this! you have destroyer our land! We didn't have a hint of violence toward you and you slaughter us anyway!

yamamoto- these lands need to be protected. And your people are much to strong for you to exist. The knowledge you must have could tear down society and the government we have created. That is why we must kill you. *raises his sword and swings it down, only to be parried by another weapon*

yamamoto-who are you?

Soul- I am Soul, Commander of Sekhmets army! i wont allow you to kill her!

Sekhmet- dont! he is much to strong for you! *Soul battles with the leader of the shinigami invasion and later gets cut and faints in battle*

(the scene changes to a barren land and Soul stands beside Sekhmet and Grim)

Grim- Why can't we come?

Sekhmet- Our land of gorgeous flowers and luscious green fields have been destroyed by the arrancar and shinigami that now call this land Hauce Mundo. I don't want you to end up the same, *turns to Grim* and you have not learned how to control your anger. I dont want you to die as stupidly as your attempt to save our land.

Grim- I won't take that as an answer, im coming with you!

Sekhmet- you incompetent being *wave her sword, now her zampaktou, at grim and he faints on impact* But you, dearest Soul. You stuck with me all the way and i respect that at the highest degree. I am sorry that your families have died in this war. And because i feel guilt and pain of our lose, i dont want to become in more insufferable pain if you follow me and die. I have created a group of warriors to eventually kill the shinigami and the arrancar. They will soon feel the wrath that they once let loose on us.

Soul- but princess

Sekhmet- NO! you will not follow me! * a gate opens and the now angels walk through* if you do, i will have to put an end to your life now!

Soul- *starts to tremble at the threats that his close freind has just shot at him*

*Sekhmet turns around with an emotionless face and walks through the gate with all the others that have followed her for this mission*

Sekhmet- goodbye, valor warrior. *gate closes*

(the scene changes to the original Soul at the small land mass with a peaceful water fall)

Soul-memories....are all that will keep me company now. *starts to do calligraphy in the sand with his finger*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
My sword is something I had hanging around for a while so here it is.
Zanpakutou sealed: Has a grey sheath and hilt. The hilt has several designs of wind, dreams, clouds, etc. Its sheath also has many designs on it and is rather long, like the sword. The blade is so why it could be mistaken to be transparent. The wielder must be able move quickly on their own and has a hatred for killing and insincerity. The sword has three requirements in personality: honor, caution, and belief in equality.
Shikai: The sword, Kazeken (wind blade), is released at the command, “Strike all who oppose me and reveal the reality and truth to those blinded darkness’s shadow. Kazeken.” The blade completely disappears from sight without a trace. The user is then able to control wind to certain levels at their will. The wind swirls around the user and is rather pleasant until attacked with.
Bankai: The user of the sword says “Bankai, Sukai Kamisori Kazeken” (sky razor wind blade). The sword reforms first then a gust blows. In the wind, the user is surrounded by grey armor. It covers every part of the body except for the eyes. The sword disappears again and the user’s body looks more streamlined and free flowing. With shorter arms like short blades and long, powerful legs, the user kicks the opponent and cuts to kill. The movement speed heightens past normal levels and allows swiftness almost equal to light speed. He can also change the form of his armor to counter enemies. The main disadvantage is that the wielder sweats like mad in the armor after a while and it becomes uncomfortable.
Name: Orcale Shizume
colorless eyes, blind, has incredible hearing and can notice even the slightest vibrations.
Personality: cautious, calm, patient, and curious.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-----------Zeron and Tenchi--------------

Both wander through the forest.

Tenchi: Feel any reiatsu?

Zeron: Nah, (Looks at the near midnight sky) we should rest, if we got into battle that would be bad.

Tenchi: Alright then, (Both stop) let’s rest.

Zeron: I’ll take first watch.

Tenchi: Okay.

Zeron looks down, thinking, just thinking: Will Kevin be alright with Soul gone? I wonder how he’s doing right now; I can’t feel any of his reiatsu, so we must be far away. (Looks up at the stars) I remember when I first met Kevin, four years after I died. I had died from that accident with the truck along with my mother, and somehow ended up in Soul Society. I had no idea of what power I had, just that everyone around me died. Even my mother died because of me.

People: Get out of here Devil! No one wants you! Get lost. Why should we be your friend?

Zeron thinks: They mocked me, over and over, until the 13 saw me as a threat.

Leader of the 13: You will go to the real world to live or die, if you have hope, then you can stay, but if you kill another person here, we must kill you.

Zeron thinks: I chose to go to the living world, just to wander, I got a giguy and all that, but I was still unhappy. I had the protection, but I didn’t have anyone to care for me. Until he came…

Kevin’s voice: Hey, what are you doing?

Zeron (About 14) looks away

Kevin (About 13): Do you have a Zanpakto? I do! It is sooooooooo cool!

Zeron: Leave me alone kid

Kevin: What!? No one is here for you, what are you going to do?

Zeron: Just leave me alone.

Kevin: Come on, I can sense your dark Zanpakto, and I know that you can control it. Come on, show me!

Zeron: Shut up.

Kevin: Come on!

Zeron swipes his sword at Kevin: I said shut up. (Kevin’s left arm dies)

Kevin screams: Why did you do that! Why!? WHY!?

Zeron: I said SHUT UP! (Jabs his sword in Kevin’s left leg and it dies too)

Kevin continues to scream and Zeron speaks: Stupid kid.

Kevin falls to the ground as Zeron walks off and Kevin grabs his foot: I’m making a group, I need you.

Zeron thinks: I’ve never been needed before.

Kevin: You’ll have lots of friends and we’ll have lots of fun and fight and stuff.

Zeron revises Kevin’s leg and arm: Fine take me to this group.

Present time Zeron thinks: We were all rejects to Soul Society, wanting to prove to them that we could control our powers, that was our motivation, we all learned Bankai, and how to bring up our mask, we did a lot together, and our group split up to train, and now, here we all are again as a group. What a loop

Tenchi: My watch.

Zeron: Alright.


Lin: Songoku, to be honest, I don’t want to accept your offer for one reason, I want to learn my Zanpakto’s name by myself, I want to learn and grow with it, be one with it, that’s all that’s to it.

Goku: I see, well, if you change your mind, then come talk to me, okay.

Lin: That may depend if it’s day or night.

Goku laughs.

---------Kevin and May------------

May: Defeating me with pure reiatsu, how?

Kevin: Okay, okay, back up, for one thing, I could have killed you when I launched myself towards you, my steel armor can explode. And the reiatsu part, heck if I know how, guess I was in the mood.

May: What mood!?

Kevin: I love to fight, I love to advance, but what I love the most is that I can keep advancing to no end.

May: Huh?

Kevin: My Zanpakto can adapt, change, shift to the situation, as do I. We’re too much alike really. I teach everyone in my group to react to half-a-second situations. I’m a teacher that keeps on learning, not too many people have a Zanpakto that matches their personality completely. I’m a lucky guy.

May: Yes you are, and I see that in you. For such a young boy, you are wise.

Kevin: Am I getting respect from you?

May: Wait, you put a five foot crack in the wall!

Kevin: Huh, what crack?

May turns to see that the crack was replaced with steel: When did you… (Turns back to see Kevin gone)

Sorry, couldn’t get to Jack, I got to go to bed. I’ll get to him tomorrow.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-------------Lin’s True Training--------------

Lin walks to a corner in the room and sits down, concentrating on what she needs to do to figure out her Zanpakto’s name. She ends up in a world of light. A fairy appears.

Fairy: Hey Lin, how’s it going?

Lin: Everything’s alright. So can we try again?

Fairy: Okay, my name is…………..

Lin: I still can’t hear it; I’m not sure what else to do.

Fairy: You can figure it out! I know you can.

Lin: Alright then, will we finally start the true training?

Fairy: Alright, only if you’re ready.

Lin: I am.

--------------Jake, Averis, and Tomo--------------

Averis and Tomo walk over to Jake, who is training his strength with his sword.

Averis: Hey Jake! Remember Tomo, he would like to fight you!

Tomo: What!?

Jake: Alright then.

Tomo: Wait, no, please, do I have to?

Averis: And fight!

Jake slices at Tomo

Tomo: Are you nuts!


Kevin wanders through town, just wandering, wandering, just like the old times. He comes to the forest, and looks to make sure no one’s watching, then jabs his sword in the air.

Kevin: Tenjina Tsuchi gate (Turns his sword) open.

A gate appears, and there is nothing but rocks for as far as you can see, and Kevin walks through.

Kevin: It’s been so long since I’ve been here. (Turns to a group of warriors) Ya guys ready?

Group: YAH!

--------Zeron and Tenchi-----------

Zeron looks at the sun: Oh, it’s time, almost forgot.

Tenchi: Huh?

Zeron: I have another dimension gate if you want to see, a dark gate.

Tenchi: But we should really be getting back.

Zeron: It’s for a group of students.

Tenchi: You have students?

Zeron: Yah, I’ll show you. Tenjina Kuro gate (Jabs and turns sword) open.

A gate opens, and there’s nothing but darkness.

Zeron: Shall we?

Tenchi and Zeron go through the gate and Tenchi sees a group of students.

Zeron: Hey guys, ya ready to train?


I said their group was bigger, and it is! What do you know!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…

Tomo dodges

Tomo: i i dont want to fight!

Jake: Too late, (keeps slasshing down)

Tomo: I really don't want to fight,

Jake: sorry but you can't get out unless you fight

Averis: Haha, LETS GO LETS GO!!!!

Tomo: uhh, if you don't stop i'll-

Averis: What use band aids?!

Tomo: Find be like that.

Tomo stop and his eyes start to look lifeless, Averis and Jake stop too to see what Tomo is doing. Out of no where a little wave of energy hits them.

Averis: Ha thats it?! a little....

Averis' and jake's eyes go blank. And then after awhile come to.

Jake: What were we doing again?

Averis: I don't know but lets rest.

Tomo: Okay i like that idea better...

Jake: why was there a second one?

Tomo: oh no, just saying.

HAha don't mess with TOMO!! lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Play the music below as you read

---The shroud of darkness---

*Everyone is training, Lin with her zampakyou, jake Battleing tomo, and the captains planning on what the war plan is. But they are all interupted as a pure surge of power disrupts their training*

Fairy- ahhhhhhhhh *in pain*

Lin- Whats, whats going on, are you ok. *she is then back in soul society without warning and she crashes to her knees* what is this?

(jake, averis, Tomo)

Jake- AHHHHHHHHHHH *crashes to the ground in agonizing pain*

Tomo-*also crashes along with Averis* I... I know this power.


May- *crashes to one knee, and starts panting) what was that? such power...Wait! is this!

Songoku-*also crashes to his knees* its...its *starts to pant* how has he gotten so strong? How has he become so intense in just pure power?

*at the entrance of the barracks stands a figure in a white cloak similer to the espadas. He has red tatoos along his arm and long black hair. He looks young and cocky.*

???-i havent been here in ages. I think that i should have a freindly reunion. Let me see what our freindly shinigami have done with themselves to prepar for our upcoming attack. Let me see if they have actually become stronger. Let me, Grim, see if they are capable of survival if the decendance of the angels and Sekhmets army occurs soon. I want to test these so called new warriors and see if the captains were right o choose them.

*may and songoku appear at the entrance before Grim could get to it*

May- *still exausted by the wave of reiatsu* we won't let you pass

Songoku- *looks normal but his legs are trembling do to Grims Spirit pressure* You will not be able to enter without a fight. If you want to enter you willl have to...*at that moment songoku notices a arm that has been jabbed through his chest and the blood runs down his stomach, staining his captains uniform* mother...*falls, not dead but unconscious*

May- *shoked and tries to pull out her sword when she gets a fist to the stomach and is sent into a mountain, which causes a crator in it as a uncouncious may lay in the crator*

Grim- what lowely creatures, i can tell by brotheren are gone. I don't sense ther power anywhere. haha, ill just visit the others. I havent seen them yet. I want to test them. *continues walking into the barracks*

*Grim walks slowely into the barracks and everyone is in shock of how much Grims pure reiatsu has grown. The creator has come to the barracks, what will he do? what plans does he have?*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------Kevin in Dimension----------

Kevin looks shocked

Student: What’s wrong sensei?

Kevin pulls something from his pocket: No. I have to go.

Student: Take us with you.

Kevin: NO! (Group looks stunned) It’s too much for you; I will go on my own. (Opens his gate) Farewell.

Kevin walks through the gate to find his comrades.

-------Zeron in Dimension--------

Same thing as Kevin happens to Zeron.

Zeron tells his students: Set up gate 42, we have to leave now!

Students: Yes sir!

Tenchi: What’s wrong?

Zeron: Something happened in Soul Society, we’ll teleport there.

Tenchi: Why didn’t we teleport sooner?

Zeron: Because it takes a lot of energy for my students to pinpoint where we’re going.

Students set up gate and Zeron and Tenchi walk through it.

Zeron as they walk through: Beware of what awaits us on the other side; it may very well kill us.

-------------Kevin when through--------------

Kevin walks around: This is beyond what normal captain class is. (Feels Zeron presence and smiles) Cool.

Kevin runs toward the unknown reiatsu, and comes across Grim.

Grim: Ooh, we have a new face do we?

Kevin smiles: Shut up.

Grim: Is that an engagement to battle?

Kevin calls Bankai: Heck ya!

Kevin makes armor around his body, and then charges at Grim, who merely punches Kevin in the gut. Kevin makes his armor explode on impact and flies backwards. First his head, then back and then feet, (Although he looks like he’s enjoying himself…) then continues to move backward from the blow. He makes rockets on his feet and launches to Grim holding out his steel fist. Grim catches it in his hand, but slightly moves backwards. Zeron jumps from behind and throws his sword down on Grim. Grim vanishes and Zeron barely misses Kevin with his blade.

Kevin: About time!

Zeron: We were farther away!

Grim: I’m your enemy, you should be fighting me not each other.

Kevin/Zeron: Shut up.

Tenchi stands on a building looking on Grim: Long time, no see, Grim.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---the power of Grim against three---

Grim-Well, well, well. Why it isn't Tenchi himself. I didn't know you needed two companions inorder to beat me? have you become weaker? or have you just no progressed in power like i have?

Tenchi-*appears beside Zeron and Kevin* you shouldn't talk. Standing beside Sekhmet, after she left you.

Grim- you don't understand the big picture, Tenchi. Let me paint it for you.

Zeron-watch out hes com...*Zeron is punched in the face and is sent flying*

Tenchi- son of a....Decend from the stormy skies...Sasanoo. *the black lightning starts to surge around Tenchi as Zeron appears behind him*

Zeron-your serious aren't you?

Tenchi-why shouldn't i be? This man slaughtered millions in his life time, weak and the strong.

Kevin- He didn't even ge harmed from my explosion. *examines Grim whos cloths are the only thing burnt*

Grim-all of you tking out your swords againt me. I can almost say im outnumbered. haha, yet i can't. You are all still out of my league. Ill reveal my blade, yet your all going to need to try harder if you want me to go into shikai *unsheathes sword and appears behind the group of warriors*

Tenchi-Son of a!!!!

Kevin-he is soo fast!!!


Grim-ONI DEVESTATOR...MEJOR (major is pronounced mayor, means young in spanish) *a gigantic white explosion expands throughout the barracks and even soul society as Grim swings his sword down*

Tenchi- *appears beside the oters across the battle feild and all are bleeding and panting* That is the natura power of OUR people, how dare you use it for evil!

Grim- haha, evil? you think that my intentions are evil. Don't make me laugh. We have a more true justice in our intentions than you do. That is why we are stronger, it is because we are more determined. *apears infront of Tenchi with incredible speed, leaving a after image, and he punches Tenchi, yet Tenchi catches the blow* So your actually tring now? You didn't budge from my attack?

Tenchi- not exacty *looks at th ground were kevin has made metal below his feet and his strong magnitism allows him to stay stationary* clever isn't it?

Grim-!!!! *looks above to see Zeron with his blade*

Zeron- i hope you shrivel away by my power!

Grim-hehehe, ONI DEVESTATOR MAJOR! *another gigantic white explosion appears and all three warriors are blown back in even more pain than before*

Tenchi- i feel that we have other compaions in this battle. *Tomo and Lin appear on the battle feild and take out their swords* and with this... i will use my power

*all are shoked, especially Zeron, that Tenchi must use bankai in order to possibly win this battle against grim, even with his companions*

Tenchi-Ban...Kai! *a huge surge of black lighning surrounds Tenchi revealing that he now has full black Samuri armor and that his sword has become jagged and has a dragon on it*

Zeron-Maybe i need to as well....Bankai! *black shadows invelope Zeron and no one can see him*

Tomo- i might need to go into Bankai as well.

Grim-i feel so many diffrent reiatsus, this will be fun indeed. *smiles and points sword at al the warriors* must it be like this. I might need to go shikai haha. *Grim lets loose a huge wave of reatsu and the other are astonished*

(what will the battle between grim and the shinigami and ex beginner turn out like? What is Zerons Bankai? What is Tenchis Bankais ability? Wat will the others do?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----Basically everyone vs. Grim-----

Many different reatsus are clashing in the barracks.

Kevin, Zeron, Tenchi, Lin all take turns slahing away at Grim. With every few hits landing, and most of them being pushed away with pure strength. Tomo stands there.

Kevin: Yo TOMO! we need your help here! (gets pushed away)

Tomo: Yea wait! vial #123: Song birds cage!

Tomo breaks a tube, A bright green light appears in the sky, and then 5 green birds fall into 5 different locations surrunding everyone.

Tomo: Potion #1: Selfish

The three green birds turn to a light red.

Grim: What the f*** are you doing boy?! uhh! (coughs a little blood) I see. (grins)

Kevin: What DID Tomo do?

Tenchi: He first set a customized barrier, then used one of his potions on the barrier to create-

Kevin: A combo!

Averis: (getting up) Exactly Kev. Tomo is like a linking-kido smarta-

Grim: HEY! shouldn't you pay attention before i kill you?!

Zeron: NO! shouldn't you! (slashes down, slightly misses)

Grim: My finger! its dead and useless.

Tenchi: Dont' bother asking he can't tell you anyways. (glances at Zeron who grins)

Grim: I see hahaha!!! I'll just haave to kill you no matter what then.

Vanishes and appears by Tomo and grabs him by the neck.

Grim grins.


Oh no someone save my Tomo lol. haha
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: You killed her...Haha. Stop playing around and complete your initial mission.

Angel: Do I have permission to exercise whatever force necessary?

Veznesel: Indeed you do. However, don't dismember them. It is essential that they return intact and viable. (angel vanishes).

(Sempai charges Veznesel and she catches his blade. He then pulls it through her hands)

Sempai: Unsheath your sword and take me seriously.

Veznesel: (trail of blood falls down her palm) I am curious to know a little something. What force is driving this crusade of yours? Pride? Honor? Love? Maybe it is pride. After all, you watched the woman you adored fall to my blade. It must have been difficult. Of course, a warriors honor is at stake too. He couldn't muster the courage or strength to prevent his beloved's death. Or it could be purely that you loved her, but I doubt it. The vengence you desire is sought out with a selfish energy.

Sempai: I WILL KILL YOU! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW I FEEL! (slams sword into Veznesel's, sending shockwaves through the area).

Veznesel: You keep telling me to unsheath my sword, but I have no sheath. (slams him back with a burst from her cloud. Suddenly a sword flies out of her cloud and stabs Sempai in the arm) Are you sincere with this mission?

Sempai: (pulls out sword and throws it) Of course! I will destroy your very being. (Veznesel chuckles from the distance) You don't believe me? (vanishes and appears behind veznesel to find she is facing him)

Veznesel: Were you under the impression that I was going to be surprised by such a sluggish flash step?

Sempai: Hhhh..ow did you know? (facial expression becomes angry and vanishes. They begin clashing their swords and she appears behind him)

Veznesel: How would you feel if I said, I enjoyed watching the life drain from her body? (suddenly she is stabbed through the stomach with his sword) U...gh.

Sempai: stop toying around! It's a small wound!

Veznesel: Haha. I have no wound at all! Nice try, however. So you want to see my power? I cannot wait to watch the life drain from your pitiful body.

Sempai: (braces himself and places sword infront of him) I am plenty strong.

Veznesel: Deusa...Velenoso. (she swipes her palm across her blade and as she calls out her zanpakuto's name it begins to bellow out thick, black smoke. A finished blade begins to emerge and it has multiple teeth on each side and a curved edge) I believe you wanted to see this?

What will sempai do?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
as for my full character bio:
Orcale is just about 20 give or take a few years. He used to work with windmills for a while until a sudden tornadoe picked up out of nowhere. He had the breath sucked out of him and ended up dead. When he awoke in Soul Society he was greeted by shinigami that was walking past. The shinigami decided to help the newbie in death get used to the rikugan life and Orcale soon thought of the woman as an older sister. Little did he know at the time, but the shinigami was Unahana Retsu. She taught Orcale about zanpakutou and gave him his own. After sometime past, Unahana had to leave Orcale behind. he was heart broken, but accepting. Orcale then decided to join the court guard squads somehow. He trained as much as he could with the sword that would be come one of the most powerful wind related zanpakutou. His talent was recognized, not just for his sword skill, bur for his intelligence and aptitude. He was enrolled in the academy and joined the tenth squad. But before long, he advanced quickly and was given a rare request. To join the Zero Squad, the squad that protected the king of Soul Society. He accepted, grateful for the chance to protect someone to his fullest.
Personality: He loves three things; a falling sensation, chess, and writing. He is rather peculiar in nature becuase dispite his caution and intel, he is often distracted and always day dreaming.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Sempai- haha, this will be easier than i thought.

Vaznesel- how so, shinigami?

Sempai-with this, Sazanami Kouryou (rippled water rain dragon).

*his pole flows out tons of water swallowing Vaznesel for seconds then decends to make the gound completely water, yet both can stand on it*

Vaznesel-that was interesting *looks at Sempai, whos red hook is now i gaint mace that is still attached to the string of his now red pole* Allow me to finish you off here *appears behind the after image of Sempai* What! *she is then smahed through the water by a gigantic stone mace connected by a string to Sempais pole*

Sempai- you think i only know flash step. My way of traveling is way less perdictable. It is a style of dancing, smooth and unperdictable like the waters. *pulls pole draging Vaznesel on the new ocean Sempai has created* and as you should fell, being dragged on water at high speeds is alot more painfull that cement or stone. but let me finish this *pulls out Vaznesel out of water, but now she is surrounded by a shark shaped body of water (she is inside the water shark)*........kai. *the water shark become pressure and Crushes Vaznesel, then explodes in its pressured form*

Vaznesel- appears far from Sempai, yet infront of him. She has a broken leg and fore arm do to the pressured explosion* you...you little.

Sempai- *drops to the water and smoothly lands on it* now that you understand the basics of my ability, let me see yours. *hold rod up, also causing the mace to go up, then the mace goes down into his hand* if you dont, another one of those attacks will kill you for sure. I haven't had someone survive that attack.

Vaznesel- haha, well see if your capable of handling my power.

(what is Vaznesels shikais ability, What are Sempais other triks for his shikai?)


Grim- hahaha, you weak *tosses tomo to the side of him, he is still concious* and as for may finger. *Grim breaks it off, then it grows back* haha, you think a master of Creation would be harmed by such a weak attack.

Zeron-*grinds teeth* how does he contain so much power?

Tenchi- he has trained against the ones he has loved, and then killed them. But if im not mistaken, the last one killed you. How are you still here?

Grim- haha, she gave me a new body. and because i have died and been reborn, my zampaktou has been altered, and it has become stronger.

Tenchi- i don't have time for you history class. *ponts his jagged sword at Grim* rain.....*rain starts to fall* let me start off with a starter.... Kevin, make a stell prison for everyone for about thirty seconds.

Kevin- gotcha, but what do you have in mind?

Tenchi- ill tell you later.

*kevin makes a steel box so that all the others are unharmed by this upcoming attack*

Tenchi- *rain slowely rolls down his samuria armor and he slowely turns his blade* lightning web, Godly death. *the black lighning surges through every rain drop that hasn't hit the ground and it wrpaes around grim*

Grim- what is this, a new trick.

Tenchi- no, its a targeting system. *grim looks at the ground and the lighning coming from tenchis feet have hit grims and have spread out making a circle around grim* this is it, the strongest lighning attack know in existance. Kagyou..Kirin (princess kirin)* the blade that was pointed at grim starts to glow black from the intensity of the black lightning and it fires a gigantic lightning blast in a for of a stalion/dragon/snake (kirin) and it consumes grim in its attack and causes the ground to shake and the steel prison Kevin made to shatter*

Kevin-whoa, did, that kill him?

Zeron-it must have, i could sense the absolute power in that attack.

*the smoke clears and reveals grim unharmed but a little diffrent*


Grim- this is my shikai, sashabi, kouki tarento (sashabi, the final star) *it looks like a black sword with a single crack in it and it has a emense red aura eminating from it, his body has not changed except he now had a new cloak that has some start marks on it* let me show you its power...SMITE SASHABI! *a small meteorite hits the ground, still causing the ground the shake and blow away everyone* well, are you going to keep fighting or not?

(what will the warriors do, Tenchi is exaisted from his devestating attack that seemed to be useluss, Zeron hasn't showed his bankais ability, and the others are petrafied)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
------Kevin/Zeron/Tenchi/Tomo/Partly Lin vs. Grim--------

Zeron jabs himself, reviving him slowly, then gets up: I would like to see that attack one more time, but with the occasion of showing you my Bankai. (Holds his sword up to Grim) Bankai! (Pure black reiatsu surrounds him, and his sword is revealed. A double edged sword made of steel, a hilt made of black metal, and instead of one glass ball, there are now two.) Kurai Shunpou no Konran.

Grim: Hm, what will make a difference? SMITE SHASHABI! (A small meteor falls to Zeron and Zeron holds his sword out so that the meteor would hit the tip.)

Zeron: Dimension gate, open. (A circle appears above the tip of the sword and the meteor falls through, then Zeron holds his sword out towards Grim) Dimension gate, open. (A circle appears at the tip of the blade and a meteor comes out of it, only about ten times bigger than the one that went in.)

Grim: What!? (The meteor hits Grim and he flies backwards, crashing through buildings along with the meteor. Zeron smiles)

Grim gets up from the blast: Interesting, I have never once seen or heard of anyone redirecting an attack and supersizing it.

Zeron: Yha, I’ve never heard of it either. (Grim slowly heals himself and Zeron charges in)

Kevin: YOU FOOL!

Zeron gets a clean slice through his waist, or so it seemed, no, the blade went through, but it didn’t cut, how? Zeron opened the gate around his body and disappears in it.

Grim: What?

Zeron appears behind Grim, and Grim is unable to move and looks down to see his feet bolted in the ground, and looks at Kevin who did it. Zeron gets a hit on Grim’s right arm, and it dies slowly. Then Grim takes Zeron and throws him away.

Grim: Fool, you have no idea what I can do. (Cuts off his right arm and grows another)

Zeron: That wasn’t the point. (He’s holding his sword high above and a huge black sphere is above his head) Reaper’s Destruction. (The ball heads toward Grim, and Grim is in the middle of it all, it explodes, what will become of Grim?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------Kevin/Zeron/Tenchi/Tomo/lin vs. Grim-----------------

The dust clears and grim stands, his clothes are burnt and shredded. He pants heavely and drenched in his blood. He is missing a his left arm, and a part of his side as if a shark came and took a bite.

Grim: Haha, you gotta do-

Out of no where a silver star comes shooting at him.

Grim: What the hell, who did that?!

Tomo: Me! haha.

Tomo looks like he was never hurt, because of the use of his band aids.

Tenchi: huh, Tomo good that your ok.

Kevin: (smirks) interesting kid.

Zeron: Lets focus guys.

Grim slowly starts to regenerate.

Grim: Hmm, stupid child though that attack was similiar to mines your power will never reach mines!!

Tomo: Yea maybe because i didn't get killed by my loved one and didn't get a new body.

Grim: What did you say!!!!

Kevin: He said that unlike you, his family loves him and would never betray him. like what happen to you.

Tenchi: oh! low blow. haha

Grim furious: Shut up! doesn't matter i'll kill you anyways!

Grim shoots a large meteor at Tomo

Grim: DIE!

Tomo smiles and holds out his sword. The meteor is then absorbed by his shikai. The star in the center is absorbed.

Tomo: Shooting star!

A silver star is shot from Tomo zanpaktou,

Grim: Doesn't matter, what a weak single attack, (holds out sword to block)

The star instantly splits into smaller stars and go around the shocked Grim, he then gets hit.

Grim:Uhh what kind of zanpaktou is that?!

Tomo: hehe.

Tenchi: That is a shadow/light star-themed zanpaktou duh

Kevin: haha, duh stupid.

Grim: Stop mocking me!!

Charges directly at Tomo

Tomo sheathes his sword and puts hand out to block. Grim then grins and gets ready to punch tomo. But then tomo, reacts instead by kicking him up slightly and smashing a vial on Grim's face.

Grim: UHhhh it stings, what is this. (touches face) mirror shards. What kind of trick is this?

Tomo: it makes it easier for everyone to hit you!

Grim looks at the others who seem to have mirrors by them.

Tomo: Vial #1: Mirror portal.


Everyone then hits the mirror which is transported directly to Grim's face through the mirrors.

whats next lol.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
----grim starts to be serious----

Grim- *recreates all his wounds and slashes and dead parts.* all of you are fairly strong, but i haven't even released most of my abilities from my shikai, allow me to demonstrate *appears behind Zeron* vour sashabi.

*a black whole is formed at the tip of Grims sword and it swallows half of Zeron before closing and completely devouring his body, then he appears infront of Kevin and stabs him, then puts is hand on his blade*

Grim- ONI DEVESTATOR MENOR (means minus in spanish, stronger than major) * a huge white explosion explodes out of Grims blade, tearing apart Kevins body almost causing instant death*

Zeron-*crashes to the floor with half his body missing* ahhhhhhhh!

Kevin- *escapes the attack without his right arm and part of his waist and shoulder* this... i dont think i can fight anymore.

Tenchi- Kevin, Zeron! *Grim appears behind him* shit! *as he turns toward Grim, grim slashes through him with Tenchis blood gliding around his blade*

Grim- you think that you attemt at beating me was close, Smite sashabi. *a meteorrite hits tenchi and rips off hlf his body, causig him to faint* Now its up to you guys, lets see what you can do? *points at Jake, Averis, Tomo, and Lin* METIOR CAGE!

*rocks hit everyone (tomo, jake, lin, averis) all around their body till all of them are traped in the center of a meteor that glows red.*

Grim- Now that your traped *he hers the almost mute screams from deep inside this gigantic meteor tht is now hovering off the ground* now, lets hear the BOOM! *the meteor explodes greatly in its size while the warriors are insde it, basically tearing them all into shreads, but still none are dead. They all fall from the sky with the rubble that the meteor caused* i hope this is a lesson to you all. If i every see you guys again witout you being prperly trained, ill kill you. *walks away of the group, then vanishes*

Zeron- he... he beat all of us *struggles to stand, yet he is the only one were as the others have turned back into their normal selves. Out of shikai and bankai* what a monster. *bleeds severily*

*the battle comes to a halt, leaving only Zeron standing with half his body missing and the other unconsciounce on the ground. Even the mighty Tenchi was defeated by Grim. Can the group train hard enough in order to beat this tyrant?*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----------BAND AIDS------

Tomo and zeron are the next to stand up and consious. Tenchi spots that Tomo is slowly healing, and Zeron is stabbing himseldf to regenerate.

Tenchi: Come heal me tomo....wait how come your healing and you're not even using band aides?!

Tomo: (panting)Because i drank a potion instead. haha

Tenchi: Give me that then! (limps toward Tomo)

Tomo:Sorry for me only, haha.

Tomo starts to take out multiple bandaides and slowly puts it on everyone. Everyone wakes up and screams their heads offf




Jake: OW.

May: (closes eyes, and clenches fists)

TEnchi: HEy tomo what about me?!!!

Tomo: Okay, (Tomo takes out 3 band aides)

Tenchi: is that all for mee....

Tomo nods sinisterly, tomo vanishes and puts bandaides on Tenchi's head, arm, and chest.

Tenchi: t-t-t-TOOOOMOOO!!!!!

Everyone else starts to laugh at Tenchi.


Tenchi: now that eveyone is okay and healed (everyone glares at Tomo who is smiling)We need to continue training.

everyone nods, and tries to get back to training.

Jake: yo tomo wanna fight?

Tomo:uhh no its okay. haha


Tomo goes around the barracks using some of his creations to fix things. Tenchi and Zeron train. Kevin goes back to his students. May helps think of plans, and lin trains with Jake and Averis.

Tomo: Hey did anyone see sempai, ella, and hmmm Goku?

Uhh soo much band aids....and no i can't share my potion haha.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(laughing is heard from behind Sempai)

Veznesel: You certainly are not very bright, are you?

Sempai: What?! But I dragged you...you are over here?

Veznesel: (stares at sempai) Don't tell me you're this moronic?

Sempai: (Looks at other veznesel and it is now a beat up male corpse) WHat?!! HOW?!

Veznesel: You arrogantly thrashed that corpse around and presumed you were putting me in my place. You're not very observant, but it is proving convienant. (suddenly her blade rapidly pursues and he tries to dodge but it grazes his arm slicing it) Did you not pay attention when I was killing that filth you loved? Even if you could get ahold of me, which you couldn't, my shroud is protects me from any harm. My limbs and the rest of my body are protected beneath it. Why must all you shinigami be so feebleminded? I sincerely hope it is not contagious.

Sempai: You B**** (rushes at her with his mace pole and flings it at her, but it is knocked away with her zanpakuto and he is sliced across the chest)

Veznesel: I believe you were looking for a greater outcome? That mace is impressive, however, your previous explanation explaiming my non-survival if attacked again, I can only laugh at. You are not merely as strong as I am. I've been training since before you were born, sorry. (blade bursts into several huge double toothed zanpakuto and Sempai beings to try and knock them away) Haha! This is much more entertaining than I previously has hoped.

Sempai: (smashes away her zanpakuto and tries to clear a path to Veznesel. When he begins to clear one he is struck with her zanpaktuo) I am getting tired of this! (begins twirling his zanpaktuo and smashes all the different blades away) Ha! (throws mace and smashes veznesel and she flies into the water) You're not so strong!

(suddenly she emerges from Sempai's shadow and slashes his back violently. Laughing hysterically she vanishes before he can react)

Veznesel: (Suddenly the ocean begins turning black and turns to a milky, thick, ink.) Do you enjoy swimming? (suddenly a shadows flies out of the water and chases sempai he beats it away with his mace and dodges it)

Sempai: You intended to drag me into that filth? (suddenly he realizes this was just a distraction and tries to dodge a huge blackish purple cero. It catches his arm and leg and his clothing is burned away and his flesh is charred) How did I fall for that? I should have known that witch was pulling a trick! (slams mace in her direction and she appears behind him)

Veznesel: Your weapon isn't very fast?

Sempai: STOP! STOP THESE GAMES! You are toying with me! Take me seriously! I AM NOT A CHILD TO BE TOYED WITH! (vanishes and furociously slams his zanpakuto into her as blood prefusely runs down his body) He realizes that her dark shroud is hard as steel and begins smashing it over and over) WHY WONT YOU JUST BREAK AND DIE!

Veznesel: Such an aggrivation...(catches mace and blood falls from her hand and she shoves it at him. He flies back to adjust his postion)

Sempai: Wait...your other hand isn't bleeding? I cut your other hand too!

Veznesel: The wonders of instant regeneration and healing. I'm thankful I never neglected these skills and decided to hone them to perfection. And you're just bleeding everywhere, aren't you? This trick would be quite useful. I just thought of something. What would mayumi say to her beloved Sempai right now? Would she tell you to run for your life or continue. I would hope she'd give the more intelligent advice. However, guaging from our fight, she isn't too bright and would steer you wrong.

Sempai: (clenches teeth) Wait...how do you know my name and Mayumi's??

Veznesel: Ha ha ha (begins laughing nefariously) I do enjoy your bewildered expressions. Your cognitive deficits are to me as sweet nector is to a bee. (suddenly Sempai's question is answered with hundreds of blades seeking to sever him in half) You best begin running, little man!

Sempai: (he begins smashing away all the blades but is overwhelmedand and begins trying to put distance between he and Veznesel).

Veznesel: (suddenly a shadow grabs him and pulls him in the milky black ink) Make sure to take a deep breathe! (smiles).

What is Sempai's fate? What does Veznesel have in store for him? What is her true power?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---shadow of the ocean---

Sempai- you say that im unintelligent *Vaznesel turns to see a very little harmed Sempai with his mace pole* you should have realized that the blood of the cone was almost all water. Yet i am amassed by this technique.All these blades, it amazing *looks down at the ink that was created from his ocean and slowly drops the mace into the ink, it returns to its watery self* This will kill you inevitably. I wont allow you to live after insulting the one i cared for, i think that this time, ill hit you. *Vaznesel notices that the string from the pole is wrapped around her*

Vaznesel- you think think will hurt me! my shroud protects me from these simple attacks *attempts to escape and can't, then she realizes a mace that hits her on the head and drowns her into the ocean*

Sempai- i hope that you will die here, die with the utmost pain. even your armor of shadow can be disrupted and create space so that i will harm you. *pulls out the mace with the water that is now shaped like a whale, much larger than the shark, of water with Vaznesel in the middle* as i increase the pressure of the water, it will disrupt you armor *sure enough it does* now, may the whale explode with you blood inside it. *the pressured water whale explodes and Vaznesel is torn from her own left arm*

Vaznesel-*drops to the ground* gahhhh, how the hell. *attempts to heal herself and she is interrupted with a mace that smashes her again through the water*

Sempai- Now...revenge of Yin. *half of the yin yang sign appears on Vaznesel and she is pulled up out of the water and kicked by Sempai, then he sets the mace inside the water as Vaznesel flies across the water like a skipping stone* Rippled Stallions! *he pulls out the mace from the water and thousands of water horses come out with it and charge at Vaznesel, who cuts most of them down, but then they explode and send Vaznesel flying across the water farther and faster*

Vaznesel- *stands on the water and pants, hunched over to chatch her breath* haha, i guess ill show you my ability.

(what will Vaznesels next attack be?! what will Sempai do in his situation, or will any of them use bankai?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Here's something on my character
???: (appears on sokyoku hill and looks over soul society. Has white hair, tanned skin, and completely white clothes) sigh, even after that horrible tradegy, soul society still has that nostalgic feeling. I guess some things never change. (jumps off the cliff and lands almost silently on a roof) I wonder if there is anyone to speak to here. I mean, not every shinigami fled, right? (starts to wander)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----------Tomo's curiousity--------

Everyone is where we last left off.

Tomo: so did you guys see them?

Averis: (blocking incoming attacks) Yea- woah. I think their training....

Jake: (trying to attck Averis) I think Goku is by the gate.

Tomo: Gate?!

JAke: Yea, (dodges and pushes Lin back)

Tomo: okay, be right back.

Tomo walks over to where they entered and see Goku sleeping. Tomo kneels by Goku.

Tomo whispers: Goku, (shakes Goku slightly) Goku.

Goku: uhh, what?

Tomo: Goku...please wake up.

Goku: Oh baby, why don't ya just cuddle with me?

Tomo: What?

Goku then reaches out and grabs tomo, and holds him to his chest. Goku starts to play with Tomo's hair.

Tomo: Goku! let me go!!

Goku: babe i can never let you g-

Tomo stabs goku but nothing happens.


Goku: haha, your fiesty

Tomo then takes out a extra large band aid. and puts it on Goku.

Goku's eyes open wide open, and jumps up against the wall.

Goku:what the hell were you doing.

Tomo: shut up! im going inside, you missed a fight.


Tomo:yups haha.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Play song as you read (Bottom of page)

-----------Zeron fights-----------

Grim moves back to his quarters, but stops for a minute: Hm, I feel a presence wonder who it could… (Arms armed with a sword come out behind him and chops at him and he catches it in his hand and they die away) What!?

Zeron appears: I’ve come to take your life.

Grim moves back, and revives his hand: You’re one of those pesky kids, (He starts laughing) you think you can… (Zeron releases a huge amount of pressure and Grim is shocked by how much it increased) How?

Zeron: You think that was my real body? With that little reiatsu and power, there’s no way, it was a mere body, but I am the real thing. (Suddenly appears behind Grim and Grim blocks. Zeron keeps at it, chopping, slicing, and slashing at Grim’s blade) I will overcome you. (Grim looks into Zeron’s eyes, they’re darker, solemn, lonely, and cold, utterly different than his normal eyes)

Grim slashes at Zeron and calls his move: ONI DEVESTATOR MENOR! (An explosion comes out and nearly hits Zeron when he fights back)

Zeron: Dimension gate, open. (The explosion goes into the gate, and is completely absorbed; the gate is much bigger than last time)

Grim: What!?

Zeron gets very close to Grim at point blank range: Dimension gate, open. (A huge white explosion comes from a hole that forms from Zeron’s blade nearly killing Grim, and Grim recovers from it)

Grim: How did you?

Zeron: I can redirect any attack you throw at me, and heal anything that you kill, and kill any limb in your body. You are fighting yourself as well as me, using your strongest attacks is not what you should be doing to defeat me, I can redirect it, I can enlarge it, I can do anything to any move you throw at me. What will you do now?

Grim: Slice and dice. (Appears in front of Zeron attacking in every which way possible, Zeron somehow blocking them all) DIE! SMITE SHASHABI! (Zeron can’t doge the attack, he’s pinned)

Zeron: Dimension gate, open. (Zeron disappears suddenly and the meteor misses him)

Grim: What!?

Zeron appears once again and slices at Grim: I didn’t think you would swing a sword as a distraction. You must be desperate.

Grim: Oh, shut up.

Zeron: I have another move, and all of your strikes helped me succeed in it. (Puts his hand to his face and pulls on a mask that looks like its dying) Although this is not it, (Appears behind Grim, who is wide-eyed with his speed and mask) it can possibly kill you. (Zeron jabs Grim through Grim’s right side and it starts dying, Grim backs away and cuts off the dead part and regenerates)

Grim: Why do I feel weaker? It couldn’t be.

Zeron: Let me explain things for you, my Zanpakto has an ability to start with, which absorbs an enemy’s life and reiatsu. And those energy sources make attacks and help me regenerate. All living objects have reiatsu and life energy. That’s why I chop down trees or stall for as long as I can, hitting your sword which has reiatsu.

Grim: What!?

Zeron: You body and Zanpakto are weaker now, and are still going that way.

Grim: Then I’ll retreat if it gets too far. (Averis suddenly appears behind Grim)

Zeron: I’m afraid you can’t do that. (Slices at Grim’s arm, taking the reiatsu and life out of it and Grim jumps back and regenerates)

Grim: What the heck are you?

Zeron: A lonely person, one who has lost everything, and has gained everything, I had nothing to start with, and nothing to end with.

Grim: You make no since. But I’ll kill you! SMITE SHASHABI!

Zeron opens his gate: You can’t beat me with indirect attacks. (Opens the gate again and sends the meteor back at Grim, Grim doges and slices down at Zeron who blocks and absorbs reiatsu) You can’t beat me with direct attacks.

Grim jumps back: Then what can I defeat you with?

Zeron: The one thing that will hurt me most, is killing the one person I care about and dedicated my life to, (Holds his sword out to Grim) and that person, (No emotion comes into his eyes as he glares at Grim) is dead.


Lin’s thoughts: I feel him, he’s fighting. I can’t let him get hurt, and I have the one thing that can save him if he’s near death, I best go, I almost have it mastered. Almost… (Lin disappears from the group in search for a certain someone.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
--- a glipse of The reapers sythe.....Sashabi, star of armegedon! and the return of the lost---

*the battle between Zeron and grim wages on and Grim is put to his knees from Zerons Bankai. Grim is panting underneath his blade*

Grim-your power...its..its amazing.

Zeron- is that your attempt in escaping, sweet talking me. you have gone to a new low....Grim. *swings sword down and grim catches it, yet his arm doesn't die* hmmmmm, a new trik?

*Lin appears*

Lin-Zeron! what are you doing?! you shouldn't fight without me!

Zeron-*says nothing* Well grim, care to explain?

Grim-*his face turns from fear to seriousness, very serious* i understand the conection between you two. Honestly, your the reasons that i came here *stands up with Zerons blade in his hand* light and darkness, Yin and yang, good and evil. Yet you fail to understand one thing, they must have been created somewhere. Allow me to show you were.


*both lin and Zeron vanishes a ways away to take a blow. A massive wave of reatsu bloows them back and they close their eyes at the geat pure power grim has exerted. When they open them, they see only blackness*

Grim- This is Sashabi, star of armegedon *his sword is has red veins climbing it and wraping it, and it know exerts so much pure pressure, he know wears a majestic red cloak with star tatooes all over it and it seems to glow red as well* you see, this is were everything originated....space, vast and mysterious.

Lin- allow me to help *starts to glow*

Zeron- you haven't mastered it yet! you dont understand!

Grim-Let her, i have faith. but allow me to interupt *appears behind Zeron, who stabs him allowing him to take his power*

Zeron-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* shreiks in pain from the pure energy that grim now hold and backs off*

Grim-*heals slowely* did that hurt? trust me it hurts me more *starts to bleed from the mouth, then wipes it off* this power is unstable and to strong, ill only use it for one reason, to permenetly test you abilities and powers. *appears infront of Zeron and Lin blocks the attack with her blade*

Lin- i wont let you!

Grim- that doesn't matter *looks down* you may think your lonely, but if you were in my position...you would know. You have no idea how long i have existed, how much more training i have over both of you. *a tear slides down his face* ONI DEVESTATOR! *a green explosion is forced out of his sword and both Lin and Zeron are torn appart yet allive and float allong through space, without streangth*

Zeron- a normal...oni...devestator...sooo...strong *couchs up blood and it seems to float infront off him*

Lin- so the legend was true, Grim, the one who nearly put the extinction to all shinigami. *hold arm over stomach that is massively bleeding*

Grim-I also noticed you tried you gate on my attck Zeron. do want to know why it didn't work?

Zeron-!!! it should have protected me.

Grim- everything has a limit. barriers, gates, even people. If i let loose a amount of power that the thing can not handle, it will break. I noticed that your so called gate trembbled at my oni devestator menor, so i thought if i realesed more, it would break. And now if you try to absorb my reiatsu or drain it from me, it will devour you like it has me. you have no idea what my altered zampaktou can do. though i only do this, to defeat the one that killed me and the one who is equal to her.

*both are stunned at the thought that there are two people that re stronger than him*

Lin- i understand one is Sekhmet, who is the other?

Grim- you mean the one who suffered more than all of us? the one whose purpose is to feel like he has a purpose? the one who has the power to take and give life. Zeron....his power is like yours, but on another level. He would demolish you! You have the power to take a little life and rieatsu away.....He can take all your life with ease! he is the one that has been leading you into battle!

*all start to freeze and glance back into their memories of Soul talking at the meeting*

Zeron- no way! ill kill you! *lounges at Grim and is blocked by another blade*

???-thats enough, this battle is over. It isn't your fight

*Zeron is shoked of what he is seeing, the Captain Commander Soul stpping in from him challenging Grim*

Grim-!!!! why are you here, i don't need your help! I said that i would train, THEN KILL YOU!! WE SEPERATED BECAUS YOU GOT IN THE WAY OF ME PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY, OUR HOME!

Soul- I did say that you were weak, and that you must train. Yet you misunderstand the reason that supported those words. It was that you eed to learn to be in control, to understand your own soul in order to beat me.

Grim- *grinds teeth* your scum Soul! i will be back to reap you like i did all those shinigami! *vanishes and the space dissolves and they are back in soul society*

Zeron- *still in bankai with mask* im glad you re...*he blocks a slow slash from Soul and is sent back miles even in his bankai/mask*

Lin-what are you doing?!

Soul-*has no expression on his face* what drives you to fight? what aids your purpose to challenge others to the death in order to take pride in your goal? Why don't you realize that there are no good and evil? Arn't they not one and the same? *becomes quite for a minute*I want to know what drives both of you. I want to find reason to fight like both of you. I want to lead you, but i can't find reason...a purpose....the spirit that drives me to fight for a cause...... *raises sword to both Lin and Zeron*

Soul- show me what power you have...show me you goal, so that i might share it. *releases a small part of his reatsu and it shatters the sourounding mountains, turning them to rubble and causes the earth to quake and crack. Even Zeron and Lin start to loose grip of their weapons do to this devine power*

(The battle has been interupted, but by the one that leads the captains! Soul has returned only to fight the one of light and darkness. how will the two react, will they be able to survive?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----Tomo's new surprise-----

Tomo: Hurry up Goku lets go inside

Tomo then helps goku up and they start to go inside

Songoku:Haha, so wh-

Out of no where a pressure is released

Tomo still stands but has serious tinggling sensation. Everyone else stops training to see what happens.

A man around 20, emerges from the ground.

Songoku: Hmmm, you looks familiar (rubs chin thinking)

???:I mean no harm but i was wandering if i could be of assistance.

Goku: really?....hmmm. Damn it where have i seen you?

???: I was here long ago before the destruction of the old 13. I was in the 6th squad.

Tomo: Just answer who you are.

???: (annoyed by Tomo's impatience) I'm Tekken, Tekken Yoshiyuki.

Everyone is shocked by what he just said.

Averis: Hey tomo isn't that you last name too?!

Tomo nods in shock.

Tekken: What do you mean thats his lasts name? (even more annoyed that Tomo shares the same name)

Goku: Could it be? hmmmm

Tekken: (glares at Goku) What is going on? what are you thinking.

Goku: asnwer this question at the same time kay Tekken and Tomo

Tkken: why?

Goku: just do it!....Did you have a twin brother when you were in the real world?

Tekken/Tomo: YES!

Everyone gasps, from the answers they gave.

Averis: but how, wa- what?

Tekken: thats what im wondering!

Tomo: Where brothers you idiot! Haha

Tekken: brothers with you. ew.

Tomo pouts to hear such harshness towards him.

Tekken:plus we're two different ages. explain that.

Goku: Well, simple. Tomo died before you, then you after. Duh

Tomo laughs as he sees that Tekken isn't taking it well.

Tekken: What are you laughing at this is pathetic.

Tomo: (eyes start to water) Yo- you- think im pathetic? *sniffles/tears up*

Tekken sees this: Uhh, n- n- no don't cry. UHhh, i think your cool.

Averis: Yea Tekken why you soo mean?!

Tekken: No i didn't mean it that way! (starts to hit his head in regret)

Tomo: Its okay! were brothers!!!



Tekken: oh BROTHER-


Everyone laughs to this weird introduction to their newest member.

haha i finally have a second chracter.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sempai: (veznesel falls to the ground and her limbs seem to be attached). That wasn't so hard. You have fallen, witch. (Suddenly sempai is is stabbed in the back with Veznesel's blade. He falls and lands in the water).

Veznesel: My puppet certainly took a beating! Do you know the effort involved in finding the appropriate candiates for such procedures? It is wildly complicated, I will just say.

Sempai: (rises out of water, bleeding and leaving a trail of blood behind) Puppet? What the hell are you?

Vezensel: You are making this far too convenient for me. You truly are more stupid than I had expected. I understand that I beautifully duplicate my reitsu and project it on a host, but I can't expect more. I call it shadow reanimation. I can use my shadows to breathe new life into these poor unfortunate shinigami. They aren't very useful alive, but pleasently opposite when dead. (begins laughing).

Sempai: I will kill you!

Veznesel: Hahahaa! You've said that before, but you've failed miserably. I'll allow you to leave now and tell your story. If you choose to stay, you will surely die.

Sempai: You may as well stop talking because I am not leaving and I will be winning. I'm going to cut you down!

Veznesel: Do you wish to become my slave?

Sempai: What? (Veznesel smiles) You are crazier than I thought! (Suddenly Sempai realizes he can't move his body) What the?!!!

Veznesel: (stares at sempai with insidious glare) You are wrapped in the same shadows your lovely Mayumi is!

Sempai: What?! (inner-monologue- I can't move. How can I attack if I'm unable to move. I can barely blink. Think...what can I do?)

Veznesel: Trying to meditate on what to do? (Sempai stares at her)It's futile. (appears beside Sempai) I can see you just wish you could cut me! (Sempai tries to lift his hand) You questioned my shadows power, did you not? And look now, you're my slave. (he struggles to move his arm and she takes her zanpakuto and slowly grazes it across his chest) I believe that Shinigami should suffer as they die. Suffer as they made our people suffer. (turns around) Your people killed my whole family, did you know that? Every single member. I watched one warrior behead my little brother. (turns around and is giving sempai an evil look) He was a mere child!! (Jumps back and her zanpakuto flies at him and and he believes it will hit him and it explodes into black dust. Suddenly the sword is curling around his body)

Sempai: WHat do you plan on doing? Severing me into layer?

Veznesel: Hardly. That wouldn't be as long and painful as what I have planned for you.
(the sword is completely covering his whole body with only his face being visible. They then begin rotating and sempai yells out in pain. They are grinding into his body and as they rotate you can see the teeth are covered in blood. Her zanpakuto fades into black smoke and reveals a torns, scraped, wounded Sempai. He has ladge gashes all over his body and is bleeding profusily).

Sempai: (groans) Ugh...you miserbale witch!!!

Veznesel: Painful, huh? I bet you wish you could fall to your knees. It must be even more painful to have to stand with such pain. (zanpaktuo emerges from her cloud and smashes into Sempai sending him flying into a rock fomation).

(sempai jumps up and begins flinging around his mace)

Sempai: GET OUT OF MY BODY!!!!!!!!

Veznesel: What is the matter? Does it feel like something is squirming through your body? Moving your muscles, bones, and controlling everything important? (she makes him smash himself with his own weapon and he falls to his knees). (laughs nefariously) I am taking such delight in thrashing you around. (sinks into the shadows and her voice is heard) Where there is hope, there will always be depair; where there is love, there will always be hate; where there is life, there will always be death. I will help you embrace those principles. I killed you love and I'll kill you. I showed you despair, let me expand the teachings! Haha.

(Suddenly a whirlwind of black, silky shadows swallow up the water and leaves everything dry. Then shadows grab senpai and slam him intot he ground and hold his whole body tightly).

Veznesel: You were hoping I would need to go into bankai. I don't make premature decisions, little one. I haven't lived this long because I'm stupid. I'm surprised you have suvived this long. Your body is in shreds and you're pouring out blood. I can see the same fear in your eyes as your lovely girlfriend! (in veznesels eyes is a demonic essence)

Now Sempai is running out of options and is caught in Veznesel's web; what will he do?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---The blood of the brave, the tears of the embraced---

*Sempai slowely gets up from Vaznesels attack, He hold his side and struggles to lift up his blade and pants deeply*

Sempai-you think that im stupid. you think that i am so arrogant to release bankai now. You don't understand the power of my shikai. It creates water and causes water become pressurized, yet you have forgotten a key concept about water. *he hold the mace part of the pole in his left hand and it slowly turns to a hook that is made of water, still attached to the string* You say that i am a slave to the shadows, yet shadows cower underneath their owner and obey him. If a man decides to go left, then the shadow has no choice but to do the same. *the hook shoots out of his hand without him throwing it and penetrates Vaznesels armor*

Vaznesel- *tries to pull it out yet when she does, she feels a deep pain in her heart. She realizes that it it wrapped around the heart* You, your making a big mistake about this. You have brought death to you fate, to this battle.

Sempai- No....i believe this is the end for you, as i said, i can cause water to gain pressure and explode in that form. I also hope you know that most of a body is made up of water.

*Vaznesel is shocked at this fact that Sempai has just brought up*

Sempai- allow me to reintroduce the first step. *Vaznesel coughs up blood and falls to his knees, panting, attempting to gain the strength to get back up* Know, sense you have killed the one that i respected and loved most, i will do the same to you. i will find whatever friends and family you have left and kill them for you unjust purposes and reasons to fight. You think that resolving the death of your people is that you must kill others loved ones. I am sorry i killed allot of your people t, but that doesn't justify your intentions. So as a result, im going to have to destroy all possibilities of you killing any of my freinds. Kai.

*Vaznesels eyes open wide, then she explodes to pieces do to the pressured water in her blood and her heart and he falls down to the ground, motionless*

Sempai-goodbye, shadow controller. I hope that you have a better life somewhere else. I hope you don't have to live a corrupts life. Enjoy the after life.

(is Vaznesel really dead, what will the battle turn out like*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Play song at bottom

--------True Friend-------

Zeron: Soul! Get out of my way!

Soul: Give me your intention on fighting.

Zeron: Well he’s the enemy and he attacked Soul Society.

Soul: And many do that every day.

Zeron: This man… (Tightens his grip on his sword)…this man killed her, my only true friend.

Soul: Hm, how so?

Zeron: That’s not for you to know.

Soul: And why not?

Zeron: Because.

Soul: Because why?

Zeron: Just because.

Soul: If you don’t have a reason then you can tell me.

Zeron takes off his mask: Fine.


Zeron walks on the streets of a city, just walking, not knowing about anything. Why, because he had no place for him, nothing to believe in, nothing to protect or love or care for, none of it. He was hungry, and alone, cold too, why did they make him leave, why? He collapse from hunger and closes his eyes, only to see a girl stand above him.

When Zeron woke, he was in a house of some sort; it was run down, an old shack. Zeron looks around to see a girl sitting in a chair in the same room.

Girl: So you awoke.

Zeron: Who are you?

Girl: My name isn’t important right now, you collapsed from hunger, and it means you have power.

Zeron: What, you helped me?

Girl: Why yes, doesn’t someone stop for a person in need?

Zeron: No.

Girl: My, who are your parents?

Zeron: Nobody.

Girl looks at Zeron as if he really needed a home: Why not?

Zeron: I’m an outlaw.

Girl looks in shock: But you look nearly eight.

Zeron: So what does it matter?

Girl: Everything.

Zeron: I’m sorry, I must be going, and I am a bother to you.

Girl: No, you stay there and eat something. (She hands Zeron a piece of bread) Here

Zeron takes the bread and thanks the Girl, then scarves in down.

Girl: Was it good?

Zeron: Ya, it was good.

The Girl was around fourteen, red hair and blue eyes. She was soft in the eyes Zeron didn’t want to look away.

Girl: Would you like to stay here for a while.

Zeron: No, it would only result in your death. (The Girl holds a sword at him)

Girl: Try me.

Zeron lays back in bed like the Girl had asked and then the Girl introduced herself.

Girl: My name is Anna, if you must know, I’ve been here for as long as I can remember trying to become the world’s strongest Shinigami. I once met one once, and he saved my life, I have my own Zanpakto and everything!


Zeron: She trained me, I hadn’t learned my Zanpakto’s name yet, but she still teaches me. And then that dark day came.


Grim shows up at Anna’s house asking for a fight.

Grim: You seem like a strong fighter, I must train, and will you fight me. (His sword is up against Zeron’s neck)

Anna: Only if you leave the boy alone.

Grim: Very well, (Releases Zeron) shall we?

They clash, Zeron had only a tiny glace at Grim’s face, and he remembered it well. A sword pierced Anna’s heart; Zeron became wide-eyed and watched as Anna fell to the ground.

Zeron: ANNA! (Tears came from him, he cried and cried) SHE WAS MY ONLY FRIEND!

Grim: That was nothing, (Looks at Zeron) poor kid, oh well. (Vanishes)



Lin: Zeron…

Soul turns to Grim: Is this true?

Grim: Maybe I did, I don’t remember, I think I faced a red headed girl named Anna once.

Zeron pulls on his mask and holds his hand out: That special thing I told you about earlier, this is it. (A dark sphere, no bigger than a marble appears in front of his hand) Chaos Bullet. (The marble fires at a speed no one can doge, and it hits Soul in the heart and explodes into a burst of flames, sky high, a hundred feet up in the air.)

Grim appears on the ground with Zeron standing above him, only his right shoulder and arm remain: How, I can’t regenerate.

Zeron: I cut off your powers, I blasted your heart, you are nothing more than a dead body now, and you can do nothing. (Throws Grim’s Zanpakto next to him, it is no longer released) You have a choice, come back and I will revive and forgive you, or die in solemn, your choice.


What is Grim’s final decision? What will happen? Why is Lin there if she’s not going to do a darn thing? Heck if I know…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: Hahahahahahaha! I don't know whether to laugh or cry as such a pathetic attempt. (The hook dissolves and she begins floating within her shadow) I must admit, your resolve is admirable. However, that weak shikai will never be strong enough to pierce my shroud. Also, need I remind you that I am no Shinigsami. My body doesn't contain the same weak properties, therefore, I do not possess 70 percent water. I believe that is the number you were looking for. Regardless of how you reposition yourself, you are still very uninsightful.

Sempai: (stares at veznesel)

Vezensel: No words? I would imagine not after so many failures. But you certain excel when you need to demonstrate arrogance and audacity. You are telling me that my people's lives were less important than your little girlfriends? Please, eliminate the self-rightous portrayal and begin behaving like your true self. You can distort your own inner reality, but you cannot clear your soul of sin. You slaughtered hundreds, thousands of people and I seek justice and you deny me that? You belittle my cause with love? You shinigami certainly do have some gull. Do you truly believe you can kill innocent people and escape free from pain? No, you will experience the same pain you caused my people. Except, I will eliminate everyone that is important to you, but unfortunately you won't be around to watch the blood bathe the ground. You creatures will suffer as did my people, I promise you that. With that said, you will die. Weaklings like yourself don't pose a threat to me. Royalty will always stand above the peasants! I don't need you to justfify my behavior, you are nothing but trash (smiles).

Sempai: You're a monster.

Veznesel: No, I am superior, especially to you. I did, however, enjoy your lecture about how you command your shadow. Shinigami are impressively ignorant, you prove that so nicely. Life must be easy when you gather so little from your world. Fotunately for me, you are just as illinformed and incorrect about these statements as the ones prior. Oh, how you couldn't be more wrong. (suddenly sempai can't move and he beings to struggle and he can feel his muscles and bones tightening up)

Sempai: What are you doing? I broke free from your hold! WHAT NEW TRICK IS THIS?!

Veznesel: New? Hardly. This is the same technique I demonstrated in the moments earlier. Are you that brain dead? You never broke free, I allowed you to make a move. The defeat is much sweeter when I watch my opponent fail time after time. Then when I finally end their life, their eyes reveal this deliciously hopeless expression. To destroy one's hope is the sweetest nector (grins). (Appears in front of sempai) I will enjoy tearing your insides out!

Sempai: (eyes widen and begins to struggle)

Veznesel: (hand slowly emerges from shroud) Hado 105: Cosmic Symphony!

(What looks like a colorful smoke screen bursts and consumes Sempai and after the smoke settles he is seen facing the ground and looks unconscious)

Veznesel: (gestures hand up and sempai flies up and faces her. He looks beaten and severly injured) I chose not to recite the incantation, I wanted to see whether you would survive. Look at you! You actually survived in one piece, but you sure look terrible. (shadows begin smacking and punching sempai's body around, but he tries to resist but can't break her hold). Don't you wish Mayumi could be hear to see this?


Veznesel: (shadow smacks him across the face and she floats up to him and stabs himin the stomache) [whispers] Do you really want to know? I don't believe you could handle it.

What is Veznesel's secret?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Grims challenge, Zerons future---
*the smoke fades from the explosion and Soul is completely unharnmed, he thinks of the the anger that Zeron posseses and rethinks that he should view this fight*

Grim- you....*coughs up blood* you have no idea what your getting into. You think that you measly attempts to stop my power has suceeded. *lifts up his body revealing a skeleton with starts on it*

Zeron-what is this!

Grim-you shouldn't have done that *stand with only his right arm/shoulder and his head intact from his skeleton* you should now by now what a bankai synthasis is, right? well i have no control when i can use it unless more than 50% of my body is missing and if im on the verge of death. *the other skin dissolves revealing a full skeleton with the stars tatooed on it, releasing a divine wave of riatsu is released and Zeron is blown back*

*zeron closes his eyes, then opens them back in the blankness of space*

Grim skeleton- I don't neccesarily care about you so called freind. truthfully she was pathetic and weak. *his sword mutates into a syth that glows red and seems to bleed* yet she was never strong enough to witness this. Im sorry, but the battle ends here. This is sahsabi, start of the reaper. It's pupose is to destroy completely, to obliterate, yet i feel a connection with you. Ill allow you to live.

Zeron-Allow me to live! Ill kill you! *mask returns and he attampts to match grims reatsu from his bankai sythasis and he can't even come close* She was my best freinds, my only freind. And you slaughtered her! *rushes at Grim*

Grim skeleton-ill see you, in your future . I hope to see you soon, Zeron. CIERTO ONI DEVESTATOR! (true oni devestator, the strongest of the oni devestator attack and can ONLY be used ion bankai sythasis)

*a green explosion the seems to overlap all of space has directly hit Zeron and is on the verge of death and can no longer move*

Zeron-you....i..will. *coughs up blodd and he bleed out of his body that has been torn to pieces, scattered around space* you...won't get away.

Grim (normal)- you can not match me, Zeron. You do not have the streangth to. not yet, and you might not if you dont train. Just think that your goal that requires you to train, is that you must kill me. That you must avenge anna, that you must repay me for what i have done to you. *the space dissapears and reveals Soul and Lin staring at Zeron, on the ground, spitting out words that are shrouded by blood*


Soul-Grim, you have killed to many, you do not need to take anymore lives.

Grim-who said i was going to kill him. he should live. I can tell that anger will drive him to become stronger like me. Then i will have a epic battle. You should heal him, a couple more minutes in that state and he will bleed out. And dear Soul (looks at Soul) Once i kill him when he becomes stronger, ill come for you.

Soul-you will never beat me. you don't have the power, skill, or intelligence.

Grim-we will see, *vanashes*

*Grim has showedZeron his ultimate form and Zeron was helpless and was defeated by the weakest attack grim has in that form! Can lin or soul heal him from his state of close death.*

----the shadow of Soul----

Soul- *looks down on the dieng corpse of Zeron* So thats your reason, to get revenge for the one tat you loved, that died for you. Yet it can't be that simple, i don't feel anything like it. Im still lost is blackness. But i can't let that get in the way of another warriors goal. DIVINE BLESSING.

*Zeron wakes up with all his body parts intact and in perfect health*

Zeron-Grim! Where is he!?

Soul-long gone, you can not match him at your level know. I beleive you have a reasnon to strive to beat him?

Zeron- i do.

Soul- then show me your determination. Train hard and well, i hope to find such a reason as you, to find a reason to fight alongside you. Because without a reason, my will to lead and battle are lost, lost in the shadows of my mind and soul.

*lin attempts to reach Soul, but is to slow. he vanashes without a trace*

(what will they do, know tht they have seen Soul and know why he isn't battling?)

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---shadow of the divine rain---

Sempai- you, monster, are nothing more than a feeble minded warior with ill thoughts to have vengance for the ones you loved. Yet you insist on killing me.

*vaznesel turns to see a somwhat slashed up Sempai*

Sempai-you think i would allow you to use that move a second time. You underestimate my intelligence, i didn't become a captain do to rash and arrogant ideas. I see that your wondering how i escaped your ability, well its called MATADORS SILLOUETTE, and as long as i have water with me, it takes the blow of paralyzation for me. It's like an armor that i have to toss out once unseless, but with an infinite amount of water i think ill be safe from that attack from here on out.

Vaznesel-Clever, Shinigami.

Sempai-indeed, i wont lie and say your intellignt as well. Your armor is quite facnating, i hving troublle thinking of anything that could possibly get through it. That substance is difficult to find a loop whole in. And i beleive you were telling me something inportant before i escapes. What is it?

vaznesel- Well. Let me fist tell you that it isn't paralysis. It is actually the ability to manipulate all hat has shadows. So you ability does nothing in this situation. In other words, im just allowing you to get your hopes up, so i can crush them along with your life.

*sempai is shoked, then pauses and smiles*

Sempai-shadow ehh, well allow me to show you an ability that i should have used before. It is actually very useful in this situation.

Vaznesel-enlighten me, lost soul.

Sempai- it is you that is the lost soul....DROWN Leviathan!

*both are grabbed by the water beneath them and are uled into the water. When Vaznesel take notice of what happened, she notices that she is in a infinite land of water that has no end to it*

Vaznesel-this water, how can i breathe.

Sempai- This is a mass of all water that has no boundries at all. Another demension that is gated by water in any other world. Yet ou can not escape, look around, its just water. Also, there is nothing that can have a shadow in this blue waste land. This place is infinite water, no land to house a shadow. Thus, your ability is useless here.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: Useless you say?

Sempai: Yes! I GOT YOU!

Veznesel: Can we see?

Sempai: What kind of question is that?

Veznesel: It's quite simple. You say you're so intelligent, so I ask, can we see? Are you able to see me?

Sempai: Of course! What an obsurd question!

Veznesel: How do we see?

Sempai: Our eyes!

Veznesel: (smirks) Really? Is it only that?

Sempai: We see with light, that is obvious.

Veznesel: And with light comes shadows!Without light there are shadows! Hahahaha! Shadows are the night, they are the blackest of the sky, the shadows in the deep, the reflection of a person. Shadows are infinite and can never be thwarted. (suddenly shadows sieze Sempai and he is unable to move) I dislike this environment, shall we change it?

Cease noise, sever night, rip day, and tear life.
Bakudo 177: Destabilizing Vortex

(all the water is absorbed into a giant vortex and they are returned to dry land.)

Veznesel: I wish you were more of a challenge...(shoots a cero striking an astonished sempai and he is seen hitting the ground)

what will happen next?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
*sempai looks up at Vaznesel and is now back in his normal form with his red hook instead of a mace*

Vaznesel- Done already? I remember you saying that you were gong to put an end to me. Or were you just set on your own hearts desires to beeive it as reality?

Sempai-this isn't over *gets up* you eft me no choice. *raises his pole* I can't beat you in shikai, so ill have to go to drastic measures. I will allow the king of oceans to devour you and consume you. After this, you will no longer have the speech that you use soo wisely and tauntingly.

Vaznesel- so youll resort to bankai?

Sempai- Correct, yet this time you will not survive. Bankai!
Grand emperor Leviathan!

*the ground quakes and vaznesel is caught of gaurd when a small puddle forms under her and sucks her in without hesitation*

Vaznesel- I...i cant see anything.

Sempai (voice)- yet you feel the tecture of the water, you are in another infinite arena of water. this is what my bankai is. I become this infinite water and it contains no light at all, only darkness. and as you should know, darkness eats at the shadows causing a absense in you shadows. And now that your hepless, face the power of the leviathan!

*vaznesel feels that her armor is gone and that she slowely is crushed*

Vaznesel-what...what is this!

Sempai-as i said i can concentrte water and pressurize it, but what if i did the same with an infinite amount of water? And what would happn if i caused the pressured water to the release that pressure in an explosion?

*vaznesel feels the water turning around her and then feels the pressence that the infinite water mass she is in with no light IS the leviathan*

Vaznesel- It cant be?!

Sempai (voice)- It is, a place were the only thing there is a monster and its prey...Kai

*Vaznesel feels the water crush her, then she is shreaded to many peices do to its release in pressure causing an explosion of infinite water. She then sinks into infinity, possibly dead*

Sempai (at the surface and has a large sea dragon above him, his land bankai)-that should finish her. not a strong nough defense for such anattack. *walks slowely away*

(what wil happen next?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----Tomo vs Tekken----

Everyone has finally settled down from the shock of Tomo and Tekken being brothers. Now they went back to doing the usual...TRAINING. As the others train, Tekken and Tomo actually were able to have a nice conversation.

Tomo: So Tek, what type of person would you say you are?

Tekken: Tek?! What kind of nickname is that! Anyways, i don't like fighting seriously but i don't mind sparing. Uhh, hmm i suck at kido, and basically everything. I'm only good at fighting, and using my MENTAL ABILITIES.

Tomo: Eww, you not creative are you?

Tekken:Yea why, how could you tell?

Tomo: Your clothes look so plain. No no style

Tekken: (annoyed) oh shut up, im simple-

Tomo: Yea simple minded.

Tekken: Uhh (smacks his own head out of frustration)

Tomo: So your basically the opposite of me, exccept for your mental abilities.

Tekken: !!! you have that too?

Tomo: Yea but i only can see current thoughts, and create memories

Tekken: Hmmm, yea opposite for me. I can erase memories, and see past thoughts.

Tomo: Haha, i like that your my older brother.

Tekken: !! (blushes) uhh thanks, hehe. *why does he like me already, i didn't even do anything nice and he already accepts me*

Tomo:haha, *hes cool but he needs to losen up* so whats your zanpaktou's abilities?

Tekken:oh my zanpaktou, its selfesh and rude..it pushes and regects attacks.

Tomo tilts his head wondering

Tekken: Well it controls gravity, then in bankai it controlls nullification

Tomo: wow. haha, haha

Tkken: what is it opposite from yours?

Tomo nods and they start to both laugh.

Averis come by to ask something

Tomo: hey Averis!!!

Averis: hey, just wanted to ask...Whose stronger.

Tomo: who cares?!

Tekken: I think i do...(grins)

Tomo vanishes before Tekken can slash him.



haha their first brotherly fight haha
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(while in the water and as sempai walks away a voice quitely says)

" Darkness...are shadows"

(Sempai doesn't sense her Reitsu and begins to sheath his sword when veznesel raises from his shadow and strikes him across the back)

Sempai: (takes a huge gasp of air) ughh...How?!

Veznesel: Darkness doesn't consume my shadows, it broadens their grasp! That was the worst environment you could have ever put me in! As long as there is darkness, I will survive.

Sempai: (vanishes, appearing in the distance) (breathing heavily) How did you get your shield back?

Veznesel: It does not matter. Let me show you my bankai.

(calmly and quitely) Bankai...Fade to black, Deusa Velenoso.

(Veznesel begins emoting darkness and the sky becomes dark and a whirlwind of shadows begin surrounding and lifting veznesel into the sky. She is high above sempai in the sky on her throne of shadows. She glides her hand across the shadows and looks down and her face isn't visible).

Veznesel: (softly asking) Would you ever kill the person you love?

Sempai: (darkness lurks on the ground like fog and sempai is almost knee deep in it) Never! Why would you ask that?

Vezensel: Really? (stares at sempai with a glisten in her eyes)What if they were trying to kill you?

Sempai: Wha...(suddenly before he can finish his sentence he he is slashed from his shoulder to his stomach by Mayumi) Ma...y..umi..(falls to his knees)

Mayumi: (stares at him and then lunges and slices his chest from side to side and kicks him in the face sending him flying)

Veznesel: (sinister smile) What a beautiful reunion.

(Sempai looks at Mayumi and recognizes that it is really her and a tear rolls down his face. He thinks to himself " I cannot attack her...i love her.")
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Grim goes back to his base when a gate appears right in front of him. The gate opens and a boy walks out with a hood.

Grim: Who are you?

Boy: My name doesn’t matter now, but I will tell you I am an ally of Zeron.

Grim: The boy?

Boy: Yes, that…boy I suppose, you’re a mess that that boy made.

Grim: Shut up, I could kill you in an instant.

Boy: I wonder, (Lets out a reiatsu that cracks the floor and breaks the trees of the forest below, it’s level is near Soul’s, and yet far as well, Grim is very well surprised.) but that boy you speak of desires to kill you, and thus I cannot.

Grim: Fine, then why do you get in my way?

Boy: Because I will warn you, if Zeron cannot accomplish his task to kill you, I will carry it out.

Grim shows no expression: Alright, so why do you come here?

Boy: Just to tell you that much. (Vanishes)

Grim: What a waste of time.

---------Zeron and Lin---------

Zeron and Lin find a shack far from Soul Society and settle down.

Zeron: We can train here.

Lin: Okay. (Sits in a corner to meditate and Zeron does the same)

---------Zeron’s Zanpakto--------

Zeron finds himself with a man in a cloak and a hood facing at him with Zeron’s sword.

Zeron: Hey, how are you?

Man: You lost.

Zeron: You think I don’t know that, Grim?

Grim Reaper: I would think you did, but may I remind you that if you die, I die.

Zeron: No, you don’t have to.

Grim Reaper: Shall we work on Bankai Sythasis?

Zeron: Ya.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
ummmm, Crazione i dont know how to respond to that. I don't have enough info on the battle to know what will happen next or what i can say. Thus, you will have to post a second part

---Soul finds the Mysterious warrior---

Boy- If he doesn't win, then Grim will fall by my hands, under my sword. Then ill slowely cut his head clean off his shoulders.

???- i noticed your power.

Boy-hmmm, *turns around to see Soul* I know who you are. Captain commander Soul. But i thought you wouldn't fight in the war?

Soul- im not, i still haven't found a reason why. Though i have found a reason to fight you *appears behind the boy and kicks him and emidietly punches him from the other side, and the boy scims the ground making a trail of rubble and broken ground* Your power is impressive, im not sure to think of you as a threat or as a companion to the captains. Thus, my purpose is to kill you in order to protect the others. Im not sure if you have good, or weak and vile intentions.

Boy- you want to fight?! *stands up shanking*

Soul- truthfully, yes. I want to know your abilities and what kind of intentions you have. Well boy, whats your name?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
---------The Boy and the Soul-----------

Boy: You already know who I am. (Pulls back his hood revealing his face)

Soul: You’re Kevin…

Kevin: Indeed, you two must have a lot to talk about, although I do not want to fight with the person whom invited me to the captains meeting.

Soul: Your reiatsu, it’s so much different than before, how?

Kevin: You say how, and yet you meet my comrade, how else, a different body, different reiatsu, it’s all the same and I don’t want to get too involved into it.

Soul: This is your true body?

Kevin: Yes, I do not intend on you fighting me in the mists of war.

Soul: You don’t stand any chance against me.

Kevin: Why else would I be insisting that we not.

Soul: I might find my reason for fighting if I fight you.

Kevin: Fine, that is fair enough.

Kevin appears suddenly behind Soul and strikes to the side; Soul unsheathes his sword by just an inch to block it.

Soul: We fight now. (Both Kevin and Soul release an intense amount of reiatsu, nearly pushing Grim who stands on the sidelines to the ground. The floor cracks the mountains brake in the distance. Kevin and Soul clash with their swords and the energy bursts though the distance and Grim is flown back by the intense energy.)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackbankai said…
character name: Shurui hitsugaya

MY character is from the future and is toshiro's grandson.He is the squad 10 captian like his grandfather nad different from other shinigami because he has two differnt zanpakutos. One is his the other is the zanpakuto of his older sister who he watched get murdered by hollows commanded by a arrancar. He then pledged to get revenge and that is why the zanpakuto will let him use it.

First (his zanpakuto)
zanpakuto name: tenrai genkou (divine reflection)
Release command: now reflect
Tenrai genkou's appearence is the hilt and a floating ball of liquid metal (the blade melts) this ball can be used to attack and defend from long and short distances. also if a enemy strikes Tenrai genkou can trap that attack within the sphere and absorb the spiriual energy of the wielder through the sword or the energy out of a kido.
ability 1: can steal spiritual energy through contact
ability 2: when spiritual energy of user or zanpakuto Tenrai genkou can copy the apperance and abilities of that zanpakuto.
ability 3: can using a dimension rift send an enemy attack back at enemy.
bankai name: kouseintan'i tenrai genkou(elemental divine reflection)
same abilites except the form is of a spiked gauntlet(hand guard) with a double sided scythe which cansplit into two chained to it.the one new ability is it can change attributes.
next is his dead sister's zanpakuto
zanpakuto name: hane tora(winged tiger)
zanpakuto release command: shred all enemies
hane tora's appereance is like captain hitsugaya's it appears in one strike the sword does not actually change.well when you call it and swing the sword a large winged tiger comes and strikes every opponent in your way it can move of it's own free will so it can choose where it goes.
ability 1: cut every enemy within 15 feet of it's actual body with wind.
ability 2:you do not have to wait until the first strike disperses to strike another time.
ability 3: can surround wielder in a sphere of strong spiritual to protect .
bankai name: sanjuu katachi hane tora(triple form winged tiger)
same abilities but form is like a giant double-sided blade.it can also transform into to a complete body armour suit which enhances every fightning ability by about 15 points. it can alsochange itso a giant guardian it looks like just armour plates (helmet,chest andfront legs) then the rest is light green flames.
new abilities are change into three different forms and if the enemy's zanpakuto resembles an animal he can temporarily bring it to your side.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ManTheHarpoons said…
This would be mine

Oten No Setsudan (Cutting Black Marks)
It's release command would be "Compose"
Bankai Name: Segyo No Oten (Controlling Black Marks)
Appears as a katana with a black grip and a triangular guard in it's sealed state.
It's Shikai is still a katana, but with a 45 degree angle 6 inches from the tip of the blade.
It's Bankai resmbles a permanent marker with a katana's grip, with a long cable attached to the end of the marker. At the end of this cable is attached a small, blank doll

It's Primary Shikai ablility is whenever it cuts a foe, it leaves black mark on the foe, which results in a cut. If the user wishes, these black marks will remain harmless until the user ants, making all of these marks form cuts on the foe, the collective power of the cuts growing with the number of cuts present.

The sole Bankai ability of Oten No Setsudan is controlling the foe with the attached doll. If the user knows the foe's name, they can write it on the forehead of the doll, allowing the user to control the opponent with various written commands on the body parts of the doll, whether it be to disable the foe's arm or to attack the opponent's allies.

thats all I got...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
To Blackbankai and Mantheharpoons: Please respond if you want to know what the heck we are doing. We are making a Bleach story about our Zanpakto's and characters, if you would like to join in, then just ask. Although for you Blackbankai, we aren't using the characters from Bleach itself, so Toshiro doesn't exist...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------------Tomo vs tekken--------

Tomo dodges few hits before he could stand in one place.

Tekken: C'mon Tomo, bro. Fight!

Tomo shakes his head and sits.

Tomo:im not fighting, even if you kill me.


Tomo: wait what?!

Averis Jake and Goku stop training to see how the battle goes.

Averis: C'mon TOMO GET HIM!!!

Tekken comes at Tomo with full intentions to kill him if he doesn't fight

----away from the fight----
Songoku: Wow i never realized how strong they are.

Averis: what do you mean, aren't they the weakest, i mean their zanpaktous, not to be mean, are all that strong.

Goku: Sure, but its how they use it and all the other things they do besides using their sword- ANYWAYS if you really pay attenion to their reatsu its actually strong, but their realy good at hiding it.

Averis and JAke try to pay attention

Averis: Yea you're right Tomo and Tekken are holding back-

Jake: Alot.


---the fight----

Tomo dodges again, and throughs a spiked vial at tekken. Tekken unnoticingly smashes the vial as he blocks the attack.

Tomo:Vial:2 acid rope

The liquids that came from the vial start to hug Tekken and turns into rope.

Tekken:here the rope wheres the ac- AHHHHH

Tekken takes out his sword and cuts the rope.

Tekken: bastard what the ell was that.

Tomo:heh, that the product from my creativity.

The others giggle amongst themselves

Tekken: Find the-

Tekken's eyes turn lifeless, everybody looks at tomo whose eyes are too, lifeless. moments later Tomo comes to.

Averis: what happened?

Tomo: i made him forget, whats happening. (smiles)

Goku:huh, anything to stop fighting. You truly are a deranged fighter.

Tekken wakes up and tired.

Tekken:uhh, what the heck, i have this major head ache,

Tomo: you should go to sleep.

Tekken: i think i will

Averis and others start to laugh in their minds. tomo turns around to face them and puts his finger to his lip signifying to keep it a secret. The others nod in response.


HAha, techno lets keep adding others haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: Why so glum, Sempai?

Sempai: I...I...I don't understand. How?

Veznesel: Earlier you found yourself questioning much of my information. Now you know my source, it is Mayumi. She is a loyal slave.

Mayumi: (charges Sempai and slashes him his stomach as he tries to dodge her attack) Why don't you stand still darling Sempai? It will make it much easier to sever your head from your body!

Sempai: What did you do to her? And What do you mean, slave? You killed her, I saw you.

Veznesel: You're correct, I did kill her. I'll let you in on a little secret, and we'll keep it from Sekhmet. I am capable of reaping souls. I see from your bewildered expression that you're skeptical. The proof is in the pudding, my friend. I take it upon myself to secure special souls, which become useful in the future. They are mine and purely mine. My slaves, my property. There powers, are mine! When I capture their souls, all of their wisdom, experience, power, and even their zanpakuto become mine. I can then do with them as I see fit (begins laughing).

Sempai: Impossible! You're just an illusionist! this isn't her!

Veznesel: Ha! I guarentee this is no trick. Tricks are so juvenile, I am much past that. Those wounds she gave you are very real. (looks at mayumi)

Mayumi:(begins slashing at Sempai and he tries to dodge her swings. She vanishes and kicks him in the back) You're a weakling, Sempai.

Sempai: What? Mayumi... WAIT you're not mayumi!!

Veznesel: It would be very fatal to not take this seriously. I suggest you focus on her, she is your new opponent. If not, you will lose more than just your honor this time. (Mayumi begins swiping at Sempai and he smashes his mace into her sword. They lock eyes)

Sempai: You look so much like her...I cannot deny it! Everything about you is her. Swordmanship, style, stroke, and movement they are all you.

Veznesel: (inner-monologue: At this rate, he'll die much quicker than I expected. His spiritual pressure is fluctuating so quickly, he can barely sustain a basic attack) Attack her, shinigami. If you kill her, we will be even! (begins laughing insideously)

Sempai: (defends against mayumi) I can't attack her...I care for her. ( is slashed on his shoulder). Agh...Mayumi! Stop! It's me, Sempai!!

Mayumi: I recognize you perfectly, which is all the more reason to kill you! (suddenly she goes into Shikai and begins her assault).

Veznesel: This certainly is getting quite interesting. (leans down on her dark cloud and watches closely while she smiles) What dramatic irony. This foolish Shinigami is going to be struck down by the same woman he wishes to avenge. Haha.

I don't know how to clarify the battle any further. It is pretty self-explanatory; Mayumi attacked you. If you can't react, I will just assume he died. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---embrance the laviathan---

sempai- i can't.....I can't

Mayumi-If you refuse to fight, ill just kill you here and know. *catches coin on the flat of your sword* you know what happens when you fail to hit the coin when its your turn. you remember when we fought, when you defeated me. But i have the thought that you won't defeat me this time. *flips coin up high and appears behind Sempai, the scene turns into a slow motion scene and goes into a flash back*


Mayumi- im glad you decided to join the captain ranks, im surprised you beat me. Not many people do. Thus i will respect you as my supperior.*smiles* I wish that you stay here in the barracks with me so im not completely bored*

(back to reality)

*Mayumi smiles and slashes down on Sempais should who doesn't block*

Mayumi-is that you last effort in fighting?

Sempai- *Ficks his pole a little and the thin string moves the mace to hit the coin, then he pulls his pole and the mace comes inconntact with Mayumis body witch sends her flieng* Mayumi would never fight me without a strong reason to, and your reason is to weak. You may look like her, and i DO feel a connection, though your just a puppet. A puppet whos puppetier intends to beat me tr=rough greif and love, attacking me through my bonds.

Mayumi-*gets up and quikely hts the coin up again* I thought i would win at that moment. *appears infront of Sempai and slashes down on his shoulder through to his waist*

Sempai- dearest perpetrator, i hope you enjoied poisoning the body of the one i loved.

Mayumi- i a the one you love.

Sempai-Mayumi wouldn't fall for the same trick i used last time when i fought her. *looks at Mayumi*

mayumi- What! *looks at were the coin drops, instead of making contact with the ground, it is absorbed by water into his demension*

Sempai- when i fought you as you were looking for recrutes, this is the same stratagy i used. your game says that if the coin touches the GROUND, so i tried if it hits water, but an infinite amount of water with no end. And as a cause to that, it is always my turn, my turn to attack you and not be abe to dodge. *string wraps around Mayumi* yet ill make sure to make it quike, i dont want someone who has her memories and her face to suffer. *a water shark devours Mayumi so that she lies in its middle, then she coughs up blood do to the pressured water, then it explodes leaving nothing but bloody water* I hope you forgive me...Mayumi *a tear climbs down his face*

Vaznesel-Really, you actually overcame the one you loved.

Sempai- *looks up onto Vaznesel who sits on her throne of shadows* I don't apreciate you attcking me through freinds, why dont you come down here and fight me yourself, *the water dragon that fies above him Roars and the ground shakes mildly*

---Soul of metal---

*the sword of Kevin is inches away from Soul, and he is stunned by his change in power*

Soul- I won't go easy on you *slashes sword up, parring Kevins attack adn the stabs him in the chest, then kicks him off his sword* Don't take me so lightly eather, your fighting the Captain Commander.

Kevin- IM not taking you lightly, nor am uninformed that your The Captain Cmmander. *blade turns into a boomerang and he throws it at Soul at a terrifieng speed*

Soul-I know that you can adapt, thus i will make sure this will be short and to the point. Show me your determination to your goal, show me the light that gives you the streangth to strive through war.

*prepars himself to block the blade boomerang, yet midway kevin appears holding the boomerang and turns it onto a ball, still exellerating at its speed*

Soul-A distraction and a trap, to bad it pointless *hold out blade when the ball comes in contact with it, it cuts in half*

Kevin-what! what did you do?

Soul-its none of your concern *kicks a supreised Kevin into a wall* if you don't use you bankai, i will kill you and you wont be able to kill grim ever.

Kevin- i wont loose

Soul- such brave words, yet you failed to look at the minor of my blade, its chain. *Kevin looks down at his leg and sees the chain wraping his leg, then Soul puts his hand on the chain that connects to his sprds hilt* Slaves judgmet.

*across the blade a surge of pure energy jets across the chain and hits Kevin sending him flieng*

Soul- you wont last long in the form your in know. I thought you had a purpose to battle. I stand in the way of that purpose, as an obstacle. And my purpose as an obastacle is to prevent you from winning. You must show me what makes you continue fighting me, what allows you to raise your blade to a superior, to another army. Use you bankai, and show me what a purpose is and what it means to you.

(the battle intenses, and kevin saw a small bit of Souls power. Will he find out?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: No, I'd rather watch you suffer. Round two!

(Sempai suddenly is stabbed to look around and see Mayumi)

Sempai: But...I killed her!

Veznesel: Oh, I never bothered to mention one tiny discrepency with that previous victory. I control her soul, remember? She regains a form with my powers, so if her body is destroyed I just place her soul in another. So by all means, keep doing the same routine. That way I'll be able to watch a fools loss. I enjoy toying withn you, it gives me something I haven't experienced in years.

Sempai: YOU HORRIBLE B****!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL CRUSH YOU?!

(Charges toward Veznesel but is stopped by Mayumi. She begins smacking him around and then cuts off his arm)

Sempai: (stares at her in disbelief) W...hyy? (smashes her with his club sending her into the ground).

Veznesel: Well, I now know I didn't capture her soul because she could pose a threat, rather because I knew it would hurt your resolve. Why don't you just just surrender your soul to me now, so I don't have to force it out of you later? I promise to be gentle!

Sempai: YOU WITCH! I WILL KILL YOU! (Begins fending off Mayumi).

(from the distance a voice is heard)

*Scatter, Senbonzakura. (A huge flock of pink petels smash into Sempai)

Sempai: (Incurs great damage as he is pushed backwards into a rock formation). Aghhh!

Veznesel: Be more polite, and greet our new guest Sempai. Captain of the 6th Division, Byakuya Kuchiki!

Byakuya: (looks at sempai) I believe this will be your last series of breaths. (Looks at him and the petals rush at him and begins bathing him)

Veznesel: You shinigami found yourself in the throne room, but look at you now? The proudest and strongest of warriors is a slave to those they tried to conquer.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Hmm wait so the are the real chracters in the story but they died off rite? haha, sorry i thought they werent even alive. haha oh wels
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----------4th squad barracks-----------

Everyone bored from the early end to a fight goes back to training. Tekken lays inside sleeping from a headache and while eveyone else is outside.

Tomo: isn't anyone worried about sempai?

Averis and Jake them looks at each other and shrugged.

Goku: He should be fine he is really strong, no need to worry.

Tomo: B- but, i have a feeling something is going wrong.

Goku: what makes you say that?

Tomo: being that i lived with Sempai for most of my life i was able to develop so mental connection. Hmmm, or it could be just instinct.

Goku:hmmm, are you sure that you think he's in trouble? or it could just be that you miss him, he is like a father to you.

Tomo: (sighs) i guess, (sits down on the ground) i do really miss Sempai, heh, but i- i- (sniffles)

Goku: There there dont cry, (puts arm around Tomo's shoulders)

Tomo: Huh, well i'll just go play.

Goku:Good idea.

-----Averis and Jake----

Averis: Hmmm, i feel bad for Tomo he really wants sempai back.

Jake nods

Averis: heh, i even feel worse for ditching him that one night

Jake: Wasn't your fault, you didn't know him or even thought of him as a friend.

Averis: Not nessisarily, when i first met him he was a cool kid. And it was Ella's idea to leave him.

Jake Shurgs.

-----Tomo's insight-----

Tomo wanders off near the pond to relax and think. Everyone quickly goes back to what they were doing and Tomo is unnoticed.

He slowly waves a hand over the water. The water ripples and Tomo is able to see images.

Tomo: oh sempai, (fromwns)

In the ponds reflections he can see all thats going on in the fight, Tomo starts to watch carefully to whats happening.

Tomo dips a finger in the water and recites a kido

Tomo: Reflect the skies and oceans! Kido 123: REflected destination

The water and the images of Sempai seem clearer, Tomo slowly sinks into the pond.

Tomo:Sempai, let me help.


OH NOOS!!! what going on where is Tomo going, will his life be put up in danger if he does anything rash???

Songoku, plz help TOMO! lol