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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
*Sempai, sill in the sky has just seen the one he loved get smuthered by the vile blast of the strongest general*

Sempai-!!! NO *appears beside Mayumi's decapitated body, then looks at Veznesel* what is wrong with you, why must you kill what ever you see? you kind is so bloodthirsty, you demand blood in your accusation of justice and glory. your accusation of glory is a false glory and is injustice! I know i can not kill you at this point, but i will train hard, and get my rank of power higher than any other! I will be the one with my weapon at you decapitated worthless body! You will regret the day you have ever goined Seckmet. I am now starting not to regret killing your kind all thoses years ago.

Veznesel-you arrogant wretch *attempts to slash and he vanishes above her* No one insults our goal and I will kill you before you even attempt to find a just reason of killing our people. You have no idea about how misunderstood you shinigami are.

Sempai-*the blood of Mayumi is all over his captain cloak* You will be my next kill. Expect a opponent like no other *one single tear decends from his eye* EXPECT THE LEGENDARY FISHERMAN SEMPAI!

Veznesel-haha, gladely. You will never reach my rank.

Sempai-you will regret those words, and when you are on the ground under my pole, I will remind you of those words. *vanishes*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Nuvem and Ray

Nuvem: (vanishes and kicks ray in the face and sends her flying. She then appears beside her and grabs her hair and throws her to the ground). Do you understand what trouble you're getting yourself into?

Ray: (gets up and wipes blood from her face and arm). You're far too arrogant (vanishes and kicks Nuvem in the back and then goes to punch her in the head, but is blocked by nuvem) You are too slow!

Nuvem: You think so?

Ray: (unsheathes sword and swipes Nuvem completely across the stomache) See, too slow!

Nuvem: Ah ugh...(suddenly she slices Ray's left and right should and kicks blasts her in the back with a light cero). Slow? Haha! hardly! You couldn't even distinguish between my real self and after images. With such little skill, you will die!

Ray: You made copies of yourself...tricky B****

Nuvem: You're close, but not quite.

Ray: (Suddenly ray slashes Nuvem in the back several times and kicks her around). You lose!

Nuvem: (Laying face down on the ground she can here muffled laughter). Do you think I, Nuvem, would go down so easily? That hurt and was swift, but not good enough, girl.

Ray: I see your number on your hip, you're the 5th angel!You may be strong, but if you're only the fifth and I incured this much damaage...I can handle you.

Nuvem: Check again, little girl.(slides cloths away from hip and reveals she a number 2) I am Nuvem, Segunda Angel.

Ray: (shocked and confused she falls back onto a tree and takes a deep breathe). Two...impossible.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Ray-(thinks if this is the segunda angel, then this could be hard)
this might be fun. though this is also a little scary i may admit. Your streangth does not phase me, but you arrogance and stupidity.
Nuvem-how so?
Ray-ou underestimate my speed.
*in flashes reflected by the sun on rays blade she appears beside Nuvem*you dont even know my ablity *swords wraps itself around Nuvem, then tightens causing serous cuts* then there is this *the rest of the blade wraps around her wounds and then rturns to the tip of the blade at Nuvems neck* and this isnt even shikai, and i do know you escaped.
Nuvem-! *then Nuvem is stabbed by a curved blade* what what is.....
Ray-you question my streangth, to much *the blade continues stabing Nuvem in its badage form and makes oops to restab her over an over. then the blade wraps around Nuvems head until nothing is showing, then jerks it to the side breaking her neck* this is done, i wis it could have been better *swords unrapes the body and it limpely falls to the ground* you lose.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------Kevin & Averis-------------

After Sempai leaves, something goes wrong. Kevin senses the mix or reiatsu from his comrades and someone else.

Kevin: Why is it that whenever you need someone most, the always leave. (Looks around for a forth squad member) Hey, you, come here, can you watch over him.

Forth squad member: Uh…I…

Kevin: Thanks! (Vanishes)

----------Jake, Ella, Traea and Zalbeseal----------

Jake crashes and Zalbeseal stands about ten feet away.

Zalbeseal: Tell me, how did you hide your reiatsu along with that girl?

Jake: I contain that power.

Zalbeseal: I see, well then (Punches Jake once again) I’ll rid you of that power.

Jake flies back this time on his feet and unsheathes his sword: Fine, I will show you my true power. (A red reiatsu surrounds him) Meruto, Maguma-Ranmyaku

----------Ella and Traea-------------

Traea: Looks like he’s having fun.

A giant blade comes suddenly striking down on her; Traea blocks and losing her grip on Ella, then the sword rushes past here and morphs around Ella and brings her back, near one hundred feet.


Kevin puts Ella in a nearby house, and vanishes away from it, as far as he could, he knew there would be a battle. Traea catches up to him.

Traea: Where is the girl?

Kevin points his sword at her: That is none of your concern.

Traea strikes with her axe and Kevin blocks: I guess you’ll have to do! You’re reiatsu feels weak, but your body says otherwise, how is that.

Kevin: My group and I, besides the girl who’s new, have mastered how to hide our reiatsu. (Kevin forms a seconded sword in his hand) But, that’s not your concern right now! (Slashes at Traea who doges)

Traea: Ha! You missed!

Kevin: Did I?

Traea looks down, here shirt was cut right were the stomach was.

Traea: You little…

Kevin: That’s good enough for me.

I might just kill myself, but I have a chance right, note that Kevin and the others can hide their reiatsu pretty well, so if you say their reiatsu felt like captain class, well, imagine how powerful that would be.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना riquelme375 said…
my character's name is : kurosaki minato and his the captain of squad 12 cuz kurotsuchi mayuri challenged him to a fight and died in the middle of the fight cuz i(minato) just freaked out and hollowified. the name of the shikai is byakukuroi (White Black)cuz one side of the blade is black and one side is white. it gives the user x5 insticts (means his senses are 500% each) and doubles the speed by 50 !![means 5000% speed !!].the release command is transform (i forgot how to say it in japanese) . and only someone with high reiatsu cuz it drains reiatsu and than giving it back so someone with low reiatsu will just get his soul drained. minato got high reiatsu cuz his parents and his grandpa are all shinigamis (his dad is kurosaki ichigo ,his mom is kuchiki rukia and his grandpa is kurosaki isshin). he learned hollowifacation from his dad. the shikai techniques are : shunpo - its a normal shunpo but its affected by the sword . it turns the whole place to a black and white area and confuses his oppenent so just very talented opponents can sense him. byaku tenshou-like ichigo's getsu gatenshou but its white ,powerfull and it does a confusing flash that makes the opponent totally confused for 3 seconds.bankai name-banbyakukuroi.the bankai makes the whole area near to me black and white
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
big smile
wow guys that was alot of posts there! do you know how long it took me to read all of that!?!?
bakuen(a really low voice)"hahahahahah! that is an interesting technique youve got there girl..."

tenchi: "what he should have been in a deep slumber!"

karukai:"it seems you're sorley mistaken..."

tenchi: "him too!. how can these people be so vigilant, unless... may!"
tenchi looks at may but she seems to be perfectly fine.

strangely the somewhat sombre and peaceful reiatsu karukai and bakuen possesd turned into an awfully darkand destructive one.
immediately they were realeased from mays slumber.

bakuen(hollow): it seems you do not know of our abilities. and my master says he wants to get back in reality now before i slaughter the lot of you hehehehhe..."

suddenly his personality changes and the real bakuen is back.
bakuen:"sorry, my hollow friend there thought it was necessary to intervene..."

tenchi:"so youre a vizard!"
bakuen: " no. you could say half vizard. i am not rally bonded with my hollow. i was in the middle of foghting him when aizen used the hogyouku to create an arrancar called luppi. the shock caused the two of us to interwine but not chemically fuse. catch my drift? so i can freely change places with him and heal in my inner world as many times as i please..."

tenchi: "so that explains you but what about him?" points 2 karukai.

karukai: "well the truth is i have never slept before in my life as my zanpakuto allows me not to give in to fatigue and the heavy presence of the night.that girls effects have the same sort of feeling so all i had to do was adapt and evolve so to speak."

bakuen: " you said we cannot be trusted. however we assure you no threat. we simply want to join forces and improve the chance we have of learning sehkmets plan and try to find a way to stop her and at best form a truce. we never came here to fight just to negotiate."

karukai: " you and your own fighters are extremely strong and this alliance will benefit the both of us expotentially. even soul said so himself we need as much strength as we can get."

bakuen: "anyway yo dont have to accept i thought it was a good idea. we have alot of strong fighters so i guess even more would be beneficial but its the thought that counts i guess. consider our offer w'ell be of now..."

tenchi watches them leave with a scowl which quickly changes into a smirk. i guess theyre quite strong however they cannot compare to me and soul. however those two especially karukai. their abilities are inhumane! a half vizard!? a person who never sleeps!? this is getting interesting. i want to find out more, probably fight them and then decide i guess. their zanapakutos are very interesting indeed. i wonder what i shall find out?"

what shall tenchi do? what will bakuens team do about it?? find out tomorow on make your own zanpakuto!/fanpop!...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
karukai:"that guy he made a remark about him being stronger than us bakuen. we have the strongest illusionist,a human-beast,a king of martial arts,a deadly song writer,a conflicting femme fatale,a girl obsessed with life,the smartest and undeniably the greatest detective ever and you and i."

bakuen:"true...we have the strongest energy/electrical type zanpakuto in the universe and the strongest one of the 2 only darkness attribute zanpakutos ever in our arsenal."

bakuen: "even so we still need to train. we need to find our four other members quick before time runs out..."

will they find them???

----------------------------end of scene---------------------------
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
im a noob but im going to ask anyways, what is going on?! lol. my guess is that there are different stories going down, or is it all connected? if anything i wanna join lol. plz. reason is its sooo intersting lol. and two someone wrote that they killed my adoptive father MAyuri Kurotsuchi
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Riquelme, I already have transform/change/sift-shape, it's Henka! I already have it (Please look on page 9)!

Oh and Kofisius, sorry about the post, I went overboard, I couldn't help it! So many Ideas in my head! It's too much! My head is about to explode! So I let them out here, on this story-blog. You're in the story too, right, who are your characters? Just wanting to know!

Jlazlo, you're new too huh? I'm also (I don't like to say noob) new to the bolg, If you want to join in, then go ahead, I'll help start you in about an hour or so from when this was last edited, so bare with me for a min. and make a Zanpakto, character, and whatever else you need. If you need any info, on Crazieone and Songoku, look on page 10.

Crazieone, I want to know your angles' names. Please just give me the names, not the abillities, just the names.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Techno i already made a character on pg 10, lol i can copy and paste it agian lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Shikai: shiroi kiraboshi (white glittery stars)
Command: joushou amanohara (climb the sky)
• Nagareboshi (shooting star): the center piece (the star) lights up and with a wave of the sword it can shoot a star. (similiar to tobimune)
• bekuta nami (vector wave): my shikai can stretch like Gin's but in a zigzag form and in any direction, hence the way it looks.
• Ability: Each time it blocks it takes a LITTLE reatsu from the opponent and can use it to charge attacks.

Bankai: hyakuman shiroi kometto (million white comet)
• tsuiraku kiraboshi (falling glittering stars): stars shoot down
• shadou bekuta (shadow vector): same as "vector wave" but can come out of any source of shadows.
• Ability: ability to control stars from tsuiraku kiraboshi or create more from shadows.

Notes: all blades/vector or arrows is black, the star is always silver. the handle is always gray, ecept the shikai's handle cause its wraped. eveytime the zanpaktou changes the sword will glow and the star part will move to a different location of the sword.

name: Tomo Yoshiyuki
Age: 14
height: 5'5''
eye color:misty silver
Hair: black and straight short hair
expert in:lying (when needed), and getting in the minds of others.
Description: Though Tomo means "twin" he unfortunately died, due to a serious sickness that his twin didn't suffer from. When he got to soul society, he was fortunate to meet Captain Kurotsuchi who was in Tomo's district trying to look for more samples of bacteria for an experiment. CAptain Kurosuchi wouldn't have noticed Tomo, until a weak hollow appeared out of no where and went for Tomo. Captain Kurosuchi didn't do anything but watch with pleasure as he enticipated for the hollow to devour Tomo. Tomo seeing as he noticed the Captain's expression, turned to face the hollow. Being the fact that that was Tomo's first time seeing a hollow, Tomo looked at it curiously and while smiling grab the weak hollows neck and through it against a tree. Then, not knowingly Tomo made a ball of a spiritual energy and killed the hollow. The captain instantly realized of what he saw and took Tomo in and enrolled him the academy, there he slowly progressed and by the time he graduated he already knew his Shikai.
Of course being now a shinigami,out of favor he was put in the squad with Captain Kurosuchi. Unlike vice-captain Nemu, Tomo was never modified by the captain and left alone.
He would venture to the different parts of the soul society making friends. Now after becoming well known, people comment about his warm personality and his weird-ness to him. He is very loyal and can also be outgoing but knows how to act in different situations.He is the type of person who rather not fight but for some reason took the time to learn kido up to 89 without incantation. In his spare time he visits his captain and likes watching Captain Kurosuchi experiment. through these observation of the captain, tomo learned how to make different poisons and antidotes. Later in his life, he was able to reach bankai, but like rukia, was never given a seat out of favor.

 Name: Shikai: shiroi kiraboshi (white glittery stars) Command: joushou amanohara (climb the sky)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

For Jlazlo, not a dedication or anything like that.


Averis’s thoughts: Darkness all I see for miles is darkness, the wind blows in my hair, yet I can’t feel it. Where am I, what am I doing here, why am I going back, to then.

Shadows form, Averis tightens his grip on his sword, and yells, “Bankai!” He changes; he’s unable to control his body. He beats an Arrancar down, and then continues to beat it, again and again. Kevin then stands in his way.

Kevin: Stop it Averis, he’s dead, there’s no point in fighting.

This was a while ago; Averis and Kevin seem to be about the same height. Averis lunges forward at Kevin, sword in hand; Kevin brings his sword up as well. A clean pierce, strait through the body, blood drips from the tip of the blade, Kevin looks at Averis with eyes of light. Averis stares for a long time at Kevin, and a drip of blood comes from Kevin’s mouth Averis’s sword had cut Kevin, how he could do such a thing! Why did he have to have this Bankai! Why, why, wh…

Averis jumps from his bed. Leaning up, gasping for air. He looks around, where was he? Squad four barracks?

Voice: Yo.

Averis turns to see who it is. A boy, about the age of fourteen, short black hair, and misty silver eyes.

Averis: Kevin?

Boy: Whoa, what? Who’s that?

Averis: A friend.

Boy: Ah, so I look kind of like him. I see, well anyway what was going on, you looked like you were having some sort of nightmare.

Averis: It’s nothing. (Tries to stand up, but falls on the ground instead)

Boy: Whoa, don’t push yourself, (Helps Averis back up to the bed) you were in terrible condition, even after Captain Sempai fixed you up.

Averis: Who?

Boy: You were probably in a coma then too. Anyway, people said you looked unfamiliar, so I came to check out who it was.

Averis: And who are you?

Boy: Oh me, I’m Tomo Yoshiyuki, you?

Averis: Averis Kentai.

Tomo: Okay then, what next, um…

Averis: Help me out of this bed.


Well, there you go, you’re in, but if your character hates to fight, you might want to avoid the angles that Crazieone made. They’re no joke. Here are the rules:
1: Make everything you do/type make sense.
2: Try and tie the story together in any way you can. (The more twists and turns we have the more exciting!)
3: Crazieone is the enemy. (Unless you are a traitor)
4: Have fun!
Follow these rules, or don’t. I won’t stop you. But try to make the story tie together at the least, because then it doesn’t make sense and the next person to join us will be confused.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Grim's appearance, the lgendary creator---

karukai:"that guy he made a remark about him being stronger than us bakuen. we have the strongest illusionist,a human-beast,a king of martial arts,a deadly song writer,a conflicting femme fatale,a girl obsessed with life,the smartest and undeniably the greatest detective ever and you and i."

bakuen:"true...we have the strongest energy/electrical type zanpakuto in the universe and the strongest one of the 2 only darkness attribute zanpakutos ever in our arsenal."

bakuen: "even so we still need to train. we need to find our four other members quick before time runs out..."

???- you might, if i allow you to.

Bakuen- you...your.. *starts to tremble from the emense pressure* this power, how is it so strong.

Karukai-*also on the ground* i..i can't get up. what is this power! is it gravity!

Grim-umm, not really haha its just pure power. power that you are born with. I need to gather data on you two. I might have to kill you later on, but for now ill just experiment with you two.

*karukai is unable to move do to his emense spiritual pressure, but bauken seems to be getting up slowely*

Grim-oooooo, interesting. i didn't know any of you would be able to move.


Grim-a little excited? i can also tell a diffrence in spirit. Viazard? or is this a being that wasn't neccesarily with you when you became a shini?

Bauken hollow-hhahhahaha, your a smart ass aren't you. Ill enjoy your blood on my blade! Ill enjoy every drop of it! haha!

Grim-*starts to walk forward as Bauken slowely gets up* you are a interesting fellow. you must be pretty strong *unsheathes sword* now i will see exactly what your capable of.

Karukai-Dont do it! he'll kill you!

Bauken hollow *doesn't listen* are you ready, Grim

Grim-we'll see, though i would look down.

Bauken hollow-*looks down and notices that his lower stomach is bleeding* when did this happen!?

Grim-I am sure you have heard of me, I am Grim. I am legend, i am history, i am future. you have no chance, i can tell by how confounded you look that you need to know exactly what your dealing with. here is an example of 1/100000 of my power. *appears behind Bauken*
ONI DEVESTATOR MENOR. *a white explosion explodes right were Bauken stood and Karukai is blown away from the impact even though he had some distance*

Bauken- *bleeding emensly and is panting*.........

Grim-is that all, please show me your power, i would like it if you did. Pretty please. Bauken.

(how will hollow Bauken react to this newcomer on the battle feild?)

---Soul's observance---
*in the distance, observing kevins teams fight against the angels is the captain commander Soul. he is observing the fighters because Sempai, who returned with the souless body of Mayumi, told him about a talented warrior. He is hiding his power completely*

Soul-this child is strong, yet traea ability is powerfull by itself. If he can annialate this angel, he might be a key factor to the idea of slowely dissolving Sekhmets army, causing less of percentage of loosing. *calmly holds moves his hand through his hair* i can sense all the power these warriors posses. how are they holding back so well. I dont think Sempai fought this child at his full streangth. observes each of the fight. I will be impressed if one of these shinigamis notice another warrior watching.

*kevin and Traea are still fighting with an agressive nature*

Soul-i need to enter one of those golden gates, if i succeed in passing through the gate, i cant finally fight Sekhmet to show her that what she is doing is wrong. her Vile and molevolent goal will be stopped.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
his angels are intense, you are right Tecno. He killed Mayumi and that is impressive by itself. Mayumi was one of my strongest fighters and she was defeated. i would also try to avoid the generals Azriel, Seckmet, and Vaznesal. They are the hardest to kill. If there was a rank on how difficult a battle would be, it might be a 13 lol. Also Tecnos Kevin is strong. I would be preparred if you came in contact with him or the one with the dust skull ability. And thank you Tecno for inviting Tomo in. it is always good to have a new imaginative mind to join this story. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
The dust skull isn't nessicarily the ability though, it's just the Zanpakto showing off...a skull is always a good way to say that you're deadly.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
dont wanna be a burden but can ya give me a little background of what is happening as of now, im reading..im only on page 8 haha.

from my reading i know:
so far i know there are angels, shinigami, espada. and there are more shinigami along with the original, and they are in a intense battle lol.

and are all three going at it against each other??
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…

(Clapping is heard from behind Ray)

Nuvem: I should applaud you, little girl. You do more harm to your own will power than I could ever do. Building such a strong offense just to have it ripped down like the last leaf of Fall. Beautifully executed, thought. I mean it, I am truly impressed. You may want to thoroughly examine your opponent before you declare victory. Crushing a pile of sand doesn't phase me (laughs). You seem invested in battling me, so I can only return the favor. You want to show off your power, well then, I'll demonstrate true power, girl! (sand begins to pile and form a sword) I do believe that is a bead of sweat rolling down your brow! Haha! Lame attempts can't even begin to bridge the gap between our power levels, you're out of your league. SONHO DOURADA!

(Suddenly thick, glistening, golden dust erupts in every direction. Nuvem is no longer visible and the golden dust looks light and airy, but smashes into Ray with in intesne speed even after she tries to avoid it. However, it covered such a large radius it was unavoidable. Ray gets up and has several shallow wounds on her body. Blood rolls down her arms and legs as her cloths have been torn and tatured. The whole area has been blanketed in this sparkling, golden dust, but Nuvem is no where to be seen).

Nuvem: (echoes) Ha ha ha! Poor little girl, you looks awful! Let me help quell your pain and deliver you from those injuries. Ready for my prescription?

----what's in store for Ray, now that Nuvem has released her shikai?-------------------------

Zalbeseal: (smiles incessently and looks away from Jake and speaks to Kevin for a moment) If you hope to live, you best not underestimate her. She may look frail, but looks can be decieving. You are strong, but she isn't even taking you seriously. (Looks back at Jake). Is this it? Your huge display? You obviously aren't familiar with me, so I will enlighten you.

Jake: (stares at Zalbeseal and feels his body getting tense) You're an angel! It's not too difficult.

Zalbeseal: Hahahaha (laughs maniacally)!! You are so terribly mistaken, boy. I am far beyond any angel's power. You do need some clarification. It is true, there are eight angels. However, who do you think governs those angels? Sekhmet, of course, but she can't always be around! There are four arch-angels that preside over all the angels. Each general possesses two angels within their individual faccion. So, in short, I am 30 times stronger than any angel.

Jake: Rank?

Zalbeseal: You want to conceptualize my power through my number! I am Zalbeseal Ozoka, Segunda General (suddenly a crippling amount of spiritual pressure bursts out of Zalbeseal)

Jake: ...Segunda...and a general (beads of sweat begin falling down Jake's face). What have I gotten myself involved in...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Traea: (Kevin saw a visible cut, but there is no blood. She looks up at Kevin and stares at him with a nightmarish glare. All Kevin can see is her eyes since a mask winds around her face. There is a ribbon that winds around the mask as it curls around her head) I believe you misunderstand your current position. You will have to readjust your method if you wish to defeat me.

Kevin: I struck you, how did you avoid injury? (suddenly Traea appears by Kevin and smashes him in the stomach with her huge axe. He is flung back and smashes into a rock formation).

Traea: (Glares at a wounded Kevin) I recommend you withdraw now, otherwise the next blow will be a fatal one!

(Sekhmet appears)
Sekhmet- (Kevin lunges forward to counter Traea's blow, but is easily stopped. Sekhmet simply extends her hand and he smashes into it; he is stopped and flung back while Sekhmet is unphased) We do not have time for these games! Please, reconsider your next step. If not, I will be your opponent from this moment.

Kevin: (stares at Sekhmet) Who are you?

Sekhmet: (smiles and glances at Kevin) What gave you the impression that you were less insignificant? Such filth need not ask questions. It is these people who wind up dead. Questions are reserved for those who are deemed worthy. You, boy, are not. Traea, let's go.


Traea: FILTH (vanishes and smashes Kevin in the face sending him hurtling toward the ground)! Were you not listening? You don't even deserve to lay your eyes on her.

Kevin: B****! You ambush me and expect that to change anything?

Sekhmet: Calm down, Traea. Despite his imputence, he is not worth our time. He is barely a spec on our radar. (stares at Kevin) You little peasant, what is your name?

Kevin: KEVIN!

Sekhmet: Ha ha ha. You say your name with such hubris, heavily smothered with doubt. You can't possibly believe you can oppose me, can you? You weren't clear on whether you could fend off my angel. With such doubt and mistrust, you only demonstrate just how weak your kind are.

Kevin: (grinds teeth and clenches fist) Who do you think you are?

Sekhmet: I don't think I am anyone, I know I am superior. Do you wish to try and prove otherwise?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-------Averis, Tomo: 4th squad barracks-----

Averis: Help me up. (Gesturing his hands, as if rushing Tomo to assist)
Tomo: (waving his hands saying no) I, I don’t think that’ll be such a great idea. You obviously hurt by some types of cero, and damaged yourself with you zanpaktou.
Averis: Well fine at least get me to a chair. Wait…h- how, did you know that?
Tomo: Know what? (Giving a small innocent smile)
Averis: About my zanpaktou giving myself injuries. What do you know? Plus what else is going on? (Clenches fist from stabbing pains on his sides)
Tomo: Oh, okay just rest and I’ll tell you. Well, how do I start? (Looks up towards the ceiling trying to think, then face changes to a serious note) 1, you’re in my room where I’m hiding our reatsu. 2, I think there are multiple fights going on outside but I don’t know who is fighting who. 3, you are injured and I took the honor to try to fix you (giggles then back to serious face) finally from observing your dreams I know that your zanpaktou is wind based, your friends are dear to you, and that you and your teammates have element based powers.
Averis: (sighed) Damn it, I won’t be of real good use if I go now. Plus…Wait how do I know you’re not trying to kill me?
Tomo: Believe me I don’t, I really I’m not into fighting. That’s my zanpaktou is not a the kind thirsting for blood, haha. Plus (with innocent eyes) I can never hurt someone who always thinks about their friends. (smiles) Tea?
Averis: (gives a weird look) hehe, you’re interesting, tell me more about you, as it seems clear I can’t do much from here.
Tomo: Okay, well hmmm, I really can’t talk about my zanpaktou for I really never explored all of its abilities. Though, It may seem just like a regular zanpaktou, I think it may be elemental.
Averis: (attention was caught by what Tomo just said) Wait you think your zanpaktou is ELEMENTAL? What kind? What other things can you do huh?
Tomo: Well I want to say shadow, but something tells me that it’s light…or maybe both. Haha, well that’s just a feeling it could be just regular sword, but doesn’t matter I love it anyways. (smiles)
Averis: Oh, that’s cool. That’ll be great though if it was both.
Tomo: I guess, hehe, anyways, though I was part of the old gotei 13 in the science research and development I hung around the 4th barracks a lot. Thus the reason why I could kind of heal good, if I so myself. Hmmm, what else can I do, lalala, oh well I’m a great potion maker, oh plus my favorite thing to do is use my mental abilities. (raises eyebrows, and smile )
Averis: Mental abilities? What do you mean, uhh. (grabs side of torso)
Tomo: Well like what I did to you I can enter your subconscious mind. Plus with this I can get away with most lies, since I can tamper with some parts of the brain causing the person to be unable to think clearly temporary.
Averis: That’s cool, I guess. So you don’t fight?
Tomo: nope. (looks at Averis with a warm hearted look)
Averis then slowly falls asleep, Tomo (thought to be weak) carried Averis to the bed.
Tomo: (sigh) well I guess I should check whats happening.
He turns around to a mirror, he touches it once and pictures appear showing what is happening.
Techno was it you that came up with Averis them, well sorry to whomever made them. I felt like giving Tomo a little boost in power, by mentioning something (shadow/light) that can really tie him to the other characters.
Plus sorry that nothing much happened beside introductions. Lol.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Kevin calls out Bankai: No, I don’t, but I can tell you this, if you’re angels, and I’m you enemy, then I guess that makes me, (Metal forms around Kevin and he makes metal armor and bat like wings, then he pulls up a mask) The Devil.

Traea: Vizard!

Sekhmet: This is just a joke.

Kevin appears right behind Traea, trying to pierce her heart, but pierces he side instead. Then moves back into his original position.

Traea: How did you?

Kevin: I told you, I am your mere enemy, now you had some questions earlier. (Pulls out a glass tube from his pocket) Not quite sure what it’s called, but it can store reiatsu, and release it to put us to our very max. (Kevin breaks the tube and a silver reiatsu surrounds him. It keeps flowing and flowing, and after it’s gone, it’s steaming out of Kevin’s body.)

Traea: What is this?

Kevin appears right behind Traea and precise her in the heart with a huge amount of force: Your death.

Sekhmet: What! How did you kill her? (Everything, armor, mask, and all, disappear.) I see, you pushed yourself so far, you’re really funny. (Comes at Kevin, but someone comes in front of her, and jabs his sword right in Kevin’s heart, and Kevin’s reiatsu flows away. Then looks at Sekhmet)

Man: It is already done, you don’t have to go and kill him.

Sekhmet: Who are you?

Man: A man who flow with the wind.

Sekhmet: Does this mean I have to kill you?

Man: No, I just killed your pray for you, there is nothing you can do. Why waste your energy on a weakling who has to use tools?

Sekhmet: Fine, as long as he’s dead.

Sekhmet vanishes, not worrying the man, but to tell about the angle and warrior has fallen.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
big smile
oh songoku... this may sound a bit *particular* but my warriors are battle hardened archknights in battle. they definately do not tremble. i admit grim is powerful however even he cannot make two people of that much strength tremble. bakuen and karukai alone were in the zero guard of soul society before bakuen deccided to stay in soul society. yes thats how strong they are. also... in fact read on then you'll find out...

while bakuen and karukai are getting their butts kicked by grim, two figures (one with piercing blue eyes and the other with the most devilish purple eyes ever)

unknown figure 1; do you think he'll notice?

unknown figure 2: nah hes notsmart enough to...

they both vanish and appear beside grim who unconsciously moves on without knowing of their presence. he proceeds to attack bakuen and the weakened karukai but all of a sudden they are dissipating into a wierd pitch-black/almost like a void flame.
grim is puzzled by this and immediately starts to wonder whats going on.

he then manages to find out who the hidden figures were and proceed to attack them himself.
however the attack was already determined by the blue-eyed warrior. he instantly raises his hand which for some strange reason is glowing with a blue aura.
strangely grims movements have been sealed...

unknown figure: you are the first to witness my presence, because of this i shall tell you who i am... my name is bakuen mesuke the 1st.

grim: since unable to move not even a single muscle of his body just stands there.

unknownn figure 2: he cant talk so you might as well release him brother.

the blue aura vanishes and grim collapses breathing heavily without even the slightest power to come up.
grim:huff puff huff puff (endless panting) i huff couldnt breathe for that long you huff puff...

karukai: of course bakuens new techniques are great arent they?

bakuen: just because that wasnt my real entity there (points to where the original bakuen stood)doesnt mean i am that weak. you see after all those wars i expeirienced i wasnt feeling too good, so i had myself sealed into me. that way i could recuperate and live on endlessly. after my entitys fight with azriel the seal weakened. and now that his butt was kicked the seal was released. i am the first and original bakuen and the one with the most destructive and strongest of abilities.

karukai: and so am i . upon hearing of this from my brother i decided to do the same. you see our entities are not as strong as us, but they are one with us. so as they fight and grow stronger their expeirience and addedpower is increased and so is ours, the originals. and as you know our entities were training for a long time and have become 2000X stronger. now multiply that by how small a fraction of their entity is compared to us is our final power.

grim: starts calculating 2000 X 30,000,000 = 6000,000,0000% of power increase.

karukai: nods and thats just one of us so imagine facing BOTH of the originals...

grim:scowls that doesnt mean you are stronger than me!

out of the blue sehkmet appears befor the three breaking it up. grim looks puzzled. sehkmet glares at him from behind as if reminding him of his promise/deal.
grim understands and lowers his head and curses sehkmet.

sehkmet:azriel told me about you and your previous strength even though it was puny however it seems he was fighting a fake. im sure hell be interested in fighting you for real next time...

a golden gate appears and she and grim are ascending into it.


karukai and bakuen head off back to their base before any more trouble arises...

---------------------------end of scene----------------------------
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------Averis, Tomo: Still in the 4th squad barracks-----

Averis slowly wakes from a nap, to the smell of tea and honey. He sits up to find Tomo looking in the mirror.

Averis: W- what, are you…doing? (rubbing his eyes , squinting at Tomo trying to get a better sight)

Tomo: (looks back at Averis) Ummm, well, ahh, I’m working on something, like a experiment I guess you could call it.

Averis: Can you explain a bit more little boy? Haha, I like the fact I’m older than you.

Tomo: (smiles) Hehe, well anyways this mirror acts like a looking glass-

Averis: You can see everything!!!

Tomo: (startled)! No and yes. No, because I need another mirror at the spot where I want to look, in order to see. Though I can use water, since water can reflect images. Yes, because anything that is being reflected off of the mirror/water, no matter from what angle, I can see.

Averis: Are you telling me that you can’t see anything good so far!? (Sees that Tomo looks saddened by his disappointment in the news) Ah, (tones down voice) well that’s okay, though did you find anything that can help us.

Tomo: (smiles again as everything was all well)Well I was going to tell you that I have hundred of tiny mirrors around the area, but due to all the immense pressure most of the mirrors were smashed to pieces rendering useless, or the immense power/wind pushed it to a different location. OH, But yes I did find something important.

Averis: What did you find? (getting his hopes up)

Tomo: Well since I couldn’t use the mirrors I started looking through the ponds. I searched every pond to see if I can catch anything, but all the spiritual pressure is disrupting the sight. Anyways, I found your friend, I hope, I think what was it-

???: Ella. (cough cough)

Averis:!!! (turns around to the voice by the couch) ELLA!!! Uhh. (grabs side)

Ella:!? It’s ok don’t worry.

Tomo: (stands up, and walks to Averis)I said you should rest. (eyes content, and helps Averis walk over to her)

Averis: Thanks, So Ella- (flinches)

Ella: Why don’t you shut up and rest.

Averis: Haha, sure Grandma.

Ella: Shut up! (Tomo hands her tea) Thanks, well…I think Kevin is still fighting, Jake too! I was almost gone for sure, if I wasn’t for Kevin taking me to a safe place just in time. Then Tomo takes me here, to a safer place. (Tomo smiles again, Ella leans in towards Averis and Whispers) Hey that Tomo kid smiles a lot, don’t you think it’s a little too weird to be doing that in a time likes this?

Averis: (whispers back) It’s ok he’s just a optimistic kid. Haha. He’s cool though, plus he seems like a person we need on our side, doesn’t have to be with us all the time, but at least be allies ya’ know.

Ella: (leans back in the couch) I guess, he is a sweet kid. (Looks at Tomo, who looks a little sleepy)

Averis/Ella: You ok? You look a little tired, (looks at each other) Hey! That’s my line.

Tomo: (yawns) I guess, I’ve been awake the whole day before I even found you, trying to work on some potions. (yawns) Plus I had I didn’t sleep when you were cause I was busy trying to fix your wounds, which I did.

Averis/Ella: (Look at themselves, to find that most of their wounds were basically gone)

Averis: Wow, were basically healed, I would say let’s get out of here, but we need a plan, plus need an escape route to maneuver the way to avoid detection.

Ella: (looks at Tomo with eyes caring) Plus you need to rest too, will think of a plan while you rest. Go sleep.

Tomo: Okay (smiles slowly, rubbing eyes) oh, look in the cabinet there (points in the corner) there should be a map of the underground sewers.

Averis: Great. Good Night.

Tomo: Yups,( slowly gets up and lies on the bed.)

How will they ever leave? Lol.
Guys, can you help find a way to get them to the others, while trying not to get in a fight. Lol.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Once Sekhmet is gone, the man waits an hour by Kevin’s corpus. Then pierces Kevin’s heart again, and then Kevin’s wounds start healing, his life came back in his eyes.

Man: Okay, you’re alive.

Kevin: Long time, no see man, where have you been?

Man: Wandering, so you kept me a secret?

Kevin: Yep.

Man: Still looking for a dark and light Zanpakto.

Kevin: Yep. So how long was I dead for?

Man: An hour.

Kevin: Did you hide my reiatsu and they think you killed me?

Man: Done and done.

Kevin: Alright then, we’re all set! So what now, Zeron, you going to go run and hide again after you revive me, and that’s it, you run and hide?

Zeron: I don’t know, maybe, but it depends on who were fighting. But never use that combination, mask, tube, and Bankai again; you scared the Hell out of me.

Kevin: Is that a good thing?

Zeron: Fine you scared the Heaven out of me.

Kevin laughs after meeting an old friend.

--------------------Fourth Squad Barracks------------

Averis: Ella, let’s go, he’s asleep, and Kevin’s reiatsu went way down, it feels as if he’s dead. And Jake is still fighting.

Ella: Alright, but maybe we should…

Averis: Get some help, no way, that would make things worse. That’s the last thing we need.

Ella: You’re right, but we should leave a note.

Averis: Done, it’s on my bed right now.

Ella: Okay, let’s go.


Zalbeseal: How the heck could she die? Traea, what happened?

Jake’s thoughts: I can’t kill him, so what should I do?

Zalbeseal: What now boy, you know I am a general, so what are you going to do now.

Jake feels someone’s reiatsu: I wouldn’t be so sure.

Ella and Averis appear.

Jake: How’d ya get away from him?

Averis: Ugh (Sarcastically as if he was in pain), everyone falls for a sob story.

Ella: You were faking it!

Averis: Ya…

Ella: I thought you were in real pain!

Jake: Stop it, both of you, he’s strong.

Ella/Averis: Ya, we know.


Crazieone, don't think my characters are weak, because they have many tricks up thier sleves. And the mask and tube is just the start of it all.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sorry Tecno, but Traea would't fall that easily and Sekhmet wouldn't allow it. This is how it really went.

By they way Tecno, there is a reason you were warned to avoid Sekhmet. She is the master over all the Angels. :)


Sekhmet: (stares at kevin and looks and smiles at Traea) He'll be coming for you first, but just stand there and don't react.

Kevin: (Vanishes and appears behind Traea, but she doesn't move). NOT QUICK ENOUGH!

Sekhmet: (Is actually inbetween Traea and Kevin. She knocks away a surprised Kevin's attack) (calmy saying) Hado 120: Cacophony!

(Instantly a cascade of white and blue particles pummel the air and space around Seckhmet. Kevin is caught with a close, direct hit and is flung 100's of feet. As he flies backwards, he is recieving immense amounts of damage as the white and blue cloud, which seem to distort the actual atmosphere within it's path).

Sekhmet: Heh. (Traea chuckles and stares at the distant Kevin). What a most predictable failure. I could easily see his every move; as if he were traveling in slow motion. It's quite pathetic.

Traea: Would you like me to finish off this filth?

Sekhmet: No. Don't bother yourself with him. He was humiliated enough to remain subdued for a while. He was sure that he would take you down and deliver a finishing blow to me. This is why they fall so easily, they never take the time to assess their opponents. If he had, he would have recognized our gap in power and backed down. Let's go.

(Golden gate appears and opens)

Sekhmet: I can tell our friend, Soul, has been trying his hardest to enter these gates. If he tries, he will discover a most upsetting surprise. (Both exit through the gate).

(In the distant a Kevin pants, bloodied and beaten. His mask is broken and zanpakuto has reverted to a regular kantana.)

Kevin: Who was that...(falls to the ground unconscious).

Tecno, they may have tricks, but I am far past tricks. They will die, I promise you that.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Wait, did you even read the last 2 pages I had? I'm a little ticked. Here's some things that you did so wrong.
1: Kevin was already in Bankai
2: You didn't even concider the last character I added
3: You don't really bother fighting my characters, probalbly because you think they're weak
4: All of the abliities Kevin has, you ignored
5: Bankai (300%) x mask (300%) x tube (500%)= Compleate destruction to the enemy or Kevin's abillities by 4,500%. At which, Kevin is at capain's class with his mask on, but the tube makes him realy tired and his stratigy from the begining was to do that.
6: I really don't like listing what you did wrong, nor should I have to.
7: You never read what I put up, maybe because it seems long.
That's just about it. I don't like people calling and treating me like a noob, because I could be at the same level as anyone else. My brain has Ideas beyond what I can tell in a lifetime, but you're ignoring that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

Grim-they might seem powerfull, but they have no idea what they are getting into. *floats high above bauken and kesukai* If they made my illusions distort and frigile with their power, then they might be remotely a good opponent. *a golden gate appears and the real
Sekhmet stand inside*

SEckmet-Hurry up grim, you have finished your attempt and observing their abilities. We both now that they can't tell that you have been observing them persistantly. Lets go now, we have other buisness to attend to. *both walk through the gate and Bauken and kesuke have been conviced that they are stronger than grim, or as we now now the fake grim*


*pants from the cuts of Nuvems dust storm*

Ray-you bi***, i will not allow you to beat me. Even if that means going into shikai.

Nuvem- that will not help you know, you have absolutely no hope.

Ray-true, i have no idea to kill you but now i use my defenseive strategy until i can beat you. Wrap....Coffin. *a blast of reatsu explodes out of her and shows a shroud of dust covering her ability up*

Nuvem-what is this, what is your new trick. Its not like it will help you anyway.

Ray- or will it? *reveals that her body is wraped in her blade witch is still in its bandage form, she now looks like a mummy* now i have time to find out how to kill you. *holds out and arm that is also covered by the blade bandage, and it glows red along with her whole body showing a figure of a jaguar around her* this is my shikai, it tears about anything into peices.

Nuvem- i doubt that *the golden dust attcks Ray, whose jaguar has already dissapeared back into her body*

ray-*cuts the dust with incredible speed itself and stops the attacks* you see, now i have time to figure out how to kill you.

Nuvem-we will see, child.

---souls intoduction---
(i dont even know what to do, the battle between kevin and the angel has turned into a argument. I can really add to a story if the basic starters of that particular story argue about what really happens. Crazione, i do think that you should aknowledge other peoples abilities, especially if they are new. Im not saying noobs. and Tecno, i did warn you that Sekhmets warriors are at a high level. I also told you if you fight them, that you need to be preparred. I dont really understand the numbers, but if you think statistics will change Craziones mind i guess you can try. Just hurry up and solve on what really happened. And to crazione again, dont kill any of tecnos, or jlazo's characters.)

---SEmpais training---
*all captians are distubed by the training of Sempai do to its vile and disconted purpose, he is seen using his abilities with rage and anger in order to destroy the one that killed the one he loved, he has also heard that two other captains Bauken and kesukai, have arived. He thinks of them as cowards for running*

Sempai- I...will...kill her. *trains as he bleeds from his hands from such intense training*

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
--4th squad barracks----------

(Tomo wakes up to a empty room, looks down out of disappointment to see the note)

Tomo: what’s this?

Dear Tomo,
Sorry that we had to leave you here. We didn’t want to pull you into anything, anything that may have hurt you. Thank you for what you’ve done, but I don’t think we need your assistance.
Truly, Averis

Tomo: Huh, well I’m sadden by the fact they left but at least they left a note.

Tomo’s thoughts: Doesn’t matter, I need to get out! Sure I’m safe here, but containing my reiatsu for so long is making feel slow, but then again if I went with them was there really a chance of coming back? Uhh I guess it’s time for plan B. Hmmm, well I where can I go besides the battle field?

Tomo: Got it! I can go to visit Sempai at the captain’s barracks, first let’s see I he’s there. (taps mirror) Yup he’s there! Oh wait he’s bleeding, huh, well I’ll bring band aids. (Smiles, and giggles, as he puts band aides with pluses on it in his pocket.)
(Tomo then goes to the cabinet, takes out a blue tube with baby fish eggs, opens it and pours it into the pond outside. The fish grows at a fast pace circling around the pond over and over. The pond starts showing images of the captain barracks, and Sempai in the training ground. He slowly steps in the pond, being submerged.)

Tomo: Hey CAPTAIN!!!!

----------Sempai’s Training Ground, Near Captain Barracks---------

Sempai: (grunting from his intense training) Cr@p! (punches the ground out of frustration)

Tomo: (softly from afar, almost a whisper) Hey captain.

Sempai: (Looks back towards Tomo) What are you doing here!?
(Clenching fist still from frustration.)

Tomo: (Smiles, and is walking towards Sempai) Well, the barracks is boring, and the people I helped ditched me, boo hoo, haha. Plus, it seems that place is making me feel slow, not that I’m fast anyways. (Looks at Sempai’s hand)

Sempai: Well, (trying to become calm) you know its extra dangerous being outside.

Tomo: (Still analyzing Sempai’s injuries) Well it’s dangerous out there in the field (points at the battles) but here not only can you guys protect me and me being free, I can be of assistance.

Sempai: Ha! What assistance what you gonna try heal me? (Tomo not the greatest of healers, but is good, Looks at Tomo eyes)

Tomo: Shut up you know I could heal! (Eyes filled with determination, holds up the band aids, grins)

Sempai: Those stupid band aids, those things hurt even for me what makes it worse is-

(Tomo jumps at him with a band aid in hand, Sempai dodges, Tomo lands hard smashing the area around him)

Sempai: I don’t know why you try to come at me like this. You never could get m-(Sempai coughs and falls to the ground not being able to move)

Tomo: That’s why I poisoned you when you didn’t notice.

Sempai: You poisoned me in order to heal me! (trying to move) Plus how did you get me?

Tomo: (Sitting next to Sempai) Well, when I first got here, the fishes I used releases a little poison in the air, enough to paralyze you. See now I can heal you! (Grabs a band aid and places it on Sempai’s bloody hands)

Sempai: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I hate theeessssssssseeee band aids!
(Sempai’s blood and wounds are healing, the blood is going back into his body and the wound are closing)

Tomo: Well of course you hate them, the reverse the process of the wound opening. So you kind of feel the pain again that happened to your hands when you first got those injuries.

Sempai: Kind of?! This s#!T hurts! (wounds fully heal, and then he gets up)

Tomo: Haha, well there I fixed you now you can train again! (now already by the door)

Sempai: Wow you got there fast, you’re improving.

Tomo: Thanks, well I’m on my way to the captains barracks, specifically the office!

Sempai: Well fine, I think there might be a meeting though.

Tomo: Okays! (waves hands and leaves)

What Will happen Next!
Songoku- Sorry but you have to mention something about Tomo being at the meeting haha.

Guys plz stop fighting, haha, IRONIC
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Sempai's gratitude---

Sempai-you dont have to leave.

Tomo-i dont?

Sempai- i have been working on my training for a while now. Yet i haven't had someone to train against. I am asking you if you want to battle with me. So i can test you full potential and i can test mine. That is if you would like to chalenge the 3rd captain, the tyrant of water. Or if you would like you can continue your journey and allow me to train by myself. But i would say that if you battled with me, that you would have a higher possibilty of being a captain rank.

Tomo- really! you mean that!

Sempai- That is if you can beat me, that is how it goes. when a captain is defeated in battle by a student, that student takes the place of the captain. It shows that the captain has succeded in training a warrior to protect after the captain can no longer.

Tomo- are you saying you might die?

Sempai- I might, i have a deep grudge for the one who killed the one i loved. And if i haven't trained hard enough, i might die. so i ask you, will you battle against me? *takes out his pole with the red hook* or are you going to walk away. *stares deeply at tomo awaiting an answer*

(what will tomo say, and if he says yes, then what power will tomo release in order to fight Sempai, THE MASTER FISHERMAN!)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Who is fighting?

(Golden Gate appears and out walks Galgalzzi and two Angels).

Galgalzzi: Ah, old stomping grounds. This place certainly has been fixed up from where I left it (flashback to when Galgalzzi destroyed the fourth division barracks).

Baello: This was during the first invasion?

Pardel: Yes, he stopped me from pursuing an enemy and came here and dessimated the barracks. They certainly have breathed new life into it.

Galgalzzi: Enough chatter. Let's set up a level 10 barrier. It should keep everyone out for a long time. (Places hands in unusual combination)

" Howling winds, Raging oceans, Quaking land--- Bakudo: 179: 12 Gates"

Baello: Now that no one can get in or out. Who are we searching for?

Pardel: Isn't it obvious?

Galgalzzi: We're looking for the captain of these barracks.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----------Tomo’s answer----------

Tomo: Well, (playing with fingers), it has been awhile since I ever used my Zanpaktou. Hmmm, sure why not but please don’t go so easy, haha. And remember we’re training not fighting, haha.

Sempai: Great let’s get started, oh don’t worry about me going too easy. Haha, and I can’t wait to see what other things you learned, what limits you- (a ball roles towards him, and explodes, he quickly dodges) What the hell!

Tomo: I though you said start? (smiles)

Sempai: I see how it is, haha, but explosives are pointless! Haha- ahhh, (coughs up blood) What the hell did you do?!

Tomo: (Grins) Who said it was just an explosive?

Sempai: What do you mean not just an explosive?

Tomo: Well I know some of your techniques by your thoughts, oh yea, I was only getting used to that skill last time we fought. Haha, I guess now you know. Anyways, I knew you would get away from the fire and explosive so I added another poison in the air at the same time.

Sempai: Well shouldn’t you-

Tomo: No, because I already taught myself how to be immune to high levels of poison. Haha.

Sempai: Good job, but that was such a weak, attack. (Slowly gets up using rod, then throws hook, Tomo quickly dodges but with a slight tug of the rod, hook changes direction and wraps around Tomo’s neck)

Tomo: Uhhh, can’t breathe, (grabs onto line, Sempai instantly gets amnesia for a few seconds and comes back to see Tomo out of the line, panting heavely.)

Sempai: What the hell just happened, was this another of your mind tricks (Tomo nods). Great, now you going to make me work. Haha!

(Sempai vanishes and appears behind Tomo, and quickly tries to hit him with his rod. Tomo, instead of dodging, grabs the pole, and kicks Sempai in the nose)

Sempai: Uhh, (Nose bleeds, Tomo then gets pushed back 100 feet) Haha, I never knew you were good a close combat. (Sempai then vanishes, Tomo confused starts to get other things ready, so he sits down)

Sempai: (voice can’t be located) Why are you sitting? Are you going to sleep, during a fight.

Tomo: Haha, of course not. (he pulls out a 4 mirrors from his sleeve and places it around him) Just watch, Kidou 9: Static breath of Dragon Baby. (Tomo’s eyes dilate and a static white mist come out from his mouth, and falls toward the floor and outward.)

Sempai: What are you doing, that’s only good if you want to take down a baby bare. Haha (Sempai then appears in front of Tomo and is about to hit him until, Tomo blocks this time.)

Tomo: ( Pulls Sempai towards the center of the mirrors then vanishes.) Kidou 11: Reflected Death, (The mirrors break in to pieces and surrounds Sempai. Sempai then vanishes before what Tomo conducted activated. The mirrors started to magnify what was in the middle, which was the static mist. The Static started to crack like thunder. Tomo then reappears, using his swords he starts hitting the electric shards towards Sempai) Catch Sempai! Haha.

Sempai: (Starts to spin his rod reflecting the shards. He throws his hook after deflecting most of them, and catches Tomo’s foot) Gotcha, (drags him along the harsh concrete, Then picks him up using his rod and throws him again.) (CRASSHHHH)

Tomo: (bleeding and panting, takes out his zanpaktou from its sheath)

Sempai: I see you getting serious, haha I like it. Plus I never really saw you zanpaktou before.

Tomo: Well then (smiles) here take a closer look, (Tomo throws his zanpaktou, as a arrow. Vanishes, and goes behind Sempai and kicks him forward.)

Sempai:!!! (dodges but not fast enough to get cut on the arm by the zanpaktou. Tomo then catches it, by the end of the hilt.

Tomo: (Slides a finger in the star loop at the end of the handle, and starts to spin it) Sempai, hows the battle so far? Haha.

Sempai: Great, fair, but remember we didn’t start using half our power. (Throws hook)

Tomo: (Spins 2x faster) Kidou 14: Air viper! (The air made by the spinning of the sword starts to sharpen and harden. It slaps the hook away, Tomo then makes the air hit different spot around Sempai.)

Sempai: Wow Tomo you suck at aiming haha. Wh-

Tomo: Kidou 11: Reflected Death! (the remaining mirror pieces light up and appear to be surrounding Sempai again. The air hits one mirror piece and starts to be shooting from one mirror to another, cutting Sempai in the process)

Sempai: (manages to hit the next mirror before the air can touch it and bouncing towards him again.) Gr- great, haha, I see you can link Kidou finely as well. (Sempai releases some reatsu to smash all the mirrors.) sorry, but I’m tired of that trick haha.

Tomo: (smiles)

What’ll happen next?! Haha. Will Tomo lose, or will Sempai. Or will it be rudely interrupted? O.o
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------Jake, Ella, Averis, and Zalbeseal----------

Zalbeseal: Don’t mess with me.

Averis: Maybe we will…

Ella: Maybe we won’t…

Jake: And we’ll never know…

Jake/Averis/Ella: Unless we try.

Zalbeseal: What did you rehearse that or something? You kids, so foolish. (Feels something that bothers him) Hm, maybe I can leave you trash to rot, your reiatsu isn’t very strong, even all together. (Vanishes)

Jake, Averis, and Ella all release a sigh. Averis: About time they all left. You two can come out now. (Kevin and Zeron come out from behind a building)

Zeron: Yo.

After meeting and greeting each other, they get down to business.

Kevin: We’ve been invited to a captain’s meeting, and I was thinking we should go.

Ella: It could be dangerous on our part.

Averis: Even so, we could get some answers, we come here not knowing who are enemy was, and Kevin is almost killed.

Jake: I say it would be a good Idea.

Kevin: Then it’s settled, were going.

All vanish and then appear in front of the giant building. Someone tells them “welcome” and they pass through the doors.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----------Tomo, Sempai----------

Tomo: (pauses) Looks like we have guests. (smiles)

Sempai: Great! I get to meet Kev-

Tomo: Red shot of fire! (a red ball of fire shoots from his hands)

Sempai: (dodges) Wow, you don’t even give me time to finish his name.

Tomo: (Grins) Sorry haha, (scratches head, smiling, starts to spin sword again)

Sempai: Ha, I never saw anyone use their sword like that. (throws his hook)

Tomo: (Tomo sees the hook and dodges, at the same time Sempai vanishes, when Tomo appears again he gets instantly hit by Sempai, Tomo touches him for a second) Ahh, (panting heavily) hey you copied my combo, haha.

Sempai: Hey, that’s what you call learning.

Tomo: Hehe nice excuse, (Sempai grabs side)

Sempai: Good job, you did something to me again. What is it this time?! Haha, ow.

Tomo: I stab your hand with a shard-

Sempai: How does that affect my sides?

Tomo: Well just look.

Sempai: (looks down to his hand to see that a static like viper is coming from the mirror and already wrapped his body. The snake bitting on his side) How did I not notice.

Tomo: (points to his head) Haha. Kido: 6 Static Viper

Sempai: Ha. I see (pulls off the Viper and smashes it with his rod) My turn, time to get serious.

Tomo: Ha- (Falls to ground coughing blood) W- what?

Sempai: Don’t forget I’m fast haha. I gave you 8 kicks before I got back here. Plus I didn’t train to be weak (grins)

Haha what’ll happen next who will come?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Crazieone, maybe this will help you with what I am doing. The tube Kevin used is to put his powers beyond what he can maintain (Like the Bakuto), but wares off in 30 seconds. Kevin and Ella (Who has used it earlier) can't use it for a hundred years (How long it takes to make each tube. Zeron made these tubes for each member, and told them this, "If you use them before you're ready, you may very well die." Ella almost died, and Kevin could have died to a three year old with a knife. In other words, Traea died at Kevin's once-every-hundred-years max point. Then Zeron killed him, or appeared to kill him afterwards to get away from the main general. If you the general didn't interfere, then Traea may very well be alive. In the captains meeting, I'll mention more about the tube and some other things you may be thinking about as you read this.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

Sempai- wait, stop *both Tomo and Sempai stop fighting And tomo is a little confused until he sees what Sempai has noticed* A barrier, around the barracks. This is bad, they might be after Soul. Tomo! we need to hurry to the meeting! If we are late, many people might die! cmon *jets out toward the meeting hall in the barracks*

Tomo- i sense strong reatsu, they are also heading toward the base, this IS bad. Captain! we will continue our fight later. *strides along side Sempai*

Sempai-(Thinks to himself "If the angels or generals are hear, then Soul will not hold back when they arrive. Right now he will do anything to get his fists on Sekhmet")


Kevin, Zeron, Jake Averis, and Ella walk through the gates to the meeting and see Goku, Tenchi, May, and the captain commander Soul

Soul-Sit, we have to talk about a couple of misshaps and obstacles that we have shared for these past weeks.

Kevin- the angels?

Tenchi- Sekhmets army, correct. They have been up to things and slaugthering creatures. Arrancar, Hollows, and shinigami in order to steal their souls. They have done this for quite some time and we have concluded they are using it to create, bring back somthing that has been lost for centuries. We beleive that they are going to bring back their homeland with some kind of ability using souls for living creatures.

*all the new comers to the meeting are stunned*

Goku-we have fought them before, we now that their homeland was destroyed and that it was their priority to bring it back at any cost. We even suspect that Grim is on their side. We are worried about that as well. Though, what we need, is a couple new people at Captain rank.

Kevin-what do you mean?

Jake-yea, you guys seem to be strong enough. You guys protect soul society!

Soul-yet you should have noticed that two of our Captians are passed. Mayumi and Ray. We have sensed their reiatsu deplete. Mayumi was even one of our higher ranks. Ray was our master healer. And two other captains refuse to come back to the barracks. They came earlier, yet we are not sure what their intentions are because they have left soul society for so long.

Kevin-so you asking?

May- we need new captains, we think you (points at Kevin, and you points at Zeron) are fair canidates. you will be the new fourth, Zeron. Yet, you Kevin. we have not neccesarily notiiced your abilities to a maximum.

Soul-*senses somthing in the outscirts of the barraks* they have come.

*everyone inside the meeting room is shoked*

Goku-the angels! Captain let me destroy them for you! ill brake every bone in their body!

Soul-NO! *goku freezes in place after he stands up and prepares for battle*I, my self will conduct discourse among these intruders. NOne of you follow. *walks by Kevin and his freinds. You explain your ranks and your abilities and powers to tenchi. he will have the final decision in the final ranks among you and the left over captains. *vanishes*

Tenchi-well, are you going to listen to the man. SPEAK!

---soul's appearnance---


???-i beleive he means me.

*all angels look at the new voice in their conversation*

Galgalzzi- wow, the lengendary Soul, how nice to meet you.

Soul-what do you three want here? is there some importance of your intrusion?

Galgalzzi-oh, there is *smiles*

(what will happen to Soul, what will kevin and his freinds decide on, and what will Sempai do when he knows of the meeting being interupted by the angels!)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----------Tomo, Sempai----------
(Running in the halls to the Captain’s office)

Tomo: (Looks down, frowns slightly) Sorry, Sempai for not noticing.

Sempai: Nah nah its ok! We need to focus on the others now though. Hurry up the office is up ahead.

Tomo: (nods, and smiles)

Sempai: (stops at the door) it’s locked.

Tomo: (Grins) I know what to do!

Sempai: Ha. Knock. (About to knock)

Tomo: Red Shot of Fire!

----Inside of the captain office---

Kevin: Well some of my ab-


Everybody in the room: !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sempai: Tomo! What the heck?

Tomo: (starts laughing) I felt like it (scratches head)

Averis/ Ella: (dust clears) Ah, h- hey Tomo.

Tomo: (looks at them) (jokingly says) Thanks for ditching me.

Kevin: (whispers to Averis) Who is that guy?

Tomo: Tomo, Tomo Yoshiyuki. (waves at Kevin)

Kevin: Hey Sempai.

Sempai: Yo, wait wait! We need to focus you guys.

Tenchi: Let’s begin the meeting.


How will the meeting go?

Sorry, i really don't know all about Kevin thems abilityies so i need you guys to fill that in haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
---------------Back to the Meeting--------------

Kevin: Oh, Sempai, I got that one person you wanted.

Sempai: Well show me who it is.

Kevin points to Ella: Her

Ella: What!?

Sempai: Pretty girl, so why her?

Kevin: You’ll find out.

Tenchi: Anyhow, speak.

Kevin: Speak…

Tenchi: What?

Ella: Captains don’t have manners?

Tenchi looks annoyed: Please…

Kevin: Alright then, for starters, we should explain our abilities are not fully developed, and can exceed far from where we are now. We are not part of Vizard, but we can use hollowfication. We don’t really seek power, but we do seek a way to protect ourselves, any way possible. We’ve been chased by that Hollow organization since we died. Ella almost died once, after she used her tube.

Tenchi: What is this tube?

Kevin: Like Bakuto, it exceeds our power far from what we can comprehend, but Zeron can only make a few once every hundred years, as it takes a hundred years for them to work properly. Its creation is for storing reiatsu until a time of need, then you break the tube, and the reiatsu flows through your body for thirty seconds.

Tenchi: Only thirty.

Kevin: Any longer could kill us.

Tenchi: What about all of your Shikai?

Kevin: Of course mine is obvious. Suchi-Yu Yaiba, his has the ability to change into anything I could think of and make it steel. Very basic, very simple, any form shape or size.

Averis: Mine, Za-Kaza, can basically slashes with wind, it’s not very strong, but it packs a punch when used in the right hands. (There’s a loud crash outside)

Ella: My Zanpakto’s name is Mizu-Hebi (Water snake) she changes up to ten snakes with ice fangs, if the snakes bite you; you’re paralyzed for about ten seconds for each bite. By doing so, I can hopefully kill them within that time frame.

Kevin: which is why she’s perfect for you, you both have water based Zanpakto!

Sempai: True

Jake: My Zanpakto’s name is Maguma-Ranmyaku, I haven’t really used it since we got here, but his ability gives me the ability to move the magma he provides. Although he’s slow, he really couldn’t do anything else.

Zeron: My Zanpakto is a secret.

Tenchi: What!?

Zeron: I refuse to give you my Zanpakto’s name and abilities.

Tenchi: And why not.

Zeron: Because I don’t like to talk about it, it’s a dark sword, and he really doesn’t people to know his name. Kevin, Averis, Ella, Jake, and some of my other friends are the only ones to know his name, if I told you, (Puts a dark face on) I’d have to kill you.

Tenchi: I understand.

A girl, about 16, bright blond hair, and hazel eyes comes running in the room.

Girl: Sorry I’m late!

Kevin/Zeron/Averis/Ella/Jake: LIN!?


Many questions are probably going through your head right now. Will Sempai take Ella under his wing? Plus someone new joins the story, first of all, how did she get in the barrier? Who is she? Was she invited? Is she the light element of the Zanpakto element group? Why is she here? And the biggest question of all, why is she late!?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
--lin's arrival--

*songoku starts to laugh histerically and uncontrolably*

songoku-haha, why so late, Lin?

Lin-Songoku! when the hell did you become a captain!?

Songoku- haha i told you i would be your superior someday *attempts to talk to her, walking in her direction when he trips in her breasts*

Lin-YOU LITTLE PERV! *punches songoku to the far wall*

Songoku- *with a bruise on his left cheek* i didn't meen it, i swear.

Tenchi-a new girl that you attemt to put "your moves on" songoku?

Songoku-no no no no, its not like that. I swear! I invited her, she has much skill i promise. She can help us in our time of reinforcements. I wasn't wearing my captain uniform at that time either, but at least i brought someone.

Tenchi- i see, but Zeron. I promise you that we would not be afraid of your power. I can sense that you are strong, but even songoku excedes your power. We dont even use these "tubes" and we can most likely still defeat you. So don't try to act tough around us captains. Songoku has been here for quite some time, and the only reason he isn't at a higher rank is because even he has not mastered his abilities.

zeron- my statement still stands strong, if i told you. I wouldhave to kill you.

Tenchi- try me. (acts serious) you can't scare me. I would shread you to peices before you could moves a foot at me.

May-Here master let me take care of such a rude warrior *stands*

Tenchi-stop *releases a large amount of reatsu so that every one including may and zeron sit down by force* That was not the point of my argument at all. *Zeron is amazed by such power* All im trieng to say is that if you ever threaten one of us again, ill kill you myself. And trust me, it will be easy. Got it Zeron?

*Zeron doesn't even say a word*

Tenchi- so, Lin is it? what is your ability? and how do you expect to aid us in this situation, songoku tells me you have skill. And if he said that, then he must be serious. what do you have to say for your self, newcomer?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…

Ella/kevin/Averis/Jake have a group hug.

Tomo: (walks to Zeron) So why can't you tell us? (smiles, eyes opptimistic)

Zeron: (no expression) I can't, i shouldn't and you wouldn't want to know.

Tomo: Can you tell me later,(Zeron makes eye contact)Please?

Zeron: (no expression) MAybe.

Tomo: (looks up and smiles)

Tenchi: (annoyed)

Sempai: Ella. (Ella nervously walks towards Sempai) So your zanpaktou is water based, so as i. Did Kevin tell you my offer.

Ella: Yea he did, but like what he said i think ill have to decline. I have my friends i need to help protect. They're like my family. So- hmmm, I'll think about it . It Depends how things turn out.

Sempai: That'll be great.

Tenchi: GUYs back to the meeting. Little one would you be so kind to tell us about yourself.

Lin: ummm, okay.

Everyone turns from their conversations and pays attention,


Dun dun dun, i didn't want to do anything to introduce her so i added side conversations with the characters.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Tenchi: First off, how did you get through that barrier?

Kevin answers for Lin: That’s easy for her, any barrier, wall, or magic protection whatever, Lin can break into. (Everyone looks at each other astonished)

Tenchi: Where would you get such a power?

Lin: I don’t know, born with it I guess.

Kevin: None of us really understand it, but what she can do is what she can do, we can’t answer any questions about it because we don’t really know what it is.

Tenchi: Okay, off that subject, wait, did you break the barrier?

Lin: Huh?

Tenchi: Is the barrier still up?

Lin: Ya, why wouldn’t it be? I don’t have that kind of power.

Tenchi: …okay, what about your Zanpakto?

Lin: Well it’s a sword.

Everyone (But Kevin): We know that!

Kevin: Let me explain, she can break through barriers, but somehow, she can’t ever remember her Zanpakto or whatever she did in the meantime, I don’t really know, it’s weird, she’ll get this strange sensation at the verge of death, we all black out, and when we wake, blood is all over Lin’s hands and she stares at them with that what-have-I-done face.

Tenchi: Okay, that’s not weird at all…

Kevin: Ya, (Looks at Lin who’s having bad memories) we know.

Tenchi: Okay back to you, (Looks at Zeron) what is your Zanpakto.

Zeron: I already told you, (A surge of pure black reiatsu is released from him, most people in the room are amazed by how little it was before and how strong it is now, especially Tenchi) my Zanpakto doesn’t like to be mentioned to strangers, and right now, he thinks most of you are strange, especially you. (Stares at Songoku)

Songoku: What?

Tenchi: Well, Songoku made things worse when Lin walked in the room, speaking of which, who invited Lin to begin with, and we all know it’s not you Songoku. (Most people stare at Songoku, and he just smiles)

Kevin: I did, I figure if you’re going to meet part of the group, might as well meet the strong ones.

Sempai: I thought there were only four of you.

Kevin: I don’t like to mention Lin and Zeron to people I don’t know very well.

Tenchi: You said, ‘the strongest ones.’ Does that mean there are more of you?

Kevin: It takes a hundred years to make the tube to begin with; you got to do something with that time.

Tenchi: Alright then, if Lin can break such strong barriers how about opening a gate. (Loud crash outside)

Kevin: Hm, we’ve done Kidou, barriers, impenetrable walls, dimension blocks, have we done gates?

Lin: I don’t know, I don’t think we have but I could try.

Ella: Then maybe we need some time to think of it.

Averis: Or practice.

Kevin: Or act cool. (Looks at Zeron)

Zeron: Or train. (Looks at Kevin who takes it hard and gives a dirty look)

Tenchi: Can you (Looks at Lin) possibly put up a barrier?

Kevin: We already told you, we don’t know about any of her abilities, except for the fact that she can break barriers down.

Tenchi: Alright then, so maybe we can rest and rotate, Kevin’s group can stay and train, rest, or do whatever, while we get some unlucky fellow out there to fight.

Ella turns to Sempai: Now would be a good time to be trained by you.

Sempai: Alright then, (Puts his arm around Ella) let’s go!

Songoku: May I? (Holds a hand out to Lin)

Zeron punches him into the wall: You wish.

Tenchi glares at Zeron and thinks to himself: What could this dark power be? Why wouldn’t he tell me? Maybe it’s for the better, he seems to know what he’s doing, and May was thinking of making him a Captain, maybe I should just let it go.

May walks over to Kevin: You won’t put up your full extent, why?

Kevin: Because, I don’t need it right now.

May: But you used a weapon you could have used somewhere else, why would you do that?

Kevin: Because the general was there, if she hadn’t have shown up, then I would very likely be more wounded than I am now.

May looks at Kevin’s arms and legs: You look fine to me.

Kevin: Exactly.

Goku leaves the room, not saying a word.

Tenchi brushes past Zeron, not making eye contact, or speaking a word.

May: I best get going.

Kevin: Yep you do that.

May looks a bit disgusted with Kevin, and walks out of the room.


The Captain’s meeting comes to an end, and yet it doesn’t, people connect with each other, and people meet each other after meetings, Kevin and his group go to train and sharpen their skills, as Sempai and Ella train with their element, water.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

* in the far reaches of the barracks, Goku trains the hardest out of everyone *

Goku- If i am every going to take Souls place, i need to master my Bankai. I need to, Soul said i am a key component in this battle that needs to be shaped correctly and i want to be more than that. I want to be the controller on the battle field *starts to show the serious side in him* Soul even told me that if he dies, i need to be ready to take command. Truthfully its kind of good that Lin didn't decide to train with me, or else i might have killed her. *takes out his sword with monkey stamps on the handle*
Ban..kai. *a loud and glorious golden explosion is released in the outskirts of the barracks and everyone is shocked of this enormous power.

Zeron-is that really your fifth strongest?

Tenchi-*walks past him* yes, songoku has been training for such a long time. Yet all the chaos and death have fogged up his eyes, the golden eyes of the monkey king. All that crisis has also caused his bankai to be unstable, even though it is the second strongest bankai us captains have including Souls. I would tell your friends to stay clear of him as he trains, if your close enough. You will die, and do not think i am joking. I don't necessarily like you. And personally i wouldn't mind if your curiosity got you killed.

Zeron-*starts to grind his teeth*

*back to songoku*

Goku-*he is now in his monkey king state bankai, with his golden fur around his body and his golden staff* Now lets see if i can do this. *he swings the staff to the ground and that whole fourth of the barracks turns to gold* now lets reverse it *the golden barracks slowly turn itself back into its original form at a sluggish pace.* now i need to test out how long i can stay in bankai and use my best ability. *Stands on his stick witch is standing straight up from the ground, then uses his golden monkey eyes and meditates* I wonder how long it will take for Soul to return.

*now that all the new people know about songokus training and abilities, what will happen, will anyone disturb him?*

---SEmpai's training---

Sempai- now allow me to show you how i train with my water ability. *vanishes with ella to a barren part of the barracks* i used this technique to enhance my flow and unison with water. For you, i can tell you can control small bodies of water.

Ella-umm..ok..i guess, what is you point?

Sempai-well, you need to learn how to flow like the water and use it to strengthen the water. Here, is the first test *points rod at Ella and water shoots out at her at a large amounts* This will hurt alot, but when its done i ensure you that you will be at least 2x stronger. *ella is now completely submerged in a sphere of water that has been fairily pressured so that she has a hard time moving* The point of this exercise is to control the water yourself, escape, and make sure i dont hear a single splash from this water *points the rod up higher and the sphere of water rises with Ella in the middle already having a hard time breathing* i am releasing control of the water to you...NOW *lets the rod drop and Ella coughs up blood inside the water* havent had to keep such a large body of water, so pressured, so high, under control have you. If you fail, you will drown. And just mentioning that your timed, you got 3 minutes to complete this task. hurry up or you will gain a terrible death.

(Sempai changes his calm and happy characteristics to a brutal one, and Ella is suffering for it. Will she complete the task, or will she drown in the pressured water that she now has to control and make sure that not one drop makes a sound)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----Watching, bored, making new friends----

Tomo: Is everyone going to be training? Huh Tenchi?

Tenchi: Oh Tomo, i forgot you were here, sorry but i was distracted (glances at Zeron). But yes i think everyone is going to train. Shouldn't you train too.

Tomo: (looks at Zeron whose face has no expression) Annoyed? (Zeron surprised, just nods) Haha, (tenchi glances at Zeron, but sees his face is mutual again) Anyways, i want to know you guys more better. (looks towards kevin them)

Zeron: Well why don't you go, and walk around to meet them.

Tomo: I guess ill go to averis them first. (Tomo jumps off the table he was sitting on and walks toward)

Tenchi: Intersting kid isn't he?

Zeron: (glances at Tomo, whose walking towards Averis and Kevin)Yea he is, even more surprising that he asked me to talk about my zanpaktou later.

Tenchi: Well, he is weird like that, though for a young child he is good at seeing things in different ways. A very compassionate child he is.

Zeron: Hmmph.

----Averis, Kevin, Jake,Lin-----

(chattering amongst the friends)

Tomo: H- hi guys, What are you guys doing

(all look towards Tomo)

Kevin: Whats your name again?

Averis: Oh yea, Tomo this is Kevin the friend I mentioned when i first met you, and this is Jake, and Lin.

Others: Hey.

Tomo: Oh, nice to meet you (smiles)

Kevin: So Tomo, whats your abilities? And wh-(pauses) What did i just say.

Averis: You just asked Tomo what his abilty was and then you blanked out.

Kevin: What? (Sees Tomo's face) Was th-

Tomo: Yea,I can mess with peoples minds haha. Plus i'm great at making things. Hmmm, I'm around captain level...I think. Haha. But im not all that great.

Lin: Haha, you're so modest. (tomo Smiles innocently)

Tomo: Aren't ya gonna train? Looks at all of them.

Jake: WE all need to practice controlling our element and Lin needs to learn how to put up barriers, and break open gates.

TOmo: Cool, can i help?


will they answer yes, or will the shun him from the group?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Soul & Galgalzzi

Galgalzzi:(Calmly circles Soul) I have a proposition for you.

Soul: I'm listening.

Galgalzzi: If you give our home back, we can stop waging such a painful and destructing war. You don't belong here, as you well know. You're a noble man! This must be heart breaking to continually watch people suffer over misunderstandings.

Soul: What is misunderstood? You have ravaged the land and justified your behavior through memories of your people. That is no misunderstanding, you are taking advantage of your people's memory.

Galgalzzi: (Chuckles and places hand on Soul's shoulders) We are a lot a like psuedo-shinigami! We understand the complexities of life and use them to our advantage

Soul: What?! I never take advantage of people!

Galgalzzi: (vanishes and appears in front of soul) Really? What lens have you convinced yourself you are looking through? Such selflessness goes unnoticed, but you recognize as much. Which is why you have gathered another betallion.

Soul: ...you have no idea what you speak of. I wish harm on no one! I am good!

Galgalzzi: Ha! Good! Evil! They are one and the same! They are simply words warped through a particular point of view. You have had many followers, haven't you? All of them died...sadly. You're a mysterious man because you have much to sadness to hide.

Soul: sadness?

Galgalzzi: Oh, indeed. Sadness, guilt, and lonliness are your burdens. You never could find yourself and because of this, you identified with conflict. What brings people closer, more like a family, than conflict?! These new captains are another set of brothers and sister you wish to identify with, but their fate will remain the same.

Soul: ...no. You speak lies!

Galgalzzi. (said with a grin) Do I? You know I speak the truth, otherwise you would have unsheathed your sword by now.

Soul: ...(looks down).

Galgalzzi: You have searched for family and a since of meaning, but in the process your families have all left you. You don't have a very established track record, friend. Our people are searching, too. Don't you want a family that won't abandon you?

Soul: I have lost many...everyone falls prey to the same fate; death. But...you are true despair and only perpetuate harm.

Galgalzzi: (looks away) Is that so? Well, as you watch your friends die remember that it could have been avoided. You believe our intentions are unpure. Typical. You are where you belong then! The shinigami believed their intentions were above all others, which is why they killed our people. Atone for those crimes, shinigami!

Soul: ...

Galgalzzi: You cannot do as much because your kind have no feelings of remorse or mercy. Do you want to know the truth?

Soul: The truth?

Galgalzzi: We all represent your worst qualities, we embody those characteristics and force you to face those reflections of yourself. So, as you face me and reduce us to villains take a long look. You are purely denying the most abundant aspects of yourself, which is typical. You shinigami project your unwanted material onto us and face us stating purity and morality.

Soul: ...I don't know what to say to you.

Galgalzzi: Say nothing, we have what we came for.

Soul: WHAT?!

(Traea appears with lifeless Kenaka and a gate opens)

Soul: (Charges tpward Galgalzzi but Galgalzzi doesn't unsheath his sword) What the...(galgalzzi is swiped struck with soul's sword and vanishes into black smoke) ...a clone! (other angels vanishes and the gate closes). They were just a distraction so she could get Kenaka....they orchestrated such an elaborate scheme. They came here and boasted pressure, placed a barrier to authenticate the experience and distracted me with words...

What will the others think? What does Sekhmet want with Kenaka and how will Tenchi respond?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
------------After the Meeting-----------

Zeron: Yo, Kevin, I’m off.

Kevin: Ya, whatever.

Tomo: Where’s he going?

Kevin: I don’t know, wherever he wants, (Zeron’s reiatsu becomes barely noticeable, Tomo looks shocked in how quickly and drastically it changed) but not somewhere where someone will catch him using his sword.

Tomo: So can I train with you guys.

Kevin: I don’t care who you train with, just not me, my training is alone, build new ideas for battle, trying to make a wind bomb.

Tomo: Wind bomb?

Kevin: Ya, a bomb that blows out slicing wind, I’m almost there. The texture inside of the bomb is so close to where I want it to be.

Averis: You can train with me and Lin.

Tomo: How?

Averis: Well, if you have a strong barrier that you’ve been dying to use, and are wondering about Lin’s power, then maybe you could set up the barrier, see if I can break it, or if Lin can pass it. While you set up the barriers, we can work on a way to get the gate unlocked.

Tomo: Alright then, hey, where did Kevin go?

They look at where Kevin was and there’s a note on the wall he was leaning on that said: Dear friends, I didn’t feel like listening to what you were going to do, so I left to go train.

Tomo/Averis/Lin: …

-----------Ella’s training-------------

Ella thinks: How can I get out of this? He’s killing me. (She calls out her Zanpakto) What to do, what to do. I know!

Ella sends five snakes around the sphere of water, holding it together. Five snakes surround her, she takes it slow, very slow, the water level in the middle of where Ella is decreases, and Ella jumps out, then all snakes go around the sphere holding it together, she breathes hard and coughs up more blood, a drop falls, a single drop, a snake eats it.

Ella: That’s it!

All of the snakes start drinking the water, the sphere grows smaller and smaller, until it is ten fat snakes on the ground.

Sempai: Time! Good work, but…why did you…

Ella: We train ourselves to react to situations within a second, the water pressure slowed me down a bit, but I got it figured out.

Ella falls to the ground, her head pounding, her ears felt like they were going to explode, her eyes felt like they were going to fall out of her head, (Okay, how do I know this is how someone feels after water pressure, I’ll just say lifetime experience.) she breathed hard.

Sempai: Let’s rest for a while.

------------Kevin’s Training--------------

Kevin: Bankai!

Silver spheres surround Kevin, making each one big, then small, and makes each one slice, one by one.

Kevin: Just a little more, just a little more…

---------Zeron’s Training--------------------

Zeron slices through trees, one at a time, and after each cut, the tree dies away.

Zeron thinks: I need more, I need more energy.

This is a small outlook on Zeron’s Zanpakto, but Tenchi still doesn’t know about it. Everyone is working hard, let’s see what everyone else does!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(Golden Gate opens and out walks Veznesel and a mysterious angel)

The angel is tall with very long blond hair with tints of red in it. She has a sword horizontal across her back, which is much longer than her back. She has a beauitful face, but there is something unusual about her).

Angel: (calmly states) I don't believe I have had the opportunity to accompnany you here, Veznesel-Sama.

Veznesel: (smiles) I couldn't think of anyone more fitting than you. The shinigami here are under the impression that hiding their reitsu will keep us at bay.

Angel: Their spiritual pressure is fluctuating infrequently. They must sense our spiritual pressure.

Veznesel: (They start speeding toward the forest and then stop) Destroy that whole forest patch.

Angel: (peers down and makes a circle gesture with her two fingers) Bakudo 126: Searing Vines (hundreds of crimson vines burst out from infront of the angel. They violently smash into the forest bursting into addition vines. They begin scorching and shredding the whole forest).

Veznesel: You had too much fun with that. (both vanish and grab an injured shinigami). Let's work our way to the village.

(other shinigami attack them)

Veznesel: (grabs two shinigami and smashes their faces together).

Angel: (vanishes and and faintly reappears several times. Suddenly five shinigami explode with blood and fall to the ground).I'm surprised no none has come to save these people.

Veznesel: He will be here soon (smiles).

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Zeron hears a rumble: Huh?

Crimson vines start roaring at him with intense power.

Zeron: What the heck.

One giant vine heads toward Zeron, all he does is pull up his blade, and vine goes right into it, it turns brown, crisp, and thin. Zeron feels many reiatsu disappear.

Zeron: They really think that will work on me? I have seen too many deaths in my time to be panicked by the death of someone I don’t know. (Sighs) Well whatever, better go find a spot that I can train in peace… (Vanishes)

------Veznesel and Angle-----------

Veznesel: What? He’s going the other way?

Angle: Why?

Veznesel: I don’t know, want to go chase him?

Angle: Okay, let’s go. (Both vanish)


A metal ball slices in half, and a gust of wind hits a bolder, but the bolder crashes instead of being sliced. Kevin’s inside a basement training area.

Kevin: Darn, it’s too curved.

Tries many more and all of them fail.

Kevin who’s breathing hard: This is endless!

He sits down and sighs, looking at the roof. Then something clicked in his head.

Kevin: That’s it!

Kevin makes a huge ball once again, and then shrinks it to the size of a marble. It slices, clean in half, and the boulder, with no sword or sharp object, slices in half, and the wave hits the wall.

Kevin: YES! Finally! It worked, it’s a complete successes! (The smoke clears from the walls and there’s about a five foot crack in it. Kevin turns to see it.) Oh shoot. (May walks in the room looking at the crack.)

May: What did you do!?

Kevin: It’s not what it looks like!

May: It looks like you put a five foot crack in the wall!

Kevin: Oh, then it’s exactly what it looks like.

May kicks Kevin across the room: You little brat!

Kevin: What did I do?

May: You can’t see the crack in the wall!?

Kevin: I didn’t think it would be that powerful!

May punches Kevin: Shut up!

---------Zeron, Veznesel, and Angle-------------

Veznesel: He let his guard down, his reiatsu is calming down.

Angle spots Zeron: DIE!

Angle cuts Zeron clean in half, waist and legs apart, his eyes filled with terror and he falls to the ground.

Angle: That wasn’t any fun…

Zeron appears behind a tree: Because he was already dead, he’s just a body.

Veznesel: How are you alive, you died in front of my eyes!

Zeron: I have a sword of death, if something’s dead or destroyed, then I can absorb it for later, either its energy or form. It’s all stored in this sphere. (Zeron holds his sword up, and below the hilt, is a glass ball, glowing black)

Veznesel: I have never heard of such a power.

Zeron: Then you have never met me. (Stabs his sword in the air and a gate appears) Don’t bother following me, it’s a dimension gate, even I do not know where in its world it will send me, this is a power of my own not my Zanpakto, and only I can navigate it. It will send us in different spots in the dimension, and I will not promise that you will come back alive if you follow me. (The gate opens, and, instead of the normal light that comes out of these types of gates, it’s pitch black and full of darkness, and Zeron steps through) Farewell, we may meet again if you don’t try to follow me. (The gate closes)

Veznesel: Is the only thing that these guys are good at is running away?

Angle: I don’t know, but the body he had that we killed had his reiatsu, which was at a vice captain’s class. If he’s willing to put off that much power for a decoy, he’s probably not all too weak.


My characters, once again, have run away. Is it too much to ask for a one on one fight? And just so you guys know, the light and (Especially) dark are strange in their own ways, their group is big, and it keeps growing, and growing, and growing. Crazieone, don’t think that killing a few soldiers is going to tempt someone with a sword that kills trees after he slices them. With all honesty, he wouldn’t care if his closest friend died all of the sudden, unless it was his fault.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-------------Tomo, Averis, Lin----------

Wtih pointer finger, Tomo draws a line up the opens hand. 2 giant tress grow 150 feet away and vines start linking together in the middle.

Averis: What is this? And we didn't even here say any kido

Tomo: A barrier, of course, and i didn't say anything because this was something i made in the lab. Here guys try get through this.

Lin: Kay.

Lin walks up to the barrier, she readys herself, when she touches the barrier the barrier doesn't open all the way but instead a vein comes and hits her backwards towards Averis. Averis catches her

Lin: Thats no normal barrier Averis, i need cover.

Averis: Yea ill be su-

Tomo: Of course its not normal, i made it in my lab, haha. Plus not only does the barrier protect me but it hurts the intruders.

Averis: hmmm, so its offense defense. Cool

Tomo nods and smiles. Averis and Lin look at each other, then vanish. They appear by the barrier.

Lin: Averis take down the vines!

Averis successfully takes down 1

Averis: EASY! haha- oh crap. (he sees 10 more vines coming)

Vanishes and takes down 8, the other two goes after Lin

Averis: No!!! (uses his body to take attacks)

Lin Gets scared but forgets as she finally enters the brarrier. She is shocked as she is traped between a second barrier and the first.

Averis: (gets up) What the hell is this? When did you make a second barrier?

Tomo: Oh, when you deflected the first vine. Haha

Averis: Wait is that a barrier,(looks at it closer) no thats a mirror?

Tomo: (grins) Kido 9: Static breath of dragon baby.
(Tomo’s eyes dilate and a static white mist come out from his mouth, and falls toward the floor)

Averis: What the heck?

Mist is slowly coming down in between the mirror and barrier reaching Lin.

Lin: Averis help!.

Tomo:Kidou 11: Reflected Death,

The mirrors break into pieces and surrounds Lin, the mist then touches the mirror. The static starts to get stronger and louder. Lin thinks quickly and pulls averis in through the barrier. Averis then uses his sword and deflects the attack. Vanishes and appears by Tomo, he grabs Tomo's neck and yells at him.

Averis: What the HELL!!!! You could've hurt her seriously! We are training and not fighting.

Tomo gasping for air.

Lin: Averis! stop.

Averis looks at Lin the back at Tomo, into his eyes. Tomo, starts to tear, and holding onto Averis's arm. Averis calms down and lets go. Tomo falls towards the ground. Lin vanishes and catches him.

Lin: Thanks, Tomo.

Averis: What do you mean thanks? he almost killed y-

Lin: Did you not just see what i did? i was able to pull you trough witout cocentrating so hard. haha.

Averis: i never noticed but yea....you did.(goes to tomo) sorry tomo, i never saw your intentions.

Tomo: haha, (smiles)


एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Zerons vs Tenchi---

Zeron- i hope this is a good spot to train. *starts to concentrate*

Tenchi-unfortunately its not, I have decided to accompany you in these dimensions *stands a couple of feet behind Zeron*

Zeron-fine..ill leave *attempts to leave*

Tenchi- Lightning prison type 10. *thousands of lightnings strike through ground and stay in there position making a prison cell so that Zeron can't escape* When i asked you for you abilities, i meant that i need to know them, even if i have to fight you myself. Or, even if i have to kill you. Expand! *the prison expands giving both warriors room to battle* we will see if you are strong enough to be fourth in our ranks. *appears behind Zeron*

Zeron-way to slow *slashes quickly down and his attack is parried by Tenchis own skin * what! Is that your ability, hard skin?

Tenchi- you think that's my power, you are sorely mistaken. This skin is the result of a thousand years of training or even more then that. this is not even a strand of my power. *yellow lightning starts to surround his body* i wont even use my Zampaktou in this battle, it should keep us on even plains.

Zeron- *slashes down on Tenchi, who catches his blade* why you little, you don't even know my power! *a large surge of black reiatsu explodes from Zeron, yet Tenchi is unphased*

Tenchi- pathetic, *places other hand on Zerons chest* feel my power Zeron *shoots out a large lightning blast through his chest leaving a large hole *appears above Zeron* LIGHTNING METEOR! * a large ball of lightning form in his hands and throws it down on a surprised Zeron, than appears a couple of feet beyond his attack* well, are you going to fight me or what?

Zeron-*bleeding from the hole in his chest and is panting*

Tenchi-what are you going to do, to the second captain of these barracks?

(what will the injured Zeron do as Tenchi is persistent in finding his powers?)

---May and Kevin---

May-you owe me big time!


May-im the one who is going to be attacked verbally by Tenchi after this! but, ill tell you something.

Kevin-what do you want?

May- i want to test your abilities *says it in a seductive matter* Master Sempai said that you were extremely strong, he said he even had to USE his water elemental power on you to win. Not many warriors get to that part in a battle. Thus, i want to test you myself.

Kevin- umm, sorry i need to train.

May-and there is no better way to train, then to test your abilities on a captain. But, if you don't want to fight a girl because your scared than that's ok *starts to walk out*


May-*has a seductive smile* yes kevin.

---songoku's interuption---

Tomo-yea, im glad that my plan worked! want to try again *sets up another barrier* this one is a lot more different and more intense, ready?

*all of a sudden the barrier breaks and a mysterious figure is behinf tomo*

???-she can easily break through that, why don't i help train all of you.

Lin-Goku! what are you doing here?

Goku- im just curous of how strong all of you really are?

Averis- you think we are weak?

Goku- yea, kinda. But i shouldn't talk for not mastering my Zampaktou sythesis.

Averis-Zampaktou sythasis?

Goku- its the final technique between you and your zampaktou, you completely synchronize with the sprit of the Zampaktou and you become one.


Goku- but actually, i just want to train you lin.

Averis- i dont think so! *suddenly goku appears behind Averis with the fastest speed anyone will ever see*

Goku-I'm not asking, i have been ordered to *acts serious, and both Tomo and Averis are knocked out by gokus kicks and punches that neither of them could hope to see in a thousand years*

Lin- what have you done?!

Goku- you said that you are ussualy unable to remember what your abilities are, that is why I have been asked to do this job. My zampaktous minor abilities is youth. By that i mean that i can't be knocked out or get tired, its a new ability. My leader, Soul, has took into consideration that your ability also makes others not know what it is. Thus, if i fight you, i will be able to find out. *puts sword back in sheath*

Lin- i can't, im afraid i might hurt you.

Goku- dont be, when i master Zampaktou synthesis, i will be the new captain commander. And i will learn from Soul, on how to govern and make a peaceful world. *gets in a fighting stance* i wont hold back. Show me you abilities, please young lady.

(now that you ll know that goku is my main character, i guess you can also say that in the end of this, he will hopefully bring peace to soul society)

*what will Lin say to Songokus challenge? will songoku be able to handle her unknown ability?*

---Sempai's relaxation---

Ella- so how are we going to take a break?

Sempai- well its actually more training, but when you master it, it allows you to heal completely and relax. *slowely touches the red hook to the ground witch then turns to a large circle of water, sempai and Ella sink in to the water*

Ella- *is struggling to breath*

Sempai- relax, this technique is called the dimension of the Leviathan. If you relax, you can breathe, move freely, and heal in side here.

Ella- *relaxes and soon enough she can breath inside the dark mysterious water dimension* what...what is this place exactly?

Sempai-this vast land of water, is something i created. I created a whole dimension for water elemental users to use to heal and be one with water.

Ella-*surprised* how can you create such a vast arena of pure water that you can breath in and heal in?

Sempai-you'll figure that out when you complete your training, but for know. Just relax. You can exit through the surface of the water into soul society whenever you are ready.

*both relax in the nearly black water of Sempais dimension until*

Sempai- stay here, i sense someone i must defeat in battle. I need to know were im at in terms of strength. *looks up at the surface of the water, revealing none other than Veznesel* I would prefer if you didn't follow, you might die. *speeds up toward the surface of the water leaving Ella to train in this empty arena of water and relax*

--on land, the fish explodes-

Angel- well, i guess we wont be seeing him again *the angel suddenly pauses, then her head falls off her shoulders and blood shoots out of the neck like a fountain*

Veznesel- i new that you would seek me, Sempai.

Sempai- *appears in front of her* i know you would.

Veznesel-well, what do you want, fisherman?

Sempai-truthfully, i want to battle you. And see if your strong enough to beat me. Ill allow you to make the first move. *points rod at general* Veznesel...

(what will this epic battle between Sempai and Veznesel turn out like?!)

---Souls return---

Soul-what do they want with Kenaka. He is incredibly strong. Are they going to take his soul in order to get a head start on there plan. that might mean they are getting impatient and are looking for stronger, more antiquate souls. This could be bad for all the new comers around here. yet, im not sure if i can stay with these people. I feel responsible for all their deaths. should i go to Sekhmet.. Should i give in.. i have decided. I will not fight anymore. Kenakas fiat was my fault, i do not want others lives to be distorted, confused, demolished...because of me. I dont think i have the will to fight anymore... i...don't beleive i have the strength to lead. *vanishes, and appears at a small water fall at the far reaches of soul society*

Soul-here, i will not lead anyone to the demise, here, i will rest.

The general's words have changed Soul indefinitely, his will to fight, shattered by the truth of the words. How will the captains and other react when they realize that their strongest adversary is now unable to fight along side them.

--Kenaka's trick--

Galgalzzi- well now that we have you..wait what! *Galgalzzi notices that the man traea is holding starts to fade* what is this!

???- you think that you could capture me so easily *the figure appears behind traea and Galgalzzi and spin, smashing both in the face*

Kenaka- your going to need to tell me exactly what you need ME for before i ablige

Galgalzzi-*smiles* so you want to know egh.

(what will Kenaka find out!)

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
--------Zeron vs. Tenchi----------

Zeron: You wanted to know my Zanpakto’s abilities, well, since I’m on the verge of death, guess there’s no helping it, (Holds out his sword) Saikoro, Mattou-Shingai. (Black reiatsu surrounds Zeron as he calls his Zanpakto. The new appearance is just the normal one with a glass ball tied to the bottom of the hilt.)

Tenchi: What are you going to do with that?

Zeron: Here, I’ll show you. (Turns the blade to his heart)

Tenchi: What are you doing!? (Zeron stabs himself in the heart and kneels to the ground) What a waste. (He walks away, and Zeron suddenly appears in front of him)

Zeron: Who the heck said we were done? (Smiles and slashes at Tenchi)

Tenchi: What? How did you? (Looks to see Zeron’s chest healed and steaming as well as touches his side to notice that he had cut him slightly) Regeneration?

Zeron: Oh, so you do bleed no surprise there.

Tenchi: What?

Zeron: Heh, you’ll find out soon. (Appears right in front of Tenchi and throws down his sword)

Tenchi: That won’t work! (Catches the blade)

Zeron: Really, I wasn’t trying to cut you, (Tenchi’s arm starts to die away) I was trying to get rid of your arm.

Tenchi moves back, his arm gray from the attack: What did you do? (Thinks: I can’t move my arm anymore, why not, why can’t I move it?)

Zeron: I told you, my sword is very dark; it kills all to help all, an eye for an eye.

Tenchi: What?

Zeron: My sword’s power is to take all or most of the life out of a living object for his attacks or healing. He uses life as energy.

Tenchi: You jacked up little…

Zeron: Ya, I know. (Appears right in front of Tenchi again, and throws his sword down, Tenchi barely dodges.)

Tenchi: What about my arm? What will be of it?

Zeron: Well that depends on whether I take you as a friend or not. I can put the life back into your arm, or I can just keep it. But I will tell you this, (Looks at Tenchi, there is no mercy in his eyes) fighting me bare-handed, was a terrible idea.


Note: Zeron’s sword was thought of the moment I mentioned him in the story. Not only does his sword take out life, it takes away reiatsu, so it would appear as if he’s weak. He jabs himself a lot to be healed, it just doesn’t seem right…

--------------Kevin and May--------------

Kevin: Wait.

May: Yes?

Kevin: My full extent of power is about a million times worse than what I did to that wall. I can only use it at the verge of death, and its power I cannot control. If someone was to release this power, they will die, not maybe, but they will die.

May looks at Kevin: So? What’s your point?

Kevin: I’m saying that that full extent is like Averis’s Bankai, it won’t give mercy to anyone, friend or foe.

May: Can you go anywhere near it?

Kevin: Not that I know of.

May: Then show me what you got.

Kevin: Alright, (Calls back his Bankai) Ladies first.

-------------Lin vs. Songoku-----------

Lin: I really don’t want to do this.

Goku: Well you must, I must see your power. (Punches Lin to the side) Call out your Zanpakto!

Lin: I can’t!

Goku smashes down on Lin: I hate having to fight such a pretty girl, but if you die, that is not my fault. (Pulls up his fist to see Lin isn’t there) What?

Voice: You have no respect for a lady.

Goku turns to see Lin: What? How?

Lin: You wish to know (Appears strangely faster than Goku with her blade to his neck) I am the light.

Goku escapes Lin’s grip on him and thinks: How is she so fast?

Lin: I am light, the speed of light, and the reflection of light, all of it. (Appears, once again behind Goku) Die.

Goku blocks Lin’s thrust down and appears across the room: What is she?

(A battle of speed, who will win?)


Okay, for my final talk of the day I would just like to ask, why the heck are we fighting each other!? I like it and all, but it’s funny how epic it’s going to be since we’re still fighting Crazieone. Oh, and Songoku, I gave you fair warning not to try and fight Lin because she didn’t know her Zanpakto’s name, but she was covered in blood afterwards, that’s fair warning.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
hahah this could be interesting tecno, no to show you why these warriors are the new captains. And Crazione has a opponent. Kenaka should hold him off a while.

---Tenchi vs Zeron---

Tenchi- your power is quite amazing, yet it is nothing compared to me. I will not lie and say that this is not a set back *looks at his Grey and fragile arm* but i figure that since i know what lines your powers cross, its time to show you what mine do. I said i wouldn't use my Zampaktou, but in this case. Close combat won't work on you.

Zeron-Damn right *appears behind Tenchi and slashes down*

Tenchi-descend from the stormy skies, Sasanoo. *the yellow lightning surrounding Tenchi turns black and more intense. Zeron is shocked by a small amount and is paralyzed/ unconscious. He then wakes up later*

Zeron- wha...what happened?

Tenchi-your awake, thats a plus *tenchis is playing with the grim looking arm* you really did F up my arm. I have been trying to heal it for like an hour.

Zeron-how did you!

Tenchi-you really think you would beat me. We placed your energy at 4th rank, im 2nd. Don't get me wrong, your power is amazing...deadly, but amazing none the less. I wasn't sure if anyone else could come back alive from your release so i decided to take the honor in finding out myself. I promise, i wont tell anyone who you don't want to, except Soul. Anyway, can you fix my arm, i can't heal it at all haha. *smiles at zeron*

(tenchi finally has a good tone with Zeron. He thinks he has found a reliable and strong component in the upcoming war. How will Zeron treat Tenchi after his defeat?)

---May vs Kevin---

May-fine, but its your lose *appears behind Kevin*

Kevin-to slow *sweeps kicks, and May jumps before he even made the decision to sweep kick* Wha! *May kicks Kevin in the face sending him against the wall*

May- I am a sensor warrior. I can sense what move your going to make by your thought and when your going to make it by the speed of your heart beat. If you can hide both of them, then you might win. *giggles*

Kevin-this could be harder than i thought.

---the flashes of light---

Goku-*lands on the ground* your....a little bit faster than i am. This is amazing by itself! I was only assigned to get the basics of your power, but i want more. I want to know all your abilities.

Lin-if you can catch me *appears by Goku who quickly appears behind her* to late *kicks songoku to a wall*

Songoku-hahaha, i want to tell you something. My original master used weights in order to strengthen his speed. I used the same idea *pulls up pants showing massive weights, then takes them off and drops them causing huge creators like his former master* Now, lets begin.

Lin-wha.. *lin is then punched and kicked in all directions multiple times and cannot see Goku at all, then she is kicked in the stomach and she hits a wall* how...how are you THIS fast?

Goku-I have had an opponent, named Azreil, who put me to the test. And my speed couldn't cut it. Thus, i trained on my bankai, Zampaktou synthesis, and speed in order to win the next fight. you have no chance *unsheathes sword* i will allow you to release shikai, then i will become serious...pretty girl

Lin- *caughs up a little blood* I have way more moves up my sleeve, monkey king.

Goku-as do I, pretty girl, shibai....songoku * a golden blast of reatsu emerges from Goku then it fades revealing his new weapon. A golden staff with monkey symbols all over it* This will allow me to out speed you 100x right now, plus i have other abilities at this stage. ready?
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----Tomo, Averis-----

Tomo finally gets up with ease from Songoku's recent kicks. and sits up. Looks at averis who has a bloody nose and looks in pain.

Averis: ohh, my body hurts, Songoku was fast, and i didn't even see him attack us.

Tomo: Haha.

Averis: How come you look fine?

Tomo: Cause i use my special band aid...you want one?

Averis: Yea anuthing to stop me from hurting.

Tomo: Oh never mind i don't think you can handle this.

Averis: Shut up its just a band aid (takes it and puts it on)....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, what the hell, this hurts.

Tomo: I told you can't handle it.

Hurting stopsm and averis' breathing is heavy.

Averis: What kind of freaking things do you have up your sleeve. You are weird,but can't help but think of you as interesting.

Tomo smiles and laughs

Tomo: wow Everybody is training harder, but why are they fighting. haha

Averis: Maybe they think by fighting seriously i gets the best of them out. (sits up)

Tomo: I guess. (pauses) You still have that thing on your mind, from what i told you in the barracks.

Averis: Ahh what do yout mean?

Tomo: About me being the one with a shadow zanpaktou or light one, or maybe both.

Averis: Oh that, but we already have Zeron, and Lin for those spots.

Tomo: Well not really Zeron is more just death. Plus i found out my zanpaktou is shadow and light, but more shadow, haha

Averis: How do you know about Zeron's Zanpaktou he didn't tell anyone.

Tomo: Well i read his thoughts when i asked him.

Averis is astonished by Tomo's abilities and is more interested in Tomo's zanpaktou.

Averis: So Tomo give me a general knowlege of what you can do...Please

Tomo: Okay! Well as you know i can mess with the mind, great a linking kido, kinda fast haha, uhhh...potions, band aids (Averis flinches from the thoughts of the band aid) haha, and i think thats it.

Averis: Hmmm, potions huh, what kind.

Tomo: Anykind actually, i can also make portable creatures.

Averis: What? You know what i really don't want to get into that why don't you just show me your zanpaktou. Even just seeing it up close will be great if you don't mind.

Tomo: (smiles) Here is my zanpaktou, Shiroi Kiraboshi.

Averis: Cool, maybe when we really fight you can show me your shikai.

Tomo: Okay, what ya wanna do now?

Averis Grins


What is on Averis' mind what is he gonna do next?