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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Despite your desperate attempts, I won't object. I will simply counter with ease.

Sekhmet: (Shows no emotion) Kenaka, you and your underlings never cease to amaze me. Despite your dismal outlook you continue to try and counter my efforts. I will not dignify your kind with anything more than turning my back on you (snaps fingers and a golden gate appears and begins opening). I had hoped you would roll over and die with ease, of course, you continue to struggle. I promise, however that your day will come very soon. The sun will set on your soul and I suspect your last glimpse to be daunting (Angels and generals begin entering the gate) (Voice bellows through the area) Nuvem!

--Over to Nuvem's fight with Eliza and Stark---

Nuvem: You certaintly are lucky, little girl. You were moments from death. (Suddenly Eliza endures a huge gash across her stomach and falls to the ground. She looks up and a vortex is surrounding stark). You, dear, are coming with me (both dissapear)!

---Back to Sekhmet---
(A huge whirlwind envelopes the area and appear Captive stark and captor Nuvem).

Sekhmet: (Stares at Stark) I assume you did not expect this development. (Nuvem and Stark walk through gate). Enough Azriel, we're finished here (Azriel looks up and poofs into a whisky black smoke and appears beside Sekhmet). You indulged his ego far too much.

Azriel: (Smiles at Tenchi). He's nothing but trash, I felt sorry for him.

Sekhmet: Remaining Generals, Sekhmet, and Azriel walk toward gate, but Azriel and Sekhmet look back).

Kenaka: You have no sympathy or concern for your lost companions?

May: You feel no remorse?

Sekhmet: Such level of emotions are trivial and serve little purpose. They fullfilled their duties and therefore are no longer useful. I shouldn't have to watch so closely over my angels, they were reckless. However, not all is lost (stares down at Pardel and looks at Azriel)

Azriel's shadows whisk pardel from the ground and send her through the gate and she is followed by Azriel and Sekhmet. The Gate Closes ( In the distant Sekhmet recites: Phalel Onada Di sealing any exit or entrace, preventing anyone from following)

Sekhmet: You best remain vigilant!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I thought of this a long time ago, so here it is… It’s kind of exciting!

Shikai name: suchi-ru yaiba (Steel Blade, you will know why)
Command: henka (change/transform)
Bankai name: suchi-ru kuchikukan (Steel Destroyer)

Shikai Abilities: He doesn’t have anything special, like the ability to throw balls of fire or anything like that. It doesn’t change shape or form, so it’s still a katana, but it can transform or change into any steel based sword or idea! Even his wieght, good for speed/power attacks. All the user has to do is think of the idea, the sword’s shape, and the wieght and size and then Suchi-ru Yaiba becomes it!

Bankai Abilities: It’s a whole lot different than his Shikai form, so now he changes to a million balls of steel, and yes, they can change into any kind of form the user thinks of. But the different part is not only so they levitate or float, they’re bombs. Yes like BOOM! But the steel substance doesn’t get destroyed. He can also transform into any kind of metal based substance, like mecury or titanium.

Ideas I’ve already thought of for Shikai:
Just about every blade made in Bleach that changes shape,
The hilt is in the middle with about 8 blades around the hilt that can spin around the hilt,
a sword with an arrow at the tip,
a katana that can become 2 separate blades by the hilt shifting from bottom to middle- this one is real hard to describe, so I’m not going to bother trying.

I really hope you like him, I had a hard time at first, and I’ll try and think of another on if you want me to!

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
That is an interesting sword, I must say. So, the bankai produced steel spheres, which can explode and take on different blade shapes?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
*Sehkmet leaves with her followers*

Kenaka-she is a puzzle that i can't seem to solve.
May-I have searched her thought and even i can not make clear sense out of her intentions and ideas other than that she has now claimed her land and that she will clense it from what it is now to what it was before.
Tenchi-*sheaths his sword, turns then starts to walk away from Kenaka*
Kenaka-were are you headed? what s your plan?
Tenchi-Kenaka, you have lead me and treated me like family, but what i have just seen, the look in her eyes, the violence in her heart. I can't forgive her, my sister is much to powerful. If she recreates her land, then she will most likely attack us again. I plan on making another team of worriors to keep soul society at bay from her. I also beleive that grim is still out there. As long as they both live.....nothing will be safe. *picks up one of the bloody captains shirts* this looks nice. *puts it on* I am deeply sorry but i wont allow you..my freinds to follow me. I will find warriors stronger than I. Ones of skill and intelligence.
kenaka-..i understand, warriors! *all warriors gather around kenaka and a green gate is created* Tenchi......good luck, we want to live without hate and violence. I hope that you can carry that burden.
Songoku-why wont you let us come with you?
Tenchi-you and may can come, but other than that.......the rest must leave. Kenka needs to lead the others.
May- I understand *healing Eliza*
Songoku-me to.
Tenchi-good bye kenaka, *disappears with songoku and kenaka*
Kenaka-..goodbye *walks through the portal with the other warriors*

------2ng generation-------

Tenchi (older)-we re having a meeting, now..everyone lets go!
Goku Tiensho- *emotionless* what ever.
May-understood....what about the others.
Tenchi- they are already there. The meeting is on our ranks. the recreation of th new capatain..or at least 7 of them.
*all three walk into a large room with two more men and 2 women*
Senpai-*lifts up his cap* soo, what are your ranks
Mayumi-obviously im the strongest, followed by my dearest Soul
Soul-*ignores the group and continues to draw caligraphy in a area of sand in the room with his broken sword*
Ray-dont even try, he has been through tooo much in his lifetime.
tenchi-as i was saying! the new ranks. *pulls out paper and reads*
"do to the battles that we created etween all of us, the top captain is Soul, then Tenchi, then Mayumi, then Sempai, then Goku, then May, then Ray." these will be our ranks for now, but unike the first organization here (refering to the captains) we will be seperated through out soulsociety.
Soul-*stops the caligraphy* That is if there is a threat.
Ray-yea! we all have lived a long time, yet there hasn't been a major attack like you say there will be.
Tenchi-i heard it myself, it will happen.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
**...A heavy darkness descends upon the peaceful lands...**

(Eliza and Kenaka are seen walking along a path in the forest)

Eliza: You didn't have to follow me. I am efficient enough to take care of myself.

Kenaka: I realize as much. I just wanted to tag along because I sense you're lonely.

Arcane Figure: What's this? Only one little girl accompanying you? Your incompitance never ceases to amaze me. You just don't seem to understand that a person is most vulnerable when they're travelling. ...only one guard. I must admit, I am dissapointed in you Kenaka. Although it is convienant that you have done such a wonderful job at isolating yourself. It is not within my nature to burst in like this, but I thought we needed to talk.

Eliza: Who the hell are you (unsheathes sword)

Kenaka: Wait! Stop! (Suddenly Eliza is blasted through the chest with a huge purple beam). Ugh! No...

Arcane figure: Yes, I came here to talk. I have something important to tell you.

(Kenaka kneels over Eliza and holds her close and is covered in blood).

Arcane figure: Huh. I must say, she went just as quickly as I had assumed she would. Don't bother trying to assist her, not even you can heal wounds that deep (smiles).

Kenaka: Who are you and what do you want? (Inner-monologue: She has an immense spiritual pressure, it isn't just stronger and heavier, but unfamiliar. I have never experienced anthing like it).

Arcane figure: I want you to come with me. Don't speak! Yes, is all I want to hear. If you say anything other than that, people will die. And I don't mean you! I am talking about those who are closest to you. Don't ask any questions. Don't tell me anything, you have no rights. The only thing you do have, is the life of your comrads in your hands. Make no mistake, creature, this is not a negotiation. It's an order! I'll say this one last time...come with me!

Kenaka: Ugh..(head falls down and is last seen walking into the gate with the arcane figure).


Soul walks into the courtyard to attend to his sand garden when he discovers a trail of blood. He alerts the others and Tenchi recognizes his old friend. Kenaka...

Tenchi: Kenaka!!!!

Ray: What is that beyond him? Oh no...

Tenchi: ELIZA!

May: ELIZA NO!!!! KENAKA! WHO DID THIS! WHO WAS CAPABLE! I didn't sense any foreign presence...I should have!

Tenchi: Eliza was completely gutted but a projectile and was tortured.

Sempai: He was tortured by a variety of blades, too. These wounds vary in shape and side. Despite these details, he was a friend of yours, Tenchi?

Tenchi: Yes, I thought leaving them behind would protect them, but I just enabled our foes to pursue them more easily! I was being naive to think that I could leave their side...

Ray: There is a note!

May: It reads... "The sun has begin setting." What does that mean?

Tenchi: ...(looks up at the sky and a dark cloud is seen moving across the sky and covering the sun).
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
------the appokolipse begins-------
May-this...this is terrible
kenaka-*Coughs up blood and faints*
Sempai-these are very intense and destructive wounds, the one who has done this must be very strong inteed *soul is seen writing calligraphy in the bloodied sand*.....Soul, did you sense anything?
Soul-the wounds are fresh, and i can feel power beyond the clouds *still writing caligraphy calmly* i beleive that this is in your specialty Ray.
Ray- y..yes sir (obviously stunned by the sight of a decapitated warrior, yet runs over to Kenaka and takes out her swords* this wont hurt at all. *the sword starts to wrap around kenaka like a bandage, then stays for about 20 seconds, then is unwrapped and hardened to its original shape*
Tenchi-Keep him for questioning later, we need to now exactly what happened!
Sempai-calm down *walks over to his pond in a corner of the feild they were in* let us observe this situation. *usheathes sword and it is a fishing pole with a red hook instead of a sword, then starts to fish* Tenchi, obviuosly this note was ment for you, we havent been in much of any large revoulutions or wars like you have, with the exception of Soul. This man, i can tell was fairly strong and by the blade marks in the pattern they are in show that he struggled, some of the gashes curve and alot are on his arms. Thus he is a close combat fighter. Yet he was over powered. Tenchi, why dont you explain to us what is going on.
Mayumi- *runs over to Soul* yea! what is goin on tenchi?
Tenchi-a while ago, i was involved with THE rebellion against the shinigami and the arrancar. The ones that opposed..were the ones of beginning.
Soul-*stops the caligraphy, then calmly sets down the katana he uses to write it* I see.
Mayumi- aren't you one of them Tenchi?
Tenchi-..sadly, i am. Soul i was going to tell you, i swear.
Soul-That doesn't concern me.
Tenchi-are you sure?
Soul-what we should be focusing on is how to organize ourselves from this chaus and prepare for the worst, they most likely have us out numbered. And we have to wait for information from Kenaka before anything else happens
Goku-*tightens his grip on his blade*
Sempai-calm down my freind dont be so tense *still fishing in the small pond* we will be fine. *smiles the pulls the pole up and reveals a small fish* we will be ok. Ill watch over this arena for now, you will now if anything happens. *vanishes*

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
------the fishermans determination------

Sempai-well *looks at the cloudes coming toward the area* i might as well see what that is *smiles and rushes toward the shadows of the frightfull clouds, then stops half way and pulls out his fishing pole* ill observe over this perdicament *slowely drops the red hooks to the ground, then the grounds turns into a circle of water as the hook touches it* now let me see what lies beyond the shadows, who is our enemy today *slowely sinks into the water below him until he is completely submerged, then the circle of water turns back into the ground*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Hey! Kenaka was dead, hahaha! He saw nothing! Haha.

Tenchi: What happened to you? Who did this?

Kanaka: I am not sure, I can't remember a thing. All I remember is someone killed Eliza...she was immensly powerful. I remember feeling helpless...her eyes...thats what I remember. Her eyes her insidious eyes!!! I need to stop...I dont want to continue.


Sinister behavior...

Angel: (Holding hollow by neck) You creatures sure are hideous. I don't normally pursue such trivial specimen, however, you're kind are proving quite useful.

Angel 2: How many is this now? 10? They are easier to find than legend admits.

Angel 3: I'd rather gut them than participate in these games. Despite my wishes, it is willed of us.

Angel: (clenches hollows throat causing it to burst with blood) We're done with this one, he isn't as promising as the others.

Angel 2: (chuckles to herself) Ahaha. Whether or not you find him promising, he offered up a great deal of what we came here for. Regardless of the intensity and amount, it will be added to the resevoir.

Angel 3: I sense another! Very far beneath us! Shall we?

Angel: This is getting tiresome. I want more action!

Angel 2: The end result will provide enough action to saciate all our appetites.

Angel: (Grins) Well then , why are we stil here! Ha! (All three vanish).
(A huge Golden Gate appears beside a village in the soul society and exit a General and two Angels).

General: Now, suppress your spiritual pressure otherwise you'll wind up crushing their spirit before we have a chance to inspect them.

Angel: I don't think I can pretend to be weak enough for these disgusting shinigami left-overs.

Angel 2: I'm surprised that many shinigami are still alive and active.

General: Several former vice captains and seated officers remain present within several of the surrounding villages. We're seeking one in particular. I can sense her reitsu. She's distinctive, just as master predicted. (All vanish and appear in front of a home). All I need to do is release a little spiritual pressure (begins to eminate a small amount of spiritual pressure, but this causes several people to collapse and the shinigami runs out gasping).

Angel 1: This is it? (Turns head) I am sorely dissapointed, she is nothing special. She barely possesses a notcible reitsu.

Angel 2: It may not seem strong, but she is capable of hiding it. She may hide it better than we assumed.

General: Please eliminate these peasants! There wandering eyes are beginning to agitate me.

(Angels look at one another and within moments the villagers are left motionless and the ground is now blanketed with blood).

General: (Grabs female shinigami's face) You never expected to be bothered again, did you? Did you believe you had been forgotten about shinigami? If not, you sure will very soon. (Grabs hair and begins dragging her, but she unsheates her sword)

Angel 1: (Grabs blade and snaps in half) You are so weak!!! I do not understand what purpose you could possibly serve! Don't attempt that again. Or else, I will break both your arms!

Angel 2: You leaked a bit too much spiritual pressure with that outburst, it is only a matter of time before those degenerates show up spewing their self-rightous words and boasting a miniscule spiritual pressure.

(Gate forms and opens. All four walk through the gate and it closes)

...A mysterious and nefarious plot is beginning to unfold...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
-----fishermans determination--------
*after viewing all of the angels and how that took the shinigami girl, he decides to emerge from the water*
Sempai- *emerges from a nearby stream* hmmmmm, this is very interesting. though from what i heard from tenchi, these people are supposed to be peacefull, hmmmmm interesting. I wish i could follow *scratches head* guess i wasn't fast enough. well i know that if they were strong enough they probably would have sensed my presence. As one of the left over shinigami, i guess i have new enimies haha. Finally, it has been awhile. *the red hooks touches the ground and again he sinks into the water that was the ground, then it closes*

----back at the base-----
Tenchi- i dont think he will be able to fight. Ray healed all his woundes, but he is scarred, driven mad and insane.
Goku- by her could you think he means...
Soul-most likely, she has come just like she said she would.
Tenchi-what is your connection with her!? I demand an answer!
Soul-......*continues his caligraphy in the sand* i perfer you dont speak like that.
Mayumi-Don't yell at him! he didn't do anything!
May-..hes here!
All the others-!
*sempai emerges from a circle of water in beween them*
Sempai-well, i got some news. though it may not be in our favor or liking. *explains what he saw to the rest of the shinigami and tenchi, soul (ones of beginning)*
tenchi- i see, do you know were they brought her?
Sempai-no clue, the door closed before i could enter it. Though i still intend on going back, most of us have connections with these ones of beginning. I was part of the squad that killed thousands of them. I am not proud of it, they even gave me the name "seabond slayer".
Sempai- unfortunetely, im not proud of what i did. the Captain Commader at the time grew greedy, and to powerfull. Thus, in his power hungery rampage, he sent us to kill them.
Soul- I can't blame you at the time. Your kind were ignorant and power hungery, yet you did it out of honor. You never mistreated us in battle. You won every fight fairly unlike the others who slaughtered us. In addition, your mind was controlled by the commaders pawn.
Sempai-im still sorry. Ill go back and see if i can talk to oneof the angels, at least if thats what they call them selves know. All i know is they were the ones of beginning.
May-dont get hurt.
Sempai-me! get hurt! please dont make me laugh. (thinks to himself "though the leader had power, if they all attacked me i would have been dificult") *sinks into the water again*

-------fishing for angels---------

*sempai emerges from the water at about 10 miles away from the storm*

Sempai-well, i wont be able to get true information by just observing from my world. Might as well just stroll in. *starts to walk toward the clouds*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
What EXACALLY are you two doing?

P.S. And yes, Crazieone106 that is how suchi-ru yaiba's bankai works
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
haha, just haven fun. you should totally join in.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Is it just a story, or are you two taking ideas from other people's thoughts on Zanpakutos and put them in the story to make an epic sort of Bleach
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
It is harmless make believe, that is all. We don't copy anything from anyone, that wouldn't be all that orignal. We generate our own ideas.

(Gate appears and out walks three mysterious individuals).

Angel 1: (Shakes head) This place is so unfamiliar now...what have they done to our home! The palace demolished! Homes and villages buried beneath centuries of lies and unnecessary bloodshed.

Angel 2: Misery and calamity are in their distant future. They are severely unaware of the looming threat. Fear steers their ignorance and ignorance guides their notion of peace.

Angel 3: Very poetic, however, they are mere degenerates! They couldn't possible atone for their past actions and their current misguided notions further encapsulate their foolish nature. I will crush their hearts and souls as they watch their world crumble around them. Their reality is built from lies! We should be the ones to bring that crashing down. (stares down) Excuse my disrespect...

Angel 2: Let's just begin the circle. (A dome generates around the three women and it is as if they have completely dissapeared. Their reitsu and mere presence are unreadable. Nothing can be seen, heard, or felt beyond the dome. Suddenly a burst to light shatters the dome and the three are seen standing unphased).

Angel 1: That was performed perfectly.

Angel 3: (stares at angel 1 and begins smiling). Do you know?

Angel 1: (chuckles) Of course, it is so tactless. It's pathetic and rather laughable.

Angel 2: (stares at both angels) Let's not waste our time (Look off to her side). Do you wish to remain hidden? If so, I suggest you practice such stealth skills longer and harder before implementing them.

(Puddle ripples and Sempai emerges)

Sempai: I thought I was doing a wonderful job. You didn't notice me until now, afterall.

Angel 2: Is that so? Well, I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken. I was not about to waste my time and focus before completing my inital mission. You are simply no threat, therefore, I humored you. However, I am no longer in a position to endulge your fantasy.

Sempai: (clenches fist) You insult my skills...you're a disgrace. What are you planning anyway? You kidnapped that shinigami and now you perform some ritual while shrouded by a strange barrier?

Angel 2: There is nothing further to discuss here (gate forms and opens). I have no information to divulge, certainly not to you. Even so, you're in no position to demand answers. Run along and tell your companions of your newest experience. You wouldn't want to prove to be a dissapointing slave. (Walks toward gate with other angels) It wouldn't be suggest to attempt to trail us either. It will only further dissapoint you when you discover you cannot pass through the gate. If you try, you will experience a severe consequence. By all means, however, demonstrate your stupidity further with such behavior (smiles and walks through gate).

Sempai: (Stares at gate) What a wicked soul...

(Gate closes and he is left with many questions and no answers).

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
wow guys i just wanna say its been a long time!!! dang.....
i need to get back into the fanpopping mood y'know what im saying?
anyway, the story's getting quite intriguing (maybe we should call tite kubo and ask him to make another season of bleach based on this huh?)

out of nowhere in soul society a huge gate opens which kinda looks like a prison cell (hint* hint*). this time however the electicity is bluey-indigo and not yellow like before. an immense reiatsu evelopes the whole of soul society and makes huge buildings crumble under its huge pressure. out of nowhere a random storm approaches and thunder resonates within a simple zanpakuto...

out of the gates steps one man... captain of the 5th squad bakuen mesuke. he looks around in awe at the utmost destruction of the angels(pardonoing his own mess of course). he then sighs deeply.
"i never thought that the rage of an angel would make men and women suffer like this... there is too much pain here, so much hate and rage... only a demon could conjure something of this immensity..."

immediately he is joined by others who hold and mask their spiritual pressure with the highest density sekki-sekki cloak and still the soul society groans in awe at the pressure. standing right next to bakuen was an identical figure to him only that he didnt have the captains cloak. he was called karukai mesuke and is the twin brother of bakuen mesuke and the older brother to feliciti mesuke. all the ohers saw the destuction and lowered themselves down to the ground of the seireitei. they stumbled around looking for any survivors and healed them with floras medical kido and the assisstance of her zanpakuto.

"we have perfected our techniques and made our bonds with our zanpakuto stronger... i just hope we dont have to fight. i would prefer to call a truce and call it even. the drstruction has gone on long enough... i dont want anything to this scale to happen again."

"you will never change brother, you have no pride... if you dont want this to happen again then fight them with your pride to make sure it never does..."

"i guess you right..." with this they ambled on helping those in need as they went and restoring soul society with their spiritual pressure as they went.

when they had finished they set up a base using bakuens zanpakuto.
"i believe we should keep training until the final battle this winter guys" bakuen explained."the worst is not over yet, when sehkmet shows her true colours thats when you shall see true destruction...."

voice over man...
"the rebels have returned and are looking stronger than ever... will this be enough to stop the endless rage of the angels? find out tomorrow on... make your own zanpakuto/fanpop!".

hasta luego amigos!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
You're in trouble Kofisius, for much has happened in your absence. Not only do you have the Angels to contend with, but you have Tenchi's companions. It should be noted, some changes have been made to my lovely angels. You don't stand a chance!

(Golden gate begins building and the gates part revealing individuals).

Angel 1: Demohocah...what terrible condition you're in.

Angel 2: We shall set you free for your spirit demands it.

Angel 3: No longer will you be held beneath the claws of such loathsome creatures.

Angel 4: We will restore your beauty and passion. Even if we must slaughter a 100 villages!

General 1: (Stares at Angels and looks down at soul society) Don't underestimate your enemies, but don't become to guarded. Let's reform this image!

General 2: (smiles) We'll bathe the canvas in shades of red!

Angel 2: I can sense every one of them. They're filthy reitsu leaves a residue all over the area.

Angel 4: Lets arrest their attention! (A huge cero is fired and strikes a building in the distance).

General 1: (turns and looks at villagers) Well, we have some observers. Let's take a moment to educate them on appropriate behavior.

(suddenly Two ceros rip through the audience of people and two other angels are seen flying into the crowd and people just drop down bloody and mangled. Both generals unsheath their swords, vanish, and reappear and the buildings and people crash down to the ground).

General 1: (resheathes sword)That should have aroused some attention.

General 2: (calmly) Here they come!

General 1: No rash movements, ladies. We just wanted to get their attention. It's essential that we have a moment to speak calmly with the trash (smiles).

***(four people appear)***
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I think I'll join every now and then, or maybe a month or two. IDK!

----Four shady people dressed as Soul Reapers appear-------

Person 1 (Male long black hair that covers some of his silver eyes age, about 15): Wow it's been a long time, Soul Society has changed a lot since we've been here.

Person 2 (Male short blond hair and red eyes age, about 17): I don't think that's the case.

Person 3 (Female long blond hair and bright blue eyes age, about 21): Shut up guys, I thought we were called here.

Person 2: We were, so to speak, we just had a bad feeling.

Person 4 (Male somewhat long brown hair, and brown eyes age, about 18) stands there and says nothing

Person 1: come on! Can we have some fun, I'm board.

Person 2: Shut up, you can be a pain at times, but now isn't the time to be saying stuff like that.

Person 1: Alright mom, I'll shut up and do as you say.

Person 2 (Has a sparkle in his eye): Really!

Person 1: You’re out of your mind.

Person 3: Will you both just shut up and find out what’s going on!

Person 4 vanishes

Person 3: see he gets it.

Person 1 & 2: shut up.

Person 3: You just can't stand how pretty I am.

Person 1: You know we're not woman, right?

Person 2: ya we really don't care for stuff like that.

Person 3: Let's just go already.

Person 2: whatever.

Person 2&3 vanish

Person 1: Well, aren't we all peppy today.

Person 1 turns to look toward the east, and stares for a moment, with that, something bad is going to happen, so why the heck am I still here! Look on his face.

------Person 4-------

Person 4 looks around for survivors that could give him answers, only one soul reaper slightly moves. Person 4 walks over to the Soul reaper and lifts him up.

Person 4 (talks in a calm voice): can you speak?

Soul reaper (stumbles a bit and tries to get some air): A bit, why?

Person 4: can you tell me what happened?

Soul reaper: I...I...We...

And with that the soul reaper dies.

Person 4 sets the soul down gently, and backs off, and after giving a prayer, and then looks at a man, dressed as an Arrancar.
Person 4: So you’ve followed us even here.

-----------Person 1-------------------
Person 1: Ugh, couldn’t we have picked a better place to find a fight, I mean all I’ve got to do is find a fight and the Soul Society is in ruins! How hard can it be?

Looks around himself

Person 1: Right there’s no one here, which means I’m talking to myself, which means…

Thinks to himself

Person 1: I’m going MAD! CRAZY! INSANE! Oh man if I knew this was going to happen, I would have never came to begin with! Aw you’ve got to be kidding me. No I can do this, just shut up that’s…

Turns to see a swinging blade at him and unsheathes his sword to block it.

Man’s voice: Aw, I was hoping to catch you off guard when you were having an episode.

Person 1: No episode, just how I think. (Sees man dressed as an Arrancar and seems to be in his mid 20’s)

Man: Well, you’re a soul reaper, which means I’m going to have to kill ya, no matter if you’re a kid or not.

Person 1: Okay then, as long as you can fight.

Man: May I ask what your name is son?

Person 1 holds his sword up to the man: My name…is Kevin.
Can you guys catch me up in some way, I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out who's the bad guy here, I’m assuming it's the Angles, but I’m not all too sure. Can you guys catch me up please?
P.S. I am making up characters because I want to show you how they fight before you try and kill them, so please don’t do anything to my characters yet, ESPECELY KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.S. Yes I am American, but I have watched every episode that is subbed, so that could mean I’m caught up with you in the series, but not in terms, sorry!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
-----capturing of the two shinigami-----bakuen mesuke and the older brother to feliciti mesuke

bakuen mesuke-soo brother were do we find the source of this ditruction? *before his brother can anser, the are rapped in some sort of bandage* WHAT IS GOING ON!
???-what are you two doing here
feliciti mesuke-LET us go, what is your name you foul excuse for a warrior!
Ray-my name is Ray and im part of the new league of warriors, and the reason you cant escape from me is that the bandages you are constricted in, is my blade. *both notice that the sourse of the bandages is coming from the hilt of her blade* i have also prevented you from using your zampaktou, my blade wrapped you up so that your arms can't move, and my blade has already absorbed your energy. i am going to take you two in for questioning.

*all dissapear, until they meet up with Tenchis squad*

Tenchi-well you two, we still got you stuck, what have you got to say for your selves, explain you reason for appearing now, what is your plan? if you answer in a way that we do to appreciate, then Ray over here will pull her blade causing both of you to bleed out. hurry up now, tell me why your here.

--grims return-----
angel 1- we will kill a thousand villages to make you what you were!
???-im glad you two could show up.
*all angels stunned*
Grim-i have also thought of bringing Demohocah back.
*angels notice the power and streangth that this man has alone, so they refuse to attack them*
General 1-you....your like him.. you sealed away.
grim-in a way i am, my soul lives here with Demohocah and ill be glad if you could allow me to help.
(Grim has returned, what will happen?!)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-----------------Person 2&3-------------------

Person 2: Where the heck did Kevin go?

Person 3: I don’t know, but do you feel it?

Person 2: feel what?!?!

Person 3: That strength, power, it feels wonderful!

Person 2: You’re out of your mind.

Person 3: Shut up, so where are we going?

Person 2: shouldn’t I be asking you that?

Person 3: I suppose you don’t feel it… oh well, moving on.
Person 2&3 vanish.

----------Kevin and Man----------

Man: your names Kevin, that’s a nice name to die with.

Kevin: Whoa! Who said anything about me dying?

Man: That’s what a fight is, to the death.

Kevin looks at the ground: I suppose your right…Oh well, at least I won’t die.

Man: and why is that?

Kevin: Because, (vanishes with his sword at the man’s neck) I surpass you.

Man looks shocked at this child’s power and vanishes from the blade’s grasp.

Man: You almost cut me…you are a talented boy.

Kevin: Almost?

A drip of blood comes from the man’s neck, the man takes his hand and presses it against the wound and looks at the blood in the palm of his hand

Man: A minor injury, nothing to worry about.

Kevin thinks to himself: He doesn’t seem to have too much power, I can do this.

Man: I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you now.

Kevin: Before you do, and I’m not saying you will, what rank are you? You’re an Arrancar, right?

Man: I would never work under that man.

The man charges at Kevin with full force, He’s strong! Kevin thought. But then again he’s not too skilled.
Kevin slashes upright and cuts a deep wound in the man’s arm. The man jumps back.

Man: foolish little boy, you really have to die now. (He tightens his grip on his sword about to release his hollow form)

Kevin: Before you do anything to get yourself killed, I haven’t even released my Zanpakto yet, plus, I can use Bankai. So do you really think it’s a good idea to release your hollow form now, or run away? I will not chase after you, on the condition if you tell me who you are and who you work for.

The Man clenches his teeth looking at this mere kid that’s beating him down. And now he wants to give him the chose to live or not?

Man: Fine, but I can only tell you so much. We are a Hollow organization, some whom are as strong as the Espada, and some who are mere Hollows. We move as groups, targeting people for our meals. That’s what the whole organization was for, to live! But you people hate us! You people want us dead so you can live! This organization is for Hollows against that man and for those who want to live. I cannot tell you our leader, but I can give you this much information. This is all the information I can give you, everything else is a death’s sentence.

Kevin: I understand.

Man: now I must be going.

Kevin: What about your name?

Man: That won’t matter in to you, for we will never see each other again.

And after that the man vanishes and Kevin, for the first time in a while, had no urge to go after him.


Hey, Songoku, you compleatly ignored me! Who grim?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(An ominous spiritual pressure is felt and a gate opens and out walks Sekhmet and Azriel).

Sekhmet: (Stares at Grim). I was hoping you'd return. I can sense you've become stronger. I am willing to allow you to help me restore our beautiful civilization. However, if you attack my angels, I will not look kindly on that. If you help, I will give you a powerful position once we obtain our homeland. You won't have anymore concerns. Do we have a deal? If so, I can tell you exactly what my plan is (smiles).


Angel 1: (stares at strangers). Ha ha ha ha! What is this?

Angel 2: They certainly aren't what we expected!

Angel 3: It appears as if those self-rightous pseudo-shinigami had larger things to attend to.

Angel 4: (Turns and looks at generals). May we?

General 1: Indulge yourselves.

General 2: No. It's not in my nature to avoid tearing apart this trash, but we were given specific orders. Let's allow them a choice?

Four individuals look at the general and contemplate leaving. They recognize a sinister spiritual pressure from all angels and generals.

General 2: (suddenly one of the individuals finds a sword impaled into their chest from behind). I'm sorry, but the option to leave safely has expired!

General 1: (vanishes and puts a blade to the throat of another individual)I believe you owe us some answers. Why are you here?

Angel 1: CERO! (Cero hurtles toward the 3rd individual and takes off his arm as he dodges it). Aw! I missed! Ah ah ha ha ha!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
no idea but im just going along with the flow...
oh and tecno this all started when i challenged crazieone to a duel on on one and i lost. then all of a sudden we kinda got this story going about these angels (beings of creastion) and sehkmet. so i gathered well kinda made up all these characters to make it a bit more even. then songoku joined in and introduced grim,kenaka,tenchi and the others. grims an old accomplice of sehkmet (i think) but if you want the full details you should mail songoku or something. hope this helps!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…

The angels are led by Sekhmet, which was a princess of a people who existed before the rise of the shinigami (gotei 13) and hollows rein over hueco mundo. They were then abruptly attacked by both and slaughtered. She returned to take back her homeland and revitalize the lands to their previous glory. She assembled 8 angels, who were also members of this ancient civilization known as the arazuians (ones of the beginning). She has four generals, in which preside as leaders over these eight angels. I hope that clarifies that particular component. Songoku can explain his part to you.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
tenchi:"wait somethings not right...i feel someone elses presence. SHOW YOURSELF!"

out of the shadows a purple mist envelopes everyone and tenchi coughs up blood. soon everyonbe is doing the smae and it seems to be some sort of poison.
tenchi:"ive had enough of this... using his spritual pressure he pushes the mist away from him and the others and someone finally appears.

standing infront of him was a tall soul reaper. its you twins... wendigo and verdugo..." he looks around and rays bandages fall to te floor."where are bakuen and his twin?!?!"

verdugo:"they were never here in the first place. the captain and his bro and the others are still trainig so we were taking the job of lookout. but of course i used my hardening mist to make copies of bakuen and karukai cus i knew those were the guys you would go after. then we would follow you and try to gather inel. but it kinda fell to pieces when you sensed our power."

tenchi scowls at ray and says"why didnt you know about this"
ray looks more puzzled than ever nayway and wendigo intervenes.
"as much as i hate to say it, my brother is an expert at illusions and hand to hand combat, ray wouldnt have forseen it anyway..."

tenchi:"i see..." he instantly draws his sword and attempts to attack rhem both.

verdugo:"you never learn"
tenchi hits verdugo but it fades away into a clear mist.
tenchi looks shoked and says"what! thats it you have annoyed me long enough my zanpakuto is the strongest storm zanpakuto in existance! this mist cant do anything to me!"

wendigo:"it would be troublesome to get into a fight now, so i guess we should go verdugo. the captain hates unnecessary fights"

verdugo:" fine but knowing this guy and seeing him in action i doubt hell give up that easy"

and he was right. with a last ditch attempt tenchi(obviuosly weakened due to the mist)tries to slash verdugo and wendigo at once.

unfortunately for him he got there too late...
as they both were evaporating into mist verdugo smirks and says "we never came here to fight, we actually wanted to join forces however it seems you dont want to so ill leave you on a lighter note... the truth is within a lie and a lie is within the truth , that is my mist..."

------------------------------end of scene----------------------------
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
big smile
oh guys have you seen fade to black?
i just finished watching it now. its pretty cool.watch it here
hasta luego amigos!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------------Person 2&3----------------

Person 3: Where is it, I want to kill it!

Person 2: That “it” you’re talking about could just very well be a general.

Person 3: I suppose your right. Although I wish it was someone I could kill.

Person 2: Come on, get over it! There are many other enemies in this world.

Person 3: I just want to fight someone.

Person 2: You sound just like Kevin right now.

Person 3: I don’t care it’s just that… (Turns to see a man dressed as an Arrancar) Great just great! Not the kind of person I wanted to face.

Person 2: Do you want me to fight him?

Person 3: You always take all the fun.

Man: You two don’t seem very bright.

Person 2&3: Shut up.

Man: Do you mind if you tell me your names.

Person 3: Well, ya we…

Person 2 holds an arm out stopping person 3 from going on and speaks: My name is Averis, and this is Ella, we normally don’t work in Soul Society, but we just had the feeling to come here.

Man: Ah, yes, well my name is Umiza, part of a Hollow organization, assigned to kill you.

Averis: Whatever, (unsheathes his sword pointing it to the man) are you ready or what?


Kevin thinking: A Hollow organization, with Arrancars, and some near the level of Espada. This is crazy! I’m not going to throw away my life to some organization that sent someone who was way below my level.

Man’s voice: You could have killed him, but instead you decided to take information from him. Very wise for a kid, getting the information you need. I am from the same organization, sent to kill you, send you to your grave, and the laugh at it.

Kevin: You are a weird man, how long have you been there?

The Man walks out of the shadows, also seems to be an Arrancar. His mask was right above his ears, making him look, kind of like an Imp or Elf. Thus the man speaks: Ever since you first got here.

With one hand the man grasps his sword and appears before Kevin, throwing his sword down on him Kevin blocks with two hands, but them the man raises his other hand, “Cero.”

Kevin’s eyes widened, time around him slowed down, his life was about to end! He was pushed into the ground, and unable to move. This was it wasn’t it. This is the end. My life ends here. Kevin was trying to think of a way out of this. Then he got an idea. He let go with his left hand and poked the man in the eye. The man jumps back and the Cero shoots in an upright angle.

Man: You little! You will die for that!

Kevin: That’s what the last guy said to, and he was near death. And before we truly begin, you know my name, now I will ask you for yours.

The Man glares at Kevin: My name is Riako.

Kevin: Alright, (Takes his sword and points it to the ground with his hand held out) Now, we can begin. (Seriousness goes into his eyes) Henka, Suchi-ru Yaiba. (A silver reiatsu flows around Kevin, but his Zanpakto remains the same)

Riako: Ha! Nothing happened! What has that? Some sort of silver-like show you put on?

Kevin charges in without saying a word and slices at Riako.

Riako: Ha! What was that? You’re not getting any better, anyhow, Cero!

Riako puts out his hand and shoots a Cero at Kevin.

Kevin: Change. (Holds the sword out in front of him and the Cero hits the tip of the blade and surrounds Kevin looking as if it had killed him)

Riako: It is done.

Riako turns around, but scenes something. He looks over his shoulder as the dust clears, and a big silver ball, just big enough to hold Kevin inside is in the middle of the field. Riako’s eyes widen, shocked and surprised in how this boy survived the Cero. Then the ball’s metal moves back into the shape of a sword. Kevin steps out of the dust.

Kevin: Cero is kind of like a laser, it can bounce off and around metal.

Riako: What? How did you...?

Kevin: That’s Suchi-ru Yaiba’s ability, so it can change into any metal based substance, form…

Kevin pulls his sword over his head and throws it down, suddenly, without warning, a blade as big as a skyscraper appears above Riako’s head moving at about the same speed as which Kevin had swung it at. Then Kevin yells: Or size!

The giant blade hits Riako’s blade right above his head. Then puts his hand on the blade and yells: CERO!

A Cero hits the blade with mighty force, swinging it back as Kevin brings it back to size. Kevin stands there amazed at how Riako pushed the blade back with a Cero. You would have to be near the strength of a… Espada! That’s why! The other man had said that some had the strength of an Espada! So right now is like fighting a rank near, but lower than an Espada or an Espada themselves! This is so exciting! Kevin’s thoughts seem to be getting the best of him, because he didn’t notice the blade striking at him with full force and barely blocked it.

Riako: Are you surprised? I would be to if I knew I was fighting a man with the strength of the 7th Espada!

Kevin smirked a bit. He always wanted to see how strong the Espada were, and now he was fighting someone with the strength near an Espada. Kevin jumped back a few feet away from Riako. Then he touched the back of his blade. The blade shined, and moved around the hilt, copping itself about 1/8 around the hilt. Then the hilt became a handle with a steel circle around it holding 8 blades all the way around.

Kevin: Now, I must kill you. (With the hand still on the back of the blade, he pushes, hard and the blade spins like a saw) Because of the fact that you have the strength of an Espada, I must kill you.

Anyhow, thank you very much Crazieone for the summery you gave me, it helps a lot! I think this is a lot of writing that I did, I just stopped when I couldn’t think of anything in the minuet, but at least it will keep you guys busy for a while! It’s a ton of words, 1,043 to be exact! (I have a word count in the bottom left corner of my screen, I write on Word, so I don’t make any spelling mistakes. I’m TARIBLE at spelling!)

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim-ill gladly assist you in your plans, sekhmet. I would be even more happy to kill again, so please release me from my spiritual prison.
*sekhmet smiles to the addition to her new companion, The new and improved grim, try he seems to hide a the intention to hide his zampaktou. What is he up to?*
Sekhmet-why do you cover your weapon, Grim?
Grim-oh its nothing, just that this place that i have been stuck in has kinda altered its abilities. you will see when i get back on the battle feild. *grim smiles hoping for Sekhmet to allow him to join her*

-------Fishermans Glory-------

*sempai buts in the battle between kevin and the Arrancar*
Sempai-Hey, i thought i would just join in.
Riako-one of your freinds kevin?
Sempai-oh, umm, sorry i forgot to introduce my self. I am Sempai, master fisherman!
Raiko-a little bit cocky i see.
Sempai-no, just happy about my talents, well Kevin you seem like a nice fellow. Ill teach you a little bit, though you seem to master your skill pretty well.
Raiko-i had enough of this *charges at sempai, who has taken out his metal fishing pole with the red hook*
Sempai-game over.. *the string of the pole wraps around Riako and the hook around his neck*
Raiko-what..what is this!
Sempai-you dont need to know *pulls the pole and the string cuts into his skin deeply and the hook cuts his gugular, then Raiko falls to the ground in a mess of blood*
Kevin-what..what was that?!
Sempai-just a little bit of waving my pole around haha. Why dont you come with me, you seem like a really skilled warrior.
(what will kevin say to Sempai proposal?)
Tenchi-well i guess we will see those two again later
May-thats for sure
Ray- im..im so sorry, i thought i had them.
Tenchi-its fine, though they are much to weak. I want to see there leader. If i used a single strand of my lightning, it would have followed the source of the illusions and paralyzed him. but i think i would have gotten much out of them anyway.
Soul- *standing in his sand garden* I will find Sekhmet now *sets down his sword that he uses for calligraphy* me and her have some things to disuse. *vanishes*

SEkhmet-so as i said, i will give you a high rank in my army if you goin.
Grim as long as you bring me back in to a solid body, then yes i would gladely.
Sekhmet-i new you would arrive..Soul
Angel 1-who is that!
Sekhmet- just an old freind.
Soul- we need to talk, now.
Angel 2- ill kill you for even speaking to my master!
SEkhmet- *hold him back* i have respect for this man, do not harm him if you want to stay on my brighter side. *walks toward Soul*
Soul-*whispers to her so that the others can't hear* what are you up to? why do you want to kill my freinds?
SEkhmet- if thats all your going to ask then we have nothing to talk about.
Soul-*unsheathes sword with a long steel chain at the end of it* i beleive we do.
Sekhmet-well, i guess that you have gone through the pathetic attempt to locate me..ill battle you. *unsheathes sword and sets a barrage of flames at Soul* burn my freind
Soul- *cuts through the flames with ease. *that wont work on me.
SEkhmet-*smiles* glad you still have your streangth, i thought you would have lost it when you left.

-----what is the connection with these two warriors?-------
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Please, DO NOT work on the story of Kevin, Sempai, and Riako right now until my next comment, I have a great idea, but I'm not finished and I have got to get to bed, please bare with me!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
haha sorry i couldn't respond to the comment on how you kinda confused on whats happening, Cazione has explain his characters, so i guess ill do the same. These warriors consist of mostly shnigami and two past angels (tenchi, and Soul). they have become the new captains, though they only have 7 warriors. The ranks from strongest to weakest are Soul, Tenchi, Sempai, Mayumi (sorry, sempai and mayumi were switched in one of my past comments) songoku, may, then ray. Their goal is to end the thirst of blood that the angels have. that pretty much sums it up for them.

Grim on the other hand is a diffrent matter. He is another one of Sekhmets kind, and he was trained by her. His power is emense and compares to Sekhmets power. In their last battle he lost, but Sekhmet had serious damage. he is now in a spiritual form and has completely changed because with his new life and soul, his zampatou has altered itself into somthing deadly.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
----reunion con----

Sekhmet-let me finish this annoiance *sends a ring of fire around Soul* this will make you one with the sand and dust you are so addicted to. *fire closes in on Soul*
Soul- struggle, tetsu kusari sureibu (iron chain slave). *the fire then is cut up into many peices until it no longer exists revealing Soul with two blade connected by a chain and what seems to be a spiritual essance from both of them*
Sekhmet-what an ability, yur shikai is as strong as mine. though i have never seen your bankai, but i dont have time for that. *sekhmet enchants a sealing ability and seals Soul*
Soul- *inside the seal* son of a... *appears back in his sand gardens were he came from, then sheathes his sword* she has gotten stronger. i dont even recognize her anymore. *walks over to his caligraphy sword and starts his caligraphy with a burden on his shoulders* next time i see her.... i wont hold back.

----back to Seckhmet----
sekhmet-sorry, i had to clear up my freinds poor and misunderstood mind. what a dissapoint ment he coudn't goin me.
*all angels are frozen in fear and shock from both Soul's ans Sekhmet's power*
Grim-well, since you took care of him. Will you release me? Allow me to assist in your cause?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I just thought I'd clarify, all my angels are females, and 2 generals are females and two are males. In most cases my angels don't demonstrate fear, for Sekhmet would cut them down. Also, It's not in Sekhmet's nature to engage in a fight so easily. Lol. That's not her personality, also, Grim is not as strong as Sekhmet. Haha.

Also, how do you change your zanpakuto? Also, the angels are what she calls her warriors, they are not the name of her people. So...soul could have never been an angel. Just clearing that up.

Sekhmet: Hah. I'll allow your release, however, I want some insurence! I will restrict a portion of your soul to this place, so if you decide to become a renegade, you will be sealed effortlessly. (snaps fingers and grim forms a new body). I am your master, so you must treat me like one. (Angels stare at grim and then look away). Grim! I believe I should explain what my plan is...you'll find it delicious! Would you like to know? If so, let's go! (gate opens and they all exit).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
oh crazieone what are the name of your people again? (i kinda forgot, silly me).lol
verdugo and wendigo arrive at the base looking for bakuen and karukai.
captain! captain! CAPTAIN!!!
karukai quickly uses shunpo behind them and in a totally scary deep voice says"what do you want you pesky,incompetent fools? my brother is sleeping as he has to rest and keep his body in a 100% condition for tomorrows meeting. now if you dont mind i would advise you to walk on otherwise...(unsheathes a long pitch black,eerie blade)you will have to feel the power of gurande keibatsu (grande judgement)"

the two proud warriors are instantly paralyzed in fear and are sweting deeply.
"its allright , we'll be off now karukai-sama." wendigo says in a panic-stricken voice. they quickly use shunpo to get out of his clutches.

once theyre away, karukai laughs quietly to himself and says "works every time..."
the next day
bakuen:"its rather convinient of verdugo to have traced a tracker at their base. at lest now we can talk to tenchi about how we are to stop the angels. however the only thing im concerned about is thier response. im not sure if hteyll be willing to co-operate with us even thoughwe are looking for the common goal.it would be an even bigger bonus if we can team up and somehow form a truce with sehkmet and her people"

karukai:"you think too lightly of others. if they refuse we crush them all and take on the angels ourselves."

bakuen: "it will be hard. you havent faced any of them yet. you do not know of their power.<sigh>

karukai: "do not undermine your own power.if we all work together <cant believe im saying this> we could push her back a bit further to protect the soul society."

bakuen: " i guess youre right"
they both finally end up at tenchis base. they silently go inside and to the shock of tenchi and his gang they look deadly serious.
he quickly regains his cool composure and interrogates them himself
"what do you want and what is your business here?"

bakuen suprisingly laughs creepily and says "were here to talk business..."

whatever will happen next???

hasta luego amigos!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
SERIOUSLY! they are all girls! i thought Azriel was a man. lol. And you dont know for sure if Sekhmet is stronger then grim. He has changed quite a bit, witch you will find out later in the story. And i know that is not her personality, but i thought if it was someone she respected, it might be different. and what is the name of their kind, i dred calling them the ones of begining. its to long.
And what i mean is altered the zampaktou. i thought that i zampaktou is shaped around your soul, but if that soul changes in a way and then takes form, then the weapon would alter a little. At least thats my point of veiw. And Soul can't be one! dang! well whetever, hell just be someone she new and respected as a warrior. You can decide the rest of the past they shared. lol


Tenchi-talk, buisness?
Bakuen-thats right. *emidiately May appears between them and unsheathes her sword, then the arena is altered and unbalanced* what is this..we did not come here for a fight!
Tenchi-it isn't, you are in a deep slumber where you can not harm any of us. this is were we will discuse you so called plans. *both understand and start to relax in this distorted dream they are having* So what is this "buisness" you speak of?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Sorry this took so long! I just like writing stuff; I hit two thousand words, so it should keep you busy. I hope you like Kevin’s Personality, and I hope I hit Great Fisherman’s personality. And for the new captains, who is the captain of what squad? Especially Fisherman! I spent so much time on, on word; it’s near 12 pages long! LOL! I just love this so much! It’s a lot of fun really, and anyone else’s characters that they haven’t mentioned to me I would love to hear! Why the heck am I still typing? I need to stop but I can’t! After Typing all or this, you people are going to think I'm crazy.

---------------Averis & Ella----------------

Umiza: Well then shall we. (Holds his hand out towards Averis and Ella) CERO!

Averis and Ella both vanish and Ella appears on the ground. Averis appears behind Umiza striking down and Umiza disappears. Averis blocks with his sword on the strike that Umiza makes, and then pushes forward.

Umiza: You’re quite the child aren’t you?

Averis: I’m not much younger than you.

Umiza: But you are younger than me.

Averis slashes left to right and takes some of Umiza’s shirt. Umiza jumps back, and stands still. Now Averis got to get a good look at him. His mask was on his left eye, ear, and left part of his mouth. So it covered basically half of his face, and it pointed to his left like an arrowhead. To Averis, it looked kind of silly and tried to picture what he would look like in his Hollow form.

Umiza: If you’re not going to attack, (Holds his fist back and it glows, and then he throws his fist forward like a punch) BALA!

A red ball flies toward Averis and hits him in the gut. He flies backward and nearly falls. Averis stumbles to his feet but Umiza comes at him and throws his sword down on Averis, Averis blocks, but the force is too much and it sends him flying to the ground. Near the ground, Umiza kicks Averis into nearby buildings, and Averis crashes with full force. Then Averis stops, he lies on the ground. He slowly gets back up and Umiza speaks: Oh you can still fight even after that.

Averis gasps for air and holds his sword out: What is your rank?

Umiza: Rank? I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I can tell you that I have the strength of the 9th Espada.

Averis: I see, (Averis lifts his sword up above his head) I guess that means I don’t have to go easy on you anymore. (Glares at Umiza) Teisei, Za-Kaza! (Green reiatsu surrounds Averis, covering the blade. Master forged details appear on the blade, the hilt becomes green with black laces. The sword remains a katana, but its power has increased, then Averis and Umiza go back in the sky once more)

Averis appears behind Umiza and slashes at him. Umiza barely escapes the blow to his head, stunned of how fast the boy moved. Za-Kaza’s slash seemed to have escaped the blade and turned into a gust of wind, no, that was exactly it! The blade releases gusts! Umiza flew backwards and Averis appears behind him once again, but this time there was no escape.

Umiza: Hierro! (He holds out his hand and catches the blade, barehanded, but the wind blows him back once more and Umiza falls between two winds going in different directions. The winds cancel each other and Umiza falls toward the ground. Averis appears once again and brings his blade downward and the wind from the blade brings Umiza back to the ground at a hundred times the amount of force in his kick)

Averis keeps swinging and swinging and the gusts of wind keep hitting Umiza. Then Averis stops because of the sudden change of Spiritual Pressure.


Kevin: You want to take me under your wing?

Sempai: Yes, that is what I am asking.

Kevin: Hm…I’d have to think about it.

Riako brings himself to his feet: You’re a fool. This is our fight, you should not interfere, fisherman, you don’t want to die like this fellow.

Kevin mumbles: You’re the one in a mess.

Sempai: So why are you here, you don’t seem to be part of the 13 squads.

Kevin smirks: You’re wise, knowing that we are not from here. If you must know, there are four of us, each containing a certain element. I have metal, an earth based element, and my other fellows have magma, which is as close as we could get to fire, wind, and water. We are currently searching for two other elements type Zanpakto, light and dark. Light can be easy, we’ve come across some, but dark is a pain, we can’t find one! Not one! Only one! If only he or she would just fall out of the sky! (Suddenly a Soul Reaper falls between Kevin and Sempai and Riako) I did not plan that. (Kevin says pointing a finger at the Soul Reaper. Then looks to were the Soul Reaper came from.)

Kevin thinks to himself: So he’s released it, he better not go into Bankai, but then again, he goes way too far in his fights.

Sempai: Does something bother you?

Kevin: No, nothing at all.

Riako: I’ll kill you both! CERO!

Riako hold out his hand and releases a purple Cero.

Kevin: Fool, I have already told you (His blade changes shape) I can reflect it!

The sword changes into two metal panels and the Cero is deflected back to Riako.

Riako: What is this!?

Sempai: You let your guard down.

The blast hits Riako in flames and furry.

Kevin: He really tried to kill us!

Sempai: You’re not very bright are you? (Kevin just smiles.)

Riako’s voice: Who said I was dead?

Both Kevin and Sempai’s eyes widen, he should have died! Why can we hear his voice? The dust and smoke clear, and a figure appear. Riako’s face and appearance, in his Hollow form, there were two cannon like things on both of his shoulders and behind his head were two more, his hands were replaced with them, and so were his feet.

Riako: Kyanon-Bakuda.

Kevin and Sempai’s hits and wounds on Riako had disappeared, he was fully healed.


The supposed canons glow red on his hands feet and shoulders, and were aimed right at Kevin and Sempai. Then a fire of red shot from all canons and blasted right at Kevin and Sempai. Kevin changed the shape of his sword to a shield, blocking the Cero from hitting.

Kevin has his hands pressed against the shield to support it: You have got to be kidding me!

Sempai: Can you hold it?

Kevin: I don’t know does it look like I can hold it?

Sempai: No.

The shield starts cracking, the darn metal is cracking! Kevin breaks the hilt of his sword and jumps away from the 20 foot shield as it crashes down. Then the sword reappears on the hilt.

Kevin: You have got to be kidding me.

Sempai: Oh, he’s strong, firing Ceros from those cannons, quite interesting.

Kevin mumbles: And deadly…

Riako: You stand no chance against me! Ha! You both shall now parish!

Kevin: You think you’re so strong, so very strong, and just because you have the power of the 7th Espada. That is the power of a fool.

Sempai appears behind Riako, lashing his rod at him, and it ties around his arm: Very foolish that you forgot that there were two of us. (Sempai pulls the rod, yet nothing happens.) What?

Riako: That won’t work on me anymore, now that I know what that rod does, I can just counter it with Hierro! Ha! And in this form, Hierro is just more powerful, I know that rod is just a blade, thus you give me an opportunity to kill you. (Holds out a hand, not the cannon, but a hand, and a purple light forms from the hand.) Farewell, CERO!

Sempai refuses to let go of the rod, his eyes widen. (Is this the end?) The purple light comes at him. Then Kevin cuts the line to the rod, grabs Sempai and a ball appears around both of them. The Cero pushes them away from it. Kevin stands up as well as Sempai.

Sempai: You cut my line!

Kevin: But saved your life.

Riako glares at what Kevin has done.

Kevin, not bothering to look at Sempai: Please, don’t interfere; your rod does nothing at this point. (Sempai looks at Kevin as if he’s committing suicide.) I can take care of myself for now, if I’m at the verge of death, and I call your name, don’t interfere.

Sempai: But you’re just a child!

Kevin: I know, (Tightens his grip on his sword) but I am a very strange child. I don’t use skill and strategies, but I adapt.

Riako: Are you two going to talk until I kill you? Or are you going to fight me?

Kevin turns to Riako: Fine, I’m your opponent; he has nothing to do with it. (Holds his sword out to his right side, and has no fun or laughter in his eyes like he normally does, but now his eyes had full concentration, he was serious, he was just how Riako wanted him to be.) Bankai!

A burst of silver reiatsu surrounds Kevin, dust flies all around him. A cyclone of reiatsu is more how it looks, but now Kevin had much more than he had or that Sempai thought he had. The dust and reiatsu disappear, and in their place were spheres the size of baseballs. Hundreds of them, all around Kevin, levitating in mid air with no thought of falling, they were in the sky, ready to fight in an open field.

Kevin: Suchi-ru Kuchikukan

--------Averis and Ella-----------

Umiza appears behind Averis as they continue the fight.

Umiza: This is so fun! You’re suffering so much!

Averis: …

Averis backs away from Umiza and near Ella.

Averis: Move, I’m about to release it.

Ella’s eyes widen: What! You can’t, remember what happened last time?

Averis: Move.

Ella gives in, and vanishes away from Averis.

Umiza: Where’s your little friend going?

Averis: She is merely saving her life from my release.

Averis thinks to himself: Once I release it, I have an hour at most to end this, for him, that’s plenty of time.

Averis: Bankai.

Green reiatsu surrounds Averis as he calls Bankai. Once it clears, his sword remains the same as before.

Averis: My Bankai, is far more power full than my Shikai. Meet my Bankai, Za-Kaza no sono-arashi.


Kevin: I must kill you, for you think I am weak, you think that I stand no chance against any of the Espada or captains. (Holds the sword left in his hand strait up and all the metal ball head towards one spot and fuse with each other creating a giant sphere near 15-20 feet across.) I will show you my power. (The sphere shrinks as Kevin yells loudly, louder and louder, smaller and smaller. Until the sphere is the size of a marble floating above his finger, just a little ball, nothing harmful.) Die. (Twirls his finger around and points at Riako and the ball fly at him)

Riako: What is this, everything else you had was more threatening than this. How pathetic. (Holds out his right hand and catches the small marble.)

BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! A burst of flames and furry comes from Riako’s arm once ha catches the ball. The explosion is at least twice the size of the giant ball. And right in Riako’s hand! Riako right hand is no more, or his shoulder. It was nothing now, it burst into flames. (Kevin thinks: He must have used Hierro after he figured out what was going on.)

Kevin: Aw, I was really hoping to kill you with that. I’m Shocked that you didn’t die from that.


Kevin: Hey, look at that, you’re right arm is gone. As if I didn’t notice before…

Riako: You had one shot and you wasted it! You have nothing left!

Kevin: Or do I?

Metal comes from the ground and floats into the air, metal spheres, hundreds of them, all surrounding Kevin.

Riako: What?

Kevin: Here, I will clear things up for you; here is Suchi-ru Kuchikukan’s ability, it can turn into any kind of metal, or transform into any shape. But it levitates and it’s one big bomb, separated from it. He can shrink the metal, make it bigger but weaker, and I can control where it goes. And, as you just saw, shrinking gives it the same amount as when it first had it. The amount of gunpowder in that giant sphere was that same amount as the little marble. As long as I have the hilt, I can control whatever he transform into, whether he grows or shrinks, or whatever he does.

Riako: You little!

Kevin: Brat, ya, I know, but anyway, like I said, (All of the spheres split up into smaller ones.) you die.

All of the spheres surround Riako and rush into him, exploding all around him.

Riako appears above Kevin: Die, child! (His cannons fire a purple Cero, as it hits, Kevin surrounds himself with metal, but as the Cero hits its weak point, the metal brakes. Kevin falls to the earth. As he’s falling he looks at Sempai, and shakes his head telling Sempai not to interfere yet. Then he looks back at Riako.

Kevin: You think that my Bankai is completely different from me. (Kevin hits the ground, there are no crashes, no broken bones, nothing at all, and Kevin had sunken INTO the ground!)

Riako: What!

Kevin slowly comes from the ground, he has wings in his back, claws for hands and feet, steel armor, and his head looked as if it were binging eaten by a dragon.

Kevin: I am my Bankai! Suchi-ru Doragon!

Riako laughs: This is all you have to offer?

Kevin suddenly appears behind Riako: No, but it is enough for you. (He slashes down his sword and an explosion comes from it, shooting Riako right down to the ground. He falls into the ground and Kevin stabs him downright, in the heart, and the body explodes. Metal releases from Kevin, as what is left, the head and left shoulder, disappear.) I am no child; I am your worst nightmare.

Sempai looks astonished on how violent this kid is. His fighting styles were something out of the ordinary. He had no strategy, skill, power, or anything like that that most people use to fight. He adapted, it was something that most people didn’t know about, if you’re in a corner, and you can’t get out because that is your one weakness, then what? This boy adapted, the only way anyone could beat him is if they did the same, and even then it may be a fair match.

Kevin releases a sigh of relief and looks over his shoulder to where Sempai is: So, Sempai, I was thinking…where’d he go?

Kevin looks around, trying to find Sempai, but instead finds something he wished he hadn’t found. A giant skull made of dust from wind.

Kevin: No, he didn’t release it, he can’t control it. Why had he done this!

Kevin heads toward the skull.


Umiza gasps, Riako was dead, how? That isn’t important right now, this boy is killing me.

Averis just stares mindlessly at Umiza, and then disappears.

Umiza’s thoughts: Here he comes!

Without any reason why, he got cut, then again on the arm for the tenth time, once again on the leg for the thirteenth time, then on his chest and stomach for the twentieth time, he was already in Hollow form, and was being pounded. Averis’s face appears in the wind, he’s the wind! He was cutting Umiza, now Umiza understood his Bankai. He turns into wind and so does his sword and slashes at him. (Umiza’s thoughts: All these cuts, these painful cuts were because of him. Why did this have to happen? Wasn’t I strong? Am I not good enough? Is that it?) Averis appears right in front of Umiza, who widens his eyes.

Averis: Die. (Slashes his sword cutting Umiza clean in half with a storm of wind behind it all)

Umiza disappears like all hollows do when they die. Then Averis falls from the sky, right into the ground, with a crash. He lies there still as a rock, as someone appears above him.

Kevin looks down at Averis, looking annoyed: Good grief, you’re a handful.

-----------------Please Read-------------------------------
I ran out of ideas, (Except for Ella and Person 4 I’ll get to them later) so if any of you feel like HELPING (Not killing) Averis, feel free to do so! Just don’t kill any of my characters so soon; I’ve been doing this for, like, what, three days? So I don’t want any of my characters to die YET. They may die, they may live, but I only got four, so don’t kill them all off all at once or one in the next week or so.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
----fishermans test----

sempai-hmmm, this is really outstanding. that child has true skill. He just needs to learn more about it and to conquer diffrent attacks. A base of metal as a power is really hard to come by. *lowers his pole to the ground witch turns to water and dips the tip of it. Then he puls up rvealing a new string and a new red hook* i need t see this childs full power. Is he strong enough to be with us or not. *appears behind Kevin*
Kevin-oh, there you are, i was wondering what seat you are in the captains seat?
Sempai-well, we dont really have seats, we wear there coths to show a part f the hisory the past captains had. But my rank in our forces. I am the third strongest.
Kevin-*in shock of this mans place in command* seriously, yet your hook is not what i call a strong weapon.
Sempai-*laughs* we'll see,i have decided to test your full potential of your abilities before i make any further choices on if you should be paced in our ranks. *points hook/pole at Kevin* fight me, i dont want you to hold back.
Kevin-*smiles, then points i sword* sure why not.

-----grims decision------

grim- if i kill your angels, its because they insult me or my status. but i will still follow you, at least till i can go of on my own. *walks with Seckhmet through the gate waiting to hear her plan*

-----battle of metal and water------

*kevin makes the first move by slashing at sempai, who easily dodges*
Sempai-lesson number one, you must understand you opponents movement then understand his future decisions in battle *Sempai uses his rod to push Kevin off, then Kevin realizes that the string and hook is on his blade* then you take advantage *pulls on the string darging Kevin through buildings and other hard objects, then pulls it back and sends kevin to him*
Kevin- *thinks to himself,"how is he so strong and skilled?" then kevin releases shikai* your rope wont bind me now *expand his bade to sphear to ush of the ropes still heading at a high speed at Sempai*
sempai-this is really clever of you. (thinks"this kid has battle experiance, but not enough)*hlds out rod till it hits the spheare and it competely stops* you should think again before such rash attacks. *sends a wave of water at Kevin, completely submerging him in it* you should have thought through that you ned to wait before you understand you opponent before you go into a battle stratagy. *the water forms a circle around kevin, with kevin in the middle, struggling for air and cant seem to swim* this water is extremely pressured, you wont escape *hold his rod up to hold the water in place*
Kevin-*yells banka in the water and attampts to break free with his explosions, but the explosion seems to be condenced by the water and the impact is absorbed*
Sempai-the extremely pressured water pretty much absorbs the impact of you explosions and cancels you ability out *lowers rod and the circle of water that kevin was trapped in hits the ground and splashes releasing him from the water prison*
Kevin-*caughs* you..your stronger than i thought.
Sempai-*hold hand out to kevin to pull him up* i am the third strongest captain, SEMPAI THE FISERMAN! haha *pulls kevin up* you are indead strong, i usually never use my abilities. I perfer the hook haha, and me long rod *puts the rod infront of groin to make the joke that it is his shaft*
Kevin-*does't laugh* your a very exetric man, sempai *stllsoaked in water*
Sempai- when you become stronger, then we will fight. And i am telling the truth, for you, it wont tak very long. *sempai makes a reference to kevins skills*
kevin-haha thx
Sempai-so will you follow me or do you want to go your own way? *looks down at Averis* i think he is aso a skilled warrior, seems a little weak to control that bankai of his.
Kevin-what is your bankai, Sempai?
Sempai-mine?! Oh it is way to flashy for my liking, it involves a big big biiiiig boom haha. but my question still stands, will you come with me?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Shikai: shiroi kiraboshi (white glittery stars)
Command: joushou amanohara (climb the sky)
• Nagareboshi (shooting star): the center piece (the star) lights up and with a wave of the sword it can shoot a star. (similiar to tobimune)
• bekuta nami (vector wave): my shikai can stretch like Gin's but in a zigzag form and in any direction, hence the way it looks.
• Ability: Each time it blocks it takes a LITTLE reatsu from the opponent and can use it to charge attacks.

Bankai: hyakuman shiroi kometto (million white comet)
• tsuiraku kiraboshi (falling glittering stars): stars shoot down
• shadou bekuta (shadow vector): same as "vector wave" but can come out of any source of shadows.
• Ability: ability to control stars from tsuiraku kiraboshi or create more from shadows.

Notes: all blades/vector or arrows is black, the star is always silver. the handle is always gray, ecept the shikai's handle cause its wraped. eveytime the zanpaktou changes the sword will glow and the star part will move to a different location of the sword.

name: Tomo Yoshiyuki
Age: 14
height: 5'5''
eye color:misty silver
Hair: black and straight short hair
expert in:lying (when needed), and getting in the minds of others.
Description: Though Tomo means "twin" he unfortunately died, due to a serious sickness that his twin didn't suffer from. When he got to soul society, he was fortunate to meet Captain Kurotsuchi who was in Tomo's district trying to look for more samples of bacteria for an experiment. CAptain Kurosuchi wouldn't have noticed Tomo, until a weak hollow appeared out of no where and went for Tomo. Captain Kurosuchi didn't do anything but watch with pleasure as he enticipated for the hollow to devour Tomo. Tomo seeing as he noticed the Captain's expression, turned to face the hollow. Being the fact that that was Tomo's first time seeing a hollow, Tomo looked at it curiously and while smiling grab the weak hollows neck and through it against a tree. Then, not knowingly Tomo made a ball of a spiritual energy and killed the hollow. The captain instantly realized of what he saw and took Tomo in and enrolled him the academy, there he slowly progressed and by the time he graduated he already knew his Shikai.
Of course being now a shinigami,out of favor he was put in the squad with Captain Kurosuchi. Unlike vice-captain Nemu, Tomo was never modified by the captain and left alone.
He would venture to the different parts of the soul society making friends. Now after becoming well known, people comment about his warm personality and his weird-ness to him. He is very loyal and can also be outgoing but knows how to act in different situations.He is the type of person who rather not fight but for some reason took the time to learn kido up to 89 without incantation. In his spare time he visits his captain and likes watching Captain Kurosuchi experiment. through these observation of the captain, tomo learned how to make different poisons and antidotes. Later in his life, he was able to reach bankai, but like rukia, was never given a seat out of favor.

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 Name: Shikai: shiroi kiraboshi (white glittery stars) Command: joushou amanohara (climb the sky)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Not, exactly how Kevin is, he didn’t even use Shikai, and he could have used the ball technique at the last second in order to doge it to begin with, (Cero and water, both very fair matchups against steel) or at least give him some air, and his Bankai’s explosion would be enveloped in the flames, Kevin’s a smart kid, he should know better. (Or at least I hope he does) But, on with the story!
Oh, and the reason the last section I wrote was so long was because I had some ideas planed out and I wasn’t fighting any of you, and I thought, why give them 8 pages of the people and their personality and their Zanpakto, but instead give them a little entertainment! That’s just what I thought.


Kevin: Oh, yes, you disappeared before I told you my answer.

Sempai: The wind and skull, I had never seen anything like it. I figured it might be from one of your friends.

Kevin: You’re right, (Looks down at Averis) I can’t just let this ball of chaos go…he still needs me…

Sempai: What about the other people you have with you?

Kevin: They can’t stop his, it’s way too much for water, and fire would just feed on it to the point that the skull of dust, turned into a giant ball of fire. That was a disaster, and it has happened before. Steel on the other hand, can control it.

Sempai: I can understand he has an undeveloped Bankai.

Kevin: Ya, thick skulled idiot.

Sempai: So he’s not dead.

Kevin: You really think that I would be talking right now if one of my close friends died?

Sempai: Ah, probably not. Can we work on his Bankai?

Kevin: That’s not the problem that IS his Bankai, it takes over his body, but he feels the pain. It’s just that his Zanpakto takes over his body and trashes it.

Sempai: Ah…

Kevin: I can provide braces, I can stop him before it gets to be too much, but no one can prefect his Bankai. That’s all that’s to it.

Sempai: So what is your final answer?

Kevin: My final answer is…that I can’t just leave him, (Looks at Averis) like this, it’s near madness. He needs me, and I’m not part of Soul Society, I shouldn’t have a rank, nor do I want one. We can be allies, but out Zanpaktos’ abilities are too far apart, we are nor the same nor opposites.

Sempai: So that’s a no.

Kevin: Ya, but I know someone who will go under you wing.


Seriously, if anyone wants to help AVERIS from near death, please feel free.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Tecno and Songoku: I have NO IDEA what you two are doing so I cannot react. Haha. I just destroyed a whole village and Songoku's warriors didn't react, so I left with Grim. Lol.

-----------------------------------------­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­--S­EKH­MET AND GRIM DISCUSS A PLAN.

Sekhmet: You understand that every being has a soul, whether or not it is evil or pure, correct?

Grim: I guess...

Sekhmet: Hah. Well, each soul contains a level of energy and that energy is concealed within the soul. The soul itself is a metaphorical object created by us. It is much more complex than that. A soul is a combination of several layers, and every layer represents something different. There is your personality, morals, and desires and your zanpakuto's. However, there is a component that transcends personality, it is an energy so pure it rivals the kings key. This engergy is beyond good or evil, it is the finest source of energy. It must be, it provides for the body and sustains a corporeal state.

Grim: ...souls...energy...um...okay.

Sekhmet: (Stares at grim and rolls her eyes) I'm make this simple for you, Grim. The energy in a soul can be harnessed and used to restore temporal space. In other words, it can reverse anything and negate an event!

Grim: A soul's energy can do something so amazing?

Sekhmet: Correct. It just needs to be harvested, filtered, and funneled into the appropriate equipment. That brings me to the second part of my plan. There are stations referred to as "amplifiers," in which accumulate this energy and broadcast it. These sites redirect energy as the user sees fit. To clarify, I will be able to use these amplifiers to recreate our beautiful city. However, this energy is so pure and so strong I cannot control it myself. That is why I need someone of pure blood and strength to assist me. You're strength and power will be the defining factor (smiles and puts pulls grims face in her direction). Do you understand?

Grim: I do. We can have our homeland back!

Sekhmet: Exactly! This energy will allow us to return the lands to what they were before those shinigami decimated them. I must warn you, Grim. This energy is nothing to be toiled with. It is so fine and unstable that it could overwhelm us and destroy our souls.

Azriel: This is the time when you ask, " What consequences does it have for those in the immediate and surrounding vacinity?" Of course, that might be stressful, therefore, I asked it for you.

Grim: (grinds teeth) I can ask it myself! So, what are the drawbacks?

Sekhmet: That is the benefit, there are none! It only becomes deadly when destabalized by destroying the amplifiers. You, myself, my angels and generals will not be affected. Even those stupid fools won't be, it will just reverse everything and it will become our home again.

Sekhmet: Brilliant plan! I know!

Songoku: Azriel is a boy. Two generals, and Azriel are boys. The angels are women and so is sekhmet. I said that! lol.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(a gate opens in hueco mundo forest)

Tesouro: Sekhmet wants more vasto lorde and arrancar souls, but they are so difficult to track down!

Passon: (chuckles) True. Despite this, we have to continue hunting. It may need reminding, but there are usually more than one within the same vicinity.

Yashnamiesh- We must remain vigilant tesouro. Let's keep a watchful eye! I sense one beneath us, in a deep part of the forest.

Passon: What now, Yashnamiesh-san.

Yashnamiesh: Stand back! (tunnels into the ground with a huge beam). Let's go.

(moments later)

Yashnamiesh: This is much easier than I would like! There is no fun in this! No blood shed or gore! (finishes consuming soul and impales vasto lorde).

Tesouro: (smashes vasto lorde in face and sents it flying to only be stopped by passon's punch to the back). What a fowl creature. These are the final form of a hollow? Pathetic!

Passon: (smashes hand through the stomache of the vasto lorde and pulls out immense energy and seals it up). I enjoy doing that!

Tesouro: What a miserable way to end such a pitiful exsistence.

Passon: It couldn't have happened to a better kind (laughs)!

Yashnamiesh: Hahaha. Let's go ladies, we have to deliver our prizes.(vanish).

Zalbeseal: So this pitiful village is home to another high ranking officer of the former 13 court guard squad? This is particularly fitting for such filth. Let's prompt our little friend to come out and greet us!

Traea: (Throws axe staff and it brings the houses crashing down)(muffled, soft, and eliquently spoken) I believe that confused and ungroomed shinigami is our target. I should not come expecting anything more, however, I admit I am dissapointed.

Zalbeseal: Bahahaha! He is quite pathetic, Traea. (man looks at them and unsheathes sword). Haha. Willing to put up a fight, I see.

Traea: (Appears behind man and smashes him in the back with her weapon. Walks over to the injured man and placed hand on his neck and lifts him up absorbing some energy and placing it in a canister). Such a pathetic display for a former shinigami vice-captain. I sense we have a visitor (looks to her left and spots a mysterious individual).

Zalbeseal: What is your name, little one?

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Suhfer said…
big smile
i already have everything planed out.
Im just not telling you.
You guys will still my ideas. *
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Trust me, no one wants to steal your ideas! :)Oh, and it is spelled "steal."
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey Crazieone, guess you don't need me to teach English.
Anyway, Crazieone, you were wondering what the heck happened, (Funny about who is lost now) Remamber how you said, four people apear from the gate, I took those charaters as my own, Kevin, Averis, Ella, and Person 4 (Still haven't thought of a name) and I realy hope you noticed the little, half of this page speach bubble I have up there. And if you didn't, then you realy don't care about what the heck is going on. But I am a noob, so to speak, and I don't know how to fight. (Fun Fact: I am in Karate) Funny how that works, I don't think songoku knows much of Kevin's fighting syle. He's making this kind of hard for me to fight/spare/what ever else you want to call it. He needs to think harder...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
---------------Traea and Zalbeseal--------------

Traea: Come on out shinigami, we know you’re there.

The shadow disappears, and Traea and Zalbeseal chase after it, but stop to discuss matters.

Zalbeseal: The reiatsu feels different, it’s new, and it got here recently.

Traea: So who is it?

Zalbeseal: I don’t know, but it has the reiatsu of a vice-captain at the very least.

Traea: Interesting, should we kill it?

Zalbeseal: It could be a treat.

Both disappear.


Running for her life, Ella tries to escape the huge reiatsu; her life was at risk, why did she have the urge to begin with? It didn’t make any scene. An axe like thing, so to speak, comes at her head. She barely blocks with her sword.

Traea: Found you. (Smiles devilishly)

Ella’s eyes widen, they caught up to her! This was all that instinct’s fault! If she just didn’t have that instinct…

Traea: Die shinigami! (Another person appears behind Ella, punching her in the ribs. She bends over from the blow, such power)

Traea brings the axe down to Ella’s neck. Suddenly, a shadow appears and snatches the axe and hurls the axe and Traea who still hangs on. Person 4 is who it is.

Ella: Jake?

Traea: You said there was only one!

Zalbeseal: There was! This other one must have been hiding his reiatsu!

Jake takes Ella by the waist and vanishes.

Traea: Which way?

Zalbeseal pauses: I…don’t know…

Traea: What do you mean you don’t know!

Zalbeseal: I mean I don’t know it disappeared, go ahead and check.

Traea concentrates, no sign of when the reiatsu when, or were it was: How?

Zalbeseal: I don’t know, they could be using a Zanpakto or tool, but there are way too many options.

Traea grinds her teeth: Fine, let’s continue our search. (Both vanish)


There’s barely any info on Jake, who you just got his name, and Ella, I’ll be focusing on them for a while, as well as Kevin and Averis. Crazieone, if you need to know anything then really look above what you have written lately!

Quiz: Element Zanpakto! Each of my characters can use a certain element for Shikai and Bankai. They’re looking for someone to fill in positions for light and dark. And their little group already has fire, earth, water, and wind. (Light, dark, fire, earth, water, and wind come from the China elements) Fill in the blanks of who has what element. (Crazieone, this is for YOU!) If you need any help, just read the large bubble full of text.


P.S. Crazieone, who are your angle’s names, I can’t figure it out.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Well, when I wrote "enter four individuals," I was expecting someone to engage my angels. However, you were obviously mislead by how I ended it. No matter, it is possible to engage them at any other time. If you do not remain watchful and focused your warriors will wind up dead. Trust me, Kofisius can attest to this fact. :) I look forward to battling your warriors. I should remind you, my angels are beyond shinigami and arrancar. You'll experience a whole new type of battle with them.

Zalbeseal is waiting!

Veznesel: (floating within her black, milky shadows, she drops a shinigami with his soul in her hand). I understand our purpose for obtaining these grotesque shinigami souls. However, what I don't understand is why they believe cloaking their reitsu will prevent me from spotting them (vanishes and the next sight is her hand through a shinigami's chest). You were sorely outranked little one(flicks blood off her hand).

Nuvem: (returns to Veznesel's side and throws two headless shinigami on the ground). This is three! These shinigami barely put up a reasonable fight! They're pathetic. What is even more pathetic is how no one comes to save them!

Veznesel: Hah! Quite pathetic indeed. I believe we're done here then.

mysterious individual 1: Leaving so soon?

Mysterious individual 2: After making such a mess?

Veznesel: (chuckles and steps in front of Nuvem). I believe you're with Tenchi, right?

Zalbeseal: How beautifully done! With such skill and grace, he pummeled you and whisked his love away! He's hiding his reistu much better than our previous foes. Despite this, he will not get too far.

Traea: He was pretty strong to fling me like so! I want to fight him! It will be the most fun i've had in a long, long time. Not sense that moment where I killed Songoku's beloved shinigami. Haha.

Zalbeseal: Our friend doesn't have as much control as we previously assumed. His reitsu keeps spotting the country side! Ready? (Traea nods) Go! (both vanish).

(suddenly Jack drops Ella in order to dodge an axe to the head. He recovers and dodges Ella and goes to catch Ella, but she is missing).

Zalbeseal: You look overwhelmed with fear (Grins and chuckles)! (Jake looks behind him) Panicked, little one? I believe this is because I have your girlfriend. Don't fret, I'll take good care of her (lets out an insidious chuckle while looking at Jake. Jake stares at Zalbeseal in awe and thinks to himself).

Jake: (Inner-monologue)What is this sensation...I can't get a hold on it! He is just staring at me and smiling...Why do I feel this way. This feeling is torturesome...(Jake's hand begins to tremble).

Zalbeseal: (Holds an unconscious ella) What if I dropped? Would you try and pass me to save her? You could try, but there is a good chance you'd find yourself missing a limb afterwards. You look flushed? What ever could be the matter?


Traea: You truly believe you're acting completely self-righteous. You shinigami are so transparent.

Zalbeseal: Ha ha ha. That is a perfect description for this boy (suddenly the air thickens and begins to feel heavy).

Jake: (gasps for air) Ugh...what is going on. It feels like an ocean is above me...weighing down on me.

Zalbeseal: (chucks Ella and Jake vanishes to catch her but is stopped with Zalbeseal sitting standing within inches of him) I don't know how to stress this enough, but you should concentrate on your battle with me, otherwise...You'll die.

(Zalbeseal smashes Jake in the stomach and sends him flying backwards)

Tecno- You will figure out all the information about my warriors if you battle them. Choose carefully.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---fishermans proposal---

Sempai-well, if you insist on not joining, i can't stop you. Im sure you defend for yourself. but if you suggest someone, i would have to fight him or her as well. I need to now what skill level they are at.
Kevin-i see, anyway i need to help my freind.
Sempai- no need *he slowely dips the red hook onto the faint waarior and water seems to heal the wounds* i may not be the best healer, but that should be fine, just allow time to rest.
Kevin-thank you, thank you so much.
Sempai- i owe you for saving me. If you need a comrad in a battle, just yell out Glorious fisherman!
Kevin-god your cocky
SEmpai-true, and im proud i am haha, good luck to you *vanishes*
Kevin-ill see you some day, fisherman.

-----angel vs the new captains-----

???-you are correct
???-we are.
Veznesel-can i ask what your name are, worms?
Mayumi-i am Mayumi Samsara
Ray- i am Ray Reinsho
Nuvem-they seem pathetic.
Veznesel-and they are, they dont stand a chance. If you wish to live i would leave now. Our you can have your blood be spilt all over my sword.
Nuvem-i like that last one.
Ray-you wish, Ill take on the smart mouth. You can have the other one.
Mayumi-fiiine. *takes out her sword and slashes Veznesel, who blockes, then sends her to into the ground* your my opponent for now.
Veznesel-Ill gladely slice you up into peices.
mayumi-you wish, but first lets play a game. Gamble, shujinko. *a wave of reatsu pushes Veznesel back a little and then realises a change. Mayumi now has a long katana with a red hilt and a jagged blade with a coin on the tip* my ablility is very selfish, it doesn't like interfearences.
Veznesel-haha, that is a very sad shikai, CERO!! *yet nothing happens* what!
Mayumi-haha, my ability is to make people play my game, my way. You see this coin *starts to throw coin in the air and catches it with the tip of her sword* the point of the game is to hit the coin, then attack once, then it is the next turn, but that person has to hit the coin up and do two slashes, then the other opponent does three, then four, then five. It switches and gain 1 extra hit for the next player. this time its just you and me. Oh and the second rule...you can't block. *Veznesel is stunned and Mayumi throws the coin up in the air and slashes behind Veznesel clear from the right shoulder to left hip* rule three you need to hit the coin up before you attack, or you die. *Veznesel quikely gains the chance and catches on quikely and jets toward the coin, hits it up and appears infront of mayumi*
Veznesel-so you can't block, this will be fun. *cuts mayumi twice, viciously* did that not hurt you?
Mayumi-not really *appears under the coin as it falls* i thought you wouldn't catch on fast enough, this will be fun. *hits the coin up again and slashes three times* your turn *Veznesel is clearly struggling do to the jagged blade cutting her*
Veznesel (inner monolauge)- this could be harder than i thought.

Ray-so, Nuvem. youll be my opponent. ill allow you to go first. Your free to attack me.

(what will happen to ray?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---grims alliance---

Grim-that is a brilliant plan. I hope we are on the same page that I only want to have our city back. *starts to flex in his new body*
this power, its amazing. I love to feel my own power through my vains. And, im sure no one will be able to destroy us. The creator and the detroyer. My power and yours. We will never be stopped.
Sekhmet-i agree completely. This plan will lead us to our final goal and bring us to a peaceful end. that is of course after the blood and gore that we must cause before this action.
Grim- i understand, i will emidietly start. what would you like me to to first...Sekhmet?
Sekhmet- i would perfer if you...
(what will sekhmet say)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
----souls appearance----
: What a miserable way to end such a pitiful exsistence.
Passon: It couldn't have happened to a better kind (laughs)!

Yashnamiesh- this is rather boring killing these vasto lords
???-then why do you do it, what are you goin to do with their sealed soul essance.
Tesouro-and you are?
Soul-I am Soul. And all i want from you is to find out your conspiracy?
Passon-Conspiracy? dont make me laugh *charges at Soul*
Soul-check mate *wipes out his sword and trips Passon with it and while he is still in the air he slices up and down deeply in his side, bringing him to the ground, grogging in pain* I guess you to would like to tell me.
*the two angels are not phased, but rather excited to have a good fight*
Soul- i would release you abilities, if you want to last a minute with me.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: (coughs and holds side, but wounds can be seen. Her black milky clouds cover her whole body and prevent anyone from seeing anything but a fainy sillohette). How am I going to beat you...you're so strong...i'm completely wounded..

Mayumi: You're so weak!

Veznesel: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! You must be kidding? Did you believe that? You're such a joke. I don't even need to block your attacks they are so weak. None of your attacks can pass through my cloak, which is why I am unharmed. I'm much quicker than you, so you may try.

Mayumi: What? (Veznesel is behind him and then suddenly infront of him and then dissapears again). Where are you?

Veznesel: Your zanpakuto seems to have a bit of a weakness. Normally when you gamble you hope that luck is on your side. You have 50/50 chance of being able to attack. However, in this game you're not better so much on chance rather than speed. What a baseless wager. The likelyhood that you will be faster than your opponent. Ha ha ha ha!

(Tosses coin and slashes Mayumi across the chest)

Veznesel: I am allowed to attack as many times as possible, aren't I? You chose the wrong opponent, shinigami. Do you know who I am?
I am Veznesel of the elite generals in Sekhmet's army.

Mayumi: What?!?!?! But...you're just an angel..

Veznesel: That would be convenient for you wouldn't it?

Mayumi: ...she is an angel, though...

Veznesel: Oh, yes, Nuvem is an angel. I'm afraid, no matter how much you try, i won't be an angel. I am the primero arch angel, Veznesel. We arch-angels are the elite of the group (smiles).

Mayumi: Arch-angel...you're the first?

Veznesel: You're not as hopeless as I had thought *Mayumi tosses coin and before he can swing his sword veznesel intercepts wins the toss and slashes mayumi not with her sword, but with her hands. He is seen spurting blood from his chest and back). Again...you're in over your head, fool.

(Gate opens and out walks Galgalzzi and Baello)

Galgalzzi- Looks like our comrades have run into some snags (smiles)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Mayumi-*holds stomach* ha..HAHAHAHA *quikely catches the coin on the flat side of her blade* if your the high elite, the this will be more fun then i thought. I have a very high pain tolerance. now let me show you what my skill truely accompishes. trows up here blade with the coin* Bankai! half of the coin dissolves and before Vezesel could realize, both her arms have aso been dissolved along with Mayumi's* this is the greedy power, my bankai dissolves the coin by fourths, each fourth counting as a leg or an arm. in this situation, both of our arms have been dissolved with the coin *catched her sword in her mouth with the coin still on the flat side* No more to say. *flicks the coin up and appears behind Veznesel and slashes her, then hits the coin again and slashes again and again* my bankai also limits your barrier to an extent, true you are more powerfull but can you last endless cuts?

(Veznesel, without her arms, has not figuered out how she will win this battle at this moment, her cloak is giving in do to Mayumis bankai and her sword is on the ground!)

*all of a sudden Sempai appears*
Sempai-oh! its my baby, without her arms but none the less she is adorable, i wish she noticed me over Soul *pouts* oh well, ill just watch her beat this other chick.
*sempai levitates in the air observing the one he loves from above*
Mayumi-your turn *fliks the coin with her sword that was in her mouth* remember if you dont catch it with our weapon, you loose.

Veznesel-*stunned and in panic on what she will do next*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Yashnamiesh: STOP! (Angels stop). I gave you no direction, so you stand behind me! Soul, the leader of those psuedo-shinigami. How noble of you!

Soul: How did you know that?

Yashnamiesh: Well, Sekhmet informed us all about you. And even if she hadn't, I would have assumed you ranked reletively high. Your strength is obvious and you are still searching.

Soul: Searching?

Yashnamiesh: Of course! Your type are always searching for a deeper meaning. And when you believe you found one, it somehow drives someone else from happiness (gate opens). You may wish for answers and you may think you'll be getting some, but you aren't. Your kind never recieve answers because everything you do is based on selfish soul searching, pardon the choice in words. (Angels walk through gate).

Soul: Where do you think you're going?

Yashnamiesh: I am leaving this reched place with everything I came here for and that certainly was not you (walks into gate and fires a cero as she does it).

Soul: B****
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
soul-*easily reflects the cero to the side of him csing a quake and a crater to his left and attempts to get to the gate before it closes, but its to late, it has closed and he is left with a deep and depresed heart* why must they hide their plan from me *clenches fist* i cant stay here forever and be useless. *acts calm* i need answers. were will i get nswers. And wy wont Sekhmet talk to me, after al i have done for her, after our past. i will......I will fight her and this time i wont let her run away. Even if i have to kill all her comrades. *vanishes, and appears at the base and sees May asleep with two ther shinigami*
what is going on?
Tenchi-May is talking to these two about a plan to goin us and fight Sekhmet, yet i dont trust them, in this state. they canot harm us.
Soul-where is Sempai, Mayumi, and Ray?
Tenchi-they went out to patrol the area. all this chaus with the angels and all.
Soul-they are stronger than you think. they might be killed.
Tenchi- i trust them. Sempai will be fine, and so wil the rest.
Soul-you better be right *still calm* we need all the power we have.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: (Completely calm because Veznesel never panics). Tisk, tisk, you are such a sad excuse for a shinigami substitute. (suddenly an arm branches out of veznesel and catches the coin) This is not a barrier or a shield in all reality its me. These black cloud that is formed around me is my body, my composition it becomes a protective because of my immense spiritual pressure. (smiles)

Mayumi: What? Impossible!

Veznesel: On the contrary little girl! This is my body, so thoght your bankai can counter barriers and decompose shields it has no affect against my whole body. If I recall, it only removes quarters, so my arms. If so, you cannot hope to penetrate my skin. This is beyond pathetic, too. I haven't even released my sword! That isn't my zanpakuto! That is the sword of a fallen shinigami! My sword is concealed within my cloak. Here is the most amazing part about my cloak is it acts as a second body! So when I am beneath it's protection, you don't have my true body to harm. Thankfully I have a unique composition (laughs and mawks Mayuri).

Mayuri: You don't have hands!

Veznesel: What do you call this (hand holding coin)? Though it may not be my real hand, you cannot expect me to completely fall prey to your bankai? This substitute hand is wonderful enough and it is simply a portion of my actual self. Regeneration is so useful! (A sword is visible as is poked out from her cloak and suddenly it flies out and stabs Mayuri in the chest) Did I mention I have complete control over my zanpakuto? It yields to my every command!

Mayuri: (Blood begins oozing out of her mouth on her sword. She coughs and drops her sword). Ah...ah..guh. You evil witch...

Veznesel: It may prevent me from using particular powers, but not a cero my dear.

Mayuri: Good luck with that (coughs up blood)You don't have any hands to collect energy with...(sword flies out and cuts her across the neck, and returns to veznesel).

Veznesel: Dang, you are right. This isn't really my true hand...I guess not hands will have to do! (suddenly energy bursts from veznesel and hurtles toward Mayuri).

Mayuri: WHAT?!?!?!?!?! IMPOSSIBLE! (The beam smashes through Mayuri and sends her to the floor and her bankai releases its hold on veznesel)

Veznesel: Easy enough, I suppose. I have my hands back, how wonderful (smiles).

(A gate opens and out comes Sekhmet and Azriel)

Azriel: Looks as if my sister just finished having some fun.

Veznesel: Master...brother. What brings you all the way here.

Sekhmet: Having fun while those souls waste away outside the body?

Veznesel: Forgive my imputence, master. I could killed her off within moments, but I was selfish and indulged in some fun torture.

Azriel: (smirks). So typical. Look at that pitiful shinigami lifeless and with wounds so deep. She's missing a limb, you certainly became overzealous.

Veznesel: She was a delicious kill!
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