ब्लीच ऐनीमे Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
cool. once again in the same position. anyway...

you know the flora your beating up is just another of those figures. maybe you didnt notice i dont know. remember that there were ten figures and now there seem to be twenty all advancing and coming closer with enflamed zanpakutos (the red shot of fire technique)...

quickly yet ominously they advance like zombies except with what seemed like intelligence. the espada quickly realizes this and with swift movements makes the effort to defeat them. when they are dealt with from behind another of the *floras attach onto her and with the voice of the dead soldiers a shinigami says "katsu" (explode).

smoke envelopes the arena and as dust settles the espada is looking more and more infuriated by the second. she quickly recovers and replies with a calm expression "you and your cheap parlor tricks!" and without thinking fires an incredulous amount of ceros at all of the soldiers. finally finished she sighed with the relief of being able to quell her anger. but the worst wasn't over... this time 40 more soldiers latch onto her at once. the espada quickly realizes the situation and knows that any sudden movement will cause each one of the warriors to explode. such an explosion would even do her a bit of damage.

suddenly using soaring heavens another shinigami appears who looks again like flora on top of a building and says "bakudo no. 99 kin!!" out of nowhere black rods intervene in the battle and traps the physical movement of the espada. afterwards weights drop down onto the rods as a security measure. the shinigami jumps down from the building and approaches the espada.
when face to face. the espada suddenly becomes shocked at the fierce resolve in her eyes... only to be confronted with a quick spit on the face. the espada becomes enraged by this only to be silenced by the draw of the shinigamis sword. she prods the sword on her forehead and says "i wouldnt be talking if i were you , unless you dont value your life". quickly the espada retorts "shutup if you value yours..." once again she is silenced by her words "bakudo 63 sajo sabuku and now gochu tekkan" the espada retorts once again with a "you fool! using these techniques just to trap me is useless!" the shinigami smiles secretly and replies "their not useless i meen we dont want poor old soul society to get blown up now do we?"
the espadas expression changes into sheer terror as she realizes what the shinigami is about to do next...


once again the dust settles and the espada is mortally wounded...
"you b****!!!" suddenly the whole arena is emanating with reiatsu... she foolishly charges towards the shinigami. she smiles and says "you fool its about time that you started learning about others instead of destroying them, but im about to take a page out of your book..." she sheathes her sword and says "proteja su amo Fauna!" (protect your master fauna!) a giant tree grows out of the espada and she starts explaining "that tree is supposed to drain you life force,reiatsu and body resistance until you are sucked dry. its one of my zanpakutos abilities..." 20 seconds later the once beautiful espada is a grey old hag whos facial features would never be recognized, her bones and skin began to crumble away and fade to ash... "now that you are nothing but earth you shall be really easy to fertilize..." from where the ash stood sprouts a proud tree with her facial features embedded within it. the ash however becomes one with her zanpkuto and is forever fusioned with it reiatsu and power and she mutters"goodbye adversary of the heathens..."
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(Play song while you read this)

You...will fail...I promise you.

Folding winds, overlapping skies, black is day and light is night, rising earth, sifting sand, Colors blend and sounds cease bellows, fires roar, and stars fall. See it, feel it, the divine blade piercing the image of existence. BAKUDO #115 temporal dissintigration! (A huge light pierces the sky and sends out pulses)

(Events begin to fade as Kido ages and wounds heal)

"AHHHHH!!!!! CEROOOOO!!!!!! (A huge cero belows out and destroys everything near by)


You want to know who I am? I am...(Pulls down waist of her outfit revealing number on her hip) Pardel...Sexto espada! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!! (Flora completely astonished that she is fighting one of the lower ranked espada and having such a difficult time). I will END THIS NOW!!!!!

No shikai, JUST BANKAI!

...(calmly)unveil your glorious gale...Piuma Diaedo!!
(Huge beam of light comes rushing from the sky engulfing the sexto espada and tremendous winds are destroying everything around her while the ground is being peeled away by the shear force of her release. She is revealed with 6 huge wings and a halo like crown with to huge fan like weapons. She truly looks like an angel).

"This battle is OVER! No use using any kido I know every spell to counter it and even more spells. We were the inventors after all. You should truly repent now... Diadora!!! (Huge streams of wind start flowing at Flora. The wind is ripping up ground and trees.) AHA! (Before Flora can react she is cut in the chest by Pardel and as she cuts her she turns around swifty and swipes her fan at Flora sending flora flying with tremendous force). "Do you like my bankai, little girl? Don't think its just wind, it is the energy all around us and I can use it as a projectile with my fans (Uses fans in a gyrating motion and pushes cans forward with fans protruding in Floras direction. It sends huge rushes of projectile at Flora but Flora realizes that she is being cut) My projectile also carries with it some very small shards from my fan) Hahaha. I could have handles you with my shikai but I truly wanted you to tremble and I wanted to see the life drain from you!
"DIADORA" (huge jet streams surround flora and incircle her. She is being slowly cut with the shards while engulfed in the wind) "DIADORA KADORI!!!"

One fan Is seen spreading out further and then detatching its sheets and dissipating in the wind. Pardel is seen smirking "Hahahahah!"
(Huge blades incircle flora slicing her up and she falls to her knees gasping for air) "Did I mention? While you breathed you inhaled some blades, which are now circulating through your body and slicing you to ribbons, slowly, but surely." (Flora coughes up blood and falls to the ground). "What will be going through your head while you take your last breath? Let me quell your concerns by saying I will take good care of your friends. I will slice them up so fine they can join you. I can't imagine how your friends will feel now. There are 5 other angels which are 5 times stronger than I, and if you mangage to fight them you'll have to deal with our Generals. No luck, on your behalf. Hahahaha!" Raises hand and lets out a ground smashing stream of wind which lifts flora and throws her...(She is seen bleeding profusely and not breathing on the ground). "I told you, this would only end badly. My prediction came true." (Pardels wings fold over her and they then begin to peel as the feathers break off and she is seen in her normal form. She resheates her blade on her leg). Stupid girl...I'll always remember you. I still have one grey strip of hair.(Smiles and vanishes).
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim- hahahahahaha, this seems amusing. What have we here, seems like shinigami's are fighting the ones of begining.*Angels and shinigami all look at the young long black haired child*

I wouldn't mind getting in on this action. *ground quakes as Grim floats to the ground and the air grows cold* Now the battle has changed... Shinigami! Angels! I am sorry to interupt such entertaining fights, and i am especially sorry for my people. I plan on finding the princess of my people, the one who trained me *Clenches fist* and the one who left me alone all those years ago. *fist slowely unclenches* I have decided to find out who is in the princesses army and the ones who appose them, and destroy them.

*a huge wave of energy blows angels and shinigami backwards*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim-Shinigami, i am assisting you in your defence...for now. Do not think i am working for you and or lesser than you. I only want to kill the princess and all her people for abandoning me when my powers were still maturing. Ill let you decide who ill start out with, most of them should recognize me do to the fact that i am part of their people. And once all the angels are dead, ill start cutting all you shinigami down, so i would enjoi me assisting you while you can.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
don't you dare walk away from me pardel....
who do you think you are defeating my minions like that?!
i have not even stepped into the battlefield only for you to declare yourself the victor.
my zanpakutos release is unique and doesn't require any form or summons. i am disgusted that i have to fight someone as low ranking as you... i thought that sending 40 different minions will be enough to hold you all off for bakuen-sama to come back to fight.
but you have ticked me off so bad that i had to go into shikai.
now is the time for me to fight, but before you do alert your 3rd espada that i am coming. i want to fight someone more worthy of my caliber...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
flora rushes towards the smiling espada obviously annoyed. she draws her sword and instantly 100 soldiers come to her aid all in perfect unison and with the exact same looks and dressing as flora... the espada becomes exited about this and clearly want to beat her up even more for giving her that ugly grey stripe. but before flora can do anything she vanishes with the words"if you really wanna fight for real come to the fifth squad barracks... ill entertain you there"
clearly annoyed flora let her leave but only for her to be confronted by another espada. the 3rd!!!!!
(> <)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim- hahahahaha, this could be fun. Flora, you move on, ill be the thirds opponent. Well espada, are you going to start or will i have to?

*rushes toward 3 espada, barely giving time to take out his sword...Metal clashes*
i guess it will have to be me espada
*sword starts to eminate a white aura, and the 3rds sword begins to crak, noticing this he pulls away in shok*

As i said flora, you keep going. If you have the strength to fight another espada, maybe find a higher rank if you want to be slaughtered......But for you espada, you will be definetly be slaughtered. Flora.

well 3rd espada...what is your name?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
flora stares at him with a furious expression on her face and says

"i am disgusted that you think i am weak, temporary ally. but if it is to protect the peace and tranquility in this world then i shall obey. you may think that i was injured but that was just another of the minions that my zanpakuto can create and command. i however never stepped foot into that fight, i just watched and analyzed to see what would happen. you see these minions look just like me, have the same but a weaker level of abilities than me and are built to explode when about to be captured.
with this ability i was able to control the battle from afar without even suffering a scratch. that is the basic ability of my zanpakuto fauna. so if you dare mock me again, when this is over i shall be the one to cross swords with you..."

she looks at him again and uses a quick shunpo to find another opponent...

meanwhile verdugo and wendigo are running around aiding fellow shinigami while the assault begins to take effect.

el and kang are also aiding in this and are doing their best to protect others from the invasion. before long they too are confronted by two other espada.

encandora and feliciti are also are on the move to help aid soul society...

however karukai, bakuen ,blane, horus, xanxar ,fuuton
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim-Looks like the shinigami are dieng evn with my arrival. *looks at Galgalzzi, then at the limp corpse of flora* tsk tsk. Well Galgazzi, you seem to be the most dangerous here. ill start off with you *clashes swords and sends Galgazzi back with a push*
well Galgazzi, are you going to fight!? *clashes wepons again and
Galgazzi's wepon begins to crak*

"Oni devestator major (pronounced mayor, mean young in spanish)"
*ground quakes as a huge white explosion is created, then sowely the dust begins to fade*
that wasn't even 1/1000 of the ability. And i sence that your in aot of pain. Are you going to fight?

*in the distance Kenaka and songoku appear along side Azriel*
Kenaka- how is the battle holding up?
songoku- we tried to hold of grim, but we couldn't, he passed us.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Azriel-This is unexceptable...

Galgalzzi- Haha. You are using an ancient technique. You're that elusive character that has been wreaking such havok. Allow me to...(Azriel appears)
Azriel- Don't. Sekhmet doesn't want you to both, you must contend with a new development.
Galgalzzi- Huh? How dare you order me around! Well, It appears I have no choice. Sekhmet's orders are the path I journey down. Till next time, fool. (vanishes)
Azriel- You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into (Slowly turns head around and sees a huge garganta ripping the sky. Emerges Top four Espada, Aizen, Gin, and Tousen). They arrived fairly quickly. Looks like I have a job to do. I was given the task of taking out the Dos Espada because of his powers. You cannot
interfere, so I will prevent you from doing so. (Stares at Grim) You nickname is revolting. We all know who you are, you traitor. How could you take arms against your own people despite the circumstances. People like you disgust me, you should perish alongside the Shinigami. Points finger Bakudo # 121 Demon Gate

That will contain you for a short while, long enough for me to carry out Sekhmet's wishes.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(play soundtrak as yu read)

Grim- hmmmmm, this is a interesting technique and you dont understand my betrayal Azriel, but you soon will. *as he is being contained* hmmmmm this will hold me for about 20 minutes, use your time wisely. *sealed...for now*

Kenaka- finally aizen is here, *appears infront of aizen*
Tousen/Gin- !!!!!!
*charges at kenaka*.
Kenaka-what a digusting group.*rolls up sleaves revealing new weights, then spins as both gin and tousen are opproximetly one foot away hitting bothe with each weight, send both of them flying creating a huge creator on the left and right were they landed with emence force* your turn aizen
aizen- break....
ainzen-!!! what, what is this! my ability its.. its.. *examines sword revealing a snake tatoo spiraling up his blade* This again! you insignificant worm!
Kenaka- It is you that is the worm aizen, you have caused much pain and suffering throught your years. I intend to return the favor. *aizen rushes at kenaka*. "Zakuna, take control of the battle" * a wave of red reiatsu blows back aizen and then he notices a change*
Zakuna/Kenaka- Phycotic laugh- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, how does it feel to loose your powers and to only relly on skill! Though me and my conterpart have diffrent skills, we share them hehehehe, your mine! *swings at aizen with his sword in his left hand, breaking aizens blade and cutting him from the right shoulder to the left side of the waist as blood shoots out of the wound...Aizen baks up breathing hard*
Zakuna/Kenaka-...hahahha, im not even left handed hehehehe *psychotic laugh and all Aizens followers are in shok*
Dos espada- that insect is finally getting what should have come to him alot earlier HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Azreil apears infront of him*....ahhhhhs so your my oppnent. *azreil stares*
Starrk- Aizen.......is loosing!
Eliza- thats true, he is loosing. My master is pretty impressive isn't he. But im your opponent, no time for chit chat. Lets start this battle! I am 3rd in Kenakas army, Eliza Hisagi!

*yamamoto and other captains observe*
Soifon- looks like all the battles are taken up
Songoku-not all battles, remember me......baby. *takes out sword and slashes soifon, who barely had time to react and take out her sword, upwards into the sky*
Soifon- Songoku!!! what are you doing here! I thought yamamoto said you died fighting n army of arrancar!
Songoku- you think that would kill me! Yamamoto mearly sealed me! He said i was groing to powerfull and was starting to become filled with pride! I would have love to have come back to you...baby, but i understand you and all the other catains heard about this earlier than i did! And you didn't do anything about it! Fight me...*whispers "corazone", means heart in spanish, resembles a intamit connection, and sure enough soifon releases her shikai*
Soifon- i will assure you... i had nothing to do with that, i never even head anything like it!
Songoku- Stop your leis! I have been assigned to kill you because of your potential harm of your ability by my master. And im glad to be the one assigned!
Soifon-*begins to cry* I will fight but only for you to ralize that i would have never let that happen! *flash steps behind songoku*
Songoku- Shibai (play), Monkey king *golden reatsu blinds soifon and then is hit with a golden rod that pushes her back a ways away* i will never trust you, and i dnt you will ever convince me, i trusted you before and you crushd that trust. Its time for you to get what you deserve!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
first of all crazieone (dont take this the wrong way) but she aint dead yet and neither are verdugo and wendigo. you see this was all part of my plan from the very beginning. all that stuff about them attacking your peeps were all lies. my plan was to have us use a garganta from our first battle in your realm to a separate reality we call the semisphere. this place was created by bakuen-sama to help us train and recover for our battle. we all thought that the members of soul society like the captains would be able to put up with the assault...

so we used this area to train our butts off. fortunately this place will allow us 24 hours in the space of one in the real world. we thought that this and more time was necessary 4 our return.

so we thought that if we used floras clones from he zanpakuto and verdugos illusion mist we thought that it was useful enough to carry out normal commands in soul society. and we thought that as an extra precaution we would use mist trnasformation which was a replacement technique verdugo lerned in before you used your bakudo so that even though you released the illusions they would still appear to be there.this replacement technique is actually a contortion of the item/person to make them look like something else.

at the moment we are you could say levelling up our techniques so that we can improve them. now we have an almost complete moveset which has been completely remastered. you could call it an awakening of our zanpakutos special, hidden capabilities. this way you could say we would be a better adversary for next time.

dont get me wrong i know when to quit and accept defeat. but to have three valuable soldiers dead so quickly! no way i just cant stand by and allow my plan to fall into ruin! you hear where im coming from crazieone?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
and yeah maybe none of my warriors are very strong but dont count them out just yet crazieone. their potential is just awakening. id say that they are 43% ready to fight their opponents.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim- you dont have much time left..Azriel *power starts to break through the seal, emense power*

Kenaka/zakuna- haha aizen, your done for *blood shoots out of Zakunas right shoulder* !!!!!!!! what is this!?
Aizen-you think i would fall for the same move twice, *aizen fades* i examined the ability and it is only when you point your skikai at the one it targets, thus i performed an illusion to start of with. You failed Zakuna.
Zakuna-...haha..HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA *Psycotic laugh* well let my start with using my promary ability! *jumps high into the sky*
SNAKE PRISON! *4 snake statues form 200 miles away from each other making a square, than a dark aura connects them* Even if i cant find you, i will crush anything in this prison....even me hahahahahahahahaha! and i also made sure my release in energy blew away every one but you aizen, so its just you and me right now aizen hahahahaha
*Everything in the dark cube shatters and cube slowely fades revealing rubble*
Zakuna-haha...ha..i did it. i did it. *falls from the sky to the rubble below*

Starrk- What power! well eliza, i guess i do have a reason to fight you now. KICK LOS LOBOS!
Eliza- haha, interesting. *takes out a rapier from sheath*
CUT, FAUST! *swords turns into a nearly see through blade resembling a large scalple*
Starrk- hmmmm i guess ill start. *shoots 1000 ceroes*
Eliza-!!!! Shit!

*loud sounds are heard like thunder as the close combat between soifon and songoku continues*
Songoku- you cant win! I easily beat youruichi! you are out of my leuge! *monkey staff extends and pierces soifons stomach and goes right through hitting the bulding behind her*
Soifon *caughs out blood* Why...why dont you beleive me...Songoku. *faints*
Songoku-*returns staff size to normal than catches soifon as she falls fom the sky*......I am really sorry.. corazone. I am the strongest close combat worrior in existance. I dont understand why you had to fight. *puts hand on her wound and heals it* I dont want to kill you, i dont know why. I have so much hate for you, yet i feel that i dont have the right to hurt you. *slowely sets her down* When you wake up..i will be there for you. I beleive you..soifon. *leaves to find another opponent*

GRIM- IIIIMMMMMMM BAAAACK hahahahahahhahahaha *energy is notices by everyone*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(listen to music, or just play the one i had last time as you read this)
Grim- *goes to the group of shinigami in rage* hahaha die!!!!!
All captains-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grim- hahahahhahahahahaha, ONI DEVESTATOR MAJOR (mayor)!!!!!!!!!!!
*huge explosion of energy though Yamamoto escaped, all other captains are mortally wounded*
hahahahhahahahahaha, now let me explain my zampaktous power! My zampaktou is a creation diety! the creator of planets and the cosmos! Thus i can do this!
*raises black sword in the air, the ground begins to shatter and the rubble floats up about 30 miles above grim forming a large metior!* hahahahhaahaha and since i canc create natural velocity with gravity, i can destroy this whole arena leaving only one survivor.....ME HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA *metior still floating above him* Are you scared everyone!? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA! Are you frightened of my power! hahahhahahahahahaha NO ONE CAN STOP ME!
Captains-*shake with fear*
Kenaka-*looks up in agony* shi..shi..shit *falls back down*
Songoku-Thi....this is the end *looks up at the metior hoplessly*
Grim- i can sense your fear! i sense your hoplessness! It ammuses me hahahahahahahahahahahahha *swings sword downward causing the metior to exelerate in the same direction*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Cease noise, sever night, rip day, and tear life. Bakudo 177: Destabilizing Vortex (A ball is seen forming infront of the attack and suddenly becomes still. Abruptly the ball erupts sending ripples throughout the sky and air consuming the entire attack with litte effort. Despite distance, all captains, angels, and Espada take a moment to recognize such power. A women is seen with her finger pointed).

Sekhmet: You will not harm the shinigami, angels, or espada. I have no intention of allowing a bitter memory to ruin my objective. You're such a child and you always have been.

...I see most captains escaped any harm, but in case not.

Bakudo 115: Temporal Disintegration (All wounds for Shinigami, Espada, and Angels are healed).

Go my angels, wreak havok further and I will deal with this infant.

So...you've decided to allow your childish antics to overcome your training? Did I not warn you centuries ago that your lack of discretion and disipline would be your undoing? Is it required that I always demonstrate my points with an example? It's as if you haven't changed a bit. Nothing but a mindless child. It's sickening to watch.

(Suddently grim is seen propelled back into a building. Sekhmet looks away and shows no emotion).

Azriel (inner monologue)- I could barely sense her movements and I suspect none of those shinigami could either. Her speed tripled in seconds and guaging from that speed, to an unskilled warrior it looked as if she never even moved.

Barragan: Shall we finish this, warrior? Arrogante!
Azriel: I understand you are the Espada that represents Aging or death. You assume that such powers will easily thwart my efforts to distract you. However, I wasn't stationed her to distract. I was instructed to annihilate you, which is something I am more than capable of doing. Aging can breach the boundaries of life, but not shadows. Shadows are endless and ever lasting.

Yamayana Yarayishii.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Play song....

Sekhmet- Traea, will you please dissapoint of friend Songoku for me. And do give him my deepest apologies.

(Appears- Traea in front of Soifon and Songoku)
" I imagine you wonder why I am here (Songoku looks beside him and SoiFon is gone) I believe you're bewildered expression is due to this girls sudden absence. (soifon stands helpless beside Traea and she swings her huge axe-like staff right into soifons torso. Blood bathes the ground and soifon lays lifeless) I was instructed to quote apologize unquote. (No expression is visible as her eyes are only slightly visible through her mask). You may save any words or feelings you wish to express, I have neither the time nor patience. You liking for this Shinigami was inconsequential and her removal was a cruial component of the original designe. Your dissaproval is not necessary, so spare me. Did you truly believe she would be spared? So long, friend. (vanishes)

Songoku stands confused as Soifon lays dead. He recognizes that he is much too slow to follow Traea and preceeds to find Kanaka.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(plat sound trak for the first two)

Grim- Hahahaha, finally. I have been waiting for awhile now...Sekhmet, *seems to vanish from the bulding he had made a small cratter in and grabs Sekhmets face while still jetting forward* I have learned much without you, i have mastered my abilities and much much more. *throws sekhmet to the ground*
SMITE! *a large lightning bolt shoots down into the dust were Sekhmet landed. *Sekhmet appears behind him with blinding speed after she avoided the great lightning attack then again attempts to attack, but Grim grabs her arm. In shock, she stares* let me show you the next attack..master.
ONI DEVESTATOR MENOR (means less or small in spanish, stronger than major)
*A much gigantic white explosion is created causing everyone who was watching to feel suspence*
*Grim speaks in the dust* I have become much stronger than you can ever imagine. I have killed many and have gained the respect and fear i wanted. *jumps out of dust already seeing that sekhmet, holding her right shoulder that may not be bleeding but still the impact gave her pain and is surprised by the power he just presented*
draw your sword, let us...train like we used to...master.

Songoku-!!!!!! *still in utter shock of what just happened*
n...n...no...why, why has this happened. *looks at the limp body*
no no no, it can't be! *attempts to heal her, but fails*.....This is Azriels fault...HE DID THIS. *thinks to himself, Kenaka...hld on just a bit longer.. i need revenge*
*glides upward then bounces of the air sending him forward as he looks for the one who he suspects caused this*
I will never forgive him... if he thinks i was using my true power the last battle... he was sorely mistaken...I AM SONGOKU! NUMBER ONE IN KENAKAS ARMY! *reveals his true rank in kenakas army*

Halibel-this is such a interesting course of events
?????- hello..gurl
Halibel-*with no emotion turns around to see a what seems to look like a 19 year old man with short brown hair*
???-hello cutie. My name is Tenchi hoshigama, ill be your opponent for today. Im kinda sad i have to kill such a pretty women.
Halibel-Pritty? Are youi moking me...Tenchi
Tenchi-no no no no no no *waves arm around suggesting "no"* i always gudge how pretty a woman is by the size of their breasts. Thus, i consider very very cute *glares at her chest*
Halibel-you insignificant pest! *Lounges forward as she takes out her blade and slashes his chest, then notices that she didn't cut him and observes the 0 on his side* you....your!
Tenchi-oh... you mean this *points at the 0* oh yea.. i forgot... I am tenchi.....0 warrior in Kenakas army, and truthfuly stronger. Though i have absolutely NO leadership skills hahahahaha! *starts laughing at his own odd joke as Halibel continues to get angry*
Halibel-*keeps trying to cut him but nothing is working, than decides to go into her realease*
Tenchi-oooooooo nice mini skirt.. dont like how it looks like it is made of bones but it still looks nice. AND WOOOOOOOOOOOWWW, i can finally see your face haha, i guess i was right when i said you were cute!... Anyway i guess that means i have to take out my blade. *unsheathes a blade the size of sepheroths* Sorry you wont be able to see my power pritty one. *halibel then notices that she has a wound on her stomach then she realizes she has much more....sooner or later she explodes into tiny peices of flesh that have been minced up with incredible speed....Tenchi still seems to be not moving*
awwww to bad..not strong at all *sheathes blade and flies to a near building then calls out to everyone* HEY GUYS...WAKE ME UP WHEN ITS OVER!!!!!...*sleeps*

Starrk-i guess she wasnt that strong afterall. *says as he looks at the smoke all his ceros caused*
Eliza- you think so *appears behind him and swings your giant scalple downward*
Starrk- (thinking to himself) this gurl is slow, why, if she was able to dodge my ceroes than she should be faster. *hold up gun to block the blade*
Eliza-gotcha! *blade passes through gun and his left arm without cutting either of them*
Starrk-!!!!!! *moves back*......My arm is broken..how?!
Eliza- My Zampaktou's ability is that it can cut the muscle, tendons, bone, and every thing in the area it passes through in the body except your skin, so it looks like you unharned, but i cut your bicep in two, you have no control over that arm anymore.
Starrk-i didnt want to do this.....*wolves appear*
Eliza-What! What is this?!
Starrk-you will see, *wolves lounge at eliza*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(listen to this sound trak for the last two)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sekhemt: " You truly need to develop your investigative powers. You should have known from first glance that you are still not on my level. It is obvious that you hold a grudge, but what is less apparent is what you hope to gain? Your foolery has cost you once before, but now it is costing me. There is a reason you were left behind, you are reckless, irrational, and never think anything through. This is so nostalgic. I had to explain these concepts to you then and I am again. Will you ever learn from your mistakes? You may be strong, but a warrior is only as strong as his next step. You never anticipate or plan anything, which is why you will wind up dead. I promise you that once this is over you will think back to your training while your life drains from you (brushes off clothing and looks at Grim) Strength is only useful when the user understand its benefits and consequences. You, unfortunately, are no way near such comprehension. I will demonstrate true power, however. I know this much, if you were any stronger, you would have been able to counter my previous bakudo. You were not good at them then and you aren't better now. I have to apologize, though. There is no way you could have learned any new spells, I am the last surviving vessel for that knowledge.(vanishes and smashes grim in the face with foot and then kicks the back of his head instantly afterwards. These attacks bring grim to his knees. She then kicks him and sends him flying). You think that i'm quick, I can already tell you have yet to master our speed technique, while I have more than mastered it, I have improved it. (Sekhmet's image was still facing Grim when he is blasted to the side with an incredibly powerful green cero mixed with purple. Grim gets up andis seen staring at Sekhmet)

Grim: When did your cero become purple (fires cero)?

Sekhmet: (Stands idle and effortlessly deflects Grim's cero). When you ask? I developed my multilevel cero when you were brooding over your continual losses to me! (Hand to hand combat ensues) Don't you see, you are pathetic, you always were. You'll never be as good as me.

Grim: I hate you and I will destroy you!!!! (vansishes and appears behind Sekhmet and punches only for it to be stopped by the back of her knuckles) Ugh...wha...(grim is completely surprised at this demonstration of power)

Sekhmet: I told you, you may have perfected your previous attack, but while you focused on that I improved much more. I was stronger than you then and I am now. That hasn't changed, all that has is your level of ignorance (pushes Grim back and smacks around face and points finger and recites "Tear the fabric, rip the flesh, break the bones, and crush the spirit...Hado 120: Cacophony.
(Huge waves of bluish green material ripple out and explodes in a beam completely consuming grim. The beam rips grims cloths and pierces his skin propelling him into a building. The attack destroyed the buildings and the area directly infront of the attack)

Sekhmet: Fool (smirks). I could be using my time for other, more important things (look in the distance as General Yamamoto). That old man is the one who led those brutes to destroy our people. Don't you understand you moron! HE KILLED OUR PEOPLE! They all did! Women, children, families, and cities were all torn to pieces by these creatures! If there was one thing we agreed upon it was how important our city was, our people, OUR FAMILIES! I cannot allow you to stand in my way, it is too important to avenge our people. We are meant to be the gods, not the peasants. We were intended to rule, we were born with that right. We were born to be more than shadow lurkers. WE WERE BORN TO BE SOMETHING BETTER! WE WERE BORN TO BE GREAAAATTT (Screams and sends thunderous shocks through the air like thunder). Her energy can be felt by everyone. Her spiritual pressure is erroding at the buildings, bringing them crashing down, crushing the earth beneath her. She is seen sinking into a crater because her spiritual pressure is so immense it is compacting the soil. Young shinigami and low level seats faint from her tremendous and bellowing spiritual pressure). I WILL NOT AND CANNOT ALLOW EVERYTHING I HAVE DREAMED OF TO GO UNDER! )[Points to General Yamamoto, Byakuya, Unohana, Shunsui, and Jushiro, and Hitsugaya) YOU WILL SUFFER, ALL OF YOU!

(vanishes and passes right by the other captains and engages Yamamoto, but he easily blocks her attack and they vanish together)

Sekhemt- You are going to die old man. I'm going to relish watching you suffer and choke on the very blood that nourished your execution of my people! (vanishes and appears beside yamamoto to kick him but he catches her leg and flips her. She then punches and he smacks her in the chest send her backwards. Suddenly he realizes that she is behind him) CERO UNLAMADO! (An assortment of ceros that look like a thousands of large needles come rushing at Yamamoto)

Yamamoto- Bakudo 81: Severing void!

(Appears behind yamamoto) So typical! CERO UNLAMADO!

(Yamamoto is seen kneeling, bleeding, disrobed, and holding his sword).

Sekhmet- Couldn't have happened to a better person.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Barragan- How can you avoid all of my attacks...my respira should destroy you...I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU INSECTS!

Azriel-You have found something you cannot age. You may be able to age the objects which cast shadows, but never the source of shadows, me. It simple why you will be dying here today. You, king of Hueco Mundo, are being dethroned and decrowned. I, Azriel, am the true ruler of Hueco Mundo. My world, my creation, my rule. We finish this...


I AM....

"Yaraigotara" (huge clouds of smoke fill the area and surround barragan and while he finishes his last word the vortex encircles him and consumes him)


(Four Angels appear in front of Azriel)

Angel- It is my understanding that you have instructions for us?

angel- I don't appreciate these new intruders, they are generating such a mess.

Azriel- Despite these minor set backs we are to follow through on your previous objectives. I want you each to find a captain and eliminate them. It is important that you do this quickly and with little trouble. Sekhmet is busy handling our old brother, so she is unable to fight General Yamamoto.

angel- That means we'll have the pleasure of dealing with him. He is immensly strong, which is why two may be required.

Azriel- Perhaps, but we will deal with him once all the other captains are eliminated, if that is allowed. (Suddenly SonGoku appears)

Traea- Ah. It seems our friend has come to claim revenge for his fallen love. What a dissapointment. I expected such a warrior to remain cold when in the tide of battle.

Azriel- (holds back Traea) No, his intentions are quite clear in his eyes. He is not interested in you, rather he suspects me of this crime. Poor logic, but nothing less can be expected from such a primitive creature. Go, and do as she commanded. I am more than capable of handling our dear friend. (Angels vanish) So you've come to claim my life, have you? You are so easy to read. Tell me, what do you believe I am thinking?

Songoku- You are petrified.

Azriel- (Does not change expression) Hardly. I have evalutated the situation and find you to be no threat. If I need to, I could eliminate you. However, Sekhmet-Sama has made it clear that fighting amongst our comrades is not an option now. Therefore, I will not engage you in battle. Your loves death was a necessary component. (turns around with his back facing SonGoku)You master, Kanaka, knew this very well. Perhaps you should discuss this
problem with him.

(Songoku charges at Azriel. Azriel simply turns his head and looks at Songoku without changing his posture).

Azriel- " Pity. Hado: 132 Sage Leaves (Huge whirlwhing of long green shards pummel Songoku. He is caught in a funnel of the shards that are striking his body at every possible angle. This generates a smoke screen and when the smoke clears he is seen with multiple cuts and is bleeding all over his body.) I am surprised it didn't do more damage, however, I didn't recite the incantation. Shame. I am leaving now. Do not attempt to stop me, otherwise both our masters may be a bit angry. Would you like to face the fury of Sekhmet? I didn't believe so. Focus your energy on the true enemies, not me and my zanpakuto. Yamayana Yarayishii is not intended for dealing with love sick warriors like yourself.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim-*looks down in disgrace and thinks to himself* "if i want to gain the revenge and power i need.. I MUST beat sekhmet..i must" Yamamoto is ditracting her thoughts right now....that means i need someone to take on yamamoto while i take her on. *appears between yamamoto and sekhmet*
Sekhmet-Again... havent i tought you enough already!
Grim- no......what you did was betray me..you abandond me..left me alone. *sekhmet is shoked by his seriousness* if you think i will allow you to put other duties before battling me...your sorely mistaken..we resolve this..NOW *hold up sword to the sky* "Take us to a new world, Creator of plains" *sekhmet and grim are seen disapearing as a black spark hits them both, then sekhmet realizes that she is not were her comrades or enimies are, rather she is in a blank black space..floating*
Sekhmet-*surprised* what...what is this!?
Grim- as i said *still acting calm* i can create worlds with my ability..spntanious creation, so now i have brought us here in a space were i have lived for years.
Sekhmet-create worlds?
Grim-..look. *sekhmet looks below her as earth starts to form beneath her feet and is now what looks like a barren landscape as far as her eyes can see* This is the weakest ability of my Zampaktou, yet the most important. I will not allow you to leave this world until our battle is over. And i hope you know that im still not in shikai. *appears behind her*....ONI DEVESTATOR MENOR.
*huge white explosion, sekhmet jumps back out of the smoke bleeding only to discover 2 meteors a couple of feet above her already at excelerating speeds...then a huge explosion occurs and the ground that was used to creat the meteors andthat was obliterated by the attacks slowely create them selves to what they were*
SEkhmet-*breaths hevely as she gets out of the smoke bleeding and in agony*
Grim-still calm*..If another attack like that hits you...you will die. I hope that you realize that if you die, your comrades dont have a leader to intruct them about your dream, your goal. So as i said and will repeat. Draw your sword if you want to escape this land of infinity and get back to what you were doing before.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Songoku-starts to breath hevely and thinks to himself* I still cant win, but i can try..to prove my dedication to the one i loved. *lounges at Azreil with unseen speed*
Songoku-*without saying a word, smashes Azriel up, then imediatly down, then emediatly to the side, this repeats about 13 times. After than he kicks Azriel to the ground making a cratter* I.....wont forgive you...you have taken away the only thing that truely mattered to me..the only thing that made me truely happy. And for that, i will take your life. *goes down into the cratter with AZriel on his knees* reveal your shadows Azriel. *kicks Azriel in the face only to be block by both hand, the songoku spins his body to knock Azriel in the face with the other foot sending him to the left* I wont let you leave here unpunished.

*tenchi has been rudely awoken by the gigantic spiritual pressure of the portal that seemed to swallow both Grim and Sehkmet*
Tenchi-....how sad...i was really enjoing my dream..so many women *smiles to himself as he looks around the battle field* hmmmmmm he looks like a good contender. *vanishes and appears infront of a black haired man* What is your name, you seem strong.
?????- I am byakuya. who may i ask are you?
Tenchi- well im Tenchi, your new opponent, and after im fifshed with you, ill move on to that old dude over there *points to yamamoto*
Byakuya-finished with me? You got the situation all wrong. It is I that is going to be finished with you.
Hitsugaya-i think ill join in on this.
Byakuya-i dont need your help.
Hitsugaya-this guy cut down the third espada without any effort at all. I am going to help you.
*a fight begins with hitsugaya and byakuya vs Tenchi and every other captain stares at the start of the epic battle*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet- This is truly getting exhausting having to constantly repeat myself to you. Bakudo 115: Temporal Desintigration. (minor wounds heal) Why can't you learn to evaluate any result? You believed after that attack, I would be mortally wounded? I want to laugh, but it is too foolish to even find funny. This is your skill? Pathetic. I created a world outside that of the soul society to house our people, this isn't anything special. Why are you always trying to boast, it is so primitive. You want me to unsheath my sword, well you are in for a world of pain.

Scorch The Heavens, Cenusa Fuoco! (Sekhmet is engulfed in blue flames and everything around her is reduced to ash. At a second glance her hair has become blueish flames and her body is but a mere source of fire). I didn't want to do this, I hate when I am forced to waste my time and effort on fools. If there is something I hate as much as the Shinigami, it is ignorance, which is something you possess a great deal of. You think you're sword is creation? Hardly. Swords represent our thoughts and dreams. I tried teaching you this when we were young. Look back, and think of what I told you those centuries ago. (flash back)

Sekhmet(younger)- You need to recognize your zanpakuto not consume it. Never relinquish its right to its own spirit. Zanpaktuo are born with us and they embody our whole being, so they reflect our dreams and wishes. Only true bonds can weather the illusions and only a pure mind can understand the bonds." (returns to reality)

I told you those things for a reason and you still haven't learned. Your ego and conceit ahve actually warped your zanpakuto's spirit. You never had a zanpaktuo of creation, that can never be. No zanpakuto can control all of creation. No matter how much you say so or try and convince yourself. It is your misguided feelings that have allowed this. I'll make it simple for you because you look confused. You zanpakuto reflects your desires and if they are strong enough it will take on its own image of those. You actually confused your zanpakuto and you believe you have the power of creation. If you did, your strongest power would be to create. You said earlier, your weakest power is to generate these worlds. Creation is a great power not the weakest. You are lost in more ways than one and I created that you say? You were always lost...from the moment I met you. You don't understand your zanpakuto, do you? I can hear it screaming...you fool. You will die today. There was one thing I never taught you and that was how to connect with your zanpaktuio. If they hadn't invaded you would have learned. I can tell you haven't, otherwise...well, it doesn't matter. Haha.

"Cenusa Fuoco, swallow creation! (Suddenly the world he created begins to burn away and everything is crumbling and desintigrating in front of his eyes) It's ironic that you believe you're zanpakuto is creation. My zanpakuto's power is the fatal wound for creation. I reduce creation to nothingness! (suddenly she swings her sword above her head making the atmosphere burn away. Huge flames surge breaking up the ground and causing it to break apart. Grim is surrounded by nothing but fire. The fire isn't merely a wall or line, but it is the air and space around him) You wanted me to release my sword, well, here it is. It is absolute oblivion! I can take anything and everything created and incinerate it instantly! It is best if you leave this world otherwise you will be consumed, too (vanishes).

(Both appear in the soul society) You are such a sad soul. Do you want to know why I always knew more than you? Why I always excelled? When I was born, It was said the heavens quaked and the ground shattered beneath my birth. I was refered as the omnipotent creation. What cruel irony... I have always been stronger because I have never reached a limit, I am boundless. You stand before me as an obstacle, but in mere moments you were lie before me a pile of ash. You will be forsaken once again. This time, however, you will not be able to return for any further abuse. (before her sentence finishes reaching Grim he is sliced across the chest and the flames jump at him like a cat pounces on a mouse. He goes to escape but us sliced on his back, shoulders, and legs. Each cut causes him to encure sever burns. He grabs Sekhmet and is dealt terrible burns on his hands). Did you not see? I am fire! Acecho Sachao! (suddently flames are seen bursting from Sekhmet and lunging at Grim. Here begins a struggle for Grim to avoid the flames that could put an end to his life. Grim is seen dodging the ever pursuing flames which are lashing and swiftly following his every movement.

Grim- What is with these stupid flames! (in an instant a flame is seen flying out of the sky like a bolt of lightning and striking his back) Ahhhh! (vanishes)

Sekhmet- These efforts are futile, I said you would die. (Sekhmet points her sword and makes a circular motion and a plume of flames burst out and strike Grim). I am going to relish in watching you burn. My dreams are not ruined, rather your efforts further drive me to keep my people safe from tyrants and power-hungry FOOLS! (Sekhmet appears above grim and slams her sword into his stomach). It is truly a pity, I would have enjoyed fighting by your side once again. (she removes her sword and ascends above Grim) I will take the opportunity to eliminate you and end your sorrowful existence. Cenusa Fuoco spread the flames far and wide (suddenly grim appears behind her and smashes her in the back recieving burns on his hands as a consequence. He returns the injury with a slice wound to her back) DAMN FOOL! Appears behind him with her sword to his throat). You were never and will never be faster than me, old friend. (vanishes and is now infront of Grim.) ARCHANGELS HEAR ME! I do not want you forfitting your right to those pitiful shinigami. Eliminate them and allow noone to interfere! EXECUTE CLEASNING!
(vanishes and begins kicking grim in the face and side kicks him sending him flying. Costocia Tra! (Sekhmet begins emitting a bright light,fire begins swirling around her like silky air and thickness of an ocean. A gigantic torrent of flames begins filling the area and tempest of flames stampeding and consuming Grim). I know you're not dead, but you are dreadfully close. Haha.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Azriel: You creatures never cease to amaze me. You fell victim to the same trick as last time. Didn't you hear me call out my zanpakuto's name? You're no better than an animal, so perhaps I must treat you like an animal. First lesson, do not bite the hand that feeds you! (azriel's shadow clone dissapears and suddenly shadows burst out of the ground and grab Songoku. He is smashed into the ground and tossed around. Suddenly a sword is slowly seen piercing Songoku's flesh. Azriel is seen above the face down songoku) I want you to experience the pain of disobediance. (Removes sword and points finger and shoots small tiny ceros piercing Songoku's body). I am so curious, how did it feel, for you personally, to watch someone dear to you slip away? Helplessness is such a horrible circumstance. I understand, however. My people were slaughtered, I watched my family and friends die before my very eyes. If not for Sekhmet, our vision of a future where Shinigami no longer rule would never have been possible without her. It is just so ironic, your master is of a race that is dispised by Shinigami and you yourself are a shiniami. You both, amongst your quarrels collaborated with us to defeat the shinigami. It is certainly a dramatic shift of events. Sadly, you won't be around long enough to see these changes emerge. (points sword at Songoku which suddenly breaks free and punches Azriel in the face. Azriel smiles and fades into dust). Second lesson, always yield to your superiors. (the ground is uprootes by silky shadow threads)
Songoku- What is this new trick? (fights off with weapon).

Azriel: You're about to find out (smirks).
(In an instant the threads blast out at Songoku and start stemming into thousands of branches and networks of threads. The consume the entire around and trap Songoku in a chamber completely black. Azriel's body is silohetted in the threads and all that Songoku can see are Azriel's eyes and hear his voice). I despise when efforts to harm others are misguided and unjustified. You truly will pay the ultimate price. (Songoku begins smashing the walls with his weapon). You may as well cease such behavior. This chamber is generated from my shadow threads, which if you don't already know, defy space and time. When you walk through the shadows they bend around you, and their most unique characteristic is they are boundless. Shadows don't conform to distance or depth they outreach that medium. Because shadows don't follow the standards of space and time they are unaffected by components of reality. Allow me to simplify, you are not capable of escaping. You can burst the threads all you wish, more will end up replacing them. So, you can work your way forward and end up with no progress. Isn't silence such bliss. (smiles)

Songoku- When did you develop this new power?
Azriel- I didn't. I have already possessed this ability. Because you didn't experience it the last time we battled means it is new? Sorry to break such surprising news to you. I mastered this technique centuries ago. Why do you think I never release my Bankai. There is no need.

Songoku- (inner monologue- Dang! I cannot get out...no matter how much I hit the walls nothing happens).

(suddently several threads spring out and pierce songoku's body. They go right through him and when they come out the other side they break open and the threads pull back brining songoku to slam against the wall. Helpless and unable to move he plans his next move).

Azriel: I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to watch an enemy suffer, especially when they have such desires to meet. You were so noble, Songoku. Attempting to avenge your fall love, but to no avail. You are going to die as did she. (A whip is formed and he is now being beaten with the whip and azriel shouts..."CERO"!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Nuvem: Pardon the interuption, but I do believe I was intended to secure this fight. Primero Espada, I presume. But...who is this delicate flower (smiles and chuckles)? I don't believe we've been introduced. I am Nuvem an angel in Sekhmet's elite collection (chuckles). I want to avoid being rude, but would you mind exiting this battle. We would prefer to handle these espada imitators. You understand, don't you (Stares at Eliza and smiles)?

Eliza- Understand? I think I understand what you want. You will not get it, this is my fight. Back off!

Nuvem: I was so hoping that you would respond that way. Let me rephrase, I wasn't so much asking as demanding. If you refuse my request then you may incure the same fate as this arrancar. I mean, afterall, I cannot guarentee that you won't be struck in the cross fire? (Eliza stares at Nuvem bewildered. She cannot believe she is ordering her around and that Nuvem hasn't flinched or changed her smiling complexion once).

Eliza- Fine. Have it your way. (vanishes)

Nuvem: (Looks at stark) Such predictability. We both know she's hurtling toward my back...(vanishes and Eliza swipes her sword and is dumbfounded). Was that your famed sneak attack? I cannot believe you, girl. You swiped your sword at an ally (smiles). Naughty, naughty, naughty little girl (every word sounds more sinister).

Eliza- What is this presence I sense.

Stark- Who are you? (innermonologue- Her spiritual pressure is stronger than that of a captain. What is she?) CERO!!! (Both Eliza and Nuvem dodge the attack)


Nuvem- You're simply foolish. (This enrages Eliza and she goes lunges at Nuvem with her sword and Nuvem's sword materializes from what looks like sand and stops her attack). I can sense you are strong, but as strong as me? Not quite. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

They all disappear and are seen battling. Cero's flying, swords clashing, and hand to hand combat ensuing.

Eliza- You are complicating things! I will end you! Goes to use her powers on Nuvem.

Nuvem: Goodness. Already? Sonho Dourada...(Eliza is about to cut Nuvem when she sees her fading away into dust. You see Nuvem laughing and smiles as her face turns to dust and is carried with the wind).


Stark- I can sense her presence...no its gone. Wait...it can't be! I can't sense her, but I can sense immense pressure all around us.

Eliza- ...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Vael, Pardel, and Baello appear in front of Tenchi, Byakuya, and Toshiro.

Baello- I believe you are imposing on our fight, stranger.

Pardel- He is supposed to be an ally, so he won't mind going somewhere else and resting.

Vael- (smiles) He looks like a relatively generous person. Right, stranger?

Byakuya- I presume your those angels that have been wreaking so much havok?

Pardel- Havok? Tch. Bite your tongue lowly creature. We'll attend to you in a moment.

Toshiro- Lowly? I don't believe we are all on the same page. We are captains and we have sworn to protect the soul society. You three will suffer a great loss.

Vael- No larger than our people who you slaughtered. Escuro Gravidade! (Huge amounts of weight begins pouring down on both captains.

Toshiro- It is difficult to hold up my sword... RAIN OVER THE FROSTED HEAVEN HYORIMARU!

Vael- Not even close. (Ice dragon breaks apart and crumbles)

Byakuya- Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Pardel- Unveil your glorious gale, Piuma Diaedo! Diadora Kadori!

( Baello shoves tenchi and sends him flying)

Baello- Do not interfere, this is our fight not yours. You cannot be involved. They killed our people, not yours. Barragem caos.( suddently there is an explosion and she is revealed with armor lining her body and a long chained weapond. On one side there is a barrel like mallet with spikes riding down both sides and is attached by a long chain to three long hooks. Below her is another chain and its suspending a large spikey spheres and the spheres are huge and oddly colored.)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(play the above song from last post while you read)

Grim-Caughs up blood* hahaha you thinkim dieng..haha u are so wrong, you think your flames will harm me.
Sekhmet-then die *sends blue flames at Grim*
Grim-...Rest in space, sashabi. *again, the background is chaged yet there is no solid ground anywhere. *flames lounge at Grim who has healed his wounds with his release* Swallow...Sashabi. *a small black hole forms at the tip of the blade and swallows all the fire that was targeting him*
Sekhmet-what! when did you! this power, how can you control it?
Grim-you know that this power has a destructive end, i can only use this for a certain amount of time do use its power. you are right that i havent trained enough to completely control it, but i have mastered its abilities other than keeping it out long enough, i also have to release bankai in a short time if i am to destroy you.
*appears behind her in this empty space as Sekhmet can't counter do to the inexperience she has in a arena of space*
ONI DEVESTATOR! (normal oni devistator..original) *dark green explosion appears as sekmet again tries to back out add attack with her flames as she notices thousands of metiors sourounding her at every direction.
Sekhmet-gahhh*send her flames in all directions destroying some of the metiors though many still remain and a gigantic enormous explosion occurs*
Grim-Sekmet...you cant win. i will eather devour your flames or send meteors at you from all directions *sekmet is brething hevealy with her arms limp still has some blue fire around her* as you can see, this is over sekhmet..over *appears infront of her limp body and before she could react grim says* ONI DEVESTATOR GRANDE!
*gigantic dark green and red explosion eminates throughout the vast blacknes of space as Sekhmet is seen floating...not moving*
Grim-sekhmet....i have grown stronger, more capable of being a true warrior. i have acheived greatness in the eyes of many... You have only acheived minor power compared to me, you may control the strongest flames..but i..control space.
Sekhmet-*slowely raises her head as she is bleeding intensely and has many broken bones* you havent seen anything..
Grim-*stands unharmed and stares* prove it to me...master, i want to see how you inproved..all we have left are bankais, i want to see which is stronger do to the time i have left, if i dont do it know, we will be trapped here until i gain the energy.
BANKAI! *brightness eminates the blackness of space again, yet it blindes Sekhmet, then she sees his bankai. He is wrapped in a celestrial glow and his sword is glowing brightly*
Grim-This is Sashabi, the first star and the creator, and my wepon.
*sekhmet is paralyzed do to the emmense pressure of power...even for her*
Let us finish this battle, let us end this argument forever, this is the last battle between us. It is you or me that will die here and only one will escape. RElease your bankai! let our battle end!

Songoku-*sees the cero comming*
Golden reflector! *breaks the bares with a golden flash as he goes into shikai and then blasts the cero back at Azriel as its color is changed to gold..explosion hits Azriel* This is a facinating power, truely. yet i have more facinating powers as well. A monkey always keeps more tricks up his sleeve.*appears behind Azriel and uses the extension power to use the tip of the staff to push him into the ground, then he drags the staff, with Azriel on the end, through the ground in a figure 8* DIE! *staff goes back to normal size and he smashes Azriel into the ground repetedly* You think your sooooo strong, i know this is the real you... my eyes see through your illusions, they wont work on me! *keeps smashing Azriel and brakes a bracelet in his arm, then a huge wave of energy shoots Songoku through the sky, then he hits the ground*
Songoku-what...what was that?
Azriel-i hoped this wouldn't happen..this is my true power. *looks at songoku and with no emotion*
Songoku-this is...this is real power *stands up* let me show you my power. the power that i hid from you as well on that day. *removes crown of gold, then emmence power is released* Now that we have no more seals binding us, we will fight.
*weapons clash between Songoku and Azriel and the ground shakes and shatters*

Eliza-what is this, this is unbeleivable
Starrk-i agree completely. This power is utterly confusing at the least.
Eliza-what is going on here! *swings her blade all around, then stark appears behind her*
Starrk-ill just finish with you before attacking this other foe *points gun at her face*

Tenchi-*stands up after being sent out of the battle with no wounds, but a dusty shirt* awwwwww man. that battle could have been fun *looks to the right to see Yamamoto standing to his left* oh.....ummmmm.hi. How are you? I am tenchi, nice to meet your acuantance *Puts hand up for a hi five*
Yamamoto-you expect me to play childish games as your people attack me?
Tenchi-fine, be that way. I still want to fight you though, really badly. I need to test out my streanghth. I mean this in the least violent way. *takes out blade* lets see if you can keep up with those brittle old bones *with intense speed that has been unseen by any shinigami..he is blocked* haha your good sir.
Yamamoto-i have no time to waiste time with you (releases shikai and blasts tenchi back in flames) you will burn and die for your mistake.
Tenchi-hey...you melted my sword-*stands up from the flames un burned*
Yamamoto-! how did you survive. Wait...it cant be....your skin! its.. its.
Tenchi- if what your trying to say is a kind of metal..then yes, though this metal is unknown to anyone but me and my team, it is the ultimate defence, that is why you can not burn me or cut me. This metal can absorb alot of heat.
Yamamoto-but your zampaktou, it melted. You cant fight me.
Tenchi-Oh you mean that sword..oh no no no, that wazsn't my Zampaktou. I only use that for dire situations. Though i first do this. *electricity starts to move around his body creating a lightning armor that is bright yellow* this metal actually uses covalent bonding in the are to create lightning around it. it took many years of great and hard training to turn your body into this mineral. *gets into crane stance* and as you should have noticed, most warriors are close combat fighters, i am the only one whoses zampaktou isn't. Yet i was still accepted for my overpowering skill. *lounges at yamamoto whose flames come to his aid blocking the electric kick though it is very close to his face* haha im surprised you were able to block that. That was my strongest kick in this form of power that i have..hmmmmmmmm *attacks from every direction as the flames and his sword block the electrical fists and kicks of metal*
Yamamoto-you are a challeging opponent
Tenchi-likewise...i cant hit you at all! your flames push me back and your sword reflects my barage. hmmmmm i guess this could be the only chance i can take out my sword. *lifts up brown cloak revealing a blue blade in a black and yellow sheath, then pulls it out slowely*
come down from the stormy sky, Sasanoo
*the yellow lighning grows and becomes black as it shrouds his body and sword"
this ability of my Zampaktou is emensly usfull with the ability of my rock hard skin, but i never fight like this seriously.
Yamamoto-What do you mean, you havent been fighting at your best
Tenchi-no, i actually have, but im stronger when i do this. sasanoo was a drunkie if you remember. *pulls out a great gourd from his back with many stikers and stamps and the words "flaming sake" on the back, pops the top and drinks is perfusely"
yamamoto-!!!!! *notices a great growth in reiatsu*
Tenchi-bwa bwa bluuuuuuup *obviously drunk* you need to stop your staren old man...*stumbles* its awefully rude.
(real battle between both engages, both unharmed)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Azriel Vs SonGoku PART I (Second half below).

I will begin by saying that you were in the shadow threads and they were boundless, which means you couldn't attack Azriel, it was a shadow, not him. However, I will allow this mishap because now that his braclet (which I told you about) is broken you're dead. Oh, how did you character suddenly have a similar power? Haha. Copy cat :P

Azriel: (calmly states) What have you foolishly done. When will your premature consideration stop plaguing your choices? I seal this way for a reason you degenerate. I will end this and you will be a forgotten spec in existence.

Our people control our powers differently. Shinigami's power differentials between Shikai and Bankai are relatively steep, however, we have three releases. Shikai, Bankai, and immursion. and . The gap in power between our shikai and immursion is immense, which is why we have three different levels. We enter immursion with specific patterns of words, which are unique to our Zanpakuto. In Shikai we normally call out a command, but it is not always neccesary. Yamayana Yarayishhii appreciates the command, but this command is much different. I assume you didn't expect that, did you? No, of course not. The mere concept is completely inconcievable to such a creature. I didn't expect much, you're kind don't acclamate yourselves with foresight. Pity, too. Each member may release them differently, but there are particular components that are similar, but it doesn't matter now. I am different than any other opponent you've ever faced. I will create a void in your soul and you will beg for me to end your life. Darkness and nightmares doesn't begin to describe me. You will die today, I promise you this.

(Stares at Songoku with blank expression) Empty your veins...Yamayana Yarayishii. (Azriel's eyes become solid black, skin loses color, body begins to develop a purplish aura, which can only be described and nightmarish. He begins to liquify and dissapears. The sun is blacked out, sky darkened with a thick milky black smoke. The air is thick with a black mist, which seems to weigh heavy on Songoku's body. The ground begins to crack, they sky begins to shatter. The atmosphere is becoming black, Songoku cannot see and when he believes he can use his golden eyes they are rendered useless).

Azriel: You want to know the most tragic part of this story, I wasnt even the one who commanded your beloved' murder. You came to be seeking revenge only to find out you were inncorrect. You recieve that news often I am sure.

Songoku- You ordered it!

Azriel: Haha. If only I could take credit for such genius. I wish I had been the one to cause you that much pain, but it was Sekhmet who ordered it. (image appears in the mist... Sekhmet- "Traea, will you please dissapoint of friend Songoku for me. And do give him my deepest apologies" (image dissapears). It is bitter sweet these circumstances.

Songoku- I was sure you would have ordered it, well this changes everything. I was unaware...(looks down) This means I must seek out Sekhmet.

Azriel: I'm sorry, but that just isn't an option at this point. Normally I would enjoy watching her stomp on your skull, but you have raised your sword to me. Now I am privilaged to annihilate you. I warned you, I said you would die if you crossed this line.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(Songoku used an assortment of attacks on the surrounding area).

Azriel: You may as well stop such time wasting activities. You are ensnared in my final release. This release is more powerful than any bankai and quite peculiar too. I control everything and anything. (Songoku's arm begins slowly dissolving from his fingers and is working its way up his arm)


Azriel- This is the true power of the shadows. My shadows can pierce any surface, object, entity, projectile, weapon, or even energy. I can break down molecules at a subatomic level. Unique little skill, don't you agree? It is quite simple. Shadows may be cast on and among anything, so I thought why can't they disrupt an enemies body. It began with that small hypothesis and then I learned a dark secret. I can superimpose myself on you, on everything. Your limbs, muscles, bones, tendons, organs, energy, and yes, even your cells. Shadows cast a boundless and unlimited veil, so if its boundless it can impose on anything even the tinyest of connections between your atoms. (Songoku's foot begins dissolving). It is such a burden to possess such great power.

Songoku- NO!!! (attempts to attack azriel while he stands in the distance).

Azriel- It is useless now, you are finished. I cannot die here; I am eternal. (Songoku's hair and bits of his torso begin dissolving). I never thought I'd have to use this on an opponent. To be quite honest, you are only the second person I used it on. I, of course, needed to use a practice subject.


Azriel: Your mind truly is dworfed. What need do I have to harm her? She is my master, I worship her and idolize her power and furocity. I would never turn my back on her, she saved me. She took my sister and I under her wing because she is kind. For that, I am eternally greatful. Betrayal is something only your kind know, we are beyond such symptoms. I do not seek power because I am not intended to rule. Ruling is something you must be born with not something you develop.

Songoku: I don't understand...(extends weapon in futile attempt).

Azriel: I don't expect you too. (Waves hand and shadows smash into Songoku's weapon beginning to break it down). Once you shattered by braclet you allowed me to experience this period of no inhibition. I haven't freed my immersion in centuries! You would have been better off fighting me in Bankai...you may have stood a chance then. You cannot counter your cells being broken down because there is no counter to this. Even I cannot stay in this form for too long or the process begins consuming me too.

Well we have time, I want to say you were an interesting opponent and I accept the apology for your indescretions. Once you're gone I will make sure to look after anyone else you may have cared for. I will be their shadow! To help you rest, I will send some hearts your way to help comfort you. It must hurt to know you can't avenge your beloved. There is a brightside, however. You may now join her (Smiles, which terrifies Songoku because this is the first time Azriel has ever smiles or shown a hint of expression).
So long...Monkey King.

(Black and purplish mist surrounds Songoku and he is seen dissapearing into nothingness).

End of battle.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet: (stares at Grim) You are so arrogant, it makes me loathe you further. You never cease to amaze me, Grim. You have made another fatal calculation. I am only in Shikai. (coughs up blood). I want to continue thrashing you about and watching you muster the words to try and defend your postion. You aren't stronger than me and we both know it, you are praying you'll win, but that isn't happening. It is time...for...your end!

(Takes sword and swipes hand across blade) Ban...kai... Cenusa Fiamma Fuoco! (Her hand thrusts back and her hair becomes a giant flood of flames which smash into the ground and flow everywhere. She looks up and the atmosphere catches on fire and begins to burn away.) I TOLD YOU, FOOL! You create anything with that zanpakuto and I can reduce it to ash! I can burn everything and anything. Do you know how the atmosphere of the planet incinerates incoming objects? Well, I am able to incinerate whole planets! I grow tired of these meteors! (Raises hands and smashses them together and creates a wave that incinerates all the meteors in every direction instantl. She walks toward grim as the ground beneath her quakes and burns away. The ground becomes a sea of fire and grim is forced to Jump in the air). (Sekhmet looks up at Grim) You don't believe you're safe up there, do you? (Appears behind grim and merely flicks her wrist and sends a tempest smashing into grim).

Sekhmet: I didn't want this to escelate much further, but you seem to be persistant. I hate it, too. I may not look much different, but I assure you my power has more than tripled. You believe you're stronger...well I can assure you that you are not. I can see through your farce. You are nothing but a timid fool! (closes eyes) I am watching your world burn before me and your power tremble at my own. I see your bankai is still fairly premature...it is such a pity. If you had just continued training with me you may have mastered it. I, however, have more than mastered my bankai. I AM ONE WITH IT! (Begins to breathe fire into the atmosphere and it begins tearing the space around them). You think that bringing us here is any different than before? It is your creation after all, hence I can burn it. I can incinerate EVERYTHING! (Suddently before grim can react blames pummel him to the ground and begin smothering him. Sekhmet begins punching, kicking, and thrashing grim around with blinding speed) Is this what you wanted, student? (Smashes grim in the face and knocks out several teeth. She then blows in his face and his skin begins to peel away and hair burns away. He punches her away). Haha. Why so rough, F(fire is flowing out of her mouth)riend.

(Grim comes at her and punches, kicks, slices and even shoots attacks, but all are either evades or incinerated by Sekhmet).

Sekhmet: I told you once already, I am beyond all of that now (places hand in front of meteor and incinerates it instantly and effortlessly). You look pretty roughed up, friend?

(Grim goes to punch Sekhmet in a rampage and she evades it and blows at him burning his cloths and chest, peeling the skin.).

(Looks at Grim and suddenly huge plumes of flames roar toward him and smash him back and he is smashed into more flame plumes). I haven't had this much fun in a while. I love THRASHING YOU AROUND LIKE TRASH! So...as trash, you should BURN!!!

(Sekhmet begins to glow, bursts with flames, a sphere of flames emerges and consumes Grim. Sekhmet descends upon Grim). You have tried you hardest to thwart my efforts and ruin me, but you fail. I end this now. For when you are destroyed you will be forgotten, but while I am remembered for destroying the Shinigami!

Places hands on Grims face "rest well" and she becomes a giant flame and grim is consumed by the flames. Sekhmet is seen standing before his body and he looks at her as he is reduced to ash).

Grim- I wanted to kill you for so long...I hate you, I loathe you....I wanted to be you. Why...what can't I defeat you! Why are you ALWAYS BEYOND ME! WHY!!!! I AM STRONG BUT NEVER STRONG ENOUGH! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU

Sekhmet: You were never meant to be stronger than me or else you would have been born with it. You never had the strength because you are weak and timid. You hide your weaknesses with your size, but I see through all of that. You are as transparent as the air. I left you behind because you never learned! You always tried to find the quickest way to power and never wanted to work hard. I tried explaining the situation many times, but you were more concerned with creating strategies to defeat me. Loss after loss wasn'y enough to teach you...so, I am ending it finally. Death will put an end to this useless fued you've generated. Goodbye my student.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Grim-......i....i have to.. IF I NEED TO WIN! *flames burst out leaving grim cloaked in yellow and white aura, still burned and injured* I have to use my strongest ability now. i thought i wouldn't have to do such a thing. It is the strongest power in the universe. thus i can only use this ability once.
Sekhmet-you sece to amze me, and to disgust me. how were you able to escape my flames the flames that render creation.
Grim-because there is one more things you forgot about my ability..the attack you told me never to use..remember.
Sekhmet-!! i thought you wouldn't be able to control that!
Grim-...wrong. *sekhmets fire rages at grim, who attemts to devour it with a black hole but the flames are to much, then he vanishes out of the way of the flames behind seckmet* allow me to show you what happens when i syncronize with my bankai. *a huge flash of light is shot out of grim and he now looks like a skeletan with a golden robe on and stars tatooed all over the bones that are now his body* -in a demonic voice- i hope that you understand..all thoses years of wanting to be by your side....of wanting to be you..of wanting to fallow you...end here.
*appears behind sekhmet and her flaming body*
*a gigantic explosion occurs...a explosion so strong that it disrupts the emtiness of space and begins to warp it..The explosion expades nearly to the end of the now broken and warped space*
Grim-*now in normal form with normal blade, then sheaths the blade as the blackness of his space cracks and dissinigrates and he is now in soul society* i wish...you could have survived...sekhmet. You were sorely mistaken on my powers. You may have had the power of armegedon, but i had the complete end attack. the attack that destroys all, the obliterator. starts to limp away slowely then notices somthing* What...i sense...how....*turns around to see sekhmet with out an arm and skin peeling and her body mangeled, but still alive* h...h..how, how did you survive my..my attack.
Sekhmet-youhave much to learn *her bankai has faded and is now at her normal state with grim, who is paralyzed with fear. Then appears behind him and slashes him in the back with her blade*
Grim-gahhhhh *falls to the ground with absolutely no energy to get back up* haha...you...you win, if you have the power to withstand such a power, then i guess you are absolute. *disinigrates slowely*
I..i will return to you..stronger...and i will learn that i must not be enraged...yet calm *completely disinigrates into the air*
(end of battle)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(yamamoto & Tenchi battle)

Yamamoto-let me ask you a question, tenchi.
Tenchi-blah blah blah, it doesn't matter to me. *swings sword around on his finger drunkly and stumbles* You think you ca escape your destiny, yama man..your death. *appears behind yamamoto and slashes downward, though yamamoto dodges he then falls to the ground unable to move*
Yamamoto-gahhh, what is going on*
Tenchi-paralasism...or what ever thats called *still drunk* you think if you dodged you would be unharmed *stumbles* Grand holy lightning prison. *10 Black lightning strikes down on yamamoto causing him great pain* thats not even my full exent of my power!
Yamamoto-likewise. *flames rush at tenchi*
Tenchi-hahahaaaaa! *black lighting rushes out of his blade cousuming the fire itself*
Yamamoto-!!!! How can you do that!
Tenchi *stumbling* this lightning is the eradicator of anything living or not living haha, the most powerfull storm Zampaktou in existance!
Yamamoto-Storm? you mean lightning.
Tenchi-...no dummy, i mean storm. because with the thunder and lighning, a storm also controls the..*swings sword downward at yamamoto making a tidal wave follow him as well* the OCEAN hahahahaha. *wave crashes down on the suprised yamamoto* your energy is draining....are you nearly finished shinigami?
Yamamoto-why aren't you on our side *limps forward* why not fight for us?
Tenchi-well, maybe because i am part of these aceint people *still stumbling and drukely blabbering*
Tenchi-yep yep, these are my people *points at all the angels and generals fighting* though i am not the most favored, but i am definetly one of the strongest...maybe third...but i donno haha.
Yamamoto-then why do you let them throw you around
Tenchi-im pretty laid back, and most of them now it wont hurt me so it cool haha *starts drunkenly laughing* i guess i have to kill you know...yamamoto. i still am surprised you cant beat me haha, my bankai would easily kill you, though my master forbids me to use such a.....*stops stumbling, then falls to the ground asleep* ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yamamoto-......did he fall asleep? well i guess all that talk was rubish *uses his last bit of energy to conguer a flame and send it toward tenchi*

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(Sekhmet appears in front of Tenchi and and blocks attack).

Sekhmet: Is this your idea of fair? (Smashes Tenchi in the face waking him up) Old man, I think you've lost your spunk. You didn't even release your Bankai, which I find peculiar. (stares back at Tenchi) Get up you nuisance! (Snaps finger and Azriel appears) You look like you have just had some fun, which is apparent with your braclet broken.

Azriel: Songoku had some words he wished to express, but couldn't manage to uphold them. You are wounded...

Sekhmet: Yes, a child cut me with his knife. Haha. However, we're moving on to more important things. General Yamamoto, but before I engage him I want to explain something to our friend (looks back at Tenchi) If you ever show the disrespect you just showed today, I will personally deal with you. Once I am through nothing will be left.

Azriel: Nuvem is fighting the 1st Espada and Eliza. How shall we deal with this matter?

Sekhmet: Don't bother. When I accepted Kenaka as an ally I made it clear that if his underlings interfered they would be caught in the crossfire. Let Eliza die, she foolish enough to engage Nuvem in battle.

Azriel: As you wish. As well, Traea and Poira are prepared.

Sekhmet: That is very good news. Send our fallen to kill all the barracks.

Azriel: Galgalzi eliminated Mayuri and his vice captain, Zalbeseal eliminated squad 13, the others have killed the 9th and 10th division.

Sekhmet: Well (Azriel appears in front of Sekhmet and blocks Yamamoto's blade with his hand)

Azriel: Did anyone invite you to take advantage of this moment, old man?

Sekhmet: Thank you Azriel, but allow me. I do believe he wishes to fight me instead. (Sekhmet unleashes her bankai and destroys appears before him and holds his blade back) Your blade is ancient, but I am far more greater and so is my Zanpaktuo. Be thankful that I am making this quick (Begins to blow on Yamamoto and he is burned alive). His bankai was immense and frightening, but I prevail, as it should be.

Azriel: And Now?

Sekhmet: Allow all others to experience a similar fate. Slaughter them like the misfits they are (smiles). Where is Kenaka and his remaining underlings. Bring them to me, we need to have a conference.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(kenakas story)
Kenaka-*wakes up*what happened, were am i?
May-hello master! im glad you ok.
Kenaka-*stands up* thank you...May, who else is still alive in my squad. Well im mosty concered about songoku and Tenchi.
May-well, songoku escaped Azriels attack, but he is seriously injured. He is about 5000 killometers away...south.
Kenaka-haha, always loved your all seeing eyes.
May-i will always be your locater master kenaka. Anyway tenchi is alive..you erally think anyone could have killed him.
Kenaka-yea...i guess not. Did he release his...
May-no...he did not release that monstrocity of a bankai..it would have killed all of us and you to, but im alive and so are you. *smiles* yayuri, gio, lester, and joe are still alive, though eliza is still in a erdicamint with an angel.
Kenaka-she is number 3..if she survives, then good. If not....then it will be at her lose. she has always been angered easily.
May-should we reveal that most of the numbers in our ranks are missinterpreted?
Kenaka-that you are the true second and that joe is the third. yeah, its ok. Go aheead.
May-also Sekhmet wants to have a meeting with the remander of us. What will ou do about...
Kenaka-leave Tenchi out of it, i dont want them talking to him or about him. if they do, make sure your mind teknique takes care of that...GOT IT!
May-yes, yes sir

(tenchis story)
Tenchi-disrespect? pshhhhhhh, i was just havin fun. And maybe somday, we can figt as well, just for fun haha, but nice bankai. really inpressive *not drunk anymore* i got to admire you for that one....if im not correct that would be the strongest fire zampaktou. That is really outstanding.
GRIM-(voice echoes)...i am not finished with you yet, Sekhmet. I will return..stronger....faster...more of a true warrior, until i can defeat you. (voice dissapears)
Sekhmet-i thought i got rid of him. what a pain.
Azriel- true
Tenchi-well i guess ill be leaving now. i need to find an old friend who i couldn't find here....or maybe a couple of cute gurls.
Azriel-...aren't you that drunk that lived in our land? you seem to talk like him.
Tenchi-haha, maybe (vanishes)
Azriel- *thinks to himself* "that pressure...that power...it was uberable, to strong"

(youruichi/Tenchi story)

urahara-soooo, whats on your mind youruichi?
Youruichi-..its nothing *stares in to the sky*
young youruichi-hahaha, someday i will be stronger than you. my fighting style against yours. i am determined that will happen!
young tenchi-haha maybe, it might be possible. ill come see you when the day comes.
young youruichi-what day?
young tenchi-*doesnt answer, then thnks to himself* "the day your freinds will die"
youruichi-*turns into utter shock to see the one that spoke to her all those years ago* t..tenchi!
Tenchi-hello little one, unfortunetly...that day has come..
Youruichi-what day!
Tenchi.....the day that all your freinds die,
Urahara-hmmmm, i new you ment sothing along those lines...thus i brought a couple of my freinds.
*all viazards appear*
Tenchi-how unfortunate. *in seconds everyone is cut down excepts love..who has went into shikai with his club, urahara, and rose with his whip* im sorry you have to see this. little one. I have been told to espaecially take care of everyone here...includong you. though i was your sensei.
Rose-my art will destroy you *sends whip at tenchi*
Love-ill crush you before you do such a thing *swings club downward*
Tenchi-come down from the stormy sky..sasanoo.
*black lightning consumes both love and rose only leaving urahara and youruichi* that finishes of the viazards, even with their masks they were nothng. tht just leaves you two.
*in seconds, urahara was killed*
youruichi-*stunned with fear*
tenchi-that look on your face tells me your not ready to fight me.... i will let someone else visit you. (vanishes and youruichi is standing in a mass of bodies and blood)
*tenchi appears back in soulsociety*

Tenchi-..hmmmmm no cute gurls around anymore, how sad. i wonder what i will do now. *may appears next to him*
Tenchi-haha i was wondering where you whent. how did it go?
May-i took care of two captains and a ice captain
Tenchi-haha i guess ou win, all i killed was the third espada
may-you know why im here.
Tenchi-yes, i do. i will get going now. Send me a mind message if anyone follows me.
May-*looks at him seriously* dont hurt yourself....Tenchi.
Tenchi-has anyone been able to hurt me? *jokes*
May-kenaka doesn't want SEkhmet to get her hands on you. she is the flames and you are...
Tenchi-and i am the storm, i know. The strongest of the flames on the strongest of the strom zampaktous...two incredible acient zampaktous.
May- if she decides to chace you. kenaka says you must fight so that no one can take advantage of your bankai.
Tenchi-yes, i know. ill get going now (vanishes)
may- that man.....haha, was starring at my chest the wole time. (speeds back toward kenaka)
May-hes going.
Kenaka-good, lets continue with this meeting.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet: I hear the remaining espada have been disposed of and the Shinigami are failing fast.

Kanaka: That is good news.

Sekhmet: You're right, it is. (four generals appears along with 5 angels). Good, you are here! You kept me waiting, my dear angels (smiles).

Kanaka: We did it, Sekhmet! WE DID IT! We crushed the Shinigami and we thwarted Grim's efforts (starts walking around and screaming in excitment)! THIS IS AMAZING!

Sekhmet: You have no idea how amazing it is. How are you, little girl?

May: Fine. I am proud to serve beside you.

Sekhmet: Truly, the pleasure is all mine. Look at the beauitful scenery (Kanaka and May turn around) These are our lands now! They were taken from us such a long time ago by disgusting brutes like Shinigami and Arrancar. The land, though tarnished, will be reminded of its past beauty and return to what it was. Are you happy you were a part of this?

Kanaka: I am glad that the Shinigami are destroyed. They did not deserve to own these lands, as you said.

Sekhmet: You are absolutely correct. Ther is no one else in this world that would know how to bring this land to what it was. No one else has the birthright, strength, intelligence, or prowess to rule these lands. People can become so disillusioned, believing they are more important than in reality (stares at Kenaka and May as they look in the distance).

(In an instant May is impaled in the chest and slashed across the throat by two generals. Traea slices off kenaka's arm, Pardel deeply gashes his chest, Baello gashes his back, Vael slashes his legs, and is finally impaled by Poira's blade. Vesnesel recites: Ensnaring the heart, burning the flesh, crushing the soul, and relinquishing the mind: Hado 145: Fowl death (May is surrounded by a red sphere and it emplodes revealing her on the ground bloody and lifeless).

Sekhmet: I understood that your pet can read intentions, which is pretty nice. However, I am much smarter than that and put a stop to it quickly. This is why she couldn't forsee this. Hah. You unleashed Grim on me and expected that he would kill me, plus you are hiding Tenchi from me? I led my people, I am always on top of all matters. You're so unintelligent, I believe this strongly. (Points at Kanaka while he bleeds prefusely and is unable to stand) CERO UNLAMADO! (Kanaka is cut up and pieces of flesh are torn off by the attack). You are weak, you couldn't defeat Grim. I am stronger than you'll ever be. (Removes sword and decapitates Kanaka). Hah. Now, allow his subordinates to feel his reitsu vanish and come seeking vengence. It will be...delicious. (Walks forward and steps on May's head) I cannot wait for this next battle.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(turning the tables)
*kenaka and may vanish*

Sekhmet-hmmm what is this
*kenaka appears along with may*
Kenaka-not only does may have the mind powers you have found out, but she can also tell what emotions and what the people feel by listening to their heart beat. From the start she new you intentions, you think we would go down that easily...Sekhmet. You may be stronger, but all we intend to do is give tenchi some time to escape the reaches of your over zelous hand. We now that your the strongest fire element out there. Tenchi is the strongest storm, that is why we hide him from you, we were not sure if you have good intentions after completeing this mission, that is why we hid him.
May-i can sense your furry...all your furries. And you beleive WE sent grim after you..no, he was a problem of our that we needed assistance with. And even you had a hard time with him. it was not our plan for him to appear.
Kenaka-why do you insist on fighting...you completed you goal.
May-allow me........*takes out her a broken blade out of her sheath, and other angels try to attack, but they cant. their movement are distorted and their vision starts to persieve a diffrent reality* that should hold them of for awhile *sheathes sword back*
kenaka- im not sure, their all really powerfull *looks at all of them who seem to be sleeping, yet they still feel like their in their own alternate reality as the dream*
May-approximately 34 minutes and 22..21..20 is when they will escape
Kenaka-lets go, i have realized their violent intentions. They conviced me of their peacefull nature, but i can now see through that. Warriors!

*joe, sendo, hibana, eliza, songoku, raigan, and fro appear*
Kenaka-we are leaving toward tenchi. if they escape early then.....hibana! you will hold them off.
Hibana-yes sir!
Kenaka-then it will be you sendo, then eliza, then raigan, fro, and joe. Songoku youll be the one before may got it.
songoku-yes sire, i want to pumble that Azreil until he cries
Kenaka-may, you tell us when one of our comrades die if sekhmet decides to persue tenchi. if she really is that person who wants that peacefull world back, she might not decide to chase after him.
May-why would she chase him anyway? *already taking of in tenchis direction*
Kenaka-one, becuase of there intense abilities, and two....he is her younger brother.
may-ahhhhhh i see, does she now?
Kenaka-i dont think so, i beleive she was raised without any siblings. they were seperated.
may-oh, ok. you think we will ever get on good terms with sekhmet?
Kenaka-i dont now, may....hibana, stop here. youll be the first they meet if their intentions are uncival.
hibana-gotcha captain! *stops and turns around*

*notices Mays ability*
Tenchi-sooo they have already gotten bored with killing the shinigami and now their after us. This will just bring more blood. I want to protect them....i will protect them. *with out standing speed, he is standing beside the sleeping angels without being traced by may..then unleashes a little bit of spirtual pressure to snap all of them out of their slumber*
Pardel-haha its tenchi! Unveil your glorious gale! *the shards appear along with the six wings, then she sends her blades at him...yet none peirce him*
Vael-*realeses shikai* try this on for size! *shards again rain down on him, but not peirce his skin*
Tenchi-you are weak *cuts down both vael and pardel to their knees, then they fall to the ground* i dont want you to hurt my freinds. if i dont fight you guys...then you will surely kill them..
Pardel-your..bastard. *sends shards at him with last breath, yet again it just bounces off him like he were a blade*
Tenchi-arrogant *cuts of Pardels head, then points weapon at the others*
Tenchi-who is next?

(may and kenaka)
May-.......i can't sense tenchis energy anymore.....Wait! *stops along with the others* Its back there, back to the other angels!
Kenaka-oh that stupid..... lets go.. KNOW!!!!!.
*head back in order to stop the battle*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
(rage of the storm)

Azreil-let me take care of this, master *unsheathes sword and goes into shikai and emidietely after that the shadow attack tenchi* i will consume you and you will be lost in my shadows tenchi.
Tenchi-*shadows cloak tenchi yet he doesn't get eaten away by the shadows* this is a nice trick, yet i am now fighting seriously, thus i tend to observe my opponent. your shadows can dissolve things at a molecular level, thus it is capable of taking atoms, electrons,protons, nutrons and destroing them. My skins properteis are unknown, so i dont expect you to understand but this skin has a dffrent set of build in terms of those things. it actually takes the properteis of your shadows and mixes it with my skin allowing much dificulty to control it. Usually shadows dont have these, but to be able to use it like the way you do, it has to. this is the perfect adaptable body. it then drops the properteis to do it then replacing them with the atoms in the air, but thats after every one of your attacks *shadows slowely seperate from his body* then my body adapts by repelling the attack from my body in order to take the atoms in the air. *shadows shoot out of him and Azreil emideitly gains control of them again* i had to use this ability slowely so that you could understand.
Azriel-*looks at him seriously and thinks to himself* "that is how he survived Yamamotos flames. His body adapted to the heat and then repelled in during the whole battle. yet fire eats away at oxygen"
Tenchi-i can tell your thinking of my weakness. I can also probably guess that you have alredy thought of fire as a weakness. you think that it can easily eat at the air and cause me not to be able to adapt. well that is true, but it eats away the oxygen, leaving what that stil exists in the air.
Azriel- Carbon dioxide!
Tenchi-smart you are, fire is actualy one of the worst abilities to use against me because it allows me to adapt faster because it actually creates the gass Carbon dioxide, witch i need to repel the special attacks. i dont want to explain biology anymore, even i dont quite understand it.
Azriel- *starts to speak the zampaktou sealing spell*
Tenchi-check mate. *Azriel then notices that the sword has stabed him through the chest* Now my body creates the lightning with its other properties and it runs through the blade to...*the lighning runs through the blade and into Azriel, paralyzing him. Then he falls to the ground with no more control over the body. Though the body was a shadow*
Azriel-you think that will work (appears behind tenchi)
Tenchi-Actually i think it will *Azriel is then paralyzed and cant move from his standing position* i can sense even the slightest reatsu that cntrols illusions and clones with my lighning and it seems to locate the source. it makes a path to that source and attacks it directly. so i know this is the real Azriel that hides in the shadows. *azriel falls to the ground paralyzed*
(battle over)
Tenchi-Anyone else. *points sword at th group of angels who are cowering in fear at the defeat of one o the strongest of them* anyone else who dares to take me on, or will you leave us alone and be satisfied with the world you took back? Will i have to kill anymore of you?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना soulguardian said…
big smile
this is my zanpaktou.

zanpaktou name:Iruhidomo(radiant sunchild)
description: same as any old katana except for that the guard is a golden six pointed star,the blade has a gold tinge to it.

shikai: the guard is replaced by a vertical half sun with a lage golden blade extending from it the hilt is now a red color and it has a string of prayer beads handing from the hilt.it glows golden yellow.

Hiharetsu(sun burst): shoots out a ball of pure solar energy incinerates all it touches.

Mamoru raito(shielding light): froms a barrier of spiritual pressure that defects attacks and heals all inside it.

Irunami(radiant wave): creates a wave of light that rushes at foes and spreads across the area in all directions.

bankai name: Ten no hidomo(celestial sunchild)
a ring of solar light forms behind the wielder along with angelic golden red wings. ten no hidomo now has a full vertical sun as its guard and has a large hole in the middle that contains a small sphere of light, the blade extends as a solid beam of light and the hilt now has golden beads hanging off of it.
command: "Rise and bring light to this broken land"


Amatsu miryoku(heavenly charm): the ring of light behind the wielder glows and envelopes a fallen comrade and heals their wounds and bursts in all directions in a holy light to damage foes with the wounds healed.

Ten no haretsu(celestial burst): a stronger version of Iruharetsu, but shoots out in beams of light that the weilder can command.

Kami no harau(divine slash): the wielder moves at the speed of light and does a series of powerful slashes at the foe as he bolts pass them.

Sei naru hanko(sacred seal): the wielder does a series of hand signs and then thrusts his blade into the object that they wish to be sealed and the kanji for sun appears on the place it was stabbed. used to seal away spiritual pressure forever unless broken by creator or by a powerful out side force.

comments: is mainly a sealing and healing zanpaktou with a few attacks is mostly light based.Its spirit likes to draw and practice calligraphy,she is very good at it too. she looks like a young girl from 13 to 15 and wears a bright yellow skirt and coat with orange details and designs, eyes are golden brown and has light brown hair wears a yellow beray and has a yellow rose in her hair. always acts bubbly and cute she acts a little ditzy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना soulguardian said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना chaosnuclear said…
Zanpakotou/Shikai : Kaze Shukketsu (Bleeding Wind)
release command : wakuwaku(Tremble)

Description : It means "Bleeding wind", Its a 68 inches katana with a black holder, the guard is a normal square one and its blade is pure silver. *main ability of my Zanpakotou is to let me use wind and my wind can just past anything, but when it hits the target it becomes solid*

bankai name : Tenshoku shouten (Calling Death)

Description : The Katana turns into wind sword.

Shikai's ability:

Suusen Shuriken (Thousand shuriken) : It will let me make alot of Wind shuriken to attack the opponent in all direction's

Kaze Sou (Wind Suffer) : This is like a passive ability, Each wind that i made and hit you will eat bunch of your reiatsu and strength.

Bankai Abilities

Kaze Shuuyoujo (Wind Asylum) : It will make a dome of Reiatsu that will trap my opponent and me inside, no way out no way in. Only when i release the dome, Inside that dome is bunch of wind, that will help me defeat the opponent.

Kaze Maisuo (Wind Burial) : I will make 10 Ultimate Dragons that are made of Wind, They can all attack you at the same time, and i can also change their form, if they hit you, you will weaken until you fall down..

Comments :

Well i kinda like wind so i base my Zanpakotou into it, thats its basic ability, and i like long swords its kinda cool lol :S sorry dunno what to say XD
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bankai0111 said…
mine is: Kurotaka - (elemental blade)
shikai command: Kiru (kill)

bankai command: blade times five (don't know what that is in japanese)

description: normal blade with black blade and a silver hilt.
when called on, blade splits into thirds (2 in hand, one in mouth) ones in hand grow another blade out of the back of the hilt.

special ability 1: can copy shikai and bankai of anyone it has beaten in the past

special ability 2: controls elements of ice and fire

bankai: twin tornadoes of fire and ice swallow opponent

cool right?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना chaosnuclear said…
lol nice zanpakuto but isnt that too strong? LoL
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना lazyblade15 said…
big smile
Here's my Zanpakuto

Name: Tsuiraku Oushi (Crashing Bull)
Release command: Denka o ippai sumiyaka! (Charge at full speed!)

Shikai Description: a katana with a green hilt and a curved blade (shaped like a horn).

Bankai Name: Kichigai Tsuiraku Oushi (Mad Crashing Bull)

Bankai Description: a giant, 6 foot sledgehammer-like weapon with horn-like protrusions coming out the sides of the hammer part.

Shikai Ability 1: Kibatsu Tsuno (Striking Horn)
- The user focuses a massive amount of spiritual energy into his sword and charges at a blinding speed, but the user can only charge in a straight line.

Shikai Ability 2: Juuden Tsuno (Charging Horn)
- The user fires a horn-shaped energy projectile from the tip of the blade at almost untraceable speed, this attack has a 4 second rest period before it can be used again.

Shikai Ability 3: Muteki Bodi Oushi (Invincible Body of the Bull)
- The user's speed, strength, and reflexes are tripled temporarily. Other shikai moves cant be used while this is in effect.

Bankai Ability 1: Funsai Tsuno (Smashing Horn)
- The user slams Kichigai Tsuiraku Oushi into the ground and create a massive earthquake around the user.

Bankai Ability 2: Shinkou Tsuno (Rising Horn)
- The user slams Kichigai Tsuiraku Oushi into the ground and massive, horn-shaped pillars rise from the ground.

Bankai Ability 3: Shainingu Tsuno Kouki Denka (Shining Horn, Final Charge)
- The user is surrounded by a bull-shaped aura of spiritual energy and charges at full speed. Bankai ends after this attack is used.

This is only one of my zanpakuto ideas. I might come up with more if u like this one.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना chaosnuclear said…
lol nice :)) lol you like big weapons O.o
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KingofEspada said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KingofEspada said…
big smile
Here's my Zanpakuto.

Name:Koorisui Tenshi(Ice Water Angel)
Release Command:Tobidasu(Rush Out)

Shikai Appearance:A blue and white hilt and a guard that looks like a ripple starting from the blade.( like pains rinnengan.)The blade looks like a normal blade except its turned a sapphire blue.

Shikai Ability 1: Tsunami-a gigantic tidal wave rush out of my blade instantly drowning my opponent.

Shikai Ability 2: Kogoeshiu Yo Makai(freeze over hell)- if my first ability didn't kill my opponent, all the water from my Tsunami freezes everything until it freezes my opponent.

Shikai Ability 3: Tsurara(ice pillar)- a pillar of ice engulfs my opponent and then it turn him/her into solid ice.

Bankai name: Gokura(flood devestation)

Bankai Appearence: a huge wave of water is behind me. My sword has turned into a silver spear with blue japenese writing that says(Angel's divine spear)and its spear head is still sapphire. I have a crown on my head and my shoulder pads are made of ice. and i have angel wings made of ice my eyes are ice with a blue glow in them.

Bankai ability 1: Tenshi's Heki(Angel tear)- Ball of water shoots out of the wall of water and dissolves every thing it touches.EVERYTHING FRIEND OR FOE. So before it's unleashed every one must clear away.

Bankai Ability 2: Tenka Tenshu(descent,Lord of Heaven)- the clouds above me begin to swirl and there's a flash of light and suddenly they shoot down swirling like a tornado and then once it hits the ground it explodes. everthing it touches turns to ice.

Bankai's strongest and final ability:Tendou's Saishuu Tatsu(heaven last stand)- all surrounding bodies of water rise and then shoot at my opponent,Drowns then freezes him and then he shatters. I then faint from exhaustion.Bankai dissapears and blade goes back to normal.

Hahhahahahahahahahah! beat that! don't mess with me! taicho of sqaud 1!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना chaosnuclear said…
lol nice :))
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Songoku1112- I don't know how to even respond to that. I find it hard to believe that Songoku survived his body being taken apart molecule by molecule and it seems your ranks keep changing.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
mhhmmm, let me give you a history lesson. Songoku is a very fast being, he can never be caught. And i can almost say te same about your lust to kill other people characters. You've already tried to kill my characters mutiple times, even Kenaka. That is the only reason my ranks keep changing. you keep killing of my primary characters without concent. Yet i didn't complain till now.