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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Toiso: You are so bold, greed. It is obvious you truly live your title. You want everything, even if you can't have it. This victory, will never be awarded to you.

Greed: You think so, shinigami? (vanishes and appears beside toiso. They begin smashing their swords together. His ice builds on his sword, but greed fires a giant cero catching toiso off guard. Toiso sends a whirlwind of ice at the cero and they meet and consume one another. Greed appears beside Toiso and they begin clashing swords. Toiso leans back and brushes his sword down Greeds sicle, he then speeds up his movement and dashes to the side sending one of his sickles flying out of greeds hands. His blades edge nears the back of greeds neck. He grabs him with his tail and stabs toiso in the shoulder and begins to tighten his tale tighter and tighter).

Greed: Feel that pain, shinigami. I'll squeeze the life from you. Beg for mercy, shinigami!!! (begins laughing).

Toiso: (stares blankly as greed grips him ever-so tightly. He begins to try and crush Toios's ribs and suddenly has searing pain from his chest and a wound appears on his shoulder with blood pouring down his side). Hollow, you have not yet learned. As you wound me, you too become wounded. However, your wounds are about to get much worse. (ice builds on his tale) Raam Toso! (ice consume his tale and begins branching off into giant spikes. His tale shatters and ice shards begin piercing his skin. Puncturing his stomache, arm, shoulder and leg).

Greed: AHHHhh! Bastard... (attempts to stop the progression of the growing ice shards). ...I will behead you!

Toiso: Try hollow.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Greed and Toiso continue to clash blades, and Tosio appears to be growing steadily weaker'

Greed: Whats wrong Toiso? Feeling a bit out of breath?

Toiso: What have you done to me, you hollow?

Greed: Those tails. How many times do you think that they have touched you? 3, 4, maybe 5 times? Well, each time, a bit of my poison is being injected in to you.

Toiso: You forget, even if I am dying, you're coming with me!

'A couple seconds pass, and Greed starts to double over'

Toiso: So long, hollow, its been fun.

'Suddenly the tail on his left sickle grows and envelopes him'

Greed: You fool. You truly believe that my own poison could kill me? My slime heals me!

'Greed kicks Toiso back, and then disappears, before appearing behind him and firing a cero'

Greed: You're finished.

Now what will Toiso do, now that he can't give Greed the poison as well?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Entering the Game

Back at the Barracks many others are starting to move.

Heart: 'massaging her hands' uhh, Tomo shall we go!

Diamond: you okay? you seem nervous.

Heart: yea, its been a while since i fought haha. so Tomo are you ready to go join the fight?

Tomo: of course 'nods and smiles' and dont worry im sure we'll be fine. lets see... Wait im predicting something...

Clubs: what is it? is Ace coming? 'leaning in to hear an answer'

Tomo: 'shakes her head' i cant see that far but im hoping it wont get to that point. Ace is still pretty sick. But i see something else, DAMN it i need to go NOW. follow me in a few.

Tomo disappears, everyone else stares at each other for awhile then they split.


Toiso is trying to dodge the many tails coming at him. His steps are getting slower, which is only making it harder to dodge.

Greed: you shall die NOW!!!

A tail goes in for the kill and Toiso stands in Awe. Suddenly a Black arrow shoots through the tail. The tail breaks and disappears.

Greed look in the direction of the arrow. Standing on top of a tree is Tomo.

Toiso: Fellow shinigami thank you. 'he flinches as he still feels a littlw pain'

Tomo: 'comes to him' Dont worry drink this. 'hands him a vial' It should heal most of your wounds and be able to fend off most of his poisons.

Toiso: Thank you. 'engulfs the contents hastily' Shall we work together.

Tomo nods in approval.

Greed: what ever, more people to kill.

Tomo: Shine. Shiroi Vector (i lost my files so i forgot what its real name i had for it haha)

Tomos zanpaktou turns into a black sleek sword that looks like a long sai with arrows as is points.

Tomo: time to fight.


In a room, deeply hidden in Soul Society, a boy awakes.

???: Tomo? Heart? Clubs? Diamond? you're going to fight? uhhh, my toys are going to break during this game.

Heart walks in a few minutes later

Heart: ACE!!! you're awake, but you're still a little sick.

Ace: 'sits up in bed' Oh, you guys say im sick to try convince me to not fight. I MADE you guys, so dont think you cant out smart your creator. haha.

Ace? who is he exactly? what is he meant to do? and will tomo last in the fight?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Yasnhamiesh: (staring at the three newcomers). Well, it looks like we have some fascinating creatures stumbling upon our little gathering.

Galgalzzi: They appear rather determined to eliminate those gillian. (chuckles sinisterly and forwards his attention to Zalbeseal).

Zalbeseal: Introduce yourselves to our newest guests (grins as he talks).

Kibudo: (continues to watch his pillars rise from the ground, but notices something peculiar. Without warning all his towers crack and crumble). What happened (face is surprised)

Shion: We have greeters...

Phoebe: (stares at Galgalzzi and Yashnamiesh).

Yashnamiesh: By all means, do not allow us to bother your crusade. We only wish to welcome you. Afterall, it would be rather rude and unfriendly if we remained idle without giving you the proper introduction.

Galgalzzi: Indeed. We only wish to extend our gratitude for eliminating those wreched creatures. Awful beings. They are crude, loudy, and have no conceptualization of an entrance.

Yashnamiesh: (looks at Galgalzzi with a smile and then back at the three strangers) Unlike our newest guests, of course. They certainly know how to stir up trouble and draw the most attention. I do apologize for my partners impromptu destruction of your pillars. Intresting structures, but rather primitive. Wouldn't you say, Galgalzzi?

Galgalzzi: I would most certainly have to agree. A simple exhale was enough to topple those puny structures. I must admit, however, they did do away with those gillian rather quickly. Of course, in retrospect, they are fairly weak versions along the hollow's evolutionary cycle (grins).

Yashnamiesh: (raises her hand and catches an arrow) What is this? What that a crude attempt to take my life? I'm resent such a pitiful attempt (the arrow burns away in her hand).

Galgalzzi: Don't be too insulted, she attempted the same measure with me. I believe she thought we were distracted while we politely introduced ourselves (arrow disintigrates in his hand). Shall we try this again boys and girls? (By simply exhaling a mist envelopes the area and completely disintigrates all of her oncoming arrows along with the razor-edged leaves). You'll have to do much better than arrows and leaves, little ones.

Yashnamiesh: (a pillar bursts from the ground and smashes into Yashnamiesh. However, the pillar did not manage to draw a reaction or nudge her from her original position. The pillar simply cracks and shatters once it hits her. She brushes off her side while continuing to stare at Kibudo). I shouldn't have to explain the obvious, but that wasn't very effective, dear. (several other pillars erupt from the ground and one is angled and heading straight for her chest. She slowly places her palm facing forward and stops the pillar with one hand, not even budging from her stance. She takes her other hand and stops a second pillar. Each pillar simultaneously shatter. Two additional pillars dart toward her and she simply smacks them, in doing that they are instantly pulverized). These pillars are as troublsome as tiny pebbles. Tell me this isn't the extent of your abilities?

Galgalzzi: I believe it may just be. (looks at Hibiki) You look more angry than the other two? Or perahps, you are masking your fear and suprise with aggression. Either way, I can tell you want to exact revenge. Well, by all means, continue your tyrade (smiles). I will care to your other friend, (glances at Phoebe) once you and I are finished with nour version of russian roulette (grins).

Yashnamiesh: Oh, that means I am alotted this questionably weak pebble throwing monster. Come at me, you barbarian (chuckles). You must have other tricks, otherwise this will just be a waste of my time (smiles).

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Toiso: (Peers around and looks at the oncoming cero)and calmly says Raam nosto (his sword reflects the image of the cero and Toiso is completely enveloped by the cero)


Toiso: (It is revealed that Toiso is simply standing in the same spot and glaring at Greed).

Greed: What? You should be dead?

Toiso: Greed, allow me to give you the gift of charity.

Greed: (face changes expression and he clunches his stomache).

Toiso: You by now understand my shikai can reallocate wounds I recieved onto my enemies. However, there is more. I am able to express my virtue to others. My expression comes in the form of giving, which I can do on many dimensions.

Greed: Tch...bastard. You...you...

Toiso: Yes, redistribute a something directed toward me and regift it at my opponent. I can alter it on several levels and dimensions, enabling me to change a multitude of outcomes. Enjoy, both of your dirty tricks.

Greed: (a cero erupts from greed's stomache, blood pouring all over. The weakness, that resulted from the poison, was again redistributed back to Greed's body. Toiso was able to extract the "gift" of weakness and transplant that in the body without a need for poison. Now, greed will have an even more difficult time generating mucus and healing wounds).

Toiso: You too strictly interpreted my abilities, Greed. (raises blade and sends a giant icey tidle wave hurtling toward Greed. It smashes into greed and carries him for hundreds of feet crashing him into the side of a mounting).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Kibudo: (holds sword on his back and grimaces at Yashnamiesh) Was that supposed to be a dis? Barbarian, I get that nickname at least forty times a day, and that's just from Shion! You've got nothing on the queen of taunts over there. But anyways, you think you figured out my abilities? Heh, you're far from there! (The ground rumbles) You're fighting the personification of the undead, angel!

With that, he vanished. At the last second, she figured out what was going and dodged to the side. A pillar of rock stood up from beneath her and she avoid getting punctured. Then the pillar sprouted a second branch of rock with several spines at her. She vanishes at the last second but as she lands somwhere else, the earth cracks beneath her and her legs were caught. Kibudo stood in front of her and she saw a skull on his forearm as he got ready to swing. It fades. The little distraction was long enough for Kibudo to get his sword as much as to Yashnamiesh's neck, but she managed to catch the blade. To her shock, he had a lot more power behind the swing than she had thought. She threw the bade aside and got ready to stike his opening when suddenly large pillar shot from her sides. This time they enclose around her and Kibudo jumped back. He tapped his sword to the ground and the pillars sprouted spike on both the inside and outside. Suddenly the rocks fell apart showing Yashnamiesh with small wounds.

Yashnamiesh: That didn't carry enough power to kill me.

Kibudo: Well of course not angel, I'm out of practice. (crack knuckles and rubs shoulders) It's been ages since I last fought without my seal. (twists sword in his hand casually) But that's still not reason enough to believe I'm already trying my hardest. Trust me, you'll see.

Meanwhile, Galgalzzi was dodging pine needles that fired at him. They were small and hard to see, but he managed to avoid them.

Galgalzzi: You think that by using different, more effective, leaves will work on me?

Phoebe: Yes dear, of course I do. But not the way you think. (suddenly vines wrap around Galgalzzi imobilizing him and the pines fly at him)

Galgazzi: (Blows mist to disintgrate them but the pine needles vanish on their own accord) What the? (Suddenly he hears a cricket on his shoulder and he glances at it) A cricket? But why- (remembers Phoebe's Zanpakutou's name) Oh no- (The cricket makes a loud screech and several bees appear. At this time he notices that he wasn't in Karakura town anymore. Before he could try and process why, the bees flew forward, stingers aloft. He vanished easiy and the bees fell dead. He reapeared but a greens sphere on the end of a staff was directed at him. Phoebe was behind it grinning as a fern frond figure vanished from on top of her Adam's Apple. Vine shot from the green orb and he dodged back) What did you do? Did you transport us or is it not real and in my head?

Phoebe: Of course it's in your head dear, but why on earth does that mean it's not real?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
from the distance, a gargant appears. it shreds the sky and roars as it tears space. from that whole in the sky, one man stands alone. he is a African american with an 8th division Captains uniform. He has one eye patch on his left eye and a gigantic fro. he sighs as he rubs the fro, looking for a comb that he had placed in it earlier. as he searches, he observs the battle field. The shinigami loked like their were throwing everything they had, wich was good

Djay nakanawa had been a captain of the back up forces for a long time, even before old man yamamoto, he even was once a commander, but only for 100 years when he mysteriously dissapeared to hauce mundo to do research. when many centuries had passed, Djay had come back as a assistant shimnigami for soul societies Captain ranks and now was 8th division back up. He smiled as he thought that his orders to arrive now might not have been neccesary. he smiled as he shunpoed over towards the fighting. he than looked around for Kuraha, who was also preocupied in a fight. he than looked at Vaznesel and sighed. he was a really lazy guy and he thought that it might not be in his best intentions to fight her without permission. Though he really wanted to do something.

Djay: alright kuraha, ill fight the girl over there. she seems alright.

Djay than sighed as he shunpoed infront of vaznesel.

Djay: are you buisy? because if your not i was wondering if i may challenge yu to a battle. It would be nice if you ablidged. *bowed like a gentle man, than stood up and sighed* well...what do you say?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Yashnamiesh: (laughing) These little rituals you take part in are not frightening the least bit. I don't know whether to pity you or put you out of your misery. (glares at kibudo) I destroyed all your other pillars, so what makes you think I couldn't have destroyed those? Now I'm questioing whether it was worth testing your strength. You wasted my time. (pilars shoot from the ground. She points her finger and cero with enormous range pulverized them instantly).

Kibudo: Huh. If you could have destroyed them, why didn't you? Just to test my strength?

Yashnamiesh: Ha ha ha ha. I haven't been in a real battle in such a long time. Perhaps, I should make this more interesting! (appears behind Kibudo and fires a cero. He dodges it, but as he does she appears beside him and fires an even larger cero striking him to the ground). Allow me to properly introduce myself, creature. I am Yashnamiesh, third ranking general in Veznesel's army (as she explains, she unsheathes her sword)

Kibudo: ...you're a general? I believed you to be an angel?

Yashnamiesh: (chuckles). No, I rank much higher than any angel. (wipes her hand across her blade) You are in for a wonderful surprise, little one. Suarda Zuivere!! (Her sword cracks and resembles a mosaic, it amplifies the light around them and as Kibudo watches, her skin becomes pale and slightly a-glow. She opens her eyes and stares at Kibudo with a sinister glare). (she speaks to kibudo with a soft, gentle, composed toned. Her voice is silky and speech polite and eloquant, even after her entrance into shikai). You are certainly talented, boy. However, talent only gets you so far. Indulge my inquiries for a moment. Are you a shinigami or one of those amalgamated creatures, vizard, is it? (before he can answer a blade is driven through his chest)

Kibudo: (gasps for air) Ug..ug..ghh. Wh..wh..what did you do...? (he looks down a blade is sticking from his chest. He looks at Yashnamiesh and she has blade facing down, but the one half seems to be missing. It gradually appears whole again)

Yashnamiesh: You seem flushed? Is there something the matter? Maybe its my blade protruding from your chest (as she speaks there is a dark presence in her face). Rather inconvenient, though. If I had only angled that better, I would have ended this quicker by piercing your heart. (chuckles to herself) Oh well. This way is better, I believe. Watching you suffer will be much more enjoyable. (smiles).

Kibudo: (blood pouring from his wound and consuming his clothes) You damn woman...


The particular part involving Galgalzzi was especially confusing. I suggest you revise your posts before clicking submit, it will help clarify any more ambiguity. It simply wasn't very clear, many grammatical errors. Or perhaps you abilities were not thoroughly explained, so it cam across misleading. Whatever the case, I will post something. I hope it continued alongside your previous post, I don't want to meander.

Galgalzzi: I am growing quite tired of these childish antics you seem to be playing. Your zanpakuto is that of a child, I cannot believe you've made it this far in life. Do tell me, child. These abilities, do you use them to entertain guests? Compared to me, they are mere parlor tricks. (as he says that be begins to pull his sword from his sheath while announcing its name) Odinha Veneno.
( His sword explodes with purplish-black glow and he is consumed by a vortex of dark fog. (he is no longer visible beyond the thick black smoke)

Phoebe: What is that? An illusion? (shion shouts from the side, " THERE IS A HORRIBLE SPIRITUAL PRESSURE BUILDING BEYOND THE FOG!!! PHOEBE, PUT DISTANCE BETWEEN YOURSELVES!!!" Before she could distance herself, she feels an insurmountable spiritual pressure all around her) It feels as if an ocean is above the sky...(a bead of sweat runs down her brow and galgalzzi appears beside her, she swipes at him. Each time, he vanishes with such speed, as if he completely dissolves in mid-air. She swipers her sword behind her, but he vanishes once more. Shion watches from the distance. She notices Phoebe throw herself back as if a tremendous force is pushing her, she then realizes Galgalzzi has Phoebe by the throat. Phoebe takes her staff in an attempts to stab Galgalzzi, but he merely smacks her staff from her hand. He grips her throat tighter while he speaks. She gasps for air)

Galgalzzi: My dear...(gripping tighter, you can see his fingers digging into her neck) you were laboring under such delusions. Magic tricks are not enough to harm your opponents, you should have learned that quickly. Convenient, I must admit, but rather dissapointing. Your abilities and aptitude is astonishingly minute. You would have faired better against those insects you love to send in swarms. Speaking of which...(needles dart at galgalzzi and strike him in the back. He does not flinch, rather peers out of his periphery and returns his attention back to Phoebe. The needles are absorbed into his body and dissintigrate) Last ditch effort? Once again, you are proving to be more pitiful than previously assumed. (she gasps for air) I will show you fear, girl. I will show you the deepest core of what it means to be afraid. (his expression is shrouded in vile intentions) I shoult kill you now, but I am interested in viewing your other tricks (chuckles). Make no mistake, you will die. (while holding her by the throat, he shoves her back with a tremendous force. She hurtles backward and crashes into the ground). I see beyond everything, girl.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Kibudo: (stands up and wipes the blood of his blade) Heh, so you can harm me so badly? Makes this fun. I was worried my spirit pressure would nullify your attacks.

Yashnamiesh: Why would it?

Kibudo: My full name is Kibudo Kenpachi!

Yashnamiesh: Kenpachi? You mean those pathetic 11th squad captains that kill each other for their position?

Kibudo: Yeah, but the king decided to take me into the Zero Force and put me on record as dead so another Kenpachi took my place. (Lets off enormous spirit pressure) But back to the point. (Stabs sword into the ground and pillar flies at Yashnamiesh. She destroys them with one hand but before she could do anything else, Kibudo appeared behind her and stabbed his sword forward. She blocked with her sword and fired a cero. Suddenly a wall of rock blocked the attack and stalactites fell from above toward her. She prepared to block them but Kibudo slashed at her through the rock wall and broke it. Yashnamiesh had trouble blocking his slashes through the flying rocks and the falling rock spikes. She finally managed to dodge out of the way with a few cuts)

Yashnamiesh: How did you do that?

Kibudo: What, you think I'm limited only to using pillars from the ground?

Yashnamiesh: No, I mean the stalactites. How did you fire them when there is no roof above us?

Kibudo: I don't know. I just fired some pillars in the sky and the fell down on you.

Yashnamiesh: You fired them into the sky...

Kibudo: What is it now?

Yashnamiesh: An earth user using the sky to their advantage. Seems paradox, does it not?

Kibudo: You know, I don't care what you say about me but be careful with any of the other from the Zero Force you may fight. They’re not as forgiving of rudeness as I am. (slams sword into the ground. As he does, Yashnamiesh's blade sticks into his chest but he hardly flinches. In fact, with his eyes close, he hardly noticed it)

Yashnamiesh: That should have hit his heart.

Kibudo: (opens eyes and sees blade) That was a close one. (Grins) But now I'm ready. (He dashes forward with his sword's tip dragging into the ground. He swings at Yashnamiesh but her blade reappears and she blocked the attack. Kibudo keeps slashing viciously and she blocks. But as she got ready to retaliate, Kibudo jumped back in the air. The earth shook and the ground split beneath Yashnamiesh. Flames spit up and an echoing sound met her ears, like tortured souls calling for help. Kibudo grinned) Go to hell where you belong, general! (A giant skeleton hand grabbed Yashnamiesh and started to drag her to the fields of eternal punishment)
As for Phoebe, her sword means Natural Life. She controls the living. Animals and plants pretty much do as she asks. So far she demonstrated her ability to control some lethal animals and switch quickly between different kinds of plants. Also, she turned the surrounding area to basically a forest with ease.
Phoebe: (Sits up and wipes mouth) Magic tricks? Dear, magic isn't to be consorted with my power. (holds hand out and a vine shoots up and turns to her staff. She holds it gently) You see in my power only what you expect to see. Continuing like that will get you nowhere.

Galgalzzi: Is that so?

Phoebe: It's the truth.

Galgalzzi: (appears in front of her) Such arrogance. (tries to grab her but suddenly something slams into his side and he goes flying off)

Phoebe: You should know that normal animals aren't affected by spirit pressure the same way other beings are, dear. (is standing beside a large male elk. Galgalzzi appears behind her and Phoebe doesn't react. As a precaution, he aims for the elk. But as he attacked, he hears a hissing sound and stops)

Galgalzzi: (looks down to see a large snake coiling around his legs flickering its tongue and baring its fangs. Poison dripped from it slowly. Phoebe looked around pleasantly)

Phoebe: One is most vulnerable during one's own attack. You should be careful. One sudden movement even to kill the snake will cost cause it to sink its fangs into you, releasing a fatal poison. (Holds staff out and the green sphere on it morphs to a giant cactus spine and extends right in front of Galgalzzi's face) Such powerful spirit pressure. I hate to end a life with so much promise. (holds staff up) It's too bad that life uses its prowess for something so heinous. (swings down on him)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना dragonkin238 said…
Zanpakuto's name: Akihito(distinct)
Release command: Embrace, Akihito
Bankai name: Hin Akihito(changing distinct person)
Description: the sheath is made of the normal materials of a katana sheath the hand guard is a round hand guard that has a 10 pointed star design in it. The blade is 25 inches long.
Type: Defender
Shikai description:Looks the same as sealed but the handle is slightly smaller.
Shikai abilties:
1.When released my cloak wraps around my right arm creating shield that extends to my sword. This shield is invisible to most zanpakutos.
2.If an opponent strikes the shield/cloak I can engulf there weapons with the cloak making it impossible to use.
Bankai description:The hand guard disappears but the sword stays the same.
Banakai Abilities:
1. My cloak completely engulfs my body giving enhanced protection from most things.
2.I can capture entire opponents within my cloak leaving them immobilized.
3.I drop my sword into the earth and shout the command for any other known zanpakutos, including my opponent. i can use the abilties of that sword, but with less power. I change swords at any time by shouting a new command.
Example: I shout"howl,zabimaru" and i have the extending blade then can use bankai to get the Baboon bone cannon.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Galgalzzi: (laughs). You're the most ridiculous opponent i've ever faced, girl. You know absolutely nothing. Living beings, that of the real world, are especially senstive to spiritual pressure? Where did you learn your fact? (exerts spiritual pressure and all the animals die) My spiritual pressure can rip the soul from those weak bodies. The shinigami wouldn't need to protect the living, if they weren't vulnerable to the likes of wicked spiritual pressure. (smiles). Your attacks are almost laughable. (snakes coil around galgalzzi and they sink into his body and burn as they sink)

Phoebe: ...what are you doing?

Galgalzzi: (fog consumes the forest and all the trees and brush begin to whither and die) Tricks don't work on me, actually nothing that lives will survive in my presence. I suggest you tell your animals to run. (snakes bite him and they begin to disintegrate) Ha ha ha. Trying to poison me? What a failure, little girl.

Phoebe: The animals...

Galgalizz: You believe because you control them or you can ressurect a foest, you have the ability to defeat me? I have killed more shinigami than you've known in your life, so never try and place yourself at a higher level.

Phoebe: (coughs up blood and falls to the ground) ...

Galgalzzi: Oh, I forgot to mention. The malicious poison I pumped you full of is taking effect. You're body is breaking down and rotting from the inside out.

Phoebe: You never fed me poison and i never breathed in your fog...

Galgalzzi: Well, you did breathe my fog, but this process happened intradermally. When I grabbed you, I pumped you full of a malicious toxin, of my own making. (she lunges at his and attempts to hit him with her staff, she then sends a band of fox after him) Oh, please...(waves hand and a vortex of fog consume the pack and they fall over and turn into bones) There is nothing like rotting flesh, right?

Phoebe: no...(she falls tot he ground)

Galgalzzi: Feeling weaker? Allow me to tell you a secret, the more you try and resist and the more energy you exert, the fast the process. So, by all means, keep attempting to punish me. It will only speed up the ineivitable rotting of your corpse. (laughs). Nothing living can touch me, dear. Or it will rot instantly. So be my guest, continue your tyrade. (he grabs her by the thoat and punches her into the distance. She smashes into a rock formation and notices, her skin is turning grey and she is losing feeling in extremities).

Phoebe: (she grabs galgalzzi with her vines and attempts to pull him closer. The vines whither immediately and she smashes galgalzzi in the back with her staff. As she does that, she notices her staff becomes heavier and she almost loses grip of it)

Galgalzzi: (he turns around and smacks her across the face and kicks her to the ground) I assume your clumsiness is a result of dimished dexterity and I bet your losing advanced mobility.

Phoebe: (stars to her left, then looks at galgalzzi and wipes her eyes)

Galgalzzi: Oh, ahahaha. And you're beginning to have impaired vision and judgement. Well...anymore animals to help you?

Phoebe: (she notices her hair is falling out and that her vision is becoming blurry. She begins to cough up more blood and her right arm is becoming stiff). Damn...

Yashmaiesh: (sighs as she is being pulls down. Suddenly the hand is sliced in half and she steps away from the hand. She vanishes and appears beside Kibudo. They are about to clash swords when she appears on every side of him. He is then stabbed by four blades as she smiles) Your pillars, are merely childs play. (pillars fly from every direction and smash into her, cracking upon contact. You have no idea, the power of my shikai (chuckles).

Kibudo: (he takes his blade and attempts to cut her through. It hits her torso and the force from the impact reverberates through his sword and he is sent flying back) What the...your body?

Yashnamiesh: (she laughs softly) Ha ha ha ha ha. (she says) Ataita. (suddenly Kibudo looks down and the sky is below him and the ground is above him. He shoots a pillar, but it comes from his right and almost smashes into him). That was probably a fluke. Try again. (smiles).

Kibudo: (Raises his hand and four pillars dart from the sky, but come from below him and are aiming for him) WHAT THE HELL?! (he attempts to use another pillar to block the four, but it comes from above and almost strikes him)

Yashnamiesh: You should be more careful. Gee, I still don't know what to call you. Shinigami, creature, or vizard? Creature seems to be accurate, however. (chuckles to herself).

Kibudo: (he dashes at her and tries to slash at her, but he does not seem to be getting closer. He keeps dashing at her, but she remains at the same distance) I know i'm moving...(suddenly a blade protrudes from infront of him, and he tries to smash his sword into it, but it stabs him in the shoulder) ...I know it was on my left! (he tries to appear next to her, but as he travels at high speed, he isn't getting any closer)

Yashnamiesh: (laughs) You're too comical, boy.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Naiuzu said…
Sealed:its a kodachi with a dark orange hilt and G shaped guard


Shikai Appearance:Its a dagger with 6 inch blade with a yellow handle and guard

Shikai Special Ability:Its earth type,it allows me to gather the metal within the earth and it adds length to my blade and it also becomes my blade and

Earth Blades:I stick the blade in the ground and the come up from the ground and attack my enemy

Shield of Blade:The blades form around me in a circle and block from attacks

Bankai:Kyotsume Toraga(Mad Claw Tiger Fang):It comes with the release of spirirt energy that causes the ground to shake and i now have 1 foot long claw on my fingers and 6 inch claw on my thumbs and tiger stripes on my cheeks

Bankai Special Ability:My shikais abilities but much more powerful

Spontanious Blade Summoning:I can summon blades from the ground to attack my enemies with by sticking my claws into the ground

Exploding Boomerang Stripes:I can throw the stripes from my cheeks at th enemy and if hey touch anything they will explode

Earths Blade:I can make a sword from the earths metal particles and use it as my weapon
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
(play soundtrack)
Kibudo: Teh! If you wanted someone to keep falling for your stupid mind tricks, you chose the wrong person!

Yashnamiesh: Is that so?

Kibudo: Yeah it is! (takes sword in both hands and swing it. A gash opens in his arm and blood drips out)

Yashnamiesh: (laughs) What did that do for you? (Notices the blood is black) What's this?

Kibudo: (The blood makes a hissing sound and steam rises. Soon the blood spreads out to large holes and bony hands stick out. Skeletons with loose armor, shields, rapiers, and guns crawl out of the holes)

Yashnamiesh: So you're summoning undead warriors to fight for you? (suddenly there is a bang and blood slowly oozes from her shoulder. One of the skeletons had fired its gun. All the armed ones held their guns up and aimed) Rather pathetic, though. Using mortal weapons.

Kibudo: (Seems to disregard everything she had said) I have to give you some credit. It's been a while since I've last gone beyong using my normal ground based attacks. (his red eyes seem even more menacing) But you really don't understand what I mean by undead. You can kill me, sure. But I can't die, just like these guys.

Yashnamiesh: Is that some religous belief? You can be killed but not die?

Kibudo: It's the truth. (Points sword at her but still doesn't attack)

Yashnamiesh: Hah! Your afraid to come at me! Tell me, undead, what would happen if I decapitate you?

Kibudo: (Doesn't reply)

Yashnamiesh: Why don't we find out? (gets ready to move but then the skeletons fire a salvo of bullets at Yashnamiesh. She deflects them with ease but feels a prick right above her right hip. He sees another bullet there) What are these things anyways?

Kibudo: Made of the agonized souls that accumilate. It injects the very pain of the heart into the target. (Closes eyes) Charge. (At once, the skeletons with swords dash forward, swords aloft. Yashnamiesh slices them apart with ease but they just reassamble and attack. The gunmen continue to fire at her all the while. Meanwhile, Kibudo touches one of his wounds and rubs they blood on his forehead. It sizzles and suddenly the ground is beneath him again. He takes his sword and cuts his forearm. Suddenly Yashnamiesh appears behind him and slices at his back. He turned quickly and blocked with his sword)

Kibudo: Pain is the ultimate reality, even to the dillusional. (grins) Feel the agony of a thousand lost souls! (suddenly the wounds from the bullets explode with pain that makes her feel numb and she loses consciouness of what was around her. She could only know the searing pain in her body, like an eternity of pure anguish. Tears well at her eyes from the pain. After what felt like an eon of it, which was a second in reality, the pain started to gradually worsen. Kibudo held his sword up as the skeletons ran up beside him, ready to attack if necessary) You're one sorry soul to enjoy another's misery. (cuts through her neck) (end soundtrack)
Galgalzzi: (notices Phoebe hold up a small needle) Oh, some kind of antidote I presume. A nature user like you would have something like that.

Phoebe: (manages to smile) Please. I couldn't possibly have something to neutralize the poison instantly on the battle field. But... (sticks the needle in her leg and her breathing slows) I can slow its process. (Stands up and mutters) Botanical garden, arise. (Before Galgalzzi and react, the grassy wrapped around his ankles and branch stuck from the ground around his shoulders and body immobilizing him. The trees wilted and fell away) Everything is born ripens, ages, and eventually decays. But the beauty of it is that it makes an ideal spot to regrow. (flowers sprouted from the ground and the grassy lightened) Never before have I been pushed enough to show someone my secret garden, but you're extremely vexing. (a prairie dog stuck its head out of a hole beside her and she pet it) You surpise me, though. Those with a living body cannot enter Soul Society. Did you think I could defy that law? These animals are all souls of the once livin creatures of earth, as we are. What I meant before is that animals have this thing about them. They are closer to nature, more attentive, and have pure souls, unlike us. They do not commit sins. (a light sound of crunching grass can be heard in the distance) Killing them without consern...you truly are one to be called a creature...dear.

Galgalzzi: Wonderful lecture. Now if you'll excuse me...(the branches crack and he appears in front of her) I'll be taking your life. (Suddenly a growling sound is clearly heard and he is hit by a sharp claw. Behind him stood a cheetah, baring its fangs) Impudent creature! (Kicks at it but the cheetah dashes around with incredible agility, more than most have. Galgalzzi slashed at it but the cheetah caught the blade in its mouth riped it out of his hand. It threw the blade on the ground a few yards away and Galgalzzi watched it hit the ground. When he turned back to the cheetah, it was gone. Instead was a large Kangaroo that kicked him hard and sent him flying back. While he was in the air, he saw an Ostrich running below him. The Kangaroo was gone. As he landed on the ground, he dodged the ostrich's attack with its beak and punched it in the side. The ostrich staggered and he aimed at its head, but suddenly a hummingbird darted around his arm and flew to Phoebe. The ostrich had vanished)

Phoebe: (holds finger up and the hummingbird lands on her finger)Ten'i Jinsei dear, you must be more careful.

Bird: (chirps and then speaks with a beautiful voice that even shocked Galgalzzi) I simply could not stand the fact that he's so apathetic to life. It sickens me. (turns to Galgalzzi, its black eyes glistened and bore into him)

Galgalzzi: So you're her Zenpakutou? That's an odd form. Not very threatening.

Ten'i Jinsei: Oh, well would you prefer this? (Says it calmly but the next second, without even a moment taken to make the change, Galgalzzi was lookign at a giant. Litterally a giant. A bald human like creature with a giant hammer, easily fifty feet high. It spoke with a booming voice) Or would you prefer this? (the next moment Galgalzzi saw a large ape resemebling king kong. It slammed its arms on its chest, the sound echoing through the grass)

Galgalzzi: So you can change form at will. How interesting.

Ten'i Jinsei: (stands before him as a beautiful doe) Each form gives me an advantage because of the animals survival instinct. But you won't get the chance to experience them all. (The ground rumbles as Phoebe tapped her staff to the ground. Two large tree like beings rose from the ground, hardened black roots making up most of their body)

Galgalzzi: Even tree golems? You're just full of surprises, girl.

Phoebe: I'll assume that to be a compliment.

Galgalzzi: But your Zenpakutou gave me a good distraction. (suddenly mist envelopes Phoebe and Ten'i Jinsei. But suddenly several eagles flew down from above and swung their huge wings. The mist blew away as the two golems charged, giant arms ready to slam into the man before them)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Random_Genuis said…
zanpakto name: Graken fislth(celestoal fist)
release command: Comet

Description:When released the blade transforms into a silver spike and silver ghost-like wings 3 feet each, that aid in speed maneauverability and allow the weilder to hover ever so close to the ground.

Zanpakto abilities:
1.Comet fist- basically its the same wing like structure but around the fist for a deadly punch
2.Silver Needle- the wings wrap around the weilders body as he luanches himself at his opponent to deliver a peircing attack.
3.Celestial Dragon- The wings expand from 3 feet each to 6 feet each to grant the weilder flight, also the wrap around to form 6 whip-like structures to aid in attacking and defense.

Bankai name:Blairen Kir(Heavenly Fist)

Bankai description:The same ghost-like energy is used but to form a 3 pronged helmet with two slits to breath.The wings disperse into 5 spheres of varying sizes that revolve around the body in different directions and speeds.The spike then goes through a metmorphic stage. when finished it is entired coated in the ghost-like energy but as tiny little slivers that only protrude when it hits the body of the opponent and they provide other uses as well.

Bankai abilities:

Solar system pound-The spheres around the body are there for many reasons but this is one. The spheres stop moving and charge the opponent and surround him.From there they start to smash continously into him with the same force as a hammer.This can also be used in conjunction with attacks from the weilder.

Rising Heaven Smash-I totally fergot to tell you that the helmet has diamond like hardness and provides shock protection to the body.This attack requires all forms of the bankai.The spheres stop spinning randomly and start spinning below the feet to create a vortex that will lift the weilder into the sky.After that th needles from the spike attach themselves to the back of the helmet and waist to give more rigidness to the body, more power to the attack and a missile like appearence to the body.And then the weilder falls from the sky at up to 500mph and crush the waiting or fallen opponent below.

Celestial Crying Palm-The ghost-like energy rushes from the extending palm making a tremendous knockback attack but the cryin part comes into play as the needles from the spike are throughn in there to slash the opponent also.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Djay looked up as Vaznesel did not answer his freindly request. he sighed as he scratched his giant fro again and he turned away from her, but did not walk away.

Djay: could you be more polite. I ask quite politely and you dont even respond to my challenge. You really are a "bad guy" aren't you.

Djay than tilted his head back and looked at vaznesel

Djay:buuuuut i respect your descision. a lady of your stature should be listened to rather than be predetermined as a "bad guy". oh well, i guess ill see or fight you another day....

Djay thatn held his arms behins his head and walked away slowely
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Galgalzzi: (laughs) You don,'t quite understand. I am the manifestion of ruination and death. (he reveals his hand from beneath his cloak and points to the ground. The ground suddenly begins to boil. The animals begin to sink and their cries frighten Phoebe. The ground becomes black and liquidy. The thick sludge has a vile odor, which consumes the entire forest. The trees, plants, and animals all die and sink beneath the miasmic ooze. The thick fog envelopes the area. The birds begin to blow the fog away, but cannot put a dent in the dense accumulation. A plume of fog shoots and consumes the birds. Their flesh melts and their bones fall into the sludge).

Phoebe: ...what is this? I will simply ressurect another forest!

Ten'i Jinsei: (he becomes a giant bird and pierces Galgalzzi's with sharp beak. Suddenly a noxious smog pours from the wound and her zanpakuto quickly retreats. It begins partially changing forms sparatically and uncontrollably) That was poison...

Phoebe: Are you okay?! (she watches her zanpakuto and tries to calm its transforming. It begins to turn grey) YOU'RE INFECTED!

Galgalzzi: (laughs maniachially)I see the necrotic process has begun and is continuing with you, girl.

Phoebe: (her hair continues to fall out and all her skin is grey. She coughs up more blood and it is blackish). If we kill him, it may eliminate the poison. (she points to the environment and attends to ressurect another forest. Nothing happens). Ten'i Jinsei...help me!

Ten'i Jinsei: I can't. It's not working.

Galgalzzi: Indeed, it is not. My toxins and miasmic impurities infultrates the soil. Every ounce of soil has been defiled. Any purity or nutrients that once existed are not completely toxic and useless. Their are no more nutrients left to flourish the growth of anything. (the fog becomes more dense and he appears and grabs phoebe by the throat. Her zanpakuto becomes an anaconda and coils around galgalzzi binding him).

Galgalzzi: I still have your master by the throat, zanpakuto.

Ten'i Jinsei: Release her, NOW! Or I will squeeze the life from your body. (galgalzzi smiles and Ten'i Jinsei reveals giant fangs and bites galgalzzi in the neck. Galgalzzi begins to frown and peers from his periphery at Ten'i Jinsei).

Galgalzzi: (The wounds inflicted by the fangs begin oozing a dark pink liquid. Ten'i Jinsei looks down and retracts its fangs...it begins to become stiff and falls to the ground).

Phoebe: Stop....!!! (bees fly from her hands and are absorbed into galgalzzi)

Galgalzzi: (he watches her zanpakuto become stiff and it morphs back into a staff) He just had a lethal dose of a special toxin, that even I don't have an antidote for. Odinha Veneno is quite stubborn, she does not appreciate interference (smiles as his fingers begin to turn purple and fuse with her neck. He pulls away and they tear from his finger. The flesh begins to become round purple polyps. They become swelled and on her neck and are slightly a-glow from within).

Phoebe: What are these...

Galgalzzi: I would not puncture then, it may be fatal. However, you'll be dying soon. (her knees become weak and she falls to the ground) How fascinating. Your bodies deterioration has begun corrode your tendons and ligaments. Soon, you will not even be able to hold your zanpakuto. Although, (as he speaks the fog begins to swirl around him and he sits on it like a solid cloud) I won't be surprised if, minutes from now, your bones become so brittle you can't stand at all.

Phoebe: (grabs her zanpakuto) Why did you become a staff..what did his poison do to you? I can barely hear you or feel your presence.

galgalzzi: You better go into bankai. Although, that would put more stress on your body and your zanpakuto's spirit. Doing that, will cause the poison to spread faster and advance its corrosive effect.

Kibudo: (he slashes at her, but cuts his own leg)What?

Yashnamiesh: I think you thought you had me? While you contiued your dreadfully long speech, I was watching in the same place I had been. You don't get it, do you? Cut yourself and proclaim you're aware of everything. However, I am not only controlling your senses. This is reality; therefore, you have been mistaken this whole time. You've been attacking mere images of me.

Kibudo: Impossible! (his soilders attack her, but they just pass through the target and ripple like water. He lunges at her and again, she remains at the same distance). What is this, you witch.

Yashnamiesh: Well, it looks like s checkmate for me. Your project and physical based attacks are useless. Watching you fail is beyond bliss. (his army fires bullets and try to get close to her, but she remains unharmed in the distance as they advance forward. (she raises her hand. The bullets dart toward her, but suddenly they strike Kibudo)

Kibudo: What is this...(his army continues firing as he dodges the bullets). WITCH! (vanishes and appears in the distance, but she remains far from him). You can't be that fast...

Yashmamiesh: Ha. You are so foolish. (a sword is driven threw his neck) You may add that blood to your sacreligious antics (grins).

Kibudo: (grabs his throat. Gargling blood, he shouts) I don't understand. You I stopped you from controlling my senses.

Yashnamiesh: Did you? Who said I was even doing such a thing? (suddenly Kibudo sees nothing but himself. He turns his head and sees himself, as if he's in a house of mirrors. He slashes at one images arm. He them gushes blood as his forarm falls below him.

(shion looks from a distance)


Yashnamiesh: (glares at Shion and fires a cero at her. She dodges the cero, but was slightly brushes by the sheer force). What a menace. (looks back at Kibudo). That wound looks quite painful. You lectured me on the core aspects of pain and anguish and you are the only one experiencing such. Absolutely delightful (smiles joyfully as she calmly talks to him with her composed tone).

Kibudo: Ahhh (the pain is searing) My hand...how? (still look at his images). I can't attack these images...(he dashes forward, but they move along with him). I can't see my skeleton soldiers...I can barely feel their reitsu. I need them to fire upon this case i'm enclosed in...if i'm correct.

Yashnamiesh: (she points her finger and a densely concentrated cero forms at the tip of her two fingers. It begins to weigh the air and the ground is being pulverized under the immense force. It changes from red to a bright pink, to a deep purple) I believe, this is checkmate. (fires concentrated cero. As it surges toward him at an immense speed, the vast force that accompanies it creates a vaccuum consuming everything in its path)

Kibudo: (the mirrored images begins to glow and he feels a sinister reitsu) Whast is going on? ( the images begin to crack and shatter. Suddenly he is overwhelmed by the gigantic cero and he is annihilated within the blast).

Yashnamiesh: (looks down and the skeleton army crumble and dissapear). What a miserable way to die (laughs). (continues to glare forward).

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: Tell me something, stranger. Who may you be? Do you affiliate yourself with those shinigami?

Djay: Yes, yes I do. I got this far because I am strong and wish to fight you.

Veznesel: No, on the contrary. You mangaged to survive because I willed it. My angels would have engaged you quickly, but your spiritual pressure intrigued me. You are hiding something. What are your intentions? What do you expect to gain from battling me?

Djay: I would be more than happy to answer your quest....(before he could finish his sentence he has a shadowy blade through his chest) ...ugh..(blood stains his clothing).

Veznesel: I became bored even before your answered. You thought that if you politely extended an offer to battle, I would eagerly accept your request. How foolish. You misread your place.

Djay: You...are...quite rude.

Veznesel: Fortunately, I have no use for formalities. (smiles and crosses her hands).

Djay: (stares at Veznesel. Beside her stands Zalbeseal, her top general). I'm outnumbered, I see.

Zalbeseal: Undeniably.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Djay smiled as he shunpo'd away from the blade. he still ahd the wound, but it began to heal slowely. soon after, the wound had healed up and djay was now looking at Vaznesel and Zalbeseal.

Djay: two on one isn't very fair dont you think. its very adgitating how you believe that you plan on killing me with the help of another. To bad, it would have been interesting if i could have faught you one on one, but again i respect your decission because you are a cute lady...

Djay than bowed as Vaznesel sent yet another shadow. Djay than smiled as the shadow went right through djay, an after image. Djay than appeared behing the two. his blade outstretched beside both their heads.

Djay flicking his blade with his finger: sorry for this inconvinience. my apologies, how rude of me to do this to you two.

As he flicked his blade, a sharp sound came from his blade. the sound caused both Vaznesel and Zalbeseal's ears to bleed. they began to loose their vision, balance, ability to speech, and concentration/control over their reatsu. Zalbesel than turned to swipe at Djay, but he had already vanished. he was now infront of the two as he blade had stopped making the sound.

Djay: now will you take me more seriously, miss Vaznesel?

vaznesel looked up, but only could see a blur of a shinigami. she could barely make out what he was saying as the ringing in her ears was painfull and annoying.

Vaznesel: wha..what is...going on?

Djay: you will have to find out all bout my zampaktou when you fight me, but i can tell that even at its most basic form, it had crippled your abilities. thats what it does best, its not the most nice and kind ability, but it gets the gob done.

Zalbeseal was stumbbling attempting to regain her balance from the ear peircing sound that Djay had made.

Djay: looks like your freind is having trouble, do you think i should help? with your permission of course.

Djay said this to vaznesel with all seriousness. he hated brinign pain with his blade down onto people, the only reason he was made captain commander was because of sheer power.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: Interesting trick, but of little value.

Zalbeseal: (grins) He assumed he had the advantage. He even thought he could battle the two of us.

Veznesel: He certainly is quite presumptuous. I am more than capable of contending with this trash, you tend to those shinigami.

Zalbeseal: Certainly. (looks at Djay) Well, I would say it was a pleasure, but you shinigami are nothing short of disgusting. I'll be sure to step on your dead corpse once she's done. (vanishes).

Veznesel: If your fate wasn't sealed tightly enough in the beginning, it would have proven even worse for you if he had battled alongside me. (Begins to blow away in the wind) That zanpakuto is quite unique. Disturbing the buoyancy in an opponents body to disable their ability to attack or counter. It would have certainly been useful if you had battled one of my weaker angels. But with me, it is mere childs play.

Djay: You're still unbalanced, as it might seem.

Veznesel: (forms beside Djay and has one hand on his shoulder and shadowy claw against his throat) You think so? (vanishes again).

Djay: You are quite agile and I can barely sense your movements. What is your secret?

Veznesel: As should be expected. (appears face to face with him). As for my secret, it is a result of power. It was quite obvious from the beginning, our power levels are starkly different. Mine, so highly elevated and advanced it makes you look like an insect. However, you do put on quite a spectacle with those abilities. Do you expect to conquer me that way?

Djay: (frowns and stares at Veznesel)

Veznesel: You must first earn the right to witness my shikai. I find it highly unlikely you'll prove to be worthy, but i'll allow you such indulgences.

Djay: (appears beside her and slashes through her chest, but she simply dissipates like smoke).

Veznesel: (she begins to chuckle upon his failure) Please, stop. That was pathetic. I am no amateur.

Djay: (flicks his zanpakuto sending out a signal to disrupt her senses. She appears infront of him). I have you! (He dashes toward her and thrusts his blade toward her chest).

Veznesel: (while floating gracefully in her silky, black cloud she opens her eyes and smiles at Djay. Shadows dark out and entangle his blade and body. He is completely ensnared by her shadows. Her head sinks into the cloud and a whispy collection of black mist flutters from the bottom of the cloud. It forms into part of her body and she takes her hand and places it on his hand). You're no different than all the other shinigami. Absolutely and unequivocally senseless. (she then punches him in the face breaking him free of her shadows, but sending him hurtling backward with immense force. He smashes into a large mountain causing the side of the mountain to crumble). You cannot disrupt my equillibrium. (fades back into her protective cloud) I can block that attack with ease, so move to another, please.

Djay: (appears before her, with a bloody face and torn clothing). You certainly are quite strong.

Veznesel: Cease your distractive measures. Telling me truths about myself will not gain you an advantage. It will only prolong the inevitable.

Djay: (he strikes his sword again, but she simply stares at him. Suddenly she begins to look as if she's in pain and her cloud begins to descend).

Djay: I knew if I adjusted the frequency it would have an effect.

Veznesel: (she smiles and her cloud explodes into dozesns of dark plumes)

Djay: Huh? What is she doing? Has she become uncontrollable and unable to sustain that form?

Veznesel: (suddenly the clouds pursue him and he attempts to avoid them but they bind his legs and arm. A silky puff of smoke glides toward him and forms her face). You fail once more, shinigami. (she blows in his face and his are consumed by a black substance). I was completely faking that tantrum, but it worked to my advantage. Let us play a game. You are so eager to strip your opponents of clarity and composed senses, so why not contend with similar consequences. Your vision has been taken from you, so try and battle an opponent you cannot see. After all, you expect the same of your opponents once you flick that little zanpakuto of yours. (she chuckles to herself).

Djay: (eyes completely consumed with blackness) Hmph...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Yashnamiesh is shocked the see nothing there. Absolutely nothing. Kibudo was gone, though there was still blood on the ground. Yashnamiesh looks swiftly around but can't even sense his spirit pressure anywhere.

Yashnamiesh: He vanished. (suddenly the ground shakes and a large fissure opens up before her. There is nothing but utter blackness at first but then she sees two large glowing red eyes blink and glare around. The feeling they let off was disturbing. Suddenly a figure is thrown up out of the large hole and Kibudo lands unsteadily on the ground)

Being in fissure: Kibudo, I sent you my undead soldiers and you let them be destroyed. I allow you to gain my unique attribute to save your life, and you fall for such a simple trap and lose a hand. Then I have to save you by swallowing you into the earth.

Kibudo: (rubs stub with his hand) Shut up Jishin! You know I can only fight in one on one battles!

Jishin: (red eyes focus on Yashnamiesh) That's true, your no coward. But perhaps the fact that she won't cross blades with you personally is a sign of intellectual ability. (eyes close and suddenly a pillar shoots up next to Kibudo. It crumbled away showing an empty suit of samurai armor with the same large sword as Kibudo holding the hilt the opposite way and smaller, but still ominous, red eyes) This is not the real one, Kibudo.

Kibudo: (twists sword in remaining hand) So where is she?

Jishin: (looks around) Perhaps you should not rush into it head on. You saw last time.

Kibudo: So you're suggesting I use it? Fine then. Ban...kai...(earth clamps around him like a shield on all sides and everything goes dead quiet. Jishin steps aside as the rocks suddenly burst from the spot and fly everywhere. Kibudo is seen wearing tawny samurai armor over his body but instead of the expected helmet, he had a helm with daggers instead of fur. In each hand he had long five foot pole with a thick powerful blade sticking from the end that curved after a foot then stretched another foot, curved once again so it pointed down three feet when Kibudo held the blades upright. His missing hand was substituted by a perfect rock replica that moved as he liked) Zetsumei Jishin no Naraku!

Jishin: Bankai! (gains the two blades in his hand and they both hold them up) Show yourself, general! (They slam the ends of the poles in the ground and the ground quakes so hard, the sky seems to shake as well. Through the chaos, Yashnamiesh loses her balance and accidently steps back. The moment her foot lands, a ground pillar wraps around her and holds her tight. She felt a blade pierce her shoulder and turned. A skeleton was standing behind her)

Yashnamiesh: How did you find me?

Jishin: Did you really believe you could evade us, death, so easily? We could tell where your soul is with ease.

Yashnamiesh: But you shouldn't be able to know where I am-

Kibudo: Not your spirit pressure! You're a soul, 100% soul! I've met and dealt with more kinds of souls than you could ever think of; yours was easily identifiable!

Yashnamiesh: But my shikai should keep you from even touching me-

Kibudo: Haven't you realized that I didn't attack just now? I’m still cagey of that stupid distance thing. But still, no matter how hard you try, you will always be in range! You're touching ground, the earth is everywhere, no matter what you do!

Yashnamiesh: And the skeleton-

Jishin: (Appears beside Yashnamiesh) Rose from the earth right beside you. (slashes at Yashnamiesh but it passes through her. Instantly Yashnamiesh feels like she lost part of herself. Not a limb, more in psyche. She feels like he cut away part of her being)

Yashnamiesh: Wha-what is this?!

Jishin: I won't risk wasting time like Kibudo just did with physical attacks. I'll rip away that fabric of your soul! (slashes again and Yashnamiesh feels like she's only half of her usual self. She feels weaker and more afraid) Stop it! (lets off powerful spirit pressure and vanishes away)

Jishin: Do you feel it? Fear rising inside you? Things rising from the darkest parts of you mind, heart, and soul? That's because if if cut you two more times, you'll suffer a fate much worse than death. (holds blade up and Yashnamiesh sees her reflection in the blade) Eternal punishment.
Phoebe: Ten'i Jinsei...(A tear falls to the ground)

Galgalzzi: Oh? Are you going to weep for your Zenpakutou?

Phoebe: (doesn't reply. She looks around at the dead trees everywhere and sighs sadly) I hate to make you do this Ten'i Jinsei, but please bear with me. Bankai. (Suddenly Galgalzzi loses all feelings of anger and hate, only a calm feeling of bliss. He notices as the clouds in the sky move extremely fast and he can’t hear anything outside from himself and Phoebe. The grass grows quickly, trees sprout, and wild flowers poke out of the ground)

Galgalzzi: What’s this? Time manipulation?

Phoebe: No. I cannot do something so absurd. I am simply allowing the plants to express themselves freely. (Her hair grows back and the boils vanish) I’ll allow them to show you the value of life.

Galgalzzi: I thought you couldn’t procure a way to counter my poison on the battle field.

Phoebe: That was before I was forced to do this to myself. I’m destroying the infected cells and tissue in my body and replacing them. (mutters) Reidou Tsuchi Eihei.

Galgalzzi: That should be a tiresome move. I wonder how much longer you can last. (gets ready to attack but suddenly she finds several vines over her, slowly wrapping around)

Phoebe: You may try and whither them if you like, but they adapted. They grew from the soil you destroyed so brutally. None of your poisons will work anymore. (Galgalzzi struggles but now everything but her head is covered in vines) As I said before, beauty grows from chaos. You tried to destroy what nature, so nature fights back. (Galgalzzi’s head is now covered and Phoebe holds her staff up) Ten’i Rinsei, you may do the honors. (the staff stands up on the ground on its own and glows green. The vines grow spikes that puncture through Galgalzzi and blood flies out onto the grass. The vines slowly go down and leave Phoebe as she squatted and began to heal Ten’i Jinsei)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan56 said…
Curiou: You are a round square base with three claws on it that are golden and are on both hands.
He releases upon saying “sharpen your claws”
Bankai name: Aero Curiou
He’s a long staff with three large claws on the end of it
Shikai abilities: Senbon storm- by slashing the claws three senbon are fired. But each senbon doesn’t pierce the skin but they do destroy your enemy’s reiatus
Soul claw- huge amounts of energy gather in both claws and steal huge amounts of reiatus but don’t cut the skin only a regular slash can cut skin.
Bankai abilities: Wolf release- this temporarily releases your zanpakuto spirit to fight with you in battle
Triple moon- swinging the staff you send three moon shaped blades at your enemies
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
By the way, Yashnamiesh wasn't on the ground and she wasn't cloaking herself. So...yeah. Also, Jishin is his zanpakuto, so why is he going to bankai as a seperate entity? Shouldn't they enter it together...hm.

Yashamiesh: Oh, I do see it. Eternal pain and suffering, it is absolutely wonderful! (grins and begins to ripple) You couldn't fight me yourself, so you had to conjure a friend? Don't you realize, my shikai is not limited to just you and it conquers all dimensions. (hundreds of yashnmiesh appear all over the battle field) Trying to take my spirit, which is what you meant. My psyche, child is my brain. You should really research before you claim to have completed something. My psyche is a completely seperate entity which represents my sanity and mental capacity. However, I have never been one to claim I am sane. You attempted to extract portions of my spirit. Too bad,though. You believe your friend, is immune to my shikai. Unlikely.

Jishin: I should have captured your soul?

Yashnamiesh: And what a peciliar process, shinigami. Materializing your zanpakuto to help you battle. And you both enter bankai. I should definitely be worried, but I am not. You're not doing very well. You want to know something special about me. I don't have a heart and my soul, it belongs to another.

Jishin: Impossible!

Yashnamiesh: On the contrary, zanpakuto. My soul was given to a greater cause a long time ago, so it may reside in my body physically. However, it is protected by the sheer force of my master. As for my heart, well, I had no use for such a trivial entity.

Kibudo: Who'd you give your soul to?

Yashnamiesh: The questions and answer segement is over. (wipes her hand across her blade) Aiata! (they both dash toward her, but again remain ast the same distance).

Kibudo: Isn't as easy as you made it to be. Still, we remain far from her.

Jishin: Peculiar ability. I'm not quite sure how to counter it.

Yashnamiesh: (she appears in front of them. They dash and land infront of her (jishin swipes at her to tear her soul, but the image ripples).

Kibudo: FAKE! (four smash into kibudo's arm and crack the exterior)

Jishin: Watch yourself! Her blade is stronger than we thought. She must have an immense spiritual pressure she is hiding. I see her...but she is still distant.

Yashamiesh: (laughs maniachially) You foolish creatures. I am growing so tired of this battle. Ending it will be more pleasure then you know. (A single blade peirces the air and jishin clashes his swords to stop the blades. But another blade appears from his left, he takes his other blade and stops that. And then another blade from his right, it pierces his armor, Suddenly, five blades smash into his back and crack his back armor)Ha ha ha. This is too delightful. You two are completely helpless, but as is expected.

Kibudo: We need to watch for those blades...I don't understand. She used to just be able to do one blade...is she in bankai?

Yashamiesh: Heavens no, I am not in bankai. I wouldn't waste such talent on you two. Haha. Death, please, you two are pathetic.

Jishin: My armor is cracked...if she hits it again, it'll pierce my fleash. I don't understand this woman...

Yashnamiesh: (she appears infront of Kibudo) Attacks me, little one.

Kibudo: (lunges at her with slashes. She avoids them and blocks them with her sword. Suddenly, she is run through my Jishin's blades and then kibudo jams his swords into her legs). YOU WILL NOT MOVE NOW, WITCH!

Yashnamiesh: (stands and stares at Kibudo) I..I can't believe you.

Kibudo: (his face becomes white and he loses any facial expression)

Jishin: (retracts his blades)

Yashamiesh: You attacked your own master, zanpakuto. And he retaliated. This is a sad day.(she smiles as she ends her sentence)

Kibdo: (has two huge wounds in his chest from Jishin's blades. He falls on the ground, blood pouring from his body).

Jishin: Master...(he falls to the ground, as his legs were run through with Kibudo's swords).

Yashnamiesh: This is quite a sight. A zanpakuto turning against his master. Tisk tisk (chuckles). (four swords pierces the air and strike Jishin's armor, they go completey crack it and run him through). I would say it has been a pleasure, but it hasn't. (she ascends into the sky) You narrowly escaped my first cero, but it doesn't seem you have the capacity for a second escape. Cero Unlamado (a barrage of ceros dart from her fingers like blades and strike the two on the ground. She watches as they pierce Kibudo's armor and rip through Jishin's body). I must be going now, creatures. Enjoy death, it seems you had such a close bond. (turns away, but looks back to fire a cero straight through Kibudo's heart. She smirks and vanishes into the distance).


Galgalzzi: (begins laughing maniachially. Phoebe looks over to the thorn covered vines) They may be immune to one poison, but I have many more. You misunderstand my shikai. It does not produce a mere poison it represents decay and despair. (he continued to laugh as her vines begin to whither and die. He unveils himself from the vines with minor scratches. Suddenly a torrent of noxious miasma bellows from his body. He stabs his sword into the ground and the newly erected forest loses its color). Foolish girl. You interpret my zanpakuto to strictly. Life is always vulnerable to pathology and will always fall prey to disease and illness. People wish to blur the lines between death and life, but objects are always teatering on the edge. Until that faithful day when they are toppled over and experience their own demise. Life is fragile, unlike death. Death is rigid and merciless. Life, is quaintly cradled by human expectations and bodily limitations. Do you believe that the life, you create through your bankai, is any different? No, it is more vulnerable. Would you like to know why? (he takes his blade and places it toward his mouth) It is because you are a weak and degenerative version of life, so that is why death will always ravage your blissful lands. I just had a thought, I could kill you in shikai, but what fun would that be. All generals have been ordered to keep their bankai sealed, but there is no one near and veznesel is distracted. I am committing a cardinal sin by releasing more power. However, I wish to demonstrate the true form of torment and despair (as he finishes his tongue slithers from his mouth and wraps around his sword. It slides down the blade leaving a purplish-red trail...(his tongue retracts)

Bankai...Odihna Pecohna Veneno!! (his sword begins dissolve. A purple substances begins to purspire from the blade and pour off the blades tip. It lands on the ground and generates a giant black hole, completely defiling and corroding away the forest area. His skin begins to melt and his zanpakuto bubbles and starts to consume his arm with black sludge. His skin is becoming black and sliding down his body a black sphere forms around his body cloaking what seems to be a transformation. A malicious bellows in and consumes the entire forest. Phoebe jumps to escape the fumes. Suddenly beams of light begin to shatter and break through the sphere. The dome melts from the top down and a figure is seem among the thikc black smoke. Through the vile fog a gleaming pair of eyes is seen. He moves forward and parts the blanketing fog with his hands, as if it were a curtain. His skin is very pale, but oddly white. His arms are longer, thinner, and slightly emaciated looking. He has long fingers that are black. He travelled as if he was floating through the air, he leaves a trail of smog behind him. He has artistic and specific black designs that seems to be animated on his face. He has two black lines going through both his eyes Above his head are four black halos that are rotating around his head and through one another. Between these halos are tiny purple spheres that have a dim glow. His face is completely emaciated, but he looks more sinister and villainous than he did before).

Galgalzzi: Allow me to introduce my bankai, little girl. (his spiritual pressure is so vast, enormous, and nightmarish the plants and trees begin to wilt and die. The branches snap, and break. The trees begin to crack and fall over). Your forest is in ruins, I see.

Phoebe: What are you?! (vines comes from all directions and begin to ensnare him. He glances to his left and smiles).

Galgalzzi: Pitiful (his voice is deeper and more vile sounding. He waves his hand and all the plants instantly die. As he moves closer to her, the spiritual pressure weighs heavily on her body).

Phoebe: (she feels her body becoming weak) Poison...how? I cured myself...

Galgalzzi: Your body is completely consumed by my vicious poisons, but not just any poison. These are a combination of my blood, which is the essence of death. Every molecule, cell, and organ are infect with my toxins. But, that will not kill you girl! (he grabs her by the hair and throws her, but grabs her staff).

Phoebe: Noo! (her staff attempts to bind him and stike him with spikes, but are overcome by a thick sludge).

Galgalzzi: You disgusting degenerates do not deserve to live, not in our world. (poisoness fog pours from his mouth as he speaks). This bankai, is weak. (his toxins infiltrate her staff and begin to corrode it). Your zanpakuto's reitsu quakes in fear beneathe mine. My shikai was capable of corrupting your zanpakuto, imagine what my bankai can do. (his sword slowly emerges from his bellowing sludge and fog that resides all over his exterior. He stabs her staff and it becomes defiled). This is a battle of reitsu and I have more than you can ever imagaine. (he grips her zanpakuto tightly and begins to crack as a corrosive substance eats at it. It reverts back to a simple katana and falls to the ground) Ha ha ha ha ha! Pathetic!

Phoebe: My zanpakuto...(a tear rolls down her face).

Galgalzzi: (he floats to her and softly says). Worry not, I plan on killing you too. To live a life without your zanpakuto would be torture, but to not watch you suffer would be pointless. This will be better for me. (he floats backward). So long. (he places one hand on his cloak, which appears to be made of thick sludge. He pulls it back and with immense force, this black air rushes out and begins burning everything in its path. It is surging toward phoebe. The ground is completely annihilated, destroying the first 15 feet of soul. Trees dissintegrate and plants are reduced to dust).

Phoebe: (she looks up. The cascade of black, thick, wind bellows toward her. She closes her eyes and it consumes her. The force lifts her and carries her alongside its massive journey. As she travels, her skin melts within seconds, bones become brittle and break, and and her remains dissolve into nothing).

Galgalzzi: (Looks down and the entire area is compeltely demolished and now a baron wasteland). What a beautiful sight...(Begins to sheath his sword and vanishes into the distance).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
This is a zanpakuto I've been thinking on for a long time. I tried to make this one especially dependent on the ability of the wielder, since the blade is basically worthless if it cannot be used strategically. Several of these abilities provide opportunities to exploit weaknesses utilizing a wide array of abilities. It is also the second blade I have created without the ability to cut.

Shikai Name: Unmei no Waiyā (Wires of Fate)

Release Command: Ori Kata… (Weave…)

Bankai Name: Unmei no Tapesutorī (Tapestry of Fate)

Shikai Description: This is one of the only weapons in existence to have no blade. An entirely silver hilt made with woven metal is attached to a scabbard of the same material. When the blade is released, these strands come apart, though they remain individually in control of the wielder.

Shikai Ability 1: Reiryoku Jōmyaku (Spiritual Energy Veins)
These wires form on body in vein-like pattern. The amount of wires used in this ability equates to the amount of spiritual energy available for use in this ability. Kido channeled through this system increases in power by as much as 2 times, though the accompanying energy loss increases by 3 times.

Shikai Ability 2: Jinsoku na Shindō (Rapid Vibrations)
The wires disperse away from the wielder in all directions, sticking in the ground at intervals a 2 meters apart. These strands will proceed to vibrate according to the will of the wielder in a single path. After 5 seconds of vibration, the wielder will be enabled to move along this path at an extremely fast rate. While the speed is faster than what most opponents could detect, the path of the vibrations gives away the ending location of this movement.

Shikai Ability 3: (Sinuous Strike)
The strands can all be controlled individually or in a group, but only while touching body. This means that either they must be directly touching the wielder, or they must be a part of a chain of them that reaches him/her. This ability can be used defensively (each of these strings can take a tremendous amount of pressure to break), or offensively (though attack damage is limited, since these can only inflict whip-like damage and small piercing wounds).

Bankai Description: All the strands appear to liquefy and spread across the body. The wielder becomes completely covered in quicksilver. It confers virtually no direct defense, being entirely liquid. As more strands are created, the amount of quicksilver reduces in amount.

Bankai Ability 1: Suigin Animēshon (Quicksilver Animation)
A far larger number of these strands can be produced from this new outer form. These can be controlled in much the same way as the original strands were, though this vastly improves the defense of the wielder by keeping the opponent guessing about where and how many will be generated. Some or all of this liquid gel can be placed ground or any inanimate object and activated from afar, though the direction of this wire production cannot be controlled.

Bankai Ability 2: Kusari no Dōkan (Conduit Chain)
Kido of all sorts can now directly be channeled through these strands at the same intensity and loss possibility as before. The main difference between this and the second Shikai ability is that it affords the ability to use this from a much longer range and provides an opportunity to use very directed attacks, including from wires stabbed into the opponent’s flesh.

Bankai Ability 3: Jiki Puru (Magnetic Pull)
Powerful electromagnets appear at the site of any stab wound created by one of these strings. Each of these is an inch in diameter, and looks and feels the same as the material surrounding the wielder. As the amount of metal in the fighting area increases and the number of these magnets increases, the speed of the opponent will likely fall as a result of this overwhelming force. It also ensures more difficulty in terms of dodging strikes, which will now pull the opponent closer to it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Jishin used Bankai as a separate being, yes, but theoretically he never left the sword. He just formed beside Kibudo, able to use all his abilities as Kibudo could still use them as well. The bleach episodes in the two hundreds, the Zenpakutou rebellion, really explains it well. It was pretty excellent for me since all my characters fight with their manifestations.

Kibudo: (Lays on the ground unmoving for a while until Shion appears beside him. She felt around his chest and neck with one hand then pressured hard. Kibudo’s eyes flew open and he takes a deep breath of air and coughs) Damn that general! I can’t believe we fell for that trick AGAIN!

Jishin: We only survived because she assumed we just cut away and discarded what we gained from her. I had to link our lives to hers so we’d live. But giving her soul to a greater cause…She’s proud to have done such a thing to herself?

Kibudo: (still unable to move) Of all the stupid people I could have fought, it had to be the one who doesn’t fight head on! And Shion, I have an ‘effing hole in my chest!

Shion: You’re too loud. That’s no way to ask me for something. (puts a blanket over him and holds hand up. It glows green as she heals him) It’s paradox, though, that you didn’t seal away her soul. Isn’t that your first priority in Bankai?

Kibudo: I would have if I could be sure of where she was! I would send her to the pits of no return, where she can rot away and she how good it is to disregard her life!

Shion: (Rolls eyes)

Jishin: (turns to rocks and crumbles. The rocks rolls over to Kibudo’s blade is it returned to the normal awkward shape it usually has)
Elli: (Watches as the smog fades and a water field surrounds him to keep him from being intoxicated. The water turned purple but it fell to the ground as he ran forward in dismay) Phoebe! (runs to where she had been) Damn it! (He sees a gladiola flower sticking from the ground and he picked it up) I was too late…

Flower: (To Elli’s shock) Dear, enough remorse. I need water!

Elli: P-Phoebe?!

Flower: Yes, I need more energy to revert back! I need water!

Elli: (holds sword up and water sprinkles from it onto the flower. Instantly, phoebe landed on the ground, looked shaken) How did you do that? What happened?

Phoebe: It was Ten’i Jinsei. When the fog enveloped me, I heard her voice call in my head. She managed to turn me to a flower my rearranging my particles completely. During the change, I was basically nonexistent so the smoke failed to affect me. (looks around to find her green katana on the ground nearby. She ran to it and picked it up) I think she’s in a coma…

Elli: In a coma? Is that possible?

Phoebe: Of course it is! Every living thing has a conscience. Except for that man. Galgalzzi…he’s appalling!

Elli: But he changed your sword back to its sealed form. I doubt you could fight him and win.

Phoebe: Nevertheless, he believes decaying and despair is so powerful compared to fragile life? Why does he seem to like his life so much? He died once and he takes it for granted? Why doesn’t he send himself to that eternal hell he loves so much!

Elli: (is a little disturbed to see Phoebe incensed) …You say about him but not Kibudo?

Phoebe: (Sees her mistake) Oh no, I actually like Kibudo! This man…he just sickens me! (has been trembling but finally stops as she takes a deep breath) I’m in no state to fight anymore. You’ll substitute for me in the fight against these angels and hallows. (kneels down and scoops up some dirt) As for me, I’m going to try and find a cure for Ten’i Jinsei. (vanishes)

Elli: Hmm…they poisoned her Zanpakutou? Heh, maybe it will be worth it to put a show on for them. What do you say, Mizumaru? (His sword vibrates slightly and water splashes on him) What does that mean? You don’t put on the whole show! You’re stuck in a sword while I’m out surfing and you’re starting to become self-righteous?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Sorry its been so long since I responded. Ive been so busy I havent had any time to post.

'Toiso looks down on Greed, as his left sickle tries to heal himself faster;

Toiso: Your finished hollow. The weakness I implanted in to your body can't be healed that easily.

'Greed looks up, and even though he is almost dead, he smiles at Toiso'

Greed: You know what? You're right. This won't do at all.

Toiso: So whats making you so happy?

Greed: You mean you haven't noticed? I suppose you must be very tired, but slacking off won't get you anywhere.

Toiso: What do you mean!?

Greed: Haven't you noticed that all this time, I've been using my left sickle's tail? Well, where could the right one be, I wonder?

'Toiso, looks down, and sees a very thin strand of slime attached to his leg'

Toiso: Your poison won't work on me. I can just give you the weakness again.

Greed: You're right of course, after all, you've been so charitable to me, and yet I continue to be so greedy.

'Toiso's vision begins to fade, and he drops down to one knee'

Toiso: What have you done?

Greed: Just taking some of your reiatsu. You don't mind, do you?

'As Toiso becomes weaker, Greed gains more and more strength.'

Greed: Sorry Toiso. You put up a good fight, but in the end, I win.

'Greed's sickle slashes toward the air with a whistling sound as it draws closer to Toiso's head'

What will Toiso do now? How can he save himself? And why does Greed steal so much? Idk check his name lol.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orihime4ever said…
hehe i love hitsugaya bankai
 hehe i प्यार hitsugaya bankai
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ummmm ok?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Where did everybody go?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Soulslash98 said…
Mine is

Zanpankuto:Ichikage (First Shadow)
NO need release command only a huge amount of spiritual power
Bankai:Shiryukage (Death Dragon Shadow)
Description:It has only three abilities and has the same appearance as Tensa Zangetsu while in shikai form.In Bankai it Looks like the picture in my next reply.It's spirit looks like link

Shikai ability:
Kagenusumu:I will use the Ichikage to slash my enemy, it won't damage him instead it will eat away his shadow and let him slowly dissapear into existence.Weakness is i have to slash at my enemies shadow or it will have a 50% of failing.

KageSekai:I will dissapear to another world like and come back out anywhere i want in 1 KM.Good for for dodge attacks and surprise attacks from the back side.

KageBushin:I will creates lot s of clones(solid) everywhere to attack my enemy, while i hide in my KageSekai.

Bankai ability:
Kageryuu: My Shadow will turn into a dragon to attack my enemy anything it touches will be deleted from reality. It looks like

I will use my Shiryukage to create black hole to my KageSekai and trapped them in there forever.Looks like link but it is whole not crescent.

Apocalypse: I will stab the ground with Shiryukage there will be some kind of symbols will appear on the ground, it somewhat looks like link accept i will be standing in the middle and all my surrounding in one mile will be obliterated.It can only be dodge if you can delete your self rom existence then come back.

last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
 Mine is Zanpankuto:Ichikage (First Shadow) NO need release command only a huge amount of spiritual
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheBlackFlash said…
Nice zanpaktou. Maybe the shikai is OP(instant kill).

I could amagine fighting agains you. Your bankai looks cool but Since it can only move as a shadow so it is bound to mater.

If it can attack like a dragon it would be good agains a physical type zanpaktou like Ikaku's but would fail agains a kido type like Hitsugaya's(or mine XD).

You need a attack that would destroy that weeknese. Maybee make some more ablitys. Can't wait for the second release.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना cmalte693 said…
how do you do that?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bhk99112 said…
those are cool zanpakuto the one who said theirs had power over shadows took my idea!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Djay looked at his suroundings, witch wasn't very scenic. it was very dark and had no source of life anywere. he sighed as he looked around and his wounds healed from her attacks. he than began to twirl his blade as he pulled out a cigarette.

Djay: Excuse my bad habit, but i need a smoke

Vaznesel: a smoke that could relieve stress, are you stressed because you are in distress about your current situation?

Djay: Yes, i wont lie. this is very hard to counter, so let me ask you a couple questions.

a laugh was heard in the shadows as Djay felt multiple shadows pierce his chest. he sighed and vanished to the left. the wounds slowely healed and he began to look around for anything else. he than used his hightened sences to hear any shadows approaching him. he avoided all the shadowy attacks Vaznesel sent at him through the area as he smoked.

Djay: so you control this with your reatsu, thats impressive. is it difficult to control?

Vaznesel: not at all, i can play with you all day if i wanted to, i could even prolong your death here.

Djay sticking his blade out: well than i might have to make sure to break that concentration between your control over your shadows. thats the beauty of my zampaktou, it loves to fuck with people ability to control their own power.

Djay than flicked his blade again, and again the same sound came out. the sound was heard by vaznesel and suddenly the shadowy surounding began to collapse and reform in vaznesel. she was holding her ears and sweatign as she formed back into herself.

Djay: i was hoping that you wouldn't turn into your original form. i wished you would be stubborn and try to keep your shadow form, but if you did i would have broken the concentration that allows you to kepp that form and turn you into what you had become, a lifeless shadow. you would have died if you weren't so smart. i admire you for your intelligence.

the sounds than faded and vaznesel was getting annoyed with this insect. she vanished and appeared right infront of Djay with her blade through his chest. he simply sighed as he puffed some smoke in her face. She than kciked him off her blade and sent a shadow to wrap him and throw him. the stratagy was succesfull and Djay was thrown into a wall, making it crumble. Djay than came back in an insatnt, bloddy as every, but with no visible wounds.

Djay: are we done playing, or can we start things this time and not hold back. i would love to show you my shikai if thats alright with you, why dot you show me yours first, Madam Vaznesel.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
omg im sorry i havent been posting. ive been sooo busy lolz. feel free to use my chracters haha. uhhh RANDOMFAN dont forget that Tomo is helping toiso.

Heart is with the mysterious ace.

Diamond and Clubs are idk, you cans can put them in a fight, i dont care cause ima do something with them to kinda rid of them lolz .
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheBlackFlash said…
bhk99112 you can still make a zanpaktou that manipulates shadows. It might be much better than his. It could have more abilitys.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Toiso: (looks up with a disgusted look and says) Esaphto (a cascade of ice bursts from all around him and traps Greed's scythe within the ice. It bursts at Greed and greed attempts to menuever around the ice, but is captures. He is imoblized from the neck down). You may try and absorb my energy, but it will ony get you so far. Your greed is your own curse.

Greed: You think so? The more energy I take, the weaker you are and the less threatening.

Toiso: Luckily my zanpakuto has an interesting approach on charity.
(The ice begins to glow and greed begins to struggle)


Toiso: What's yours is mine and whats mine is yours. However, my shikai controls that.

Greed: (the ice glows bright and greed breaks free). You bastard...

Toiso: You don't appreciate giving me the energy you stole and more, do you greed?

Greed: (he charges to obtain his second scythe. Ice bellows from toiso and greed is trying to fend off an endless wave of icey currents. Greed fires ceros into the ice, but ice begins to form on his legs and arm. he breaks the ice, but it begins to form on his head. He vanishes and appears in the distance). Keep it then...(glares at toiso).

(ice suddenly burrows from the ground and smashes into Greed. It grabs him and begins smashing him into the ground. He smashes it with his tale, but it climbs up his take and shatters it).

Greed: DAMN ICE!!! (suddenly greed looks down and a blade is through his chest)

Toiso: I believe this should end. Now! (he curves his blade and pulls it from his stomache to his shoulder. He watches Greeds expression completely change).

Greed: Ughh...(the ice drops him and he falls to the ground, but the ice consumes him once more).

Toiso: Suffering, Greed? I imagine so. That wound is deep and painful.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना firebird789 said…
This is cool!

Zanpakuto/Shikai: Kijiku (Axle)
Release: Spin Around

Description: Unreleased it looks like a normal katana, but its hilt is round and has a web like design. When released it takes the form of an axle pike. If you don’t know what an axle pike is, it is a pole with two triangular blades at each end and at the middle is a ring witch you hold the weapon with.

Bankai: Gufuu Kijiku (Big Storm Axle)

Description: It keeps an axle pike form, but the blades extend to the ring, and get longer.

Shikai ability: Wind Control

Kijiku can control all wind in a 5 mile radius. It can be thrown like a boomerang, create tornados, and be placed on the back to achieve flight.

Bankai abilities: Enhanced Wind Control

Pretty much just an upgraded shikai, but it gets some attacks.

Kagirinai Kaze (Endless Wind) – Creates a huge tornado.

Kuuhaku (vacuum) – Sucks all the air in the surrounding area creating a vacuum.

Arashi Ageku (Storm End) – Manipulates nature to make a giant hurricane storm.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bhk99112 said…
can anyone give me a good site for translations? the online dictionary didn't help much.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
check the beginning of the forum. There should be a link. Anyway, on with the battle!

'As Toiso watches Greed fall down encased in ice, he feels a large difference in Greed's reiatsu'

'The ice shatters apart as Greed lets out a cry of anger'


'As Greed turns around, Toiso sees that his face is covered in a mask in diamond like markings'

Toiso: Interesting mask, but increased reiatsu won't help you kill me.

Greed: Ahhh that's where you're wrong.

'Greed quickly sonidos up to Toiso, and slashes him across the chest'

Toiso: Some people never learn.

'Toiso gives Greed the slash, but as soon as he does that, hollow shell fills in the wound'

Toiso: High speed regeneration!

Greed: Now what? I don't suppose you want to be covered in hollow shell do you?

'Tomo is seen standing to the side'

Tomo: Everyone forgets about me. Well, this will be his last time doing that.

'He prepares to fire off another arrow at Greed, when a hollow appears, and slash down at her, forcing her to block'

Tomo: Who are you!?

???: You may call me Fuso. However, anyone who attempts to kill my master, can only be called an enemy!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…

Another sword for the collection

..... never says the name the sword is always in shikai but no one knows that

release command for fake sword: Manifest

Sword, a plain solid white katana hilt that when it is taken out of his robes its blade glows white [not really his sword it is a artifact that projects spirit energy that i use to deceive you from my right hand]

shikai state powers:
1:right hand is coved with a white steel gauntlet with blue streaks [spirit energy] from his hand he can produce a beam of white energy that can hit a satellite from space it Can be fired as long as u want but it is hard to move becaues of the force it puts off [i use as a sniper like attack]

2:the gauntlet also can reach into your soul allowing the me to see every thing your strength,fear,cherished feeling, past present but not your future, [a quote that gave me the idea], "Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you."

Bankai:.... release command: [sorrowfully saying] please forget me, your friends and family, but more importantly your self....

1: My only ability it begins to rain feathers white beautiful glowing feathers that have an unusual power to calm as they fall so effortlessly and so as you stand there engulfed is light and blissful you wont know what is to happen when one touches you, the true power of the feathers is to destroy the memory cells in your mind [by destroying the memories their is no way to get them back] Considered by some to be a terrible power to posses and to others tht wish to be forgotten a gift
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bhk99112 said…
by the way when you (anyone please answer) give the japanese name of the zanpakuto, do you put the name together? like i have the name demon claw ( oni tsume) would you put the japanese name as one word?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
maybe, write it how you feel it should be written, or put the full word in to the translater
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan56 said…
Curiou: You are a round square base with three claws on it that are golden and are on both hands
He releases upon saying “sharpen your claws”
Bankai (form1) name: Lunar Curiou
He’s a long staff with three large claws on the end of it. The claws can bend at base at a 90 degree angle to look like and 3 pronged scythe
Bankai (form 2) name: Solar Curiou
Same as first, but end claws extend down past the end of it and a spike is and the end of the staff. To activate you absorb your zanpakuto spirit into your Bankai. Your power is nearly tripled.
Shikai abilities: Senbon storm- by slashing the claws three senbon is fired. But each senbon doesn’t pierce the skin but they do destroy your enemy’s reiatus
Soul claw- huge amounts of energy gather in both claws and steal huge amounts of reiatus but don’t cut the skin only a regular slash can cut skin. But after you use up both claws you are forced to end your release to recharge
Bankai abilities (form1): Wolf release- this temporarily releases your zanpakuto spirit to fight with you in battle
Triple moon- swinging the staff you send three moon shaped blades at your enemies (more powerful at night)
Bankai abilities (form 2): Solar claw- the claws glow and bent forward and is then slammed into enemy making big gashes in enemy (more powerful in the daytime)
Note: Wolf release can’t be used in form 2
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan56 said…
big smile
bhk99112 i think you leave them seperate
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Soulslash98 said…
My Bankai Sword
 My Bankai Sword
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bhk99112 said…

zanpaktou: oni tsume (Demon Claw)
Release comand: rip the enemy to sheds (in order to use abillity 2&3 i have to say that comand afterward.

Shikai: is a sythe with a skull were the blade comes out(the mouth),the skull's eyes have darkness seeping out of it constintly. The staff is black with white cloth on it, the blade is wicked looking (can't decribe for clear picture).

shikai abillity #1: same as getsuga tenshou only made of pure darkness from the skull. (note this attack can be used with the other 2 abillities.

abillity #2 (comand: turn the dark abbiss into a save heaven): allows me to control the shadows, can even stop/attack a person in the air.
Also alows me to slip into shadows and move around (good for transportation, however as the shadow moves over serfaces it can be followed, picture a shadow moving even with out something makeing it).

abillity #3 ( reap the mind) similer to azin's except say the image makes them see a sword cut them, their mind would see it as real and thier body would open a wound ( like in the Matrix).

Weakness: i must have my eyes on them (not eye contact) or it dosen't work. also i can only use the 2nd and 3rd abillity sepretly.

strength: i'm imune to hypnotic or image inducing zanpatos and i can get a group of people if they are in my line of sight. also once someone is in my line of sight i can control what they preseve.

Banki (i would be greatful if someone could give me a name with translation)

Banki: looks the same as the shinki but the skull spits out so much darkness it darkens the sky (increasing the shadow abillity). also i gain many eyes on my body (similer to the 7th espada's release) however it dosen't hurt me if someone slashes the eyes.

special abillity: i can now use all of the abillities at the same time and the extra eyes allow me to use the image iducing to the fullest.

zanpakuto spirit: he is dressed in a garment similer to zangetsu but the suit lets off darkness, he also has the insane grin like kenpachi (you know, when hes injoying a fight) all the time; except when he's angery. he can be sadist and injoys using his abillities to the fullest.

post note: after reading all these zanpato decriptions, imagen if you had to fight your own sword in the zanpakuto rebellion?...shiver
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना arashi16 said…
gouzen raikou/roaring lightning
hade houkou raikou/loud roar of lightning
The Blade is shaped as a lightning bolt the guard is a perfectly geometric pentagram.its hilt is white and black. at the end of the hilt hnaging on a small chain is the japanese symble of lightning.
doudou denkou boruto/grand lightning bolt
the blade turns into lightning.the rest stays the same.
shikai abilities/allows the user to teleport in a flash of lightning.when it makes contact with the skin it send electrical pulses through the opponent nerves system cause paralyzation or switched motor functions. and last it can slice threw other zanpakutos if it makes contact for more than a few seconds.
Bankai abilities/allows the user to manipulate lightning. can absorb energy from the static in the air. can create thunderstorms.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Shaduwstu said…
Zanpaktou-Kurai Hi Inu(dark fire dog)
Release phrase-Kireme Sono Kusari(Break the Chain)
Shikai appereance- Broadsword 5ft. long 2ft wide blade outer edge all around is blue and middle of blade is jet black there is an uncolored pic below. or this link: link
Shikai ability 1: Karyuudo Hitonomi(Hunter's Bite)- blade ignites in a blue-black fire and every swing sends out a wave of fire which grows in size and strength depending on how hard/fast i swing it and the wave will track an opponent for a short time.
Shikai ability 2: Hauringu Hi(Howling Fire)- i stab the blade into the earth( or just thrust it downward in the case that i am fighting in the air) and 8 pillars of black fire form around me and fire out in all directions or in one direction if i say Senro(track) fire can not be put out unless i say Hi-Ru(heel).
Shikai abillity 3 Denka(charge)-i thrust the sword forward and a pyramid shape fire ball fires from it has same effect as Hunter's bite.
Bankai Hishou Kurai Hi Inu Musha(Soring Dark Fire Dog Warrior)
Bankai appearance- the blade burst into flames and falls to the ground but hilt stays in my hand and end of fire is still attached to the blade then the cloth on the hilt unravels and starts to wrap around me and the fire grows larger and larger until it forms a giant wolf with black fur and blue fire erupting from its shoulders in the form of wings that span 20 feet and its tail is still made of fire and the tip is attached to the hilt
the cloth turns into dark blue Gauntlets, chestplate, greaves, boots and a helm and giant Black fire wings erupt from my back spanning 6ft.I can control it by swinging the hilt and thinking commands kinda like how Renji abarai controls Hihiou Zabimaru.

Bankai ability 1 Kumori Houkou(Shadow Howl)- I swing the hilt and and the the wolf rears back on its hind legs and and howls into the sky which turns black and shadows moving like fire fall from the sky towards the opponent if one shadow touches the opponent then all of them fly towards them at supper fast speeds they engulf the opponent in black fire and start to devour their reiatsu which is fed into the wolf and me making our wings grow bigger and stronger.i can then focus all of the reiatsu i absorbed and mine to use my second bankai ability,or just keep it the way it is and i become stronger and faster.
Bankai ability 2 Hisan Hi Inu(Flying Fire Dog)- i thrust the hilt into myself and the wolf gets absorbed into it i then burst into flames and become the wolf i then fight as my own zanpaktu and can breath fire and shadows and fly.
Bankai ability 3 Jiyuu(Freedom)-one simple word for my Zanpaktou's most devastating attack.the tail detaches from the hilt and the wolf explodes into flames....then...from the thousands of embers that are scattered all over the battlefield...each turn into my zanpaktou's shikai form...they all point at the opponent and turn into smaller versions of my bankai wolf each wolf has all of the abilities of my bankai and shikai. the hilt sprouts my shikai and i take of into the sky then together like a pack of wolves we attack the opponent....and they and their reiatsu are eaten..

yay!!! i finally got that out of me ive been thinking about this for a while and i finally found somewhere that i could get it out!! what does eveyone think?
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
 Zanpaktou-Kurai Hi Inu(dark आग dog) Release phrase-Kireme Sono Kusari(Break the Chain) Shikai apper
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bhk99112 said…
wow, Shaduwstu that is one impressive zanpakuto, if we to fight each other i'd have to use my bankai to have a better chance at winning. you should consider making more zanpakutos!! by the way what do you think of mine? (its the one right above yours)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Where is everybody? This is actually turning in to a make your own zanpakuto forum lol