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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…

So... the 7 Sins are Hollows? With Apprentices?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
extremely evolved hollows yes. Much better than any vastel lordes. But then again, I guess you'll find out soon enough lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
Haha, alrighty then.

I'm looking forward to it!
And how many Shinigami are fighting/active right now?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Not many right now, but that could change when Crazione gets back. Where is he??
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
Who´s Crazione?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
didn't you read from page 30? He was pretty much the first one to start the story, except for Kofius maybe.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess I read over it XD

But (asking my question again) could you/someone else create a cliffhangering storypost so that I can easily drop in?

As I said, I don't like popping up in the middle of an epic event or something.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(an overwhelming spiritual pressure begins to loom over the captains chambers)

Kesh: That is a very boastful spiritual mass.

Heart: What is it?! Is it those angels?

Tomo: No, it's not.

Leirza: It is likely the virtue shinigami. After all, they have been working their rounds throughout the soul society.

Tomo: YOU'RE RIGHT, LEIRZA! You are so smart (stares at him and moves closer)

Leirza: It is the only logical answer.

Heart: Wait...the spiritual pressure is calm and has an unthreatening presence.

Soul: They must be using this as an opportunity to introduce themselves.

Tomo: Well, in your absence they have ruled the soul society, but they are shrouded in mystery.

Gemini: Is that so?

Diamond: They've arrived.

Club: Welcome, captains.

Kuraha (virtue): I see we have many guests. I believe you can introduce your newest comrades, Tomo.

Tomo: Oh, yes, of course. This is Leirza and Kesh. We discovered them both in a seperate dimension, in which they sealed themselves away to avoid the inital invasion of the angels. (bows, but looks up at Kuraha to see her reaction)

Leirza: It is quite a pleasure, captain. I, myself, was a captain for the soul society. My sister, too.

Kesh: I am the sister he speaks of. I see you rule these hallowed halls.

Kuraha: Ruled? No. We simply govern in the name or peace and justice. It is essential we remain a beacon for justice and good will, otherwise the sin hollows will likely destroy everything we hold dear.

Kesh: Of course, of course. It is quite noble of you, I commend you. My brother and I wish to be captains in your crusade.

Geryon (virtue): We could definitely use the aid. The sins are foridable enemies, but with the angels on their side, they boast a much greater threat.

Kesh: The angels are still wreaking havoc, I see.

Toiso (virtue): That is correct. They have been a thorn in the soul society's side for quite some time now.

Kesh: That thorn seems to be burrowing its way deeper drawing blood.

Paimai (virtue): (Gazes at Kesh) Interesting metaphor, dear. Who might you be again?

Kesh: I am kesh, a former captain of the soul society.

Paimai: Ah. And you wish to help... However, there is something peculiar about you?

Kesh: (glances at paimai) I look different from my brother. He has long black hair while I have even longer brown hair.

Paimai: Yes, indeed. It is quite unusual.

Kesh: (smiles)

Shant (virtue): May we please remain on the primary topic. The pact between the sins and angels is a most dangerous and vile threat. They have begun to orchestrate something sinister, but we have still not figured out their exact plan.

Kuraha: Shant is correct. We must stay focused and remain vigilant. The threat facing us is like nothing we have ever seen. Reports have shown ample activity in Karakura town, the rich spiritual epicenter. However, I have resticted all movements to the location by anyone under captain or vice captain level. Every attempt to uncover their secrets in Karakura town has resulted in the immediate loss of our scouting agents. Therefore, it is wise that people enter the real world in groups and maintain a focus and balance. Otherwise, you will be caught off guard and they will not hesitate to exploit that weakness.

Soul: We have absolutely no idea what they are planning? Hmm...if it were still Sekhmet, I could imagine the possibilites. However, she was overthrown by her own angels. I do not know them as well as the otheres, so it is difficult for me to judge the likelyhood of any particualr outcome.

Geryon: Indeed. Recent events have been increasingly surprising with the planned dethroning of the original angels leader and battles between the vizard creatures and sins. It is imperative we disocver their plan soon, otherwise we will all be defenseless birds in an open field.

Soul: I agree. I am rather surprised the angels have not yet shown their presence to wreak havoc. They are extremely self-centered and concieted, which likely means they feel they are in complete control of this alliance.

Toiso: We encountered their leader, Veznesel (souls face changes to surprise) and three other angels. Formidable foes, indeed.

Ransay (virtue): The angel I engaged never appeared surprised or caught off guard with my offense or defense. It is as if she had a blueprint of me before the battle. She has superior tactical skills, highly perceptive and boasts an arsenal of deadly offensive strategies. She was much more than I expected...much, much more.

Soul: ...this is disheatening. Do you remember her name?

Thamuz (virtue): Forive my interuption, but I recall you said her name was Poio?

Soul: No...she is known as Poeira. She is the number one ranking angel in Sek...Veznesels army. She has skills the other angels could only dream of. Your greatest mistake, which likely cost you the battle, was underestimating her potential. She is deniably one of the most beautiful of the angels, but do not be decieved. They all have beauty, but behind their beauty lies a carnage and heartless desire to destroy, especially Poeira. She is normally calm and composed, but has a terrible fury beyond her appearance. She is deadly and has absolutely no compassion, so beware.

Toiso: I could sense that apathetic aura from her...

Ransay: She was so sinsiter...it did not match her appearance.

Kesh: I believe that is the beauty, excuse the pun, behind their ruse.

Leirza: What plan are we endorsing, captains.

Diamond: May we join the battle?

Club: Yes, we are eager to battle the angels and sins.

Kuraha: By all means, we are more than thankful for additional assistance. However, I do not want you venturing off alone to pursue them. Only danger lurks alongside ignorance.

Diamond: Right. I understand. Our power is formidable, though.

Toiso: We do not doubt that young one.

Kuraha: For now, everyone stay on active patrol and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. If you are beneath vice captain level, always be accompanied by a vice captain or captain. Also, there is strength in numbers, so do not try and forge a heros path by engaging an enemy alone. Foolishness is not bravery my fellow shinigami. For now, I would appreciate volunteers to enter Karakura town and exlpore. Volunteers will accompany Paimai and Toiso. We need two volunteers. Also, Geryon and Thamuz will be exploring hueco mundo, so they need three additioanl volunteers. Please, speak up.

Leirza: I am more than happy to accompany Captain Thamuz and Captain Geryon.

Kesh: I would be pleased to accompany Captain Paimai and Captain Toiso. Any others?

[Who will volunteer for these missions and what will happen?]
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…

Or don't you guys work with claims?
I hope you do, it's a lot easier..
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hooray! New writer! I leave a hanger for you if you want to hop on in.

----------New Arrival-----

Kevin walks thinking about how May died. Alex walks up behind him.

Alex: Aren’t you going to the captain meeting?

Kevin: I’m not a captain anymore. And besides, I don’t want to.

Lyra: Well, what are you going to do?

Kevin: Gather the others. We are making a group to run down those Hollows.

Lyra: Because they destroyed our home?

Kevin: Yha.

Alex: Well, whatever. I’m just here to get my reward, nothing more, and nothing less.

Kevin: Not even to avenge her?

Alex looks depressed: No, not to avenge her either.

Lyra: Kevin, don’t make Alex feel bad! That’s mean.

Kevin: I’m making a point, I can be mean.

Lyra: It’s not that.

Alex looks at the ground: You feel it?

Kevin: Yha, a new gate.

Lyra: Is it friend or foe?

Kevin: It’s not a Hollow, so it could be anything.

A gate opens and someone walks out.

------------Kiro at the House-----------

Kiro walks into his house. The lights are off and he is in a daze.

Kiro picks up a picture frame: We were all devils back then. (The picture shows him, Kevin, and a few other people.) And yet, it was so long ago.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
far away, miles away. three shinigami lie. looking half asleep, half dead and almost ceasing to exist.
however something perks them up.

shinigami 1: friends... do you feel that? that spritual pressure?

shinigami 2: yes... theres no mistaking it.

shinigami 3: they came back, they broke the seal... our captains!

suddenly fuelled with an unknown energy, they fly toward this reiatsu, rejoicing as they go.

shinigami 1: i cant wait to see captain kesh and captain leirza! its been almost 300 years!

shinigami 2: yes.. i just hope that they recognize us, our abilities have somewhat dulled in these years.

shinigami 3: yes yes we need to hury!

after a while they enter the tower.after presenting themselves they walk in hurriedly instantly recognising their captains faces.

shinigami 1: captain kesh! it is i duverd! when we felt you're spiritual pressure we came as quickly as we could!

shinigami 2:you too captain leirza! you're finally free! its you're favourite vice captain bane! we want to help!

shinigami 3: hey dont forget me! i have a name too you know! remember me captain kesh? its been such a long time i wouldnt be suprised. its me kabuto haha its good to be back huh!

kesh: well what did you think. i have so much power i could have broken the seal myself. i didnt need leirzas help.

leirza: hmphf. so you say. however, you three say you want to help?

all three shinigami: of course! we shall do our best!

kesh:in that case virtues, tell them the situation!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: (floats as a misty cloud through and around the hollows)You have been waiting patiently.

Greed: We have and its about time.

Lust: What took so long?

Veznesel: (chuckles at their ignorance) You poor creatures don't realize the complexity of the situation. Superior magic takes time and concentration. Trust me, the final product is capable transmitting a signal so broad you can warp everyone. Excited?

Wrath: Oh, yes, indeed. I can feel the amplifers presence.

Galgalzzi: Now, there are particular conditions that need to be maintained. The amplifiers will be visible and vulnerable throughout transmission. Therefore, it is necessary you thoroughly protect each indivudal amplifer, so five.

Yashmaiesh: If an anmplifer is damaged, it will disrupt the signal core transmitter. If that happens, the unit (amplifer) will become highly unstable and the consequences could be catastrophic. For example, it could complete corrode the humans souls and they will then be undesirable hosts. In a worse case scenario, it could complete dismember their souls from their chains and neutralize their corporeal self.

Sloth: Corporeal?

Zalbeseal: (laughs) Their body will be destroyed, hollow. The scenario could be markedably worse, too. It is possible that if the units wavelengths are disrupted the core processor could emplode. If the signal is cut too short while the souls are morphing, it could cause the souls to become unstable. In such a scenario, the souls will seek a suitable host or energy supply, so essentially they will seek out one another. Many souls could merge and create a multitude of products.

Veznesel: In essence, hollows, I suggest you protect them. The final products would not be of your liking.

Pride: This seems like a lot of effort?

Lust: This is bothersome...I thought it would be easy.

Gluttony: We will protect them...

Sloth: I'd rather watch...

Veznesel: They will be broadcasting the signal soon. What will you do with the power once you have it? Remember, when you kill them all, we are promised the soul soceity
you can keep hueco mundo. That is the arrangment. (the golden scroll appears and shows chains linking them all tot he scroll). We all signed it, it is binding.

Poeira: They are coming...the shinigami. I can sense them.

(The shinigami are coming? But who will accompany the captains?)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना darkthunder3948 said…
Zanpakuto- Shimottekeru(Death Bringer)
Release Command- Annihilate all of creation and destroy all that breathes
Bankai- Shimottekeru Kageyoshi (Final Shadow of the Death Bringer)

When not released it resembles a Bo-Staff with a black bandage in the center

Shikai- Bo-Staff seperates into 3 sections connected by chains of black,red, and white reiatsu

Ability 1: Shoots giant blast of fire and electricity.
Ability 2: Chain extends and hits oppenet sending jolts of electricity thorugh them.

Bankai: When activated Bo gets bigger and turns into a Sansetsukon(Three section satff) and when swung a sword comes out of one end and scythes appear on circle at end and rotate)

Abilty 1: User swings staff and circle starts to rotate with scythes then retracts from blade by chain of reiatsu.

Ability 2: Creates a white, black, or red fireball

Abiltiy 3: Sword is spun around craetin a horizontal tornado with lightning made of concentrated reiatsu

Ability 4: Final Blast: Circle shoots from staff and scythes shot off like shurikens the sword becomes a projectile which causes a behemoth of lighting and fire which explodes and destroys everything within 10km.

Abilty 5: Sends a jolt of electricity through a dead body temporarily giving it life
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ummm I think the max was 3 abilities per zanpakuto
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
It really does not matter how many abilities the persons zanpakuto has really. The sword just needs to have abilities that aren't too absolute, have a dimension of clarity and are sensible, and don't clutter the character. And what I mean by that is, if the character has 15-20 abilities, that is absolutely unfair and bizarre. That's my opinion, anyhow.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
Where are those Captains right now?
In Soul Society, or in the Real World?

And, if in the Real World, then where exactly? Forest, desert, town?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Karakura town
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
I'd better go writing my part, then.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
[Sorry for the DoublePost]

Maurz walked out of the plane, with his sister Eva right behind him, like always.
"Were are we going, Maurz?" She asked.
"To some hotel in the middle of the city. Damn, just the reiatsu of all those Hollows makes me shiver... I think it was a good idea to come here after all."
"Yes, yes. You do have a map of the city, right?"
"Yes, right here."

When they arrived at the hotel, they slept.
And when they woke up, they abandoned their Gigai and left to hunt Hollows.

After another day of "work", they walked back to their hotel. However, on their way they picked up a lot of reiatsu; from Shinigami, not Hollows.
"Do you feel that?" Asked Eva.
"I sure do." He replied.
"But where the heck..."

His sentence was suddenly interrupted by the sight of several Shinigami surrounding them.
Maurz grabbed his sword, and his little sister followed him with that.
Suddenly one of the men stepped forward, and Maurz put his sword back in the scabbard, his eyes fiercely pointed to the man stepping forward, ready to pull out his Shikai anytime.
"Please, please! No fighting! We're probably your friends." The man told Maurz and Eva.
Maurz narrowed his eyes, since he didn't trust these men at all. They were fellow Shinigami, but still. Maurz and Eva didn't know there were any other, apart from his their family, who died a long time ago.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Another man stepped forward from the surrounding line of Shinigami.
Maurz replied; "We are Maurz and Eva, we come from Holland and we came here for vacation; and to hunt some Hollows. Who are YOU and why the hell are you interrupting us?!"
"We are Shinigami as well, hunting the Seven Sins and the Angels. If you'd have some spare time, maybe you could help us out. You don't look like a weakling." The first man replied.
Eva answered before Maurz; "Yes, maybe we will. Well, if you'd leave us alone now... Goodnight, and maybe we'll meet again."
"Yes, think of it. Come, men."

After the Shinigami took off, Maurz and Eva walked back to the hotel, and after eating dinner in their Gigai they discussed the offer of the Shinigami once more; and they came to the conclusion that they maybe should help those Shinigami with their troubles.

[I'm sorry if this isn't how you write. I hope it isn't too bad. Also, I'm sorry if the story I just typed doesn't make any sense at all compared to your original story.]
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Alex101penguin said…
that is cool
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Alex101penguin said…
mine is
Zanpakuto: Killizo(killing Demon)
Command: take away the life of your enemy
Bankai: Mizoler killzo unitue( Last Sighting killing Demon light)

Ability: wen u c killzo's shikai u become half dead the moment the light touches your skin off the blade.

Bankai: Wen u c it's bankai u die immediately.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
@ Alex: That's a little bit overpowered, isn't it?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Shiro looked at Kuraha and sighed at him. he was never called out in these meetings, only because he was unique. He hated being a special ranked capatin, it held many limitations.

Shiro standing: Kuraha, i want to voulenteer.

Kuraha: no....

Shiro angered: WHY! i am a Captain and i can help in this war! why the hell woun't you let me fight out there on the battle field!

Kuraha: I have spoken to Soul about you. you are much to valuable for us to reveal you yet. your unique as a shinigami, the only one of ytour kind.

Tomo: Kind?

Diamond: yea, what do you mean kind.

Kuraha: its not for you to know, this is stricly captain knowledge. And Shiro, stand down. You have a diffrent purpose in this fight and we tend to keep it that way.

Soul: Shiro, we have went over this before. You are to valuable to let slip into the wrong hands.

Shiro said nothing as he clenched his fists that were hidden in gloves. he than sat down into his chair and looked at the large table blankly.

Soul: i will voulenteer kuraha...

Kuraha: Accepted, ill allow you to go.

gemini: I have a question......

Aqua gave him an odd look. one that said 'we are supposed to be quite"

gemini with no emotion: these angels, their leader once was Seckmet....correct?

Kuraha: Indeed, continue.

Gemini: She had a direct history to the warriors we once knew...most have witch had died by mobs of shinigami, angel, hollow, and so on...When she lived, there were only three left in exitance. these warriors respected her once, as an equal. Yet after her death im not sure if these two last survivors will show themselves or not.

Kesh: so you knew the angels?

gemini: not neccesarily.....our ancestors used to.

Kuraha: and whom were they?

Aqua smiling now: since we have told you this much....our ancestors were known as the celestrial gaurdians. they took the forms of stars in the sky and watched over everything. earth, seriritie, and so on.

Kuraha: so you are now revelaing your identity....that can be considered very suspicious....whats stopping me from arresting you here and know....your outnumbered and out matched.

Aqua: hold tight hot stuff, we are actually here to strike a propasision.

Soul: Alright, what is this "propossition"?

Gemini with no emotion: Unfortunetely, we have lost control of one of these two last surviving warriors that were considered a part soul societies history. he is not to be taken lightely and i believe he has already joined the angels and sins.

Aqua: are you sure?

gemini with no emotion:...im sure.....

Kuraha: And what do you want us to do with this information?

gemini turning away to the exit: Just watch out for hi....he calls himself december....anyhow thats all we need of you shinigami.

Kuraha: we can't let you leave...if your so sure about this new threat, than we need to keep you here in custody. you might be part of this mans group for all we know.

Gemini stops at the entrace as aqua follows: Kuraha, your strong....but you can't apprehend us if you tried. And dont worry, we are on your side........though, dont consider us allies. we are only on your side because we share a common enemy.

Gemini and aqua suddenly vanish...none of the captains make an attempt to capture them..

Shiro: So that Jiro kid isn't whom he said he was....a shame...

Kuraha: they are no worry to us... i believe they are telling the truth....So know we all must be cotious about this..December.....


Vaznesel then twitches as she notices a single white rose drop right infront of her face. She watched it drop below her, than she jumped as a hand was placed on ehr shoulder. the long blond haired man pressed his face on hers.

december: morning....Vaznesel

vaznesel doesn't change her expression as she turns and slices at the man, blood shoots everywere and december seems to fall, but the body smikes as the blood turns into red rose petals, along with the body. than she hears a voice from infront of her. She imedietly turns and sees a unharmed man in a red cloak and a top hat. ll the angels and Sins suround him, ready to kill, yet the man stands there and smiles.

December: no need to get so agitated my freinds, im on your side.

the sins smile and let down there weapons as the angels keep theres in hand.

Wrath: he is alright. he is with us....

Vaznesel; is that so?

december smiles and laughs:Thats right. i think you guys have a good chance in the outcome of this war, so i thought i would join you guys.

Vaznesel: how can we trust someone we do not know?

December; Me? oh im just a normal warrior.

galgalzzi: Normal my ass, what are you hiding?

December: you would have to fight me to learn.

galgalzzi: gladely, ill smash you to bits boy..

Vaznesel hold out a hand, indicating for him to stop.

Vaznesel: i trust you December.....what do you plan on doing?

December: your the boss as it seems, im just a bystander. you give me an order an ill listen. (he said happily)

why is shiro so special, why is gemini revealing himself so early, and will the shinigami understand the threat december posseses. and what will Vaznesel use December for?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Kuraha and paimai are females and galgalzzi is a male, songoku
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
ill edit that later, give it time. (i thought all angeks were female? oh well, must have missed something)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Galgalzzi, Yasnhamiesh, and Zalbeseal are generals and not considered agnels. They command the angels underneath, well what used to be Sekhmet, but now is Veznesel. I digress, however. My point is Galgalzzi, Zalbeseal, and Azriel (oh...he's dead too) are males. I don't care if you edit it, though. I only wished to make it clear.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheBlackFlash said…
Could someone please tell me what powers the 7 sins have.
Thank you.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
I'd rather not. If everyone knew all of the powers of the 7 sins, then I would be at a pretty big disadvantage. You'll just have to figure it out lol.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Honesaikki said…
Okay. my zanpakto is called Honesaikki or "Tendon Ripper". I call it out by saying, Rip, Honesaikki! its shikai form looks like the image attached since its kind of hard for me to describe. Its bankai is simple. Its bankai is Kusari Honesaikki or "Chained Tendon Ripper". It is simple the blade itself goes out on a chain. Its ultimate attack is named Ressho or "Laceration". the blade and chain wrap around a certain body part, whatever you choose, the arm, the leg, the head, etc. Then it severes that body part just by me pulling the handle back. so that is my zanpakto.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I agree with, Randomfan. It would rather unadvantagous of him to tell you the powers. There would be no point in the battle forum in that case.

JlAZLO: So...ugh. Maybe your people want to go to karakura town with my generals? They do fight, now, correct?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
yea they do fight haha, but im not sure they will last, but they should suffice. haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: (floating around like a cloud) You are quite a peculiar creature, aren't you? I'll advise you this only once (She remains where she is, but a hand materializes around Decembers neck and even though he sees her infront of him, she appears beside his head) Do not labor under the delusion that you, little one, are mysterious. Your desires and craft do not shroud my judgment. I expect your treachery and look forward to, what I hope is a tasteful execution. Make no mistake, nothing you do will ever be enough to place you at a higher standing then me. I am always two steps ahead of you, so when you decide to betray me, for whatever reason, I will have my blade to your neck (a blade materializes against his neck). And before you can acknowledge your failure, you will be bathed in your own blood. So it is important to consider two variables, do you believe you can orchestrate your deciet well enough to accmomplish your task and if you fail, are you quick enough to escape my grasp? (begins to laugh and vanishes to appear beside her generals and angels).

December: ....(stares at her and looks down)....

Galgalzzi: Oh, we forgot to mention.

Wrath: ??? Yes!?

Galgalzzi: A small requirement for the entire process to finish. It requires a sacrifice...a soul sacrifice.

Envy: Get a human, then.

Zalbeseal: You misunderstand. Not just any sacrfice, it needs to be a soul with considerable spiritual energy, otherwise you will not have your glorious ending.

Yashnamiesh: Perhaps, hollows, we can offer up this little shinigami traitor...

Veznesel: Make the choice hollows. There is a narrow window of opportunity. If the towers remain at their present wavelengh too much longer, the energy will become corrupt.

Galgalzzi: In other words, you will not have any subjects to consume (grins). So...who do you wish to sacrifice? One of those lower hollows that follow you around.

Greed: How about a lower hollow!

Yashnamiesh: You still don't quite have it. If you want stellar results you need to sumbit a sacrifice with equal value (walks toward center tower and turns her head) Quickly...as Veznesel-Sama said, there is not much time left.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
December had been looking at the ground for quite sometime, he seemed to be deep in thought. he than began to smile as his eyes gazzed up into Vaznesels. he began to chuckle as vaznesels eyes grew wide for a second and she grabbed her chest. there was a searing pain in her heart, along with a voice in her head, all of this happened as December looked into her eyes and smiled. Everyone around her could not seem to notice.

December voice in Vaznesels head: Ha, so you can predict the outcomes of the future fairly well, yet, your knowledge and intelligence turns to nonsence. you believe that you scare me, HA. In truth you are merely a little girl whom doesn't know what kind of threat i am. And in truth, the mystery consumes you, thus you have made this pathetic attempt at convincing me that you stand higher than me. In addition to this worthless speech you have performed to impress the ones around you, it is also false. I have stood were only few have stood, you will never exceed me...ever. And when you have your blade to my neck when the time comes, the only blood that will be spilt is yours. you will realize that in the end, your plans to petrify me with fear had failed as your head rolls at my feet. but until than, i shall play your little game and wait for an order.....understand that you might as well use me in your plans before we collide and i kill you.....

Vaznesel just sat there as the pain in her chest faded and the voice dissapated in her mind. She gave december an evil look as she felt something on her cheek, it felt like a kiss. though, this feeling did not surprise her, she was much to smart for that. She new that December was playing with her at this moment, and that what he seemed to do was unaknowledged by the others around them. She also decided that because of this "Kiss", she would brutally slaughter december when this "time" came. than, her thoughts were interupted as One of the sins moves in for the kill.

Greed: why dont we take this weak shinigami!

greed than dove at december with blade stretched out. december turned in surprise as a blade protruded from his chest. blood bursted out like a fountain, raining everywhere. The december than smiled as his body and blood turned to confetti. Now there was pretty colored paper raining from all directions as a hand was placed on greed.

December: i suggest you find another, i wont die so easily. And to make sure you guys understand, i am not a shinigami. I perfer not to have an orientation or "race" that i have to commit to (he said smiling and patting greed, who was grinding his teeth in anger)

greed: damn you.....

December smiling: damn me indeed my freind...damn me

Wrath: we need to decided soon.......
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheBlackFlash said…
Ok i guess... I was just currious of that since the name is cool and I didn't think about joining the battle forum I was just thinking about a comic to draw so I thought that the 7 sins would be great for villian figures. I didn't intend to tell anyone about it so if you change your mind please PM me. I need a few ideas.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Haha, oh, Songoku. You never cease to amaze me. Your characters are so unique. Confetti insides and a gaze that manages to overpower my strongest character. That is all, haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
I have a great twist for you guys but you need to wait as i still in the process of sorting out my ideas haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(Doors form and open revealing shinigami)

Paimai: I sense them, they are not far.

Toiso: (face looks as if he's deeply upset) It is her...

Paimai: Her? Do you speak of the angel, Poeira?

Toiso: Yes, she is with her allies.

Kesh: It may be wise to shield our spiritual pressure.

Paimai: I agree.

Club: What is our objective?

Diamond: I believe we thwart whatever they plan on doing here.

Toiso: Our sources have confirmed the presence of powerful magic.

Club: Magic?

Paimai: Yes, many, many years ago they built towers that gave off a similar aura, but these towers are barely visible either by sight or reitsu.

Diamond: I can't sense them at all?

Paimai: Well, we have a more atuned skill for this, do not worry.

Kesh: Well, by all means, lead the way.

(they travel and suddenly are met with Veznesel, three angels, three generals, and 4 sins).

Veznesel:(gazes, with no change in posture or emotion, at the shinigami that stand before her) I was wondering when you'd arrive. I wish you the best of luck, but it wont do you much good.

(dozesns of beams of light shatter the silence and dart toward the unsuspecting shinigami. Paimai, Kesh, and Diamond dodge the glistening blades of light. But they strike Club in the arm and leg and he falls tot he ground. They smash into toiso's blade and begin ricocheting off his blade and piercing the still air around him as he continuely attempts to dodge them).

Toiso: I knew you'd be here (his blade smashes into Poeira's glowing blades and he continues to vanish in an attempt to avoid the blades once they ricochet off of his blade and attacks).

Poeira: How long do you believe your stamina will last? It seems to be wavering shinigami. (suddenly a new cluster of beams branch out and smash into his leg) You're not careful enough (smiles)

(suddenly a door forms and opens revealing three more of the virtues)

Geryon: BREATHE, ARCHADHIA NUESA!(specs of energy rush and envelope poeira and Toiso. It reveals a healed Toiso and Poeira merely staring at the newly acquainted shingami).

Traea: (suddenly--- her axe, which looks larger and is completely black, slashes Geryon in the back. Her eyes glare emotionlessly at the shinigami).

Toiso: evolve, Raam Esaphtia!!! (A huge ice blast crashes into Traea and throws her back toward Veznesel)

Veznesel: (she merely chuckles) Don't you think,hollows, that you should fight your counter-parts?

Toiso: (shoots an ice blast at greed, which dodges it and begins to pursue Toiso)

Geryon: (appears next to Envy and slashes at her)

Kuraha: Your alliance is about to come to an end hollows.

Veznesel: Oh, ah ha ha ha. There they go, as usual, spewing these threats. You wont allow that, will you hollows?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Haha, You think its silly eh? well you do not understand Decembers ability, you dont even know his Zampaktou? So i can say that you can't be so rash to say he is that way.

December just waited on the side lines as shinigami came from every direction. he smiled at them and Waved as he tipped his top hat off to them. He didn't see much of a threat going on and he didn't find any real offensive maneuvers, other than the angels attacks against the shinigami. he than smiled and seemed to lay back in mid air, awaiting his order from Vaznesel. he said he would wait and he would keep his promise.

Though, as he believed he would be able to hold onto his opinion that he must keep his word, a number of shinigami appeared in front of him. they were only low life shinigami that didn't have a special rank. he just smiled as he seemed to vanish into white rose petals. this stunned the shinigami, but what stunned them more was that they were growing sleepy. sooner after his disappearance, they hit the ground as they slept. December than reformed out of his flower petals and smiled at the snoring shinigami, still waiting an order.

In the distance soul caught the eye of vaznesel. She had been once an ally, now she was an enemy. he shumpoed right by her and swung his blade down at her, she on the other hand, was not rash at all and merely turned to catch the blade. She than pushed the blade off her hand as she new his erasing ability, but even this was no match for her. As soon as Soul had been pushed, a black shadow blade pierced his chest. the blade that tore off his right arm and side at it sliced through him. Soul couldn't even strike enough power to use his bankai for assistance as he fell to the ground, nearly lifeless.

Vaznesel: such a rash being, he seemed to have goten weaker since we last met.

Kuraha: Soul......

Vaznesel: and that is only a taste o what comes....
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Oh, I wasn't suggesting he is silly. I said he was "unique," if I remember correctly. It was just amazing to see one of your characters, once again, manage to place himself on the level or above all my characters. However, the confetti insides were pretty comical.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
By the way, I completely forgot to mention this, but Greed carries two sickles as his zanpakuto
'Toiso and Greed continue battle'

Greed: You never stop do you?

Toiso: I will continue to hunt you until you are dead.

Greed: As if you could kill me.Tthe last time we fought was 100 years ago, and you couldn't beat me then. What makes you think that you can win this time?

'Toiso says nothing, and instead shoots an ice blast at Greed'

Greed: Fine. Have it your way.

'He starts barraging Toiso with his sickles, not giving him a chance to counter. Right as he is about to land another blow, Toiso fires an ice blast at him point blank'

Toiso: You seem to be weaker this time Greed. Where is your almighty power now?

Greed: Right behind you.

'Toiso turns around to try to block the attack, but still gets sliced on the arm'

Greed: This sucks. I was aiming for your heart. looks like you haven't lost all your reflexes have you, Toiso?

Toiso: How!? That should have at least injured you slightly.

Greed: Face it Toiso. You are way too predictable. Plus, it doesn't help that your ice blasts are slow.

Toiso: Damn it...

'Back by the amplifiers, Wrath goes over to Sloth'

Wrath: Sloth, wake up. I need your help.

Sloth: Hm? What is it? I was having a good dream...

Wrath: Your assistant. How strong is he?

Sloth: Strong enough to be help me train. Why?

Wrath: The amplifiers need someone strong, and I need all of the Sins here to battle the Virtues.

Sloth: I'm sure he would be honored to be part in the shinigami's demise. I'll get him right now.

'Sloth sonidos away, and leaves Wrath, Pride, and Gluttony watching over the amplifiers'
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Toiso: (stares at Greed)You are forgetting something vital, hollow. (his sword begins to glow and reveals a reflection of Greed)I give to you, what you gave to me, hollow. (suddenly the wound that Toiso recieved to his arm is present on Greed).

Greed: Ahhh! Tchh....damn you. (a gash appears on his arm and begins bleeding). How?!

Toiso: You should know that, I am predictable after all. (appears behind Greed and slashes his back, but greed slashes toiso's side). You are certainly quick, hollow.

Greed: Ha. You shinigam....ah! (suddenly a wound bursts on his side on the same place he cut toiso). Damn you...shinigami...

Toiso: (swings sword-A huge ice blast flies at Greed, he dodges it, or so he thinks and is smashed in the back. The ice consumes his zanpakutos and he breaks the ice. A cascade of ice from both side smash together creating a giant icey void in the sky. He falls to the ground, bleeding).

Greed: Damn you shinigami...


Sloth returns with the sacrifice and Veznesel sets him in the chamber. His body begins to deteriorate and his soul erupts filling the chamber with energy)

The four amplifiers begins to burn with a bright red energy and a beam ascends tot he sky and consumes the sky. The center amplifier fires a signal to each amplifier and it creates a pattern. The base of each amplifier begins to emit a series of pulses. The humans below being to writhe in pain and grow masks.


Gillians begin peeking through the sky and firing ceros at the shinigami

Kuraha: NO!! (She points her finger and a void appears and blocks the oncoming ceros and reflects them back in the gillians faces destroying them. She appears at the base of the tower and shouts, shatter, Katata Riesa! (she takes her sword and with one swipe slices clean through one of the towers. The tower begins to fall over, but Gluttony leans against it preventing its demise)

Gluttony: FIX IT....I can't hold it for much longer!

Wrath: AH! SHINIGAMI!!!!!!

Kuraha: You, wrath, are no match for me. (she peers at him and swipes her shikai at him. He enters a void, and is surrounded by blackness. Suddenly, hundreds of shinigami surround him and he is being attacked by all sides).

Kurhaha: (She appears beside another amplifier and cuts it clean through)

Veznesel: Who is this, woman?


Kesh: Appears in front of another tower and unsheathes her sword). Rupture, Diae Diahbrego! (her sword erupts with energy and with a clean swipe it cuts through the third tower)

Leirza: Silence, Dom Dondobego. (His sword pulsates with energy and he swipes his sword cracking the tower without even touching it. The tower sides begin to crumble and signal transforming the humans begins to waver)

Veznesel: Save those towers HOLLOWS OR YOU WONT HAVE A VICTORY!!!

Pride: (grabs the side of one tower)

Lust: (pushes against the crumbling tower in an effort to presever it)

Kesh: Their towers are beginning to crumble.

Leirza: (veznesel stares at him and kesh with a sinister glare and shadows attack them)

Veznesel: Foolish shinigami! I'll crush you!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
i would never place him above, plus he isn't very offensive and brutal as is vaznesel. So in terms of killing he isn't very impressive Buuuut, he is mostly here for comic relief.

HAHA, can't do nothin much with those posts. Any ho Kuraha is cap commander correct?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Back at the amplifiers ...'

'A bright light is seen around the hordes of shinigami surrounding Wrath as she enters shikai'

Wrath: You fools are wasting my time!

'In her plant form, her hands become vines, as she starts whipping away all the shinigami'

Wrath: Pride! Lust! Don't let them fall!

Pride: Of course! CUMEI!

'Cumei appears next to Pride'

Pride: Hold these towers until Lust gets to them!

Cumei: Got it. Bankai!

'Cumei rolls a 4 with her dice, and 4 Cumei cones appear from them, which roll their own dice, creating more clones. Then, they all crowd around the towers, holding them up'

Pride: Lust, she can't hold them for long. Get to them, now!

Lust: Ok. Morph, Futago Ryoote!

'His zanpakuto becomes two black gloves, and Lust sonidos to each tower, running his hands along the lines where they had split, fusing them together'

Kurhaha: Don't let them fix those towers!

'Kesh and Leirza both charge forward to attack Lust, when Gluttony, Pride, and Sloth appear in front of them, and smile'

All three of them at once: Garganta...

'Gargantas appear in front of them, and Kesh and Leirza stop to avoid a trip to Hueco Mundo. Then, millions of Gillian start to pour out from the openings, firing ceros all over the place'

Kurhaha: Damn them!

What will the shinigami do? Lust is almost done fixing the towers, and The gargantas block any entrance to the towers.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I'll write in response to this later, but I feel you just made up powers so lust could fix the towers. Haha. It's fine, however. But you are severely lacking detail. Also, three sins are tending to three towers, wrath is fighting kuraha; greed is fighting toiso, and envy is battling geryon. You neglected those details, but whatever. Again, i'll post something later.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
[a world shattered]

Wrath: (is whipping the shinigami, but they are appearing endlessly. Growing tired, she spins and wipes out many shinigami, but then begins to sink into the ground. Her vines wrap around a tower and she attempts to pull herself out. Kuraha slices her vines and her shoulder). YOU DAMN SHINIGAMI!

Kuraha: (she stares at wrath) You should attack me. You are weak.

Wrath: WEAK! (her vines grab kuraha and begin to squeeze her tightly. Her facial expression does not change and her sword glows and her vines begin to whither and die) WHAT?! (Kuraha vanishes and appears beside wrath and swipes her back. Blood pours down her back).

Kuraha: You will need to be quicker, wrath.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
For the record, no, I didn't make up his powers on the spot. They happened to work for what I needed. I mean, whats the point of making powers if they are only for a one time use? If you look at my first post of the new story, you'll see him release his zanpakuto. Anyway, time to continue.

'Toiso looks down as Greed falls'

Toiso: You were not worth my time.

'Toiso turns to leave, when he feels Greed's Reiatsu increase drastically'

Greed: Slip and slide, Hedoro Kitsune!

'His two sickles become distorted, and when they can be seen again, two green tails are attached to the hilt of his sickles'

Greed: This battle is nowhere near finished!

'One of the tails stretch out, and grab Toiso, holding him in place'

Toiso: So, you still wish to fight? So be it.

'Toiso cuts the tail off him, and fires another ice blast at him, but the second tail knocks it away'

Greed: Only one of us is getting out of here alive, and its going to be me!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Among the many gillian attacking, several rock spikes shot up and stab several at a time. Kibudo stood among the menos grande with his sword drawn, his red eyes greaming.

Kibudo: Rock them to the bowls of the underworld, Jishin! (the pillars continue to rise and and stab the gillian through their bodies) Die stupid hallow, die! (The pillars jerk down bringing the menos grande that were stabbed into the earth)

Hibiki: (Stands in front of several other gillian with his sword drawn) Inflames...Tsubaki! (heat rises and the Gillian turn to him. Several ceros fly at him but are the attacks are incinerated before hitting. Hibiki held his sword on his shoulder and crouched) So many ways to fight... (Jumps high in the air) So many ways to do it! (Slices down on the Gillian with extreme power)

Shion: (Standing on a building watching the battles) So the hallows decide to let their lesser beings reak havoc on an innocent land. How expected. (draws bow and arrow) Show your flawless aim, Iteneko. (She fires so quickly that by time anyone could process where she was aiming, several arrows sprouted in the Gillians' bodies) Are you planning to stand back and watch?

Phoebe: (Stands beside her) Alright dear, only since all the shinigami are busy fighting the stronger hallows. (kneels down and plucks a flower poking through the shingles of the roof. The flower elonges into a long green scabbard and sword hilt as she leans in on her shoulder) Sprout, Ten'i Jinsei. (Her sword bored to along wooden staff with a cresent at the top end and a perfectly round green sphere floating on it. She stood up) The demonic feeling their letting off is very unflattering. (Several leaves suddenly float by her and shoot at the oni like razor sharp needles and cut through them all) I'll have to help this world purge.