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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
welcome back Songoku, it's been a while. To make things short, we started a new story where the supreme hallows and the angels created an alliance against soul society. Soul Society is still in a peaceful state, more or less, and the Zero Squad is taking part in a captain's meeting that has yet to begin. Tecno's characters are at their homes minding their business.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
i see, whom may i ask are the Captains?
Also thank you for the sumarization, it was much appreciated. Anyhow i guess i will be moving along through the story through "The Fallen" for awhile. If captains are needed just tell me, but for now i think you guys have most of it covered.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
hmmm, Songoku has came back and has introduce some chracters on pg 38
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
I'm not entirely sure of the captains. Crazieone had made some on page 37 but called them the virtue shinigami.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
just a filler for the mean time
Awkward friendship

Aquarius and Gemini continue to walk along the barracks, few past them but really paid no attention to the two kids.

Aqua: Gemini, why don't we hold hands? we'll look really cute like brothers 'smiles sweetly' hmm?

Gemini: First of all, as of now call me Jiro and secondly i know what you're trying to do, thats why im not looking at you. Don't think that you can get me easily, im your superior so dont make like you can do whatever you want.

Aquarius pauses and Gemini continues to walk with no expression.

Gemini: hurry up, ill not wait for you.

Aquarius: 'runs towards Gemini' Okay, but ill hold youre hands anyways 'grabs hand' since you have a name ill use one too. haha, now whats the name of the shinigami that killed himself?....OH YEA! Roku. My new name is Roku. hehe

Gemini: Let g-

Aqua: wheres the birdie?

Gemini grins

Aqua: you didnt!! i cant believe you. the birdy was cute.

Aqua pouts and lets go of Gemini's hand.

Gemini: s- sorry,

Aqua: haha, you sad sorry, Gemi- Jiro i mean, you never say Sorry. 'smiles'

Gemini: hold my hand, it feels empty.

Aqua: haha, okay.

The two kids like brothers continue to walk along the barracks
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey, welcome back Songoku!


Kevin awakes from his training and gets up from the building he’s standing on.

Kevin: All set. (He sighs.) Now what? (He sticks his sword in the atmosphere and forms a gate.) I guess next is Soul Society. (Kevin walks through the gate.)

------Zeron + Lin = Chaos-------

Zeron walks through the door of his apartment: Hey I’m home. (A knife flies to his head and Zeron doges with a stunned look on his face.)

Lin: Where have you been! You we’re suppose to make dinner tonight, but of course you ditch me! So you can cook for yourself thank-you!

Zeron: Don’t nag me. I didn’t get into another fight or anything.

Lin: Then what were you doing!?

Darc is drinking a soda right next to Zeron: He was helping out Kevin.

Lin: Oh, alright then. (Lin and Zeron look at Darc.)

Lin and Zeron: WHEN DO YOU GET IN HERE!?

Darc: Well, I followed Zeron home after Kevin was done with his battle, (Zeron opens the window in the back) and your door was open, so I let myself in.

Lin: Okay, okay, now (Lin grabs Darc) GET OUT! (Lin throws Darc out the opened window and then locks the door and Zeron closes the window.)

Zeron sits down at the only table in the apartment along with Lin: So you were helping out Kevin?

Zeron: Ya, but I think he was off today. I don’t know why or how he got so injured so badly. It’s crazy. I didn’t think there was a Hollow that strong.

Lin: So, what do you think?

Zeron: I think that something is off, the Hollow said she wanted Kevin’s mask.

Lin: She?

Zeron: Ya, she.

Lin: Girl Power!

Zeron: Shut it. (Lin looks down and sees Zeron eating.)

Lin: Hey Zeron, (Lin says when Zeron is halfway into a bite) ISN’T THAT MY FOOD! (Lin punches Zeron in the face.)

------------Soul Society---------

Kevin steps through the gate. There is a presence familiar to him: Well, guess I’ll go say hi to the old gang.

Gemini and Aqua walk down the road back to the barracks. Kevin appears in front of them.

Kevin: How’s it going Aqua and Gemini.

Gemini throws a punch at Kevin. Kevin catches the punch in his hand and pushes Gemini to the ground.

Kevin: Don’t push your luck.

Gemini looks up from the ground: As good as always.

Aqua: It’s been some time hasn’t it, Draco?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Techno idk no what yore doing but whatever, so ill make another filler, haha. Sorry techno but i really dont know what "draco" has to do with it. lolz

Soul society

Kevin: it sure has, you two didnt change a bit yet Gemini your eyes got more, how should i say it, sinister. 'aqua giggles'

Gemini:and you look like you worked on yourself. 'gets up and dusts off'

Kevin looks at Aqua as if he didnt realize he was there the whole time.

Kevin: huh? Aqua, did you even get stronger, last time i checked you could only make water move up and down. haha.

Aqua looks at kevin with a grin.

Kevin: why are you smiling?

Kevin suddenly falls to his knees. Aqua pats his head. The pat caused blood to rush through Kevins head

Kevin: uhhhhghh, you power is sure powerful and annoying 'gets up and stumbles' Controlling the liquids in my body (blood) to surge into different points to harm the victims body, nice.

Aqua: thank you, now why dont you give me a hug?

Kevin stops stumbling and hugs Aqua: huh i see you developed mind powers too, i almost didnt notice.

Aqua: haha, thank you. 'smiles sweetly'

Gemini: stop now Aqua. Draco what is the meaning of this?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
I still have absolutely no idea whats going on. Could someone tell me?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
big smile
well songoku came back and he introduced new chracters, Which i also did too, now it seems we're waiting on crazione to start the captain meeting and how Kevin knows Gemini and Aqua
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
k thx. I guess I'll get started with something else later. I still have a lot of other things to do.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
be sure not to do anything that will effect aqua them cuz techno said he has some plans for it lolz
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------The Masks----------

Gemini: So what is with this meeting?

Kevin: What? Is there something wrong with coming by to say “hi?”

Aqua looks at him: Draco, we all know that you wouldn’t come by to say “hi” without a reason.

Kevin, who is still being held down by Aqua, gets up easily and Aqua stares at him is disbelief, Kevin laughs: Well you’re right about that.

Gemini: So what is it?

Kevin: This. (Kevin pulls up his mask.) Someone’s hunting us.

Aqua: You still use that thing? Although that wouldn’t make sense, I don’t think these things come off.

Kevin: I don’t really understand it either, but the Hollow that came after me would have killed to get her hands on this.

Gemini: So? You were hunted, get over it.

Kevin: It’s not just me.

Gemini: Then who else.

Kevin looks at the ground with a sad look: Big Dip died less than two weeks ago.

Aqua is shocked: Big Dip!? What about Little Dip?

Kevin: Gone. I didn’t find his body. He could be dead or alive.

Gemini: Big Dip, gone? How? Why?

Kevin: I don’t know, I can only warn you, that’s it.

Aqua: So beware of Hollows.

Kevin: Yes. To give a bit more info, their names were Wrath, their leader, Gluttony, who I think is dead, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, and Envy.

Gemini: The Seven Deadly Sins.

Kevin: Correct, although I don’t think they will hunt you today or tomorrow. For all I know they could pile up on me.

Aqua: Alright, we’ll warn the others about this.

Kevin: Thank you. (Kevin starts to walk off.)

Aqua: Hey Kevin, (Kevin turns around) why did you leave?

Kevin puts his finger to his lip: That’s my little secret. (And with that, Kevin disappears.)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
dang, i have to wait for techno to respond ><
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ouchi said…
Sorry if im kinda late for doing this but please bare with me..
ok here we go..

Zanpakuto Name: Keiji Kakari "timekeeper"

Description: Its just a normal katana. The shape of its cross guard is circle with roman numeral writings. it will look like a clock. Just like this link


Release Command: Matta nashi "time's up"

Desciption: The blade will turn into a reverse edge. (just like kenshin himura's sword)

Shikai Abilities:

1st ability:
-Teleportation (if you know 4th hokage of naruto, you will know what teleportation i meant)
2nd ability:
-Jikan no Hizumi "Time warp": as long as he had been to that place, he will just slash in the air and a portal will come out to go to that place.
3rd ability: its the most complicated to expalin so again bare with me..
-the 3rd ability is within the reverse edge sword. Anything that it hits will undergo thru this:
if the owner of the sword says "Gezikou", the movements of it will suddenly increase and if it says "Kyuugen", the movements of it will suddenly decrease.


Keiji kakari no ma "timekeeper's eye"

bankai abilities:

1st ability:
-teishijikan "stop time": the owner will be able to stop time in a moment. The longest time it can manage is 1 minute.
2nd ability:
-jikan hanten "time reversal": its like inoue's power "time ignorance". it will ignore everything that had happened and bring back the time. The Consequence of using this ability is when the owner use it and it took him 1 hour, he will not be able to use its bankai for 1 year.
3rd ability:
-jikokugan "time eye": everything the owner sees is in slow motion and the owner must release this first before he can use the other abilities. It will look like this but the arms of the clock is not included link

that's all.. hope you like it. the bio of the owner will be next.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ouchi said…
Its a kido type of zanpakuto..
it hates its owner for being lazy and always late..
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Wrath appears in a clearing with all of the other sins around her'

Pride: Are you all right? We heard you fought with one of the shinigam-

Wrath: Quiet. One more word about that, and you might find yourself on my bad side, and you don't want to be there.

'Pride stops talking, but seems to be holding back a laugh'

'Wrath glares at Pride' Wrath: Anyway, we have some bad news. As you all have already noticed, some new presences entered the soul society.

Greed: Yeah, who are they? Their reiatsu felt like nothing I had ever felt before.

Wrath: I'm not sure, but whoever they are, we must be careful with them. However, soon, the amplifiers will be activated, and then, the shinigami reign will come to a rather abrupt end.

'The sins all smile at this thought'

Wrath: Now, I want you to all study something for me.

'Wrath whispers something to the sins, and they all grin'

Sloth: Sigh, I geuss I can spare some time for it.

Lust: What else would you do? Sit around all day.

Sloth: I have a very busy schedule. I switch from sleeping to napping. Its a very tiresome.

Lust: Sleeping and napping are the same thing!

Sloth: No, one requires more-

Pride: Shut up! Lets just go already!

'Pride, Lust, Sloth, and Greed disappear, leaving Wrath with Gluttony and Envy'

Gluttony: .... Now I want to know what the difference between napping and sleeping is.

'Wrath and Envy look at him with terrified faces'

Gluttony: What?

Envy: Thats the first time we've heard your voice! I wondered what it sounded like.

Wrath: I didn't think you had a voice...

'Gluttony just glares at them'

What is the sin's plan? What are they going to do with the strange new presence? And what is the difference between napping and sleeping?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
big smile
new chracters: enter the stage

somewhere in the world of the living the a boy, around the age of 15 and a man of the age 18 are resting in the trees of the woods. They both lay there next to each other.

The older of the two turns to his side and rests his on the waist of the younger.

Younger one: 'opens eyes wide and sits up' what are you doing you perv!! 'points to the man'

Older one: 'lazily gets up and rubs his eyes' what are you complaining bout' we're like brothers anyways, so i dont see the problem.

younger one: you always say that Clubs! but youre actually a perv!!

Clubs: whatever, 'lays back down' you know you liked the feeling 'grins'

Younger one: shut it.

Clubs: Oh my baby Diamond 'makes a baby face' why you so angry?? is it because im not Heart? hahaha

Diamond: I dont like heart, she's too happy all the time, and its annoying that she has so much power but doesnt use it. PATHETIC.

Clubs: haha, i see, well what about Ace? she soo cute isnt she two years younger than you? so... 13, aww she soo cute.

Diamond: hands off perv 'about to punch'

Clubs: did you feel that?

Diamond: huh? 'concentrates' is that a...

Clubs: hollows. lets go. 'jumps down from tree and starts to run'

Diamond: hey wait for me!!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Kishinthedemon said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Breaking the black abyss
[release command]- Rise from your death bed!!
[bankai name] - cerberus's darkness

Description - when in shikai its blade is pure black with weird symbols on the side. When i say my release command the symbols pulse and blood flows out of them till theres a huge puddle around me.After that the symbols glow red.The hilt is red with a design that looks like blood dripping down only the blood is black.

[shikai abilities] - 1- "Black Abyss" Witch is swift and engulfs it's enemy(s) in his worst fear and memory.

2-"Shatter" lets me control any blood thats spilt

3- "Fear" makes the enemy(s) zanpakuto trapped in a state where all they can see and hear is their death ( last 30 seconds)

[bankai abilities] - 1 - "Plague" Summons a portal from the "mu"(nothingness) out of the portal comes a dragon pure black from the dragons pores it emites a mixture of mustard gas and sicenide (dont think i spelled that right) the dragon surounds the enemy and as the posionous mixture is being pumped out the dragon drains acid from its mouth (the strongest acid possible) also for every minute this move is out bit by bit my life force is drained into the portal killing me if it stays out to long.

2- "bloody abyss" removes you and your target (s) from the realm of earth into your own domain witch drains there ability and transfers it to you letting you become faster and stronger the stronger they are. The stronger you become.Also in "mu" but in one that dosent kill me.

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)- (Well it took a lot of effort to make something that would fit me) For me to have mastered it i had to train everyday for 1000's of years just to be able to control its power. Description on my shinigame - I am hunted by the 13 squads becuase they wanted to destroy my zanpaktou becuase of its power. My hair is long and black i have two different colored eyes one blue the other white.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---------Gemini and december---------

gemini looked in the distance as kevin vanished. his emotion had never changed the expression on his face, no matter if big dip had been missing in action. To him, big dip was of minor importance to him. And if Kevin wasn't tied to the captains and the Angels, he would have killed him on the spot when he appeared. Though, draco might prove himself later to him. Gemini then turned to aqua.

gemini: Big dip is none of our concern. Cancer has already told us that he is alive, though i had hoped he would have been dead by now. Also, Aqua, we need to make sure we keep the main objective in mind. This setback in metting draco is mearly a small obstacle we can easily handle.

Gemini then began to walk foreward, then he paused and looked back at aqua.

gemini: and next time aqua, do not hesitate when you use your power an another. i know you can do much better than that and i know you could have held him there however long you want. thats why i made you the rank you are now.

Aqua looked at him and smiled

Aqua: hesitate, nooo. i was just giving him a little fight. if i wanted to i could have made him grovel in pain, but i like him. he aint that bad.

gemini: Never do it again.....you under stand.... NEVER HOLD BACK...

Right than aqua felt a pain in his heart. he felt the mind power of gemini do its job. he new that next time, he wouldn't be able to hold back in a fight against draco.

Aqua: i suggest that...

gemini: STOP......

Aqua said nothing more and looked annoyed and in some pain...

gemini: now you listen to me......we still need to make sure that we are not recognized by anymore of our former members. The Fallen must be descrete....hold my hand....it still feel empty.

Aqua didn't feel his mind tricks, so he thought that genmini was actually feeling an ounce of sadness do to being lonely. he then smiled and giggled a little and walked over to gemini and held his hand, yet it would be short lived. As they began to walk, a man appeared infront of them, along with another behind him. Both had captain uniforms and one even had a straw hat on.

???: Kids, you shouldn't be out alone. why dont we take you back to the barracks....We will be sure to welcome you, that and your reatsu level is pretty high, we are going to need to ask you a couple questions...

The other captain had long black hair and was leaning on a tree. he then sighed as he sat up and walked to the other one and smaked him on the back of the head.

???: you sound like a patafile, Calm down Shiro.

Shiro: Oh come on, i didn't mean that at all. why do you have to be such a buzz kill, Soul.

soul: because, you haven't seen the things i have seen. You haven't even had much experience as a captain because you just became one.

Shiro: hey, i worked hard for that rank. Anyhow back to the kids. would you like to come with us?

Aqua was a little wierded out by these captains. the wierd guy made him giggle a little at his odd comments. the other on on the other hand made him feel unconfortable. he seemed to seriouse, much like gemini.

Aqua: im not su...

Gemini: sure, we dont mind. im jiro and he is Roku.... we are brothers..

Shiro: dude you name sounds soo much like mine! thats soo cool!

Shiro goes up to him for a high five, but gemini just looks at the hadn and walks past him.

Gemini: no thank you. -aqua laughs slightly-

Shiro: dang, your a buzz kill too. -sounded gloomy-

Soul: Come on Jiro and Roku, ill make sure your confortable in soul society in the barracks. And ill make sure Shiro doesn't bug you.

Shiro: pshhh, im not that wierd......

Soul: sure.....

Soul then touches gemini and aqua and seems to vanish quikely, leaving shiro alone. Shiro then gave a deep sigh as he looked around the forest.

Shiro: dang, this is going to be such a drag. I hate being a Captain, should have never joined.

Shiro then vanishes to the barracks following soul and the others

----the mysteriouse Killer------

from the shadows a man begins to run. he seems to be breathing deeply as he keeps turning back behind him. it seems he is running from someone, and he fears whomever that someone is. he then turns to witness a dead end. the man begins to pant as he turns again. nothing. he sighs in relifs as he looks at the wall, but screams in terror when he does

???:Gahhhh! why...why are you here.

the man he was talking to him was a man in a mask with a half black side and one white. he wore a black trench coat and a short blade remanined visible in its sheath.

???: what do you wnat from me!? i swear i dont have any connection to any of these people in soul society!

The man said nothing, but he seemed to vanish. he then appeared behind the man and grabbed the back of his head. the man screamed in pain and fell to his knees as the man above him stood tall, still hiolding the back of his head in his palm.

???: you people dispise me......i hope you now that when hell scorches your soul...

The man then began to say something, but studdered. his mouth began to shiver as he fell to the ground lifeless. the mysteriouse masked man just turned away as his black hair waved in the nights gentle breeze.

???: next up.....the sins...

the man then vanished, leaving a dead man alone

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Heading back home

Diamond catches up with Clubs they run for a while longer when they stop to see a group of hollows. 101 to be exact.

Clubs: something is wrong, there are too much hollows. This is more than the usual amount in a group.

'Diamond puts his hand on his sword'

Diamond: we should rid them first before they get into the city.

Clubs: okay, but if you havent notice there is actually more coming, so we need to work quick. The longer we stall the more-

Diamond: then shup up and fight!!

Clubs disappears and rids of 15 in a few seconds.

Diamond: hey save some for me.

As they wipe out the hollows, more and more come towards their direction.

Diamond: we need to use our shikai 'Clubs nods' Crystals are forever, Diamond Humming bird.

Clubs laughs to himself: hehe humming bird.

Diamond is wearing arm bands with blades extending like scythes. White electic flows between his two weapons.

The some of the hollows see this and try to charge up a cero,

Diamond: idiots. Transfer. 'the energy from the cero starts to crystallize and start over taking the hollows body. The hollow becomes engulfed by the sudden growth and breaks. All thats left are stones all over the place.' HA!! Diamond storm!

The pieces start float and sharpen they spin quickly in a whirlwind fashion and cut and destroy any hollow in the given area.

Diamond: yes! i got done with most of my half. hurry up and do something Clubs.

Clubs: 'smiles' Pierce and Dominate, Baby Clover. 'Green reatsy comes from the man and his zanpaktou changes, it is now a green blade with cut outs in the sword. the hilt is purely white and has a clover/clubs at the end'

Clubs vanishes and stabs three of the stongest hollows. Each stab the zanpaktou will get a little whiter like a gauge.

Clubs: now attack the others. 'The hollows start to shoot ceros at their own kine' Explode. 'The three hollows create a huge explosion and kill the rest off'

The dust clears and there is no hollows to be seen.

Diamond: uhhh i wonder what thats from.

Clubs: i dont know but something tells me we need to go back to soul society.

Diamond: WHAT?! but but Tomo is there-

Clubs: and im guessing heart is there too.

Diamond: but didnt she get lost and locked up somewhere?

Clubs: well something is up. and if its bad enough Tomo might have gone and released her. Lets go,

Diamond: i dont want to but something tells me its gonna get interesting.

They both vanish.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
----arrival of the children of the stars----

Soul had just appeared inside the barracks as gemini and aqua followed. aqus had a large grin on his face as he looked at gemini. he smiled as he pulled him in to wrap his arm around his shoulder.

aqua: you see, these guys are nice. they welcomed us into their camp, isn't that what you wnated?

Aqua said the last sentance quietly and into Gemini's ear. gemini still didn't change his emotionless appearance and he sure didn't really care for what he said until that last sentance. he was indeed in the place he ahd planned to be and he was indeed climbing up the later to complete his goal.

Gemini with no emotion: Thank you, Soul, for welcoming us here in the barracks....it is much appreitiated....

Shiro than appeared right beside soul as he was panting.

Shiro: you guys.*pant*...Are much to fast...*pant*...Give me some time to catch my breath...*pant*

Soul: you welcome jiro, your welcome here. We brought you in because of the possible threats out there. there are many hollows now, and on top of that there is some killer out loose killing our men and ranks. we just lost two captains and we don't plan to loose two kids.

As he said this gemini frooze and his eyes widened. This was news to him, though he did suspect whom the kiler might be. The killer that had once been his comrad. gemini then nodded to Soul as he regained his emotionless look and turned to aqua.

Gemini whispers: the killer, it must be december.....

aqua looked shoked when he heard this. he nearly frooze in fear.

aqua whispers: i thought you had control over him, or did he escape your chains you set up?

gemini: He has been abcent from me since we got here. i think the journey might have broken the bonds between us.

Aqua looked at him seriously fro a moment, then smiled and brought him in close to him.

Aqua: dont worry, im sure December will come around, he usually does. and it doesn't sound like him to go off and start killing shinigami and so on.

This brightened gemini's spirits somewhat and he gave him a smidge of a smile.

Soul up ahead from the two kids along: what are you two talking about? hurry, lets get inside before it gets dark.

the two nodded and continued to walk behind Soul holding hands. shiro was still panting and looking down as he was doing so, not noticeing that they had already walked off without him.

Shiro: you know....you guys are really nice for waiting for me.....*looks up to see soul already walking a ways away from him* oh now thats just rude...with a capital.......RUDE!

Shiro than began to run toward Soul and into th Captains meeting room. once the group reached it, they had stopped to look at the door. Soul than turned to the kids whom looked at the door as well. aqua seemed more excited than gemini, as usuall. gemini just looked at it blankely and Aqua smiled and giggled at it.

Soul: we are having a meeting soon. that means that you two must be quite as it happens. is that clear.

Shiro: come one, these guys are just kids. there is no need to pick on these adorable little angels

Shiro than kneeled in between the two and pulled on bother their cheeks. Aqua smiled as he was a little weirded out. gemini on the other hand raised his foot and stepped on shiros foot. Shiro than let go of the two as his face grew read with pain. he than looked at his now swollen foot and said...

Shiro: Ow......

Soul: ok, here we are. the meeting hall of the captains. Shiro, take your spot as 2nd squad.

shiro: alright, sounds Fair.

Shiro than pushed open the door witch had a couple more captains inside. they would introduce themselves as the two kids would walk in.

---The winter decends---

As the two, wrath and envy, stare at glutteny whom just introduced his newly found voice (or so it seemed), a figure appeared beside them. the figure wore a mask and a black cloak. yet the figure didn't remain there very long, and by that i mean the form of the figure didn't remain there very long. in a matter of seconds the figure changed its appearance to a blond haired man, around 23, in a red trench coat. he wore a top hat and smiled at the three as they looked at him in confusion.

Wrath: Who are you!? I demand you te....

??? interupts: i need not to intrude, i just have to speak of a couple things to you sins, or whatever you are called.

Envy: may i ask why we should talk to a complete stranger? or do you take us for idiots who tell a random nobody things of concern?

???: Ladies, I only wish to ask you about something. i here there is some mighty lady named Sechkmet. i hear she has talents like none other, yet im not sure if she is still around. i was wondering if you three girls could lead me to her. I swear that is all i ask.

Wrath: Dont ask stupid questions!

Wrath than lounged at The mysterious man in the red trench coat with blinding speed, yet the man merely smiled as the lounging Wrath seemed to move right through him.

Wrath: what!? How?!

??? turning his head a little to look at wrath, who was behind hiom now: Isn't it mysterious, i think it is. anyhow you still haven't answered my question. Do you know her or not.

The red cloaked man then turned completely toward wrath as he looked at him with his golden eyes.
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 ----arrival of the children of the stars---- Soul had just appeared inside the barracks as gemini
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sesshykiralover said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
-------------------a noble encounter---------------
Elli and Sinsue walk side by side down through east rikugan when they here a caustic, yet somehow kind voice from behind them.

???: It's dangerous to be walking these streets alone, ya' know.

Elli and Sinsue turn to see Suzuna standing there, her icy eyes boring into them. Both jump back in shock.

Elli: Who are you?!

Suzuna: What a welcoming tone. (Holds up a sapphire)

Elli: (checks pockets) Hey! That's mine!

Suzana: (sits back in a chair made of ice thaty suddenly appeared) You dropped it while you were walking.

Elli: Give it back! (lunges but Suzuna vanishes and appears beside Sinsue and giggles)

Sinsue: (holds sword up to her bare neck) That was on a chain, it wouldn't come of by itself. Give it back.

Suzuna: I could...(looks into Sinsue stormy grey eyes) But what fun would that be?

Sinsue: That's an important object to him.

Suzuna: Alright. (tosses sapphire to Elli on the ground)

Elli: (Bends over to pick it up but suddenly dodges to the side as an ice stalagmite shoots up from the ground at him) What the heck?!

Suzuna: (Just smiles)

Sinsue: Why must you make this difficult? (mutters) Boruto. (and electric charge shoots up his sword and Suzuna can't move or control her abilities. Elli picks up the sapphire and locks it onto a chain in his pocket)

Suzuna: Hmm...you negated my ability to move. A weird use of an electric sword.

Sinsue: I'm not negating your movement. I just discontinued your kenetic energy. But that's not important. Who are you?

Suzuna: (her cold eyes look dangerous) Suzuna Yoshsishige.

Elli: Y-Yoshsishige?!

Sinsue: (withdraws sword) You're a noble?

Suzuna: Yep!

Sinsue: (walks next to Elli and bows slightly) Our deepest apologies for our rash actions.

Suzuna: No, no, its fine. I was just playing around.

Elli: Is there a reason why you came to speak with us?

Suzuna: Of course, of course. You know about all the random hallow appearing lately, right?

Sinsue: Of course.

Suzuna: And the other powerful presences?

Elli: Yeah.

Suzuna: Well could you explain them to me?

Elli: Ugh...another odd ball...

Suzuna: Hmm?

Elli: Uh, nothing Lady Suzuna. We'll explain to you what happened.

----------------late travels-------------------------------
Hibiki and Kibudo appeared near the captain barrack. Kibudo seems to be half asleep and struggles to keep up with the quick walking Hibiki.

Kibudo: (yawns) Where are we going now?

Hibiki: Soul Society. We'll be late for the meeting, but it's been ages since we've been there.

Kibudo: Why start now? It seems like a pain on my part.

Hibiki: What can I say? Last time we went it was great to see all the captains.

Kibudo: Somehow I know this will end in disaster...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना JoelCullen said…
my own zanpaktou is unique;

shikai: torii tengoku (gates of heaven)
bankai: doa jigoku (doors of hell)
command for shikai: jajji tengoku (judge in heaven)
command for bankai: batsu jaaku (punish the wicked)

in shikai my zanpakutou is a white with a blue and gold handle
the bankai is reversed the blade becomse black like ichigo's with a dark red and black handle

abilities. shikai: my zanpaktou's abilities are strictly light in shikai but cause amazing damage.it's strongest attack (kami hanketsu) meaning god's blade is like getsuga tensho but white with gold streaks and flares it is unblockable.this move can also be used in a way that once unleashed it uses my own reiatsu to crush the opponent and taking the form of a diety.

bankai: the abilities change to darkness. this time the strongest attack, shinigami no shinpan, is basically a black getsuga tensho which engulfs the enemy, eats it's reiatsu and kills it...it's unblockable. depending on my desicion i can either send the victim to a demonic realm (hell) or let him/her die in seiretei. the attack means death's judgement and to unleash it's full power i use a hollow mask with it.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey, I was hoping that you all would figure it out onn your own, but Draco is Kevin's nickname. Like his old hippie dig nickname. He quit the gang after a few years, but what gave him the nickname is his mask. I hope this makes more understanding.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Wrath, Envy, and Gluttony all stare at the man'

Wrath: Well, whoever you are, you have been greatly misinformed. Sekhmet is dead.

???: Dead? How?

Wrath: Her own angels betrayed her, so any business you had with her, you should discuss with them.

???: Interesting. I did not think that they could overpower her.

Wrath: Obviously, her angels did not share all of their power with her. Now, if that is it, we have business elsewhere.

'Wrath, Envy, and Gluttony disappear, leaving the man alone.'

'When they appear over a large mountain, Envy shivers'

Wrath: What is it?

Envy: Something about that man, how he moved, how he acts, somethings just not right.

Wrath: Hmmm. Tell me when you figure it out.

'Envy nods, and Wrath looks down at the mountain.'

Wrath: Well, lets get to work.

'They all fire ceros at the mountain until it slowly crumbles'


'Meanwhile Pride, Lust, Sloth, and Greed appear over an ocean, and watch as it starts to glow'

Pride: Well looks like they were right. It is the entrance.

Lust: Looks like it.

Sloth: In that case can I take a nap?

Lust: No, we still need to see how they react.

Sloth: I could do that while napping...

'Lust and Sloth continue to argue while Pride and Greed watch the ocean, which slowly gets brighter.'

What is it that they are after? What entrance are they talking about?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
the man was now alone as he scatched his chin and began to ponder. He remembered Seckhmet beinf a mighty warrior, nearly considered a god. yet now it seemed that the god had been dethroned by her own angels. He than chuckled at the thought of the angels killing her with maximum brutality.

???: Oh dear, maybe she wasn't as strong as i remembered her to be. Sometimes old age does that to a women, maybe thats the case.

he than looked at the place and smiled vilely

???: and thin sins are very rude for just leaving a guest here without a proper goodbye. Well, i guess it can be expected from the "sins" to have negative qualities. Though these guys might be able to assist a man in need.

the man sudenly snapped his fingers. after that his body seemed to turn into a dozen doves as they flew away into the sky.

----The mountain----

Wrath: its almost done

Right than a dove flies past the group. Wrath follows it with his eyes until the dove lands on the shoulder of the same red cloaked man.

???:its rude to leave a guest like that. You sins should be ashamed

The man said this with a smile on his face as he tilted his top hat. he than seemed to avnish at a blink of Wraths eye and appeared right behind him

Wrath: What do you want.

???: I ask for a favor of you fine women. I can tell that you are strong and very talented. Thus i believe that you can possibly assist me in something. Something like bringing existance to an end, or something along those lines.

Wrath:...why? you seem well capable by yourself.

???: im not that powerfull, thus i need comrades for certain objectives. Its hard to be against the world when you stand alone, dont you think.

The man said this as he walked around wrath as the other observed. he seemed happy still and he never had an ounce of seriousness or anger. he seemed so calm. Wrath on the other hand shivered at this occurance of events.

Envy: so your asking if you could what, Lead us? i dont think so.

The man then turned to envy

???:not at all, im just here to befreind someone in order to achieve a similar goal. im asking to hang around you lovely ladies. You dont want to leave a gentleman like me alone, do you?

Wrath: so, whom are you. i perfer not to have an alliance with someone whom i don't know.

December: call me december. Thats all you need to know. so what do you say, will you asist me?

What is December doing? what is his plan if he joins the sins?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Kevin walks through Soul Society, and then he sees and walks up to an 18 year old boy who is sitting at a table drinking tea.

Boy: What do you want Kevin?

Kevin sits down next to him: Trying to bring everyone together.

Boy looks shocked: Us together again? (The boy starts laughing.) Yha like that’s going to happen!

Kevin: Sure it will.

Boy: Look, I lived in your old town, I joined your gang, twice, and I saved you from death. What else do you want? (The boy takes a drink of his tea.)

Kevin: I’m searching for it.

Boy spits out his tea and looks at Kevin in disbelief: You’re kidding right?

Kevin: Not at all. Our teacher said it was real. Why not look for it.

Boy: Element was NOT my teacher. I left before the training even started.

Kevin: Right… Whatever… I really don’t care. Anyway, will you join me or not?

Boy: Why would I join you? It’s not like I gain anything. (The boy stares at Kevin.) Do I gain anything?

Kevin: Well, you can get out of this place.

Boy: That’s not gaining anything.

Kevin: Alright, how about this? (Kevin holds out a small pen-like object. The boy stares at it with gleaming eyes.)

Boy: Where did you get that!? I’ve been looking for so long to find that object! (The boy reaches out to grab it, but Kevin pulls it back.)

Kevin: And we might find more. I found this while looking for that object.

Boy: More of these mean that we could be the strongest people ever!

Kevin: With a price.

Boy: Yha, I know… (A girl around 18 as well walks up behind the boy.)

Girl: Hey Kevin, how are you!?

Kevin: Fine.

Boy: He’s trying to get me to go on a treasure hunt.

Girl: That sounds like fun.

Kevin: Yha, Phoenix. It sounds like fun.

Boy: I told you to call me Alex. Look, I’ll join you, IF you give me that. (Alex points to Kevin’s hand.)

Kevin tosses the item to Alex: Sure. Whatever, I use metal anyways. It would be worthless to me.

Alex catches the item: Sweet.

Girl: Well, you have changed a lot haven’t you Kevin?

Kevin: I guess.

Alex eyes turn big: Run Lyra.

Lyra: Why? I don’t mind a treasure hunt.

Kevin stares at Alex: See this is why I bribe you and just talk to her.

Alex: Brat.

Kevin: Jerk.

Alex: Stupid.

Kevin: My IQ is higher than yours.

Alex: Oh shut up!

Lyra: Well if it’s a treasure hunt you want, then I’m in.

Kevin: It’s more like some people to go into pursuit. There are some Hollow problems.

Lyra laughs: Good one Kevin, a Hollow giving you problems!

Kevin just stares at her.

Lyra: Oh, you were serious. (A man walks up to the three.)

Man: Well if you need backup, you can come back to us Kevin.

Kevin: Go away Soul, this has nothing to do with you.

Soul: Sure it does, you were great back in that last battle, along with your friends.

Kevin: Yha, well it got us nowhere. Not many people died (again) and not many people changed anything.

Soul: Well they’re back.

Kevin: Yha and they team up with the Hollows. What are they, crazy!?

Soul: They did.

Kevin: At least for two seconds. That’s about all I know.

Soul: Well, if you need me, I’ll be waiting here.

Kevin gets up and looks Soul dead in the eye: Look, if I needed your help, I wouldn’t have quit. That’s all that’s to it.

Alex: Weren’t you almost a match to Soul?

Soul: Almost, (Looks at Kevin and grins) but that’s almost.

Kevin: Aw, shut up.

Soul: Whatever you say. (Soul starts to walk away.)

Alex: Wait. (Soul turns around.) I quit.

Soul: Huh?

Lyra: I do too.

Soul: Why?

Alex: We have some unfinished business to do.

Soul: I see. (Soul puts on a sly smile.) I wish you luck. (Soul starts to walk away [again].)

Kevin: Wait, one more thing. (Soul turns around.) Where is May, I wanted to go and say hi.


So, if I am correct, we so far have the people of the Constellations (Songoku, Jlazlo and I), The 7 Sins (Randomfan), The Angles (Crazieone), The Suits of Card (Jlazlo), The Perfections (Which I don’t think anyone has even bothered to make), Orcale and (I don’t remember his name because he never puts up anything on a [Is it monthly?] basis) who I really don’t pay much attention to but I know Orcale has his own little gang, and me with my hippie-dog gang. This is intense! That’s 7 different teams! Weird, I thought there were much less.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
December will soon have his own team. that or he will be with the sins. so maybe 8 teams lol.

-----Sad news-----

Soul looked at kevin, his face had seriousness written all over it and he didn't take his eyes off kevin. He than sighed as he walked back to kevin and placed his hand on his shoulder.

Soul: Many of the captains died after the battle. Sempai, and tenchi are dead. And May and Songoku have been missing ever since the battle ended. im not sure if this is true, but they are most likely dead. we have already looked for them and we haven't found anything of them. The only Captains remaining are me and a couple new ones. Shiro, Katana, and Hyo.

Kevin: no..no way.

Soul: yea...it isn't somehting to dwell on though, i hope i haven't told you too much.

Right then Soul vanished in an instant, leaving kevin alone with the idea that May had now died. he seemed shocked and he didn't know how to react, yet in the distance there were two figuers that stood on a tower. they both had very torn tan cloaks on them with vauge signs that might resemble a captains cloak. one of them had long blonde hair, the other long brown hair with a tail. They stood there for little and than suddenly dissapeared.


lol, it was very easy to tell whom they were
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
haha, crazione where are you?? we wanna start the meeting lolz. uhhh here what about this, ill start it off and everyone go ahead and continue the meeting. We'll each take a part explaining our teams and what we have found. Hmmm ill try my best to give a summary to everyone, oh BTW Songoku had a idea to add to the something to the Meeting at the end soo he'll go last to write. okays ^____^


I cant't wait

Some of the people are gathered in the captains barracks. Many of the people are still on the way to the meeting and others are just relaxing and waiting patiently, and few are getting a little impatient.

Heart wakes up from a little nap to see that a few others have joined the meeting. She sits up quickly to stop looking like a scrub.

She takes a good look of the people. There is Tomo, Leirza & Kesh, Shiro, and two new faces. Tomo is in a conversation with two little kids.

Heart: Tomo? 'Tomo looks at her' Can i talk to you?

Tomo leaves the kids and walks to her.

Tomo: yea? 'Heart glances to the kids' oh them, they're cute arent they? Thats Jiro and Roku. They have such opposite personalities but its like theyre best of friends. haha.

Heart: oh, but Tomo 'lowers her voice so only them two can hear the conversation' the more silent one, i sense his feelings. It feels empty and very destructive yet i feel a side of happiness in him.

Tomo: 'gets closer and whispers' I know, i read some thoughts, but their minds are so interesting its hard to get a clear reading. But from what it seems, Jiro has some plans but his friend Roku has thoughts of something else. Hard to explain, but its like Roku is here to help Jiro yet guide him. Then again my effects of mind reading is getting weak haha. i guess i cant read minds much, but it is evolving.

Heart: what do you mean?

Tomo: It seems i can only predicts a few seconds into the future haha. But its soo clear that a few seconds is all i need haha. Speaking of which Soul should be back in a few seconds.

two seconds pass and Soul appears out of thin air. Tomo grins and takes a seat next to Heart

Leirza: Umm excuse me Soul, but where is eveyone?

Soul: good question, it seems there will be more people comming but they are very busy with their groups so they ask me to go over some things over with you guys since they know the basics already.

Everyone takes a seat surrounding Soul.

Tomo: hold on, 'Takes out a mirror and dips her fingers in as if it was a glass of water, Gemini watches with no expression. She suddenly pulls out Diamond and Clubs'

Heart: haha, the pretty impressive.

Diamond: what the hell. 'gets up from floor'

Clubs: i see you can still do that mirror tricks haha.

tomo: plus you were in range so minus well bring you here already.

Soul coughs to get there attention: well, as i was saying. ill be going over somethings to just bring us to the same page. Okay, so as you all know, that lately there has been many hollows around in the both here and the real world. It seems that, Tomo could you explain.

Tomo: well okay, well it seems that these Sins are hollows that wanna get stronger so they wanna eat other hollows so they can evolve to a higher type of hollow. Thats where the Angels come in, the angels are experienced in some type of Amplifying magic, so i think they are going to amplify the Sin's "hollowfication making powers" so that everyone will turn into a hollow. That way the sins can evolve and the Angels can rule. 'takes a breath' Now we have to try to stop them, and so far we have all shinigami working, the Zero squad, my group, and some others who arent in Soul society at all. hmm who else. oh and we have Leirza and your friends. 'Sits down and Leirza stands to speak'

Leirza serious: well the friends she is kindly referring to is the 7 virtues. They are 7 shinigami who are the opposite of the 7 sins. The seven are very powerful and should be able to take on the Sins. We're trying to contact them, but as of now we are still in the early stages of getting them here.

Kesh: but dont worry we'll find them. 'winks'

Soul: okay soo i thinks thats all we know right? Dont worry well go more in depth as more show up, thats just to discuss what information i recieved.


okay guys just write who enters and write any info that can help the story progress haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
see crazione i took initiative ahaha
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Srry it took a while to respond. been working like crazy. :p

'Wrath looks at December'

Wrath: You do seem powerful, and you would make a great adition to our ranks, however, I have one question.

December: What is it?

Wrath: You spoke of eliminating someone. i would like to know who that 'someone' is.

---------------------------(Idk who, so just say it in the next post)

'Pride, Lust, and Sloth(who fell asleep) watch as the glow gets brighter and brighter, when Pride stiffens'

Pride: All right, you can come out now.

'A small boy shimmers in to existence'

???: How come, every time I show up, you're the first to notice?

Pride'tries to look innocent': I don't know, good guess maybe? That our you have a very 'unique' reiatsu, Roika.

Roika: I was almost positive I didn't let off any reiatsu... Oh well. So, looking for something?

Lust: It's not like you don't know. In fact, you probably know more about it than any of us.

Roika: True. I could feel that reiastu from back in the forest. They are gonna taste soo good. I can hardly wait!

Pride: If things continue as planned, you won't have to wait much longer.

'Sloth finally wakes up'

Sloth: Huh? When did you get here?

Roika: Just now. You really need to stop sleeping, I mean, what if I was an enemy?

Sloth: I'd kill you?

Roika: If you were asleep?

Sloth: Duh. Now shut up, I'm going back to sleep.

'Sloth falls asleep again'

Roika: Ugh, she makes absolutely no sense.

Pride: Let her sleep. The real shows gonna start soon anyway. 'He smiles'

Roika: Sigh, I guess.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
December looks at Wrath and laughs a little as he wraps his arm around her. he chuckles afterward before he can talk he than pulls her close to her so that he can whisper in her ear.

December: the Hollow, the Angels, the Shinigami, the fallen, The weak, the strong, The inoccent, the guilty, the sad, and the happy. So basically everyone but me and you guys. though i did plan on recreating everyone again.

Wrath: whats stopping you from attempting to kill us?

December smiling to her and flicks his hand, magically causing a white rose to appear in his hand: because i have nothing against you. from my point of view you sins are kinda cute, though your rudeness kinda was impolite.

Wrath said nothing and slowely took the rose December handed to her. She then gave him a kinda confortable look. December didn't seem offensive at all. kindness was in all his words.

Wrath: alright, you better not turn on us December or you die.

December smiles and chuckles and takes of his top hat, he than drops it as the worls seems to go in slow motion around them

December: i promise......though if you need me, just drop the hat.

Wrath was confused, than she watched the hat drop from his hand, her eyes never left it until it hit the ground. She than looked up to see that december had vanished.

Wrath:What is this guys ability........(she thought)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jadzter18 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना PhantomBL said…
ok hows this
Release Command-Kill them all
First Skill-Hookai=Destruction creates large fires in a 100 meter radius
Second Skill-Chi Furo=Blood Bath creates a blood barrier and slowly sufucates opponents in blood
Bankai-Jinsoku Kuchikukan=Swift Destroyer
First Skill-Shi=Death destroys an opponents zanpakuto
Second Skill-Meiun-Doom executes an opponent
Shikai-the two gauntlets the blades are like scytes
Bankai-a skull armor like this one
 ok hows this Kuchikukan-Destroyer Release Command-Kill them all First Skill-Hookai=Destruction cre
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना PhantomBL said…
these are the gauntlets
 these are the gauntlets
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Soul: As for the Zero Squad, it's been a while since you've left the King to come here.

Shion: Yes, it has been a while. We're the protect the king, but we must protect Soul Society as well.

Soul: But you don't usual get involved even with this place in danger. What made you decide otherwise now?

Phoebe: Well we don't get much action in the other dimension, dear. We need to get up and stretch every once in a while, right? After everything that's gone on, we can't just ignore it.

Shion: With all those opponents you have it seems that a lot of help will be necessary. (doors suddenly open and two figures run in)

Hibiki: Thanks for waiting, you two!

Kibudo: (Gasping) No...more...running...

Shion: I didn't know you were coming.

Lierza: two more from the Zero Squad?

Hibiki: Hmm? (Looks to him) There sure are a lot of people here. The captain meeting has really changed.

Soul: We had to have so guests so we can have everything explained fully. There are a lot yet to come.

Kibudo: (puts hand behind head) So you're gathering information? Well you should know that the senkaimon is a little haywire. You should be careful with them.

Soul: I see. (looks to Shion) Is there anything else you would like to say?

Shion: (hesitates) Well, yes. We have some of our allies out gathering info as we speak. They may report at anytime. Until then, that is all.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
So; is this a story topic, in which people just tell a story together?
If it is, I'd like to join you.

My Zanpakuto:

Name: Honoo Kitsune (Fire Fox)
Release Command: Burst into Flames
Bankai Name: Tairei Honoo Kitsune (Great Spirit Fire Fox)
Description: To Release, Maurz (See Character) holds his hand at Honoo Kitsune's Scabbard, and pulls him out while holding his left hand at the blade.
The blade shoots fire, and whenever someone should touch it, he/she'll burn immediately (I know it sounds cliché, but shut up). Maurz uses the Scabbard itself too, and uses it to defend himself (like Ikkaku Madarame).

Shikai Abilities:
-1: As told before, when in Shikai, Honoo Kitsune's blade turns into flames which can burn almost everyone (including Captain Hitsugaya).
[No other Shikai Abilities]

Bankai Abilities:
-1: Tairei Honoo Kitsune is still a Zanpakuto with a (very) fiery Blade, but the Scabbard is now transformed into the old Honoo Kitsune (before Shikai & Bankai, so "just a sword").
-2: Maurz is able to use Flash Steps as much as he wishes, and with unlimited Flash Steps, he's also able to teleport/warp to other points (including crossing the whole world).
-3: When using Flash Steps, an Echo of where Maurz first stood still remains for about 3 seconds or so.

Well, yeah. That's my Zanpakuto.

Onto Maurz himself.
Maurz (Full Name: Maurz "Aura" Ituru) is a 21 year old boy who's been in the army for several years.
He's from Holland, what makes him one of the few Dutch Shinigami. His experiences from the war make him a great warrior and an even greater storyteller.
Maurz is neither a Vizard, nor a Arrancar, nor an Captain; he's a normal Shinigami, his parents both Shinigami and his sister an Shinigami too. However, since he lives in Holland, he hasn't met one of the other Shinigami yet (his whole family died, except for his sister), so he doens't really know better than just killing every monster (Hollow) he meets.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना thedevil said…

shikai: descend form heaven, angel

shikai: ascend from hell, devil

bankai, hells angel

shikai angel: this zampakutos release tansforms the sword into a hilt with water streaming out one side in the shape of a sword and and wind coming out the other side, also creating the shape of a sword.

Shikai devil: this zampakutos release tansforms the sword into a hilt with fire coming out one side in the shape of a sword and and earth coming out the other side, also creating the shape of a sword.

bankai, hells angel: during bankai, the sword fuses with you by crossing the two hilts together and saying bankai. this bankai makes an earth coating around your upper body. wind surrounds your legs(similar to the top guy in the bounto section). fire engulfs one of your arms while water engulfs the other. in this stage you have control over all four elements

tell me what you think
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…

why dont ya join, but you have to be sure that you can reply constantly, cuz we let people join but they, just stop replying after a while haha. oh if you want to start reading on pg 30 just to see whats up haha

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Azrie1 said…
Hiyo, here's my zanpakuto
Zanpakuto/Shikai: no teika ko (the fallen's child)
Release: jibun de kōkan (Redeem yourself)
Bankai: no geraku karitori (the fallen's reaper)
Description: The entire sword is almost like sephiroth's long as heck sword, but its hilt is white as well as the guard, the blade is half white half black(hints of crimson are seen). Its able to transform into any zanpakuto its defeated. Speed is enhanced 10 fold as well as power. No appearence changes much except for armor platings on the arms and legs. Also 2 large black raven wings as hard as the zanpakuto itself.

Shikai: Skill #1: Pōrtarajigen (dimensional portal): Creates a portal to alternate dimensions by cutting the air, also a handy way on getting around.
Skill #2: chika ni kusari (chains to the underworld): Transforms the scythe into a makeshift gate to the under-world and latches chains onto the enemy and dragging them to the depths of hell. (Usable only at a state of high emotion).
Skill #3: Shi mo toransu (death trance) the ability to predict the place and time of probable death of a human, shinigami, or soul.
Description: It transforms into a scythe that slightly enhances speed and power, the staff has darkness contently flowing from it dissapearing into the light.

Bankai skill #1: hassei suru ochi (the fallen arise): tranfers reiatsu into a wounded or dead ally to rejuvenate and he'll(<- Fail spell) them.(Bankai is then reduced in stamina by half)
Bankai skill #2: no geraku naku (the fallen's cry): sends a massive wave of concentrated reiatsu at the enemy at high speed, similar to Ichigo's getsuga tenshou, but instead of it being black, its white and crimson. Skill is usable in shikai, but is weaker and red instead of white and crimson.
Bankai skill #3: shinu geraku (the fallen die): reiatsu is compressed into the zanpakuto and released through the ground, creating an explosion10×10 in diameter desomating anything in its path.(Bankai is then reduced by half strength and speed)

Zanpakuto abilities taken from the fallen can only be used in bankai form, the user (me) can combine abilities from up to 3 zanpakutos , but the abilities can only be used that of the zanpakuto's shikai form. Karitori no Geraku can take 1 bankai form of another zanpakuto by the user's will, and become permenant as a second bankai.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
Alright, I read page 30; but it starts there in the middle of the story, I guess.

Could you give me a short description and update from what's going on, please?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheBlackFlash said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Shirotasu(white lotus)
[release command] Freeze/Imprison the enemys in eternal ice
[bankai name] - Shirotasu Yuri Hana (white lotus snow flower)

description - It looks like a normal zanpaktou.The guard is like Hitsugayas and the hilt is light blue.

Shikai form: The blade becomes high pressurized water wich is so cold that it freezes on contact. It is pressurized by my reiatsu-it's in a form of a blade. The blade mostly looks like Seele Schneider, but it is water. The hilt stays the same except for the orb that keeps the water together.

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

1st. Ice wall. A defensive move. I slam the blade in to the ground making the water flow in to the ground and make a thick ice wall from the ground.

2nd Piercing water beam. I pressurize the water to a point when it cuts trough solid objects like a laser. It can be used in multiple ways, mostly for cutting trough things.

3rd. Couldn't think of a name. I throw a water ball at the opponent wich expands and makes them unable to fight. Simmular to zabuza's water prison jutsu.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
Ice covers my whole body except my face and left arm. My left arm becomes covered with water(with this hand i can manipulate water,and with the right one, ice). A white flower apears on my back that slowly oppens durring the fight. It opens when i go in to bankai when my zanpaktou thinks my opponent is worhy of seeing its true form. I alsow get a mask like armor for the head. It looks somewhat like Shawlong's mask just it's made from ice.

Abilitys: I have 4 ablitiys. I know only 3 are alowed so forgive me.
1st. Ice Age:I unleash a tidal wave of ice water what freezes everything it toches. It freezes the ground, giving me a advantage. It is an AoE type attack so it can be usefull when fighting multiple weaker apponents too.

2nd. Ice Spears: I slam an ice blade in to the ground(i make one with my right arm) and make ice spears apear from the ground at random or where i want.

3rd. Great Ice Cross:I make a double getsuga tensho like attack on the ground that can cut and freeze the opponent.

4th. Ice Breath: I blow out liquid nitrogen that freezes everything it toches. DUH!

2nd style: X water. (my last resort)
When my flower opens special water pours out. There is quite a lot of it and i can make more if i want. I can control the water compleatly like gaara does with his sand. I the water can shift from one form to another.(form water to ice and then to steam). I make an ice phoenix, make ice pierce the opponent, make shields,…

Please comment and sorry 4 the bad grammar.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
Because I submitted too early (which I noticed just now), I will post some more information about my character and his sister here.

Maurz is, like I said, an 21-year old man who has been in the army for several years. He fought in wars, and knows what it is like to be under fire and how to react on it; either with guns or with swords.
His sister was, like him, trained in the army and she fought along with him. She's 18 years old; 3 years younger than Maurz himself. Her name is Eva, Eva "Swift One" Ituru. She'll fight along with Maurz against almost every foe they'll encounter, and will be together even if captured.

They both like cornflakes, but Maurz dislikes pineapples. Since their family is dead, they live together in a little shack just outside Utrecht.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
well, basically, its the shingami vs the hollows and angels. The Hollows are the seven deadly sins, there the 7 virtues( I think, I'm not sure whats going on with them, but they are shinigami), the constellations(also shinigami), the suits of the cards(shinigami i think), and whatever Orcale is doing. There are also characters who are helping the shinigami. The 7 deadly sins and the angels are trying to destroy the shinigami, and obviously the shinigami are trying to kill them. If you have any other questions just ask. If not, pick a side I guess. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
Ah, ok. Thank you for introducing me...

But could someone just create a line in which I can easily pass in?
Ambushing everyone from a bush seems so... Not me doing it.
And I'd like to go along with the story, not just popping out from the middle of nowhere suddenly fighting everyone.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
I guess, but whos side would u be on??
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
i think he should be on the shinigami side, we need people to help move the story, the Sins are already organized and know what they'll do, but as for the shinigami many are reaplying only once a week, and it troubles the others who have to wait for them
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Armogohma said…
I'd like to join the Shinigami, along with my sister.

By the way, is it possible to have 2 characters?

EDIT: 1000st post :D
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
sure its possible to have more than 1 character. The sins are made up of 7 originals and each has an apprentice to take over once they die. so like 14 or 15 total. wow just sayin that makes me sorta afraid lol.