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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VioletShingami said…
Captain!i just read ur freakishly 2 long of a post and i a NOT getting u buffalo wings!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना RoseShingami said…
What!!!!!I want some buffalo wings!!!!!!Mild,non spicy!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना annvie9 said…
Remember, bot your Bankai and Shikai can only have three abilities, Kiari-san, but dat's otay ^-^
Your sword is pretty cool, but some stuff practically do the same thing....
But it's neat, tho ^-^

And Lini-chan, I'll just ask Hisagi-chan to get me some ^-^
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VioletShingami said…
good no wings deverily from me!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना RoseShingami said…
go get me wings Lini!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
jeez u guys love ur wings!!!
well so do i but not buffalo(YUK!!)
i do like chiken wings doh(mmmmmmmmm..... tasty.....)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VioletShingami said…
buffalo is disgutsting! chickens were its at!High five!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
this is felicitis zanpakuto!!

zanpakuto:karui tenshi "light angel"
release command:teru "shine"
appearance:felicitis zanpakuto changes into a sparkling white double-sided halberd with solid steel angel wings on either side.its main ability is light indicated in the name.its very powerful but feliciti hasnt unlocked its full potential due to her long spent hours of shopping with rangiku in th real world...

shikai abilities:
safaia inferuno "sapphire inferno"
a sapphire shot of light is released from karui tenshi and has the power to counter a full powered cero.this move is mostly for defense as feliciti doesnt really like fighting.

emerarudo kaminari "emerald thunder"
her zanpakuto glows a brilliant emerald full of her reiatsu.it makes her speed and attack grow extremely powerful.she can throw the halberd as well and control the reiatsu inside of it to attack her enemies from afar.and when an opening appears,she'll blow up the area with the reiatsu and then its bye bye adversary.
even after the explosion though the halberd will still be pure wite and completely unscathed...

rubi namida "ruby tears"
feliciti only uses this move when she is super angry...
the zanpakuto is transformed into a deep black colored halberd because of her own hate of the opponent she is fighting.
when this happens she says engeki "play" and countless black halberds appear before her.
afterwards she says one word korosu "kill". at that split second all the halberds rain down onto the oponent all at once at the speed of light(very ironic since the zanpakuto is called light angel).afterwards the enemy is left with holes and halberds stuck into their body with blood dripping down from them hence the name ruby tears.(blood is the color of a ruby and it drips like tears)

bankai name: shooten no karui tenshi "ascension of the light angel"
appearance:feliciti transfors into and has an angelic armour herself and looks just like this: link
her zanpakuto transforms into three pieces os weaponry and a massive sparkling white eagle appears which she rides on in battle.

1:a long rapier that has blue rune symbols on it that promotes speed.
it is quite strong but its real ability is its speed as she can do 30 strikes in just 5 seconds...

2:a massive sword with red rune symbols to promote strength and power. with one swing of this mighty blade she can cause tornados and make entire buildings crumble in her wake...
when she realised the power of the sword she tried to seal it with her own reiatsu so that nobody who is just a bystander would get hurt.

3:finally a big angel shield with green rune symbols to promoe defense.
almost nothing can get past this shield as it is powered with her own reiatsu...

her only weaknesses in her bankai are as follows:
extremely weak when changing weapons
can overpower the rapier in speed form
can beat the massive sword in power form with speed as its really slow
and the shield may block anything but can only shield in one direction...

bankai abilities:
daiyamondo gekido "daimond rage"
an almost invisible beam is fired from the zanpakuto and can either be extremely fast(with the rapier)or extremely powerful(with the massive sword) this attack is very unpredictable as you can hardly see it because its clear and if its a random attack you may wind up dead because of the speed or sheer power alone.

gin furasshu “silver flash”
a great silver eagle is called out of her zanpakuto and it transforms into a massive silver cannonball that is projected at the opponent. This move takes a ton of reiatsu as it is a summoning move. However the result is really worth it as even the slightest touch can blow the opponent to bits...
it can also be used as a homing attack as she can control the eagle with her reiatsu...

goruden doomei “golden alliance”
all of the weapons unite into one final form. The massive sword had a ridge in the middle where the rapier fits into . their rune symbols turn purple (a mixture of blue and red)and becomes fast and powerful. The shield fits onto the handle of the rapier so the defense of the swords becomes highly powerful. Also the eagle that she rides on conbines with her armour so she gets massive wings and looks just like a real angel. In this final form her speed and power increases greatly and most of her weaknesses from before are taken care of as she only has one weapon so there’s no need for weapon change, and she is equally powerful and fast because both swords have fused together. This form is mostly used to defeat stronger enemies and to beat enemies with one final attack...

finally finished...
hope u like it!!!!!!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
big smile
oh yh and hi five back violetshinigami-san!!!!!!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VioletShingami said…
yay!thats kewl!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jadzter18 said…
Great guys!!! youe zanpakutous are cool!
dont forget also to make your own shinigami!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VioletShingami said…
i already did!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Haku-Chan said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai: Tsukioni (Moon Demon)
Release Command: Shimasu (Destroy)

Description: Black Handle with two Crescent Moon shapes back to back to form a Hilt with a clear quartz crystal ball in the center gap between ends of the Crescent Moon shape. A Black ribbon is tied around the handle, similar to Rukia's zanpakuto. The blade itself is also black, but with a white stripe up the center which changes colour, a little bit like Hanatoro's zanpakuto. :S The blade is thin and is slightly longer than your average katana, but is still slightly lighter making it more agile and flexible.

Bankai Name: Tsukioni Kyuushuu (Moon Demon Absorb)

Description: Like how Byukuya's zanpakuto dissapears into the ground for Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, the sword is held tip to handle in each palm of the hand, and the hands slowly come together to absorb the sword into the body.

Shikai Abilities:

>Tsuki Koosen (Moon Beam) literally, the zanpakuto absorbs rays from the moon and packs them into a highly concentrated, destructive beam, when the line on the zanpakuto turns fully black, the beam is ready, unfortunatley this does mean the moon beam can only be used at night, but compensates for being uber powerful! ^.^

>Mugamuchuu (Absorption) Another absorb ability. This ability absorbs elemental damage, but only one element at a time, for example , fire. When confronted with a fire attack, the zanpakuto will absorb it and enable the wielder to then use fiery attacks or defenses. XD

Bankai Abilities:

>Haven't really got a name for this. Basically the wielder becomes super speedy and gains Hierro like qualities from the sword. Also gains high speed regenerative qualities in the presence of the moon.

>Kage/Raito Orimasu (Shadow/Light Bend) A move that takes a lot of energy, the user gains the power to bend the light to seem invisible, but only for as long as he/she can, so alot of Reiatsu is needed! Can also shoot light/shadow beams from the palm of the hands ^.^

> One more, again no name, it's just the ability to shoot natural elements from the palms. Not sure how it fits into the Moon idea i've got going but i'm pretty sure the moon has alot to do with nature. XD.

= This is does seem pretty idealistic, and i'm not sure if some of it makes sense, expecially fighting without the sword, however I think it's quite a cool idea, and it's kind of a mixture of already existing zanpakuto's. Oh well. ^.^

I liked the idea of having a character history aswell so here goes...

Masumi Takigawa. A black, curly haired girl, looking around 17 years old, pale complexion and fairly average build (with a nice rak ;) ). Having graduated from the Shinigami Academy after only a year (Yeah, that's right, my character's a GENIOUS!), she was promoted straight to third seat of 12th Division (conveniently as Kisuke had just become captain >.<). Masumi had become close to Juushiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyoraku, and had come to think of them as brotherly type figures. A regular enigma, she chose to keep quiet around those she was unfamiliar with, but was known to be bubbly and fun with those she knew. Striking up a friendship with Shinji Hirako and her own Captain (to the annoyance of her lieutenant Hiyori-san) gave her a high profile of which she was modest. As the years have gone by she has gained popularity, however on theat fateful night when Aizen showed his true colours, she lost many of her friends and her two superiors. Unable to cope with the loneliness and responsibility, she acknowledged her cowardliness and took off to find out what happened to her friends and captain. No-one truly knows what she is thinking, or how powerful she truly is. Only those closest to her know her of her Zanpakuto and her own powers.....

I am well aware that her last name is the same as Bou-sans' from Ghost Hunt and that my character is your typical deceptively powerful beauty who has captains for friends but, meh, IT'S MY FANTASY DAMMIT!!! >.<
Also, i LOVE Kisuke and Shinji, as you may or may not have noticed.

Thanks for reading (if you did) :P
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VioletShingami said…
kewl! i like ur person!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Haku-Chan said…
Why thank you ^.^
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VioletShingami said…
ur welcome o.-
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Donboy42 said…
Zanpakuto-Kagemi Engo(mirror of protection)
Release Command- Hou Arankigiri (reflect all)
Bankai- Hari Kagemi Engo (crystal mirror of protection)

Ability 1- when Kagemi Engo comes in contact with other blade it releases shards of glass that cut enemy

Ability 2- if opponent is shooting ray of beam of any sort Kagemi Engo can form Sheild at command Rimen(reverse)
can only work if blade touches energy source

Appearence- two handheld war fans white and blue and black with sharp blades and the end of each fold and two tasels at the bottom

Bankai Ability 1-same as shikai ability one except when the opponent is cut the cut grows slowly and causes internal control loss

Bankai Ability 2- Every Cut landed glass shards inch there way inside the opponent

Bankai Ability 3- Glass Shards can be fired at will

Bankai Appearence- two large chakram like axel's from kingdom hearts except blue and black

My appearence- Medium length wavy brown hair. Leutinet of any Squad Light Brown eyes Extremly Friendly i'm extremly popular with the others. I can summon my hollow mask at will and i am a vizard enjoys sparring with captains and will be picking on ppl to make a fun game out of any situation i am sorta like Ririn in the bountu trials
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zakaridragon said…
This is mine

zanpakuto's name/shikai name- kuro ookami(dark wolf)
release command-return to darkness
bankai name-ookami wolf of enternal dark souls

My shikai is a black and green dual side axe

Zanpakuto Ability- once realesed has the power of absorbing the shadows of its enemy to copy their powers and fill its energy

Bankai Ability 1-My bankai can Release a dark asorbing portal with the power to absorb my enemys exsistence(last resort)

Bankai Ability 2-Once a two or more shadows are adsorb from my shikai I can relesed them as my minons to destroy my enemy.

comments on my zanpakuto- My zanpakuto chages when i relesed my vizard mask in which its oringinal abilities become 10x stronger

oh i forgot my bankai looks like a black wolf claw covering my arms
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना t0beyeus said…
Shinigami: Fezaakyuu (featherweight)

Age: Looks about 17

Appearance: 5 ft. 7 inches, dark red hair almost brown, cut short but with spiked sideways bangs and a tuff/crest that goes down the left side. He has green eyes and pale skin. He is a small and petite Shinigami.

Background: Fezaakyuu has not obtained any special ranks but he does work under Sajin Komaamura within the 7th Division. He is very close to another Shinigami named Tsuyoioushi. Fezaakyuu was born with a very unique illness. He is unable to produce Reiryoku like other Shinigami. This means that he is usually very tired and must rest for extended amounts of time. Fezaakyuu has been able to expand the average ability that Shinigami have of absorbing spiritual energy to help recover their Reiryoku, but this still takes time and Fezaakyuu can still only store a small amount compared to what other Shinigami can naturally produce.

Personality: He is a very quiet person probably caused by the fatigue he constantly faces and from his lack of social contact. This is in part Tsuyoioushi's doing, who constantly frets over Fezaakyuu's well being and making sure he is resting. This leaves Fezaakyuu very frustrated, he trains when he can so that he can join Tsuyoioushi on missions but is usually left behind due to Tsuyoioushi's request that he stay and rest. Fezaakyuu worries that Tsuyoioushi does not care for him the way he does because he is not as strong as he is. Fezaakyuu loves to cook and has a strange fascination with human food especially corndogs with mustard. He is a good cook, but tends to cause problems when trying to mimic human food. Fezaakyuu's greatest fear is that he is burdening Tsuyoioushi and the 7th Division and will be left behind if he cannot get stronger.

Zanpakuto: Fezaakyuu's Zanpakuto broke when he was training to get accepted into the 7th Division it is believed that the break was not caused by force so much as the illness that Fezaakyuu has. A Zanpakuto becomes stronger as the wielder does and while Fezaakyuu's spiritual power has become more potent it has not grown in size to sustain the Zanpakuto, so the Zanpakuto shed a part of it to make it sustainable.

Fezaakyuu while not a Lieutenant or Captain is able to use a Shikai and Bankai, noone knew of this until after the events with Kumoi's assassins and their Bakkoto. While everyone thought the events ended with the death of Amagai, what people didn't know was what the long term effects where of the use of a Bakkoto. The parasitic Bakkoto eventually absorbs all of the spiritual energy of its victim and creates a spiritual entity that begins to seek out more spiritual energy because of its hunger. When one of Bakkoto began causing havoc with Seiretei it was Fezaakyuu who stopped it. Because the Bakkoto absorbed spiritual power from its surroundings it drained the power from any Shinigami who tried to attack it leaving them weakened to the point of collapse. Fezaakyuu who cannot produce any significant spiritual power was able to fight the monster. His Shikai was able to nullify the spiritual attacks of the Bakkoto but not prevent the Bakkoto from continuing to absorb the spiritual energy of those around it. Worried for his friends lives especially that of Tsuyoioushi's he revealed his Bankai and in a last effort to defeat the Bakkoto used his Junshi Ake Hane ability. Tsuyoioushi did not know that Fezaakyuu would recover from the attack and took his body to their home refusing a burial for three days as he mourned his death. On the third day after the incident Fezaakyuu woke up from his comatose state which in turn lead to Tsuyoioushi finally let his warrior attitude fade and admit openly how much he cared for Fezaakyuu.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना t0beyeus said…
Zanpakuto: Niban Hane (two wings)

Release command: Toru Furaito (take flight)

Bankai: Niban Hane Perikan (two wings of the pelican)

Appearance: When Niban Hane is not released it looks like a broken Kodachi. In it's broken state it is 18 inches long, and a broken smaller portion is that is 4 inches long is worn on a chain around the Fezaakyuu's neck. The handle is black and wrapped in white and silver the guard is oval in shape with two triangles etched into the top and bottom of the oval..

Shikai: When the release command Toru Furaito is used the sword portion glows white and repairs itself creating a unbroken Kodachi made of spiritual energy. The broken portion that hangs around the Fezaakyuu's neck also begins to glow white with spiritual energy and hovers. This smaller blade or wing acts as a shield able to parry and deflect incoming attacks.

While in its released state the blade also has the unique ability to weaken and eventually seal away an enemies spiritual powers with each cut until they eventually cannot use them anymore.

Bankai: The Bankai Niban Hane Perikan transforms the wing into a shield that Fezaakyuu carries. The shield looks like a pair of wings and can not only block physical attacks but can also block powerful energy attacks.

Ability: Joushoukiryuu (updraft)

The winged shield is not only defensive but can be used to preform a powerful upper cut. The shield will glow white and while using the ability Fezaakyuu will gain an immense speed boost. The shield will smash into the enemy and blast them with a wind current created by the spiritual energy. The effect also produces feathers while flying towards the target to preform the attack.

Ability: Junnan Shiro Hane (martyrdom upon white wings)

This ability releases the spiritual energy within Fezaakyuu's Zanpakuto creating a white bird like shape that flies towards its target and explodes with extreme spiritual power. Using this technique causes the Zanpakuto to revert to it's smaller broken size, because the energy that formed the blade was released. This attack can be reused with sufficient spiritual power but currently Fezaakyuu is not powerful enough to maintain the blade for further use.

Ability: Junshi Ake Hane (martyrdom upon red wings)

This ability can only be used after Junnan Shiro Hane and is a sacrificial move. Fezaakyuu stabs himself with his Zanpakuto to draw out his spiritual energy with his blade. The blade glows white with the energy and takes the form of a Pelican. The blood on the blade forms the red breast of a Pelican. The Pelican then flies to its target opening it's mouth to envelope the enemy in an explosion. If the enemy dies Fezaakyuu will slowly regain his lost spiritual energy and the energy consumed from the enemy, if the enemy withstands the attack he is left severely weakened on the brink of death unable to recover his spiritual power for a long time. This attack is a reference to the medieval story of how a mother Pelican would pierce her own breast to feed her young if food was not available.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना t0beyeus said…
Shinigami: Tsuyoioushi (strong bull)

Age: Looks mid 20s

Appearance: 6 ft. 4 inches, looks very similar to the picture of Mayuri without makeup except with brown hair. He is muscular and very stone like in stature. Which gives him a tough exterior that is only further supported by his warrior like attitude.

Background: Tsuyoioushi was the neighbor of Fezaakyuu when they lived in Rukongai, Tsuyoioushi helped keep Fezaakyuu safe and played with him. When Tsuyoioushi grew older he wanted to join the Shinigami Academy in hopes that he could provide a easier lifestyle for Fezaakyuu, what he didn't expect was for Fezaakyuu to also join the Shinigami Academy. Together they both raised rank until they both were selected to join the 7th Division. Tsuyoioushi has managed to continue raising in rank but has not reached an offical title. This is because Tsuyoioushi has turned down offers in fear that if he were to be given more missions or missions that took extended periods of time he would not be around to take care of Fezaakyuu. Fezaakyuu is not aware of this, but it is Tsuyoioushi's stone like nature that has made it difficult for him to express how he feels about Fezaakyuu and for Fezaakyuu to tell on his own how Tsuyoioushi feels about him.

Personality: Tsuyoioushi is a very stone faced person, showing very little emotion unless fretting over Fezaakyuu's health and well being. When out of combat he tends to be a very calm and slow paced individual, not usually affected by the constant explosions happening within the kitchen from Fezaakyuu. He has a stubborn streak in him which has lead to many fights with Fezaakyuu who despite his wishes constantly sneaks out to train. One thing people don't know is that Tsuyoioushi is quite a pervert, thinking dirty things and sometimes saying crude things to Fezaakyuu who is younger and less experienced. On the battle field Tsuyoioushi keeps a calm head, and thinks everything through. He loves birds and is very handy, building lots of birdhouses and feeders for the house, so that he can constantly observe more birds.

Zanpakuto: Tsuyoioushi has managed to learn his Shikai but has not learned to use his Bankai. While it is listed, he has not actually managed to use it.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना t0beyeus said…
Zanpakuto: Sakigake Koutetsu (charging steel)

Release command: Bousou (rampage)

Bankai: Kakudo Sakigake Koutetsu (enraged charging steel)

Appearance: Tsuyoioushi's Zanpakuto is the length of a Nodachi, he carries it across his back upside down, and removes it from his scabbard by pulling down and out to the side which is different then how most Shinigami carry their Zanpakuto. The handle is made from a oxen horn and wrapped in leather. The hilt is shaped like two pairs of bull horns.

Shikai: When Tsuyoioushi releases his Zanpakuto it glows red and transformed into something similar to a trident and khakkhara. The shaft is a bronzed metal and the trident top looks similar to a bull's head, the side points are like horns and the center that would have a point is rounded and has a hole with a ring in it like a ring in a bull nose or similar to a khakkhara. The weapon offers no special abilities but relies on the users own weapon skill. Tsuyoioushi can use the points to stab and pierce like a trident and the ring acts as a blunt object to smash bones like a khakkhara.

Bankai: Tsuyoioushi's Bankai is most likely influenced from working with Sajin Komaamura. Tsuyoioushi puts his hand through the ring on his weapon and when he says Bankai the ring and weapon glow and separate. The weapon portion turns into a metal mechanical bull about the size of a semi truck. The bull moves according to Tsuyoioushi's moves and is controlled by the giant metal ring around his wrist. The ring will be aglow with spiritual energy as the bull is controlled. The bull is incredibly strong and resilient to damage but suffers from being slow to move and change direction.

As the bull is attacking, Tsuyoioushi can attack in hand to hand combat, while utilizing the ring around his wrist to smash into his opponents. While fighting the bull and Tsuyoioushi become more powerful becoming more and more enraged, when the ring around Tsuyoioushi's wrist glows red it means it is fully enraged.

Ability: Kakudo Hitonami (enraged stampede)

When the ring around Tsuyoioushi's wrist begins to glow red, he is able to use this ability. It is a powerful punch. When it connects with it's target releases a surge of fire, heat and energy. This move depletes the rage built up from the bull fighting but can be recharged as he and the bull continues to fight.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना t0beyeus said…
And I am not sure if the dictionary I used was accurate, so I apologize if the names aren't exactly correct. And I did tried to stay canon, but I did develope my own story some for my characters.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
big smile
wow... (0_0)
what cool zanpakutos!!!
man... u must hav put alot of thought into them...
also im lovin the charcters by the way and i like the way u included thier backgroung and made it fit together.
that was really cool and unique! (*_*)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना neisan319 said…
ok not very good at this but here i go Race:vizard
Name:Neisan Rank:2nd in command Age:19 Appearance: Haircolor:red Hair style short and spike
Eye color:green Weight:180
Description:Neisan is a 19 year old who likes to be left alone has some anger issues but is one hell of a friend to the ones who gets to know him he doesnt take shitfromanyone. zanpakuto Name:Kiiro Hikari Ryu (yellow lightning dragon ) normal state:A long katana also know as Yamamoto Kansuke with a yellow dragon on the blade Release Command:Shine In shikai:Stays in the same shape as the Yamamoto Kansuke but has lightning bolts around the blade Shikai ability:#1 If the blade hits or comes close to you it will electrocute #2 with a swing shoots a lightning bolt #3 shoots a lightning blast twice as strong as a lightning bolt Bankai release command:Shine through the darkness In Bankai: Gets wings of lightning and is covered in lightning almost nothing can cut through it Bankai ability:#1 shoots feathers of lightning #2 Has all the abilitys that had in shikai but are 5 times stronger #3 Can make lightning stroms that makes even the gods fear for there lifes #4 Can make a lightning dragon I tryed my best
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना cb6947 said…
mine shururnejiguua flowing water fall
Relese- shaokio-ill kill you
ability 1 shoots a giant wve of spit fire (acidic water)
2 bentura- water circle appears under target and drowns him
3 feezes water and shoots ice cutting bolts at enemy

apperance non bankai izuru kiras blade but can split in two.

bankai a dragon controled like renji

bankai abilities

throw a dragon at opponent
dragon freezes opponent and i attack it with sword
ice web sticks to oppenent

i replacr captian ichmaru and i am a moody likes to fight and kill opponent slow and i stole a zanpaku-to and trained in the woods and made the leaders of the soul-reapers accept me as gins replacement
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Leo_Knight said…
Here's my Zanpakuto

Name: Shishi-ouja (King Lion)
Release command: Zansatsu (slaughter)

when released the sword looks like a normal katana except dark energy surrounds it like a vortex

Shikai Abilities
1. shishiku (Lion's Roar): this attack is very similar to Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho except it draws all of the darkness out of the area to increase it's power

2.Dark Agility: allows user to draw upon darkness to increase speed the more darkness there is the faster the user becomes

3. Shadow Crush: the user uses shadows to unleash a deadly barrage of dark spikes

Bankai: Tenrai Shishi-ouja (Divine King Lion)

when Bankai is released the sword splits into two smaller swords that attach to the users arms with chains (very similar to kratos' blades of chaos) except at the base of each blade there is a lion head also unlike its Shikai form it draws upon light instead of darkness it also radiates light

Bankai abilities
1. Holy Flash: This attack is similar to Goku's solar flare from dbz however the key difference it this burns the opponent as well as blinds them making it both an offensive and defensive attack

2. Divine Spectrum: this ability draws all of the light from the area and focuses it into a large energy blast that is nearly inescapable however after said attack user is drained of all energy and needs time to recover

3. Final Judgement: this is the Bankai strongest attack the user makes 12 copies of himself and they all attack with blinding speed
after the attack is finished the Zanpakuto is returned to its sleeping stage
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hijara said…
Hi every one i made a new zanpakuto:Name of zanpakuto:Kokurai(Black lightning).Shikai commamd:Flash kokurai.Black sword with black lightning around it.(No,it looks not a thing like Ichigos Bankai!)Bankai commamd:tataku kokurai(strike kokurai)When you first swing kokurai in bankai form it makes one big black lightning wolf that the person i made can ride!(Just so you know i love wolfs!)
This is the soul reaper i made:Name:Nakai.Hair color:short and white.Rank:Lieutenant of squad 13(it will be cool if he was lieutenant!)Age:18.He is as tall as Hisagi.Eye color:red.He is a rare type of arrancar that has no mask!He fights with Renji over the smallest of things!
So that is my person and zanpakuto!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना YagaKuromaru said…

Zanpakuto's name/Shikai name : Kagekarasu (Shadow Raven)
Release command : Abareru! (Rage!)

Description: The shikai have a black blade (like ichigo’s bankai). But it isn’t a blade. This is a dark reiatsu (spirit energy). I can conrol this special blade(like Kakuzu his stalk (naruto)).

Shikai abilities:
1. Hensen ( Transformation) - It can transform to another weapon (It also can be other Zanpakutou (Senbonzakura, Kazeshini, Zabimaru, Zangetsu etc.)
2. Noroi Han (Curse Seal) - The place where I cut become paralyzed.
3. Reiatsu Rai (Spirit Energy Thunder) – This ability is steal the enemy’s reiatsu.

Bankai name - Hakaitekina

Description: : Two black angel wings, two katana and two black special blade. The sword can control the enemy attack. Every attack.
Speed + 200% Strength: + 200% Defence: +50%.

Bankai abilities:
1. Kuro toge (Black Spike)- It’s a mix of noroi han and Reiatsu Rai. It’s a distance attack. I shoot out my wings.
2. Akai Rai (Red Thunder) – It is a red defender thunder web around me. When I want. Every physical attack is blocked.
3. Yami Bakuhatsu (Dark Explosion) – It is Getsuga Tenshou in my style. It is black with red lightning.

Nobody felt my bankai’s power. I never used the bankai to the enemy.

Sorry my english. I’m a hungarian Bleach fan.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Understar said…
Zanpakuto - Sebun Kaihou Tsubasa (Seven Release Wings)
Release Command - kaitsuu Kujo (Open "Destruction")

description - This Zanpakuto is named "Seven Release Wings." Its Hilt is silver with seven small black wings for
designs. It has a silver feather hanging off its hilt.The Guard is three rings seperating the hilt and blade.
The blade is in the Shape of a Wing with Blades for feathers (50 feathers).

Bankai - Mitsukai Doki (Angel Wrath)

description - The Blade becomes 7 Wings which is at the sum of 350 blades in all. It goes into the form of a halo
of blades (circular blade)

shikai abilities:

Genshuku - This ability gives the user an ability to control the opponents gravity (almost like Kira Izuru's Zanpakuto)

Ekusupuro-Jonshotto - This Gives the user an ability to Shoot a massive bomb they destroys everything within a 1/4 mile

Bouga - This Ability gives the user an ability to out the opponent under a trance, but only after the user attacks the opponent once.

bankai abilities:

Benso - This is a barrier that destroys anything that does not penetrate it. It is put up around the user and its put up three feet around
the user. Kidou is the only thing that can break through

Jikoku shuushi - This Bankai ability allows the user to stop time for 10 seconds, the user can move freely but it drains nearly all of the users
Spirit energy.

Denka - This is the only ability that will destroy the user and the Zanpakuto itself. It Uses a blast that releases from the Zanpakuto by
absorbing all of the Spirit Energy around it (1 mile radius) and Unleashing it in a giant explosion. (gives a 4 second pause after its about to explode)
thus obliterating the Zanpakuto and User, along with anything around it in a 1 mile radius. But the Zanpakuto will regenerate after 7 years.

Horrible Side-effect - If this Zanpakuto is ever taken away from you or misplaced, it will drain your spirit energy until you are dead.

=I felt like if I was using this Zanpakuto, I would have to protect it. This Zanpakuto's abilities came to mind, but i wanted everything to have a price.
Every ability will cost something, so if you ever use this Zanpakuto, prepare to lose a lot. I used these kinds of moves to make it almost the ultimate
Zanpakuto, but it kills you. Have fun dying!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
cool! i like all of your zanppakutos!
i think their really original and quite sick.
dont forget to post you character bio!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना x3motionx3mo said…
Utsuro, Sumizome's Zanpakuto He is the prince of Soul Society
Zanapakuto/Shikai name: shiroi naito (White Night)
Release command: kirikorosu (Slay)

Shikai Description: When released, shiroi naito becomes a white dager and it looks like kensei muguruma's but it's all white.

Shikai abilities:

-->setsuna ichibu (Instant Copy)
When in battle it can be used on Hollows', Shinigamis' and humans' type techniques. A white glow appears and copy's the zanpaktou ability, the hollows technique, and human's technique.

Bankai name: shiroi naito utsuro (White Night Hollow)
Description: The shikai's blade is covered with reiatsu and a new metal blade is growned out and it's 1.5 the size of the shikai.

Bankai abilities:

-->jikoku yaiba (Time Blade)
When you hold the bankai up and say "jikoku yaiba" a portal opens up and you can travel in time.

-->fukusho houhou (Duplicate Technique)
The techniques the shikai copied can be used in bankai by saying the name of the technique.

-->mokushi (apocalypse)
When used, once blade touches any material (race of a thing) it'll destroy all of that material in the world. CAn only be used if King of Soul Society releases the seal.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना x3motionx3mo said…
here's another sword no bankai

name:mind reader

Shikai:the blade looks like a regular blade. it can read people's mind and summon anything that person's thoughts.

mind reading:read people's mind
mind summon:summon thought's from people's mind
mind destruction:kill them with their own mind

if this sword has bankai it'll be the end of the world and he'll be immortal so think of the bankai ability and add on.

[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[ [ [
[ [ [ [ [ [ [
[ [ [ [ [ [ [
[[[[[[[[[[ [ [ [ [[[[[[[[[[
[ [ [ [ [ [ [
[ [ [ [ [ [ [
[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[ [ [[[[[[[[[[ [ [

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ren2x said…
release command:destroy
bankai name -hirameki
description - two swords black and white white swrod to defend
black sword to destroy
[shikai abilities] - destroy anything in its path,ab solute protection,poltergeist.
=description: invisible

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - makes me as fast as i want to be,cuts through anything,blind enemies and numb all their senses just like tousai's bankai
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shiro-chan said…
wow so cooooool
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना SoriBankai said…
My Zanpuktou
Unreleased: a normal Katana
Shikai - Sunadokei Kumori – Hourglass Shadow
Release word “Warp” – “Sori”
(Has the ability to slow time down by a factor of 5 when you are within 200 metres of your enemy. Its weakness is the that the technique uses massive amounts of Reiatsu)
Released it becomes a curved Blade with double edge
Bankai – hateshiganai Sunadokei – Eternal Hourglass (Can warp any factor of time to ones will(not time travel, just speed up or slow down))
Becomes a pair of golden daggers
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना will5130 said…
My zanpakuto is Ketsueki Washi (Blood Eagle)

Tsume Isshiki Oite Sono Sora! (Claw everything in the sky)

Description. The hilt of the blade resembles an eagles head. The blade has talons on the sides of the blade made of medal. Also the middle of the blade is blood red.

1.Kyojin Tsume.(Giant Claw). A giant red claw flies out of my blade and cuts every thing in its path.

2.Niiro Tsubasa. (Red Wings). Red spirit energy comes out of my blade and onto me giving me red wings that make me fly at sonic rates.

3.Kyousei Niiro Washi. (Great Red Eagle). My sword absorbs all the spirit energy around me and then blasts a giant red eagle that explodes on impact and can follow my enemy for a short time.

Bankai- Kyojin Ketsueki Washi Shinzui. (Great blood eagle spirit).

Description. My blade becomes 2 blades .My blades becomes all red and the sides of them have short little daggers which look like eagle feathers. I grow real eagle wings and i get eagle like armor with a helmet that has a beak, gloves that have sharp talons, boots which also have talons. My wings can also surround me to act like a barrier.

1.Chi Washi Shinzui. (Thousand Eagle spirits). I point my bankai blade at my enemy and within seconds the will be surrounded by blood eagle spirits that will all attack at once.

2. Ketsueki Washi. (Blood Eagle). I point my blade in to the sky and outline a circle and say Ketsueki Washi and it creates a giant beam like cero and when it dissipates a giant eagle is there that i can attack and defend with.

3. Gisei Washi. (Sacrifice Eagle). The ability kills me but when i die a eagle comes out of me and flies at the enemy instantly killing him or her. There is no way of blocking or defending the attack. The eagle then rips out my enemy's soul and brings it to hell.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I thought it would be more interesting to introduce a new method for summoning my zanpakuto. I prefer not to be a shinigami, so my method is unique.

Name: Yamayana Yarayishii (Endless Night)
--My swords sheath is black with a single white stripe riding down the middle. The actual swords appearence is similar to a typical kantana. However, the blade is a dark grey and the handle is completely black. The blade is longer than the average katana and the blade is slightly curved. I do not have my sword hidden beneath a robe or displayed anywhere on my body. My sword is actually concealed within my own shadow. So to summon it, my shadow simply dissipates and generates into my sheathed zanpakuto.

Shikai (initial release): Simply say my Zanpakuto's name, Yamayana Yarayishii.
Appearence--In this form the blade becomes a solid black with an azure (purplish-blue) silhouette.
Abilities-- I am able to completely manipulate shadows while my blade excretes a shadowy-black mist. I am able to use this mist as a projectile. It sleeks around like a whispy cloud of black smoke and is capable of deflecting attacks, consuming attacks, and swallowing live opponents (If they're not swift enough :P).

Bankai(Second release): Bankai: Yamayana Yarayishii Funsui
Appearence and effect-- My sword releases an immense pulse that rips all darkness and shadows from their surface. A vortex of darkness envelopes me and when revealed my sword is no longer my weapon specifically. All shadows are my weapons.
Abilities-- My abilities have increased in magnitude and stength while alotting me new, more improved skills. I am much more agile as I use the shadows to boost my speed. Not only can I control the darkness more easily, but It coats me in a black, silky silhouette that protects me from attacks.
Special ability: Iegayata- I create an environment that physically shrouds me and my enemy in darkness. This technique allows me to attack from any direction undetected because my reitsu is completely cloaked. Inside this dome, I can actually control time and space itself. With this skill, I can distort reality and affect my enemies position.

last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
big smile
thats a cool zanpakuto! ill hav a hard time figuring a way to defeat it! (have to keep my position as a captain you know :P)
anyway i love the abiities! makes your character seem very dark and powerful. also i like the way you explained it in such depth!
keep posting!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Thank you. Well, you're going to need to describe your skills and we can then determine whether your status, as a captain, is enough. :P
I wanted to describe my character in much depth in order to give people an idea of his stength and skill. My character is pretty laid back like me. Analyzing the opponent and calmly insults their skills. Haha. However, when he gets angry he has no mercy.
What is your Zanpakuto like, Kofisius29?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ROB221 said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
First timer ^^

Name:oni-doukeshi (demon clown)
release command: Make'em laugh! Till their dead!

Discription:In it's normal state it is a normal katana with a blue seath and a bunny keychain(cause i can >:)) hanging from the handle of the sword, when activated he takes the form of a clown (link Could'nt find a better pic perosnally i hate yu-gi-oh it is the off brand of digimon and digimon is the off brand of pokemon)

Shikai powwer 1- he can create large ballons with a dark red color that he calls "suprise bombs " the explode with various surprises some are duds that make pretty flowers

Shikai power 2- telekineses

Shikai power 3-his ballons can create clones of himself that can trick his oppenants

Bankai description-The ballons pop and make a big top and i take the form of a ring master with a black suit and large hat (think abe lincoln hat yes I stole his hat >:]) and a cane sword

Bankai power 1-He still keeps his ablity of telekineses but hundreds of swords come out of nowhere and he can control them to any where he wants

Bankai power 2-he control space and time inside his big top

Bankai power 3-the "crowd" in his tent are actually kamakaze like demons that latch on to his enemy and explode

Appreance- my appreance is of a 19 year old skinny man with pale skin and blue hair with thin spikes I tease my oppeneants putitng my guard down which is usually my undoing my Characters name is Hotaru Kisawagi
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Name: Spina Sanguinante (Bloody Thorns)
My sword is sheated in a non-traditional place. I actually unsheath my sword from the base of my spine, on my neck. The blade is actually within my spide. The handle is curved, so when I grab it I just wrap my fingers around it and pull up. It slides out and slowly takes form. It is removed looking like a vine, but becomes a solid sword.
-- Shikai (initial release): Simply say "Spina Sanguinante"
Appearence-- It resembles a vine and the tip of the sword looks like a thorn. The color of the blade is now green with a black tip. And the handle is laced with black and green ribbons.
Abilities-- The sword can extend to unlimited lengths which allows me to swing and slink the swords blade around cutting whom ever I am battling.

Bankai(Second release): Uproot, Spina Sanguinante.
Appearence-- The sword had changed it appearence and now resembled a large slender mace with several black thorns protruding outwards.
Abilities-- I am now able to slam the mace at the ground causing the ground to shatter and uproot. My sword extends and penetrates the ground causing a barrage of large poisoness thorns to come smashing through the ground from beneath. I am able to control the number of thorns and the shapes and formations in which they occurr. I can use them for offense and defense. You can not escape just because you are in mid-air.I am able to control streams of thorns that can pursue enemies.
Special command: shimimuzu-- I swords begins to branch multiple vines with several thorns protruding out of every vine. The vines begin to surround me and form a spherical ball with me incased inside. The vines begin to start moving in a circular motion around the ball, which turns the thorns into sharp moving blades. I then can pursue enemies within my sphere.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना terminator619 said…
big smile
hey you guys you hve to hear my zanpacuto its sikkk!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
Well, lets get one thing strait, I based the zampaktou spirit on a japans/ Chinese myth on the monkey king Son goku, so its not exactly my idea but the rest is mine, plz no complaining. Im also using this character for my manga, but without the bankai, shikai and the bleach names.

Zampakuto-Son Goku ( son goku is the monkey king in Japanese mythology, he actually is on my profile, go look  ill give the facts about my shinigami after the zampakuto.
The regular zampakuto is actually a short blade that has no specially designs on the…whatever is between the sword and the shaft….ha-ha shaft :P (pic of character on my profile….but uncolered)
Shikai name-ruyi jingu bang (a long staff that is gold in color and with monkey pictures all over it)
Release command-shibai, Son Goku (play, Son Goku)
When my character says, “Shibai, Son Goku” A giant explosion of golden reiatsu explodes from him causing the foe, or anyone else close to be blind for about 10 seconds, during this time he puts his new weapon in his ear while his opponents are blind ( one power of the shikai is that the rod can change its size to anything, whether it is as large as mt Everest, or as small as a tooth pick and in this case he changes it to a tooth pick size to put it behind his ear). He is only limited to doing three things that are different in shikai, other than his speed in enhanced probably 3 times faster that soi fon, but it’s not flash step, its actual speed and his strength increasing because the rod itself weighs 8100 kg no matter what size. There are no names for the abilities, he just does it. 1. He can create a copy of himself, with a weapon, by plucking out one strand of his hair and blowing it forward. The hair then transforms into the copy (good for multiple enemies, or as a distraction so he can observe the opponent) 2. He Can change the size of the rod. 3. He can make multiple copies of the rod by making the rod levitate and waving his hand across the other empty areas around the rod, just like the blind guy with those blades when fighting zaraki, they he usually shoots them at the opponent.

bankai name - Meihou Wang ( beautiful monkey king)
just so that you know, my character only uses bankai when he is against a serious opponent, not because its cheep, but because it take a heavy toll on the user. After he uses it, he then turns to stone for a long time, unless any1 can release him somehow…hell I don’t even know how lol. So, when my character says, “Bankai”, there is another golden explosion, but much bigger……much much bigger though it isn’t bright so it doesn’t blind the opponent. When the reiatsu has faded you then see that he isn’t quite human anymore. He actually turns half monkey ( to be more specific, he fuses with the zampakuto spirit, so basically he looks like a enraged golden human monkey with the same staff). Again, his bankai increases his speed 10 fold, and his strength 10 fold and unlocks 3 devastating abilities. Again, no names except 1 this time. 1, He can draw a invisible circle around himself with the rod that protects him from anything as long as he doesn’t go out (good for protecting groups of people because he could make a large circle quite easily know do to his speed) 2. He has the ability to point at an enemy and completely immobilized him as long as he points, think of it as paralyzed by being pointed at, but the enemy can’t be stronger than he is or else it has no affect. And finally and probably the most devastating power ever go-ruden sendo tacchi or “golden death touch”. This power is so insane because anything he touches…well, turns to gold no matter what it is, energy, human, non human, inanimate…anything! Even getsuga :O. Then my character can easily shatter the gold so it works out for being so scary and devastating….. But only uses it if he has to to live.

and I know that my character can only have three abilities, but I have to add this one because its awesome. It’s called Huo Yan Jin Jing or “Fiery Golden Eyes which causes my character to see through illusions, transformations, and disguise.

Know my character… is a little hard to explain when it comes to color, I only got that he is tan, no hai color, or cloths color. But advice is accepted, the pic of my character is on my profile, hand drawn by mey!. But, the characteristics are easy. He is a very calm person; he is 16, like mey. He is Captain rank, but refused to be part of the captains because his teacher, youruichi, left. Nobody knows where he is but I will only tell all the shinigami out here, he lives in a far away mountain, left of soul society, or whatever the base is called, lol, I don’t know names at all. If you find him, he is usually sleeping. He is also a funny guy and a little bit of a perv…..just a little lol. He will only fight for his friends, though nobody knows where he is except you guys. Well that pretty much sums it up. VISIT MY PAGE TO COMMENT ON MY PICS!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना terminator619 said…
big smile
hey my zanpakuto is sikk blad!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
well.... ive been thinkin for a long time now (i meen almost a whole week!) and ive finally analyzed a good tactic to defeat you... (at least i hope so)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना VincientDeap said…
Here's My Zanpakto everybody read and enjoy!

zanpakuto's name: Ketsueki Yaiba (Blood Blade)

release command: Shiryou Ketsuekisatou (Feed Bloodrinker)

bankai name: Ketsuekiryouken Zetsumei (Bloodhound of Death)

Ketsueki Yaiba is a katana with a handle wrapped in blood red ribbon and has rubies all over it.

Ketsuekiryouken Zetsumei is a giant bloodhound that kills all in his path.

shikai abilities: Blood Drinking: When you stab someone with Ketsueki Yaiba there blood is turned into spirit energy and is absorbed. Blood Cut: A wave red spiritual energy gathered from Blood Drinking cutting everything it touches.

bankai abilities: Blood Blast: A ball of Red spiritual energy from Blood Drinking that explodes and obliterates everything in it. Blood Drain: All blood is ripped from everyone in the line of its mouth.

I think I did pretty well on it. Do you like it? If you do thanks that’s all.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना terminator619 said…
at the moment this is to defeat you in shikai(i hope)

Shikai abilities:

Raiu (thunderstorm): lightning bolts rain down on opponent, opponent is trapped in a sphere and can’t get out. Eventually with a thought from bakuen the thunder bolts fall and they explode on contact. since you are trapped wqithin the sphere i assume that your blade will not touch me. also as there are countless thounderbolts you would be temporarily blinded and then at that moment i could use shunpo and slice you up...

Jigoku hibana(hells spark):a big ball of kinetic, electrical energy in a form of a cheetah is unleashed upon the opponent which also explodes with force. since your shadow can eat this baby up ill purposely make it explode just before it does get eaten to blow the shadow away and create a veil of smoke. since you wouldnt be able to see ill use some reiatsu to power up the move again and blow you to kingdom come...

kanzen seigyo(complete control)any conductive object (skin or metal)will either be paralyzed or manipulated with electric reiatsu .(zanpakutos real ability) this is pretty useless as you dont use any conductive items. however i could use this to my advantage in the real world where there is metal everywhere. that way i could use any item and fling it at you with electricity to make some big fireworks(figuritavly speaking). also this would be deady if i use some thing like a telegraph pole as the extra electricity would definately inflict alot of damage :)

silver metal armour like this one(link)but with white crackling lightning wings and a cheetah tail..
also there is a massive axe with a spear head at the bottom of the handle...

axe=1.5 metres wide
axe=2 metres high.
Bottom spear =0.5 metre long
Handle 1.5 metre long

this is to fight you in bankai:
Bankai abilities:

Masuta raiu(master thunderstorm):countless weapons manipulated in the past are being called again today ,hundreds of thousands of weapons full of reiatsu.with one word “rakka”(fall) they fall down and explode.
this move like the previous will do the same thing, however it will be 50 times more powerful so the flash would be too allowing me to see you and more time to take you out with my hefty axe.. also the amount of weapons would be at least a million cus my shinigami does like fighting and has fought extreme amounts of hollow and countless shinigami...

kemono yobidashi(beast call) shiroi denkou is called out as a crackling lightning cheetah .it is sent to bite ,slash and claw the opponent .when the opponent lets his guard down bakuen says”katsu”(explode)and the opponent is left shellshocked...
this is basically jigoku hibana with more of a flashy outlook.(and yet again 50 times more powerful)and because of this the actual move is the size of a 10 storey building. i can actually allow shoroi denkou eat me and use its electricity to protest me. and when i fell like the enemy is too close i can make her explode yet again (only drawback for you is that i wont be affected because my zanpakuto absorbs all electricity in the atmosphere and turns it into reiatsu. so no matter how much you cloak you reiatsu because as long as you move you exert static electricity allowing me to pinpoint your location for me to attack and absorb your electricity allowing me to become stronger...

denkou fukushuu(lightnings revenge) the opponent is trapped in a jail-like cage which is made of lightning. i can seal them up in it and they wont be able to get out unless i say so or if i die (which is very unlikely)also it will explode if touched.the more the opponent moves the tighter the jail becomes until the fateful touch and then...BOOOM!!! the adversary is defeated... one of my combos are that i can make the jail an immense size and since i can sense your electricity i can judge the size appropriate to trap you.as soon as i do the match is over as when your in the jail you reiatsu will finally run out and you will die or if im in a good mood ill let you have a tiny trace of reiatsu so that you cant even go into shikai then ill let you out. afterwards ill leave yu alone but if you continue to fight ill slice and dice you up then take you to the 4th squad so that i can fight you again...

note*=my zanpakuto is the strongest electric zanpakuto in the whole of soul society and can resist and absorb any electrical reiatsu or attack fired at him...

hope this is enough pleez comeback wit something crazieone otherwise ill presume that you have accepted that im a better shinigami than you(bet i am :p) i hate an easy win but loooove a challenge. there... cnt wait! bwa ha hahaha haah ahahhahaha haaaaaah! cya!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
sorry guys it wasnt really terminator619 speaking there it was me kofisius29(terminater is my strange/annoyin kid bro) he logged me out and signed in as himself and without me knowing i just typed that long post and suddenly his ID was showing up... sorry for the inconvinience...
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना terminator619 said…
[zanpakuto's name kaji doragon
[release command]roar
[bankai name] hateshi no kaji doragon:fate of fire dragon
description -
my zanpakuto is a rare fire natured sword
that has the power to mess with your mind if you are not worthy to weild it.my zanpakuto has a sign of a big legendary dragon to activates my shikkai, this legendary dragon is also a legend and a mystery to the soul society.

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

my shikai are two blades joined together with robe and attached with my reaitsu and fire glowing, my two blades are very heavy and are about 2 metres long thats up to my dining hall wall up to the television!!!!!

my first ability is in clashses i can use my fire like string and go inside your vains and explode or use my fire to cover up your whole arm and explode(cool!)

my second is to send a giant fire tsunarmi as tall as 5m. it is big enough to swamp a whole arena and the temperature is 150 degrees.

my third ability is to make a fire orb made out of fire (obviously) your trapped with nothing exept darkness and when i cut the orb damage enflics on you and theres 75% of you dying and 25% of you surviving.

[bankai abilities]

my bankai sikk! i have dragon lord armour (advnture quest or worlds) (cape,feet helm and sword!)like galanorth my strengh increases to 1000 but my speed is onley 990(around the speed of a normal shunpo) my stamina is very good (by the way)

my first aiblty is to do a massive kidou slash in a fourm of a dragon called kaji kujo that means fire destuction.

my second ability is i bring you into a dimention with 80,000 dragons. afterwards, i then send you to the place i feed my dragons. in this place i can do anything and your zanpakuto dissepears because you can't use your zanpakuto in y dimension and then i use it and the opponent i'm facing will have to survive by hand to hand combat (tough luck)bwa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahuahah­aha­hah­aha­hah­aha­hah­aha­hah­.

my last of all abilities is that i reveal my zanpakutos true form and then afterwards we fuse together and i get fire wings and a fire tail. then we do ultimate finishing move called the "six lights to hell".this is basically a crimson flash attack that normally kills the opponent in 1.5 seconds. the only drawback to this technique is that it only works in a straight line(damn!). however even if the opponent gets 3/4 of his body out of the way the slash could still deal a life threratening result.(another drawback is that it take a heck of alot of reiatsu)...

i am very proud and happy of my zanpakuto and i hope you like it as well please comment i would love o hear all
see ya!

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