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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-------Level 2--------

Kevin: To imagine that even you have an Element release.

Wrath: What?

Kevin: A mixture of Earth and Water. An ability beyond my teacher, being able to combining elements.

Wrath: I never knew that I was so special.

Kevin: Your not special, just interesting. It is something that I would not think possible. (Kevin starts to stretch his legs.) Can’t believe I have to do this so soon. (Kevin holds his hand out and a sword forms in his hand, although, it is not just a pain sword, it is a sword with exotic designs. A sword that a expert blacksmith would have a hard time making.) Level 2, Devil’s Warrior.

Wrath: Very nice sword.

Kevin: Thank you, but, (Suddenly appears behind Wrath.) It’s lethal too.

Wrath doges easily, but feels a very sharp gust of wind, pushing her back and into a tree in which she fuses into.

Wrath: What was that?

Kevin: A sword that can slice wind.

Wrath: How?

Kevin: The design on the sword catches the air around it, and when I stop the sword, the wind is released, and pushes or slices the opponent.

Wrath: So the design is not just for looks.

Kevin: No.

Wrath: Alright. (Wrath appears in a tree behind Kevin and tries to jab at Kevin, but before she can hit him, Kevin takes his shield and blocks the blow, barely moving an inch.) What!?

Kevin: If you take me too lightly, you won’t make it to my final Level.

Wrath: So what if I don’t?

Kevin: It shows that you’re weak. (Kevin holds his sword out to Wrath.) Sprout. (His sword sprouts quickly like a tree, spikes shoot out of spikes, and then those spikes shoot spikes and so on and so forth. Wrath easily doges all of the spikes.)

Wrath: You can’t defeat me like this.

Kevin: I’m not trying to kill you, just hurt you enough to prevent you from fighting for more than three days.

Wrath: I see. I might just have to go all out.

Kevin: Yah, same here.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Wrath looks at Kevin's sword'

Wrath: I must admit, that really is a powerful zanpakuto you have there. it's a pity you won't use it for our purpose. But then again, the offer always stands...

Kevin Yeah, right. betray my friends so you can destroy them all? Not gonna happen.

Wrath: Oh well. At least I tried. Sadly, if you aren't going to be any use to us, we can't let you help the shinigami.

'Wrath makes her hand in to a fist'

Wrath: Now, feel my, 'Wrath laughes' my wrath!

'Wrath releases an immense amount of reiastu, and uncurls her fist to reveal a flower'

Kevin: A flower!? I was expecting some sort of, giant plant monster.

Wrath: It's no ordinary flower. 'She blows on the flower, and the petals fly toward Kevin, and Kevin makes the air slice them apart'

Kevin: well, that was anticlimactic. 'Suddenly he begins to feel dizzy'

Kevin: What is this?!

Wrath: Its nothing special. Howver I love how it works. By releasing my pollen in to the air, which you so kindly did for me, I can change how people feel.

Kevin: Whatever, I can fight while I feel sick. 'He launches himself at Wrath, and tries to slice her with the air, when it seems as if she disappears'

'Wrath appears from a tree'

Wrath: its not that simple, the pollen can also distort your senses.

Kevin: Crap this isn't gonna work. Now what?

Wrath: Thats easy. Now you can use your true power, join us, or die. It's as simple as that.

Your turn Tecno. Oh, and Crazione, I'll post the next one later. I just need to work out some details.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Greed and Envy stare at the shinigami as veznesel smiles in the background.

Veznesel: Well, you best be running along.

Greed: What?

Veznesel: (Waves her hand and they are shot into a garganta). Now that it's just us seven.

Toiso: Your new title must be overwhelming as you're beginning to confuse the numbers. You're out numbered.

Veznesel: Oh, I forgot to mention I had three of my angels quietly trailing you (grins).

Poeira: (appears between Veznesel and the shinigami. She glances back as her long golden blonde hair blows through the wind only revealing her deadly, emotionless glare).

Passon: (Her flowing brown hair glides across her back and down her shoulders as she smiles villainously at the opposing virtuous shinigami).

Baello: (has her hands crosses with her sword dangling off from the side on her fingers) When can we begin?

Vezensel: By all means, abolish these insufferable shinigami.

Poiera: (Is engaged Ransay. He unsheathes his sword and shouts "Sharpen Eresia" and his sword splits into two and both become longer and curved. He dives at her with a series of slashes, but she effortlessly dodges his attacks). I assume your swords seperated into two blades to increase the likelyhood that you'll land a blow. With that said, I can guarantee that the swords inflict a specific type of wound. It may even differen between the blades, correct?

Ransay: (stares at Poiera in amazement and stumbles over his words, but recomposes himself) Huh. That was a very perceptive observation, Angel. How did you come to such a conclusion in such a short time frame?

Poiera: You shinigami are all predictable, so why not your zanpakutos' After all, a shinigami's zanpakuto is a representation of themselves and you share a bond and relationship. Therefore, you share characteristics and traits. So they are just as predictable.

Ransay: Don't you speak ill of my zanpakuto, woman. I will demonstrate just how unpredictable my power can be. (appears beside Poiera and slashes her on her arms)

Poiera: (Watching in the distance) You better try harder than that if you wish to land a blow, shinigami (raises hand and fires a gigantic cero that Ransay could not dodge nor block. He smashes into the ground and as the smoke clears stands up with several injuries) Lets step up our game, Shinigami. After all, you must use more than your regular wits if you hope to surpass my after images and speed. (with blinding speed she smashes Ransay in the face and sends him flying, but before he makes to much distance she kicks him to the ground from above breaking his arm).

Ransay: (Drops his sword and clutches his arm) You angels sure can pack quite a punch. Or in this case, kick.

Poiera: You don't seem upset by your newest injury. Is this the shinigami will-power and optimism i've heard such stories about? (She glares at him with her cold, but beautiful eyes. She then peers behind her and dodges a huge pulse that generates from no where) And that was?

Ransay: The predictability you spoke of earlier. (A series of pulses begin flying in every direction and Poeira continues to dodge them while ransay grabs his other blade)

How will the fight between a Virtue Shinigami and the angel turn out?

I will continue writing this tomorrow. Oh, and randomfan, send me an email with details so I know what to do with your characters.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Krimson7 said…

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] shynryushinikage
[release command] ``rise from the abyss shynryushinikage``
[bankai name] - shynryushinikage raiboshi
=description - shikai form-some what like ichigos bankai form but the blades comeing out of a dragons mouth
bankai form-black steel dragon head with long black blade sticking out of its mouth covering the entire hand and the body going all the way up to the shoulder with a giant black steel wing all on the right side(sort of like a sephiroth one winged angel style)

[shikai abilities] -1.engulphs it self with black flames
2.shoots black lighting out

[bankai abilities] - 1.wing can be used as a shield and shoots out sonic waves
2.shoots out a giant black flamed dragon (like hirogyshima but made of black fire)
3.blade can be sheathed in dragons mouth to shoot a high density lighting cannon

My appearence would be more or less like toshiro but older and buffer.I would be a Vizard and my hollow mask would look more or less like ichigos but with 3 horns one on top and one coming out from each side.He left the soul society to gain more power and eventually ended up in kurakara town and became friends with urahara and youroichi.He was raised by captain yamamoto and became captain of squad 10 before leaving soul society and passing it down to hitsugya.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
This one is by far my most complex zanpakuto yet (I wanted to make a time-based zanpakuto that was at least somewhat viable), so I'd definitely appreciate some feedback. I tried to balance a pretty insane Bankai using a longer activation time and distinct vulnerabilities, but I'm not entirely sure that's enough.

Shikai Name – Jishaku ni Hantai Suru (Opposing Magnet)

Release Command – Repulse…

Bankai Name – Jishaku no Taishoku ni Hantai Suru (Opposing Magnet Severance)

Shikai Description – The “weapon” initially appears as two separate daggers. The first of the two is a dark, sinuous blade with red veins along its length and a deep purple hilt. The second is a pointed dagger with a triangular, extremely thin blade made of what appears to be extremely delicate crystal on a light blue hilt. Much the same as Yumichika Ayasegawa’s blade, these daggers hate their name, but their hatred is on the basis of having to share that name. Neither of them likes to be associated with the other. The Shikai forces them to work together, against their nature, making it extremely difficult to control.

Shikai Ability – Hikari no Shi (Dying Light): The wielder receives two large crescent blades that appear initially crossed behind their back, each edged on the outside. These blades age whatever they cut, including terrain, as well as everything within 2 inches of the cut. The speed of the wielder’s attacks is increased as long as these attacks move along a circular plane (much like the orbit of the moon).

Bankai Description – Think of the Shikai as pushing two massively powerful magnets together that are trying to repulse each other. Bankai is basically releasing them. The force of the release not only separates the two weapons completely, allowing them to fully express themselves, but separates the wielder as well. Unlike Shikai, Bankai is completely impossible to control, since the wielder’s personality and mind are split between the two forms, and each of the weapons takes over the remainder

Bankai Ability 1 – Mikazuki Gata no Renzoku Satsujin (Crescent Killing Spree): The physical body remains exactly the same, except that the skin turns a pitch black and the eyes turn a deep red. A red cloak and face mask appear on this form, as does a gold and silver armored chest piece and bottom. A wrist bracelet and anklets are attached to each arm, each emanating powerful bursts of moonlight. This form again wields a large, crescent shaped weapon, though this one is edged on the inside with multiple moving eyes spanning its length. The blade retains the aging ability of the Shikai. Each of the eyes provides an extra sight to the user, and the bracelets and anklets increase the speed of this form tremendously. This form is active immediately, and is able to attack physically.

Bankai Ability 2 – Jikan Furakkusu (Time Flux): The physical body disappears entirely except for the eyes (which turn a deep blue) and hair (which turns completely white, with a golden circle and white flower placed in it), though the form itself remains, making it appear ethereal. This form dons a cloak that appears to be made of wind, a white face mask, and a gold and white flowing garment. Golden rose petals fall around this form everywhere it moves. This form remains dormant for a length of time dependent on the user’s cohesion with the blade; the shorter the length, the better the user’s control over his/her blade. When it activates, an hourglass appears between its hands. The sky begins to move between night and day at a highly accelerated rate, and the area being fought in moves rapidly forward and backward in time.

Bankai Ability 3 – Akumu no Yō na Jisoku (Nightmare Flux) If either form is defeated before the second becomes fully active, the Bankai collapses and the daggers are reverted to their unreleased form. The second form becomes fully activated at the point that the flow of night into day can no longer be distinguished. The hourglass breaks, and both the crescent shaped weapon and darker form turn to sand, moving around to the ethereal form. This form bends over and begins drawing strange symbols into the sand, forming a long chain of them that, after each is written, lift up out of the ground and seem to take on a life of their own. As this is occurring, large pillars of sand form that extends high up into the sky, the sand in each of these moving at such a rate that touching any of them will shear skin from bone. Both the forms that turned to sand can reform in pieces or in total out of these pillars, making their attacks extremely difficult to predict. Should the writing continue uninterrupted, after 20 symbols are spelled out, the flower petals will stop falling around this form, and the pillars of sand will collapse. The opponent will enter a state similar to that induced by Mayuri Kurotsuchi on Szayel Aporro, wherein their senses of time become so far advanced beyond their movements that they’re practically paralyzed. Basically, time is slowed down for the perceptions of their nervous system in every way besides pain, which would be almost eternal for them. The only way to avoid this is to either interrupt the process of writing out these symbols, or to be touching the ethereal form when all 20 are done being written out. If either is done, the Bankai will collapse.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Poiera: You may as well cease your pitiful attacks. You won't manage a hit while I use my cieco deslocar.It is much more advanced than your flash step. You can barely read or predict my movements, which is a strong predictor that you'll lose this battle. (softly says) Saatus Estrella (her sheath begins to glow and the beam of light shreds her sheath and a blade of light darts out not toward ransay, but behind Poiera)

Ransay: (before he could react, he notices a blade through his chest. The blade is a-glow with a magnificent golden aura. He falls to his knees as the blade retracts. He clunches his chest.) Ugh. H...h...How did you...

Poiera: Know that you were actually behind me and that was an illusion in front of me? As I said before, you are much too predictable. You should watch your release of spiritual pressure. If you better controlled that, I may have had a more difficult time discovering your position. However, your illusion isn't composed of a suitable level of spiritual pressure to fool an opponent. You assumed I was some weak woman, didn't you? Oh, what a terrible mistake you made. This mistake will be the one to take your life (still facing away from Ransay. She turns her head, and all you see is her icey blue peering at Ransay. She is emotionless, but enjoying his misery). Would you rather your death be quick and painless or drawn-out and painful? (She points her sword at him and it darts at him again and branches into four beams. Each beam pierces his arms and legs pinning him on the ground).

Ransay: (its noticed he doesnt have his one blade. It strikes Poiera's arm and it becomes limp and she drops her sword, but quickly grabs it with her other hand. He frees his other hand and shoots a sonic boom striking her and sending her flying. All the beams release Ransay and he stands up). You wont be able to use that arm, its mobility is limited now that my blade cut it. (he vanishes, grabs his sword and then appears in front of her) Let's try this again.

Poiera: (smiles) You believe you have the upper hand? When will you shinigami ever learn from your previous mistakes? (blade branches into several beams. When Ransay's left blade meets with it wraps around his blade and the other beams all smash into the blade and crack it in several places. (she smiles at him and suddenly the beams branch out again and stab him all over his body. The beam begins to tighten and completely snaps his blade in half).

Ransay: AGHHHH!!! My blade...(blood gushes out of his body). This is your shikai?

Poiera: No more questions. Close your eyes and pray for this to be painless. (The beams retract and she raises her blade). Say hello to everyone else for me (she quickly turns her head and smashes her blade into Toiso.

Toiso: DONT TOUCH HIM! (ice builds on her blade and it bursts at her, but she vanishes to the distance).

Poiera: You stupid shinigami. (appears behind him and as soon as she appears a cero fires and whips Toiso in the distance).


Baello: (bleeding all over)...STUPID SHINIGAMI!

Kuraha: Your words mean nothing to be, angel. You're so weak, I didn't even have to use my shikai.

Baello: How dare you! I'll show you weak!!!!! CRACK AND WREAK HAVOC!!!!! BARRAGEM CA...(is stopped by Veznesel).

Vezensel: She's kill you, it's best if you stop. (Glances at Kuraha) You shinigami are so intriguing. (points finger) A yellow cero bursts out and she attempts to try and block it, but is overwhelmed).


Passon: (removes herself from rubble) Damn shinigami! He thinks i'm done after such a weak hit? (vanishes and kicks toiso in the side sending him crashing and sliding across the ground). We haven't begun to have any fun, shinigami. Why not makes things more interesting! Let me show you true power, a power that has been around for longer than a couple centuries. My Bankai is empowered with the wisdom and stength of millennia. Ensnare- Allechant Blest!!! (her body begins to glow purple and a ring forms around her head and becomes bigger sprouting thin tendrals. All the thin tendrals attach to her limbs and body. Thin tendrals begin sprouting from her back. Her blade becomes longer and becomes darker).

Toiso: (stares at her and prepares to engage her when he notices his arm is moving non its own, he then takes his sword and places it upon his throat) WHAT THE...!!! WHat's happening!

Passon: You were so convinced you had complete control of the whole situation. In fact, I am in complete control. The same opponent you believed to be disposed of after you landed one blow. It's such a pity that all you shinigami are so ignorant. Ransay goes to attack Passon, when she uses toiso to attack him. They begin clashes swords and Toiso cuts ransays arm)

Toiso: She's controlling my body, I can't do anything. I can feel her controlling me, her filthy reitsu is all over me. It's beginning to corrupt my mind...

Ransay: I don't see anything...how is she doing it ?

Poiera: (chuckles) You shinigami are so pathetic.

Passon: They're our puppets now, Poiera.

Poiera: They certainly are Passon. How anticlimatic, too.

Two more shinigami suddenly appear. One shinigami produces a concussive wave that knocks both Poiera and Passon back.

Oirah: I believe you need our help?

Kuraha: They didn't take their opponents seriously, so they let their guard down. That is why they are in such a precarious position.

Oirah: Lets end this.

Veznesel: You shinigami are such an annoyance. (All the angels appear behind her)Let's go ladies, it is much too crowded. (they exit through a golden gate).

Oirah: Toiso, Ransay...you almost lost your lives!! Why would you be so reckless?

Toiso: They masked their spiritual pressure so well and were so consistent, it felt like they were truly inexperienced.

Kuraha: You underestimated them merely from their looks, which is why you almost lost those battles. If it had not been for Oirah, you would have died. However, what is more important is why the angels are working with the sins.

Oirah: Yes, and what they expect to gain from working with such creatures.

Toiso: I wish to know...why were they just standing in the middle of Karakura town?

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
im sorry i havent been posting for a while but im still waiting for others to give a part to finding the missing sister. plus im on a vacation with my family so its kinda hard to really read everything. lolz. well i think i got a new chracter but im still working on her entrance and im cleaning up her abilities, so please wait. ill try post something in a day or two,
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
------------------------unseen ambitions------------------
Orcale: (walks out of the forest and Phoebe and Shion appear running to him)

Phoebe: Dear, I'm glad we found you! We have terrible news!

Orcale: As do I.

Shion: Wait, you're shifting your wait to one leg.

Orcale: It's sort of complicated.

Shion: You don't seem to be in pain, so it's not broken, more like it's numb. Was your nervous system attacked?

Orcale: Yeah, I ran into some trouble in the woods. My brain signals to my leg were cut off so I can't move it. (Sits and extends his leg as Shion sits next to him and her hand glows over his seemingly unscathed skin. He explains what happened)

Phoebe: Not shinigami or Hallow? That is trouble. But you have no sword wound, how did they attack?

Orcale: They looked unarmed and fought physically. It was luck that they didn't have the intension to fight.

Phoebe: They 'looked' unarmed?

Orcale: When she struck me the first time, I sensed a second soul in it, like a Zenpakutou is a soul seperate from our own. It was faint and brief, but I felt it.

Shion: (taps his skin lightly and he regains feeling. She stands and picks her bow up) We have another problem. There was a report on a fight in the human world. There were hallows there but they weren't the ones who fought. Some admirable foes accompanying them fought. There were no casualties on either side.

Phoebe: We're still in the dark about what they were doing though. Orcale honey, what's your opinion?

Orcale: (Stands) My opinion is that I need to inform Sensei of all this. I'd rather learn more of what's going on but I still have to report to him about my mission from before anyways, however insignificant it is now.

Shion: We'll gather more information then.

Orcale: (takes out a crystal) I'll return with his orders as soon as I can. Also, look for Hibiki. He could be in danger as well. (his crystal melts into the air and it shimmers. He walks forward and vanishes as the air settles)

----------------part of the unseen becomes seen--------------------
Hibiki: (riding through west rikugan on Tsubaki's back crashing past people) Maybe we should have taken the path around here, Tsubaki. Its really noisy here.

Tsubaki: It's faster this way. Besides, we're almost there. (Bursts into an empty street and runs faster) She couldn't have gotten to far.

Hibiki: Why do we have to follow her anyways? She didn't seem like she wanted to fight me.

Tsubaki: That's not why we're following her. She may lead us to a hideout or somewhere else important.

Hibiki: Wait, look. (They skid to a stop and Hibiki points to the trees. They see three people walk out bruised)

Elli: (Groans) Never again am I going to take those things for granted ever again.

Kibudo: It was fun at least. Took all the stress and boredom out of the day. (Sees Hibiki) Well if it isn't our brethren.

Hibiki: What are you three doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be in the human world?

Sinsue: We were pushed back in by a huge sea monster through a Senkaimon. We landed in a horde of huge hallow and it took time to get rid of them all. What are you doing?

Hibiki: Chasing down this girl called Yui who appeared out of nowhere and lectured me on Zenpakutou. She says she wants our swords for some reason.

Elli: wants our swords? How does that make sense?

Hibiki: That's what I'm going to find out.

Tsubaki: Don't bother anymore. She's a good ways from here now.

Hibiki: Oh well.
(play soundtrack)
Kibudo: Yui, you said?

Hibiki: Yeah, why?

Kibudo: I met someone with that name before I became part of the Zero Squad. She was a soul chained to earth but didn't want me to send her here. I didn't feel like arguing with her so I left her there. But the next time I went by there she was gone. I assumed she met a different shinigami who sent her here.

Hibiki: So she was telling the truth. She wasn't found by a shinigami after you, something happened to her so she'd turn to an Akumajouin.

Sinsue: Demon king...

Elli: So what grudge do they have against us if they refused to be sent here?

Hibiki: I don't think they have a grudge. They just want our Zenpakutou for some reason. (end soundtrack)

---------------------shed no tears for the lost---------------
High on a cliff far from Soul Society, Yui is staring off the edge quietly as the wind blows her hair. Sanyotori and Dede appear behind her.

Dede: So how'd it go?

Yui: They're as accomplished at manifestation as we thought. I could feel the bond emitting from the two of them. Is it really necessary to do this?

Sanyotori: Everything that one does is for self gain. That is true for all beings that think rationally. I won't pretend to understand 'his' intensions, but my goal will be accomplished through his plan. That's reason enough for me to do this.

Dede: Shinigami...why do they like to pretend they can accomplish peace?

Yui: Don't start in a lecture about peace again.

Dede: As you like.

Sanyotori: Let's go.

Dede: Okay.

Yui: don't order me around. (the three walk off)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
-------------------double trouble-------------------------
Two kids are in the human world sitting by a children's playground on a bench. They're twins with short black hair and casual shirt and short pants. Suddenly there is a powerful spirit pressure over them and the kids on the playground feel uncomfortable and look up. Only the twins see the sky rip open with several hallow.

Male twin: Why're they always coming when we're trying to relax, instead of during school?

Female twin: Well it will be fun to take care of them for now, right Soya?

Soya: (Stands and holds up round pill) Protecting humans can be pointless. They'll just find a way to kill themselves eventually. (both swallow the pill and come out of their bodies wearing the shinigami outfit) Let's just get this over with, Tanya.

Tanya: Right! (Jumps onto his outstretched hand and he flings her high in the air toward the hollow. She kicks them hard in the face and they disintegrate)

Soya: (looks bored as he draws his sword as the humans are attacked by the hallows that got past Tanya) Enter, Munashii. (His sword turns to long staff and the hallows seem to swirl around the center of their body and are absorbed into an unseen portal)

Tanya: (The hallows start to close in on her in midair and she draws her sword) whine, Monshou! (Her sword turns to two sais and she holds them in either hand as she cuts through them all with blinding speed. She falls toward the ground from her great altitude looking down at Soya) Wasn't that fun?

Soya: (looks impassive for a moment but his expression turns to shock as he looks behind her) I thought the presence we felt at first couldn't have been the small hollow.(starts soundtrack)
(start soundtrack)
Tanya: Huh? (Turns in midair and sees a huge garganta ripping open) Oh boy. (lands on the ground and flips back as a huge white shoe come out of the garganta and nearly crushes her. She lands next to Soya) Why is that thing here? (A gillian steps out of the garganta and roars) We didn't let off nearly enough power to attract a menos grande. (the gillian opens its mouth and it charges a cero)

Soya: We need to protect the humans! (suddenly a voice speaks calmly and coolly from behind as someone walks past)

???: A menos grande? Is it really necessary to panic over something so insignificant? (the girl has medium length black hair, a white shirt and a blue sweater around her hip, a brown skirt, and dark black socks. Her eyes are a cruel tundra like blue that's contradictory to her kind smile. She holds up a hand as the cero flies at them and it is held there) But I have to say sorry. It's my fault these pesky hallows came. (She deflects the cero to the ground and mutters a spell under her breath. In a flash of light, the gillian's head is obliterated and it disintegrated) Tanya and Soya, you're relieved of your post here as a protector. You're needed in Soul Society by order of the head captain.

Soya: Who are you exactly?

???: Suzuna Yoshsishige.

Tanya: You're from one of the great houses...

Suzuna: Come on you two, we have to get moving. We don't want another annoying fly to appear, do you?

Soya: You definitely have that proud air around you. If we're going back we have to erase the memories of the people we saw with our gigais.

Suzuna: Don't worry about that. I've already finished with that. (a hell butterfly flies by each of their heads as a senkaimon opens. She walks toward it) We have a lot of work to do.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Sorry I haven’t responded to you Randomfan, I’ve been reading a new Manga. (You see I go to some Manga website and think, “What the heck is this?” Then I click on it and start reading figuring if I’ll like it or not.)

----------Level 4-------

Kevin: Can’t see you, can’t hear you, can’t sniff you out, and I don’t really want to touch nor taste you.

Wrath: Tch, that wouldn’t be weird.

Kevin: Guess I’m going to have to give in on Level 3, Arsenal, and go straight to the next one.

Wrath: Oh, I would love to see your arsenal, well too bad for me.

Kevin holds out his sword: Bankai. (Like always, Silver reiatsu flows around Kevin.) This is Level 4, The Gate Keeper.

Wrath steps out from her tree, not fearing that Kevin would attack: What gate does he guard?

Kevin: The gate to my steel world.

Wrath: Steel…World?

Kevin: You haven’t noticed?

Wrath: Noticed what?

Kevin: Look around.

Wrath looks to see her trees covered in steel, the bark and leaves are covered in steel. She grasps her rose: You little, (Wrath swings it around expecting that pollen will come out, but nothing happens. Wrath takes a look at her sword and realizes that it is covered in steel too.) When did you do this!?

Kevin: When you were looking around.

Wrath thinks: I have about five minutes until the pollen wares off. I have to finish this by then. (Wrath grabs her rose are charges at Kevin, trying to send him to his grave. Inches away, Kevin blocks with a steel gauntlet, right in front of his face.)

Kevin: I see you.

Wrath backs off: How?

Kevin: In my Bankai, I control all metals, including the ones in my body. I just used the metals in my body and pushed the pollen in my blood to a place where it could be disposed. Thus now I have my sight and sound.

Wrath: You counteracted my pollen!

Kevin: You didn’t shut down my brain. (A sword comes from the ground.) No more hiding, it’s an all out fight now. (Kevin forces the trees into the ground leaving just a flat plain of metal.)

Wrath: How could you do this!?

Kevin: Remember when I tasted the dirt?

Wrath: Yha.

Kevin: You’re looking at every single one of those minerals here.

Wrath: What!?

Kevin: Metal and steel are just refined rock, it doesn’t matter which rock it is. It just ends up the same. Now if you wanted a stronger metal, you would use more of the same mineral or a combination to make it stronger.

Wrath: So this metal is weak.

Kevin: No, not really, it’s stronger than just plain old dirt.

Wrath builds her reiatsu: Well then, I’ll tear it apart.

Kevin: And I’ll build it back up.

Kevin and Wrath clash with intense reiatsu, nearly tearing the steel to shreds.


Oh ya, I was thinking that maybe we could mention this blog to Shonen Jump. Since we’re not selling this thing or nothing, we could tell them about it. Who knows, maybe they’ll make a Manga about this story!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
i love that idea!! hmm ill write tomorrow its already 11pm so i gotta go haha.

im still waiting to post something about leirza's sister. oh wells

and im working on the chracter her zanpaktou revolves around powers realted to the body haha. well ttyl
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Ok. Wasn't expecting that. oh well.

'Wrath stares at Kevin, and laughes'

Wrath: I can't believe it!!!

Kevin: What?

Wrath: Finally, there is someone who I think can handle my full shikai. But first, I want my forest back.

'Wrath walks over to one spot on the ground, and uses her reiatsu to free her rose, then stabs it in to the ground'

'She unleashes a huge amount of reiatsu through her rose and the forest rises again'

Kevin: How?

Wrath: Remember that seed I planted in the beginning of the battle? Well, it's roots connect to each tree. And now, for my full shikai.

'Wrath pours in large amounts of reiatsu in to her rose'

Wrath: Now, vizard. Prepare to die.

'Wrath points her rose at kevin, and a blast of sunlight shoots out. Kevin manages to dodge most of it, but part of it shines on his sword, and it is encased in crystal'

Kevin: What the heck!?

Wrath: This is my true power. 'Wrath looks behind her' and it appears that the amplifiers are just about finished. Looks like its time to fight for real.

'Wrath jumps in to a tree, and her rose pops out through a different one'

Kevin: Not this time!

'He jumps back as it fires, but Wrath's leg shoots out through a different tree, and knocks him back'

Wrath: Now die! 'She jumps in to the air above Kevin, and shines her light on to the ground where Kevin is'

Wrath: Hmmmm fast little vizard.

'Kevin appears away from Wrath, looking very tired'

Wrath: I don't have much more time to play. Please tell me you'll finally use your mask. This is starting to get boring.

All I can say is, bring it on Tecno. Bring it on.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना CainKnightlord said…
Umm. I'm still coming up with my zanpakto. I made a charecter though.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
big smile
Then go ahead and tell us!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
--------Level 5, a Battle of Two Worlds------------

Kevin: You know nothing.

Wrath: What?

Kevin: I have 10 Levels in all, and I’m only halfway done. (Steel tries to take over the trees again.) This is Level 5, The Devil’s Steel Garden.

Wrath: So now you’re a garden?

Kevin: No, you’re in my garden. (Kevin snaps his fingers and the floor below Wrath explodes.)

Wrath: What was that!?

Kevin: Gunpowder. And I can use it over and over again.

Wrath: Where did gunpowder come from?

Kevin: I made it.

Wrath: How?

Kevin: I can reconnect the molecules of steel, iron and other such metals and change them to gunpowder.

Wrath: You’re a mad scientist.

Kevin: Thank you.

Wrath tries to fight off the steel taking control of her forest, and is doing a very well job at it. Kevin tries to relax and regain his strength. Wrath comes inches from Kevin’s neck, a rose in hand, and blood is shed.

--------Level 7--------

Blood is now on the ground, the rose is now on the other side of Kevin, and Kevin has his mask on while Wrath has a cut on her waist.

Wrath: You brat, when did you…?

Kevin: Just a second ago, isn’t this the mask you wanted to see so badly. Level 6, Hell’s Arsenal, was skipped. This is Level 7, The Devil’s Paladin. (Wrath takes a second look at Kevin, realizing that he has some armor on, like a paladin, with the wings of a devil, and the mask of a dragon.)

Wrath: Everything you do is based around Devils and Hell, why is that?

Kevin: That’s none of your concern. (Kevin charges in and a sword appears in his hand. Kevin slices at Wrath who blocks with her rose, and then Kevin makes a second sword in his other hand and slices at Wrath with that one. Wrath manages to bock both blows.) You’re missing something. (A spike comes out of Kevin’s armor. Wrath barely doges, but is left with a small hole ripped in her clothing. Kevin appears behind Wrath.) Back here. (Kevin throws his sword at Wrath and Wrath dodges, again, by a hair.)

Wrath: Well, I’ll call my forest back. (All this time, Kevin’s steel world has been the field for now. Wrath drops her rose on the steel ground. Nothing happens.) ……………………

Kevin: Is there a problem?

Wrath looks at the ground: Why won’t it come out?

Kevin: It might be because we’re suspended in the air.

Wrath: What!? (The steel turns to glass. Wrath sees that she is in a large box, suspended by four steel cables on each of the top corners.) When did you……..!

Kevin: When I changed. I thought about it, I figured you couldn’t grow plants on steel. Plants need nutrients to grow. You use plants and make them grow by speeding up the growth process. And you turn yourself into the plant you chose. Now tell me, what will you do?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ikusa510 said…
I'm working on two more zanpakuto's as well. Halfway done with both... can't wait to post 'em.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jester2000 said…
Shikai Name: kyouran ataenushi "Madness Giver"
Release command: wareme ofu tame za munashii "split off to the void"
Bankai Name: Kyouran ataenushi shouki touzoku "madness giver, sanity thief"
Shikai Description: the shikai form, has a black hilt, the guard is a blood red color, the blade looks somewhat like a daedric katana from oblivion.

shikai abilities:
1- Tabi Kirikorosu "travel slay"- the blade is able to open portals, to anywhere (within reason) the blade travels through this portal and can stab the enemy at a point blank range.
2- Maruchi Chi Oten "multi blood stain"- the blade opens up one portal in front, and multiple inside the oponent, allowing it to pass through the first portal, and then have near limitless blades come out of the opponents insides, causing near instant death.
Bankai description: the blade shatters into pieces, and seems to dissapear, the user now has on a top hat as long as the blade, a vest, and the pants ichigo has in his bankai. all in black with green accents.
bankai abilities-
1- Kassha Wana "block trap"- the top hat turns into a cloak and falls over the user (generally as the oponent attacks) it seems as though he remains under the cloak (as you can see his imprint) however when it is cut into or hit, it is revealed that there is nothing under it. the cloak then vanishes and he generally reapears behind the opponent wearing the top hat again.
2- Chi Tozoku "blood thief" (ment to be called flesh thief, this was as close as i could find)- the hat turns into a cloak once more and he throws it over an opponent, creating the same effect as Kassha wana, the enemy promptly is gone once it is removed. (the truth behind this is that they are trapped inside an alternate dimension inside the hat, simmilar to nova, or the older male bount( i dont remember his name)(the user can also use the abilities of creatures he has trapped inside the hat, like being able to use cero after consuming enough menos)
3- Shin Hakaisha "core destroyer"- using enough of the absorbed enemies he creates a blood red crystal (about the size of a grape fruit) this gem then is either used as a source for power, or it is placed inside his stomach and implodes, creating a black hole (he ends up with his ribs puled slightly around the black hole, with no flesh in his stomach area, only his spine is left) it sucks in anything that comes near it, he is able to control it to some degree, when he covers it with the cloak it nullifies the effect. (once this is used he will forever remain in bankai form)
=desciption - optional
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onikagenoken said…
Yo, I just joined up but i do have a cool zanpakuto idea. here it is:

shikai: Hissastsu-ken (certain kill blade)

release command: end their pointless struggling hissatsu-ken.

bankai: kishin-kugutsu-torio-hissatsu-ken (fierce god puppet trio, certain kill blade)

shikai form: becomes a red handled wakazashi (thin straight version of a katana with no guard). when i slash with the blade, the enemy gets cut (even if they block or dodge or aren't in range of the sword, however, the cuts are shallow and the blade itself isn't very strong)

bankai form: i swing the sword in a half-circle and then it vanishes in three separate flashes of light. afterwards, if i snap the fingers of my right hand, a dark black hooded figure appears. he has long blade-like claws instead of fingers. when he slashes with them, it has a similar effect to the shikai form. then if i snap the fingers of my left hands, another figure appears. he has gray sown together skin and no face except for a partially stitched mouth. he carries a sword like a broad sword without a guard. when he strikes with it, dark red spirit energy spears outwards to strike nearby foes. the energy only lats for a couple seconds. after that, if i snap the fingers of both hands simultaneously, a third figure appears. he has a dark red body with fangs and tiny horns. he wears a green ninja-like costume with a straw Japanese hat. he carries two great steel razor sharp circles attached to chains rapped around his arms. when he strikes with the blades, he can hurl razor sharp blasts of wind at the enemy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onikagenoken said…
my last one was a little long but i will also post other zanpakuto ideas (no one can stop me hahahaha!)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना BleachFreak said…
I don't know the Japanese names, but here's my new zanpaktou.
Zanpakto name: Shadow-Consumer
Release Command: Release Your Darkness
Description: In its normal state, it has a complete black hilt and guard.
Zanpaktou Ability #1- Defensive Shadow, the user can use the surrounding shadows which can instantly protect him from all attacks.
Zanpaktou Ability #2- Shadow Cut, the user can swing at a shadow which can instantly cut the object whose shadow was cut.
Zanpaktou Ability #3- Shadow's Hunger, when the opponent gets cut, shadows will appear on the opponent which will try to consume him if not stopped.
Description: It turns into scythe which is completely black, it has a chain at the bottom of the handle that has a dark skull on it.
Bankai- True Darkness
Ability #1- Mirror of the Shadow- The user can create a mirror shadow copy of the opponent that has all the opponent's abilities and skills.
Ability #2- Shadow's Engulf- The user can disappear in any shadow at will.
Ability #3- Great Darkness Cloak- The user's clothes gets consumed by shadows and the whole area around the user and opponent gets shrouded with shadows. The user can either make the shadows on his clothes try to consume the opponent or use the shadows around him attack the opponent. Also the shadows on his cloths cannot be broken and the shadows consume any attack dealt to him. However this move is a double- edged sword, it consumes a ton of reiatsu and when the user releases it, the shadows also try to consume him. Last Resort move.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
JLazlo, here we go! You should reveal some of your new characters and hopfully you have some captains to add to a new "gotei 13." Well, Tecno's characters are quite capable, but I'm not sure to whether he even has anyone other than Kevin. It's a mystery. However, Jlazlo, you should continue writing. You can talk about a plan of action and all kinds of stuff. Be creative. You can use the seven virtue shinigami in your conversations.

Kuraha (woman)
Geryon (male)
Thamuz (male)
Ransay (male)
Toiso (male)
Shant (male)
Paimai (female)

Tomo: Where are we?

Leirza: We're close.

Tomo: Close to what? Your sister?!

Leirza: Yes, I can feel her presence despite her location.

Tomo: How?!

Leirza: Just a feeling. Trust me, little girl (unsheathes sword and recites a spell that makes his blade glow purple. He wounds the the fabric of the air and opens a portal. Suddenly hands pieces the wound in the air and tear it open further revealing a woman with long red hair)

Kesh: Its so nice to be free (stares at Tomo and then continues talking to Leirza). I was wondering when you'd get around to freeing me. It took you much too long, brother. Explain to me, though. Who is this girl?

Tomo: I'm tomo! It's a pleasure to meet such an esteemed shinigami captain. If you're anything like your brother, you'll be an amazing addition.

Kesh: (chuckles). You're getting ahead of yourself, little one. I am unfamiliar with you and your cause. Therefore, I cannot help.

Leirza: Sister, I suggest we help. Do not be difficult in such moments of crisis.

Kesh: What crisis?

Leirza: The angels have combined their efforts with seven supreme hollows, far beyond any regular arrancar.

Kesh: Interesting...When did you become entangled in this war?

Leirza: As soon as this little girl promised to aid in your search. Also, it is the noble choice and you know that. This is what we stand for.

Kesh: Yes, of course, justice.

Leirza: You'll have to excuse me sister, she can be fairly crude and unwilling sometimes. Do not labor under the wrong impression, however. She has a rightous heart, which serves her well in battle.

Kesh: Some say it makes me blade sharper than that of a regular zanpakuto.

Tomo: Really? Shear will can improve the sharpness of a blade? Intriguing.

Kesh: Oh, you'll discover that soon enough, I am sure.

Tomo: I would enjoy studying such traits.

Kesh: (smiles at Tomo and places her hand on her shoulder) We should begin strategizing and meeting with your leaders. We cannot win this battle alone, after all.

Tomo: Allow me to lead you to the captains chambers (smiles with delight).

Kesh: Yes, by all means. Lead the way, little girl.

Leirza: (looks at some hollows roaming through the forest) Even since those 7 supreme hollows appeared, hollows have been appearing much more frequently.

Tomo: You think there is a connection?

Kesh: Undoubtedly. I've only been here mere moments and I can recognize a peculiar aura surrounding the area. It's drawing hollows. (unsheathes sword) Dom Dondobeigo! (slices sword in mid-air and thousands of bright red crescent shaped blasts dart toward the hollows and slice them into tiny pieces).

Tomo: WOW! That is some power your have, Kesh!

Kesh: (resheathes sword). Perhaps. However, power comes in many dimensions, girl. Remember, don't allow the desire for power to mask the truth that graces your sight.

(a hollow appears and fires a cero at Tomo catching her off guard. Kesh stops it with her bare hand and punches the hollow cracking its mask).

Kesh: You must not allow your reality to escape your vision. You're single track desires are misleading you, girl. You must accept your limits, otherwise you'll never discover the truth.

Tomo: I don't understand.

Leirza: Perhaps you should begin by escorting us back to your captain's chambers.

Tomo: Yes, of course.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
well then, time to go all out.

'Wrath looks around in the box'

Wrath: Hmph I really didn't want to use this...

Kevin: use what?

Wrath: You'll see soon enough.

'Wrath starts to bleed out hollow shell from her pores'

Wrath: It's been so long since I've used this. I was wondering if I forgot how to use it.

'The mask completely forms and it shows a shining white mask with purple swirls going around her eyes'

Wrath: Much better. I can feel my power increasing as we speak.

Kevin'in thought': crap. I'd better kill her before she get too strong.

'Kevin jumps forward and slashes at her, but she dodges. Then, he shoots spikes out of his armor, and she blocks it with her rose'

Wrath: This box is getting annoying. Time for it to go.

'She looks at Kevin for a second'

Wrath: this should hold you for a little.

'She twists her rose towards Kevin'

Wrath: Suishoo Cero!

'A cero beam fires off a Kevin, close range, and makes him get incased in crystal on the wall'

Wrath: Good, now...

'She charges up a huge cero'

Wrath: Soodai Suishoo Cero!!

'The cero beam fills up the entire box, and it shatters apart'

'Wrath and Kevin fall through the air'

Wrath: Now, BANKAI!

'A bright light appears as they fall, and they land in the forest'

'Kevin gets up'

Kevin: where did she go?

'A beam of light comes out of a tree, and Kevin barely dodges, then he slices it apart'

Kevin: Where are you!?

'Another beam of light comes from behind him, and the blast carries him for about a mile'

'Kevin looks behind him, and sees a flower looking out of place of the trunk of a tree'

Wrath: It's about time you found me. I was getting bored.

Kevin: So now your a flower. Ok then.

'Kevin tries to make the ground underneath the tree explode, but right as it explodes, Wrath vanishes'

'Kevin looks around and sees another blast of light coming from a different tree, and he dodges it'

Kevin: How?

Wrath: Simple. Clones.

What will Kevin do now? If he can't find the real Wrath, how can he win?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Yay finally!! okay time to take on my part.

Tomo skips through the forest as Kesh and Leirza follow behind.

Kesh whispers to Leirza: Brother, she is sure an interesting girl. You say we're in a crisis yet why doesn she look, look-

Tomo: positive? Optimistic?

Kesh: h- h- do you know what i was saying, girl?

Leirza: what ability do you possess to do so?

Tomo: haha, im physic, my master helped me gain those abilities years ago. anyways- oh whats this. 'turns to a tree'

Kesh: its a tree.

Tomo: hehe, its my friend 'hugs the tree'

Kesh: what is she doing? how can you trust a girl like this?

Leirza: i really have no idea, she never showed signs of stupidity like this.

Tomo: okay, lets do this!

Leirza/Kesh: do what?

Tomo takes out a mirror shaped like a heart. She thows it high up parallel to the tree trunk. The heart the attaches itself to the tree.

Tomo: I seek to find my lost HEART. Bring Her foward, from where she parts.

Kesh: what kind of spell is that?

Tomo turns: a simple.

The heart starts to be marked by pink swirls engraving the mirror. The tree starts to rip and deteriorate. The space around the heart, starts show that its connecting to something. The more the tree deteriorates the more the mystery person is shown. The heart is now connected to a necklace. A girl with brown wavy hair starts to fall from the top of the tree. Tomo catches her with ease.

Tomo: Heart! wakey wakey.

Heart opens her eyes: Uhhh, finally!! 'gets up' Hi Tomo long time no see sister.

Kesh: this is your sister?

Heart: oh im very sorry let me introduce myself. I' am Heart, i' am not really Tomo's sister, but we are close enough to respect each other as sisters.

Leirza: i see.

Kesh and leirza take a better look at heart. She wears a short sleeveless shinigami suit. She has green arm warmers and a black flats. Her hair is tied into ponytail, her eyes are green emerald. Her expression makes her look like and easy target but her eyes say other wise. They cant stop looking till she blinks

Kesh: oh, what the heck just happened?

Leirza: were we in a trance?

Heart: oh im sorry again, but my eyes have a certain ability to attract and distract others. By looking into my eyes i put my enemies into a world were they see there dreams come true.

Kesh: oh i see. Well now that we found another friend of yours Tomo shall you lead the way.

Tomo: okay.

Heart: why dont you use the mirror.

Leirza: what can a mirror do for us?

Tomo: i can transport us through reflections.

Leirza: so from mirror to mirror?

Tomo: thats just the basics haha. Well do you wanna try.

Kesh: Just lead the way.

Tomo: heart you wanna help me? 'Heart nods'

Tomo throws a shard of a mirror into a tree trunk, the mirror starts to spread along the trunk till all could see themselves in the mirror.

Heart takes Kesh's hand as Tomo holds Leirza's.

The mirror glows and they then disappear. As the light fades they find themselves in the captain's chamber.

Leirza: that was very impressive, i never seen anyone use a type of transportation like that.

Tomo blushes to his comment.

Heart/Kesh: shall we get started.

Heart/Kesh: jinx!, double jinx! ahhh.

Kesh finally laughs and shows a sign of humor.

Leirza: okay. well do you know anything that may help us.

Tomo: I see that you're thinking of the 7 virtues as i am.

Heart: who are they. or what is that.

Kesh: Well they are 7 shinigami who make use of 7 types of virtues. For example charity.

They continue talking about the virtues.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------Level 9----------

Kevin realizes what is going on: Clones, fine by me. I guess I’ll have to power up. (Kevin puts his hand up to his mask.)

Wrath: What are you doing?

Kevin: This, (Kevin pulls his hand across his mask, and a second mask. The mask is different from before. The mask is a dragon’s mask again with silver lines coming down from the eye holes. There is also a pendent coming down from the mask as well.) This is Level 9, The Devil’s Keeper.

Wrath: This is different. How did you!?

Kevin: I learned how to control the first and second stage of the Hollowfication process. This allows me to let only a certain amount of reiatsu at a time, and raise my stamina.

Wrath: So you’re near all out. What was level 8 anyway?

Kevin: It was The Devil’s Prince. Why do you ask?

Wrath: It’s just interesting. That’s all.

Kevin: Alright, fair enough. (Kevin raises both of his hands. Steel balls come out of the ground and levitate.)

Wrath: What is this? Is this a joke? (A clone raises their hand and a beam shoot from it.)

Kevin: Tch, that’ll happen. (The beam hits a steel ball, then another, and another. The beam makes a full 180 degree turn and hits the clone.) Go ahead, shoot another.

Wrath: You redirected it!? How!?

Kevin: It’s a beam of light. Steel can reflect light, which creates a beam. It’s simple.

Wrath: Then I’ll destroy you physically. (Clones form around Kevin and each have a rose. They all wing at Kevin.)

Kevin: Hey, what are you aiming at? (The Wraths stop swinging and they see a steel humanoid. Kevin waves his hand.) Bye-bye. (The steel figure explodes and the clones are destroyed.)

Wrath: How did you…?

Kevin: It was a bomb, made it and got out of there. And by the way, (Kevin appears behind the real Wrath’s tree and grabs her neck right through the tree, putting Wrath against a steel wall that forms behind the tree.) Found you.

Wrath talks with her only breath: You….little………brat.

Kevin: Go all out, and I’ll show you my true strength.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
-------------------falling stars----------------
Shion: (next to Phoebe as they walk through a corridor inside of the 1st squad barracks) Things seem rather vexing now, don't they? Things have hardly begun to be catastrophic yet we're forced to act so prudently.

Phoebe: That's true, but if we aren't careful we could end up missing something important. Best to act early with time than to react late with less information, right?

Shion: I guess that's true. But it really depends on how the other captains take it. (looks up and sees two kids in front of her)

Tanya: Lady Shion?

Shion: Yes?

Soya: We're here to speak about the rumors we've heard.

Shion: Rumors?

Tanya: The ones about the Zero Squad. Are they really...

Soya: Going to help in this situation? They've never...

Tanya: Done so before.

Phoebe: Twin telepathy? What cute little dears!

Shion: It's true we'll get involved with this crisis here. Part of it may be our fault. Would it trouble you to ask what squad you are on?

Soya: We aren't on an actual squad.

Tanya: We have a special condition for that. But...

Soya: We can't say. We just wanted to confirm.

Phoebe: Well you can run along then dears, we have business to attend to.

Tanya: (nods) Okay! Come on Soya! (dashes off)

Soya: (sighs) We're in no hurry. (follows)

Shion: (She and Phoebe watch them leave) Peculiar...

Phoebe: Aren't they? But we have to hurry to the meeting. We have some crucial information.

-------------------------Stormy sky------------------------
The sky seems dark over sereitei from gathered clouds. It's not at a threatening level, but spreads out as far as the eye can see.

Sinsue: (Standing on a high cliff staring at the clouds. After a moment he lets his breath out in slight frustration) It's no good. I can't find them anywhere.

Elli: No where? You think they left for another dimension?

Sinsue: It's possible. Elli-san, could you try not to clump the clouds so much together? You might make it rain.

Ell: Sorry. (lowers sword and the clouds seem less tense as they start to disperse) What do we do now? Hibiki and Kibudo are still searching and Shion-chan sent a hell butterfly saying they were talking to the captains about recent events.

Sinsue: We keep trying I suppose. Their energies have to still be here somewhat even if they left.

Elli: Alright then. (Points sword at sky and clouds begin to gather again)
I'm still think about what exactly to do with the Akumajouin. There are about twelve to thirteen of them and I've got their characters figured out, it's still bothering me how I should make their full debut.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Wrath starts to laugh while Kevin holds her by the neck'

Kevin: Your not really in any position to laugh you know.

Wrath: Your completely wrong. You just fell in to my trap!

'A clone appears right beneath him, and fires it's beam, but Kevin reflects it back at the ground'

Kevin: That was it? That was your big plan?

'He turns back, and sees a gigantic cero firing right in his face'

'He gets blown back by the blast, and looks up at Wrath'

Wrath: Just a distraction. So I have time for this.

'Wrath's purple reiatsu becomes mixed with black, , and hollows shell flows all over her flower form'

Wrath: Full hollow form.

'She fires a beam of light mixed with her reiatsu, and when the steel orbs come up to block it, they are completely destroyed'

'Kevin has to jump aside to dodge the blast'

Kevin: My orbs! How?!

Wrath: My power is so much greater than it was before. Just adding a little reiatsu in to destroy them. But sadly, it's time for you to die. I need that mask.

'Wrath makes 8 flower clones on different trees and fire off random bursts of light, making the entire forest look like it is made of crystal'

Wrath: Now, here are your options. Either give up the mask, or I kill you and take the mask from you!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
did you guys read my post on pg 37. thats if you didnt know it was there ^____^
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Play song at bottom

--------The Final, Level 10---------

Kevin: A full Hollow form. Alright, I’ll see what I can do about that.

Wrath: What would you do, I’m going to kill you right now!

Kevin: You’re forgetting something. I still haven’t gone to Level 10. (Kevin makes some armor on him.) I’ll unlock the gate to this monster. (Silver reiatsu flow from Kevin, steel covers the ground, the ground moves higher and higher.) This is Level 10, The Devil’s Steel Dragon. (A steel dragon crawls up from the ground. The dragon stands up and roars.)

Wrath: Flashy. But do you honestly think that this is enough to defeat me.

Kevin: This ain’t for show, it’s a relief. All this reiatsu would kill me. So I use the extra energy to make this dragon.

Wrath: That doesn’t make sense.

Kevin: It makes me feel better than if I was releasing all this reiatsu at once. There, short and simple. Are you happy?

Wrath: No, not really.

Kevin: Why am I talking? We’re fighting.

Kevin raises his hand and so does the dragon. His hand opens and spikes shoot up across the field. Wrath manages to doge, but Kevin comes near and punches Wrath, making Wrath fly far. Wrath gains her balance. Kevin ends up behind her and a pole shoots from his hand. Wrath doges and does a low kick. Kevin jumps up and grabs the pole and tries to hit Wrath with it. Wrath is hit and the pole explodes. Wrath makes a cero and hits Kevin, but Kevin shields himself. He puts on his Devil armor and swiftly hits Wrath in the back. Wrath swings her rose at Kevin. Kevin backs off and sees a Cero at the end of the rose, and it blasts Kevin into the ground. Kevin recovers and smiles.)

Wrath: Why are you happy?

Kevin: Look at where you are. (Wrath looks behind herself and sees the dragon right behind her. Steel cables come around Wrath and lock her to the dragon. Kevin waves his hand.) Bye-bye. (The dragon explodes with Wrath is in the middle of it. Wrath comes out nearly unharmed, panting as well as Kevin.) You want to finish this.

Wrath: Are you at your limit.

Kevin: Yha. And I know you are.

Wrath: Correct, although I wish you didn’t know that. (Wrath makes plants around her.)

Kevin: Well, this is it. Who is stronger? (Kevin makes a dragon behind him and the dragon takes flight.)

Kevin and Wrath clash weapons with the dragon and plants clashing with them. The field explodes, and a mile high beam shoots up. Plants catch on fire. Kevin and Wrath are yelling at the top of their lungs, forcing every inch of power left in their body. The smoke clears and Kevin and Wrath are standing across from each other, backs facing each other, panting hard. Wrath is about to fall and uses her rose as a third leg. Then Kevin falls on the ground, his body unmovable. Wrath walks slowly to Kevin and puts her rose to Kevin’s neck.

Wrath: You die now. I will take that mask and use it for my own will.

Kevin: I will never let that happen. (Kevin appears behind Wrath and puts her to the ground.)

Wrath: You had some power left!?

Kevin: Only that much.

Wrath doesn’t have the energy to move: Are you going to kill me?

Kevin brings his sword up and Wrath closes her eyes. The sword ends up right next to Wrath face, and a small scrap draws blood: I don’t kill.

Kevin walks away with his hands in the pockets of his jacket. Wrath looks at him dumb-folded: You aren’t going to kill me?

Kevin: You people destroyed my home, and gave no meaning to my life. Then I forgave and forgot. I made friends, joined an organization, and lived a life. If you want me to kill you, kill one of my friends. Then I will hunt you and rip your head off.

Wrath: We destroyed your home?

Kevin: That is personal. I cannot speak of that.

Wrath: I don’t understand.

Kevin: You never will. (A dimension opens and Kevin walks through and turns back to say his final words to Wrath.) I consider this a draw, a win for neither me nor you. My reasons are for me and only me to know.

Wrath: A…draw.

Kevin: I don’t think you are a bad person, but the next time we meet, and you threaten one of my friends, I will kill you. (The door closes and Wrath lies there in the dust and makes a forest to make herself happier.)

Wrath: Not a bad person huh…first time I hear those words.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Well Tecno, you were half right. Wrath was in full hollow form, but I still had some tricks up my sleeves. But whatever. there'll be more battles :).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Ah, so true.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachgirl said…
wow! how long hav u been watching bleach? is it ur fav show? its my fav. do u read the comics? i do my cuzin haz 1 to 17 in the comics they r awesum!!!!!!!!! lol u hav 1 wild imagination so do i i jus dont like to type (im not that goodd at typing) btw i just started watching bleach a few moths ago.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना UltimateBleach said…
Megadragon u weird
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I'll answer some of those questions Bleachgirl. I got on here, might as well do something. I started watching Bleach last summer. Yes. Yes. I started reading the Manga about a month or two after I started watching the show. By the way Bleachgirl, if you got the imagination for the story we're writing, you can join in. We started a new story at around pg. 30 (Maybe before that). But if you do so, take it slow, from what I'm seeing, your post looked like you just typed really fast and just posted it. But don't worry, practice makes perfect!
P.S. If you want to read Bleach Manga, just click here -> link
If you want to read random Manga click here -> link
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onikagenoken said…
hey, i got another zanpakuto

shikai: Bachiatari-tomurai (cursed burial)
release command: trap them forever.

bankai: bachiatari-tomurai-ikusen-bourei (cursed burial of a thousand spirits)

shikai form: the zanpakuto takes on the form of a long black handled scythe with a curved white blade that has holes in it. when i strike with the scythe, dark spirit energy pours out from the holes like black fire. if the scythe blade strikes something or someone, the thing or person slowly starts getting encased in black rock that absorbs spiritual pressure. the black rock starts from whichever point the scythe hits.

bankai form: the scythe vanishes. i get covered in obsidian-like armor. the armor is laced thru with white bones almost like vains, throughout the armor. a blade identical to the scythe blade of its shikai form sticks out of each shoulder. they can't move but i use them like wings to fly with. finally, i can shoot long spinal cord-like bones with sharp points from the wrists of the armor. if these bones stab or rap around a person, they slowly sap away that persons spiritual pressure and give it to me. (i also use those bones like whips and can retract them at will)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onikagenoken said…
i also have a soul reaper to represent myself and wield bachiatari-tomurai. his name is oniboushi urufu (his first name means demon eye, and his last name means wolf). he is tall and bald with many black tattoos on his head. he is kind of morbid and scares people with his staring red eyes. he was a prodigy at soul society but never learned kido. he quickly obtained his shikai. he then obtained his bankai two years later when he traveled to the hollow world to battle hordes of Menos Grande. he was the third seat of squad eleven back before kenpachi zaraki was captain. he would have been vice-captain but didn't make it because of his creepy fascination with death. his inner world is a never ending graveyard with low hanging mists. his zanpakuto's form in his inner world is that of a man in a white robe with a white hood. his face is always obscured except for a continuous grin. in his left hand he carries a great curved blade that is down turned. it has a gray handle. it's guard is a gray skull that has the blade coming out of its open mouth.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jeikobu said…
NAME: Junsei Gekido (pure rage)

RELEASE PHRASE: kakuho arankagiri muchitsujo (maintain all chaos)

BANKAI: doki kara issen nai supirittsu (wrath from 1000 dead sprits)

SHIKAI ABILLITY: raises gravity level by 100 times (making the opponent extreemely weaker) and whoever weilds the junsei gekido is unaffected by this.(symbol of 100 dead shinigami spirits pulling the opponent down with them.)

BANKAI ABILLITY: raises 1000 dead shinigami souls to fight for me.Each soul is as strong as me.

BANKAI ABILLITY 2: issen nai ma-ji (1000 dead merge) all the 1000 dead shinigami warriors i have risen will pile into me merging me with them to create one super-ultra-mega fast, strong, smart and technical "ME" with super-ultra-mega high spirit pressure.

ME: i only ever talk to one other person in the world and thats in private. nobody has ever heard my voice and i am allways eating buscuits. i am also a captain in the 13 squads however all the other squad captains and vice captains hate me. i talk only to the new shinigami trainnee eduwaado kensai who's appearance is nearly exactly the same as my (secretly murdered by shinigami captain aizen long ago)brother who trained me in everything i know and gave me my first katana wich i then transformed into a zanpakouto using what he had taught me. i have hair very much like urahara's and am small and meek looking. allways underestimated. secretly loves loves loves loves loves fighting and the chaos it brings. very closely resembles the characteristics of kenpachi. allways hiding face fromn outside world (like bowing head down and away from people trying talking to me)became captain through killing the two vice captains and the captain all in the same fight without even breaking a sweat. highest number of kills ever made in all shinigami existance. when people talk about my brother disrespectivly there is only death for them!!!!!!!

INNER WORLD: allways inside a cathedral with a never ending great hall very dull decorations and very dark and dismal. whenever i go into my inner world to talk with and train there my zanpakutous form is never seen but allways heard however his shadow is often seen (wearing some sort of top hat and nice coat) and has a really creepy laugh wich he does more than talk. he laughs so much at me because i never talk but allways train.

last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MaXaM said…
Zanpakuto's name/shikai name- Amegumo (Rain Cloud)

Release command-oboreru (drown)

Bankai name - Kokushibyo Amegumo (Black Death Rain Cloud)

Description -
Shikai-When released Amegumo's blade turns metalic blue and
is the same shape of a normal zanpukuto but its length is double, the cross guard is a blue 8 pointed star and the hilt just like any other zanpukutos

Bankai- The blade turns to mist and rises above the user which leaves the cross guard and hilt the mist spreads across the sky making it black and giving the user the ability to control the weather with his mind and the direction of the attacks with the remaining hilt

Shikai abilities

Amegumos main power is the ability to create and control water as its user sees fit

Bankai abilities

In bankai form Amegumo gives its user control over water, lightning and ice (hail)

Shurai(lightning strike)- Causes a bolt of lightning to instantly strike an enemy the hilt is pointed at

Mizusutashirudo(water star shield)- The cross guard grows into a big blue 8 pointed star shield to guard against attacks
while Amegumo is in its bakai form

Sutomuakuma Amegumo- Amegumos black clouds come toggether and flow around its user turning him/her into a demonic looking being in this form the users reiatsu,strength,speed and fighting ability are increased but he/she loses all defense and most of the users sanity

=D all done
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan said…
hi i am new to this but i love bleach so of course i have made my own zanpakuto

Zanpakuto's name/ shikai name- karite (Reaper)

Release command- hinan shimasu (condemn)

Bankai name- karite tsurugi (Reaper's sword)

looks like a regular reverse blade called a kataba, a metal ring in the middle of the handle that i keep on my middle finger in order to switch direction of the sword quicker, the blade is like a bone white color and the handle is black with the sheath being the same color
Shikai- When released the sword and sheath become one with the handle and forms a 4 foot long rod and it keeps the curve of the sword and a double edged blade juts out the end, and the handle has perfectly formed grip for my hand

Shikai ability #1- nibai yaiba (double blade)
the scythe shortens in length by about half and doubles itself for dual wielding

Bankai- sword becomes part bone and steel and looks like a katana, the handle becomes a spine along with most part of the blade being vertabrae and of course a very sharp cutting edge fused directly with the bone of the sword, the hand guard is a skull with the facial structure facing away from me
bankai abilities-
usually the jaw bone stays shut but when i use an ability it opens wide and reiatsu pours out of the sword to fuse with mine.
one ability is to turn intangeable by fluctuating my reiatsu.
another ability is when i want to strike from a distance i just throw a punch with sword in hand and it sends a blast of reiatsu that looks just like the skull on my sword with its mouth open ready to devour part of the enemies reiatsu.

well i couldn't think of much more than that and well there it is my awesome zanpakuto

i am sorry that this is similar to onikagenoken's i didn't read all of the replies but i have some differences it isn't even as cool as his either but oh well mine ia a little bit simpler i think

the wielder me: is tall and resembles grimjow a lot only my hair is white i am very quiet,i am not even a third seat in my squad for i don't have my shikai yet until my captain byakuya kuchiki goes missing and for some reason i am told to step up to the plate i have to train by fighting hollows, the strongest i can find for 6 months, and i come back hardened and secretly unlocking my mask which is a plain skull with its mouth ajar looking like a creepy smile, since all i can show to the captains is my shikai i don't become the new captain but then the new captain also goes missing something is astray i secretly investigate and find an undercover vasto lorde impersonating a squad member and i take care of him using my mask and after that i am put under some very rough tests by mayuri kurotsuchi he makes me fight for extended periods of time using my mask and eventually it tries to take over and my zanpakuto karite helps me gain control once more by showing me my bankai the karite panchi (reaper's punch) helps me take control of the mask once again, and i was once again put in front of the captains and they agreed i should be the captain of the 6 squad
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tracerx91 said…
zanpakuto name/shikai BaraHime - Rose Princess
release command - housha shinasai - Radiate
abbilities - Barahime takes the form of a regular zanpakuto, with the guard looking like a rose in full bloom (though flat) when released the guard turns into a rose with the blade coming out of the middle. its attack WatatsumiBara- Sea of Thorns - creates countless energy thorns that fly out in an arc when the sword is swung.
Bankai - Osozaki Barahime - Late Blooming Rose Princess - Barahime envelops the wielder with petals (somewhat looking like toushiros bankai) with four wings of petals and each hand is enveloped by a rose.
Abilities - WatatsumiBara - a much more powerful version of the shikai attack.
Nidozaki - Second Blooming - the roses on the hands become claw like, and increases the speed of the user tenfold, if the claws pierce something, then a rose blooms out of the spot where they hit, with the growth eventually becoming so large the opponent can no longer move or fight.
Wielder - Traes Kubara - new captain of fifth squad
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulquiorra123 said…
Zanpakuto name/shikai BaraHime - Sabor Tooth Fang

Relesae command - Time to take charge Sador

Banki name - Sabor

Description - It looks like a regular zanpakuto, the guard looks like sabors tale with four sabor claws around it and it has a chain at the end shaped as Sabor Tooth tiger. The picture at the both is the Sabor Tooth Tiger and the sabor's face will be the last thing you see before deing.

Shikai Abilities - Claw them lim from lim Sabor, Strik them with fear Sabor, Growl your bloody growl Sabor

Bankai Abilities - Crawl and strik Sabor, Bloody Fang Sabor, Eat your fill Sabor

Comments - The eat your fill Sabor attack is that a the sowrd turns into a sabor tooth tiger and kills the opponent. Somtines eat him or her. The picture at the bottom is the sabor tooth tiger and the sabor's face will be the last thing you see before deing.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
 Zanpakuto name/shikai BaraHime - Sabor Tooth Fang Relesae command - Time to take charge Sador B
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
I've got a new one, though this one is pretty different. This one is more based around the will of the blade, and the blade refuses to engage in an actual fight. The blade seems balanced to me because all of its abilities affect both fighters, and none of them are offensive.

Shikai Name: Teishi (Cessation)
Release Command: Nadameru… (Pacify…)
Bankai Name: Teishi wo Yoginaku Sa (Forced Cessation)
Shikai Description: The blade refuses to leave its scabbard unless the owner’s intentions entirely match the blades. It appears as a long, curved rectangular blade and appears sharp with a black hilt and a deep blue handle. The entire blade is glass, and can easily be seen through. It cannot be used directly in attack or defense. Should it be used in either, a small amount of force is sufficient to shatter the blade, though it will reform of its own will soon thereafter. In this stage, it acts as the wielder’s control mechanism for the zone.
Shikai Ability 1: Garasu no Pasu (Path of Glass)
The blade is pointed at the opponent, and two lines of mirrors rise out of the ground along the path to the right and left of each of the fighters. As these mirrors rise, the distance between the two fighters appears to expand vastly until neither can see the other, though neither has changed their physical position. A low volume vibration fills the air, confounding any attempts of either to locate the other.
Bankai Description: When this final release occurs, the mirrors shatter and the abilities of the Shikai are dispersed. This release will also not occur by the will of the wielder. The blade will automatically execute its final release if the opponent is too destructive while the Shikai is active. In essence, when it sees that providing a good circumstance for pacification, the blade decides it must do more. It has a short- and long-term activation in this phase, the first of which begins when the curved blade straightens and turns a deep purple.
Bankai Ability 1: Kinshi (Prohibition)
The blade pulses four times in quick succession. The first pulse prohibits injury, healing both fighters of all injuries except those that are fatal, and healing any further injuries either may receive that are also not fatal. The second automatically sheaths every weapon either controls, dulling their physical capacities. The third disperses all energy utilized by either fighter directly or through their weapons, effectively shutting down their abilities to utilize either. This ability, however, does not extend to weapons that function separately from the wielder, including weapons that are no longer attached to their wielder (e.g. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō), and weapons that act under their own will. The fourth pulse normalizes the speed of both fighters, setting either maximum speeds at the same level as the lower of the two.
Bankai Ability 2: Seishin Purizumu (Mental Prism)
This activation requires that the sword entirely mistrusts its owner. The blade flies out of the wielder’s hands and strike the ground between the two fighters. A large sheet of liquid glass will appear between the wielder and the opponent and it plunges either into an illusion from which there is no exit. The blade and only the blade can decide when to release this. Anyone trapped in this illusion becomes physically insubstantial, though remaining in the same location. Effectively, this is a last resort of the wielder.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-------Back to His Friends-------

Kevin walks through the gate and falls slightly and Kiro catches him.

Kiro: Did you win!?

Kevin: No.

Kiro: Did you lose?

Kevin: No.

Kiro: Was it a…

Kevin: It’s one of three, two are gone, and one is left, figure it out.

Kiro: Fine.

Kevin: Fix me up will you.

A boy walks by and looks at Kevin: To believe that you would be in this much of a mess.

Kevin: Well it’s good to see you too Zeron.

Zeron: Yha, but still…

Kevin: It doesn’t matter. I have to leave as soon as possible.

Darc walks up: Why?

Kevin: I have to get stronger, right now I’m weak.

Kiro: You’re stronger that all of us.

Kevin: Still, I need to learn…That.

Kiro: That’s what you’re trying to do!?

Darc: It’s his decision, if he wants to die trying, then that’s his fault.

Kiro starts working on healing Kevin’s wounds: That’s what I’m afraid of.

Zeron: You’ll get his chair.

Kiro: Kevin, go and get yourself killed.

Kevin: A chair means more to you than my life!?

Kiro: Yep.

Kevin: You (Curses a lot)!

Zeron: We’ll, I’m going home to.

Kevin: Where?

Zeron: To Lin.

Kevin: Lin? I thought you two hated each other.

Zeron: Neither of us could pay to live in the apartment, so we live together.

Darc: It’s a lot of fun.

Kevin: You’ve been there?

Zeron: He’s a free-loader. We’re trying to get him away from the apartment.

Kiro: Done.

Kevin gets on his feet: Good as always.

Kiro: Thanks. Don’t push yourself too much.

Kevin: Alright, I’ll make sure of that.

Zeron: What’s your destination, I’ll bring you there.

Kevin puts his finger to his lips: That’s a secret.

Zeron: Alright, see you guys later. (Zeron disappears.)

Darc: I’m going with him. I want to tick him off. (Darc disappears.)

Kiro: You’re going alone?

Kevin: Yha, to my home.

Kiro: Why won’t you tell us where it is?

Kevin: It’s personal. (Kevin starts to walk and turns back to Kiro.) You follow me and I’ll kill you.

Kiro: Understood.

Kevin disappears.

Kiro walks back to his apartment and pulls out a slip of paper Kevin had given him when no one was looking. It read: My home is Hell. Kiro had no idea what this meant for him, but he took a guess anyway, maybe there was a way back from Hell, maybe it was something more.


Kevin appears in a forest and pushes his hand into the air, creating a hole. The hole widened, and soon became wide enough for Kevin to walk through. And he did. He ended up in Heuco Mundo, in front of ruins. He walks over to a gravestone.

Kevin: Hey mom, dad, I’m home.

He picks up has sword and sits atop a building and meditates. He feels everything, the wind the ground the light the darkness. This was known to him as the universe. It was just everything.

Kevin opens his eyes, his in a room of steel: Yaiba.

A dragon appears before Kevin: It’s been a long time.

Kevin: Yaiba, is there something wrong?

Yaiba: No, nothing, although, why are you here?

Kevin: To train, we’re going to work on That.

Yaiba: Alright then, shall we?

Kevin thinks: We will master it, even if it takes my life.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना smithtommi said…
Here's Mine. (I'm not 100% sure on the transliations k?)

Zanpaukuto’s Name/Shikai: 海女神 (Umi Megami) “Sea Goddess”

Release Command: 帆 (Koukai) “Sail”

Bankai Name: 拉波,讐海女神 (Assai Nami, Kyuushuu Umi Megami) “Crushing Wave, Revenge of the Sea Goddess”

Shikai Description: When released, Umi Megami takes the form of a silver trident, 4 feet long, with jewels encrusted in the handle. Umi Megami draws it’s power from the water in the surrounding atmosphere and environment.

Shikai Abilities:

Umi Mizu Kabe “Sea Water Wall”: The wielder holds the trident in the air with the prongs pointing towards the sky. A wall of water surrounds the wielder that has the power to block most direct physical and projectile attacks. The ability can be used without saying the name, but has less power if done this way.

Tsunami Bakufuu “Tsunami Blast”- The wielder swings the Zanpakuto in the direction he wishes to fire. It fires a torrential blast of water that has ten times the force of a fire hose. The ability can be used without saying the name, but has less power if done this way.

Mizu Chiyu “Water Healing”: The wielder of Umi Megami is healed by water. The ability activates whenever the wielder is injured and touches water.

Bankai Description: Umi Megami returns to its sealed form, while the wielder’s upper body is encased in white samurai armor, with the right hand gripping the sword, and the left hand encased in a glove shaped like a sharks head. While wearing the armor, the wielder cannot use both hands to grip his sword.

Bankai Abilities:

Same Hitonomi “Sharks Bite”: The glove on the left hand of the wielder can be used to grab an enemies arm, leg, or any other part and cause damage.

Umi Megami Doki “Wrath of the Sea Goddess”: Swinging the sword creates a wave of water that can break bones and crush lungs.

Shiro Same, Umi Megami “White Shark, Sea Goddess”: Umi Megami draws all of the water out of the surrounding environment and atmosphere. The water is focused into the mouth of the shark glove using the wielder’s spirit energy. Once powered, the water is blasted at the enemy, crushing them.

last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shinigami_afiq said…
wow...who came up with this idea...this is cool..eventhough i have a difficulties in creating 1...hehe
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Define idea, the guy who thought of Make Your Own Zanpakto is gone. The one who first thought of the story, which started as a set battle, was Crazieone. Songoku joined later and I believe developed the story idea, then I joined soon after, then Jlazlo, and so on. (Other guys were in there, but they rarely show up)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

Sorry you guys, i have been gone for a really long time. i had been buisy with alot of things lately and is till am, though jlazo said that i could come back. though, i didn't really read all of this stuff because i was way to lazy. i am afraid i have a curse when it comes to patience and lazyness. anyhow i am goiung to recreate my chars and only leave a limited few that i have had before.

Also, if you could give me a small summary of the situation, it would be appritiated.

---------the fallen stars arrive in the fading world---------

from the very ground of soul society, two individuals seem to gracefully land. they slowely look around to observe their inviroment and they then pause. on of them has silver hair and looks like he is in his early 20's. he has peach fuzz on his chin and a nice looking golfer hat. he laughs as he looks at the surounding and pulls the other individual, i small and short blond haired kid, into a head lock.

???:so, how do you like the new scenary kid. its been literally forever since we have been here. omg i remember when this place was immature and infantile. new and fresh. though it seems a little barren now....... (said as he looks around as the landscape that seemed devestated)

the short blond haired kid did not change his facial expression. his face lacked emotion and all that was left was blankness. even in a head lock, he didn't change. he just looked blank and hollow.

???: that is no concern to me, nor should it be a concern to you. These "shinigami" have populated these land now from what i can sence. they are not like us, nor are their ways of protection. they seem to have ranks, then they have rank to follow them. Such a weakness to allow the pathetic to dwell with the strong. they should have done what we did.....Kill all those whom where a sad excuse for life.

the tall golfer hatted man just looked down at the kid, he then let him go and crossed his arms behind his head and looked down at him.

???: C'mon Gemini, dont remind me of that stuff. im already disgusted by our race and how we slaughtered our won kind.

gemini: it is not our fault they were a disgrace, and if i recall you killed many as well, tauros.

gemini said this with no emotion in his words, he just stared blankly at the ground. he then looked up at the sky and continued to talk without a responce from Tauros

gemini: I want this land to be an extention to our power. these shinigami and whomever else that has occupied these lands must either notice that we will kill them all in the end and surrender, or face the enivitable and die through war.

tauros looked at him and sighed, he then snapped his fingers as a portal opened behind them. the portal was extremely bright and would blind any shinigami or anyone else. yet these people didn't seem to be any of those.

tauros: Kid, i wondered why you were so respected and strong. was it you talent, was it your battle stratagies, though i think had figured it out. i believe it is your lack of emotion to life....

gemini then turned to him slowely as he glared into his eyes as the bright portal layed in the background.

gemini: What is life if you can't take it away?

gemini said this in his emotionless tone as tauros sighed and walked through the portal. the portl then shrunk into a small bright sphere, then it shot up into the sky as Gemini observed his surounding. he then looked back into the sky.

Gemini:"the night sky will shine on the unsuspecting sinners, then the light of judgement shall blind there darkened eyes and lead them to what time has fortold and what time has held in store for life.......the end of life."

gemini then began to walk as he looked back ahead of him and waited to meet his first shinigami, or whomever would stop him. yet he didn't know that his first shinigami would come by so soon. right before appeared someone in a captains uniform and he looked down at the kid and smiled.

???: nice to meet you kid, my name is Jiro yamanaka. I hope that i havent intruded on your time, but you need to come with me.

gemini: your not real.........leave.
- he said as he seemed to walk right through the captain

The illusion then turned at scratched its head as it seemed to vanish. he then appeared like mist beside the kid and began to walk beside him.

jiro:kid, you know you shouldn't be out here.....

Gemini: you now that you shouldn't be a captian if your power is as weak as your is now....die.....

Right after the word "Die" the illusion began to fade and a man in the distance seemed to appear, though he seemed like he was struggling. he was holding his neck as he began to cough and gag. Then, blood began to leak from his eyes, mouth and ears as he then dropped to the ground, lifeless. And the whole time gemini continued to walk forward in the direction he was headed in.

Gemini: jiro.......i like that name.......
-he said with no emotion

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Crazione can you continue the talking about the 7 virtues brom pg 37?? as of now ima go with Songoku for now ^___^


A Bright light, with a Deadly Shadow

A bright white orb opens in a open area in soul society. the space surrounding the orb starts to distort, it turns out to be a portal. A young boy, the age of 12 walks out, He has shiny gold-yellow eyes and silvery blue hair.

???: awww, i wonder where Gemini is.

smiles to himself: I guess i have to go and find him.

He starts to daydream, when a shinigami comes around in the area.

Man: Excuse me young boy are you lost. 'taps the boy'

???: oh, hehe. Yes im kinda lost, can you help me?

Man: what is your name? then we can see what we'll do

???: my name is Aquarius, but call me Aqua for short.

man: what a handsome name.

The man puts his arms on Aqua's shoulder and starts to lead him to the barracks.

Aqua: hehe, can we go see a pond first? i love ponds.

The man looks into Aquas yellow eyes and seems to take his suggestion.

Man: ah okay, 'they start to walk the other way'

Aqua then starts to hold the mans hand as if he was leading the man.

Aqua: tell me your name?

Man: my name? my name, is Roku.

They get to the pond, Aqua starts to see whats in the pond and starts to throw rocks.

Roku: there, i think thats good enough lets go now.

Aqua: her, Roku why dont you go see how deep the pond is.

Roku is again captivated by Aqua's eyes and reluctantly walks into the pond he goes knee deep in the water.

Roku: are you sure this is a good idea?

Aqua: yea why not, and why dont you go kill yourself? its a SUGGESTION you wouldn't want to deny. hehe.

Roku: 'eyes go blank' okay.

Roku jumps into the deepest part of the pond and drowns. Aqua smiles and giggles. He touches the surface of the water. A purple reatsu comes from the now dead roku and its being sucked up in to the finger tips of Aqua.

Aqua: huh, not that much power, but its okay. Now where is Gemini? hehe.

Aqua gets up and skips towards the buildings, He spots a bird.

Aqua: little eagle why dont you be my friend?

The bird then follows, and lands on Aquas shoulder.

Aqua: wow youre soo pretty, now can you find my friend Gemini.

The birds soars through the sky and searches for Gemini.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
gemini continued to walk through the barren land as he spotted something at the corner of his eye. he turned his head a little as he witnessed a gliding eagle. the bird then seemed to dive and land beside him. it looked into his eyes as it folded its wings. gemini then stopped moving as he looked down at the bird. he looked at it with no emotion as he the crouched down and looked into its eyes. he sences a power he new of.

Gemini: aquarious......i see. so your one of his mindless slaves now aren't you? well thats a shame.

gemini then grabbed the bird by the neck with murderouse intentions. the bird struggled until blood seemed to pour out of its mouth. than, once the bird had died, gemini scooped a little bit of its blood and began to drink it. after he had had his filling, he then took out a handcerchief from his pocket and washed his mouth and hands from the blood. gemini then turned to the left a little and began to run. Than, his run got faster. his cloak seemed to follow him as it waved in the wind. he then passed througha forest were, through the trees, he could see the barracks. he looked at it without emotion as he continued his run toward the destinition. later on he then stopped to see a blue haired kid. he looked at him a little with the emotionless face he had always had. he than walked toward aqua slowely as he glared at him.

gemini: I see, that your still using your ability to treat others like puppets, how cruel. to suggest ones own death is so unnesisary.

Aqua: can you ever say something nice?
-he said as he smiled at gemini
gemini:Kindness is just another emotion that tends to serve as an obstacle against final decissions. And final decission are crucial in every living things destiny, thus i can not allow such emotions to subdue me.

Aqua:alright, anyhow what is next, i was hoping we could find more of these shinigami. Maybe they WOULD LIKE TO die...or better yet kill each other.

Gemini:You are going to find the shinigami along with me. once we find them we shall find their leader. and most likely their leader will link us to every other opposing force there is currently. And through those links we will kill those whom defy us.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sillymango said…
Shikai Name: shiroi akuma( white devil )
Release Phrase: ten daun motarasu ( bring down the heavens )

Description: The katana looks like a regular Zanpakuto with sharp oval guard, through Shikai and Bankai the Zanpakuto doesn`t. But when shikai is released his hand looks like a white hand with white rectangle scales overlaping each other, it goes from the right hand to the right side of chest.

Bankai Name: shi no shiroi akuma( white devil of death )

Description: He stabs his zanpakuto into the ground and releases his bankai, then more of the overlapping scales come out to cover him Neck to toe, and he goes shirt-less, his zanpakuto disappears and he fights close combat.( punch and kicks )

Shikai Ability:(passive) physical strength increased, armor on right hand has strong defence.

Bankai Ability:(passive) Physical strength further increased, armor on body`s defensive power increased.kido spells tend to have much more effectivity then normal.( if driven to fullest potential, defensive armor is able to deflect a cero from an espada with some, but not major damage.)

P.S. i think i made him a little to power full, omg i just created a godly.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Hey, could someone tell me whats going on now? I've been busy for a while.