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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना TheArkAng3L said…
Zanpakuto's name/shikai name-Uindo Kiba(Wind Tusk)
Release command-Hitofuki(Gust)

Description - When released the zanpakuto tansforms into a hollow(as in nothing in the middle)spear with a chain running through it and it looping out the end opposite to the spearhead. At will the user can extend the chain and send the spearhead soaring through the air at the opponent(it extends to about 50m at full length).The user can control the extended chain more precicely in relation to how far it is extended.

Bankai name-Gouzen Taifuu Kiba(Roaring Typhoon Tusk)

Description-The spear form of Uindo Kiba turns into silver fore-arm guantlets and shinguards/greaves with tusks protruding from the elbobws and knees. The knuckles of the gauntlts also have small tusks protruding from them working as effective knuckle dusters, the same goes for the toes on the greaves.

Shikai ability 1-Uindo Hashira(Wind Pillar)-The user swings released Uindo Kiba around thier head or at thier side and then send the blade soaring towards the enemy followed by a miniture tornado. The more times swung around the greater the tornado.

Shikai Ability 2-Uindo Resna(Wind's Chain)The weilder loops the loop of chain at the other end of Uindo Kiba around the enemy's head and swings them around. Once let go the enemy is sent of spinning uncontrolably, open for a connecting attack.

Shikai Ability 3- Uindo Uxe-Bu(Wind Wave)From a distance the weilder can send out a shockwave by swinging Uindo Kiba infront of them.

Bankai ability 1- Attributes Improved-Once bankai is activated the weilder's speed and strength are signifigantly increased as they have the full strength of a typhoon behind them.

Shikai Ability 2-Ju Genkotsu/Fi-To Taifuu(Ten Fists/Feet of the Typhoon)When bankai is released each consecutive(without intereption)punch/kick landed on the oponent gains in power and the tenth punch/kick all the previous punches/kicks power is added into this one punch/kick making it a super powered punch/kick dealing massive damage.Note the punches and kicks are separate so the wielder can't do punches and kicks adding up to ten.

Bankai Ability 3-Taifuu Kiba Tosshin(Typhoon Tusk Charge)This move can only be activated when the weilder can land a kick strong enough to temporarily stun the enemy. When the opponent is stunned the weilder kneels down and then charges at the enemy while all the enenmy can see is a wild boar rushing towards them with a typhoon behind it.When the punch connects this move has the full force of the typhoon behind itand all of the weilder's spiritual energy.This does incredible damage and can kill a high level arrancar(not espada) instantly.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Pride appears in front of Wrath'

Pride: Gluttony has left.

Wrath: Yes, I know. But now we need a new Gluttony. Greed!

'Greed appears next to Wrath'

Greed: Yes?

Wrath: Go down to the Pit. See if the Prowler has any good candidates.

Greed: As you wish. 'he disappears'

'Greed appears in a small marsh'

Greed: Its been so long since I've been here. I hope this is the right spot.

'Greed raises his zanpakuto and stabs it deep in to the marsh'

'The marsh parts to form a small burning hole'

Greed: Yup. No other place in the soul society like this.

'He jumps in the hole'

'Once he's inside'

Greed: Prowler! Get over here!

'An old man walks in from a side room'

Prowler: Kids today. So impolite. Well, what is it this time?

Greed: Wrath needs a new Gluttony. Do you have any good candidates?

Prowler: Most of them are just average hollows, but I do have one that I think you'll like. Follow me.

'Prowler leads Greed in to a back room, where a hollow is wrapped up in chains'

Prowler: His name is Ruahn. In my opinion, hes perfect to be Gluttony.

Greed: Hmmm I don't know. He looks pretty weak.

'The hollow hears this and fires an immense cero at Greed, and he needs his zanpakuto to block it'

Greed: That was as strong as the old Gluttony's cero, if not stronger. I'll take him.

Prowler: Excellent. Tell Wrath that I'll take the usual payment.

Greed: Deal. Now I'll take Gluttony back home. I'll have to teach him when he should and shouldn't fire ceros.

'Greed and Gluttony disappear'

Prowler: Ahh. Another good business deal.

'Prowler walks over to a cabinet and opens it, showing a large collection of hollow masks'

Prowler: Soon I'll have a full set.

Yay! I have a new Gluttony!! Myahahahah all beware!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Vizard said…
Yori Shin Yasu
A calm very strong smart zanpakutou
Reatsu release , Ice
Reatsu release , Ice , Speed

I think if this had a drawing or design for it it could be a very good zanapakutou very strong and fast alot like ichigo
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Can someone else post the next one? I can't do anything until then.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ImamuraJunsuke4 said…
big smile

Zanpakuto-Izumi(Spring of Water)
Shikai Release Command- Shizumu(Sink)
Bankai Release Command- Oboreru(Drown)Junsuke has the bottom of the hilt balanced in between his cupped hands as the sword reduces to a small amount of water in his hands, and then begins to drink...

Shikai Ability 1- Izumi made of the purest water, it has many healing advantages with the correct amount of medical attention it receives. Many antidotes have been made from it's wielder Imamura Junsuke, Captain of Squad 4. When released it retains the shape of a normal katana but it's shape is made up of rapidly moving water. It moves so fast that on contact with a solid object, it acts as if it is a solid. The immense pressure it creates makes the sword impenetrable even though it's still a liquid. From this defensive form, the sword can be used for machines labs for as many patients as needed, for the water supply is infinite, and can be put through series of tests to create antidotes, anti-toxins, etc. His Bankai can also be used for this however it only lasts an hour.

Shikai Ability 2- This sword is also devastating in combat despite it's healing abilities. The Immense pressure the sword contains can be released to fight. The attack has been measured to be 734 mph and 500x greater pressure than that of a fire hose. The attack moves like one massive water whip, taking on a kind of cylindrical type shape that can rip through the earth itself without much effort. The water droplets alone that scatter away can bruise. It moves in an almost unreadable movements. It's highly recommended to not try and block/deflect the attacks. It's best to dodge and evade at all costs unless the opponent wishes to face critical injury or possibly death depending on the opponent.

Bankai Ability 1- After drinking his zanpakuto, Junsuke gains the ability to transform his entire body into water itself whenever he pleases. He is only vulnerable to attacks when he is in his normal form. He does not have to transform entire body, he can choose any part he wishes to phase into liquid matter, arm, leg, finger, torso, head, kneecap, fingernail, liver, stomach, nose, eyes, ears, you name it haha. He may also create multiple water clones when needed. Once you hit a clone it will disperse, but if you hit the real one then congrats you've done damage

Bankai Ability 2- He may control the temperature of the water, so he may evaporate himself entirely to make h

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ImamuraJunsuke4 said…
I hit submit by accident haha. ok so to make his opponent see less clearly, or if his oppent breathes in any of the evaporated water he can do damage from the inside. He can shoot icicles, again ou name it. There are many possibilities, but only for the hour he has before his powers are returned to normal. He must then wait another hour for him to use Bankai again. Btw By using the help of the captain of squad 12, he was able to study Junsuke's shikai and bankai molecules to create shinigami garb that will change to whatever matter junsuke is.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
...Sorry randomfan, I'm waiting for Jlazlo
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…

[A Fallen Princess.
Scorn, Deception,and Domination]

Sekhmet: I believe the adjustments are just about right.

Pride: Wonderful!

Wrath: It won't be much longer until we can become stronger!

Veznesel: I don't think you'll need to worry much about that.

Sekhmet: What? (suddenly all the angels and generals are standing before Sekhmet) I never organized a meeting, so there is no need to have you all here. There are important matters you all should be tending to.

Wrath: (looks at Sekhmet) Something is not right...(glances at Pride)

Pride: (They both step back. Pride looks in Veznesel's eyes and she looks more evil than normal).

Sekhmet: (confused) WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!

Zalbeseal: We're exhausted of staring retrogression down. We've moved on and you have been left behind.

Sekhmet: How ridiculous! You impudent fool! (she begins to unsheath her sword when she gashed on both sides by Baello and Pardel) Ugh...(blood seeping down her clothes)

(Instantly, she is run through by Farfalla's, Traea's, Nuvem's, and Poeira's blades. She coughs up blood and looks up with a saddened glossyness in her eyes. A tear rolls down her face. All she sees is the emotionless and cold eyes of her former angels) Wh...why? (Unsheathes her sword completely and calls out her zanpakuto) CENUSA FIAMMA FUOCO!!!!!! (Flames gush out to only be consumed by Veznesel's shadow vortex). (She cries out) AZRIEL...

Azriel: (Appears, looks at Sekhmet and begins to unsheath his sword from his shadow. When suddenly two swift and blurry figures move cut him. One blade from right to left and the other left to right. Galgalzzi and Yasnhamiesh are seen on either side of him. Blood bathing their blades. Suddenly his head slides of into two pieces. His neck to nose and nose to the top of his head. He falls back blood pouring all over the floor)

Veznesel: Your errand boy can't protect you from our defiance (smiles and begins to raise her finger)

Sekhmet:(Glares at her angels, generals, and their new leader, Veznesel. She is profusely bleeding from all her acquired wounds. She has a sorrowful and deafeated look in her eyes).

Veznesel: It's true what they say. You can see into an individual's soul through their eyes. Such filthy weakness! How the mighty fall and the superior rise. (Veznesel's and her newly acquired generals and angels begin charging up ceros)

Sekhmet: (she falls to her knees as her zanpakuto is knocked out of her hands by Zalbeseal. On her knees and hands, she looks up at her former disciples and the glow from their charging cero's lights up her face and all you can see is a terried gaze resulting from defeat and such deceit)

Veznesel: The glorious empire you dreampt of is on the horizon. You neglected to forsee the empire would be ruled by none other than myself.

(All the cero's fire in an array of colors. The gargantuan of cero's rampages in her direction and completely envelopes the once powerful and mighty princess of an ancient civilization and drags the mutilated body of her loyal follower, Azriel with it. The blast carries itself for an immensely long distance and dissapears from sight.)

Pride: (vanishes to spread the word)

Veznesel: You hollows can now do business with the new princess, me, Veznesel.

Wrath: (vanishes too)

An angel has fallen from grace and lost her halo.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना mewmewmoegi said…
Zanpakuto Name- Jigoku Raiu (Hell's Thunderstorm)

Realease command-bring thundering hell Raiu

Banki-Koeku Luna(Dark Moon)

Zanpakuto power-1. to be able to freeze then electrocute the enemy causing long lasting damage 2. it to be able to go into enemy's body and to realse poison

Bankai-to make illusions than control the body

How i would look- my human self have black hair dark eyes. My soul reaper self snow white hair long but rulely and my eyes would be cat like colored yellowish.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
[Enter the reformed]

Mysterious Individual: I see you're a researcher?

Tomo: (Surprised and bewildered) What?! Who's there?!

M-I: Resheath your sword, friend. I mean you no harm. I am simply looking to help you in your struggle.

Tomo: I'm surprised I couldn't sense you. Uncloak yourself, please.

M-I: (appears behind Tomo) Here I stand, uncloaked and willing to explain these mystifying circumstances. (A tall, serene, and composed man with silky black hair that glistens with a purplish-blue tint under the suns rays stands before Tomo. Immediately, she attracted his is allure and almost cold, but warm green eyes. He is dressed in a black komono type uniform that resembles a captains uniform).

Tomo: You're not familiar?

M-I: I would expect as much. I was once a shinigami that fought against the angels, but my whole squad was annihilated. From there, I sealed myself away at the request of my superiors. They said I would be the future and once I released myself, I could recover the soul society. It looks, however, that it has been completely consumed with turmoil and despair.

Tomo: Yes...(looks down). It has been torn apart by senseless battles, which only result in countless death and suffering. The angels and now the supreme hollows have completely ravaged the lands, but we have been putting up a grand effort. Thanks to the help of the hybrid shinigami, we have stood our ground. However, I don't know how much longer it'll last.

M-I: This is absolutely terrible. I do not understand how it became so difficult to protect our precious home. My sister, too, is sealed away. I need to find her and release her, so we can begin assisting you. You're a researcher, I see.

Tomo: Oh, yes, I love my experiments. They have been fairly helpful in the struggle we've been facing. So, I can sense you're captain level, but how did you disguise your spiritual pressure if it's this strong without exerting yourself?

M-I: Well, I have had plenty of practice (looks at Tomo and then peers out the window). And now? Where are all the shinigami brothren and those hybrids?

Tomo: Scatter, I am sure. I can always ask to assmble and we introduce you to everyone....ugh. What's your name?

M-I: Oh, it's Leirza. We must find my sister, girl.

Tomo: Well, Leirza, I believe we can begin doing that together. (He looks at her with his cold eyes) You sure do have a unique look, Leirza.

Leirza: Interesting. Albeit, I believe we should begin searching for my sister's sealing location.

Tomo: What's her name?

Leirza: Her name is, Kesht. She, too, is at captain level. She will be a wonderful addition. (suddenly hollows are seen ripping from the sky in the distance) Looks like we have company.


Leirza and Tomo appear in front of them.

Leirza: Stand back, Tomo. (Tomo looks up at him and he begins to glow with spiritual pressure. He sofly says) Silence-Diae Diahbrego (Huge ceros barrel toward him, when suddenly his sword emits a black pulse that stops the ceros in place and they begin to disintegrate. The pulse consumes the whole area and the cries from the gillians can no longer be heard and cannot move. In a flash, east gillian is sliced in half and desolve).

Tomo: Wow...that was very impressive Leirza (smiles).

Leirza: Let's begin searching for my sister and then we can eliminate those angels and hollows.

[A shinigami has entered the battle and vowed to strike down evil]
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Whoa. Didn't see that one coming.

'After Sekhmet was killed'

'Pride and Wrath both appear in a small clearing, with all of the other Sins there. Including the new Gluttony'

Pride: I never thought they would kill their leader like that.

Wrath: Me neither. However, if she was killed that easily, perhaps she shouldn't have been leader in the first place.

'All of the sins nod in agreement, except for Gluttony, who keeps looking at the floor'

Wrath: Anyway, I believe that we should continue our plans with Veznesel.

Envy: It seems like the best option.

Greed: I'm not so sure. If they would strike down their leader like that, whats stopping them from doing the same to us?

Wrath: I see what you're saying, but I believe that we can trust them. For now. Keep your eyes open for anything suspicious. Now, go back to the amplifier. We wouldn't want any shinigami destroying it while we're away.

'The sins nod again, and disappear, except Wrath and Pride'

Wrath: I assume you have already contacted him?

Pride: Yes. Speaking of which, I need to find him before he gets bored again. 'Pride disappears'

'Somewhere far away, a large hole opens up, and a pirate ship sails out over the land'

???: Aaah. Its been so long since I've been here. This should be fun.

'A shinigami appears in front of the ship'

Shinigami: Stop! You are in a umm no-sailing zone. Or something like that!!

???: Really? Well, I'm sorry to say I cant do that. 'He unleashes a small portion of his reiatsu, and the shinigami faints'

???: they really must get better guards.

' Suddenly, Pride appears in front of the ship'

Pride: Ah, Captain Rarulu. Glad to see you again.

Captain Rarulu: Pride, It has been much too long.

Pride: I agree. Now, lets go show Wrath your here.

'Pride, and the ship disappear'

Who is this Captain Rarulu, and what is their plan? Idk lol :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Well I guess things have gotten far enough for me to start in this new story line. Let's see...
---------------a blunt arrow tip----------
Two people are jumping over the trees acrobatically next to each other quickly heading toward Soul Society.

Phoebe: Several odd presences all over the place, talk about a melting pot. Who do you suppose is out there?

Shion: Who knows? But we're not here to find out. We're not to engage with anyone.

Phoebe: Yes, I know Shion dear. We're to avoid actually fighting. Captain was rather clear on that. But it's odd how he chose us for this errand. We're the healers, aren't we?

Shion: Perhaps it's incase things are worse than we think. (both land in front of the gate) We should take careful analysis of what's going on first before heading in though. (Turns to the gate and takes and arrow out. She slams the tip in it and it lets off a bluish pulse that glows over that ground heading inside Soul Society. Shion focuses then pulls out the arrow) There are quite a few hindrances, but there seems to be very minimal fighting as far as I can tell.

Phoebe: Well finding them should be easy then.
-----------------zephyr of the Elysium--------------
Orcale: (walks through quiet of Soul Society) This place is a graveyard. I wonder what happened here? (Thinks for a moment) Hibiki and I were in the world of the living investigating this place called Greece where there have been a lot of issues regarding gods when a Senkaimon appeared and a mysterious force shoved us in...(suddenly seems to recall something) That's right! It was what the living humans called a poltergeist! Some kind of ghost attacked us. To think they can use those gates. I had better find Hibiki. I was sure he was pushed in along with me. (glances around) Knowing him he regained consciousness long before me. I sure hope he hasn't gone and done anything reckless.

-------------------the scottish aquatic ambit------------
In the world of the living on a large misty lagoon, Elli's head popped up through the water.

Elli: This place is so murky! I can't see a thing! Why am I the one who has to do this?

Kibudo: (Laying on the side of the lagoon) Because you can breathe water. I can barely swim and frankly I just don't want to.

Sinsue: (Standing beside Kibudo) Sorry, but you are best suited for this. Humans have been saying that a huge sea monster called the Lock Ness Monster, or Nessie, is living in these waters. Humans may not be able to see it since it's 'supernatural'. If such a creature does exist we need to affirm its just a living beast, not a large but subtle Hallow or any other kind of dead being.

Elli: But what good is that if I can't see! If Nessie exist the only supernatural thing about it, I bet, is its sight!

Kibudo: Quite complaining! You're just wasting time!

Elli: Why you...don't make me come over there and toss you in!

Kibudo: But 'Nessie' will see you and get angry.

Elli: That's it! (starts to swim quickly toward Kibudo when the water glows white) What's going on?

Sinsue: Is a Senkaimon opening in the water? (He and Kibudo approach the water to get a closer look when something burst through the water and m was over them)

Kibudo: That's thing's huge! (The object falls over them and the water splashes up. When the water falls back down, Elli, Sinsue, Kibudo, and the massive being are all gone)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Veznesel: Looking after the amplifiers, hollow.

Envy: (Turns around quickly) Wha...? (frowns) It's best if you don't sneak up on someone like so. Otherwise, you could wind up wounded in a most aggrivated way.

Veznesel: (chuckles). Is that a threat hollow?

Greed: You should not be so aggressive, Envy. It's certainly not the way to approach those who are aiding our efforts.

Veznesel: A hollow with manners. well, that is certainly unusual.

Greed: I hear you killed your master.

Veznesel: Evidently word spreads fast. And yes, she was unfit to weild the title of princess. Therefore, I stripped her of it.

Greed: I heard it was quite gruesome.

Veznesel: Indeed it was. But onto other matters. You have some opposition with the shinigami. I learned a while back that there are 7 shinigami that are gunning for each one of your heads.

Greed: Oh?

Veznesel: Playing dumb won't work. You have a strong connection with each of these shinigami. As if you were sewn from the same cloth.

Envy: Those damn shinigami always want the opportunity to strike us down, but they are no match for us. Once we absorb the other hollows we will destroy them.

Vezensel. Yes, once the plan developes to fruition, we can reclaim our great empire and you can begin building your wonderful life in Hueco mundo.

Greed: Most certainly.

Envy: Are they almost finished? The amplifiers.

Veznesel: Yes, they are almost completely at their climax.

Veznesel: We have some guests.

Toiso: Why are you standing aimlessly in the middle of Karakura Town?

Envy: What?!

Veznesel: They're as blind as a bat.

Greed: Ah, but of course. You shinigami should truly mind your own business. Run along.

Toiso: Unlikely, hollow. Evolve all you like, but it doesn't give you any additional privilages.

ransay: Stand down and your elimination will be swift.

Kuraha:(A beautiful woman appears and unsheathes her sword and she exudes an enormous spiritual pressure) I believe the time for words is over my fellow captains. These beastly hollows and their comrade will be disposed of. We'll ask questions later. (the other two shinigami release a gigantic amount of spiritual pressure and unsheath their swords)

Veznesel: It looks like those shinigami I spoke of, trailed me. I should have paid more attention (laughs).

Greed: You simply wanted to engage in a fight. You could have jeopardized EVERYTHING!

Envy: It's not time to fight amongst ourselves.

Vesnesel: Oh my. And you are now demonstrating logic (laughs). Unbelievably amazing for a hollow.

The hollows and new leader of the angels are about to classh swords with three of the strongest shinigami in the soul society. What are the other four like?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ummm I have no idea what these shinigami's zanpakuto or fighting style are, so I can't post anything else until someone tells me.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I'll post something once I have more time. :) I can't really do anything except make new characters and try and generate skills off the top of my head. There aren't any shinigami and I have no idea what to do with your characters. It's difficult to create 7 new characters, so i'll post it later.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
------------Back Home------------

Kevin stands in front of the Gate, waiting to return to the real world. He realizes that someone’s presence is gone, and he only wonders why. He felt it before, but doesn’t remember who it was. He decides the person wasn’t important, or that he has a bad memory, either or.

Kiro stands next to him: Should we really be going back?

Kevin: For now, something’s not right here, it just feels…off.

Kiro: Man, and I didn’t even get to fight anyone…

Kevin: Tomo and I found you sleeping on a bunch of carts when I got Tomo out of that guys stomach.

Kiro laughs: Yha.

The gate opens and Kevin and Kiro walk through.

Kevin: We’ll come back, when we’re needed, but for now, the real world is our home.

Kevin and Kiro walk through the gate to the end, and walk through the second door. someone seems to be waiting for them.

Kevin: Hey, what’s up?

Person: Nothing much, how are you today?

Kevin: Good, killed off a hollow.

Person: Aw, the stinks, still recovering?

Kevin: No, I’m out of that.

Person: Well, as the Earth Captain of our group, what are you going to do?

Kevin: Whatever, but it’s been a long time, Darc.

Darc: Yha, it has.


Okay, his name gives off a lot.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Octomo254 said…
My Characater is the 1st Soul Reaper from America to be introduced I would suppose. His name is Donte Lee and is 19 years old. 5'6, 135 lbs., Dark Brown skin, Black faded hair, and red eyes. He's a really laid back person and a bit on the flirty side when it comes to women. Very Charasmatic, many people take very well to him when they first meet him. Despite being an intelligent person, Donte relies heavily on his emotions to guide him throughout life. Far from being perfect, Donte is very stubborn, easily enraged, and a bit too arrogant for his on good. Donte's attitude about fighting is as long as he has a reason to, he loves fighting. Donte is a part of an organization Known as the Royal Flush where members are asigned the name of a card depending on their spitual pressure and skill as a fighter (The higher the card, the stronger the person with Aces and Kings being tied for the highest rank). Within the organization Donte holds the title of King of Hearts which is a title of prestige. While Donte's Spirtiual pressure is realitivily strong, the amount he has is vast. If most people can fill a lake with their energy, he can fill an ocean. Donte is a hand to hand fighter who is skilled at the destruction and binding spells where he xn perform either style up to 85 without the incantation, his favorite spell is White Lightning. His strength is exceptional while he lags a bit in the speed department. Donte's native language is obviously english and while he can speak japanese, His spanish is horrible.

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Amerie (Named after the most beautiful women he's ever seen)
[release command] "Ignite"
[bankai name] - Amerie's Passion
=description - The Hilt of Amerie is Red with black diamond shapes weaved into the decoration. THe handguard is gold and in a circular shape with two cresant openings on either side of the blade. The blade itself is steel grey with "One Sky, One Destiny" Inscribed on the opposite side of the blade. The Sheath of the blade is red and wrapped in a black sash that is used to wear around the users waist. Donte doesnt wear his Zanpaktou, he carries it around with him in his left hand and fights one handed when using the blade.

[shikai abilities]
Nova Strike- Upon Releasing his Amerie, The Blade vanishes into flames and uses its built up energy into enhancing any and or all of areas of Donte's fighting abilities,(Strength, Speed, Defense) thus giving him a golden glow.

Blade Recall- While Choosing to fight hand to hand, Donte can call back his blade by using excess spiritual energy to reform it and keep the abilities of the Nova Strike continuing.

Nova Blast: A Ball of blazing destructive flames can be fired either from Donte's hands or be flinged from his sword.

[bankai abilities]In this form the Katana once again vanishes is replaced by a raging inferno surrounding Donte and is controlled by him in which he can send the intense flames to burn his opponents into ashes.

Scene One: The Devil's Playground- The Raging inferno surrounds Donte and his opponent in a circular tower fashion. Donte continues to fight under the influence of Amerie's Nova Strike while the flames from the inferno eat away at his opponent and their spiritual power under the intense heat and pressure.

Scene Two: Satan's Throat- The Flames of the Inferno divide into two sections surrounding Donte's Opponent in two interloping spirals that converge above his oppenents head and crashes down on him or her while the spirals close and also deal damage.

Final Scene: Nova Annihilation- This move is a one time deal in which all the flames from Amerie's Passion are called back into Dontae's body while he cuts open his palm in order to mix his flames with his blood immensly increasing the power of the flames and fires them at his opponent in a massive blast of power destroying everything in front of him and draining him of all his power.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Back in the forest where Wrath is'

'Pride and Captain Rarulu appear before Wrath'

Wrath: So, this is the legendary Captain Rarulu. I've heard many things about you from Pride.

Rarulu: It is an honor to be in the presence of the leader of the sins.

Wrath: Oh no, the honor is mine, Captain. From what I've heard, you've accomplished some great deeds. I was hoping you could help us out a bit with our shinigami problem.

Rarulu: I'm also happy to kill some shinigami. What can I do?

Wrath: It appears that 3 very powerful shinigami are attacking 3 of the sins. I want you to go there and help them. Normally, I would destroy them myself, but I have some business to take care of.

Rarulu: Certainly. Anything to help the sins. 'Rarulu disappears'

Wrath: Good. Now Pride, I want you to stay here until I return.

Pride: Very well. 'Wrath disappears'

Pride: Where does she go...?

'In Prowler's underground cave'

Prowler: Aaah. Wrath. I've been expecting you for some time now. Do you have my payment?

Wrath: Of course. Here you are. The mask of the 1st generation Gluttony. 'She hands Prowler a white mask with blue rings on it'

Prowler: perfect. Now there is only one more I need.

Wrath: You'll get it with our next trade.

Prowler: Well then, I await our next trade.

Wrath: I hope you'll have something worth it. He's been a good soldier. 'Wrath disappears'

Who is the person they are talking about. What will happen to Captain rarulu? I really don't know since I have no idea what the other shinigami fight like. Also for those who care, my first Gluttony was the 2nd one. Not the first generation.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sonic643 said…
zanpakuto: name (idk how to say in japanese, so ill say in english)
Freezing Flame, Demon Banisher
ability 1, Getsuga Tenshou
ability 2, to summon flames that are freezing to the touch instead, but give off the same heat as any flame, and are blue
ability 3, can summon flames to create a demonic creature to fight what i want it to (or do what i want it to <3)
shikai command: sear
appearance:two double-sided swords, with a buckler on top of the grip to protect the hands, and a chain connects them
bankai: a normal sized, white katana with a star symbol for the guard
bankai abilities: from 100, 75 would be speed, 15 would be strength, and 10 would be hollow powers
vizard mask: like Ichigo's, but the lines are on both sides, and are dark blue, and have only 1 slit for an eye
hollow hole: abdomen
arrancar mask: left jawpiece
actual appearance: blond hair, sapphire eyes, when he died, he was attacked by hollows, and at the same time, turned into a shinigami, so he's half vizard-half arrancar
name, Korlian shirokansier
always a grim appearance, kind to plenty, and forgivable, but is merciless against enemies at times
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना BleachFreak said…
I don't know the japense names, but here's my zanpakto anyways.

Zanpakto name: Wind Cleaver
Release Command: Blow them away
Description: It has a blue hilt and it looks like a normal katana.
Zanpaktou Ability #1- Wind cleave, it creates a wave of wind, kind of like Gestuga Tenshun.
Zanpaktou Ability #2- Wind Breath(Passive), Whenever the opponent tries to move away or dodge, thier movements become greatly slowed because of wind blowing from the sword.
Zanpaktou Ability #3- Critical Strike(Passive), whenever the opponent gets hurt or cut they will experience 3x the pain because of the wind's force on the blade.
Description: It turns into a longer blade that blows wind around it whenever it swings around. The appearance however, stays the same.
Bankai- Great Wind Form
Ability #1- Great Wind Cleave, it has 3x the power of the normal wind cleave.
Ability #2- The Wind's Power(Passive), while in bankai form the speed and power of the user is immensely increased.
Ability #3- All Out Attack- the user flash steps all around the opponent, doing Great Wind Cleaves to them. If enough cleaves are on the opponent it creates a huge blast which instantly kills them. Costs the user 50% reiatsu.
Appearance- The clothes of the user changes to a cape like gown (kind of like the one espadas wear) The blade is still a normal sword however it becomes a pure grey sword even the guard. Also there is a small chain that binds the sword to the users hand.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
I don't get it. Does he even have any bankai abilities? And why did you use the exact same technique as Ichigo??
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MizuRyujin said…
Ok I'm new here...um this is my ideal zanpaktou (dont know if it is the right words or not...)

Zanpaktou name-Kuroi Haro Ryu(Black Wave Dragon)
Release Command-Agaru Yori za Kaiyo Okoku(Rise from the ocean kingdom)
Bankai name-Kuroi Haro Ryu-Jin(Black Wave Dragon King).
Ability-Protects blade and partner with a layer of water that reduces the effectiveness of bladed and blunt weapons. Can produce water that freezes on impact.

Appearance-Black hilt with a dark blue dragon spiralling around it. Its head at the bottom and tail at the crossguard. At the bottom there is a black ring with a short chain connected to a long black ribbon. The middle of the blade is softer than than the edge, giving it more flexibility. It is a glowy black color. The edges mainly flat but have curved serrations until the top which extend about 25cm to a deadly sharp point. The about 1cm inwards from the edge of the blade glow bright blue.
Bankai Appearance-I gain glowing blue armor that can resist gigantic fire power.

Shikai abilities
Ryu Haro-Dragon Wave.
The blade glows bright blue and upon contact with an opponent's blade or weapon releases a dragon made up of water(much like Hitsugaya Toshiro's) to engulf them. Upon contact with skin it instantly freezes and is unable to burn off. If left unattended the part of the skin will get frostbite.

Mizu Senjigusuri-Water Infusion.
The user which is me, is given the ability turn into water before the moment of impact and reform into a human. This ability only works if I can see my opponent and if I have enough reiatsu to keep it up.

Bankai Abilities
Kuroi Mizu Taifu-Black Dragon Typhoon.
In an area of my choosing, a massive typhoon that is actually two water dragons, appears and deals greivous wounds to anythone who gets sucked in. It will dissipate after a period of time it can move, but very slowly.

Mizu Ryu Kagai-Water Dragon Assault.
Multiple dragons made up of water appear around me and attack the enemy sumultaneously(like Byakuya's Senbonzakura though not as much cutting and slashing, more beating and freezing).

My appearance-Hair like Ulquiorra's but longer, about just under the neck. I am a captain in the Gotei 13 protection squads. I have dark blue, almost black eyes. I am sort of a loner but i try to make friends with everybody. I dont show of my bankai or boast about it, i just keep quiet unless someone who is invading Seretei challenges me. The new soulreapers dont know my strength but i dont feel like telling them. I am married to another captain who is as strong as me. I am a Vizard but nobody cares anymore. My best friend is Kyouraku and Ukitake. My mentor is Byakuya-sama.

I will probably post a pickture of me and my zanpaktou next time coz its like 1am here. comment if u like comment if u dont.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MizuRyujin said…
okay i typed picture wrong...how sad
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MizuRyujin said…
btw i am the Captain of the 3rd squad
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
hey, can someone else post? I have no idea what else to write?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना animechickO_O said…
ok here is mine
name: Hageshii enzeru (violent angel)
release comand:drip with blood

Description:hageshii enzeru has no hilt or guard and has on strait side whilst the other is ridged. It is a white blade but has slpatters which look like blood stains. Hageshii enzeru is held on my back with a weak sash.

Ability 1: Ketsueki Tenshu( blood of god) gathers all blood shed in a battle and creates and powerful strike almost impossible to dodge.
Ability 2:Satorraiki Awai ( strike of light). Turns Hageshii Enzeru pure white and and strikes the other with a flash this is simple to dodge but painful if it hits
Ability 3:Sora Iyoku (sky's will). Creates an illusion so confusing that all they can do it stand there and wonder giving me time to kill them.

Bankai Description:Hageshii Enzeru transforms into giant angel wings upon my back and gives me a crimson Katana , it may be small but it is powerfull,and gives me a white blood stained haori.
Bankai Ability 1: Issei Tentou ( cry of heaven) calls upon those whove gone rogue and we team up to kill
Bankai Ability 2:Rakka Junsei(drops of pureness) it begins raining and acid like thing stinging whomever it touches
Bankai Ability 3:Suraisu Kara Tenou ( slice through heaven) creates and imposlr to doge blow that will wipe out anything within an 10 metre radius.

ok finally my person

i am a captain of the 13 squads being only 10 and only doing one year in the soul acadamy i was chosen to become a captain.i am short and have short silver layered hair much like soi fon but i only have one red plait. i have brown eyes. i wear a sleevless haori over the normal soul reaper uniform. I am a very talkative person. and i give people nick names.although young she try the best she can to hide her spirit spiritual pressure. her name is Kikei Kure-Ji, which if you say in english is kikei freak and kure-ki means crazy so then can be said crazy freak if you swap them around. i was trained by renji.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
----------Dragon’s Mask-----------

Kevin, Kiro, and Darc are standing in the mist of the air, talking to one another, about what has previously happened.

Darc: Ya feel it?

Kiro: Huh?

Kevin: Meh, he’ll find out.

Wrath appears in front of Kevin, Kiro, and Darc.

Kevin: One of the 7 sins, what do you want? If you want to “hang out,” or whatever, I will get hide from you…

Wrath: Is that meant to be a joke?

Kevin: Well, do you take it as a joke?

Wrath: No, not really, I wouldn’t blame you if you feel threatened.

Kevin: Huh? Threatened? No, you guys just kind of creep me out, or just Hollows in general.

Wrath: I look human…

Kevin: …………….

Wrath: Well?

Kevin: ………………………………………………………………………

Wrath: Well, this is beside the point, because I am here on different matters, I am here for something.

Kevin: Are you mugging us for some real world cash, because we’re broke.

Kiro raises a bill: I got a buck.

Kevin takes the bill: Awesome, free chocolate.

Kiro: Huh?

Wrath: No, I am here for something already in your possession, something more of value.

Kevin checks himself: All I got is my Zanpakto.

Wrath: I am not here for that.

Darc: Are we getting anywhere with this?

Kevin: Uh, no.

Kiro actually response to Wrath: So what are you here for?

Wrath stares at Kevin: I am here for your mask.

Kevin stands there stunned by what Wrath had said: My, mask?

Darc: How does he know you have a mask?

Kevin: I don’t know, it’s weird, I haven’t met this guy before in my life, by the way, which sin are you?

Wrath: I am Wrath.

Kevin: What do you need my mask for?

Wrath: For payment for a friend.

Kevin: That is sick.

Wrath: I will face you, and take that mask out of your soul.

Kiro and Darc get in a stance.

Kevin: Kiro, Darc, this is my fight, not yours, it’s my mask, and I will protect it.

Kiro: But…!

Kevin: Shut up! Just leave me to this fight.

Kiro and Darc disappear.

Kevin brings up his mask, which looks like a dragon’s head: You want this? (The mask disappears) Come and get it.

Wrath: You aren’t going to use it?

Kevin: I won’t need it.

Wrath: Cocky.

Kevin: Takes one to know one.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Inoue11 said…
Sorry, I haven't think of one yet. I'm not creative at all. But I'd like to have my own Zampakuto and I love to be a Shinigami and fight Hollows!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Ummmm Tecno. One, Wrath is a woman. Two, I wasn't going to go after your mask, but I guess I can. And three, Wrath is the leader of the Seven deadly sins, and theres a good reason for that. For a small hint, shes also known as the the never-aging Wrath.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Ah, got that, sorry about it, it sounded like you were going to go
after a Vizard, or your own comrade.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
..........................................­I have no idea how you would come to that conclusion. Really. No idea.... But anyway, if you do want to try and fight her, you can try. I wouldn't suggest it though.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Well i don't know how you came to that conclusion..... Really. No idea. But anyway, if you do want to try and fight Wrath, you can. But I wouldn't suggest it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
It doesn't have to be a killing blood fest, it could just be to show how strong each character is. Remember, Kevin is my best character, nearly as strong as Soul and Sekhmet. Wrath may be strong, but I promise, Kevin is as strong if not stronger.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
well, srry about the many posts. My comp was acting weird. But, if you want to fight Wrath, I won't kill Kevin. But remember, Gluttony was much weaker than Wrath is. lol If you want you can start it off.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Wrath and Kevin stand across from one another, prepared to fight, when Kevin realizes something, they’re standing above a town.

Kevin: Hold on.

Wrath: What?

Kevin: Follow me, it’s no trap, I just can’t let innocent people die.

Wrath: That just makes it that much easier.

Kevin: Ah, figures, well, time for Plan B. (A circle forms around Wrath and Kevin, Wrath closes her eyes. When she opens them, they’re at a wide open rock field.)

Wrath: How?

Kevin: An old friend, he picked a really good place to be. (Bends down and grabs a bit of dirt and puts it in his mouth.)

Wrath: That’s not sanitary.

Kevin: 33% iron, 19% steel, 2% titanium, 20% copper, 4% tin, and 22% of plain old dirt.

Wrath: How do you know that?

Kevin: It taste like that, it’s just how it is, and who cares how sanitary it is, I’m dead.

Wrath: Good point, well when I’m done with you, you’re going to wish you were still alive.

Kevin: And I don’t wish that now because…

Wrath appears behind Kevin: You let your guard down. (Wrath swings her blade at Kevin’s head. She feels a hard resistance and realizes that Kevin had blocked the blow.)

Kevin: I let what down? (After Kevin’s words a huge amount of force blows from the opposite side of Kevin, dust flying in return and a rock further beyond cracks.) Whew, you are strong, I almost died.

Wrath forcing her blade down: When did you do that?

Kevin: Right before I nearly died.

Wrath: When’s that?

Kevin: About two feet away from when your sword hit my head, so around 0.2 seconds.

Wrath: So you’re admitting to my strength?

Kevin: I never said you were weak.

Wrath: You said you didn’t need your mask.

Kevin: That’s different although, I do want to see your true power.

Wrath: My release?

Kevin: Yha.

Wrath: I will use it when I notice you are worthy enough.

Kevin: Fair enough.

Both Kevin and Wrath clash with their swords, cracking the earth below with pure reiatsu.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Ok sorry I didn't mention this, but Wrath carries a large crystal rose with thorns as her zanpakuto.

'Wrath and Kevin clash with their swords(And rose :)) again, and Wrath flips away'

'Wrath holds out her hand'Wrath: Wait!

'Kevin stops mid-slice'

Kevin: What?

'Wrath pulls a seed out of her zanpakuto'

Wrath: I just thought this place could use a little more greenery.

'Wrath drops the seed on to the ground and it immediately starts growing plants. In minutes a forest has appeared.'

Wrath: Much better. Now then...

'Wrath vaults off of her rose straight at Kevin, and right when she is about to hit him, she vanishes, and appears behinds him'

Wrath: Too slow! 'She slices her rose at Kevin, and he manages to block it, but he gets sends flying across the ground.

'Kevin gets up'

Kevin: Your faster than I expected.

Wrath: So are you. Most people would have been killed by that slice, even if they had stopped it.

Kevin: Seems like I picked a good opponent then.

'They both attack each other again.'

Wrath: I have a question for you.

'Kevin blocks Wrath slice, and trys to stab her' Kevin: What is it?

'Wrath knocks Kevin's zanpakuto away from her' Wrath: Why is someone like you, someone who is half-hollow, fighting for the shinigami? They have never showed any kindness or compassion for us. So then, why are you are you helping them?

What will kevin's answer be????
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
I've got three separate swords I've thought up, and I'm interested to find out what people think of them.

Here's the first:

Shikai Name – Shōgekiha (Shockwave)

Release Command – Resonate discordantly…

Bankai Name – Mugen no Shōgekiha (Infinite Shockwave)

Shikai Description – The two original blades (each a single-handed broadsword) merge into a two pronged broad blade in the shape of a tuning fork with a cylindrical hilt. The blade constantly vibrates.
Shikai Ability 1 – Onkyō Parusu (Sound Pulse): The sword utilizes sonic energies to assist in tracking the opponent, releasing sound waves that act similarly to echolocation or sonar.
Shikai Ability 2 – Shinkū Kyūin Sutoraiku (Vacuum Suction Strike): It releases powerful sonic waves on strike, which does not require contact with the opponent to occur. These are caused by a vacuum created around the blade, and will increase breadth and depth of cuts, as well as creating a vacuum around the wound increasing the pain induced.

Bankai Description – Blades merge into a wide and flat broadsword, the hilt remains the same. Anyone looking at the weilder would see concentric circles radiating off of them to their right and left, making the air around them appear warped.
Bankai Ability 1 – Sōon ka Shukketsu (Sound Hemorrhage): The sword releases high pitched sonic waves regularly that enter the ears of the opponent, causing internal damage by destroying small blood vessels in their system, disrupting that opponent’s fighting ability. This also puts them off balance, making responsive strikes that much more difficult.
Bankai Ability 2 – Chō Onsoku Kōgeki (Supersonic Strike) Swings of the sword now resemble a sonic boom, which does not require contact with the opponent to occur, and causes much more damage. The speed of this attack is capable of reaching levels equivalent to the speed of sound.

I'll post the other two later.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Alright, sword #2:
Shikai Name – Chōshinsei Bakuhatsu (Supernova Explosion)

Release Command – Warp and distort…

Bankai Name – Chōshinsei Oritatami (Supernova Collapse)

Shikai Description – The initial blade is a black short sword with barbs along its length. This elongates slightly and merges with the hilt into a uniform, black rod.
Shikai Ability – Jūryoku Hanpatsu (Gravity Repulsion): Strikes from the rod do not cut, but instead warp the air around it with a gravitational aura. These strikes are extremely difficult to parry and nearly impossible to block, but cannot be used defensively (essentially, the blade can block physically, but only uses its ability offensively). Heavy strikes push opponents back independent of size and weight due to the gravitational force of each blow.

Bankai Description – The weapon disappears and the wielder transforms.
Bankai Ability 1 – Kaibō Gaku Wāpu (Anatomy Warp): Much of the physical form becomes insubstantial, excluding all internal organs, reducing the propensity of damage to the owner. Form is impossible to determine, since the body now acts similarly to a black hole, absorbing and distorting all light around it. This also makes it extremely difficult to determine where an attack would come from, or even where they are at any given time.
Bankai Ability 2 – Gutai Teki na Yugami (Tangible Distorition): Attacks in this form are all physical, but pass through the opponent, warping flesh and other physical entities that it passes through.
Bankai Ability 3 – Chōshinsei Katasutorofu (Supernova Cataclysm): The only ranged attack this weapon utilizes, it is a one-time shot, after which the weapon reverts to its original form and cannot be activated. The body returns to its normal state, releasing a large, black sphere. The sphere is launched in a given direction, and if it should hit the opponent, it absorbs them inside itself. The inside of the sphere acts exactly the same as a black hole, exhibiting a tremendous amount of gravitational force that will tear apart anyone unlucky enough to be caught in it. This sphere disperses after 30 seconds.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
And sword #3:

Shikai Name – Fuhen Teki na Henkō (Universal Modification)

Release words – Evolve…

Bankai Name – Fuhen Teki na Sōsa (Universal Manipulation)

Shikai Description – The original blade, which looks similar to a longsword, separates into two sinuous, twisting blades coming out of the hilt in much the same appearance as a double helix.
Shikai Ability 1 – Tōzakaru Ame (Vanishing Rain): The sky darkens over the area, with a wider coverage resulting from larger spiritual energy. What appears to be rain begins to fall in this area, landing on the ground and on anyone in the area and disappearing.
Shikai Ability 2 – Reiatsu Ribaibaru (Spiritual Pressure Revival) The rain concentrates energy in the area, bringing up pillars of different colors, each representing a single person’s reiatsu who had been or fought there previously. These energies modify into a standalone form and fight on the side of the wielder.
Shikai Ability 3 – Sōgo Seiyaku (Mutual Constraint) The wielder can create a “prohibition” as long as all combatants within the zone of influence can use the ability being prohibited (an example of this is Shunpo, making it impossible to compress energy for this high speed movement).

Bankai Description – The blade shatters and the pieces fall to the ground and melt away in the same way as the rain drops.
Bankai Abiliity 1 – Sōgo Suijaku (Mutual Debilitation)The opponent’s blade also breaks apart, though the powers of the blade remain. The damage done to the opponent’s blade is dependent upon a comparison of the user’s control over their blade’s abilities to the opponent. Should control be higher on the part of the opponent, damage will be minimal. Should the reverse be true, the opponent’s weapon will be practically unusable in the physical sense, and the remainder of the difference will be exacted through damage to their body. Nonetheless, in this form, the blade itself is rendered useless.
Bankai Ability 2 – Kūkan Teki na Buki (Spatial Weapon): The weapon acts as a focal point by which its new abilities are harnessed, making it possible to manipulate space around it, allowing for much higher damage attacks. This is accomplished by warping space around the hilt in any formation and attacking with it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Tecno, I can't do anything until you post again. Whats Kevins answer??
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hm, that question did stump me for a while, but I eventually found a reason.


Wrath: If you are half Hollow, why do you fight for the Shinigami?

Kevin: Hm, well for one, I hate to see people die, two, I have friends in Soul Society, and three, (Kevin looks into Wrath’s eyes.) I am looking for an artifact.

Wrath: What?

Kevin: An old artifact made a long time ago. It was made to boost power, but the people then didn’t have the power to control the artifact. Although, now, multiple people have the power to control it, no one knows about it, but they do have the power to control it. I do not know the location or anything much of its history, but I do know it exists.

Wrath: How do you know that?

Kevin: My teacher told me.

Wrath laughs: Your teacher told you. That’s funny, how do you know he wasn’t lying?

Kevin: Because he made it…

Wrath stares at Kevin: What?

Kevin: I can’t speak any more. My teacher doesn’t like being mentioned, so I’m dropping the topic. (Kevin looks around.) This is an amazing forest, but, (Kevin reaches down and tastes some of the dirt.) the metals are still the same.

Wrath: But it gives me an advantage. (Appears behind Kevin and Kevin swings his blade, although he cuts a vine figure of a human, not Wrath. Wrath appears behind Kevin.) See? (Wrath nearly slashes Kevin in the back, but Kevin doges.)

Kevin backs off a bit: Earth Kido #28, Earth Quicksand. (Kevin throws his hand on the ground. Wrath braces herself, but realizes something different, the trees started sinking.)

Wrath: What are you doing!?

Kevin: Making the field fair for both of us, I hate grass, it makes rock weak. (Kevin picks his hand up and the ground hardens.) Now it’s easier for me to use the earth, and you can use the plants around us. See, it’s fair.

Wrath: You like fairness, I’m afraid I can’t allow that. (Wrath and Kevin clash weapons and both the trees and ground start to break.) I want to see your mask.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Wrath and Kevin continue to attack each other'

Wrath: We can continue this all day before one of us stops. So, I guess I'l take it up a notch. Then, you'll need your mask if you want to survive.

Kevin: You're going to use your release?

Wrath: No, just a technique. ' Wrath cuts her hand, and grabs on to a leaf.'

Wrath: Oh, demons that reside in the darkest realms of the earth, hear me! Let our anger-filled blood seep in to the ground, and show it's feeling toward all mankind!

'The plants start to whip all over the place, and they grow'

Wrath: Now, put on your mask! 'The leaf she is holding flies upward with her still on it, and it snaps toward Kevin'

'Wrath slashes at Kevin, and he blocks, but the force of the plant pushing behind her is so strong, that Kevin is knocked backwards'

Wrath: While I'm using this technique, you can't fight be using your normal strength. You'll need to resort to your mask eventually.

With this new technique, Wrath has become much more powerful. How much longer can Kevin fight her without his mask?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
sorry for not writing i had to wait for a new comp lolz.
hmm im guessing im on a mission to find a sister haha

Tomo goes towards Leirza: so where do you think we should start?

Leirza: thats a good question. we should try searching at the outer borders of soul society. There its all forest and very hidden.

Tomo: you think she might be cast away there? hmmm well i guess we should go but ill need to make a few more potions and give us clothing that'll be very useful in the wild.

Leirza: are you sure thats necessary, i think i can handle taking care of you.

Tomo blushes: well thats such a great offer but just in case ill make the potions.

Leirza: 'shrugs' okay well try to make it quick.

sorry i dont know what else to write lolz
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MizuRyujin said…
This is my 2nd zanpakutou

Zanpakutou name: DaiyaShimo-Diamond Frost
Shikai commannd: Kogoeshinu-Freeze to death
Ability: Freeze on contact.
Zanpakutou Appearance
In its sealed form it looks like two wakizashi about 60 sm long. The crossguard is a circle with a semicircle cut out from both sides. It has a spike in the middle of the cut on both sides as well. The hilt is black with two pale blue ribbons criss-crossing around it.
Shikai Appearance
My wakizashis turn into gauntlets shaped like a shark. It is dark blue with wave carvings on it and its nose is sharp enough to puncture armor. Their outer fin can extend to produce a sharp blade made of sharkskin.
Shikai Abilities
Mizu Fuka-Water Shark
My 2 shark gauntlets glow pale blue and gather a thick mist around them. I open their mouths and release two water sharks that pursue their target. They freeze the target when they bite them and explode, releasing thousands of ice shards to puncture their target.
Nagano Fubuki-Eternal Blizzard
A huge blizzard emerges as i say it and lasts until the battle ends.
Bankai Appearance
It looks the same except the blade is bigger and i get sharkskin armor like this except the leather is replaced with sharkskin.

Bankai name: Koori Fuka, DaiyaShimo
Bankai command: Ochiiru issai nioite goshujin tsumetai haaku-Trap all in your icy claws.
Bankai ability-create a blizzard in a 5metre radius around me that is below zero degrees.
Koori Hitofuki-Ice Blast
I fire multiple ice blasts from the mouth of my gauntlets that freeze on impact.

Koori Wanizame Kagai-Ice Shark Assault
I go into a crouching position whilst bending my arms inwards and then step backwards once and quickly stretch my arms out to release multiple sharks made of ice that follow and freeze enemies.
 This is my 2nd zanpakutou Zanpakutou name: DaiyaShimo-Diamond Frost Shikai commannd: Kogoeshinu-F
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना MizuRyujin said…
4 the wakizashi, the blade is 60cm long, and the hilt is 20cm long
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Shuuhei96 said…
Here is my zanpakuto,

Name: Sadomoru
Release:Bring them to their knees( turns in to a massive sword)

Description: The blade is completely black, and the guard is in shape of a triangle, the hold is white( the zanpakuto is very rare).

Ability 1: brings down some sort of dark meteor on his enemy.
Ability 2: Decreases oponents spiritual pressure with every strike
Ability 3: Makes a Dark barrier that explodes and alot of swords come out crushing the enemy.

Bankai: Shakeri Sadomoru

Bankai description: Body turns black(except face)and has black wings

Bankai ability 1: Starts gadering darkness and then crushes the enemy
Bankai ability 2: Arm turns in to some kind of dragon head that shoots darks bullets.
Bankai ultimate ability: (When arm is turned into dragon head)all darkness on body is concentrated on the dragon's mouth, thus releasing the ultimate laser!

Finally my character: His name is Genesis
He has short black hair, blue eyes, he has a sporty figure and he's very powerful. He's very calm, and likes to be by himself, He's the leutenent of squad 8, his haori is sleveless. He has a hollow mask. Genesis could beat mostly any soul reaper.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
----------------kindling fire-------------
Hibik: (walks next to a large dog up to his waist with a golden mane and maroon fur who's letting off an eerie light) Geez, where did Orcale go? We've been walking aimlessly for a while now.

maroon dog: Maybe if you focused less on practicing with my blade and more on your sensing skills we wouldn't be in this mess.

Hibiki: Come on Tsubaki, you know I can't do anything with complicated things like that.

Tsubaki: You can't even do a decent flash step. It's a wonder why you're so strong with only physical strength as an aspect.

Hibiki: I thought having you next to me would be comforting bout you're just contradicting me now.

Tsubaki: Who fault is that- (Stops and his hairs stand up slightly. He looks to his left) I can sense someone's body heat nearby.

I've decided to add my own antagonist. The group is called Akumajouin (demons kings). They're intensions are related to Zennpakutou and each are named for their personality. This girl has long brown mullet style hair that extends lower than her legs, wide yellow eyes, a long dark jumpsuit, and a staff the same size as her on her back.
Girl: (walks up to Hibiki with crossed arms) It seems the sword can be smarter than the wielder.

Hibiki: Who are you?

Girl: I didn't come to exchange names-

Tsubaki: (roars loudly and the ground seems to shake. The girl falls silent) Don't avoid answering!

Girl: How threatening. Alright, my name is Yui the wild.

Hibiki: The wild? I've never seen a shinigami or hollow who go by name like that.

Yui: (the two make eye contact and Hibiki feels he's only seeing a small portion of her true nature as he sees wild boars rampaging camps, a lion sitting over a large carcass with blood on its muzzle, and a clashing rhinos during mating season. He gott he feeling she'd show him many other things if he wasn't careful) You believe there are only beings in Soul Society, Earth, and Hueco Mundo? You think there's only hollows, shinigami, humans, and spirits?

Hibiki: Well.. there are nobodies I guess.

Yui: Wrong again. Have you ever wondered what happens to a soul who doesn't become a hollow or a death god?

Hibiki: don't they stay chained until attacked by a hollow or a shinigami finds them?

Tsubaki: Her presence is unrecognizable. It's like a maimed humans except many times larger.

Hibiki: Alright, you're not a shinigami, a human soul, a hallow, or a nobody, but you're definitely a spiritual being. So...what are you?

Yui: Akumajouin. You could say we're the souls that have the will to resist deteriorating and surviving after death. I want you to tell your friends that we've come for one thing and one thing only. (Points to Tsubaki) To harness on the most powerfully condensed energy in the world!

Hibiki: You want to take Tsubaki?

Yui: You and your kin figured out that zenpakutou are equal to you, if not stronger. But it doesn't change the fact that you use them like weapons all the same.

Hibiki: What are you saying?

Yui: (Turns away and the space around her starts to warp) Just watch yourself, shinigami. (vanishes completely)

Hibiki: (looks to Tsubaki) What do you make of this?

Tsubaki: I think we've got one more worry on top of everything else.

--------------------aerial beings-------------
Orcale: (Walks alone through the forest near Soul Society contemplating to himself. Suddenly the trees rustle from what would seem like wind to most. Orcale looks up and waits a moment. Only silence follows) Who are you? (silence continues and he turns who body toward the area) Come out, I know you're there. (Wind rustles and someone apears on the ground. The man has short dark hair, ominous red eyes, and a long black cloak with red marks on it stands before him)

Man: How did you notice me?

Orcale: I can tell the difference between natural and uncanny wind.

Man: Of course, I shoulnd't underestimate the one nicknamed the wind sorcerer among his allies.

Orcale: You know who I am? (Suddenly someone jabs his leg and he loses all sensation and staggers. The person abs at his hip but he manages to jump out of the way with his other leg. The girl has long black hair, white eyes shockingly like Orcale's, a pink sleeveless vest, short white pants, and a head band with the symbol of a straight line on it. She smiled at Orcale)

Girl: I almost knocked him out.

Man: Dede, I thought I told you not to attack?

Dede: I wanted to see if he'd manage to figure out what's going on Sanyotori, lighten up!

Orcale: (Thinks) these two aren't shinigami, nor are they hallows. But they know who I am and can hide their presence so well...

Sanyotori: (glances at him) He's analyzing us pretty hard, Dede.

Dede: Maybe I'll knock out his brain next and cut off the signals it sends to the rest of his body. That way we can be sure he'll listen without attacking.

Sanyotori: (doesn't say anything and Dede advances on Orcale)

Orcale: (thinks) So she cuts off the brains signals to the body from the brain. In that case.. (shifts all his weight to his working leg and flips to a tree. Dede follows nad jabs at his head but then he completely vanishes and appears behind her. He points a finger at her side and a pulse of wind sends her down. She lands on her feet but then Orcale is in front of her by an inch holding a wind spear about to thrust it when a hand grabs his arm from behind and he is unable to move)

Sanyotori: (Holding Orcale) You let your guard down Dede.

Dede: I didn't think he'd be able to move so fast with one leg.

Sanyotori: (stares at Orcale's leg) His cells are moving extremely quick around his nervous system's veins. An interesting use of the wind circulating through his wind path.

Orcale: (Relaxes his body) Okay, I'll admit it would be difficult to fight the two of you alone. What is it you want?

Sanyotori: If you're willing to listen then we can relieve hostilies. (appears beside Dede and Orcale regains movement) We'll begin by introducing ourselves. My name is Sanyotori of intellect.

Dede: Dede of body! Pleasure to meet you!

Sanyotori: We've come to warn you. (explains to Orcale about Akumajouin and Orcale just thinks quietly)

Orcale: This makes no sense. Why would you warn us if you plan to target our swords?

Dede: Ooo, a sharp one. It's true that telling you ahead of time would seem risky and pointless, but telling you why we are would be even stupider.

Orcale: I see...

Sanyotori: We're taking our leave, shinigami. Be warned, your peculiar blade will be a favorited target. You won't be able to hide its special power for much longer.

Orcale: You sound like you know more about Zenpakutou than we do.

Dede: Their an enigma to everyone, but we understand them a lot more than you.

Sanyotori: Dede.

Dede: Alright, alright. (vanishes)

Sanyotori: Good bye, wielder of the universe. (vanishes)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
--------Level 1--------

Wrath: In this form, you are going to have to use your mask. (Wrath puts a blow to Kevin again. Kevin flies back and recovers from the blow.)

Kevin: So the vines shoot you, and you slice, or you pull on the vines and shoot yourself and still slice.

Wrath: Heh, so, how’s that going to help you?

Kevin: How, like this, (Kevin holds out his sword with the blade down.) Henka, (A silver reiatsu flows from Kevin, and his blade stays the same.) Suchi-ru Yaiba.

Wrath: Just a Shikai, what a joke, it will take more than that to defeat me.

Kevin: Who said anything about defeating you? (Kevin gets in a stance.) Come.

Wrath shoots herself at Kevin and swings her rose, and it easily hits Kevin. The ground cracks, the trees break, and dust comes up from the ground and blocks the view of any spectators, when the smoke clears, Wrath sees Kevin hasn’t moved an inch, but there is no blood, no wound, and there is no pain. Wrath sees a metal humanoid. No. It was Kevin in armor, thick armor that couldn’t be easily cut.

Kevin: What are you doing? (Kevin smiles and thorns shoot out from his armor. Wrath is barely scratched by one of them by mere surprise.) Power Level 1, Devil’s Armor.

Wrath: That’s a corny name.

Kevin: I don’t care, now I can have a high defense.

Wrath: But you’re open. (Wrath appears right in front of Kevin and jabs her rose at the part of his helm where he could see. When she was at fully extended, Kevin was gone.)

Kevin: I don’t think you understand, my Shikai can change into anything at my desire, armor, a weapon, knife, sword, or shield. It changes in a flash, so I can move fast.

Wrath: I see, I guess I need to move around that. (Wrath shoots herself at Kevin. Kevin makes a shield in front of him, but Wrath moves to the side of him, and grabs a vine and hoots herself again at Kevin, holding her rose in front of her. She almost makes a hit, but something blocked it, a single spike behind Kevin at the very tip of her rose.) What?

Kevin: I warn you, do not underestimate me.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Wrath 'Smiles': I see. Well then, I do believe that you're strong enough for it.

Kevin: strong enough for what?

Wrath: Why, my shikai...

'Wrath holds the rose high up in the air'

Wrath: Become one wuth me, shiteiru bara....

'The rose seems to melt away, and it begins shining with a great light, so Kevin has to look away.

'When Kevin looks back, he sees what seems to be a human plant'

Kevin: What the heck is that!?

Wrath: The beginning of your end. 'Wrath shoots toward Kevin, this time not using the plants to propel her'

Kevin: I thought I told you already, that won't work!

'Kevin uses his armor to block her, when her hand transforms in to a vine, and swings her around him'

Wrath: Your armor can stop my attacks, but armor or no armor, you're gonna feel this in the morning!!

'Wrath slams her foot in to Kevin's back so hard that Kevin was sent flying across the ground'

'When Kevin gets up, he notices a crack in the armor'

Kevin: Crap, that was strong. Looks like I can't afford to take any chances with you. 'Kevin transforms his sword in to a spear, and charges Wrath at an unbelievable speed'

Wrath: Bring it on. boy!

'Kevin jabs at Wrath so fast, that it looks like at least 8 spears are attacks her, and she continues to back up. Right as Kevin is about o land a blow on her, she stops moving, smiles, and disappears'

'Kevin searches for her spiritual pressure, but finds that it is all over the place'

Kevin 'mumbles': Where are you...

'Wrath seems to melt out a tree'

Wrath: Right here. 'Wrath kicks him across the ground again.'

Wrath: I hope you have some more surprises for me, or else this will get very boring.

Wrath has finally entered shikai, but what will Kevin do against this new, and improved Wrath?