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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
Anybody here go to conventions because i have been talking about this blog and there are alot of people interested in this so expect alot more fans.

ikusa u need to go with me next time and i need your help with the story im kind of stuck
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
and hello to all the new people here

ja mata
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Oh, there is a new enemy? I suppose I am out then. Haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
no, you can still be in. why would a new enemy mean ur out?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Because he likes his Angles. Hey Crazieone, GET SOME NEW CHARACTERS! I mean, really, are we actually going to go with the same enemy for the rest of our life, it will bore the people who read it, (note: Bleach transfers to enemies throughout the Manga/Show, so it's really not saying much to not have a new enemy.) This is why I recommend that we go with a new enemy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
techno i couldnt continue the story for you, cuz in the end you wrote "will it begin?" but how can i write if i dont know what will begin??? lolz. can you just continue or send me a message so i know what to write about, lolz. hmmm i guess i could try to go with the flow but dont get mad if i make about a different subject. lolz
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
this is just like a filler so there is nothing really important but you guys can make it important haha
----------------------------Puppy love-----------------
Kiro is still recovering

Kevin: yea i wonder if it'll happen again. but dont worry ill if it does ill protect you guys-

Tomo: what are you talking about?

Kevin confused: what are you talking about?!!!

Tomo jokingly: i was talking about the movie. hehe. 'smiles'

Kevin makes a ARE YOU SERIOUS face.

Kiro: oh movies?

Tomo: haha yupps, i wanted to watch-

Kevin: let me guess, since you're a girl you want to watch "Puppy love". the movie about a boy and his puppy.

Tomo: i was gonna say "Death Daggers", the one with the guy and girl who fight an evil dude with a huge scar and theres all those fighting scene.

Kiro: woah intense. haha

Tomo: but i guess if you wanna watch puppy love then lets go.

Kevin: bu- but 'tomo pulls kevin and start to walk towards the movie theaters'

The line wasnt long and theater wasnt filled.

The movie was great, well for tomo and kiro, they walked out inspired by the movie.

KEvin: that was boring.

Tomo: 'stares straight into kevins eyes' YOU LOVED IT!!

Kevin startled by tomo: yea fine i liked it.

Tomo: okay hehe. OH OH OH!!

Kiro: what is it? what happened.

Tomo: lets go help find a puppy!!! what if a little boy lost it.

KEvin: that is really stu-

Tomo: oh look 'points to a light pole' theres is a lost doggy sign.


Kiro: this could be fun!!

Kevin: sriously.

Tomo, like the kid she is, skips to the pole to see the sign more clearly.

Kevin: seeing as there is no stoping you what does the sign say?

Tomo/kiro read it aloud: please help find my dog buffy, he was lost in the park. thanks. im sorry i dont have much reward to give.

Kevin: see there is no point in helping.

Tomo: no thats not nice lets go

Tomo and the boys go to the park. apparently the park where the dog was found was in a REALLY HUGE park.

Kiro: woah. this can be hard,

Tomo: now lets go.

kevin: uhhh.

The three spent the whole day looking for the dog, but nothing,

Hours later trying to find the dog....

Kevin: uhhhhhh see there was no point.

Kiro: i know!!! wait wheres tomo.

The two start to hear giggling and the other side of a hill.
They walk to it to a surprising sight.

Tomo, a little boy and a dog are sitting on a bench laughing.

Tomo see them: hey guys!!! where were you.

Kevin: we were looking for the dog and you!!

Tomo: why the dog, i found it 5 hours ago. hehe.

Kiro: WAT!!! 'falls back on the grass' im sooo tired

KEvin angry: and why didnt you tell us.

Tomo: well you looked busy.

Little kid: oh well thanks for watching and finding my dog, i need to go home now!!

The little boy walks with his HUGE dog home.

Tomo: uhh what a fun day.

Kevin really angry: FUN?! what FUN?! this wasnt fun.

Tomo: but we got to hel-

KEvin: and? sure we helped a little boy, but why the HELL did you not tell us.

Tomo: sorry i didnt mean to.

KEvin: SHUT UP. i dont care right now. kiro and i have been waiting for you, and you do this to us. you're SOOO annoying, you always do this you make us do things for you and you pull a stunt like this. DAMN IT. im TIRED OF WATCHING OVER YOU

Tomo eyes get watery: FIND! ill make it easier for you, im going back to soul society! 'walks off towards the woods'

Kevin trying to calm down: wait Tomo, sorry for exploding.

Tomo: no, i may always make you guys do something that is not in your intrest but at least it makes others happy. did you not see the smile on the boys face???

Kevin: yes i saw. he was hppy.

Tomo: then why get soo mad that you had to work a little to make a child happy.

KEvin: uhhhh,

Tomo: yea thats right, im leaving now.

Tomo opens a gate and enters, Kevin is reluctant to follow.

Kiro: umm arent you going after her?

Kevin: no, im not in the mood to go back to soul society. plus there is nothing that will hurt her there. c'mon lets go home.

-----------------------in soul society.-----------------------

Tomo steps out of the gate, its already dark there.

Tomo: hmm i wonder if everybody is sleeping,

Tomos house is a little close to the captains barracks.
She needs to pass through a few squad barracks to get there. OR go to her short cut. her short cut is sneaking through Central 46 and the exit leads to her house.

Tomo: hmmm, SHORT CUT!!! hehe.

Tomo runs towards CENTRAL 46

no one write anything yet. random fan says he has somthing to conintue this post. so yea.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Yes, you're right tecno, I should create some new characters. Maybe, just maybe if I hope and wish for it, they will come out as creative and fantastic as yours! Sorry to disagree, but I have 15 original characters and I don't wish to produce some shotty character for the sake of appeasing someone like yourself. I'd rather run with my older characters than generate the uncreative and unimaginative material you have. No thanks, not my style. So you stick with your poor skills and i'll continue to use my characters. :) And stop acting like you're the crowned head of this forum. The last time I checked, I began this battle forum with Kofisius and Songoku. I have been here since page four and you came when, page 11? I suggest you check your arrogance at the door. As if your have anything to be arrogant about. I refuse to create several new characters just because you create some lame, uninsightful character every other post. However, to respond to your anime reference. The creator also has a team of insightful artists channeling all their ideas to produce new story lines and characters. And the last time I checked, I am only one person. Maybe you have a team, which is why you are so amazingly creative. Hah. If only, right? Seriously, take your attitude somewhere else, I don't care what you have to say.

Randomfan: I believe I read that you had a couple ideas for a new plot? Maybe you can further develop songoku's idea with there being an individual intervening. The individual is suppose to have the first-ever zanpakuto, which was actually quite an ingenius idea. At that point, we were all suppose to conquer him/her.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Crazieone, I'm not running the blog, I'm just trying to start a new idea, I'm not trying to make you upset and what-not, but if you wanted to do something, THEN JUST DO IT! I'm not stopping you, we can debate, I don't care, but don't just go off and try to be the "bigger person" because it makes you look stupid, because when I read your post, I was laughing at what you said. I'm not insulting you, and I do not lie, but when you insult someone because of their "skills," it makes you the younger person, because if you could just take the words or change them, then you wouldn't have to insult me or anyone. By the way, Songoku actually liked my ideas and went to me as the person to get him off of writers block.

P.S. I started on pg. 9, and you started, when, like, pg 5-7? I'm not that far behind, so stop trying to say that I'm such a noob to you. Oh and Jlazlo, I was hoping that Randomfan was going to respond to that "Will it begin" factor.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना evilsdouble said…
Zanpoktou Name= Pain
Release command= Show them your suffering
Bankai name= Endless anguish
Bankai description= The more the user is hurt the more the users speed, reiatsu, strength, And zanpoktous sharpness increase.

[Shikai abilities]
Permanent shikai the weapon has no special traits but still seems to be an incredibly powerful weapon.

[Bankai abilities]
Bankais abilites were explained above)

My comments
1. i made this descriptioin for kennys zanpoktou
2. Permanent shikai
3. When Pain goes into bankai the sword turns into a double edged version of its original self( if anyone can think up a better bankai form that would be cool and message me it)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Techno i know i wanted him to reply to that question too. But i talked to randomfan and told me to put Tomo in a different situation, and from there it will slowly unravel. I mean there is no point to keep readin if we know exactly what is going to happen. haha, you guys need to chill. does it really matter how good our chracter is? we all just wanna be part of a story. i mean, i know my chracter isnt one of the better ones, yet everytime i see that there is a new post about our story i become happy. idk why i feel like that, but i guess i like the idea of sharing my thoughts with others. so yea, stop fighting and go with the flow. lolz.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना evilsdouble said…
Wait what the F? how did a zanpoktou creation forum turn into a rp forum????????
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
like 20 something pages ago. lolz. haha yupp 20 something pages ago is when ppl turned it into a rp forum haha
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना evilsdouble said…
oh lol thanks ill go back and read through
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
big smile
uhhh KIMOY did you not see what others have posted?!!!! we are done fighting tenchi plus he left, then we are working on a new story in the mean time, please take time to view what others wrote. sorry but im getting pissy that you had no consideration to see what others wrote.. kk byes
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kimoy4321 said…
ohw sorry!...don't worry!...i'll take care of it!...hhehehe...i'll just make a post for my revenge...ok!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kimoy4321 said…
kimoy and tenchi (revenge)

kimoy and tenchi have met again...

kimoy: now let's get serious about this... you are pissing me off...

kimoy: are you ready?...i don't care how strong you are... if you want war then i'll give it to you... i guess it's time for me to show the real me...

kimoy's reaitsu is overflowing...then appeared in front of tenchi...

tenchi : (shocked)

kimoy: you owe me a hit... now it's time for payback...

kimoy kicks and brought tenchi smashing into the ground...

kimoy: (appeared in front of tenchi) kicks him again causing tecnhi to go through a building...

tenchi: damn it!...

kimoy: (from a distance) yah! damn it.. then kimoy fires Hadō #88. Hiryugekizokushintenraiho.

As the smoke disappears tenchi was seen standing and worn out!...

tenchi: how dare you!...

kimoy: you hurt me before!...

tenchi: so what?.. I'LL KILL YOU!

kimoy: Hadō #90. Kurohitsugi... a black box forms around a target, then dozens of energy "spears" piercing and lacerating tenchi inside from head to toe.

tenchi: this can't be!...(then fell into the ground unconscious)

kimoy: (made a binding spell to bind the worn out and defeated tenchi)

kimoy: i guess it's time to bring you to tomo and kevin...

kimoy then arrived at the soul society to meet tomo...

tomo: (hears a voice)...ohh!(saw kimoy from a distance)...are you all right kimoy!...

kimoy: not really!.. i released my reaitsu at the level that can make my body suffer in pain...

kimoy: oh by the way here's a gift(referring to tenchi) and fainted!...

tomo: hey!...i guess i have to send you to the 4th division... and have to hurry!...

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
umm agian not part of the new story line. pluz i said that randomfan NEEDS to continue it for now lolz
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
That's quite a coincidence, Tecno. I laugh at all your posts and not because they're funny. I honstly don't care what you have to say, so conserve your energy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(A single pair of eyes watch from the distance)

?: It appears Tecnhi feel victim to a traditional kido spell. And these two individuals, they are certainly interesting.

(Tomo preceeds to take Kimoy to the fourth division barracks)

?: How convenient that I am able to tag along. (Only several feet from Tomo, the mysterious individual follows the unsuspecting shinigami back to the barracks).

[ What does this character wish to accomplish and why disguise himself?]

Jlazlo, I hope you don't mind me participating with you and Kimoy. :) And I hope randomfan returns soon, I am curious to see what he posts. Although, I wish Songoku would come back and continue his story.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
[A arcane and unusual aura envelopes all the lands. But from where is it surfacing?]

Sekhmet: (Staring out toward the starry sky)

Veznesel: (whisping around like a black silky cloud) You look deep in though Sekhmet-sama.

Sekhmet: (turns her head to look at Veznesel) You can surely sense it too. Am I correct?

Veznesel: Yes. I sense the aura surrounding everywhere we go.

Zalbeseal: It's not so much spiritual pressure, rather more dense.

Yasnhamiesh: It's a sign. We are all aware of this.

Galgalzzi: A sign? Let your tea reading be, woman. It's far worse than that. It's as if a door has been closed for millenia and now it has opened. And now all the stiffling air is rushing in.

Sekhmet: Galgalzzi's metaphorical prowess has a valid point. I haven't felt this energy sense I was a small girl. This is right about the time the worlds seemed to seperate.

Veznesel: Indeed. Everything shifting creating hueco mundo and several other realms. I knew the energy felt familiar.

Galgalzzi: And?

Zalbeseal: And now we must determine the threat level.

Galgalzzi: Of course we must. A threat from an aura that envelopes the air we breathe.

Yasnahmiesh: Cease your sarcasm, Galgalzzi. This is much bigger than an aura.

Galgalzzi: I realize as much, but where can we go with just simple aura. I would suggest centering the disturance to a source, but that may take us a while.

Sekhmet: Well, it is what we must do. Those stupid shinigami probably feel the same disturbance. That is, if they have the skill to sense such energy. It's debatable. However, if i'm correct, we may all be in jeopardy. Begin the search and do not hesitate to take samples form the soul society. If any shinigami oppose you, eliminate them and show no mercy.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kimoy4321 said…
i know... just remind me if you rumble with hard enemies then i'll come... ok!.... gotta go and practice everything!...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ok well Crazione, I really dont know what you are doing, but i guess il find out later.

'2 people whering robes walk over to one of the walls of central 46'

'one leans their head against the wall'

???: ok, doesnt sound like anyones here. Do your stuff.

???: k. Morph, Futago Ryoote.

'A hissing sound is heard, and a section of the wall falls down'

???: nice work. stay out here while I go in. I shouldnt take more than 10 minutes.

???: Ok, but hurry Pride, I dont want to stay out here too long.

Pride: fine. ' he walks in to the building'

Pride: Dang, this building is huge... ugh that that'l just make things harder. ' he wanders around for a few minutes'

Pride: man, would it be too much to ask for a map? I mean, I couldnt they just have a sign saying, This way to Kisuk-.' Suddenly a girl turns a corner and runs right in to him'

Pride: ow, my face...

Tomo: O god! are you ok Mister?

Pride: umm yea i guess. ' He gets up, and his hood falls off, revealing that he has a piece of a hollow mask on his ear'

Tomo: Your a hollow!

Pride: Crap! LUST!! Covers blown!!

'Tomo starts to attack Pride with her zanpakuto, and forces Pride in to a corner'

Tomo: This is the end for you, hollow.

'She raises her sword to strike the final blow, when she is hit on the head with the hilt of another sword.

' Tomo falls to the ground, unconscious'

Pride: that was cutting it a little close, dont ya think?

Lust: sorry, but im assuming you didnt want me to kill her.

Pride: Your right. she could be useful... Come on. Lets get out before any other shinigami come. 'Lust and Pride both disappear with Tomo'

I decided to go with the 7 deadly sins idea, as you can see. Theres more to it but you'l all find out later :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
What does your seven deadly sins plot incorporate? Is each sin a character? I am assuming they are and how do they play out with all the other characters? I hope they're villainous. :) I actually have a couple ideas for you, if you are interested.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
yea for each sin, theres a hollow, and their definitely villainous :). Also, I'd love to hear your ideas. I really only have this one, and then once thats over, I have no clue what Im gonna do :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I would like to inform Crazieone that this was my idea, I don't mind giving credit to Randomfan, and I'm not trying to be selfish or whatever, but if my ideas are so dull, and all, why did you sound like you were complementing Randomfan...?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
lolz next post!

'Lust and Pride appear somewhere in hueco mundo, and set Tomo down'

Lust: Man! she looks so light, but shes heavy!!

Pride: shut up! hmmm do u have the torch?

Lust: sure take it, less for me to carry...

'Pride picks up the torch, lights a match, and sets the torch on fire'

Pride: hope their lookin this way... 'he tosses the torch high in to the air'

'in response, another torch is seem a few miles away'

Pride: k we're allowed in. Pick her up and lets go. 'he disappears'

Lust: Man! y do i have to carry her! ' Lust picks Tomo up (with a groan lol) and disappears as well'

'Pride and Lust appear at the mouth of a large cave'

Pride: hello? anybody home?

'a young woman appears in the cave'

???: Pride, Lust. Your back. What fun. And it seems you brought a guest with you.

Pride: yea. Well, as exciting as our time here has been, Sloth, we'd better get her inside before she wakes up.

Sloth: whatever. do what you like. 'she walks back inside'

Lust( in a whisper): does she ever smile?

Pride(also in a whisper): i doubt it.

'they walk inside the cave and lust suddenly jumps'

Lust: Crap, shes moving!!

Pride: this is what you get for not hitting her harder!

Lust: i know! just make the barrier alredy!

Pride: fine. 'Pride takes out his zanpakuto, and slices his hand'

Pride: O gods above and below, hear my cry! For the great winds of the heavens, and the infernal flames of the Earth, please take my offering! Let the air thicken with the fiery blood of our kind! Kubomi Mahoo, Ketsueki Honoo Ori!

'The blood from Pride's hand flows in to the air, and forms a flame-red cage of blood around Tomo'

'Tomo begins to wake up'

Tomo: huh? where am i? I could have sworn i was in central 46...

Pride 'looks exhausted': Lust, next time warn me before she wakes up. That took out a lot of energy.

Lust: Sorry. it wont happen again.

Pride: ur right it wont. Because you'l be on guard duty. You can use force if she tries to escape.

Tomo: Whats going on! Who are you people anyway!!

Pride: no questions now. You're gonna just sit here until we tell you otherwise, got it?

Tomo 'mutters': Phf as if...

'Pride snaps his fingers, and the cage shrinks a bit, and the blood-flames touch her, making her yelp in pain'

Pride: Now that should keep you quiet. Im going to Wrath for a report. Dont let her out of your sight. Got it?

Lust: Understood.

'Pride walks off in to another tunnel'

'Lust looks back at the cage and sees Tomo crying slightly. He had been in that cage before, he knew the pain'

'Once Pride had been gone for a little, Lust snapped his fingers, making the cage larger again'

Tomo: Thank you.

'Lust doesnt say anything'


Pride walks in to another, larger cavern'

???: well? did you acquire the information?

Pride: no Wrath, we encountered a young girl there who almost sliced my head off.

Wrath: and did you kill her?

Pride: ummm no, we thought that she could be useful. She seemed important. Maybe we could use her as a bargaining chip.

Wrath: fine. but the second she stops being useful, you know what to do.

Pride: Yes master.

Thanks to Jlazlo and Tecno for their help. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
-------------the forbidden zone--------------
Orcale: (walks into the court room where the people sat behind the boards to hide thier faces from the people they're persecuting. He goes to a specific chair and reaches under it. He clicks a button and a key pops out of it. He catches it and walks out of the room. He finally comes to a place with two huge doors. He holds his hand out and a faint barrier is visable in front of his fingers) SO it managed to stay up even after all this time. How peculiar, I thought someone would have come through here earlier. (mutters under his breath and the barrier disolves to a point where he can just fit through. He walks forward and the barrier instantly reforms behind him. He puts the key in a slot and the door clicks and swings open. He walks into a large room with a high ceiling and hundreds of giant filing cabnets. Orcale stares up quietly) This...could take a while.

----------earthquakes, lightning, and floods----------
Elli: (walks next to Sinsue and Kibudo through Soul Society) Guys, am I the only one feeling slightly on edge?

Kibudo: I don't know, why?

Elli: I'm not sure. It feels like something's wrong.

Sinsue: (smiles warmly) it's not like you to suffer from paranoia, Elli-san. You're usually as calm as Kibudo.

Elli: What, it's suddenly a bad thing for me to keep a vigilant eye?

Kibudo: Well it's not that it's bad. But its weird to see you do something like that for the first time.

Elli: But nevermind that. I'm seriously uncomfortable.

Sinsue: Maybe a fight will take your mind off what ever it is, then you can go back to your normal laid back self, Elli-san.

Elli: That's the first time you've ever suggested we fight. You're bothered by something also, aren't you?

Sinsue: (chuckles) Looks like you really are trying to be vigilant. I am worried, but not enough to let it get to me.

Kibudo: (glances at the two as he walks with his arms behind his head) You both are weird. I don't feel a thing.

Elli: Not surprising, coming from a person who sleeps most of his life...But I guess a fight would help steady myself.

Kibudo: (moans) Uuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhh...I rather sleep here.

Sinsue: Do that and you risk missing out on a lot.

Kibudo: I'm already missing out on sleep. What could be worse?

Elli: Fine, be like that. We're out of here. (vanishes)

Sinsue: See you later, Kibudo-san. (follows)

Kibudo: (Stares forward for a moment) Ah, what the heck. I'll have all the time in the world to sleep once this annoying dilema is over and we're locked in that other dimension again. (vanishes after the others)

------a rose by any other name would smell as sweet------
Zabeon: (with Shion and Kaguya) I suppose we're to go and face those so called angels, right?

Shion: It would be the correct course of action. But it's weird. Why would Cipher Captain secure the lock if no one seems to have any interest in it or the key? It's unlike him to make such a lateral decision.

Kaguya: I guess he just doesn't like that the people who managed to defeat Sosuke have come, this time with an unclear goal.

Zabeon: Don't mention that disgrace's name in front of me.

Shion: It's been a long time since it happened, plus he's dead. I'd have thought your animosity would have diminished, Zabeon Aizen.

Zabeon: (glares at her) For a normally serene girl, you are rather cheeky.

Shion: Am I?

Kaguya: Come on you two, we can't be fighting each other when the enemy is so close.

Shion: Speaking of which, weren't you in the middle of fighting an especially strong one?

Kaguya: ...Oh no, I totally forgot! (draws swords and cuts self and releases her swords. She jumps on one of the large plates and she glides away faster than a normal shunpue)

Shion: How easily distracted she is.

Zabeon: If you just got rid of her so you can annoy me more without her hearing anything she shouldn't, I'm not in the mood. (Walks away)

Shion: That's to be expected of someone as curt as her.

---------------blazing forests---------------
Hibiki: (running through the forest quickly with Phoebe skipping backwards easily next to him) Remind me again, what am I doing?

Phoebe: I already said it, we're going to all the fighting places in the past so we can gather data on the DNA left their. Shin-teichou's orders.

Hibiki: That makes sense for you, but not me.

Phoebe: Well Orcale dear is busy doing something else and the captain is to preoccupied to-

Hibiki: Not that. Hemi-dono has been acting weird lately. He's always been cautious, but to this extent?

Phoebe: I'll admit it's odd, but captain is captain. I know he was himself because of that commanding but at the same time nowhere near shunning feeling that's around him all the time. We should just do as we're told for now.

Hibiki: Fine, I was never one to care so much about these things anyways.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
--------------------Answer your phone Tomo-----------------

Back in the world of the living, its been a day since Tomo left and Kevin has finally calm down, Kiro is by his side to convince to cheack on Tomo.

Kiro: ahh, are you gonna check on her??

Kevin: why should i? there is no point. she'll be safe, there.

Kiro: well at least see if she is alright.

Kevin: but i dont wanna talk to her for now, plus she wont answer my calls after what i said to her.

Kiro: fine, call someone else, anyone. just check on her.

Kevin: fine.

kevin takes out his cell phone, specialized to call soul society

lady on phone: Hello, this is secretary's office, how may i help.

Kevin: hi, i was wondering if you could direct me to a Tomo Hiyashi

Lady: oh im sorry to inform you, she is not in, actually she isnt even located in soul society.

Kevin: hmm, but she entered through the gates last night

Lady: hmm it does say she entered but im sorrry she isnt located anywhere on the maps.

Kevin: umm, okay. thanks anyway

KEvin hangs up,

Kiro: so what? she okay?

Kevin: she is not there.

Kiro: wait did somthing happen

KEvin: i dont know but now im rereting not going with her. DAMN IT.

Kiro: what now?

Kevin: we need to go Soul Society


Lust is there guarding the barrier that locks away Tomo.
Its is totally silent, which is making Tomo REALLY bored.

Tomo: ummm

Lust: shut UP.

Tomo: but i didnt even say something.

Lust: well now you did. so shut it.

Sloth enters the room.

Lust: what do you want.

Sloth: i wanted to see the pretty girl, plus im trying to avoid chores.

Lust: well here she is. what a brat she is.

Sloth: hi, little girl, whats you're name.

Lust: she isnt retarded.

Sloth: see you're talking made it boring agian.

Lust: Well leave then.

Sloth: find i will.

a ffew moments past.

Lust: well....

Sloth: it such a long walk to the couch.

Lust: uhhhh, well then if you dont leave ill tell the others you didnt clean the bathroom yet.

SLoth: okay bye.

sloth quickly is out of sight,

Tomo: hehe.

Lust: whats soo funny 'annoyed'

Tomo: well you guys are. uhhh. my tummy is empty

Lust: soo?

Tomo: can i have fo-

Lust: no.

Tomo: plea-

Lust: no.

Tomo: but ill-

Lust: listen to me little girl, shut up befor- before...

Lust snaps his fingers, the cage gets smaller and Tomo has to kinda curl up to avoid getting burnt.

Tomo expressions is total saddness, her eyes fill with tears, but there silent as she doesnt want Lust to make the cage smaller.

Lust tries to ignore her, but for some reason he finds himself wnating to help her.

Lust: i dont know why, but-uhhh 'snaps fingers, cage gets smaller'

Tomo: thank you, 'wipes tears with sleeve'

Tomo stomach growls.

Lust: dont think that i like because of this 'hands her a piece of bread from a bag next to him'

As he passes it to her, her soft hands touch and caresses his stong rough hands.

Lust pulls away quickly.

Tomo: 'smiles' thank you.

Tomo starts to nibble on the bread,

Lust thoughts: uhhh, she so annoying, i dont know why i helped her, but at least she shut up. uhh, my hands feel weird, its tingling. uhh its nothing, i dont need to worry about it too much.

Tomo sees that he is in deep thought.

Tomo: you okay?

Lust: yea, i was just thinking bout- Hey its not your business.

Tomo: okay, but ummm, could i go sleep?

Lust: what?

Tomo: yea sleep, i mean my head still hurts from the hit to the head.

Lust: oh, yea whatever just as long as you dont snore.

Tomo: okay, umm, good nite.

Lust: yea.

Tomo quickly falls asleep. Lust, sits infront of the cage while leaning on a wall. He watches her sleep peacefully,

Lust: pfft, dumb girl
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big smile
well i am back so Taoreta510 just tell me when i can help with the story and people please look at my zampakto and bio and comment plz
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Tecno, go lick your wounds somewhere else. If you're looking for pity, I doubt you'll find it by messaging me.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
...Pity? Five years of being treated like this and I'm looking for pity? Here is my answer: HECK NO! I just want you to stop insulting me because it gets annoying... Go ahead if you want to, I don't really care.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I was going to go about the same behavior since my first post, but thank you for authorizing it for me. You're the only person that ever complains, so get a life. I enjoy participating with everyone but you because you're ridiculously melodramatic. I'm surprised you didn't conjure up another rant like last time. Threatening to leave the forum and suggesting I ruined your life must be outdated now. Thankfully, though.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
To clarify, there are 7 hollows that represent each individual sin, but are there 7 additional shinigami that equally represent that? If I remember, the introduction of the characters (wrath, lust, gluttony, and so on) took place at central 46. I may be wrong, but I swear I read that. Albeit, I have some ideas for you to mull over. I have to go, but I'll post them within the next couple of hours.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
No, there are only 7 hollows to represent each sin. And about, the part in central 46, it has nothing to do with the shingami. I hinted at the reason they went there in the other posts.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…

Tomo is still resting peacefully but is almoost close to be awake, some of the others are talking bout her, unknowingly she can over hear them

Pride: i see the little inferior child is asleep. well i should be heading out, then.

Lust: where you going? i WANT to know.

Pride: none of YOUR business, plus your duty is to see that she doesnt escape and becomes in the way. Plus you should be happy you get to watch such a beautiful girl.

Lust: uhhh, shes not that pretty.

Pride: oh Lust dont deny the fact you like her. You always fall for any pretty girl you see, you just soo soo LUSTFUL.

Lust: pfft, i dont like her

Pride: then stop blushing. haha. 'vanishes'

Lust: im not blushing. 'covers face in his arms'

Tomo gets up: where is he going? 'rubs eyes'

Lust: uhh, i dont know. plus why would i tell you

Tomo: oh, okay. umm can i hav-

Lust: its there behind you

Tomo looks behind her to see that there is already prepared food, next to it is a flower.

Tomo: umm thanks but why is there i flower? 'blushes'

Lust: THAT WAsNT meh. i think sloth did that. CRAP

Tomo: okay.

Tomo starts to eat when Gluttony comes in

Gluttony: wow that looks good can i have.

Lust: leave her alone. 'annoyed'

Gluttony: she just a prisoner. plus im hungary, and its not like i have to treat her nice cuz she you GIRLFRIEND.

LUst: why does everybody say that?!!!!!

Sloth: i dont know maybe cuz you're sooo nice to her.

Gluttony: sloth go make me a sandwhich.

Sloth: no do it yourself fatty..

Gluttony: fine. 'leaves'

Sloth: well just to let you know 'faces tomo' i didnt give that flower, haha 'vanishes'

Lust: crap.

Tomo smiles sweetly, and blushes.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Infernarater said…
Can someone help me with a powerful earth zanpakuto?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ookami510 said…
try making one thats like 3 hokage summining jutsu u know the one with the monkey becoming a staff
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
7 Sins, 6 Perfections, if you want to, you can make 6 shinigamis to represent them, this is our story, not mine. I`ll list the perfections later.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
6 perfections..... sounds cool! could u email me some details? i wont be on again for a while.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
The 6 Perfections are: generosity, ethics, patience, enthusiastic perseverance, concentration, and wisdom. It's a Buddhist religion, and that's not what I'm aiming for, but if anyone wants to get real into it all, go here: link
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
------------Soul Society-------

Kevin and Kiro walk through the gate into Soul Society.

Kevin: I never liked this place…

Kiro: You never did, but still…

Kevin: Moving on, (Kevin sees a man walking by) hey, have you seen a girl, about this high, black hair…

Kiro: …Really cute.

Kevin punches Kiro into a wall and continues talking. The man says “no” in the end.

Kevin and Kiro talk to many more people and keep getting No’s.

Kiro: This is taking forever.

Kevin: She’s not here.

Kiro: Then where is she?

Kevin: How would I know that?

Kiro: Your physic.

Kevin punches Kiro into a wall (Again).

Kevin thinks: Where is she? She’s not in the real world, and not in Soul Society, then where?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I was thinking we could incorporate the 7 virtues alongside the 7 deadly sins. Biblically, there are seven deadly sins and their polar opposites, virtues, stand alongside them. They are as follows:

Sin : Virtue

Lust : Chastity

Gluttony : Temperance

Greed : Charity

Sloth: Diligence

Wrath: Patience

Envy: Kindness

Pride: Humility.

I thought it would help solidify the entire theme. Like I discussed with you, randomfan, each shinigami can have a power that rivals the particular power of their sin counterpart. :) I hope you like the idea.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
big smile
------------------------Who is kevin-----------------------------

Tomo still sits in the cage as Lust watches over her, she starts to finally wonder what will happen to her. Who will save her? or Will she die?

Tomo: i wonder where is kevin, hmm is he still mad. uhhh

Lust: 'throws a pebble to get her attention' Hoy, who is Kevin?

Tomo:uhh a close guy friend. We had a fight and i wonder if he knowss im missing

Lust: do you "like" him? i- i- mean are you guys going out?

Tomo: hehe, No hes like a older brother to meh.

Lust: oh.

Moments pass and a interesting questions arises from Tomo

Tomo: hehe. umm can i ask something?

Lust: what 'rises eyebrow'

Tomo: what happened to your original body??

Lust: what are you talking bout?

Tomo: you're not a man or boy....arent you a girl.

Lust: ummm, no

Tomo: thats a lie, i should know im actually part mind reader haha

Lust: okay so you know, whats the problem?

Tomo: you're not happy with your body. thats why you fall for the "pretty" girls like the others said, mainly because you want their body you want to have you female body back.

Lust: shut up! so what i no i cant have it, thats why i ussally end up killing the pretty one after, OR make them my slave.

Tomo: i can help.

Lust is totally caught off by tomo's reply, to her threat

Lust: what? what you mean help. the only help i would want is-

Tomo: your body back, i- i can do that 'smiles sweetly'

Lust: what makes you say that?

Tomo: since you dont know me im guessing that you dont know my abilities. im really great at making bodies for a soul to take pressence in i can show you i just need some ingredients.

Lust: i still dont trust you.

Tomo: im in a cage what else can i do but help from inside here.

Lust: fine but you need to do it to yourself so i can see what happens. if i goes well sure ill take your help if not i will kill you.

Tomo: 'worried inside' okay. can i have paper and pen to write a list?

Lust comes back with a pen and paper, tomo writes all the things needed to do the procedure. Lust takes the list and gives it to gluttony to get all the things listed.

Moments past till gluttony come with all items needed.

Lust: hurry start now.

Tomo is quick with making the vials to transefer the soul in to the other body. She takes an hour or so to create the example body that she will use and another body for Lust

Lust: hmmm how does the process work?

Tomo: im ready to show you. Well you need to take this potion pour a little into the new body 'tomo puts some into her new body' then you need to drink the rest. 'tomo drinks the rest'

Tomos new body starts to glow so as she does. Tomos soul is seen transfering.

Lust: hmmp. this might actually work.

Tomo: uhhh, kays see 'stands up in new body' now since i dont wanna use this body im drinking this redo vial. 'drinks it'

Tomo goes back to her original body.

Lust: my turn?

Tomo: of course. now i saw a picture of your female body so i modeled the new body after it.

Lust: okay, uhh thanks.

Tomo: yupps.

Lust does the procedure as shown and now is located in a womens body.

Lust: uhhh, my body it feels so light so soft.

Lust stands up a little dazed and looks into a mirror

Lust: WOW, im- im- im SEXY. hahaha. i love my ability

Tomo confused: ability? i did this for you.

Lust: as if, i have a talent for convincing others to do my will.

Tomo: but that doesnt count if i did it willing. hehe.

Lust: shut up girl, just accept it.

Tomo: o- okay.

Tomo mind: uhh she is sooo annoying, i help her and this is how she treats me. oh well all i can do is smile.

Tomo smiles to Lust

Lust mind: hmm she did a great job. i miss this body 'hugs herself' im kinda pissed though, the others said its impossible to do this, yet she did it withing a mere day. oh wells.

Lust continues to see herself in the mirror.

Tomo: you are pretty. 'smiles'

Lust: i know.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
[Malevolent covenant; Eternal darkness]

(A golden gate rips open the sky. Seven silhouettes stand before the giant cave emitting an ominous aura. The silhouettes walk toward the the cave)

Lust: That spiritual pressure? It's immense!

Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, and Envy look to the entrace.

(Cumei is thrown in and slightly beaten up)

Cumei: I'm sorry...I don't know...I don't remember...it's all a blur. Forgive me.

Sekhmet: What a skillfully constructed barrier you have scaling these...spacious surroundings.

Pride: OUR BARRIER! HOW?! (the others prepare to engage Sekhmet when five figures reveal themsevles behind her ( Azriel, Veznesel, Zalbeseal, Yashnamiesh, and Galgalzzi).

Sekhmet: (looks at the other hollows and simply returns her attention to pride). Oh, that barrier. Well, I'd rather not waste my time trying to shatter that barrier, so I had one of your own remove it for me. (pride looks bewildered) The poor thing was rather cooperative once I placed her under a kido spell. Very useful, kido. I was able to implant any suggestion I desired in her little head and she'd fullfill it eagerly. Of course, she has no recollection of the entire experience, so don't blame the poor thing.

Pride: (looks at cumei) Is she under your kido magic, now?

Sekhmet: Doesn't appear to be, does she? Otherwise, she wouldn't be apologizing (smiles). (pride charges a dense cero and fires it as Sekhmet) (She chuckles and grabs it condensing it into her palm). Poor, poor hollows. You just simply don't understand. (holding the glowing cero in her palm) My people created the cero, therefore, it is no effort at all to deflect such an attack. You creatures benefitted from my people's misery by learning this technique. Interesting how it all happened, too. You consumed an injured and dying warrior...absorbing the skill. And look now, all you hollows have been infected with the skill. A blessing for you really.

Pride: Impossible...

Sekhmet: Come now. You're supposed to be an evolved form of a typical hollow. Try not and be so intellectually inferior as they are.

Pride: (clenches fist)

Sekhmet: This energy, after all, is quite unstable and if I lose my concentration it could go off in that little hollows direction.

Cumei: (looks at Sekhmet)

Sekhmet: I'm not here to quarrel, though (stabs the cero with her finger and it begins to dissipate). I believe we have a common interest.

Wrath: Which is?

Lust: Isn't it obvious? Those shinigami!

Sekhmet: Quite perceptive, that one. Those shinigami have become much to self-rightous for their own good. They're meddling and they don't consider consequences. Not to mention they're consumed with hubris.

Pride: Not such a bad thing...(smiles)

Sekhmet: (loses her smile) Oh, but it is. Allow them to become to confident and they will drive you deeper than this stagnent cave you dwell in. Is this your idea of comfortable living? Or would you rather join your devolved brothern in the heuco mundo forest beneath the surface?

(they all snear at the thought)

Sekhmet: I didn't think so. Azriel, hand me the box.

Azriel: (a box emerges from the shadows and he places it in her hands)

Sloth: What's in the box?

Envy: Something to help turn the tables?

Sekhmet: In essence, yes. (she opens the box and a scroll emerges that is a-glow. It unfolds and reveals an unbreakable treaty). This is an unbreakable bond that we will all share once signed.

Gluttony: WHAT?! We are not signing... (wrath motions for her to cease her bickering).

Sekhmet: This isn't just any pact, it's a convenant. This will bond our desires and intentions together, so we can secure our victory. With our combine forces, the shinigami will never be able to conquer our lands again. They killed my people, ravaged the lands, and defiled it's beauty with their soceity. And they purged the area of hollows and drove you to the bowels of heuco mundo. Not to mention they slay you every chance they get. They aspire to kill your kind, after all.

(the sins clench their fists and become angry).

Sekhmet: Join me, my generals, and angels and we will descend upon those shinigami with a vengeance so colossal they will not have the will-power to combat it. You have no idea the power you'd have siding with you. I and my warriors possess powers, ancient and forgotten arts that can turn the tide of a battle. (A darkness begins to loom over hollows and they all back away from Sekhmet)

Envy comments to Gluttony: Her spiritual pressure is intense...it's so dense, it's almost like nothing i've ever experienced. It's as if an ocean is above the sky...

(flames burst around Sekhmet)

Pride: Put your weapon away. We must decide.

Sekhmet: Forgive me, my zanpakuto can be quite hasty.

(The seven supreme hollows convene and decide)

Greed: We have agreed to cooperate and join in an alliance. However, you must promise never to attack our people.

Sekhmet: Deal!

Veznesel: (glares at Sekhmet)

Zalbeseal: Then we all must sign the parchment.

Lust: Agreed.

(Sekhmet, Azriel, the generals, and all the sin hollows sign the scroll with a concentrated cero beam. The scroll glows and bursts connecting all the members with a golden chain. and dissapears).

Wrath: These markings? It's a halo?

Sekhmet: A binding halo that represents our bond. We'll be in touch (laughs)

Sekhmet and her warriors vanished into the shadows.

[A dark deal has been made]
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना megadragon said…
my zanpaktuo is one wing angel
bankia long musa mune
command super nove / snitila /onislash or onimeslash braver
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ikusa510 said…
^ What?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Megadragon: What? That makes no sense.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ummm Crazione, just pointing this out. Cumeis a girl... just felt like sayin that.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
so is gluttony....