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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
big smile
YURIA that kinda sounds like my chracter but you have different attack names and your chracter bio is opposite haha. Well plus i use shadow and light. oh and mine is VECTOR ARROWS and STARS haha. wanna try fight?? oh i like how you worded yours too lolz.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yuria132 said…
Thanks man, I've been wanting to write this zanpakuto for some time now. What was yours again?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना UltimateBleach said…
I was Bored, so I felt like making another one, but this one I actually might have.

Name:Yamiookami(Darkness Wolf)
Bankai:Chinmoku Shita Kiraa Yamiookami(Silent Killer,Darkness Wolf)
Shikai Attacks:

Ookami Tamashii(Wolf Spirit):A giant spirit of darkness in the form of a wolf rushes out to attack the enemy,and blinds the enemy if it's eyes make direct eye contact with the enemy's eyes,and if that happens,then the only way to regain sight is by using bankai,resurreccion,or any ulyimate power release.

Yamikiba(Darkness Fang):The user stabs the enemy,and the body is torn apart,as if bitten apart by a wolf.

Kurokatana(Black Sword)user becomes enveleoped in darkness, and the blade turns from a solid blade,to a blade of dark energy.

Bankai Attacks:Kurokonton(Black Chaos)All surrounding darkness,or all the darkness in the zanpakuto encircles the blade and the user swings the blade to release all of it in a blast that is unescapable.

Kuroshi(Black Death)The blade enveloped in darkness is swung and the darkness tuns into a billion swords made of darkness,and the user can control the direction of the swords by swinging the sword in the desired direction.

Appearance:A regular sword, but when it goes shikai, everything goes pure black with a tiny figure of a wolf's fangs on the hilt.

Other Abilties:It can be unsheathed instantly,because all you have to do is hold your hand out,and the sword will vanish from the user's back,and reappear,with a flash of darkness, in the user's hand.It can also only be used by it's true master.If anyone that is an enemy(the sword knows the allies and enemies of the user)picks up the sword,or even touches it,they will be enveloped in a deadly darkness.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना UltimateBleach said…
OH, btw, i forgot to put this in both,the user is me.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Ah, finaly, exams are over! Party time! By the way, where the heck are Songoku and Crazieone????????????????
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
crazione is still here. im not sure about songoku. o speaking of which, im serious, whats so unoriginal about Miyuki's zanpakuto, Crazione?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ikusa510 said…
My zanpakuto is a single blade in its sealed state and when released becomes a tall six foot black spear. Ill add a bio soon.

Shikai[yes] bankai[yes] hollow mask[yes] full control[yes]

Borutohime (Volt Princess)

Release Command: anata no sasayaki inaduma no ma no ekoo to kaminari kurasshu furasshu mimashou
(Let Your whispers echo between lightning’s flash and thunder’s crash)

Shikai powers:
1. Ooarashi sakebi (tempest shout)-Wielder collects the electrical energy around him and releases it from the tip of the spear in an arc of pure lightning (like getsuga tenshou). Makes a thundering sound when used.
2. Akui ni michita yuurei (Malevolent Phantasm)- Emits a series of flashes of light from the emblem on the shaft of the spear which causes hallucinations, actual effect varies from person to person.
3. Isogimasu (Make Haste)- Extra electricity courses through the wielders body Giving him enhanced abilities; slightly increases strength, and greatly increases speed and reflexes.

Bankai release: Yuuga Borutohime (Graceful Volt Princess)

remains relatively the same except another spearhead appears on the bottom of the shaft and electricity can clearly be seen around the weapon at all times. In bankai form the lightning becomes the color of the wielders reiatsu. In addition, the sleeves are blown off the shinigami robe allowing for better movement, and the armor on my left forearm (as you will see in the bio) extends to cover the entirety of my left arm and turns gold and white. All shikai abilities are usable in bankai.

Bankai powers:
1. Inabikari rooya (Lightning prison)- calls forth a mass lightning storm that will not disperse, the lightning strikes act like beams (once a bolt strikes the ground it stays and travels in a random uncontrolled pattern until I release my bankai form) hundreds of them striking a half a mile radius and can destroy every thing.
2. Denki no haretsu (Electric burst)- I spin the my spear in a circle in front of me and then I stab the middle of the circle which triggers a large powerful beam that fires from it. The circle also acts like a shield, negating enemy attacks until pierced.
3. Genkai (Limit Break)- I go into a sort of berserker state that increases my attack power for all abilities exponentially but can cause serious damage to my body, meant as a last resort

this is what it looks like released
 My zanpakuto is a single blade in its sealed state and when released becomes a tall six foot black sp
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ikusa510 said…
Shinigami profile

Name: Inazuma
Hair is kind of like shiba kaien’s the former lieutenant of the 13th squad
Height 5:7
Weight 200 lbs

The usual shinigami attire but with a piece of armor on his left forearm which also covers part of his hand. With this armor and through the manipulation of the electricity that his zanpakuto gives off he can create an electromagnetic field over the armor allowing him to not only block but deflect some attacks.
He also has a Celtic tattoo of a triquetra symbolizing the past present and future on the top of his right hand.

Has spiritual pressure greater than a captains and has only the memories of the 13 court guard squads and one memory of two friends from the real world. He is curious, stubborn, and sarcastic by nature. His zanpakuto is usually materialized and acts like she is his daughter, she even calls him dad. She is also very stubborn and unknowingly sarcastic. If you label yourself an enemy he “shoots to kill” so to speak.

He has come to terms with himself and his zanpakuto about his vizard form and although both are afraid of losing himself to his inner hollow he uses it if necessary.

This is what my zanpakuto spirit would look like
 Shinigami प्रोफ़ाइल Name: Inazuma Hair is kind of like shiba kaien’s the former lieutenant of the 1
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tangibleHELL said…
Zaqnpakuto(1) name: Kairyuu ("Ocean Current")

Release Command: "Devour the lands with your vast waters"

Zanpakuto Sealed Form Look: A guardless tantou, its hilt is a light sea foam with a scaled pattern on the sheath. It's look for it's shiklai is the same, simply added abilities.

Zanpakuto Abilities:
a)high pressured water bursts out from the guard/hilt in a spinning current, forcing enemies away.

b)a wave of water is materialized when the Shinigami master slashes it horizontally in a fluid manner.

c)the water can 'reflect' its owner, fooling an opponent.

d)water(pools, rivers, streams, oceans, seas, etc.) can be controlled by this zanpakuto.

Bankai Name: Yuuen Kairyuu ("Elegant Ocean Current/Graceful Ocean Current")

Bankai Look: The tantou becomes a long, elegant nodachi with a more turquoise colored hilt along with a foot long white tail that comes from the end of the hilt.

Bankai Abilities:
Allows the user to breathe when in/under water. It has mostly the same effects, but more intense.


Zanpakuto(2) Name: Goubatsu ("Eternal Punishment")

Release Command: "Slaughter the masses"

Zanpakuto Sealed Form Look:A rather plain jade green hilt katana with the same jade green sheath.

Zanpakuto Shikai Look:When the command is uttered the plain katana warps into a red-hilt jian with a two and a half foot red tassel that has a bunched fringe at the end.

Zanpakuto Abilities:It has no particular shikai abilites (at least for now LOL)

Bankai Name: Goubatsu Meppou ("Eternal Punishment in Chaos")

Bankai look:While its master wields the sheath in one hand and the hilt in the other hand it turns black and winds up his arms, covering his Shihakushou in a black vinyl-like suit forming glove-like arms and it stops at the end of his ribcage. It's similar to a tight vinyl jacket, without any buttons/zippers.

Bankai Abilities:
a)When a covered hand/fingers touch the enemy and it is willed, the enemies body completely gives out, thus they die without delay.
b)The vinyl-like substance turns white and when a covered hand/fingers touch a comrade they heal.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tangibleHELL said…
Kairyuu the Spirit: Kairyuu is a youthful androgynous boy with caramel colored skin and pure white hair. He is layered with three kimono layers, all fine silk, the top layer cyan with scales printed on it. He has a pale sea foam haori over the top and seems to elegantly carry a white fan with lace on the top of it. His eyes are white with cat like pupils. His hair is short in the back and long near the front of his ears, parted messily at the middle of his forehead.

Goubatsu the Spirit:Goubatsu is a tall man in a black vinyl/leather suit with a white ring in the middle of his chest. He had a soft 'mullet,' his hair black with jade green braids here and there in the long mane which reaches his lower back. His eyes are completely blood red and his skin is a pale ivory color. He has a jian similar to his shikai form in it's sheath on his right hip.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ikusa510 said…
comments welcome... hell they're encouraged I'm interested in what you guys think of my zanpakuto.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tangibleHELL said…
Ahaha, I would write what the zanpakuto wielder looks like, but I fear I may change something! Nice workings Ikusa-kun!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tangibleHELL said…
I'm interested in what others think of my ideas (crazy thoughts), too. lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
i think that both of ur ideas are cool. maybe u guys should join the battles?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना greeneyes4 said…
ha.my bankai name is chuurippu sakimasu [tulip bloom]
ive had gotten my powers from ulquiorra, so that means im a subtitute arrancar.my sword is green with a image of a tulip.once i say my swords name i transform looking like ulquiorra.
picture below.
 ha.my bankai name is chuurippu sakimasu [tulip bloom] ive had gotten my powers from ulquiorra, so tha
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना greeneyes4 said…
also my name will be naiteimasu hana [crying flower]or you can call me nakimasu[cry].Also my boyfriend is ulquiorra,so that means that i will kill ICHIGO or be friends.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना greeneyes4 said…
oh yeah. please be my friend
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yuria132 said…
zanpakuto's name - Houtengeki (Heavenward Halberd)

release command - "Resounding through the air, the roar of thunder, plunge from the heavens and reap destruction!" electricity surrounds my blade shapes itself into a chinese halberd. the electricity then dissispates and reveals the halberd.

bankai name - Rairyuu Houtengeki (Lightning Dragon Heavenward Halberd)

description - electricty surrounds me and spins in a circualer motion. I then say the name and lightning hits me. thelightning then takes form reavealing a massive dragon. the dragon is snakelike, and has diamonds decorated on its body and the head has four pointed sides sticking from it.

[shikai abilities] - the shikai has a basic control over electricity with these exclusive moves along with it.

Rai Hokou(lightning roar)- Electricity surrounds my halberd and discarges a bunch of electricity.

Rai Kiba(lightning fang)- Electrcity charges around my halberd, while I am spining the halberd. Then I slash my enemy.

[bankai abilities] - My bankai has complete control over electricity and lightning.

Rairyuu no Houkou (Lightning Dragon Roar)- the lightning dragon releases a bunch electricity form his mouth.

Yokusho no Rai (Hall of Thunder)- the pointed sides start to generate lightning from their points. the sides then come together and ram the target while spinning at a fast rate.

Rairyuu Genki(Lightning Dragon Halberd)- this move is a instant last resort. My halberd dissapers and the dragon turns into a giant halberd that is made up of lightning. I then throw the halberd at the enemy and it explodeds upon impact.

Appearance: My name is Kai Amagazai, and I wear normal shinigami robes, with a red torn up scarf. I am captain of the 3rd division. my hair is silver and I have hetrochromia( My left eye is red, and the right eye is gold). I'm usally quite, but if someone is getting @&%*$ with, I go crazy and kill the person who caused it. The only way to calm me down is to give me sake. I found my way into the gotei 13 through misterious ways that I do not know myself(I have amneisa). I was an average shinigami, though I did have astounding spritual presseure even though I had just got in.

My bankai looks like this.
 zanpakuto's name - Houtengeki (Heavenward Halberd) release command - "Resounding through the air,
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
...Greeneyes, I have no idea in which you are talking about, not to be rude or anything, but I honestly could care less about Ichigo, Ulquiorra, or any character from Bleach when I'm here, because there's all of around one person from the Manga/show of Bleach. Oh, and I'm seriously surprised by how many people have joined, this blog has been reborn!


Oh, by the way, we really can't continue without Songoku, so may I make the suggestion to start the, I suppose "next" story that we're writing. Like a new adventure with the "same" (You can make new ones if you like) characters. Until Songoku comes back, then when we're done with this one, we can pick up again from where the last on left off. Reply if you like the idea. (My way of life is saying, "Just watch Songoku come back after you post this" Because that's just how my life is.) And don't just ignore it, we can add in a lot of new people if we do this though, but I will only take the likings of the people who are already in the story, because the people who are not, might just say "yes" because you'll get into the story. Sorry...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Here’s mine (all the way back to pg 9) with edits
Name: Kevin Irocki (Gray eyes, long black hair, around 15 of age)
Height: 5:6
He is just a normal shinigami, but from Songoku’s ratings, he’s Vice-Captain Commander. But if we start the new story, he lives in the real world, and dresses, like Vizards, casual. He wears a black jacket, that he wears open, and a white shirt and black pants. He enjoys fighting, but he doesn’t kill.

Shikai name: Suchi-ru Yaiba (Steel Blade, you will know why)
Command: Henka (change/transform)
Bankai name: Suchi-ru Kuchikukan (Steel Destroyer)

Shikai Abilities: He doesn’t have anything special, like the ability to throw balls of fire or anything like that. It doesn’t change shape or form, so it’s still a katana, but it can transform or change into any steel based sword or idea! Even his weight, good for speed/power attacks. All the user has to do is think of the idea, or the sword’s shape, and the weight and size and then Suchi-ru Yaiba becomes it!

Bankai Abilities: It’s a whole lot different than his Shikai form; Shuchi-ru’s Bankai allows the user to control earth or metal. But the different part is not only so they levitate or float, they can be bombs. The user can change the earth or metal into another earth or metal of his choice. But the steel substance doesn’t get destroyed; instead, it turns to dust. He can also transform into any kind of metal based substance, like mercury or titanium.

Ideas I’ve already thought of for Shikai:
Just about every blade made in Bleach that changes shape,
The hilt is in the middle with about 8 blades around the hilt that can spin around the hilt,
a sword with an arrow at the tip,
a katana that can become 2 separate blades by the hilt shifting from bottom to middle- this one is real hard to describe, so I’m not going to bother trying.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
big smile
hmm TECHNO YOURE BACK HEHE> well hmm i think im with you. lolz. plus i just realized that i might make it that pandora, tekken, and oall the chracters I made we're creations of TOMO> lolz. and idecided to stick with Tomo being a girl. idk why but i guess i feel like i can make her do more if its like that. lolz. plus i might wanna make another boy chracter to start fresh. soo yea. lolz.

Pandora, tekken, and any i made are just creations of Tomo. lolz.

But im making a new boy chracter for me, so dont think that i only have one girl chracter. haha.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ikusa510 said…
oops... on my shinigami profile up there my name is actually
Hajime Saito my nickname is Inazuma which translates to Lightning.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
here is the revised Tomo

Name: Tomo Hiyashi
Age: 14
Height: 4'4''
She is a weird optimistic type of person. she is very creative and sseems to love being social. (not like your chracters who are soo emo. JK) Unlike others she really focuses on being a well rounded fighter. though she is an expert with creating potions or basically anything. in the CURRENT story she has long layered hair, with bangs and silver eyes. she felt creative and changed her shinigami outfit.so she wears the bottom part as all other shinigami but her top is sleeveless and has ruffles. (ill try to draw it maybe) she wears arm warmers.

If we start a new story, shell wear a coat over her top and a skirt. with leg wamers. She'll also be assigned to a real world location and be friends with vizards.

(idk if we still wanna do resurection)
Shikai name:shiroi kiraboshi (white glittery stars)
Command:joushou amanohara (climb the skies)
Second shikai:Viper tassels
Resurection: Starlit tassels

Shikai abilities: shoots stars of course, hmm can use oppenents power based attacks to charge up wielders power. like byakuyas senbonsakura but with stars. oh can make a HUGE star to shield.

second shikai:This time attack comes out like a vector arrow with a star symbol on the arrow head. Can shoot and create multiple vectors at once, hmm also can make giant vectors appear to shield and attack. all those attacks are power based. but the vectors that extend from the sword itself are metal based.

REsurection: (if you dont kow you resurection is when you combine with your zanpaktou. so you have the same powers but its in you.) well during this time, 5 vector arrow forms a pointed star behind me. they can extend and fight like my second shikai. but this time all my attacks can come from any source of light/ darkness. plus i can create anything with the shadows/light.

lolz i think thats it idk il try put pics of my zanpaktou. lolz
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना generaltra said…
bloom and die amnionsempo!
kenkoseslay-to use use the release command but use this name but do so after putting the blade through your chest. the bottom opens and fluid-like blades envelop u in a closed flower made of swords. after transformation is complete the swords turn to crystal and open to reveal the users body covered (exept face)in blades form different weapons.

the abilities of kenuki is that it can if put through a major blood vessel turs the blood to daggers this can only be done if the user wishs. also if u sacrifice the blade u can trap the enemy in the fluid-like blades from the bottom

the abilities of kenkoseslay is that thought it is heavy it has amazing aerodynamics making the use as fast as the thinist blade. you can pull various throwing objects from the arms and they regenerate. and it has blade wings that look like a dragons wing without the skin in between

this is possibly the BEST bankai and zampakto ever, bar none reply on your thoughts on this
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Jlazlo: I believe you should continue fighting my angels. Afterall, I'm curious of Tomo's power. If you'd prefer, she can fight Sekhmet. Although, Songoku was bringing in this new character, which everyone was forced to rival together. Apparently, it has the first zanpakuto that ever existed. However, Songoku faded from existance himself, so I could supplement. Even so, I am still wreaking havoc on the soul society. Unless you'd prefer to just let me win without a fight...hm. Convenient, but not in my nature. Tecno never helped Songoku. He has all those vizards and they never try and protect anything.
I'll finish my fight with Songoku's, Soul, but if he returns i'll retract my post. I believe we last left off when Soul punched Sekhmet and she didn't even move or blink, she merely slammed him into the ground and kicked him several blocks.

Sekhmet: Time has not been your friend, Soul. You haven't become any stronger, which is truly a dissapointment.

Soul: (wipes blood from face with his left arm, as his right is severely damaged). You haven't changed. Throwing your power around as if it's a trophy, rather than a tool to change the world.

Sekhmet: (laughs) That certainly is an odd statement when you reflect on these past months. I believe I am using my power and influence to change the span of this world. It just so happens that you dissaprove of my vision, not to mention my methods.

Soul: (scutters toward her and appears to be readt to unleash his bankai) B...an...K (unexpectedly, he recieved a clean shot straight through his chest, narrowly missing his heart. He gasps and drops his sword). Huuughh....

Sekhmet: I truly don't know why I released my shikai for you, I could have defeated you without it. You're not fully committed to this fight, which is why i'm ending it now. I did, however, purposely redirect my cero away from your heart. But simply to tell you how I am going to torture, spread misery and despair, and annihilate all of those shinigami trash you attempted to guide.

Soul: (on the ground looking at Sekhmet, he spits at her)

Sekhmet: (simply staring at him with a blank stare). How defiant of you, Soul. Leave it to a dying soul to have his final moment a dramatic saliva projectile at his opponent. It's quite pitiful and about as effective as all your previous attempts to demonstrate your point.

Soul: The vizards and shinigami will combine forces...and defeat you.

Sekhmet: (kicks him in the face) Is that so? Well, they can certainly try. "Try" being the operative word. (chuckles) I believe I determined how your life should end.

Soul: (sweat pouring down his face while he stares at her) How are you so heartless?

Sekhmet: Hah. I believe I lost my compassion when you shinigami destroyed everything I have ever known. I just hope I can repay the favor (smiles). (waves Cenusa Fuoco and the flames erupt consuming Soul. He screams in agony as he slowly burns away.

Soul: Ahhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Sssseeeekkkhmmett! ( his clothing, armor, and sword all begin to desintigrate before Sekhmet's zanpakuto's monstrous power. The flames begin to clear and all that remains is ash and rubble).

Tenchi: The entire area has been completely converted to a wasteland. ...if that was only her shikai, I fear what becomes of it when in Bankai.

Kevin: How...(dodges an attack by Tenchi)

Sekhmet: I see we had a spectator while I defeated that miserable shinigami.

Kevin: What are you?

Sekhmet: Eternal.

Kevin: ...(stares at her with fear)

Sekhmet: Let's go Tenchi.

Kevin: NO! (charges at Sekhmet)

Sekhmet: (flames burst from her zanpakuto (while sealed) and smash into Kevin throwing his into the distance). As I said, let's go.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Srry that I didnt reply for a while Crazione. Just got better after being sick for like a week :p.

'Sayin blocks a slash from Traea, and just barely manages to dodge Farfalla's sword'

Sayin 'in thought': Damn, i cant keep this up forever. I wonder if I shou-

' Sayin notices Traea coming in for another attack, and starts to raise his sword, when something white comes out of nowhere and hits Traea in the face'

Traea: what the hell!

Sayin: o come on Cumei! I told you to stay back this time!

Cumei: i know, but its just about time to go, so i thought id get you myself. besides, two on one isnt very fair.'she tosses a pair of dice in to the air'

Sayin: ok fine. what about Miyuki and Sachi?

Cumei: Fuso was going to get them.

Sayin: ok well what are we waiting for then? 'Sayin slashes at Farfalla'

'Cumei looks over at Traea'

Cumei: hey, do you wanna play a game?

Traea: a game?

Cumei: Yea! here take this. 'Cumei tosses one of her die at Traea' now we roll the dice and see who rolls a higher number.

Traea 'in thought': Is this little girl serious? o well'

Traea: no i do not want to play your game, little girl ' Traea pinches the die in to dust'

Cumei: Thats not how you play! and now i only have one.

Cumei: Sigh, fine. Take a chance, Mugendai Saikoro.

'the die looks exactly the same'
Cumei: ok lets see what i got. ' Cumei rolls the die, and gets a 5'

Cumei: Yay!! 5 more! ' five more dice appear out of the die, and connect to form a small sword'

Cumei: Now, I'l show you what happens to people who break my dice!!!! 'Cumei charges at Traea'


' A tall man appears near Miyuki'

Miyuki: Sigh, time to go already, Fuso?

Fuso: Afraid so.

Miyuki: well than lead the way. Sachi already there?

Fuso: yeah, she left about 5 minutes ago.

Miyuki: then lets hurry. i don't want her to be on my case about being late again.

'Miyuki and Fuso disappear'


Sayin ' in thought': their spiritual pressure is disappearing. Time to get Cumei out of here before she gets herself killed.

Sayin: Cumei! time to go!

'Cumei has a long gash on her left arm, and Traea has a few cuts on her as well'

Cumei: fine. 'sticks her tongue out at Traea' your no fun to play with anyway!

'Sayin opens a garganta'

Sayin we'll meet again angels. until then, farewell.

' Sayin and Cumei disappear in to the garganta'


'5 people sit around a long table deep inside a forest'

Miyuki: Where is he? he should have been here 7 minutes ago.

???: Maybe hes dead.

???: don't be stupid Risim. if he was dead, we would have felt it a while ago.

Risim: as if your senses are better than mine. you wouldn't be able to sense him if he were right behind you!

Sayin: obviously, neither can you.

'Risim jumps out of his seat'

Risim: Sayin! umm about what i said. I didn't really mea-

Moriko: quiet! Now that Sayin is here, we can finally begin the meeting.

Moriko: we all know that if left unchecked, these angels will destroy everything. However, i have one very important question for you. Sayin, Miyuki, Sachi. You three have fought these angels. DO you think that we can handle it.

Sayin 'he looks at Miyuki and Sachi': I think i can speak for all three of us when I say that these angels should not be taken lightly. If we fought them head on, I have no doubt that we would all be killed. I believe that our best chance is with the shinigami.

Moriko: sigh, I feared as much. Very well. Sachi, you and Biroam will go and create a treaty with the shinigami. Tell them that none of our kind shall attack them as long as this treaty stands.

Sayin: as you wish, master. 'Sayin vanishes'

Moriko: that means you too Biroam.

Biroam: Fine...' Biroam vanishes as well.'

ugh. I put in way too much, but it all needed to be out there. O also, since Songoku is responding, and the leader of the shinigami is ashes at the moment, who should i go to with the truce?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
Songoku is NOT responding. whoops.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Please, don't expect Songoku to reply in an hour or two, it could take a day or week.
So, wait, I'm confused, are we starting a new story or not????
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Well, I guess I can take it as a yes, so I’ll just start off.

-----------Make a new---------

Kevin sits on the edge of a rooftop, looking down on the city below. Now he looks about 18, and doesn’t even bother about school (Because he’s dead) anymore (Not that he ever did). He wonders why he’s here, or even why he came here to begin with. He jumps down from the roof and walks down the main road, a sword in hand. People would stare at him, thinking he’s crazy for carrying a sword where ever he goes, but it’s for his mere protection.

Voice: Hey, Kevin! (A boy yells at Kevin, running towards him.)

Kevin: What do you want?

Boy: Just to talk, I’m board.

Kevin: Tell me about it; since things settled down in Soul Society, things have been plain.

Boy: You just hate being board.

Kevin: I could care less Kiro. I just want something to happen in this town.

Kiro: You just hate this town. (Kiro suddenly goes flying down the street after being punched by Kevin.)

Kevin: Will you just shut up!

Female voice: Well that’s not very nice now is it?

Kevin turns to see a girl.

Kevin: Oh, it’s Tomo.

Tomo: Don’t just say it like it’s nothing!

Kevin: We meet almost every day.

Tomo: Just shut up.

Kevin: Nah, I think I’ll keep talking.

Tomo: Is that a way to speak to a lady?

Kevin: You use to be a boy.

Tomo: Shut up!

Kevin: On the bright side, all of your side effects are gone.

Tomo: True…

Kevin: And who did that for you.

Tomo: You… Hey wait! Didn’t your friend do that!?

Kevin: And whose friend is that?

Tomo: The guy you just punched.

Kiro yells, still recovering: Some friend you are!

Kevin: Shut it!

Tomo stares at the sky and thinks: Will it begin?


I’ve been reading a lot of Manga, and it turns out that the 7 deadly sins (Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Greed, and Pride) are somewhat popular and was thinking; maybe we could do the same thing. (This is not meant to be religious. Idea from Fullmetal Alchemist and Ultimo)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
Hmmmm i do hope you guys know that pandora and tekken are creations of tomo soo i will write a continuation of are old posts then my next posts will continue to our new one for now

Tomo and her creations----------------

Tenchi and sehkmet exit through the portal.

Kevin: damn it! 'gets on his kness and pants'

Tomo: kevin are you okay?

Kimoy: whoa whose that.

Tomo: hehe, the toughest person that you possibly wouldnt wanna fight. anyways time for BANDAIDS!!!!

Kevin: are you serious? no i rather die.

Tomo: uhh fine, here i can heal you without it.

Kevin: why didnt you do that before.

Tomo: cuz i was using parts of my power to breath life in to my creations.

Kevin: what are you talking about?

Tomo: you'll see

out of nowhere Tekken, PAndora, and pandora's brother shows up.

Kevin: what you guys doing here?

Tomo reaches out and kisses them on the lips. each one their eyes open in shock then they dissengrate. their remaing parts were dolls with their names on it.


Tomo: those are my creations i made them, but to keep them alive i had to sacrifice my power for them, so now that i got rid of my toys now i have my full strength. see.

Kevin can feel tomo's pressence more clearly: woah that interesting. so heal me now!!!

Tomo: 'sexy-ingly walks up to kevin and kneels beside him' ummm.

Kevin: hurry UP!!!

Tomo: if you insist. 'she grabs his head and pulls him close and touches her lips against his. he slowly feels tomos power surging from her to him. he starts to slowly heal'

KEvin 'pulls away: hhhhhuuuh, umm 'blushes' thanks.

Tomo smiles sweetly

haha, kk now i can start on the new one, lolz
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ummm no Techno those were new charactrs i made
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
but whatever, new stories r cool.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I didn't know we were beginning a new storyline. Well, I suppose whenever the premise is layed out, I will post. Until then, I have no idea what is going on. I know there is a meeting somewhere in the forest between some new characters. This must mean my angels regained the soul society back. How wonderful!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
wait how does that make sense? What does a meeting in a forest have to do with your angels getting the soul society?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
They have Soul Society until Songoku comes back, or maybe they worked out a peace treaty!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
a peace treaty? with who? the shinigami? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Randomfan, it was just a joke, don't panic. But we're going with the idea to start a new story since Songoku isn't with us right now. When he gets back, we'll pick up where we left off.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
I never said the meeting in the forest was related to my angels conquering the soul society. I merely assumed I had one since there was no opposition. Try not to blow a major artery, randomfan. My angels began this entire war from the beginning, so I assume they will be involved. And no, my angels would never settle for a peace treaty; it is not their style. Also, Tecno, what would be the point in beginning an alternate storyline just to fragment as soon as Songoku returns. This is if we are laboring under the impression that he will return. It seems rather pointless to start fresh when it'll just be scrapped. It's kinda funny actually. Tecno, you enjoy calling the shots. Boss man!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना rusty746454 said…
pst- lol everyone is have in a heart attack XD sorry i always read yours guys posts haha just thought i would say something o and about songoku i am almost for sure isnt coming back from what i have gathered from him.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना generaltra said…
could some people look at my bankai reply its the last one on page 29
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना generaltra said…
amnionsepo's handle is white with ripped silver clothe for coverage the guard is ebony black and looks like a lotus flower.the blade is about 4 feet in hight not counting anything below it. the original blade before transformation is emerald green with white unripped cloth the blade is 2 feet and the guard is a lotus bulb
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Crazieone, I'll take "Boss Man" as a complement, (I guess) so I guess we all agree that Songoku is probably not coming back, so anyone who reads the story we write, or just feels like doing so, jump on in!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Well I guess none of the battles my characters are in aren't really goiong to go anywhere so I'll introduce the last three characters I have.

------------------------up above--------------------------
Three figures appear high over Soul Society quietly. The girl on the left has long chestnut hair, a round pale face, a white shirt with a blue chest plate over it, a blue skirt, and white socks and traditional Japanese sandals. The girl on the right has long black hair, dark skin, and a white jumpsuit (like the one that Luppy of Aizen's Espada has except with nothing over the shoulders). The man in the middle had short grey hair, a long black kimono with several white flower patteners on it, and was no older than twelve at most.

Girl on left: Sir, I don't understand why you take the time to come. I could retrieve those idiots with ease.

Boy in middle: I know you can Shion, but that's not why we've come. Things have gotten out of hand here. Phoebe, Shion, I'll await your return.

Shion: Yes, Cipher Captain Hemi Shin. (both vanish)

----wind fans flames, flames burn nature, nature creates oxygen----
Orcale: (looks up behind him)

Hibiki: What is it now?

Orcale: I'm not sure. I sens a faint presence but its far away. But it may be...Sensei?

Hibiki: You think its Hemi-dono?

Orcale: I can't be sure. This cut I got from the fire a while back is breaking my focus. (rubs throbbing gash on his cheek) It's annoying. (Then a finger points at his cut from an inch away and his cut heals in a faint green glow)

Phoebe: (is standing next to Orcale) Your senses are your most valuable aspects. Can't have them injured, now can we?

Orcale: Phoebe? Flying under my radar as usual I see.

Phoebe: I pride myself in it.

Hibiki: What are you doing here?

Phoebe: Shin-teichou wants a rendezvous immediately. He thinks its time for us to really get involved.

Orcale: That's can't be good.

Hibiki: You need to learn to get involved more. Let's go. (vanishes)

Orcale: Ayako is not too far west of here. I'll see you later. (follows)

--------------------the catastrophe trio------------------
Kibudo, Sinsue, and Elli are fighting against the two angels when suddenly two arrows fly at the two opponents and hit the ground on either side. The wire connected between them touches the skin and freezes them in a solid block of ice.

Sinsue: Those are Shion's arrows!

Shion: (walks up behind them three with a bow and arrow in her hands) You three let yourself get distracted too easily. I don't recall you being told to fight. Cipher Captain wants us to regroup at once. There are rules that even you, the catastrophe trio, must follow.

Kibudo: So the old man decided to stretch his brittle bones after the last century, huh? About time.

Elli: He doesn't looks old for his age. I''m sure that someone who's lived as long as he has would be wrinkling, immortal or not.

Shion: (annoyed) You disrespect him one more time, niether of you will ever speak ill of anyone again...

Elli: Okay, okay, we're going. No need to get angry. (The three vanish)

-----------------------As solid as a...tree?-------------
Phoebe appeared next tp Kaguya and Songoku who are facing Zeke.

Phoebe: Kaguya dear, it's time to go now.

Kaguya: Phoebe? Yay, I'm glad to see you again! Songoku, this is my friend Phoebe, she's from the Zero Squad like me.

Songoku: Um, hi?

Phoebe: It's a pleasure. Kaguya dear, why did you release Shikai?

Kaguya: Because this guys is really strong! I have to be careful not to be hit by any of his moves!

Zeke: Hey, aren't you going to introduce me?

Kaguya: Oh yeah, Phoebe, this is...um...Zethe?

Zeke: Its Zeke! How did you get Zethe?

Kaguya: (sticks tongue out sheepishly) Oh yeah, sorry.

Phoebe: So you're the one who reeks of ash. Well sorry to be so brief, but we must go. Come along now Kaguya.

Zeke: Like I'd let you leave! (Starts to run forward but suddenly an oak tree encases him firmly on the ground)

Phoebe: A fiesty one.

Songoku: How did you do that?

Phoebe: I planted a seed on the unfarmiliar presences here before, including you. (points at his shoulder and he sees a seed there) But you seem friendly enough so I won't have to use it. But we really must be going now. (the tree starts to crack and power spirit pressure poars out) He's a lot stronger than I thought. Kaguya honey, let's hurry. (vanishes)

Kaguya: Roger! Bye Songoku, try to hold out until I come back! (vanishes)

---------------Sensitivety and diversity---------------
Zabeon: (Stops walking and sees someone stanind in front of her)

Shion: (Stares silently at her)

Zabeon: I suppose I'm being called up, correct?

Shion: (nods and they both dissapear)

------the forgotten 14th squad of Soul Society reunites-------
Hemi: (conintues to stare over Soul Society as the nine others appear) I presume that the rest of you have accomplished you goals, am I right?

Orcale: More or less...

Kaguya: Of course!

Zabeon: ...

Hibiki: Well it was fun while it lasted.

Hemi: (glances at the trio) Well?

Sinsue: We got a little side tracked. Our apologies.

Elli: We have no excuse.

Kibudo: I guess it was some of my fualt...

Hemi: No need to be so humble. We have our own worry right now. Soul Society is in another stae of emergancy. Orcale, a brief discription of the situation.

Orcale: The opponents are called the angels. They are, as you thought, the survivors of the massacre so long ago. They may have come to reclaim their land or they just want to wipe out the Shinigami race. It could be a third choice for all I know. But these people should not be underestimated. They're each different and should not be used as a referance for another.

Hemi: You know this from experience?

Orcale: Yes.

Hemi: I'd expect so. As for the ones who are in charge of the Court Guard Squads now...

Orcale: They're competent but lacking in experience. This war could go either way. Also...the leader...I believe his spiritual residue and the people with the alias 'angels' are equal ethnecity.

Kibudo: So they're being led by the enemy?!

Shion: (looks at him over her shoulder) Just because he isn't a shinigami doesn't mean that he's an enemy. Am I right Orcale?

Orcale: Yes, you're undeniably correct. But I last sensed his presence near the enemy leader but lostb him when my senses were messed up. But now...

Kaguya: What is it?

Orcale: (shakes head) Nevermind. There is something else. I have very limited information on it, but I believe there are people called the 'masked soldiers' somewhere here. Visards. But I don't know what their motives are.

Hemi: Would that be it?

Orcale: Well, all that is relevant at the moment.

Hemi: Then I need you all to take positions. We need to make absolutely sure that this battle stays in Soul Society. The fact that it is known how to recreate a key is disturbing. If you understand, the eight of you take positions.

all except Orcale: Right! (vanish)

Hemi: As for you Orcale, you've got a mission I could trust only you with.

--------------------under lock and key----------
Above Soul Society's center, it was absolutely quiet. But then, eight blasts flew at a curve toward the spot. Green, red, pink, brown, black, white, yellow, and blue. They collided and swirl together. Hemi appeared under the light as it faded. A multi-colored sphere fell down in his hand. The colors were slowly rotating.

Hemi: Now the lock is out of harm's way. I just hope that there is still only one key left.

Phoebe: (opens a video phone and Orcale appears on the screen running quickly) Yoohoo, Orcale dear. We've obtained the key to the dimension and I believe Shin-teichou is taking care of it.

Orcale: Good. You all are to go and protect Soul Society with the squads. Be careful.

Phoebe: But what about you?

Orcale: (skids to a stop in front of Central 46) I need to do some research, on the history of these 'angels'.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना rusty746454 said…
ps- if you were talking to me on the Jump in thing I am on other RPs that take up a lot of my time so i fear i cant sorry hahaha 3 of them are my limit
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Haha. Tecno, I just think it's funny how you act like the moderator, that is all.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tangibleHELL said…
Someone said something about battles or something..?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना rusty746454 said…
nah he acts more like the admin XD wow... that was a nerdie joke but hey i am a nerd
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना generaltra said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I don't need coments on how I act or what I say, but can someone reply to what I've already writen, Randomfan is working on the enemy, so if any of you guys want to jump in, feel free to do so.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना rhino923 said…
My friends and I have come up with a few over the years, here is my most recent one, its not perfect but it at least fits the format

Yuri no Bara (Lily of Thorns)
Yuri no Bara Gen'ya
Sealed-A standard Katana with a non-descript black hilt and a gear-shaped guard

Released a long thin blade surrounded in 'petals' of 10 other blades that can close shut forming a kind of pear shape, or bloom outwards into a circular pattern

Bloom Yuri no Bara-
Depending on need will either
-Bloom to create a shield of petals and wield large enough for me and someone very close by to hide behind
-Bloom and spin to create a twister of razor sharp petals to slice into my opponent

When bankai is invoked, sword and entire body disintegrates into petals, wherever one lands a larger version of Yuri no Bara rises up, giving user full control over ever flower simultaneously, able to attack with single petal at a time