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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
Any comments welcome im curious it see what u guys think
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Nice, it's... I'm going to say "somewhat" unique. And you didn't go overboard with power unlike a lot of people do, it's very balanced.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना elli555 said…
Nice zanpakuto
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
[Destruction and Chaos; Enter the arch angels]

Sekhmet: We need to find you a viable meal.

Alester: ..who?

Sekhmet: Does it much matter? That character that tried to save sempai from Veznesel. He's useless, so let me be the first. (looks at Azriel)

Azriel: I'll be more than willing to seek out the child.

Sekhmet: I trust only you can do it quickly and efficiently (Azriel Vanishes)

Tenchi: And now?

Sekhmet: While Azriel finds Alester some suitable meals, we will continue our mission.

Alester: We will accomplish this by...

Sekhmet: The five paths.

Alester: What?

Tenchi: (smiles) I knew it.

Sekhmet: (chuckles)

Zeke: I knew it would come to these measure.

Alester: What are you three talking about.

Sekhmet: The five paths, they will be necessary for the rebirth of your mighty empire. The Five paths of rebirth are
Carnage; death; despair; sacrifice; retribution

Zeke: We're in the carnage phase as we speak.

Sekhmet: Once you get your sustenance, you'll be able to join us.

Poeira: (pulls her sword from her back) The destruction of this place will bring us much joy.

Nuvem: (sword assembles from sand) Look...some shinigami.

Random shinigami stand in their path.

Poeira: (stares at them blankly) Saatus Estrella (she begins glowing and suddenly all the shinigami are sliced in half)

Nuvem: (stares at Poeira) Sonho Dourado. (golden dust begins to encircle her and she is lifted into the air and a huge torrent of golden dust bellows from all around her scooping up anyone in her path)

Veznesel: Now where are these shinigami that always boast so highly. Sempai...(smiles).

Traea: (Stares at sayin) I believe he wishes to fight you Fafalla.

Farfall: (chuckles) Evidently. What ever shall I do, Spina Sanguinante (unexpectedly her huge thorn-filled, vine-like blade bursts from the ground and smashes sayin the back stabbing him with the thorns). You must be careful little one. (she flips her vine-like blade around like a whip. It pursues him and smashes everything in its path. (glances at Traea with a smile) Evidently this shinigami has not been watching the outcome these past months. Who are you shinigami and who is your master?

Traea: He doesn't boast a considerable amount spiritual pressure, so I wonder why he is risking his life. You shinigami certainly are primitive creatures.

Farfalla: They are not very intelligent, especially once they make these choices. (flings her blade and strikes sayin and smashes him into a building. He goes to strike her, but with blinding speed huge thorns erupt from the ground and his fist strikes them and he is thrown back, he appears behind her and thorns burst from the ground and stab his should, but he narrowly escapes) Ah ah ah! You should not attack from behind unless you're sure you can complete it.

Traea: (she looks at several barracks and a cero bursts from her face and strikes three different barracks, completely destroying them) This is too easy. (Throws her axe and it slices through several buildings. She catches it and stares at Farfalla). Quickly dispose of him, we have a job to complete.

(the sky becomes black and Tomo, Ayame, and Tsai are surrounded by a thick black fog)

Tomo: It's cold...

Ayame: (falls to knees) This spiritual pressure, it is immense. I can barely breathe.

Tomo: (Falls face down) I...I...who is it.

Tsai: (eyes become emotionless and falls to the ground unconscious)

Azriel: You three certainly are weak shinigami, but it does not suprise me. Albeit convenient, It is not within my nature to seek out the weak.

Tomo: Who are you...

Azriel: I am the represenative for my master, Sekhmet. I'd rather you not ask questions. Come with me, now.

Tomo: What...

Ayame: NO!

Azriel: Yes, is all I want to hear. You have no rights. You are coming with me.

Ayame: No, no hes not. I'll stop you.

Azriel: You may come, too. You'll act as dessert.

(shadows consume Tomo and Ayame and they appear infront of Sekhmet, Tenchi, Alester, and Zeke).

Sekhmet: Looks like your meal has arrived.

Azriel: As you requested, Sekhmet-sama.

Sekhmet: Alester, perhaps you should begin dining on these two shinigami.

Tomo: Agh...what?

Ayame: ....
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Luria said…
Zanpakuto's name; Shiro no Monogatari (White Brush)
Release Command; Watashi ni Sasayaku (Whisper to me)
Bankai Name; ???
My zanpakuto in its katana state resembles a wakizashi. The guard is resembles two foxes either side of the sword forming a heart shape. The case is black with pale yellow ribbon wraped around the top, just below the guard, tied in a large floppy bow. The handle is simple black with dark gray strapping.
Shiro no Monogatari is a kido based Zanpaktuto. When released into its shikai state, it becomes a stole like garment, resembling a very long fox with thick fur around its neck, gripping to the back of the welder with its head resting over a shoulder. The fur on its head is deep black which becomes paler towards the end of the animal but the tale (brush) is of purest white and seems to glow.
Midori Mimi (Green Ears)
White Brush has the ability to listen to its enemies thorts, and relay them back to the welder by whispering them in his/her ear in a voice that no one else can hear.
Garasu no Me (Eyes of Glass)
The Zanpakuto can also be used to search for people, even if they are a reasonable distance away.
Nioi Utagai (Smell of doubt)
The only attack based ability of Shiro no Monogatari, is to force the mind of the opponent to drag up painful memories or alter existing ones to upset the enemy and cores it to panic and become irrational.

Shiro no Monogatari belongs to a high ranking officer in the kido cops department. As this Zanpaktuto has no contacted ability’s, all attacks (bar Nioi Utagai) are kido spells fired by the shinigami. Shiro no Monogatari is known as being one of the cruellest Zanpaktuto in the Soul Society.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Luria said…
i would love to know what you all think?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
---------Alester's dinner-----------

Alester walks towards his prey. Which unfortunately are tomo and Ayame.

Alester: Finally, time for a bunch of memories!

Tomo dissapears and reappears next to Ayame

Alester: annoying brat. get back here.

Tomo then throws a vial on the ground, the elixer and shards from the vial start to form a barrier around them.

Tomo: i dont want to be eaten mister. never.

Alester: Yea sure, i dont care child, *bangs on the barrier*

Alester's expression blanks out for a quick second and comes to.


Azrial: are you okay?

Alester: yea tottaly fine but i feel like i forgot something.

Sekhmet: I see now.

Ayame: See what. *looks up with big eyes*

Tomo smiles in a cute sinister way.

Azriel: Shut up, master what were you saying?

Sekhmet: Alester. Hit the barrier one more time.

Alester follows her order and same thing happens.

Seckhmet: There, the barrier the child made erases memories from the intruder, and is actually fairly strong....Child how splendid talents you have. we could use you.

Ayame: im sorry but we wont need your assitance.

Azriel: hmph, how dare you be rude to master.

Alester: yea, but im hungry!

what will happen to tomo and ayame????
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना eugenides said…
i read a lot of the zanpaktou u guys made and i think they are all very cool and creative, but of course everyone loves their own most lol. im working out a few details on mine but i so want to share it with u guys
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना eugenides said…
zanpakuto-jiyuu no tamashii
(reason of soul)

release shikai command-free yourself, jiyuu no tamashii
when released my zanpakuto takes the shape of an angelic
bastard sword
(pic reference below)

bankai- kyuukyoku chikara sonzai
(ultimate force of existence)

when my shinigami releases their bankai, they gains simple
yet elegant armor, that increases their defense tenfold
much like kenpahi or Nnoitora Jiruga.

jiyuu has the ability to dull its blade at will in
its shikai form, becoming
a blunt weapon rather than a sharp one.

koroshimasu aku (slay evil)- jiyuu can transform into a large blade of light energy that will bypass armor, flesh, and only cut evil. Leaving behind an empty shell where once was a monster.

Jiyuu no tamashii's main ability in bankai form is to
reform the shinigami's body using the will of it's shinigami.
This energy can also be used to heal others, though not
severe wounds.

Bankai final ability-tamashii hantei (soul verdict)
This ability is only used when my shinigami has decided to fight with their entire being, putting body and soul on the line to win. Creating a large rune circle and using it to amplify the soul's essence to create a devastating beam attack. Though with enough speed it is easily dodgable most are so captivated by the immensity of the beam and the power used, they can only stare and are thus obliterated.
Since Jiyuu is only channeling the soul's energy, it can recover most of the energy should the attack miss, channeling it ack into the shinigami.

My zanpakuto represents the freedom of the soul's choice to live
and i like to imagine my shinigami is one of the soul king's personal guard.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-----------Kevin’s Power--------------

Kevin lies on the ground after being shot and he just stares at the sky, ignoring the pain from the blasts. He mumbles some words and his wounds start to heal, and after the wounds are healed, he stands up. He reforms his Zanpakto and puts it away. He takes an empty vile out of his pocket, and stares at it, grinning. Kevin laughs at how “stupid” his opponent was for not realizing what he had done since the beginning of the battle. It was hard, and made him fight worse than normal, but at least he got it done.

Kevin: I wonder how he’ll find out. (Kevin puts the vile away and walks away.) Well, guess I’ll find out somehow. (Kevin walks until he comes upon a wide flat plain with boulders every now and then.) This looks like a good spot. Although, (Kevin stares at an old iron mine.) that looks better. I wonder, what could be in there? (Kevin walks to the iron mine.) Guess I’ll find out when I get there.

----------Zeron’s Memories----------

Zeron is in who-know-where, wounded and dying.

Zeron thinks: I’m losing it all. Every bit of my energy is fading. Is this it? Am I really going to die here? Why? Why? Why? (Zeron tries to move, Alester’s attacks have paid a toll on him.) Kevin, Averis, Lin, Element, Jake, where are you guys? (Zeron closes his eyes, and near that moment, someone walks in front of him.)


Alester is a bit banged up from his training. He could care less about that. He focuses on what he needs to be doing right now, Bankai Sythasis. It was in him, he could feel it.


Jake stands, silently looking at the battle from a rooftop, and sighs. He hasn’t made a decision yet, and he’s not sure if he will, but he knows what he can and can’t do.


*Sigh,* all of this fighting, and I’m not in it. I find it… I don’t really know, boring? Someone fight me!

P.S. Every have a happy Thanksgiving!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yoninokuni said…
Shuushi Suetsukata
Elemental Type: Dark
Sub-Type: Kido
Gender: Female

Shuushi Suetsukata-{Meaning: The Beginning of the End of the World} A regular wakizaski, with a simple cross guard. The blade itself is 16'inches, and the hilt is a forest green, black, and brown.


Shikai abilities:

Release Command: "Start a roit, Museifu!"
Museifu{Meaning: Anarchy (First movement of THE BEGINNING)}
Description: When release, In this form the blade becomes a solid jet black Rapier. The blade itself is serrated, which is great for also sawing the opponent. It is one of the three release command of Museifu. The hilt is wire in a German fashion. As the sword is thin, it's lenght and quick movement makes up for it's lack of defense when clashing and lack of offense.

Museifu Abilities:
Swords of Revealing Darkness
Rafael can completely ‘materialize’ the blades at any given moment, even after his blade is striking his target he can have 10 ‘false’ blades strike following the original through. And unlike the original shikai ability, these blades can cut through flesh and bone. These blades can be manipulated to follow his sword exactly, making their appearance unknown, while they can be made to follow behind his sword behind one fraction of a second. Usually they will follow the sword like the aftermath of a tsunami but they can also be destroyed. As so, the false sword reiatsu can be absorb into the opponent.

Release Command: "Arise and cause Hyakkiyagou!{or Pandemonium}!"
Hyakkiyagyou{Meaning: Pandemonium (Second movement of OF THE END)}
Description: Hyakkiagyou still maintains the appearance of Museifu but loses the abililes of Museifu as Hyakkiyagyou has it's own set unquite to Museifu.

Hyakkiyagyou Abilities:
Magunechikku Manipyure-shon{Meaning: Magnetic Mapulation}:
Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Hyakkiyagyou primary power is magnetism, he has some ability to project or manipulate any form of energy that is related to the electromagnetic spectrum. It can fire and absorb bolts of electricity and magnetic force, reverse lasers and other forms of radiation or energy, create enough intense heat as infrared radiation to level a city and manipulate gravity. Infrared radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays and x-rays, Hyakkiyagyou can project any of these.

1: Metallic Bonding: Hyakkiyagyou presented the power to atomically bond metallic substances to any designated surface material. This newly developed technique allows Hyakkiyagyou to blend metallic alloys with the earth, water, and air (HoM). To a short degree, if stab with the tip of Museifu, a small blob of liqiud metal flow throughout the bloodstream of the opponent.

2: Organic Iron Manipulation: Hyakkiyagyou can control the traces of iron within organic matter, which allows him to have some control over an opponent's body. He can manipulate the iron-enriched blood-flow to one's brain to induce aneurysms or unconsciousness, alter thoughts and perceptions, or blank a person's mind completely. He can even remove ferrous compounds from the bloodstream entirely through a person's skin.

Notes: Hyakkiyagyou is the only movement without an attack. Instead, it heavily relies on his abilities. Futhermore, only the blade itself does damage. When there is enough liquid metal inside the victim body (after twenty hits), it's second ability works. As the first is basically a defesive ability. It is the second movement.

Release Command: "Recite your last rites, and cast your prayers. Time for judgement and face Harumagedon!"
Harumagedon{Meaning: Armageddon (Third Movement of THE WORLD)}
Description: This appearance differs from the first two movement. Harumagedon has become a pair of huge, heavily-curved, black Chinese scimitars with silver edges. The hilt and cross guards of each are still the same as they were in thier sealed-form, but they now sport long red tassels dangling from the end. Still, they are also serrated which it is the only comparision all three holds.

Harumagedon Abilities:
Kosumo Kounetsukineshisu{Cosmos Pyroknisesis}: Museifu is able to create cosmic fire and flames at will, an ability known as Cosmic Pyrokinesis. Cosmic Pyrokinesis is the ability to create, control, and manipulate cosmic flames, flames which are not dependent on oxygen. The source of Museifu's cosmic flames derives from her ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level, which allows her to generate intense heat, combustion and concussive blasts by stimulating heat molecules, or simply from her access to cosmic energy, or by combining both powers at once to create more powerful cosmic fire. When using these flames offensively, she burns her victims at the molecular and sub-molecular levels; thus no ashes or other combustive by-products are produced. Her cosmic flames are different from flames that are usually created by common fire type Zanpakuto's. Because her flames are not dependent on oxygen, she can create cosmic flames under seemingly impossible conditions like underwater or even in the vacuum of space. The pain caused by these flames can be either mental, physical or both simultaneously. Although Museifu cosmic flames are powerful enough to destroy entire states or land, Rafael's control over them is so complete that they only harm what he chooses harm, thus, Museifu cosmic fire will burn her enemies until they die or she extinguishes it by her own will, and it has no effect on anything around the vicinity.

1: Daraku{Meaning: Corruption} It's the 'only' known attack of Museifu. From the blade tip of Meseifu, a shpere of light glows. Soon after, Many beams of light fires into the air and spread throughtout the sky. From within the light, falling meteors appears in the center of the light causing expansive destruction where ever it hits
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना eugenides said…
very creative yoninokuni, but thats an awful lot of abilities lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना eugenides said…
im not sure how to start writing stories like u guys are doing, i kind of follow the rule, never write what another's character is doing. It's kind of like making your opponent do things that they might be able to defend against or something. You can only control your own characters. idk if that makes sense to you, and i know it defenitly makes things much longer, but its polite.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet: (stares at the shinigami)


Azriel: Would you cease your ineffective attempts! You're causing yourself additional harm and expending energy you cannot afford to expend.

(Suddenly a suffocating spiritual pressure piles on tomo and Ayame)

Tomo: (the barrier begins to crack) What?! (falls to knees and gasps for air)

Ayame: This is an immense spiritual pressure...it's like an ocean is above us.

Tomo: it's breaking my barrier...

Ayame: IMPOSSIBLE! (falls flat on the ground and tries to pick herself up)

Sekhmet: Weak shinigami. (stares at Tomo and Ayame) You insult me by trying to barracade me within this pitiful barrier! (a burst of spiritual pressure shatters the barrier) You obviously have no idea who you're dealing with.

Tomo: Ayame...we need to get out of here.

Sekhmet: Well, that is too bad. (points finger) Bakudo 103: Flooding chains.

(Tomo and Ayame are completely restricted by Sekhmet's powerful kido)

Tomo: All the shinigami are coming and you'll have the vizards after you too.

Ayame: Tomo...stop.


Ayame: Tomo!!!!!! STOP NOW!

Sekhmet: (Flames erupts from Sekhmet and encircle everyone. The fiery display stops Tomo from talking and he stares at the flames in fright)

Azriel: I suggest we back up (step backwards)

(the torrent of flames burst toward ayame and Tomo and encircle Ayame)

Tomo: AYAME!

Ayame: (screaming violently in agony as it slowly begins dissintigrating her clothes, and body) NOOOOOO! I'm sorry tomo...(hair burns away and skin begins to char and melt)


Sekhmet: (the light from the searing flames silhouette her face. She is showing little emotion, but in her eyes is an enjoyment watching the shinigami burn away against her flames. Her face dawns a sinister glow as Ayame is reduced to ash) You were saying, Shinigami? (directs Alester to consume Tomo)

Alester: Well, I can enjoy my meal via candle light (smirks).

[evil has illuminated the soul society]

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Tecno, you are so melodramatic! You can easily join, you have never asked, so why the sudden change? I assume you wish to protect the others by fighting my angels.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना eugenides said…
may i join also crazieone106?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना eugenides said…
and i really enjoyed the music u added to your story posts crazy, pls keep adding them!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yoninokuni said…
I could say that I do have the strongest 'self proclaim' shikai. The abilites act as what nature is to this world and it's properties. It is also a pun on the three words, Anarchy, Pandemonium, and Armageddon.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना eugenides said…
u could, at the risk of sounding arrogant. Perhaps the strongest shikai, but it can only be based on opinion rather than fact, as it is not real. I really don't care, i'm more interested in how you came up with it, and wether it really represents the zanpakuto that would be born from your own soul. I want to know how much you love your zanpakuto idea.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Hibiki: (opens eyes and looks around) Huh? What happened? (sees Orcale standing nearby) Orcale, is the fight over?

Orcale: He left, something about reuniting with his comrades.

Hibiki: Oh, well then I have a question. It's kind of awkward though...

Orcale: Please tell me you aren't really going to ask me that.

Hibiki: Well I can't say I'll win the next time we fight. So what her-

Orcale: Something tells me you just want to know for yourself.

Hibiki: I resent that!

Orcale: Well I don't know anyways. She may be my sister but I don't exactly check. You'll have to as her yourself.

Hibiki: Where is she?

Orcale: She went off to fight the angels with Zabeon.

Hibiki: Why are you still here?

Orcale: Something could have happened while you were unconscious. But did you notice? Ayame's presence is decaying and Tomo's is fluntuating, like he's scared.

Hibiki: (looks around) Where are they?

Orcale: They vanished.

Hibiki: Uh huh. You make it sound to simple. (Stands up)

Orcale: Going to find them?

Hibiki: Why? There are a lot of people out there to fight.

Orcale: In ways you're less sensitive then Zabeon. At least she's jingoistic.

Hibiki: Well I can't take that as an insult since I don't know what that means. (Starts to walk off) Coming?

Orcale: You are going to find another fight before you even completely heal? Well I should expect so. Let's go. (follows)

Sinsue: (follows Kibudo and the other man as the walk through Soul Society) Guys, are you sure we should be doing this? I mean, mayb we aren't suppose to waste our time fighting.

Kibudo: (ignores him) Hey Elli, do you think we should find solo fights or work together?

Elli: Depends. If we find two or more people let's work together. It's been a while since we've done any combos together.

Sinsue: You guys aren't even listening to me...Ah well, gues I have no choice. (notices a cut up shinigami nearby) Hey guys, I found somewhere we may find a fight.

Kibudo: Huh? (sees the shinigami) Heh, I guess we'll fight whoever did that. (all three walk past the carcass and see Poeira and Nuvem)

Nuvem: Ah, some shinigami with some decent spirit pressure.

Elli: So you two are the ones who cut up that shinigami, huh?

Poeira: What, you're here to avenge them?

Elli: No, but we can't let you continue to kill them. So what to do? Obviously you won't just stop if we ask you to.

Nuvem: Obviously not.

Kibudo: Then instead of wasting time talking, how about we fight! (draws sword and it has teeth like edges near the hilt and he was holding it with the blade pointing backwards. He dashes forward with an intense look in his eyes)

Nuvem: So be it. (sand swirls in front of her as Kibudo charges)

Elli: (holds sword up) Gush Mizumaru. (a blast of water shoots from the tip of his sword and Sinsue puts the tip of his sword in the water)

Sinsue: Thnder, crack, roar, rumble, Boruto. (A electic current goes from the sword to the water. The electrified water blast shoots at the sand and breaks through it and Kibudo is next to it swinging his sword at Nuvem with incredible force)
NOTE: I know that Elli is Elli555's charecter. He's my brother and asked me to use the charecter for him. It works out since I already use his charecter with the other two, Sinsue and Kibudo.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना dina_ichigo93 said…
big smile
wow nice idea ill try to make my zanpakuto too
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
srry i havent posted in a while. ive been sick. il add a new post later
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yoninokuni said…
It took me about five months to create the idea of my zanpakuto. The idea itself came from governmnt, poltical and rational ideas. As in the state of urgency, people tend to rebell. Corruption in the game of war, money, drugs, and our goverment. The pre based sword itself, Shuushi Suetsukata is born of my soul. It's upbringing is based on princinals. Technogoly, Nature, Space, and Human nature.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
There is one thing about that, Crazieone, everyone keeps running from me!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
No zanpakuto is the best or ever will be it is the people that wield them that show the true power of there soul
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
--------------Deadly deal--------------------

Ayame screams for her life as she burns to her death.

Alester: Come here no little child let me feast on your memories.

Tomo: *tears* please, i'll do anything to help you guys, just dont hurt her.

Akester: hah! there is nothing we need from you, besides a nice dinner.

Tomo: wait- you feast on memories right, i -uh erase memories and i can erase my own if i wanted to.

Alester: hmmm, well then i'll just eat the girl!

Tomo: no! uh please just take me. *tomos puts his head down*

Alester picks up the helpless tomo.

Alester: this well be a beautiful dinner

Tomo looks up and his eyes are a sharp silver, he looks into alesters

Alesters memories start to detoriate, in reaction Alester throws tomo to a wall.

Tomo: uhhh, told you. heh.

Alester: That bastard erase my memories of my most delicious meals.

Azriel: Well then just kill him if his unedible.

Sehkmet: hold on just a moment, *dissappears and reappears with tomo, and throws his body before her*

Tomo turns on his back to face the expressionless Schkmet.

Azriel: what are you gonna do with him.

Sehkmet: just going to try something. *grins*


what does sehkmet want with tomo?
Will anyone save Ayame and tomo in time before they die???
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना BeetZel said…
Um.... hi I'm new here and what are you guys doing? I've been trying to read this, uh story and everything is a blur. There are a lot of characters which I am totally lost on and they all seem very powerful. It also looks like this person called crazieone106 is the bad guy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Try reading from pg 9, I started there, and read on, you sould get the hang of it if you read to around pg 14-17
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zoldermoon said…
my zanpakto would be

name: the hidden blade/yaliyofichika blade

description:a very thin sword that can cut through almost anything. has the hidden capability of cutting through other blades exactly like it.

release: burn, yaliyofichika
release description:a sword that get thinner and lighter than normal.

shikai ability:
1.)speed cut: a very fast cut across the arm or chest
2.)shift: sword changes symbols and each one meaning something different
3.)quick slice: a slower version of speed cut

bankai ability:
1.)bone cut: cuts through hollows
2.)bankia blast:shoots a beam of power towards the enemy
3.)blaze cut: catch's on fire and instantly tears anything to shreds this should be good enough right
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
u put no real thought in it did you and your abilitys are not abilitys more of an attack
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Azriel: How convenient that this boy can erase memories. However, little boy you have made a miscalculation. Bakudo 115.

(alester begins glowing and he stares at Azriel. He grins and looks at tomo)

Alester: I REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!! (he has a vicious look in his eyes as he stares at tomo)

Azriel: The solution was intuitive. A simple kido spell has cured your amnesia (unexpectedly tomo is ensnared in shadows that lift him in the air) No use in struggling little one, you cannot break free. Your friend is simply ash, I suggest you cooperate unless you wish to experience the same fate.

Sekhmet: Be gentle with him, Azriel. (walks up to tomo) Do you even know who I am?

Tomo: ...(looks at her with confusion)

Sekhmet: How precious. (looks at the others) He has no idea who I am. I don't know whether I should watch your flesh melt from your bones or enlighten you.

Tomo: Sekhmet...your the queen.

Sekhmet:(laughs at tomo's resonse) Hardly. I am princess Sekhmet and that destruction down there, those are my angels wreaking havoc. Obedient to no end and loyal until death. (her sword suddenly bursts flames that surround tomo and Sekhmet) Cenusa Fuoco can become impatient when she wishes to destroy an opponent. It seems she disapproves of your life.

Tomo: You talk to your zanpakuto and take orders from it?

Sekhmet: (laughs and looks at the rest of her warriors) These shinigami surely can't be this unintelligent. It's almost primitive how ignorant they have become.

Azriel: There evolution has come to a hault, so it seems.

Tenchi: That ayame...she didn't stand a chance. Tomo, why not just stop struggling. Sekhmet can induce a horror of tortures that are beyond anything you could imagine. Accept your fate.

Alester: As my meal!

Sekhmet: (gestures Alester to walk toward tomo) Your ability you possess, it absolutely fascinating. However, it pales in comparison to our abilities.

Tomo: Bring ayame back...

Sekhmet: Ha ha ha. (fire floats by tomo and burns his cheek) Oh, my zanpakuto is becoming very testy. Alester, first take precausions. Azriel, fit him with some protective equiptment.

Azriel's shadows cloak alester as he drains tomo of his memories

Alester: MY Strength, it's raging! (he laughs insidiously)

Sekhmet: Stop.

Alester: NO NO I CANT

Sekhmet: I SAID STOP! (flames erupt and incinerate the shadows and burn alesters hands. He jumps back as tomo falls to the ground) I will make it more miserable for you if you ever disobey me again. You'll be reduced to ash if that moment ever surfaces. This boy will be helpful.

Tomo: (unconscious)

Azriel: Are you planning on using his skills?

Sekhmet: (looks at azriel and smiles). Set up a seal, tenchi.

Tenchi: A seal? Over tomo?

Sekhmet: Yes. (tenchi constructs a barrier-like seal over tomo) We can't have him running off if he gains consciousness and can muster the energy. (peers down on the soul society) I wonder, where are all those shinigami and vizard trash. I imagine they'll be hear rumaging around hoping to stop our efforts. (unsheaths sword that emits a gigantic shockwave as she calmly says) set the air ablaze, cenusa fuoco (a fountain of flames and searing molten fire roars from zanpakuto as it lights up the whole soul society. It scorches and reduces everything around them to nothingness. The fire rolls down the mountain incinerating everything in its path. The flames gush over the soul society annihilating everything the shinigami hold dear) Perahps this will draw out all who oppose us!

[tenchi begins walking toward the edge of the mountain]

Azriel: (peers out of the corner of his eye with a stoic expression) I advise that you cease and desist.

Tenchi: Guh...what?

Azriel: If you go any further, we cannot guarentee your survival. Her zanpakuto's power is far to immense and crippling for anyone
who intercepts its surroundings. Her zanpakuto has an unyielding personality and has a unique spiritual pressure of its own. Cenusa fuoco wields a spiritual pressure that surpasses even Sekhmets at times.

Tenchi: How does she control it then?

Azriel: Mutual respect. However, as you witnessed, it can be untamed at times. In light of this information, I recommend you fallback. Otherwise, you will be another victim of her zanpakuto.

Tenchi: It's power is something I have never seen...

Zeke: Then shut up and sit there, otherwise you will die.

[A fiery ocean bathes the soul society.]

[Who will conquer the day?]

[What will be left of the soul society?]

[Who will be brave enough to oppose Sekhmet's forces]
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना BeetZel said…
Thanks Tecno that helped a bit:). Oh and Songoku I really liked your story about Soul's past on pg. 13.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
After the shingami and arrancar face off. A couple of years actually.
Orcale: (looks up as the sky brightens) What incredible power... (The flames going toward him dissolve slowly)

Hibiki: (the singe his armor slightly but he ignores it and keeps walking)

Orcale: What's wrong? (Hibiki doesn't reply) You've been really quiet, it's unlike you.

Hibiki: The angels are really strong and plan to take back this land right? Why are they being so reckless as to destroy it?

Orcale: (Shrugs) I don't really know. Maybe they don't want any sign of the shingami being here before. There's a lot I don't know about these people yet. But why are you asking?

Hibiki: Personally I don't care to much about this place. It was never somewhere I could call home. But don't they seem to be making it a point to destroy this place?

Orcale: Perhaps they're trying to recreate the massacre against us. It would make since if they try to wipe out everything around here.

Hibiki: I guess you could be right. (Looks to his right and sees a couple of shinigami staring up at the fire decending on them in fear) But we have tpo many people here that we'll have to protect. It will get in the way.

Orcale: (mutters under his breath and the shingami are saved by an almost clear shield that blocks the flames)

One of the shingami: (looks over to them in shock) W-Who are you?

Orcale: We're from the Zero Squad. I want you to get out of here as soon as possible. If you see anyone else with power below an average captain take them with you. There will be bloodshed and your lives will definetely be lost if you get involved.

shinigami: Y-yes sir! (Run off)

Hibiki: At least now we can fight without anyone getting in the way. Orcale, next time I fight, I don't want you to use a barrier. There won't be anyone around that I have to avoid accidentally killing.

Orcale: Are you sure?

Hibiki: You're a sensor, healer, fighter in both close range and far range, amazing at reconaissance, and a barrier user. You'd be better off not worrying about me.

Orcale: Then I'll fight with you. We've already split oursleves up enough. Going alone could be dangerous.

Hibiki: Fine by me. (both vanish)
Kaguya: (skipping next to Zabeon while humming to herself)

Zabeon: Quit your skipping, its obnoxious. Why are you with me anyways?

Kaguya: Going alone could be dangerous, after all we both know that the enemy is more powerful than those powered up hollows that were commanded by Aizen before.

Zabeon: Though I'm sure the leader is no different. Looking down at others without sympathy or compassion, caring only for their own ambition and doing whichever way is easiest to attain it, no matter how many lives are lost.

Kaguya: But the resolve is different. Remember, Aizen attacked for the sole reason of becoming a 'god'. No wonder he died. Anyone who sees themself as a god or higher is bound to be crushed pathetically.

Zabeon: And ourselves? We're death gods.

Kaguya: That's self proclaimed. At least we use our powers to protect others.

Zabeon: You know, for an ignorant girl you bring up convoluted topics.

Kaguya: (smiles) Thanks! But you see what I mean. We don't try to become greater than a god and don't even kill others. We release the souls inside Hallows and put them to rest. That's the job of a Zenpakutou. Both shinigami and the angels have them.

Zabeon: So you're saying the angels aren't much different from us?

Kaguya: Sort of.

Zabeon: Well then don't waste my time. I will never see those people as equals. They look down at us so I'll look down at them. (has a menacing look in her eye) The moment they belittled the shinigami race they sealed thier fate. They will be impaled by the blades that have protected Soul Society for all these years as punishment for their arrogance.

Kaguya: (is silent but has a worried look)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना isabellschiffer said…

Canintea's abilities:
transforms me into a wolflike form
giving me claws super speed and wings

soi's abilities:
is a pink and black bankai, can control fire and spirit
and can kill a person with just one word: hearth

comments: well the person who uses this bankai and zanpakto is also a hollow. the word hearth to me is a meaning of the mix between hell and earth,it can kill by giving a person just one glimpse of this feature which tears the persons own logic apart in a second.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Dark_Angel34 said…
I'm kind of new to this and I cant find a suitable name for my zanpakuto. Any help pleaz???
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hippiehunter said…
This looks like fun so I'll make one too.

Zanpakuto Name: Junior (Coincidentally the name of my lazy dog)
Release Command: Abrufen (Fetch)

Shikai Description: Junior appears as 7ft long greatsword. There is a handguard that looks like a dog's paw. The hilt is a plain brown color with an ivory tooth end. The blade is edged with teeth like a saw except for the last two teeth which are narrower and longer. The blade is colored like an average sword.

Shikai Abilities:

Verzögerung Strike (Delay Strike): When the blade makes direct contact with a part of the body the nerves the blade struck reattach themselves to the body and cause specific parts of the body to receive signals from the brain very slowly. (Passive)

Persona Herbeirufen (Persona Summoning): I throw my blade into the air and focus my spritual energy into the paw handguard which temporarily calls out Junior. Junior is a 4ft tall wolf (on all four legs) smoking a cigar. His teeth are more deadly than the blade and his claws are as well. I can maintain this for about a minute before passing out.

Anführer der Gruppe (Leader of the Pack): If Junior has been released and I command him to do so, he begins moving at extreme speeds and running straight through enemies using his spiritual power like the tip of a spear.

Bankai Name: Loyal Fenrir
The sword changes from a greatsword into a cutlass at about 4ft long. The top part of the sword's grip is edged with fur and the bottom edge of the grip has a chain with a gleaming yellow jewel. The blade is a light brown color. Additionally my clothing changes to a pair of casual jeans and a brown jacket lined with fur. The souls of recently decesed dogs fly around me as well.

Bankai Abilties:

Zerschlagung BiSS (Shattering Bite): I send one of the dogs souls at the enemy while combining its spiritual energy with my own to create a devastating blast on impact. To insure the soul's safety I use more energy than I need to.

Master Sinne (Master Senses): I combine the positive traits of the dog and human in myself which causes a werewolf-like transformation. Except for hightened abilities I remain the same and still wield my Zanpakuto as a weapon. (Passive)

Heftigen Rage (Ferocious Rage): If used it causes my nerves to no longer send pain signals to my brain which allows me to brush of most attacks. Once I exit Bankai I pass out as a result.

Comments: Specializes in offense. The use of long range attacks in Bankai allows me to handle most combat situations. Even without using Hefitan Rage I can still take significantly more damage than I could in my Shikai form. Also dogs rule, cats phail always and forever.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
*from nowhere a massive spiritual pressure emerges, one is actually very familiar*

Sekhmet:i tought i killed her? how can she still survive?

Tenchi: this is fascinating, she must be stronger than we could have expected.

*from nowhere Ayame reapers out of thin air along with Soul and Songoku*

Songoku: you think we would go down so easily,your sorely mistaken. our powers are much stronger than you thought they were. we have trained long and hard and we will finally destroy your very being.

Soul with a calm look on his face: sekhmet, you mine. Ill make sure you suffer for what you have done.

Songoku:I willgo help oracle out like you said, i think he might need it.

Zeke: ill be joining you monkey king. A warrior there still needs to give me what i have won. *he smiles happily*

Songoku confused: but...

Zeke: oh don't worry, ill kill you later, but not now. I would rather do this instead. it amazes me though how much pressure you three made. Imoressive.

songoku: you will see how imressive,when you fall by my staff.

*zeke just smiles*

Zeke: whatever you say.

*they both vanish*

sekhmet:Alester, leave soul to me. Retreat for know, i will summon you later when you are needed.


*Alester's body turns green and his arm regrows*

Alester: just never touch me again or i fight you alone, princess.

*Sekhmet gives Alester a snarl as he opens a garganta and walks through, then Tenchi attempts to walk through*

Sekhmet: you stay, i want you to watc your freind fall before my feet.

tenchi grimly: of course.

soul: i can't beleive you joined them, well i guess i will have to show you that you joined te wrong side. i wil erase sekhmet from existance before your very eyes!

ayame: calm down soul. your usually not this testy.

Soul angry: this monster hurt my freinds, and she will keep doing it until they all die.i have to be agry to fue my power. Soon, sekhmet you will fall by my hands.

Ayame to herself:i may have avoided the fire, then brought these two here, but im starting to regret it. At this pace Soulwilldestroy everything in his path and so will Sekhmet and Zeke.......Child, when willyou return?

*Ayame vanishes to retrieve the soul of kenaka, so that they can give birth to the child*

---Fire sparks---

*from Kaguya's position, a firy figure emerges. his black flames give his idenity away*

Zeke:hello kaguya, how are you today?

*he smiles happily as if they were freinds, then he his followed by another figure. that of a monkey*

Songoku: So this is the gurl you were talking about Zeke, i see.

*he then vanishes beside kaguya*

Songoku: i dont understand why your breasts are so important. i have seen bigger. anyhow i am here to help you with this guy. two on one, what do ya say girl?

---spiritual sleep---

*in a mystic land of stars, a single being sleeps.the spirit of a child. his eyes slowely open and he speaks*


*his eyes close again, awaiting for his eternal rebirth*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ookami510 said…
This would be my zampakuto Name: Ookami
It has four forms first is a normal zampakuto, second is my Shikai, third is my bankai, forth is my vizard mask.

My zampakutos release to its shikai form is “baito sono teki Ookami” meaning “bite the enemy Ookami” first power its power is when it cuts you it releases a poison that moves it way up its enemy’s body, while doing so it leaves a tribal tattoo of a wolf running the body to the neck, But I have to be able to cut the enemy with my sword 5 times to make the tribal wolf to fully cover the enemy’s body, but the head. When I hit the enemy the 5th time he is paralyzed from the neck down. Its second is i create the illusion of 10 wolfs attacking the enemy from different angels so i can come in and finish the enemy off with one quick blow. the third is when is when i howl and i create a sound wave making everybody in 50 yards delirious making it hard for anyone to concentrate.

My bankai release is “houkou tame sono getsuei, baito sono yochi shu Ookami” meaning “howl to the moon bite the earth lord Ookami”. my first ability is when I have a different sword but my zampakutos spirit comes out as a very hungry wolf which is about the size of a house 29 to 38 feet and is really powerful, Also I am able to ride it into battles. the second is when i create an illusion like in my shikai state but i create 1000 wolfs that are 15 feet and do inflict damage on enemy's. then is my last ability is when i take to much damage i go into a insane type of state making me nearly impossible to defeat. P.s. my spirit hates me always talking smack.

My vizard mask looks like the face of a wolf showing its teeth.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
 This would be my zampakuto Name: Ookami It has four forms first is a normal zampakuto, सेकंड is my
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ookami510 said…
Name: Kazashi
Height: 5, 9
Weight: 300
Age:17 looks like he is 21

His attire is normal shinigami clothing but some what covering his attire is a wolf pelt with the wolfs head over his. He carries his sword on his back under the pelt so no one will see his sword. He has a tribal tattoo around his neck.

His powers don’t change a lot but he is incredibly strong and has a quick burst of speed when he really needs it. He also has the spiritual pressure greater than captains. born in the human world he grew up alone until he meet a man wondering now he calls him friend. He has a very happy nature he is sometimes calm, Most of the time his zampakutos spirit materializes and talks smack to him. But if you ever get him mad you have made a very bad mistake.

He has a vizard form but he is afraid to use it, but not his zampakutos spirit, his zampakutos spirit encourages him to use it. And when he does use it his wolf jokes about how it felt to be as powerful as him. when he uses it he loses all sanity and goes temporally insane making him an opponent that you should think at least 5 time before you mess with

this is as close to my spirit i am going to get
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
 Name: Kazashi Height: 5, 9 Weight: 300 Age:17 looks like he is 21 His attire is normal shinigami clo
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
shinigami profile

name coud
Black short pulled back hair
height 5:6
19 years old

Normal shinigami attire but beneath it on the legs and arms he downs armor like a knights and thick armor greaves and gauntlets, on his arms are armored from hand to shoulder, he channels spiritual particles threw his armor allowing him to block with his arms and legs
waist to neck has no armor and a Fallen tattooed on the side of his throat

only has shikai but this shikai is equivalent to any bankai in power
has a spiritual pressure greater than a captains but has no memory of anything but one 13 court guard squads [gotei 13] one memory of two weirdo friends he meets in the real world,he has a curious nature and his zanpaktou is all ways materialized she talks as if there married he just agrees,[he avoids combat as much as possible]but in combat he never talks like most do if u deem your self as an enemy he attacks before another word is said always aiming for a killer blow.

he has a vizard form but it terrifies him he feels like he loses him self and so does his zanpaktou spirit but at times the mask also saves him

this is as close to my spirit as i can get
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
 shinigami प्रोफ़ाइल name coud Black short pulled back hair height 5:6 19 years old Normal shi
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
ill make a story sooner or later

ja mata
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…

Tomo wakes to the subtle voices that seem close yet muffled.

he slowly wakes up and sees that he is caught in a barrier.

Tenchi changes his attention from sehkmet and soul to tomo.

Tomo: wh- wh- what happened

Tenchi: aw, i see you awoke. well, you're in a barrier i made that wont let you escape and plus you got you memories copied from alester. heh

Tomo: i- i- *tears*

Soul: Tomo! dont worry ill get you after i beat her *points sword to sehkmet*

Tomo: i know you will *tries to smile but tears sontinue to trickle down his cheeks* b- bu i just WANNA GO HOME!

Sehkmet: you have no home.

Tomo: but i dont care! i Love this place no matter how bad the condition this place is, i just want to be safe.

Tenchi kicks the shield: Sushhh! you're getting on Sehkmets nerves.

Soul: tomo dont worry settle down for now. (thinks: Wow the pressure is actually getting to tomo, he doesnt ussually show this much sadness)

Sehkmet: yea settle down, or ill kill you.

Soul: dont forget who you really fighting Shkmet!!


again sorry its a short post but at least its something. Crazieone i dont know what the barrier is for or what its leading up to so i didnt want to get away so quick if you had i good idea in mind., ^___^ well i'll post again tomorrow lol.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ookami510 said…
i already made my sword and shinigami so what is the plot of the story and whats going on and what do i do
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Apprently Zeke isn't on my side, I knew it was only a matter of time until you had him turn. How predictable. And where is Alester going? Isn't he there to help? Oh well.
Sekhmet: (before Alester leaves) Trust me, if you faced me you'd die. Either stay quite or suffer a terrible fate.

Soul: Done repremanding your subjects?

Sekhmet: Poor soul. Still concerned with revenge?

Soul: You will die.

Tenchi: I won't allow him to harm you, Sekhmet-sama.

Sekhmet: I appreciate your concern Tenchi and it will be rewarded. However, I would hate to see you harmed. Stand aside while I finish this outdated shinigami wannabe.

Soul: (huge amount of spiritual pressure erupts from soul) Unsheathes sword)

Sekhmet: I appreciate the warning earlier. What I don't appreciate is you and your pack of brutes barging in on me like this. However, your warning is not directed at the wrong person. Perhaps you should warn yourself and others of the upcoming danger.

Soul: What?

Sekhmet: Whenever you turn and face my or my warriors you always begin with the same sentence. I think it begins with, " We have trained and become much stronger." I hope I put the same effect as you do.

Soul: ...(looks confused)

Sekhmet: It gets old after a while. I wish you'd begin the conversation with something less ficticious and more realistic. One can only get so strong from conventional methods. Sometimes people need a boost, which helps navigate them in a different direction.

Soul: What...what are you talking about, Sekhmet?

Sekhmet: (chuckles) You're ignorance never ceases to amaze me, Soul. I'm saying...(looks down) Cenusa Fuoco (sword and ground erupt in flames as she looks up with a glow upon her face)! I have far surpassed anything measure you endorse for strengthening you and your conrades.

Soul: (The power that flows from Sekhmet feels and looks much different than ever before. The spiritual pressure is crippling and her zanpakuto's spiritual pressure is building and becoming so immense its going beyond anything soul has ever seen). How...you must have trained for hundreds of years! HOW! WHAT IS THIS!

Sekhmet: Don't get so riled up, Soul. You'll break that stoic persona you've worked so hard to bring to imfamious status. (flames bursts in every direction destroying anything and everything. They bellow around soul. Tenchi vanishes into the distance and watches from afar)

Tenchi: Her power...it's like nothing I've ever seen. Can she be more powerful than she was when she fought grim?

Sekhmet: Soul...it's been such a long time. You've grown weary and outdated. I believe it's time you retire from the heroics. It's just not you (smiles villainously).

Soul: I've got plenty of fight in me...(flames almost snarl at Soul as she is surrounded) He raised his sword.

Sekhmet: I wouldn't try and break through that if I were you, Soul. You'll only injure yourself.

Soul: (Defiantly attempts to breach the fire, but only recieves serious injuries)

Sekhmet: I warned you. (her spiritual pressure keeps building and becoming overwhelming. A couple shinigami watch in the distance and the spiritual pressure emitted my Sekhmet and her zanpakuto makes it difficult to breath) You have some admirers, Soul.

Soul: Peers through the flames and looks upon three young shinigami and looks at Sekhmet as she glares back and smiles) SEKHMET DONT!!!

Sekhmet: (her sword erupts with spiritual pressure and the shockwave knocks over the shinigami. Flames flutter around then as Soul watches them burn and shrivel away. Sekhmet simply smiles at Soul, not glancing once at the deceased shinigami). Shall we continue?

Soul: (bursts through the flames in a rage, recieving several burns, and within seconds punches Sekhmet in the face. Tenchi watches from the distanc and witnesses as if in slow motion. Soul's fist smashes into her face and he is suspended in mid-air while his fist remains in the side of her cheeck. Tenchi realizes the impact causes a shockwave so intense that the ground shattered beneath them, but Sekhmet did not even budge or react. Sekhmet slowly peers at Soul from the corner of her eye showing no emotion. Unexpectedly she grabs his wrist while he is still in contact with her face and twists it and smashes him into the ground. She kicks him in the face sending him smashing into the distance.

Sekhmet: (brushes her cheeck with the back of her hand) That certainly wasn't polite, trying to harm me in such a brute-like manner. You were expecting a completely different outcome, correct, soul?

Soul: (Recovers from the rubble with blood covering his face. He stares at Sekhmet with a look of absolute mystification.)How...how sekhmet.

Tenchi: (inner-monologue: Sekhmet strength is amplifying with every passing minute and her Zanpakuto is even greater than that. What is most intriguing is how she has become so strong. Normally, a punch as strong as soul's would have at least caused her to slide back, but not even an inche. And her reaction or lack there of was terrifying even from this distance. Her power, sense she fought grim, has grown beyond anything I have ever seen. Soul will surely die today).

Sekhmet: Are you showing signs of fear? You, soul, the man who stares fear down? (laughs) I'm sorry, but I can't say such things without laughing. They are absolutely ludacris. How ever did you get such an inappropriate title?

Soul: By killing those who are fear. You are no different, I will kill you. I will strike you down and drag your corpse like a parade in front of your angels.

Sekhmet: (chuckles to herself) Forgive me, but your threats are becoming more and more unrealistic. You surely have lofty goals. Well, don't worry becuase when I get finished with you, there will be nothing left to be ashamed of.

soul: (stares at Sekhmet with a worried expession) ...

[what will soul do next?]
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना BeetZel said…
Hey people I've made a zanpakuto too, but its kinda like a copy cat of Rukia's and Starrk's ability. But none the less it is still my made up zanpakuto and is kinda different, well I'll let you all decide. And I apologize if my Japanese is off.

1. [zanpakuto's name/shikai name] -Kiba no Aoiroyuki (Fangs of Blue Snow)
[release command] –Hoeru(Howl)
=description – optional- This is the younger brother of Sode no Shirayuki. Like his older sister, the sword is beautiful when in shikai mode, and yes he is an ice type zanpakuto too. When transformed the blade turns into a sapphire blue, and also the sword’s hand guard changes into a silver bluish snowflake in the shape of a star. Accompanied with the blade is a blue hilt and a silvery blue ribbon attached to the pommel of the sword. Its spirit form is that of a wolf with bluish white fur. Also wherever he steps when his is manifested by the owner, ice shards rise up from the ground around his paws. He is also very big, standing up to about 7 to 8 ft in height.

[bankai name] - optional – The owner hasn’t achieved it yet.
=description - optional -

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
1. Some no Hoeru, Shuu Yuki Ookami(First Howl, Snow Flurry Wolf)
This technique from the blade summons ice covered wolves(max 12) to home in on the opponent and freeze them, its just like Starrk's technique except they freeze. When summoned the wolves can move about through air and solid objects(this is applied by freezing one side of a wall, then using the condensation from the other side to rebuild itself) to chase the enemy. When the wolf/wolves comes into contact with the enemy they explode freezing the target.

2. Byou no Hoeru, Aoiroyuki (Second Howl, Blue Moon)
Like Sode no Shirayuki’s first dance this denotes a circular area too, except that the area is drawn in front of the user and the area is much bigger. Then it freezes everything from the space in front of the user and forwards until it reaches the distant sky. Unlike the white moon move, this technique poses a cerulean light that envelops the enemies from the front, or while they’re escaping. When the move is done being used the ice breaks of course, but when the ice breaks it splits into many ice shards and is shot through the air cutting the remaining enemies. While this move is used, other people can hear a wolf’s howl from the distance in the midst of the technique.

3. San no Hoeru, Senkou Kogoe Shinu (Third Howl, Flash Freeze)
This last technique lets the user shoots blue lightning from the tip of the blade. The lightning then spreads and freezes whatever it touches. This technique is only used as a last ditch because of the strenuous pressure put on the body. This move eats up a lot of energy from the user, but it is highly a defensive move. If surrounded by a lot of enemies, the lightning bolts will actually jump from one enemy to the next, freezing everything that is surrounding the user.

so there you guys have it my first zanpakuto...ish. Well I already have a character in mind. The character is a ninja that not with the Gotei thirteen. Hope you guys like it.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना nightbreeze109 said…
Zanpaktou Name: Tennokiba (Heavenly Fang)

Zanpaktou Appearance: A ninjato with a dark purple hilt, no guard, and a silver blade. It sheaths on my back, over my right shoulder (like zangetsu). The sword is exactly 32 inches long in total with a 10 inch hilt and a 22 inch blade.

Shikai Release Command: Kokoro wo Hikisaku (Tear apart the mind and spirit)

Shikai Appearance: After it is released, the sharp edge of the ninjato's blade turns black. A dark purple glow of riatsu covers the blade portion of the sword.

Shikai Abilities:
1. The user can release a whip-like appendage from the tip of the blade which he can use to slash the opponent from afar. The whip can also be used to hold onto other objects much like a chain.
2. After the zanpaktou's shikai is released, a seconds command can be given, Tayasu (Eradicate), which shoots hundreds of crimson purple shards from the tip of the blade (much like Quincy arrows).

Bankai Name: Tennokiba no Yosoyokaze (Night Breeze of the Heavenly Fang)

Bankai Appearance: The user places his palms on both ends of the ninjato and pushes them together making the ninjato disappear. He then pulls his hands apart, where after purple reiatsu glows between his hands in the shape of a ninjato which solidifies for him to wield.

Bankai Abilities:
1. Since the new ninjato is made up entirely of reiatsu, the user can materialize it out of thin air at any time he wishes and throw it like a spear as well as use it like a sword.
2. The user's speed is accelerated to level's faster than shunpo, and the user can use all his shikai attacks with amplified strength and magnitude. For example, he can now form a whip in one hand to hold down his opponent's arm and form a sword in this other hand to slash his opponent with. He can also shoot hundreds of thousands of arrows per second from the tip of his finger.
3. The user can shoot large quanities of solidified reiatsu from his fists, much like a cero but the color is crimson purple and not red.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
ITs like no one wants too move haha. well wheres tomo? is he with tenchi cause he is stio stuck in the barrier oh wellls he'll be by tenchi

Tomo: Tenchi...please...please let me out.

Tenchi turns to tomo: oh...No.

Tomo: Tenchi let me out. you know yourself that you should and this is wrong.

Tenchi: no YOUR wrong. I dont know what Sehkmet wants with you but all i know is i have to watch you and keep you here.

Tomo: Tenchi whats happened to you?


Pandora: I wonder where everyone is.

Tekken: i know there is sooo much things happening i just can't keep track.

Pandora: i guess we should go help the others

Both vanish

im really sorry guys but CRAZIONE i dont want to write more till your battle is over cause i wannt see what you will do with tomo. hehe. hmmm i could try work on my other chracters but what ev. lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
----------------Kaguya's autopsy---------------
Kaguya: (looks to Zabeon who is watching them quietly)

Zabeon: (Notices and nods) Do what you will, I'm leaving. (Turns) Just be careful. Normally I'd warn you to keep your aura in check but you know how strong thatman is better than me. (glances at Zeke and Songoku) Perverted idiots. (leaves)

Kaguya: (waves) Bye Zabeon! (looks to Zeke) I don't know why you so obsessed with by braw size but I'm no going to tell you. I've been bothered by both Hibiki and Elli enough. (draws both swords) If I remember right, you're the man who noticed Orcale before and pinned him. Well if you were able to do that you must be strong. Okay, we'll team up together! (cuts palms with both swords) Share your glory yet hang seperately, Tsuin Dokkyo [twin solitude]. (her left sword turns a solid blue instead of just glowing blue and her right sword turns red intead of glowing red. She holds the swords by the rings as her blood drips from them and eight large white plates are floating in the air around her)

Songoku: (thinks to self) this girl isn't emitting an aura like most shikais do. Is this something in all from the Zero Force?

Zeke: So you finally released your shikai. But you realize that you're no where near strong enough to beat me.

Kaguya: Beat? When did I say that I wanted to beat you?

Zeke: You're aren't going to try and beat me?

Kaguya: I know I can't beat you, but I can still fight you.

Zeke: You're pretty calm for fighting someone you can't beat.

Kaguya: Just living up to the Zero Squad name. Well, that and distracting you.

Zeke: Distracting me-? (There was a flash of white and Zeke manages to jumped up as a white disk spins right under him. While he's suspended in the air, a two disks flew at his chest. He slips in mid-air to dodge and fires several cards at Kaguya. Two of the four still near her block the cards and steam hisses up as the cards seem to disintegrate. Zeke lands on the ground and the three disks fly at him. Before he tries to dodge or block, he thinks) Four disks stay by her and shield any attack while the other four attack me. But then where is the fourth one? (Ducks under th three attacking him and notices the ground crack underneath him) Below? (A disk flies out from underneath him and he flip back to dodge the disk) I see. Her left sword, Benso, stays behind and controls the four disks that protect her. The right sword, Zaika, controls the four attacking me. It requires some serious multi-tasking. But even so, it leaves a big opening. (vanishes and reapears in front of KAguya with a black sword of cards and slashes at Kaguya before either of the four disks were able to react) Done for.

Kaguya: Do you really think I'd leave such a big opening unattended? (Blocks sword with her left blue sword. Zeke notices that her didn't actually make contact, but that there was a small distance between his sword and Kaguya's. Kaguya flicks her right sword and Zeke's left arm muscle is cut. He jumps back) My sword's are just as capable of using their normal attacks while controlling the disks.

Zeke: What is that red sword's ability? I know you left one can use force fields.

Kaguya: Zaika can cut through almost anything, distance disregarded. As long as its within a certain range of me and solid, I can cut it no problem. Also, I can go through other things. (flicks sword again and Zeke loses all feeling in his left arm. He jumps back even further)

Zeke: You attacked my muscles and nevous system without even touching my skin...

Kaguya: (grins) Next is the bone.

Songoku: (thinks) This girl attacks the inside of the body and disables the opponent. On top of that, she can attack with those disks around her and block. But is she doing it or are her Zanpakutou's controlling them?

Kaguya: Hey, could you help me out? I'm not sure how much longer I have until he finds away to counter me.

Songoku: Oh yeah, sorry.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना leohart76 said…
ok ive never done this before lol.......so plz bare with me lol...........my zanpaktou are unique because they are twins with two different release commands but they respond to a joint bankai command i use to release their bankai. They represent both sides of my personality....lol.......

zanpaktou Name-Angel Tears/Jungle Lord
Bankai-Black Angel Tears
Release Command-Cry No More(Angel Tears)/Roar Like Thunder(Jungle Lord)
Joint Bankai release command-Come Dance With Me Death, For I Am Ready!

Angel Tears is a katana worn on my back like Hitsugaya's Hyourinmaru unreleased and Jungle Lord is a short sword worn the lower back like Soi Fong's Suzembachi. When Released Angel Tears turns in to a a bladed bow with crosses and biblical scriptures engraved in to the bladed parts, so it can use range and melee attacks. When Released Jungle Lord Turns in to blade resembling inyuyasha's tetsuguya When released jungle activates my most primal and feral instincts.unlike the other, twin zanpaktou in soul society, angel tears and jungle lord can not be released together unless releasing their combined bankai. The spirits of jungle lord and angel tears are actually two lovers who are always seperated unless their combined bankai is used, because they represent the two different sides of their masters(me/my) personality, Angel Tears spirit is a beautiful female paladin while jungle lord spirit is a battle loving tarzan like hunter.

Zanpaktou Ability 1-Revelations(Angel Tears Blade): Forces enemy to reveal greatest weakness in battle when cut by or hit by blade and loose memory that they did it. Jungle Law(Jungle Lord) When Stuck in the ground Jungle Lord holds enemy in place with in a 50 ft radius while releasing a reiatsu draining poison.

Zanpaktou Ability 2-Exodus(Angel Tears Bow): Fires arrows of ice that catch fire instantaniously when in contact with enemy. Eyes Of the Beast(Jungle Lord)-Allows me to communicate with and tame animals with in a 200 mile radius.
Zanpaktou Ability 3-Frozen Brimstone(Angel Tears):Calls down brimstone from the heavens accompanying a strong blizzard. Call Of The Wild(Jungle Lord): Turns me in to a werewolf like creature that enhances my strength, agility, speed, and senses.

Bankai: I turn in to a werewolf like creature with black fur, dressed in golden armor, with black wings on my back. With angel tears and jungle lord combine for a sword also....they combine to take jungle lord's shikai form with a flaming blade.

Bankai ability(s)-Since my bankai tranforms me I dont need any special bankai abilitys, since they keep their shikai abilitys.

Despite her abilities, none of angel tears abilities are used to kill hence forth she cant kill her abilities no matter how devastating can only critically wound she can never deal a lethal killing, jungle lord can kill despite his abilities the only time angel tears can deal a lethal killing blow is through my bankai.

And as far as my shinnigami goes.
I wear a hood over my head similar to hermit off kenichi history's strongest deciple, to constantly cover my eyes. im in the first ever 14th squad which ichigo is my captain and rukia is my vice captain im the third seat. Im a loner by nature and because of the nature of zanpaktou im always accompanied by my animal companion Vicera a black lion. i was hand picked by ichigo himself to join the 14th squad. I was trained by Soi Fong and was originally in her squad until recruited by ichigo. I am actually a captain level shinningami but choose to be third seat in Ichigos squad because my teacher Soi Fong hasnt exepted me to be her vice captain yet.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Aizakku_Rujiku said…
Zanpakuto:Zetsubourin Tatsumaki (tornado in despair)
Shikai release:Zetsumaki dont lose hope just yet.
Shikai abillity:Makes the wielder faster by 95%
Bankai release:Blow your opponet away Zetsumaki!(chant as u twirl zanpakuto in the air in a circular motion)
Bankai abillity:creates an illusion that makes a black tornado appeaer out of the red sky that sucks the wielder up while the opponet is running for there life while the tornadoe is shooting millions of throwing blades

Zanpakuto materialized form is below.
I hope u like!!
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 Zanpakuto:Zetsubourin Tatsumaki (tornado in despair) Shikai release:Zetsumaki dont lose hope just ye