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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
k finally got everything settled...

'A rip opens up in the sky, and three individuals step out.'

Person 2: Wow, the soul society. Its been a long time hasn't it?
Person 3: Yea, and what a dump it is now. Those shinigami must really be having a hard time.
person 1: Well thats why we're here, remember? Lets show those angels what happens when you mess with us!
Person 2: Yes! time for some sweet revenge!
'The three people fly off towards the fight, ready for blood.
THE HONTOO HOLLOWS have arrived!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
lol thats all i have for now. il add more later.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­A!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!! Hey guys, doesn't that sound very familiar? That's what I said when I first joined!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---flames of the rabbit---

Zeke: let me ask you a question, this one is for the girl.

Kaguya:what is it?

Zeke: what is my zampaktou?

Kaguya: ummm, i dont know.

Zeke: the zampaktou are the cards, i have no blade. So when you thought you destroyed my cards, you were wrong. look at your cloths.

*both oracle and kaguya look at there cloths and cards seem to stick to them*

Oracle: CRAP!

Zeke: black flame death 46;dos funeral cross.

*the cards explode in black flames and then the cards turn into and x and cut them both, peeling the skin off their very skin. they bboth stand on the floor in their blood wimpering in pain*

Zeke: I am not just stronger, i am like a god compared to your streangth. You are the dirt that i walk on.

* the cards move them selves into a whip in alesters hands*

Zeke: even with this power growth, you are nothing. my power would still exede your bankai even with you new aura.

Oracle:he is so strong.

Zeke: well i will have to kill you know, you two are weak. *the whip fire grows and the air grows thin, the two warriors begin to cough up blood from the heat and lack of oxygen*

Zeke: black flame death 89; hells bre...

*zeke in interupted by a shreak likew none other, he holds his ears in pain as do the other two. then ayame appears holding two swords in her hands*

Ayame: i told you not to get his attention, i just saved your lives. but you have completed the mission. you have got the pod, lets go.

*ayame picks the two up and vanish with the child as zeke regains his balance from the loud screaming*

Zeke: so ayame is back, ill kill her agin like i did bak then.


*ayame arrives at the base and sets everyone down*

ayame: good job, where is Rok and what re these seals?'
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Yashnamiesh: (Maniacially laughing and then snaps her finger. She stands up and stares at Tenchi.)

Tenchi: The current? You're paralyzed!

Yashnamiesh: If only it were that easy. THose attacks don't work onme, sorry. (Her wounds slowly begin healing).

Tenchi: You never used to have this power!

Yashnamiesh: When were you ever paying attention? (suddenly Tenchi is smashed in the face and kicked around the battlefield). Don't ever touch me again, you disgusting shinigami wannabe. Better yet, (she is seen behind tenchi and he is screaming as she cut off his hand)That hand won't be fondling me anymore.

Tenchi: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YOU B****!!!! (blood gushes from his hand).

Yashnamiesh: (she laughs maniacically) Suarda Zuivere! (she pushes her sword out into mid-air and the end dissapears and is seen emergin from Tenchi's stomach)

Tenchi: AGH!

Yashnamiesh: You certainly are weak, Tenchi. Let's make this more interesting, shall we, Tenchi? (she begins raising her arm as the blade simultaneously follows slicing tenchi's stomach)

Tenchi: (his eyes become emotionless and he reaches for another swig of his alcohol. Blood is splattering everywhere).

Yashnamiesh: This battle is over, it was over from the moment you spoke to me. (a pink cero erupts from her finger and consumes Tenchi). This battle was sorely boring. TESOURA! PASSON! Let's go, Sekhmet-sama is waiting!

(Gate opens)

Ella: ...don't you dare...

Passon: Oh, please. (Suddenly a sword impales Ella and her face is goes white and her body becomes limp as she falls) Yashnamiesh-sama...you didn't have to take the time.

Yashnamiesh: I realize you were completely capable, however, we need to go.

(Walk through gate).

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
srry techno, if its 2 much alike. it was the best way i could introduce them. i can add more later, but with so many fights goin on, i dont no where to start.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Death of a freind---

*before the gate closes, Yashnamiesh feels somthing around her waist*

Yashnamiesh:Wha! *turns to see Tenchi still alive, not drunk*

Tenchi in pain: imnnot done with you yet, i said you would loose and i will keep my promise.

*the gate closes, but only seconds after Tenchi pulls the lightning chain and puls Yashnamiesh back into battle*

Yashnamiesh:you little!

Tenchi: i am going to have to kill you know, your much to dangerous and i am very afraid of you living any longer. i am going to have to kill you here and know. i will have to use resurection to kill you. Cry sasanoo.

*the sky turns dark and it begins to rain as tenchi heals and his hair seems to turn blue as each individual drop pats his hair*

Yashnamiesh: you think mere rain will kill me! *breaks through the chains of lghtning* i will kill you now!

*Yashnamiesh cant seem to move*

Yashnamiesh:but! paralisis wont work on me, how are you doing this!

tenchi: the rain, it sinks into your skin giving your blood a water based mixture. Then my bankai simply freezez the water inside you. it freeze your brain, heart, and any other organs in you because you blod passes through all of them. I bid you farwell, Yashnamiesh.

*Yashnamiesh tries to raise her blade and her arm cracks and shatters into cold dust, then she looks at Tenchi for the last time and says her final words

Yashnamiesh: good....job Tenchi. I admired and missed you most.

*She then completely turns into cold dust and flows away in the air*

Tenchi back to normal; that..that was.....to much.

*uncousious, tenchi falls to the ground without any energy, but he has acheived victory over the battle, kiling a brute and friend*

---Alester fights for real---

Alester: hmmm, already. fine ill have to surpass this power.

*alester goes into shikai with his eye patch and his two guns*

Alester: shoot.

*alester shoots feathers at every peace of metal at blinding speeds, the matal that levitates turns black by the shot and then they turn into feathers of the black mettalic substance that he creates his feathers with*

Alester: this is pointless. I will shoot all the metal you make with the feathers in my gun, just turning them into more feathers. Thus your amunition is mine.

*alester fires a feather from his gun and it lands beneathe Kevin, but kevin dodges and stands back. the feather then creates a black circle around it that is ten feet from center to the end of the sadow circe. then a giant black blast rises from the circle straight up into the sky. a bird flew above the circle and is hit by the upward blast, it turns black and becomes black featers*

Alester: you dont want to face the same fate, do you?

*points gun at Kevin*

Alester: it will be your death. *eye without the eye patch turns into the eyes of the owl* I have a trigger finger like lightning, swift and fast.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Orcale: Sorry about our recklessness. He came from nowhere and we were under a bit of pressure. These seals (presses neck and the spiral mark reapears) are to mask our aura to avoid any unnecesary attension. The 13 court guard squads that were here before had seals on the captains and vice captains. Since the Zero force is made up of people stronger than the captains, we need to keep our spiritual power hidden. It works out for me since I don't want people targetting me for my power.

Ayame: And Rok? (both Kaguya and Orcale are silent) It can't be...

Kaguya: He ended up being burnt to the ground by that man with the cards. Whoever he is, he's powerful. I think Hemi's himself may even have trouble fighting him.

Ayame: Hemi?

Orcale: He's not important at this moment. But Rok risked his life to get us out of there with the pod. When I first saw him I didn't see an ounce of honor in him. Shows I was being shallow.

Ayame: Rok...

Kaguya: (squats next to the pod) But what exactly is this thing anyways? (the others stare at her) Oh, sorry. That was a little insensitive. (looks to Orcale) Why can't you ressurect him with your shikai?

Orcale: It's been too long. I can recreate the body but his soul should have dissapated by now. It would be pointless.

Ayame: It's fine...At least he did it for the sake of the mission...

Orcale: Sacrafice is part of war, war is part of life. Losing one close to you is inevitable. (glances at kaguya out of the corner of his eye) We all will end up with that twisted fate.

Kaguya: (notices Orcale) Huh? Nii-san, were you really worried about me? I thought you were acting to buy me some time.

Orcale: (avoids her eyes) I didn't know you were stalling.

Kaguya: You actually cared if I died! I knew your sarcasm toward me was simply joking around!

Orcale: Believe what you want. More importantly, Ayame, we weren't able to retreive Kenaka. Going back into the tower will be near impossible with that man with those cards there. What should we do?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

Ayame shyly:before that i need to tell you somthing.

*Rok appears by her side in a blue mist*



Oracle:but we saw him die at the guy with the cards feet, how is he alive!

Ayame: Rok and Tsai...are my Zampaktou.

*tsai appears in a pink mist next to Rok*

Tsai: you talking to the cute boy again ayame?

Ayame blushes: stop it, your embarissing me. I need to finish telling them about you two.

*both stop and sit down quietly*

Ayame: this is the power of my normal blade, i can give a human form to my swords to assist me in battle when i need them. they go by the name of "LOVERS" when they are blades. Let me show you, Rok Tsai...Kiss.

Rok:fine *leans toward Tsai and kisses her*

*a flash of light appears and then Ayame holds two short blades. One is a wraped blade with spikes that peirce the bandages, the other is like Halibels blade, actually nearly the same. the both have mouths and the hilt*

Rok sword:this is what we are like.

Tsai blade: we can't die unless ayame dies, we need her.

Ayame: and as for kenakas soul. i think we might all have to cofront Zeke. zeke is a demon among solgiers and surprisingly he, like you, has a seal that holds his powers from others to view. you weren't fighting him in his normal form and you couldn't kil him. zeke's Zampaktou is also very strong. The black jack rabbit. Its flames burn everything, even energy itself. Our people caled him "Hell fire". I was under him in rank even though our diffrence in power is by far diffrent. I would stand a chance against him. you mentioned someone that might be somthing against Zeke, who is he?

Oracle: hemi?

Ayame sheathing her blades and the turn back into the figures: yea *shyly speaks* who is this person? tell me the history of his importance.

*three individuals enter the cave*

Tomo:we are here Ayame, your signal took awhile.

Pandora:no kidding.

Tekken: hello ayame, its been awhile. Though i remember you were killed by Zeke. Why are your breathing and contain life?

*Oracle and Kaguya are skocked*

Ayame blushes with teary eyes: Tis true, Zeke did kill me when the child left his life in the hands of a hallow. Zeke wanted to be the new child but our people refused. Zeke killed our whole kind and eventually stymbled on a village were he was excepted.

*ayame cries*

Ayame:The child came to my soul and gave me life again. his soul meet mine and he gave me a second chance. So we need him back to end this battle that has started with Zeke! he is the one who gave birth to war in these lands. If it weren't for him there wouldn't be war here! So tell me who this Hemi!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(Tenchi's arm is suddenly cut off and he falls to the ground)

(a patch of the air becomes silky and blurry as she walks out)

Yashnamiesh: Did you forget my power, Tenchi? Shame on you! Oh well, your loss is my gain.And you were going to kill me, haha.

Tenchi: How did you survive?

Yashnamiesh: You won't need to know that where you are going. My power is far beyond yours, it is unbelievable how weak you've become. (she fires a cero and it puts a hole in his chest) Look now, you're more of a hollow than your little friends. (begins laughing).

Tenchi: ugh...(stares at Yashnamiesh)

Yashnamiesh: You're the the worst type of person for fighting me, but you figured that out much too late. (Gate opens) I believe someone will be along to save you soon, if you survive long enough. Either way, I don't care. (fires a cero through both shoulders) Bye, weakling. (walks through gate and peers back as it closes).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
-------------man who gives judgment---------
Orcale: In the Zero squad there are no seats of power, we're supposed to be considered equals to each other. But there are two people in this group that are more powerful than the others. One of them is Hemi Shin, my Sensei. It's true he could fight and defeat Zeke, but Sensei stays back in th dimension because he's one of the King's favorites.

Kaguya: Old man Hemi is considered immortal because he has godly strength and has never been defeated before. Also, he's probably only a couple decades younger than this 'child' but he looks as young as an eleven or twelve year old. He's usually kind and impassive, but when he want to, he can be really scary.

Orcale: Sensei's Zenpakutou represents Judgment. It gives trial to all around it and doesn't allow anything it sees as unforgivible go unnoticed or unpunished. I respect Sensei greatly, but his sword is harsh, powerful, and ultimate. (shudders) Him coming out here is the last thing wanted.

Kaguya: But there is someone else who could help if that's the issue...

Ayame: Who would that be?

Kaguya: (Grins) Well when I came here to find Orcale a while back, someone got a little jealous. It's possible that he'll disobey old man Hemi and try to find us.

Orcale: (sighs) I know who that is...

Ayame/Tekken/Pandora/Tomo: Huh?
------------------------grace under fire----------------------
A man with ruffled brown hair, brown eyes, light brown armor, and sword on his left him with a huge hilt, and a red cape walked through the dark on a tiled floor outside. He stopped in front of two pillars.

Man: (holds up pendant with an emerald in it and it shines. A blue swirling portal appears between the pillars. The man is about to step forward when he notices a girl with bleach white hair, a long dark blue dress with several yellow and silver brim, and a long sword on the left hip with a spiral hilt guard leaning on the right pillar) Why are you here?

Girl: (doesn't reply, just stands there with crossed arms staring at him)

Boy: Look Zabeon, if you're here to stop me then you're wasting your time.

Zabeon: ...You were not ordered to leave...Hemi-sama won't simply over look this when you return. Excuse me, IF you return.

Boy: I'll take those consequenses. I need to go and make sure Orcale and Kaguya are okay!

Zabeon: You don't believe they're capable of handling this?

Boy: I don't know anything about the enemy. Who knows what could happen? (Starts to walk through the portal)

Zabeon: Hibiki...

Hibiki: (stops) What?

Zabeon: You aren't conserned that I may tell Hemi-sama that you're leaving without permission?

Hibiki: I couldn't care less.

Zabeon: (stands up straight) Then I'll assist you.

Hibiki: Really? (narrows eyes) Why?

Zabeon: Don't be so suspicious. I simply don't believe that you should go out there and risk death when you don't even know who the enemy is.

Hibiki: Are you staying I'm weak?!

Zabeon: (Walks up to portal) We shouldn't keep them waiting.

Hibiki: (grits teeth) Irritating Zabeon, irritating. (walks through portal)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'the three people appear far away from the tower'
Person 2: o great, zeke is back. this could be harder then we expected.
Person 3: as long as you dont go off on your own again Miyuki, everything should be fine.
Miyuki: I told you not to-
Person 1: Quiet you 2! Miyuki, i want you and Sachi to go scouting. See whos here.
Miyuki: 'sigh' fine...
Person 1: And no fighting, for now... i dont think i need to tell you wat happened last time, do i Miyuki?
Miyuki: man, i mess up one time, and no one forgets...'vanishes'
Sachi: il watch her carefully. 'vanishes as well'
Person 1: I really hope Sachi can stop Miyuki this time....'Vanishes'

'Miyuki and Sachi appear near Tenchi'
'Miyuki starts to walk toward him'
Sachi:'whispers' No! we cant save him! remember what Sayin said?
Miyuki: yea i do, and he said no fighting. Well, this isn't really fighting.Besides, we might need him for later.
Sachi: 'sigh' fine just dont let him see you.

'Miyuki walks over and unsheathes her zanpakuto'
Miyuki:'whispers' open your jaws and feast, Kuufuku.
'her zanpakuto grows in to a large double-edged sword with mouthes all over it'
Miyuki: Now heal him Kuufuku.
'Sachi Sighs'
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

Ayame:you actually think that your freinds will be able to defeat Zeke? are you sure, because i can't have anymore casualties that have been brought by him without crying anymore.

Oracle: Im sure of it.

Kaguya: All of them are incredibly strong.

Tomo:They better be to be able to give zeke a decent fight. truth is that people have only seen him release his seal. he has never needed to use shikai in his lifetime since he died in the shinigami war.

Rok:I dont even think that your freinds will pass that barrier he set for his own powers. He is so strong and he himself is at a godly level. even that Alester he taught to fight is nearly at that same level.

ayame:alester is back as well. This is as bad as we could have hoped for.

Oracle: why is that?

Kaguya:what is so special about Alester?

Ayame: He is one of sekhmets kind, but many underestimate him. His abilities are strong by themselves but his overall ability is incredible.

Oracle: what is this so called "incredible" ability?

Ayame: i am so scared of it, that i would rather not say. Though overall i think that you guys gave me some hope about ending Zeke's reign of terror.

Oracle: i tell you they will be able to defeat him.

*as the conversations go on, someone is watching and listening in on their conversation. the 4 of hearts floats just a little ways from the conversation. Mean while Zeke in the tower looks into the 4 of diamonds and is listening to the conversation*

Zeke: what futile attempts. They have no idea what my power can do, whomever they throw at me my flames will devour. they beleive they can defeat me but they can't. once the child is back and brings back peace again, i will eat his very soul to become the next child.


tenchi: ugh, what happened? Did i defeat her?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
--------------------Power and caution--------------------
Two figures appear on Sokyoku Hill over Soul Society.

Hibiki: This place has really fallen. Last saw this place it was at it's best, the 13 court guard squads were so cordinated and peace rained the after life.

Zabeon: (melancholically) Peace is hardly lasting. Chaos is always trying to ind away to interfere. (Closes eyes)

Hibiki: What are you doing?

Zabeon: Searching for Orcale or Kaguya's soul residue.

Hibiki: Wouldn't it be easier to go and look for them physically?

Zabeon: That would simply attract attension. It's better to search for them without being noticed by anyone.

Hibiki: But this place is filled with spiritual presense, how can you find them like that?

Zabeon: (opens eyes) There are a lot of strong presenses around. Troublesome enough, it's difficult to focus with them around.

Hibiki: You're saying that all those other people are making it hard to figure out where Orcale and Kaguya are?

Zabeon: I need time... (holds hands together) Power of the demon's breath, feelings of the angelic mother, grant the all seeing eyes of the overseer to one with the narrow minded eyes. Hado 184, Eyes of Eternity. (her pupils dissapeared and her aura vanished. Her body fell limp and Hibiki caught her)

Hibiki: (put Zabeon on his back and vanishes)

------------------an odd reunion------------------
Orcale: (feels a presense and looks up shocked)

Kaguya: (grins) I'm surprises she came too.

Tekken: What happened?

Kaguya: Someone is using Eyes of Eternity. It's the aura of a friend of ours.

Ayame: The one you told us about?

Orcale: Not the one I was talking about, but she's strong nonetheless.

Hibiki: (A man appears nearby holding a body and looks at them) Well, well, looks like we found you.

Orcale: You really are a capricious one Hibiki.

Zabeon: (Slowly wakes up and looks at Kaguya and Orcale)

Kaguya: (Stares at the two of them with a devious smile) The two of you got together?!

Zabeon: ...what are you blabbing on about now?

Kaguya: Hibiki's giving you a piggyback ride!

Zabeon: (gets off Hibiki quickly) As if I'd ever fall in love with this idiot.

Hibiki: Yeah, she had just left her body to find you- Wait, idiot?

Orcale: Why are you here? I mean Hibiki is no surprise, but I didn't expect you to come Zabeon.

Zabeon: He would have come no matter what I did and Hemi would tell me that I should have made sure he doesn't end up dead. So I saved time by coming.

Hibiki: (looks at Zabeon) What do you say when I'm not in the room?

Zabeon: What's the status of your position?

Orcale: *explains everything about the angels and Zeke* Now these people are trying to revive 'the child' for seperate reasons.

Hibiki: Really Orcale, couldn't you just take care of the Zeke person yourself?

Orcale: I wish I could. But he's incredibly strong. Kaguya and I couldn't do anything against him.

Hibiki: Well then don't worry about it then, I can fight him. I'll make sure he understands what happens when you mess with the Zero force.

Kaguya: But you don't even know which side your on.

Hibiki: I just want to kick someone's ass. It's part of my nature. I'm not worried about details.

Zabeon: You realize that based on what Orcale said, this guy's maybe your level, if not a little stronger?

Hibiki: So? That makes it all that more fun. What, do you want to fight him?

Zabeon: No. This is more suited for you. (taps her sword silently and everything they say is muted to anyone else that could be eavesdropping. Kaguya is about to ask when Orcale made a hardly notieable jerk to a the card nearby)

Orcale: Hibiki, becareful against this guy. His ability as far as I know is to control flaming black cards. His Zenpakutou's name is Black Jack Rabbit.

Ayame: If I may interupt, I would also suggest starting off without the seal on you if you're fighting him. It will be dangerous if you don't.

Hibiki: (smirks) Heh, don't worry about me. When I'm done with him I'll be sure to go full power on him.

Orcale: I'll be there with you. I'll need to erect a barrier around you as to avoid anyone inturupting or calateral damage to the surrounding area. (looks to Ayame) Zabeon will have to fill in for me in any plan who have. I'm the only person who can use the barrier to contain this guys surplus rietsu.

Ayame: But why would you need to?

Orcale: Hibiki's Zenpakutou represents incineration and heat. His sword absorbs everything around it and eradicates it. The worst part is, you can't see heat. It's hard for you to notice heat until you feel it. But by time that happens, it too late. I learned how to contain it by merging severing void and my own sword's ability to create something that his presence can't either melt through or turn to dust.

Ayame: I see. Please be careful when you get there.

Orcale: Understood. (Looks to Kaguya) Can I trust you to have some self-restraint while I'm gone?

Kaguya: Don't worry, Zabeon's no fun to tease.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना demonaru said…
is it okay if you have 2. if it is here are mine.

1. shiki-doku hebi (poison serpent)
release command- bite!
bankai-tenma hebi (demon serpent)
shiki abilities- when opponents are striked by this a poison will go into them then takes their spiritual energy very slowly.
descripiton- it has a golden handle like a midevil sword handle. the blade is a green snake (non-living).

bankai abillites- it has a normal handle but a giant red snake comes out and fight a lot like renji abatai's bankai only a red bastalas (living)

2.shiki name- kusari karite (chain reaper)
release command- destroy!
bankai name- kusari doragon (chain dragon)

shiki abillities- a chain appears substituting the blade. the chain has 2 blades on each side of the links. the handles is the original.

bankai- it has 2 forms. 1. a giant dragon made of hundreds of chain links with a blade made of compressed soul pressure in each link. the dragon eats you then slashes you with all the soul pressure blades. 2.the chain links go so fast that you would travel on them and it is seemed to be teleportation.

no comment
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Meshuli said…
Shinigami's name: Meshuli Hashi
(ill do more on her later XD)

Hey ^^ im new here but i have had my own Bleach OC and Zanpakutō for a while now, so i apologies if it seems nooby x3

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name:Ōkami no nikkou/wolf of sunlight

[release command:"Beyond the seas and the heavens, shine like a thousand suns, Ōkami no nikkou!”

[Description;When in Shikai, Hashi has the power to summon the small sun mirrors at will but can have no more then three out at a time, she can alter there size at will, she can then use them as great shields reflecting Kidō moves, and blocking powerful sword strikes, she can also shoot powerful concentrated beams from the mirrors, They can also be used as power boasters for kidō moves, greatly strengthening their power, they can be fired and flown at targets. The mirrors also hover and follow Hashi when she is moving they are usually placed behind her back.

[bankai name:Wolf with mirrors of the sun(i dont know how to say thins in Japanese XD

[description: In Bankai form eight sun mirrors appear behind Meshuli turning in a slow clockwise movement, from there depending on the battle situation she will usually place four on each side of her in rows from there similar to her Shikai she can use the mirrors as great shields, and produce strong beams of spiritual energy. If the small suns are shattered then can be remade by light.

[shikai abilities] - 1.(it has no name XD) It fires a concentrated energy blast from the base of the blade in the shape of a Beam of light, as it travels it materialises into the shape of a running wolf the wolf moves as fast as the speed of light making it impossible to run away from it, Hashi can control the movements and the size of the wolf usually making the wolf run in tight circles, around its opponent and slashing away at the enemy’s body even diagonally, finishing them off at the neck, ripping out vital organs or through blood loss, this attack works brilliant on larger enemies also.

2.(fairly simple) Blinding Light: Ability to create a large area of bright light around opponents disrupting their visual perceptions, causing confusion and decreasing their chance to fight back against attack.

3.Illusions: Ability to use light to alter another's perceptions, allowing Hashi to make her opponent see what she wants them to see.

[bankai abilities] - Main Bankai Special Ability: Meshuli’s Bankai can be used in various ways and forms, using very power full defences and great offense. To witness the her true form of Bankai Meshuli will grasp her sword turn it clock wise and the mother sun will begin to materialise behind her, the mother sun is one of the two true forms of her Bankai along with the large beast that resides with in it, The mother sun is the largest mirrored sun and is the origin of the power when the beats is not present, the mother sun also affects the weather making it very hot, it can also be used as the ultimate shield. Meshuli will call out the beast as a last resort when she says ‘Walk out of the light’Ōkami no nikkou, the large mother sun will then light up a brilliant golden colour and slowly a large white wolf will walk out of the mother sun standing over 35ft tall towering over many objects around it, from here Meshuli can control the wolf with her mind making it attack opponents. (However this is an absolutely last resort).

2.While the beast is still inside the mother sun mirror Meshuli with rise up her hand and great improve her Reiatsu as this is happing the mother sun mirror slow rises up into the air with the eight sun mirrors following and then they slowly begin to turn clock wise around the mother sun, gathering momentum then on Meshuli’s command a powerful solar beam will shoot down to the opponent.

3.-The wolf takes a battle stance and the mother sun slowly rises up and hovers above the wolf with the smaller suns set at the side, then the wolf absorbs and charges up the Reiatsu inside the mother sun as it glows golden and white Meshuli gives the command (when she believes it has absorbed enough power) the wolf lets out a roar and realises the solar beam straight from the mother sun and onto enemies (this attack can also majorly boast up kidō).

i haven't really finished on what the katana looks like when in shikai or bankai form yet x3 im still working on that, but if any of you have any helpful ideas it would be appreciated!!
sorry its kinda lame ID
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------more questions-----

As oracle and the others finish their secretive conversation they turn their attention to tomo again.

oracle: how long have you known of Ayame them?

Tomo: ever since i first got here.*tilts head and smiles so sweetly*

Kaguya (thoughts): uhh hes kinda reminds me of how Ayame acts

Tomo looks at kaguya: I know. haha.

Kaguya is surprised and tries her best to not show it.

Oracle: anyways....does that mean you're a oni warrior?

Tomo: yups! hehe, but Tekken isnt even if he's is my twin. *motions to tekken*

Oracle: i see, hmmm and this is Pandora right?

PAndora nods and smile but doesnt say much, for she knows tomo will continue to talk.

Tomo: oh i forgot ayame, *goes up to her and gives her a friendly hug*

(as tomo is hugging) ORacle: can you materialize you zanpaktou too?

Tomo: ohh yes thats the best part. wanna see??? hehe well just to let you know i call him "star" when he materializes.

Tomo's eyes glisten. white star dust whirls and a mand body emerges. Star's body is of a 30yo and has moon white hair and eyes blue as ice. He stands a 6'5'' which is almost 3 feet taller than Tomo. He wears a mans kimono thats contains shades of black and gray, with two swords on either side of his hip. His hair is pitch black and his hair is fairly medium length and looks very stylish (like toshiro, but a little longer)

Star: yes master (looks annoyed)

Everyone: woah.

Tomo: hehe, well i just wanted to show you off, hehe.

Star: umm okay. well i leave then.

Tomo:totally fine hehe.

A small breeze of air comes and he dissppears.

Tomo: what now???

Ayame: well im starving *blushes* can we please go somwhere in private to eat.


haha sorry i no what a waste of time of just my chracter talking haha.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---ashes, ashes, we all fall down---

*Zeke at his tower*

Zeke: So they new i was there, how interesting. i should pay them a visit to see what they are planning before they do something interuptive to my plans. this might get very interesting.

*zeke vanishes*

*back at the cave, they eat food that ayame has cooked*

ayame: do you like it...oracle *blushes*

Kaguya: oh god *looks annoyed*

Rok: C'mon you flirty girl, i know you can do better than that.

Ayame: Stooooop *blushes*

Oracle: its fine.

zabeon: This is actually really good.

???: i agree, it is very good.

*everyone looks at the intuder, it is Zeke. he hold a bowl of the food that Ayame made*

Zeke; you were always a good cook ayame. she makes a mean ramen. Just the perfect amount of spice.

Ayame: what are you doing here!

Tomo thinks: So this is Zeke, i sense enormous pressure and he has his seal as well. So strong.

Zabeon: so this is Zeke, i guess i will have to see if you live to your reputaion of power. *stands* Are you as strong as they say?

Zeke: i dont know, am i?

*Zeke lets loose a wave of power that blows everyone back*

Zeke: Ill let you decide that, Zabeon. You were able to notice me listening on your conversation so i can conclude that your strong. though i will say that your no match for me, ill burn you to ashes.

*Zeke holds out his hand and the cards appear*

Zeke; shall we begin?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
--------Ashes ashes we all fall down con't----

(just to add a little humor)

Everyone sees the deadly seriousness in Zeke's eyes. The look at his gaze and follow it to tomo.

Tomo still sitting at the table, eating quietly.

Zeke: little child do you not quiver in fear.

Tomo shakes head: hold on *slurps rest of food* sorry, but you're right it is good. hehe.

Rok: haha same old tomo.

Zeke: well you should cause you that wasn't ev-

Tomo: even your stongest yet. i know. haha. sorry but im not dumb.

Zeke: i see

Pandora starts to crack up

Zeke: what is it now!!

Tekken giggling: well you think he's dumb well what about you?

everyone points up and Zeke follow their gaze, and he sees what they're laughing at

At the top is a giant bra with steal points. that falls on Zeke
Zeke quickly dodges.

Zeke: i see you're not that foolish. well either way you're still going to die.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना naruto_bleach95 said…
hey, jadzter 18 i like your zanpakutou...it`s interesting...maybe i should make my own..but i don`t have the idea yet..
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
-----------------pop goes the weasel-------------

Hibiki: (Crosses arms and looks Zeke up and down. He then continues to eat the ramen)

Orcale: You're okay with Zabeon fighting him?

Hibiki: if he survives fighting Zabeon then I'll be more than happy to kill him myself. But if he can't defeat her then there's no point.

Orcale: You aaren't worried that Zabeon may lose her life?

Hibiki: (snorts) As if that would happen! But then again...if she did die my life would be a whole lot easier.

Orcale: That's just cold.

Hibiki: (shrugs) She would say the same about me.

Orcale: But it's not a good way to speak of your comrades. (Looks up to Zabeon and Zeke) Even I can't tell how things will end up.

Zabeon: You may make the first move.

Zeke: How noble. (The cards float up and make several rings in front of him and speed at Zabeon)

Zabeon: (cards seem to go right through her) You missed.

Zeke: How did you do that?

Zabeon: You'll figure it out. (She steps forward and the rings turn back to hit her. They go through her again and as Zeke tries to figure out what happened, she bursts into several birds that fly and blind him. Through the confusion, a sword swings down on him. He barely dodges and jumps back to avoid Zabeon's upward slash)

Zeke: (thinks) I still can't figure her out. Where did the birds come from? (finds himself staring in Zabeon's eyes. Everything seemed to slow down and he saw a flash in his mind of a orangish picture where Zabeon stabs her sword through his head. Then he shakes it out of his mind) What was that?

Zabeon: It helps identify our difference in power. If you saw me in your mind, then we're are close to each other's strength. But I'd like to affirm that. (dissapears)

Zeke: Where did she- (Gets stabbed in the back by Zabeon's long neon black sword) What the-!

Zabeon: (Takes sword out and avoids the cards attacking her. She gets singed on her cheek but manages to avoid damage) You're slow.

Zeke: How can anyone move so fast? It's like your teleporting or something.

Zabeon: As far as you know. (Sheaths sword and let a deep breath out. Zeke feels a deep chill go down his spine. He feels like he's unable to move. Zabeon lets off a chilling aura that made everyone shiver. Several silver spikes fall down from above Zeke and he sends cards upward to block them. The spikes go right through the cards and Zeke manages to flip back in time to dodge)

*meanwhile the others watching only see them staring at each other*

Tekken: What's going on?

Kaguya: They're inside a dimension that Zabeon created mentally. In otherwords, it's like they're in a huge illusion.

Tomo: So they can't hurt each other?

Orcale: In actuality no. But they should feel the pain of strikes and Zabeon has the upper hand.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Fire of the devil---

Zeke: this is getting really annoying.

*three cards go into his hand, then he shows it to Zabeon*

Zeke: 9, 9, 3. thats 21.

*All of a sudden Zabeon looses balance and canot seem to use her ability to create the illusion*

Zabeon: WHA!

Zeke: gotcha.

*Zeke moves right infront of Zabeon and does a light punch, but it is so strong that it sends her through the cave to the outside. then Zabeon feels her powers come back*

Zabeon breathing hevealy, two of her ribs are broked: what the hell just happened.

*She rethinks of the moment she lost her powers for a couple of seconds, she remebers the 21*

Zabeon; you nutrilezed my ability for a number of seconds.

*Zeke appears behind Zabeon, punches but she dodges barely. then she is cut by one of the cards and her arms drops to the ground in black flames*

Zeke: watch your self, these flames burn. And by the way, you think that your mind tricks will scare me.

Zabeon: fine, ill release my seal if your so strong. *holds her stub of an arm as it bleeds*

*she releases her seal and a blast of energy bursts out that makes the sky and earth tremble, Zeke's eyes widen at the sight of this power*

Zabeon: good enough for you? *smirks*

Zeke looks down:...ha..hahahahahaha! you think that will scare me! your power is miniscule at the most!

*Zeke looks up with his eyes completely black*

Zeke: you really think you stand a chance against me!

*Zabeon know sees a image in her mind of her and all the people around in their final forms...Burning in black flames in pain. the screams of this mental picture fill her mind, the echoing screams of oracle, kaguya, tomo, tekken, ayame. Then she is back in reality and her eyes are hollow and blank do to the fear she has just seen*

Zeke's eyes return to normal: Did you see me in a memory? If so, then you are far weaker than me. Pathetic. burn.

*The cards flames grow and the air thins, causing Zabeon to pant harder. then with this shock that the air is leaving her, she notices that Zeke is gone. She then hears a voice right in her ear and an arm around her shoulder*

Zeke: what a cute little girl, i wish i didn't have to kill you.

*the next thing Zabeon, knows is that cards are wraping her face. She tries to use her illusion, but it isn't working!*

Zeke: queen, king, ace. 21.

*Others break into panic and rush out into the battle outside, all this has happened in 30 seconds. oracle is shoked from what he sees, and so is every one else*

*Zeke is holding Zabeon in his arms, she is passed out do to the far of loosing her head to flames*

Zeke: hhumph, i think she fainted. *tosses Zabeon*

Oracle thinks as Zabeon flies toward them: Did he change his ways, why didn't he finish her.

*then hibiki catches her to realize a terror like none other. Zabeon has five cards stuck to her back*

Zeke: haha, black flame death 74; popping black dragon.

*a giant black fire explosion is born from Zabeons back, ripping it to shreads. her spine clearly visible. Hibiki blocks the flames, but under much streangth he trembled*

Habiki: you monster!

Zeke: dont worry, she wont die. i made sure the flames dried the blood i order for her not to die. all i have to say is that if she was your strongest, then i can't trust you with the child. If ANY of you can make me take off my seal, then i will rethink the idea of you taking the child. Well, are you next?

*Zeke looks directly into Habiki's eyes as he holds the unconsious Zabeon*

(the first battle between Zeke and Zabeon came to a violent finish, who is next)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---The monkey returns---

*the burn't body of Soul, and the body of songoku slowely turn into strands of hair. then in the distance Soul and Songoku appear*

Soul: they have gotten stronger this is trublling. The zero squad is back as well.

Songoku: i can easily kill them.

Soul:true, but they are acting like comrades then anything else. I think they will assist us overall.

Songoku: so you think i can fight Vaznesel know? i really want to kill her, and when i do ill kill Azriel. They have no idea how strong i am. I have grown from that last battle. i am Songoku! I am equal to heaven, no one is above me!

*Songoku releases a blast of energy that surprises everyone in soulsociety, songoku's streangth is no longer hidden. he has the power a Captain commander should have*

Soul: when i die, you will take my place songoku. i am not sure if i can survive agains't Sekhmet. She is the one who trained me to battle. she knows my every move. Right know, you can defeat Azriel with ease, but vaznesel. she is another matter. She is much to strong for anyone else other than you. Sempai fell at her feet.

songoku: i am aware of that. *scratches head* What is my power level know.

Soul: nearly at mine, your close Songoku. Soon you will be stronger than me. Anyhow, i must go confront Sekhmet. i am not sure if she has vanished. she likes the guerilla tactic. Appear, kill some, vanish, then she repeats. *starts to have tears grow in his eyes* I should go.

*Soul vanishes, leaving Songoku unetended to*

Songoku: humph, he will be fine. I can't wait to kill Azriel after our past battle. *laughs* though he was very strong, he is no match for me.


*Soul stands in a place in hauce mundo, a place were him and sekhmet would play as children*

SouL: if she has the bravery to challenge me, the bravery to kill me, this is were i would like to die.

*He pauses*

Soul; Sekhmet! come out of hiding and show me how much you have grown!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----I'm not cold hearted!----

Everyone stands in fear as zeke waits to see who willl face him next.

Hibiki: I will fi-

Tomo: NO! I will try to fight you!

Everyones face turns from fear to shock as Tomo steps out of the crowd.

Zeke: haha, you must be kidding, child. You really think that you can get me to take off my seal? From what i see and feel you're not even over half of my power. Or even size for that fact.

Tomo giggles: I well i do wanna try.

Hibiki: Tomo no you can't do you wanna die?!

Tekken: i wont let my little brother do this, you can't

Tomo: its okay guys. hehe.

Zeke: so child, will you try to beat me.

Tomo: umm okay.

Tomo steps foward, towards the battle field. As he passes Zabeon body, he takes out a band aid with a cross and puts it on her. She then slowly glows and her body slowly heals.

Zeke: i see you can heal? what about fight? *grins*


Pandora: don't worry guys-

Tekken: how can you Not worry?

Pandora: he is one of the 5 Noble Artists. And on top of that his zanpaktou holds one one of silver laws.

Ayame: True. plus he is part of my group, worked under a great science captain, and also worked part time under a powerful healer from what i've known.

Tekken: i've never thought of that.

Everyone slowly turns their attention back to Zeke and Tomo:


Zeke: are you sure you wanna do this.

Tomo: dont knock it till you try it.hehe.


i think im going to make actually a group up haha. well he is something i can explain now.

5 noble Artists: A group of people that each has a special talent, they are all well rounded but have their specifics. I was hoping that SOUL can be one of them since he does caligraphy and his zanpaktou kinda has some art related things.

Silver Laws: Zanpaktous that are of course silver and its abilities are based on laws. Tomo is based on the laws of change of light and darkness. Tekken is based on the laws of gravity. Pandora is based on the law that everything has a equal opposite.

ILL EXPLAIN MORE!!! ASK ME for anything more.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ladymarie16 said…
big smile
thats really hot but i cant think of nothin...lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Orcale: (is holding his hands over Zabeon's back and his sword is gone. He's slowly healing Zabeon's back and thinks to himself) Zabeon, why didn't you use your Zenpakutou if you were going to release your seal? You let the damage esculate to far...

Hibiki: (is looking down at Zabeon with solemn eyes) I should have stopped her and fight that guy myself.

Orcale: Hibiki, I thought you didn't care what happened to her?

Hibiki: I don't, I'm just not used to seeing her to beat up. Also, now that boy has taken the fight.

Orcale: (sighs) This guy is hard to understand though. He was so willing to kill Kaguya and I before yet he allowed Zabeon to live. He's even more unpredictable than you.

Hibiki: Tch, I don't need to here you say that. (stands and walks away to watch Tomo and Zeke)

Orcale: Geez Hibiki, it wasn't an insult. You take things to literally.

Zabeon: (watching Hibiki completely silent)

Orcale: (notices) Zabeon? You're awake!

Zabeon: (quietly and annoyed) Keep you voice down...

Orcale: Why didn't you release your sword before?

Zabeon: I wasn't fighting to kill him. Like i said before, Hibiki is much more suited for that.

Orcale: Then what were you doing?

Zabeon: Someone's resolve and reason is shown in battle. I wanted to see how set he was on getting back that crippled boy.

Orcale: How'd that work out for you?

Zabeon: (doesn't answer) Orcale...why are you here?

Orcale: What do you mean by that?

Zabeon: Why are you in Soul Society?

Orcale: To find out all I can about what's going on.

Zabeon: And the others?

Orcale: Kaguya's here to eradicate her boredom, Hibiki's more than obviously here to fight, and you're here to make sure that he doesn't do something incredibly stupid or die.

Zabeon: From the way you say things, it's like we aren't worried about what happens to Soul Society.

Orcale: What gave you that idea? You don't wan to protect this place?

Zabeon: Soul Society is nothing like it used to be. (sits up and ignores pain) It was ruined long ago. I simply am annoyed with these angels.

Orcale: (rubs temples) Zabeon, it's because of that kind of thinking that all this started.

Zabeon: What do you mean?

Orcale: We shinigami are capable of putting a hallow to rest by cutting them. We can send back those chained down to earth even after death so they may rest in peace. Over the years we started to believe that we were the gatekeepers of the bride of the after life. Our arrogance continued to grow and we call ourselves death god. We gained pride and believed that we were superior beings. But then these people who now call themselves angels have let pride control them and want to take back what they believe is theirs. Naturally the shinigami fought back, insulted that they were being undermined by these angels. I guess you could say that the angels were becoming rebelious to the gods. The fight spawned from one single thing. Pride. We all have it of course, but when you let it take control of you then it becomes a hazard. Now the pride of shinigami is still at stake and the remaining people are fighting back. You know as well as I that through all this time, Soul Society has not only been changed, its been corrupted. By both the shinigami and the angels.

Zabeon: But you're talking as if you're neither of them.

Orcale: I'm a shinigami alright, but I don't let pride get to me.

Zabeon: You're saying that pride is what causes war, conflict, and calamity?

Orcale: Exactly.

Zabeon: That's idiotic. (stands now that her back has completey reformed) Even if we lost all pride there would still be no peace.

Kaguya: (she had listened to the whole thing quietly and now steps up to the two) But if we did relinquish pride and saw eye to eye with everyone we would have peace. No one would be in hidjng anymore, we'd all be treated as equals and there would be so much less pain. (closes eyes contently) A world where people can walk whithout having to worry about someone elses anger, not being hated by someone somewhere in the world, that's a world that i strive for.

Zabeon: (is silent)}

Orcale: (stares at the sky) That's wishful thinking. No matter how simple or obvious it seems, peace just keeps slipping away. I'm starting to believe that there is no such thing.

Zabeon: So you don't even believe in what you just said?

Orcale: I do. But pride isn't the only thing that stands in the way of peace and serenity. There are many people in the world who don't even want peace. How can you accomplish peace if there are people who would try and stop it from happening?

Zabeon: Simply get rid of all who oppose the divine truth that they're trying to shun.

Kaguya; But that's the thing isn't it? Who said that peace was divine? 'Darkness cannot exist without light as light can never eradicate darkness'. In other words it means that light and darkness balance each other. So then what good does it do to try and destroy another when the only way to do so is to take them both down?

Orcale: But of course, this is all philisophical speaking. (rest head on hand) Maybe light and darkness don't even exist. Maybe there is no balance between them. maybe things just happen and we label them as good and bad for some reason. Being human we can't figure that out.

Zabeon: So what is your point?

Orcale: My point? Well I guess it would be that we can't take sides of whether one side is good and the other is evil. It would be more accurate to decide which is better suited to ou advantage. After all, we're shinigami. Just because we're from another dimension doesn't make our destiny any different.

Zabeon: I suppose you're right. This isn't a question of right or wrong, it's a question of what we believe. (plays with hilt of sword in hand) I can't side with those angels. They may have as much of a right to fight as we do, but they are challenging the new Gotei 13. I guess I can't resist my own pride.

Kaguya: Well I still don't think I want to side with anyone. Both are doing the exact opposite of peace. (Thinks) Well there's an idea...

Orcale: What are you planning now?

Kaguya: Oh, it's nothing.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Sorry guys, I haven't been able to write/get on so I am going to write as soon as I get to. Again, I am real sorry for the delay...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LonelyShadow6 said…
big smile
I've actually put a lot of thought into this way before i found this forum ^^ (Btw, my zanpakuto has 2 names with 2 completely different personalities)

[Akuma (devil)]
[motarasu jigoku (bring hell)]
[Akumamokushi (supposed to be something like "devil's apocalypse"]

[shikai abilities]- Has no other ability than being just in a different form
[description]- Like the reaper's scythe with a black blade

[bankai abilities]
1.Ability to control shadows as if they were actual objects with mass
2.A slash similar to Ichigo's getsuga tenshou: black in color; however, disintegrates target with any contact (karitorimasu seibutsu/ reap life)
[desciption]- akumamokushi retains her shikai form; however user becomes dressed in a type of grim reaper's cloak

[seito (saint)]
[sukuu seibutsu (save life)]
[tenshi (angel)]

[shikai abilities]
1. heals any ailment or wound short of death
[description]- just sort of glowing orb; color depends on situation

[bankai abilities]
1. same as the shikai ability but covers distance within a certain radius
[description]- the glowing orb is placed on a sort of rod to make a staff; user is garbed in a white robe

[comments on zanpakuto]- Akumo and Seito tend to fight a lot as their personalities conflict quite a bit. Akumo tends to be happiest when causing other people trouble. She is outspoken and always speaks her mind. Seito, on the other hand, is happiest when helping other people. She is shy and soft-spoken.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---jump to the sky---

Zeke: hmmmm, so i already know you can...

Tomo interupts; read your mind. *smiles*

Zeke: yea, but even that will not help you. though i feel that i should test out one of my abilities on you. the first time i have every done it. CRACK DOWN 10!

*A blue aura forms around his hand like static, then it shoots at Tomo with blinding speed, it touches his shirt and it ignites, causing a great explosion. Equal to a powerfull cero. tomo slices the smoke with his blade revealing blood running down his chest*

Tomo: that was...so fast.

Zeke: before i let you make your move as well i want to hear what the others have to say. Hibiki, i want to see your ability next just to see what i have to deal with later in the future and i want to know who is your leader. this idol of judgement. i want to know if he could give me a good fight. though those are just side questions, the real question is.....(pauses)

Kaguya: WHAT!

Zeke:what is her breast size, its kinda large. I thought it was D but i am honestly not sure.

Ayame: what the hell Zeke! your in a fight! dont get so easily distracted!

Zeke: sorry, i can't hold myself back. *gestures that he is inocent for his behavior* Anyhow, i still expect answers from every one of my questions....every one.

*Kaguya is shoked and a little disturbed to hear this tyrants real personality*

Zeke: Ha, well i guess im back to you. Tomo. Show me what you got.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------Artist of the Creation------------------------

Tomo slilently put a band aid on himself. and slowly healed.

Zeke: Now, show me what you got.

Tomo nods and smiles.

Tomo: Hold on please, *slips on 2 black leather gloves on. each with a star thats smiling*

Zeke: oh how cute, gloves that won't so sh** squat against my powers.

Pandora: will see. about that.

Tekken: i dont get it.

Ayame: just wait...*blushes*

Tsai: like eww.


Zeke: lets try this again CRACK DOWN 10!

A blue aura forms around his hand like static, then it shoots at Tomo with blinding speed
Tomo flips foward over the static and with his hands grabs the static. AS he lands on his feet he throws it back.

Zeke: crap *sidesteps, but gets a fairly large cut on his shoulder*

Tomo: YAY! I actually did it. hehe.

Zeke: Dang it seems i under estimated the range of that throw. But how did you do that?

Pandora speaks loudly to everyone: It's the talents of the artist. Tomo is the artist of creation-

Tekken: but how doea that relate to him throwing the attack back.

PAndora: well you see, Among the 5, they can pretty much share with each other the 5 noble types of art.

Ayame: so even if Tomo specifies in the art of creation, he can also copy the other 4 arts.

Tekken: but what power is to throw attacks back? *scratching his head*

Pandora: *crosses arms* The art of control, with that you can take any attack and use it as your own. I have this ability, and to amplify this, my zanpaktou really helps.

Tsai: *puts hand on sides out of confusion* wait you zanpaktou amplifies your art? I thought your art was based on your zanpaktou.

Pandora: no not nessesarily, its just coincidence that they go hand and hand with each other. *nods with satisfactory*

Zeke: I see, well then. I guess that means you must be a really well rounded person.

Tomo: thanks, *dissapears and the reappears*

Zeke: woah that was fast what did you do go to the bathr-


Needles are all scattered on the ground.

Pandora: heh, he got better with the art of explosives.

Ayame: haha, true.

Dust clears and reveals Zeke barely harmed but has many minor cuts over his body and clothes.

Zeke: so thats what you were up to? I didnt even realize, haha, but that wont happen.

Zeke grins ever so sinister.


haha i hope it isnt that confusiing, here ill clarify.

the 5 Noble artists:

Tomo: Art of Creation
Soul: Art of Nullifacation
Pandora: Art of Control
Pandora's Brother: Art of Explosives
???:ARt of illusions

With tomo he can create things if he has the materials, but when he is in resurecction his creations are unlimited.
Same concept goes for explosives.

For pandora her zanpaktou is also a silver law (law that everything has an equal opposite) so this kinda helps her with her controlling abilities.

ok ok ttyl
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
(the sky forshadows blood shed with a fiery red sunset)

Tenchi: (Walking in the courtyard. He stops and stars at the sky) When did this become so complicated. Why am I struggling with my choices these days and when will these concerns cease.

(mysterious voice)- Never unless you begin your journey down the appropriate path.

Tenchi: Who's there?! (something glides by him) What are you?

Veznesel: You've lost your touch little one (whisking through the air like silky black smoke)

Tenchi: What are you doing here (draws sword)?

Veznesl: Put away the sword (suddenly appears behind and infront of Tenchi poofing around like smoke. She places her hand on his hand and pushes down his sword).

Tenchi: What do you want? I wish you'd stop slinking around, it's making me dizzy. (she places her hand on his chin directing his attention to her)

Veznesel: You're so fiesty, I enjoy it.

Tenchi: You haven't aged a bit, Veznesel.

Veznesel: How sweet, but I'm not here for compliment, although they are appreciated.

Poeira: It's been a long time, Tenchi.

Tenchi: (eyes widen) Poeira!! (he begins to head toward her to hug her, but stops himself) You're an angel, now, huh?

Poeira: Well, times changed Tenchi and with that so do our intentions.

Tenchi: Why would you allow her to brainwash you?

Poeira: You know better than anyone that I cannot be brainwashed. I'm insulted by that comment (suddenly tenchi is smacked across the face, but Poeira never moved). I chose this path, I embraced my new life. I desire retribution, Tenchi. As should you!

Tenchi: (chuckles) You're quicker than I remember, Poeira. That was a long time ago, why not give up the crusade.

Poeira: Please, stop your blather. I don't wish for you to devalue my position in this. It is not a cruade, don't belittle it with such a label. It's about the essence of a people. It's retribution for those innocent lives that were stolen by the hands of the shinigami and hollows.

Tenchi: So much blood shed...

Veznesel: Exactly, Tenchi. Which is why it would be best if you took the time to approach the matter from our perspective.

Tenchi: I have...atleast I've tried.

Poeira: You seem to think...

Veznesel: (interupts Poeira) You've tried, huh? Need I remind you they executed your whole family? Can you forgive and forget that cruelty?

Tenchi: I can try...

Poeira: In vein, perhaps. I'll ask you. Do you miss your family?

Tenchi: Of course I DO! How could you ask that?

Poeira: No you don't.

Tenchi: Yes, yes I...(interupted by Poeira)

Poeira: You didn't love them like I did mine...

Tenchi: Poeira.....(stares at the ground)

Veznsel: Take your rightful place at our side. You shouldn't be taking orders from these shinigami, you're better than that. Why take orders from peasants when you can be giving orders!

Tenchi: How are you two hear without the others sensing you?

Poeira: Don't try and avoid our questions. But if you truly want to know, we constructed around us, untracable, unbreakable for these shinigami, and inside we may as well be on earth.

Tenchi: Haha. You are proving to be immensly strong.

Poeira: Did you miss me?

Tenchi: Yes...yes I did.

Poeira: Then come back with me. They killed our people, everyone and destroyed everything! If you ever loved me, you would never allow someone to hurt me again.

Tenchi: ...I still love you.

Veznsel: How adorable. The main point is you need to come back with us, you owe it to us all. To your people.

Tenchi: I...I have been challening my role as a captain and I realize what you say. My people...The people I call comrades killed everyone I ever loved and everything I knew.

Poeira: I am still here.

Tenchi: Is Veznsel your general?

Veznesel: It doesn't much matter presently. Do we have a deal?

Tenchi: (looks down and then raises his head) They deserve to die (a darkness enters Tenchi's eyes).

Venzesel and Poeira smile.

[A gate opens and they all walk toward the gate]

Veznesel: After you, Tenchi. You're our honored guest.

(They walk through the gate and as it closes, Poeira snaps her finger and the barrier shatters)

Suddenly all the shinigami notice that Tenchi's spiritual pressure has completely vanished.

Songoku: Tenchi! (looks in the distance) Where did you suddenly go?

Lin & Ella: (They look in the distance and begin to feel a cold chill)

[A demon butterfly flies around notifying all other captains and seated officers of Tenchi's sudden dissapearance]

" All Captains and Seated officers, we are now in an emergency status. We have recently discovered, as you all have most likely felt, Tenchi's spiritual pressure has completely vanished. We sensed no senkai opening or closing. It was not gradual, it was abrupt. We do not know his where abouts and we are currently investigasting. All officers be on full alert and be watchful. "


[Tenchi enters the room as Sekhmet faces away from him. She senses his spiritual pressure and just smiles as all other angels direct their attention to their new ally.]

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
great i go and heal him, and now he turns evil. wonderful.

'Sayin, Miyuki, and Sachi all appear near the tower'

Sachi: See!? I told you that he should di, but nooooo. You had to go heal him. Now our job gets that much harder.

Miyuki: O come on! How was I supposed to know that!?

Sayin: Whats done is done. Lets just focus on our mission at hand. I can feel Zeke's spirtual pressure far away. Im gonna go and see how strong he has become.

Miyuki: But Sayin! What if hes too strong? You could die!

Sayin: Do you really think that I wuld let that happen?

Miyuki: ...... Maybe?

sayin: ugh fine, come along thn. However, Sachi, I want you to go back and tell Moriko whats goin on.

Sachi: fine. 'disappears'

Sayin: come on, lets go. 'Sayin and Miyuki vanish'

'Sayin and Miyuki both appear near zeke's fight'

'Miyuki starts to pull out her zanpakuto, but Sayin stops her'

Sayin: No, not yet. Lets see how this fight turns out.

'Miyuki looks annoyed but sheathes her zanpakuto'

Sayin: I dont know what it is, but there is something interesting about that boy. we can't allow him to die.

'Miyuki looks at Tomo'

Miyuki: I dont see it but watever, ur in charge.

' Sayin doesnt say anything, just keeps on watching the fight'

Yay i finally added a new part! srry it took so long but i have to much stuff to do
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Alester has a gun in hand at Kevin’s head, Kevin remains calm.

Kevin looks at Alester from the corner of his eye: What are you gaining from this?

Alester: What?

Kevin: Ya know what I mean, shut up and answer the question.

Alester: Heh, I am gaining your memories, your thoughts, your mind, it makes me intelligent and a better fighter.

Kevin: So for power.

Alester: Most likely.

Kevin: Well then, I can’t have you go off and kill me with a silly toy like that.

Alester: Toy?

Kevin: Ya, what the heck is that going to be used for anyway?

Alester: Shut up. (Alester pulls the trigger of the gun)

Kevin: Repel. (The bullet goes to a stop in mid air, inches from Kevin’s skull, and flies in the opposite direction)

Alester: What?

Kevin: I told you, I control metal, not steel, and even so, metal is a magnet, (Looks at Alester strait in the eye) right?

Alester: Shut up! (Alester does a rapid fire at Kevin, but Kevin stands there, annoyed. The bullets just repeal from the magnet behind Kevin.)

Kevin: You’re just too, what is it, um, impatient.

Alester: What about you.

Kevin: I’m an idiot, but a true friend, as well as wise and creative.

Alester: You’re pretty bright.

Kevin: Yep.

Alester holds up his gun: What are you going to do about this? You can only hold that magnet for so long.

Kevin: Yep, so now I will fight (Kevin’s “Devil” armor appears on him) with this.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

---even the young falls---

Zeke:i think this will be more fun then usual.haha CRACKDOWN 9; black dragon decent.

*tomo is perpared for a head on attack, but then realizes the attack comes from the sky*

Tomo:haha to slow.

*he holds his hands ready to be able to use it against Zeke, but then two cards flaot to the side of his sight. the ace and the jack*


*tomo feels the absence of his ability and take a direct hit from the attack*

Zeke:you fail to realize my power, at this rate it would have to be three of you just to make me take off my seal. these attampts are saddening at the most. Though i dont blame such weaklings for not being smart.

*the dust fades revealing tomo with a very torn shirt and a charred body. skin has been burnt off*

Tomo:you will pay for that. *takes out his blade* you underestimate me.

Zeke:no i dont, if i had, then you would realize the two cards are know on your shoulders.

*Tomo shoked looks at each shoulder and at each card on the sides of them*

Zeke:you lost the same way the other one lost. black flame death 74; popping black dragon.

*two black explosion occur like the ones on zabeon, blowing off each of tomos arms right off*

Zeke;without those, how will you fight. i beleive your done for today little one. Go to the healer who will take care of you. Though now i want to fight you, hibiki. your power seems very..interesting. let me see if you stand a chance, and i would at least go into bankai. without it i will just burn you to sinders like the others.

*the deck of cards slowely make there way back into zeke's hands*

Zeke:hurry up, i am a buisy man.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
--------------------flames feed on flames---------

Hibiki: Orcale.

Orcale: Understood. (kneels and makes and x mark in the ground then vanishes to do the same in several other places)

Hibiki: So you really want to see my ability, huh? Well I guess I can show you. But we do anything but match up to each other.

Zeke: How so?

Hibiki: Wouldn't you like to know? (draws sword as they are surrounded by a white barrier)

Zeke: What's this? A barrier? Is this designed to keep me in or anyone else out?

Hibiki: Both I guess. But don't worry about it. We'll be able to let loose in here. (lets off extreme aura like a heat wave. Zeke feels a single bead of sweat fall down his forehead)

Zeke: Impressive. That's a lot of power even though you still have a seal on.

Hibiki: Heh, this is nothing. I'm still holding back a lot. But I want to see how you'll fair against my power.

Zeke: Obviously we both have fire related Zenpakutou's, right?

Hibiki: yeah, but different attributes of fire. There are three main types of fire: flames, the red or orange things that we normally call fire; lava, the liquid version of fire that can melt things to the bone; and heat; the deadly and invisable fire that kills you through the body's weakness. Heat is my attribute.

Zeke: I see. So the Zero force goes by special kinds of Zenpakutou's. You have heat or incineration, the girl I fought before has illusion, the other girl has defense and offense, and her brother has matter. You're master's Zenpakutou is judgment.

Hibiki: Well that's close enough. But none of that matters now. Let's see which is stronger of the two of us, Zeke. (holds sword up and dashes forward)

Zeke: You think that such an obviosu attack will work? (dodges to the side and Hibiki swings sword and misses. Hibiki swings his sword around at Zeke and Zeke creates a sword of cards to block. Zeke goes sliding back by the intense power Hibiki had behind his slash) Such power! And he put muscle behind the swing! He's definetly strong. (holds hand up and cards surround Hibiki and stick to his clothes. But before Zeke can do anything, Hibiki runs at Zeke and grabs him close. Zeke cancels his attack to avoid blowing himself up with Hibiki. Hibiki smirks and swings his sword down on him) She pushes away and the cards on Hibiki come off and fire at him like several blades. Hibiki ducks and the blades go into the barrier around them. The cards end up right next to Zeke. he thinks to himself) so the barrier is meant to keep any strayed attacks from affecting the outside. Why go to that extent?

Hibiki: Hey, focus on the battle! I don't want to kill you on accident while you're dazed out! (runs forward and slashes fiercely. Zeke jumps back to avoid behind hit by single one knowing that each slash was dangerous. He finally jumped up over Hibiki's cut and held his hand at him)

Zeke: Crack down 10. (fires blast a Hibiki. Hibiki holds his sword up and slashes at the oncoming attack. After a little bit of a struggle he cuts through the attack) Tch, he focuses all his skill in timing and strength. Not only that, he's not afraid of beind hurt or anything. He just keeps coming at me able to take on anything I throw at him.

Hibiki: You know come to think of it, I haven't actually cut you yet. That's the longest anyone has ever gone without beind cut at least on accident. Hmmm... (dashes forward and cuts at Zeke. Zeke, astonished from the speed, jumps up to avoid the slash. Hibiki makes a full swing and his sword comes flying at Zeke's back. He barely turns and blocks it with cards. The flames negate the sword's momentum and Zeke lands ont he ground and jumps back to avoid Hibiki's punch on the ground. The rocks flew up and Hibiki hits them all at Zeke. They go flying like bullets at Zeke who uses his cards to cut through them all. Hibiki appeared in front of Zeke and attacked an opening. He cut Zeke slightly on the arm and Zeke jumped back) There, now that's done.

Zeke: All that for an opening, you're not trying to kill m are you?

Hibiki: Well not yet I'm not. I want to enjoy this battle for as long as possible.

Zeke: I see. Well that's still no reason to let your guard down. (four card fly at Hibiki from different diagnal positions around him and make and x mark in the air. Hibiki dodged back to avoid it at the last moment but his sleeve was cut baring his right arm. There was a large camellia mark on it) What's that?

Hibiki: This? Oh this is my seal mark. Huh, been a while since I've seen it.

Zeke: Why is it a flower?

Hibiki: Because of my Zenpakutou. I'll explain all that later. But for now, let's get back to our fight. (holds sword up) I'm far from done with this fight.
Orcale: (outside the barrier holding two hands up to it) He's really having fun in there. I guess he's decided Zeke is worth his time fighting.

Zabeon: Savage...

Orcale: Let me guess, you don't care if he dies because your life is better off without him.

Zabeon: I don't care whether he dies or not, but if he releases his Zenpakutou we'd have to witness a slow an painful experience.

Orcale: Zabeon, if Zeke wasn't capable of fending off against Hibiki's sword then Hibiki wouldn't be holding off to enjoy the fight, would he?

Zabeon: You talk as if you know the extent of his powers.

Orcale: Well I can guess.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---shadow of the fire---

Zeke:humph, this is really interesting. Let me ask you a question though.

Hibiki:what is it.

Zeke: if i win, you tell me her bra size.

*points to kaguya*

Hibiki:is this a joke?

Zeke: a man has his needs, but i guess we should talk about that later. Since we both have fire elements you should be able to hold your breath. with such a small arena the air could become thin couldn't it. i wonder how long you would last if i crippled your oxygen level to a minimum.

*each cards flames grow larger, cutting the oxygen to nearly none*

Zeke: the funny thing is that these flames dont require oxygen, but i can still burn it with them. isn't it fanciniating.

*hibiki's sight starts to blur do to the lack of oxygen*

Zeke; my kind didn't require oxygen very much. honestly we are like trees. or at least i am. My body takes in carbon dioxide like you take oxygen, makes me seem like an alien huh.

*hibiki looses his balance for a second*

Zeke to himself: there!

*zeke appears behind hibiki and points two finger at his back*

Zeke:crack down 10, dos.

*this time from each finger a single shot of static shoots at hibiki nearly at point blank. Zeke then realizez that he dodged, but was cut a little at his left hip*

Zeke: funny, usually no one dodges that. your quite the specimine. I might have trouble cutting you down without my seal release actually. hmmmm. try this on for size.

*he vanishes, then appears infront of hibiki with his arm at his chest*

Zeke:devour, Black flame god.

*A spark of black flames explodes on his chest, hibiki quikely jumps back but not quik enough to avoid the blow*

Hibiki.....no pain?

Zeke:the point of that is to see how long you last. black jack rabbit loves to burn things, but he mostly like to burn peoples reatsu. right now you have about ten to thirty minutes before you energy is burned if you were weak, but you can last about...an hour maybe. surprising though.

*hibiki looks at the mark that was left on his chest, it is that of the jack of spades and the jack of clubs. but now they seem to burn him from the inside out*

Zeke:now with two crippling factors, try to dodge this. crak down 7; black rabbit hop.

*zeke vanishes, then appears beneath hibiki and uppercuts him with the cards over his arm making it seem that the uppercut he gave was that of black fire. he hits hibiki right in the stomach and make him hit the upper part of the barrier*

Zeke;dang.....still alive. thats a first.

*puts his hand around his mouth to gesture that he needs to yeel in order for hibiki to hear him*

Zeke: i will find out her breast size! i wont stop!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Miyuki paces around angrily'

Miyuki: come on! the kid was defeated, so lets join the fight!

Sayin: not just yet. i want to get a better idea of his fighting style.

Miyuki: ur just afraid ul lose arent u?

Sayin:..... do u wanna die Miyuki? cuz i can arrange that. Moriko isnt very happy with you, so im sure she would mind....

Miyuki: u wouldnt dare.

Sayin: ur right, i wouldnt. so unless u do wanna die, dont join in just yet. Theres a good chance u could get killed.

Miyuki: ugh ur such a pain...

'inside a dark forest'

???: Sachi, how is everything going back in the soul society?

Sachi: Fine, master Moriko. Sayin and Miyuki are watching zeke fight as we speak.

Moriko why havent they started fighting yet?

Sachi: he said he wanted to see how much he has grown first.

Moriko: hmmm i see. Go back to Sayin. I want you to watch him fight. he often misses a few details when he fights. Plus with Miyuki im never quite sure what she'l do.

Sachi: yes master 'vanishes'

finally got a fourth character. still wondering when i should start fighting though....
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
----------------------the fire burns on----------------
Hibiki: (lands on ground from above) Trust me, I've been barking up that tree for along time. She's out of both of our leagues.

Zeke: I'll be the judge of that.

Hibiki: Well whatever. You kind find out if you end up winning. But there is no way you'll win the way your are now. (Takes deep breath and lets it out slowly)

Zeke: So you can manage to breath.

Hibiki: I don't need oxygen or carbon dioxide to live. I can work on simply the heat in the air. But it takes time to adjust. As for this thing on my chest, it's not a big deal. I'm known for my extreme amounts of rietsu. But it may force me to release my sword if I don't finish this battle soon. But that's not a problem.

Zeke: You're full of surprises, huh?

Hibiki: You noticed? Heh, I've barely begun. (Holds sword in the ground) I basically suck at kido so you have nothing to worry about anything from that category. But I'm a master in sword fighting, as well as (appears in front of Zeke barehanded) close combat! (grabs Zeke and head buts him hard on his head. Zeke bleeds slightly and staggers back. Hibiki grabs a tree next to him and rips it out with ease. He swings it at Zeke easily and Zeke jumps over it)

Zeke: (jumps back and holds hand up)crack down 9, black dragon decent. (dragon flies above Hibiki)

Hibiki: You sure have a lot of power for going through three fights. But don't think you can outlast me! (he holds his armored hand up and the dragon slams into it. Hibiki crushes it and the dragon explodes)

Zeke: He just keeps getting stronger. He really has a lot of stamina.

Hibiki: You know, I think I'll use my sword's power now. (He takes his sword) You said some time ago you wanted to see my power? Well I'll satisfy you now. (closes eyes and focuses) Inflame, Tsubaki. (After a moment, Zeke starts to feel warm)

Zeke: You're letting off heat?

Hibiki: More than you think. Look. (points at Zeke. Zeke is already soaking wet from his own sweat)

Zeke: What happened? I'm so hot!

Hibiki: My sword can rise tempertures to extreme levels and cause anything to sweat. Ironically my sword is a fire element but uses water to its advantage. Soon you'll run out of water in your body and pass out. You probably were wondering what the point in the barrier is, right? Well it takes energy to avoid affecting my comrades with my Zenpakutou. I don't want to kill them on accident. (points to the trees nearby. They are drooping down from the heat) When I'm in this barrier I can't hurt anyone else.

Zeke: So that's why. Your sword turns your spirit pressure into heat and make them sweat until they die.

Hibiki: Yeah. Everyone else has such a subtle Zenpakutou yet mine gets eager and excited easily. It shares it's excitement with everything around it except me, the user. But even so, I still have a lot of spare power. (releases immense spiritual power) I still want to fight you, but you'll have to do a lot better than what you're doing now.

Zabeon: So he actually released it. And with his seal still on. He must be provoking Zeke.

Orcale: (holding sweaty palms to the barrier and is breathing a little faster than normal)

Kaguya: Nii-san, are you okay?

Orcale: Anything but.

Zabeon: But he still has his seal on. Why are you tiring already?

Orcale: Because I'm not...in shikai. I need...both hands to hold the barrier up...So I can't...release...

Zabeon: How much longer can you last?

Orcale: 30 minutes at most. When I can't go on, I'll have to let go of the shield for a moment to use my shikai. When that happens, I need you to use Benso's shield to block the oncoming heat wave Ayako.

Kaguya: Can do!

Zabeon: Geez, why can't Hibiki's sword be more normal?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
---Put my hands up!----

Everyone is patiently watching as the fight continues, some are patient others are not. and some are just bored.

Tekken/Ayame: Are your arms healing, are they okay?

Tomo: *looks up slowly* What? What are you talking about?

Tekken: You have no arms aren't you gonna heal yourself?

Tomo: Oh MY GOSH i have no arms!!!

Everyone slowly turns to see tomo in denial. Pandora and Rok giggle in the corner.

Tekken: Are you serious? hurry and heal yourself.

Tomo eyes dialate and he disenigrates.

Tekken: What the f-


Everyone directs their attention to the far end of the battlefield, even those in battle take time to look.

Out of the shadows, Tomo appears.

Miyuki: See Sachi, that boy wasn't defeated, he was just hiding.

Sayin: Well i guess but how did he do it?


Pandora: so you used your talents?

Tomo nods in agreement and runs towards them.

Zeke: How did he do it?

Zeke and Hibiki continue to clash swords but it looks as if zeke is waiting for an answer.

Tomo: *clears throat* Well, since i had a feeling i was going to fight you, i traded my body with a puppet.

Ayame: when again?

Tomo: Well the time i made those giant bras. oh and then when i was fighting i was controlling the puppet the whole time, hehe, and gave him the items needed to survive long enough just to kinda see how he fights.

Zeke/Ayame: Pretty intellegent Child/Tomo!

Tomo blushes

Tsai: Oh gosh you're just like ayame.


thanks to randomfan for mentioning me in your posts, haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ur welcome. lol i wasnt sure if anybody was gonna notice my posts, but its cool that u did! I would start fightin but im just kinda waitin for a good opening
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
[An Empire Rises From The Ashes]

Galgalzzi: Ladies, I believe their trying to keep any guests from entering.

Baello: This barrier is unusual.

Galgalzzi: It's primitive, if anything my dear.

Yashnamiesh: (touches the barrier) This hasn't been summoned very skillfully. (chuckles).

Passon: I'm not surprised. Those shinigami always end up displaying their inferiority.

Yashnamiesh: (raises her hand and points her index and middle finger)

Farfalla: Is this their greatest effort? A barrier?

Traea: At one glance, it is pbvious that it's poorly structured and relatively primitive.

Zalbeseal: Typical for the shinigami, right my angels. (smiles and walks toward barrier).

Veznesel: (floats around like a whispy black cloud) What a futile effort on the shinigami's behalf.


Sekhmet: That barrier is fairly large, scaling the whole soul society. They weren't very task oriented when they constructed it, as the summoning parts are blatently obvious.

Azriel: Experiencing nostalgia while peering down on the soul society. I would hope that you've settled any concerns about killing these creatures.

Tenchi: I am completely fine with it. They were never really allies, it was all lies. Theys simply tried to use my power, thne power of my people to destroy my people.

Sekhmet: Exactly, Tenchi. Which is why you belong with us, your comrades. Soon we'll be watching the soul society burn to the ground.

Azriel: Should we alert and direct Alester to our destination, now?

Sekhmet: Yes, it is about time he stops fooling around.

Azriel: (points his finger toward the sky and a huge black plume hurtles toward the sky. It smashes into the sky spreading and consuming all light. In the blackness their is a faint symbol of a halo, which notifies Alester to return to Sekhmet's side).

Tenchi: What do we do now, princess?

Sekhmet: We wait and watch. These shinigami only have one weapon...hope. If so, then let's destroy their hope.

Tenchi: How?

Sekhmet: With you, of course. (a huge explosion occurrs) It's begun.


Galgalzzi: (slams his hand into the barrier and a pulse eminates from his hand. The barrier begins corroding and breaking down) Did they believe Kido was impenetrable? It's especially vulnerable when faced with my skills. (He and his angels rush in, shattering the east barrier. His angels begin firing ceros and destroying everything around)

Galgalzzi: (He gentle unsheathes his sword while saying) Odinha Veneno! (Black fog rushes in every direction and buildings begin to crumble and he stabs his sword into the ground as it becomes grey)


Yashnamiesh: (An immensely pure and condensed cero forms at the tip of her index and middle finger. The weight of it's force begins pulverizing the ground and sending shockwaves in every direction. It erupts with tremendous force and easily shatters the western barrier and rampages further destroying everything directly beyond the west wall of the barrier. The angels rush in firing ceros and unleash their shikai)

Tesoura: OSEKA ESCURA! ( a huge tsunami rushes from behind her consuming everything around her)

Zalbeseal: (he takes his claw like fingers and grabs the barrier and rips it like a piece of paper. The South wall is down and now the angels wreak havoc.

Farfalla: Spina Sanguinante (pulls sword from her spine and it comes out limp like a vine but illuminates green and turns into a spikey, long club. It begins extending like a vine and smashes into the ground causing thousands of huge thorns to smash from the earth destroying everything in it's path). Hahahaha! Stupid shinigami!

Traea: Usoda Guidicar! (her axe becomes more like a staff with huge black blades on both sides at the end. She swings it and it topples buildings and barracks).

Veznesel: (Her hands touching she gently places when through the barrer wall and quickly seperates them sending a shockwave throughout the whole barrier completely shattering the dome).

Nuvem: Sonho Dourada! (a colossal surge of golden sand rampages the soul society and consumes buildings)

Poeira: Saatus Estrella (her sword bursts with light brightening up the whole soul society. The light purges all the buildings and suddenly they are not their, as if they have dissapeared)

Veznesel: (her shadows begin tearing down the barracks killing anyone nearby)

While the the shinigami are being slaughtered and the soul soceity rampaged, Sekhmet, Tenchi, and Azriel watch from a distance.

Sekhmet: I believe it is time for us to make our grand entrace, Tenchi, Azriel. Where is Alester, he is taking much too long. He best get here soon, or else he'll find himself in tiny pieces.

Azriel: The shinigami will be entering very soon, I can sense them.

Tenchi: Then we should go join the general?

Sekhmet: Indeed we should.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
'Sayin and Miyuki both stand up, feeling the emmense spiritual pressure comeing from the angles'

Sayin: its begun....

Miykui: well then lets get started, I hate all this waiting.

'Sachi appears'
Sachi: Moriko wnats you to hurry up and fight already. this waiting acomplishes nothing.

Sayin: Perfect timing then. We were just about to go. ok Miyuki, Sachi, pick ur targets. u two will be fighting together.

Miyuki: is trust really that hard to get? i messed up that one time! im fine now.

Sayin:'sighes' fine, just go.

Miyuki: Yes! thank you, i wont let u down.'disappears'

Sachi: i guess il go too then.

Sayin: Good luck then.

Sachi:'nods, and then vanishes'

Sayin: no point in waiting the...'vanishes'

'alester rushes to Sekhmet, when he stops'

Alester: all right, whos there?

'Miyuki appears behind him'

Miyuki: You could sense me? u must be a strong angle. It seems like i made the right choice coming here.

Alester: who are you? Ive never seen you before.

Miyuki: my name is Miyuki, and u are my next meal!

Alester:'frowns' not likely.

Miyuki: we'll see...

'Traea stops in mid-swing, and looks behind her'

Traea: who are you?

Sachi: for now, i am your opponent. You may call me Sachi.


'sayin appears behind Farfalla'

Sayin: you there! angle! prepare to die.

Farfalla: What!? who the heck are you?

Sayin: that doesnt really matter seeing as you wont live long enough to hear it.

Farfalla: you little brat!!!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Orcale: Okay, ready Ayako?

Kaguya: Ready.

Orcale: (takes deep breath and relaxes body. He moves his hands away from the barrier and draws his sword. The barrier shimmes and vanishes)

Kaguya: Defend Benso. (Her sword creates another barrier over the fight but it starts to crack) Hurry Nii-san.

Orcale: Stike down all who oppose me and reveal the reality and truth to those blinded by darkness's shadow, Kazeken. (sword vanishes and he holds his hands up to create another barrier, this time clear and more stable) That went well.

Zabeon: (looks around) Those are the angels' spritual pressure, right?

Orcale: Some of them are definetely farmiliar.

Zabeon: I'm going.

Kaguya: Me too. See ya Nii-san.

Orcale: Good luck. Remember not to let your guard down.

Zabeon: I don't need to be told that. (Vanishes)

Kaguya: I finally get to fight someone! (follows)
Hibiki: (Looks up as the barrier vanishes, turns blue, then clears) So he went into shikai. Probably a smart move. (looks to the perspiring Zeke) But you don't have much longer until you lose all your water. Come on, at least release your seal.
Far above Soul Society, three figures walk out of a gate. One has blonde hair, long arm gloves, red eyes, and a blue shirt and pants. He had a large sword on the back of his hip. Next to him was a man with violet hair, sky blue eyes, a long neon white jacket and pants, and a long samurai sword on his hip. And next to him was a boy with dirty blonde hair, cypher grey eyes, and thing white armor. He had a sword on his back.

1st man: I haven't been here for almost a hundred years and Soul Society has really changed. Instead of several weak spirit pressures running around, it has a bunch of large presences. Heh, about time this place has toughened up and got rid of those weak people.

3rd man: Kibudo, some of them aren't Shingami. I don't know what they are, but they seem to be creating a lot of havoc.

2nd man: But we can't focus on that now. We need to find the other two and bring them back. Master's orders.

Kibudo: Lighten up Sinsue, think of this as a warm up. We need some exercise too.

3rd man: Yeah, besides, there's no reason to hurry. They're not going anywhere.

Sinsue: You two are too laid back.

Kibudo: Well, let's get going.

3rd man: Yeah. (The two of the decend)

Sinsue: Wait guys! Aw man, I don't want to get in a fight! (the other two ignore him) Ugh, really? (decends after them)
(yet another three from the Zero Squad enter Soul Society after what seems to be a hundred years. What could this mean?)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey randomfan, for starters, Alester isn't an angle, if you look back, (Around page 10-20) Alester is Grim, who isn't an angle either, and I thought that Kevin was fighting Alester. And then above all, I belive Miyuki is dead...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
srry dude, after reading craziones post, it sounded like alester was headin back. srry bout the mess up with alester, i forgot. and idk y u think Miyuki is dead. maybe ur thinkin of a different character, cuz my miyuki is a------------ srry, ul find out later :)o btw if u want i can stop the fight on alester and leave him to u, i was just looking for someone to fight.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
k well i looked back a few pages. did u mean mayumi? cuz i dont think there was a miyuki yet. and again, srry bout alester. il leave him to u.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Birth of fire---

Zeke:this is a very intersting power, such a savage hunger it has. it is really quite sad though.


Zeke:because i will have to beat you down know. My comrades are gathering at th moment so i believe that there is not much time left. So do me a favor, when you wake up remember about our deal about her size.

*he draws 4 cards from the floating cards*

Zeke:4, 4, 4, queen...Thats a bust, crap.

Hibiki:know what.

*then a giant surge of energy pushes him to the borders of the barrier, he can't move to the enormous pressure. his skin begins to burn of his body and his sword become heated and he lets go of it as his hands burn by touching it. then he looks to see Zeke's new form*

Zeke:this is what happens when i take the seal off, witch can only happen when i bust.

*Zeke now has black fire surrounding him, the fire also forms long rabbit ears on his head and his cards flames grow greatly. the power scares Hibiki*

Zeke;happy trails.

*Zeke holds out his cards infront of him, then thay form a sword of cards*

Zeke:dark flame death 99; obliteration.

*A huge shot of black fire shoots at hibiki. hibiki is unable to move and begins to panic. he passes out do to the extreme heat the black fire makes, but the fire is a little to the left of him. the fire shot actually burns through the barrier and hits the ground leaving a hole in the barrier*

Zeke:and know i leave.

*zeke vanishes through the hole he made in the barrier to meet up with the others*

---Alesters is being called---

Alester: so your magnitism is stopping me huh, interesting.

*then his attentiopn is drawn else were*

Alester:looks like i will have to finish you off early. Alter!

*his two pistols change to two shotguns with a black feather hanging from each one*


*Alester shoots both guns, but nothing emerges from them. instead ten bullets burst out of Kevin*


Aleter:do you think shadows are not inside you. it is actually pretyy dark in there. so know you now that my bullets come from darkness. as i said, it is impossible.

*kevin falls from the sky in pain, but not dead. Alester turns into his original form and is completely out of energy*

Alester; crap i cant afford any more fights right know.

*alester vanishes to sekhmet who has called him from affar*


*alester appears infront of the group*

Alester:you called.

Azriel:your out of energy? i thought you were strong.

Alester: i havent feasted on someone in so long. i need my food.

*zeke then appears*

Sekhmet:so there you are.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Why is it that every time Kevin fights, he gets nailed into the ground and ends up losing? (And he's my fav.)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना hermosa218 said…
okay i'm new to this site and i thought this was interesting so here goes...please don't laugh

My zanpakuto's name would be Karukuroddo Gouon (Roaring Lightening Rod)

it's release command would be: Shobatsuwo keshi saru (punish and obliterate)

Its shikai attacks:

Suto no Kiegen (lightening strike) - can only be used during thunderstorms. Opponent is struck with bolt of lightening. This is the weakest attack

Meiousei no Kixyuurekino Shogeki (lunar shock of pluto) - can be used at anytime. Electricity controlled directly by wielder's own reitsu and is emitted from katana.

Bankai release - Ten Kaminarino Shawaa (Heavenly shower of lightening)

Bankai attacks:

Ten u (Celestial Rain) - also must be used during t-storms. Causes damage by calling forth electric "rain" from the clouds/

Jikkou (Execution) - Is the same as the Lunar Shock of Pluto and uses the reitsu of the wielder. Best usage in t-storms because wielder has ability to manipulate and gather electricity in addition to his/her reitsu. 3x stronger than Lunar Shock w/ ability to follow opponent, making it difficult to dodge. (strongest attack)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Taoreta510 said…
zanpakuto is a single blade is sealed state but when relesed is becomes 2 odd shaped black blades has no bankai... yet
Ill add a bio later

shikai[yes] bankai[no] hollow mask[yes] full controle[yes]

yuugasa taoreta (grace Fallen)
release command:
ichi ashi kurai [One foot in dark]
ichi ashi akarui [One foot in light]
ichi bubun hi,ichi bubun yakan[One part day and one part night]
taoreta kara tengoku,oidashimasu shita ni jigoku[Fallen from heaven,driven down to hell]
imasu tsuku,okorasemasu muhonnin [Living a lie, provoked to rebel]

shikai state powers:
1;sasayaku(whisper)1:drains and absorb spirit energy and can convert into strangth,speed or physical energy/ absorbs spirit particles on command and apears on the wielders body as a set of glowing wings that are phisical or tangible on command, the thing that absorbs spitit particles is a mouth above wielders left sholder[can focus on what it absorbs such as things or people] Can also do other things that will be shown in time.
2;morainaki (cry in sympathy)2:can project a wave of energy like(getsuga tenshou) but a purple energy wave surounded by black lightning[makes a screaching cry of sorts when used] can be shot in 3 diferent ways[strait,wave,or using flash step move around the opponent and make a imploding void effect]
3;jitto mimasu[Stare] comes from the eye above wielders right sholder a hypnotic melody that can vary from person to person the effects are[paralyzed,hypnotized,black out,drouzy,dizzy,or brake down pretty much can crush the mind] the eye is all seeing u can not escape its gaze u can jump through time, dimensions, what ever it can see you witch i can also follow thanks to it[pretty much where ever you go so can i]

The eye and mouth have more abilitys but all driven from a base theme, dimensions, mental and pysical, i can pretty much play with your mind and bend it to my advantage throw you into a void or bend your body till it shatters

this is relesed sword but two
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 zanpakuto is a single blade is sealed state but when relesed is becomes 2 odd shaped black blades has