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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulqulorra said…
Well can I join?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Ya, sure, do you mind if you're on the "bad" or opposing team?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulqulorra said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
by the way, of course you can join. Just pick a side wether it be on the shinigami side or the angels side. please read past chapters in this war to now whats going on. :)

(play movie below as you read)


Soul holding his blade tight as the spiritual essance that erases emerges:what is your plan on this tower. what are you up to?!

Zeke:If you must know, Seckhmet has ditracted all of you Captains in order for this tower to continue draining life from the barracks. In no time this land will only be occupied by the one who found it. We will return this land from war and violence to harmony as we did years ago.

Soul:i don't under stand. *Zeke doesnt respond* I SAID I DIDN"T UNDERSTAND!

*Soul charges at zeke swings his sword downward*

Zeke:getting rash are we?

*Zeke deck of cards start to levitate from his grasp and they all light on black flames, yet the cards are unharmed. Then a single card blocks Souls blade as the others levitate around Zeke*

Soul:WHAT! It should have been erased!

Zeke:the black flames of the black jack rabbit. Burns the existence of everything, including energy.

*soul is shocked and then realizes that were the black flame card hit his sword, the essence of the erase is gone. Then he pulls back*

Zeke:your ability is strong, nearly unavoidable overall. Though you lack true skill with it, you haven't had direct contact with your Zampaktou because you are afraid of it. Afraid of it turning against you, thus erasing you from existence.

Soul sweating: That's a lie. I have bonded with my Zampaktou.

Zeke calmly:then why do you tremble as you hold it? you lack belief in your powers. Is that it?

Soul: if you must know, i am afraid. i do not want this war to end because of my weakness to unleash my bankai. I fear then it will kill my own friends.

Zeke:though in the end the will die.

*Soul notices two cards that are next to his head*

Zeke: Cross blaze.

*the cards slice through Soul, Scorching his very flesh until it is chard*

Soul in pain: How can you still support Sekhmet, she attempts to justify death.

Zeke:because she is right. You all must face death for your crimes. but what drives you to fight against your own people, Soul? you believe that there is a chance that you might succeed in surpassing I, the prince, and Sekhmet, The princess? We are eternal. Your goal is distant. It is out of reach, you cannot grasp such a pathetic and insignificant goal. the distance is what scares you, that is what i believe. I belief that the distance is the thing that your trying to overcome. Distance from others, an from yourself. We will burn these lands just like they did to ours. And i will kill the ones that killed me when the end of our kingdom was caused. There will be nothing but ashes here. i will make sure that i burn your so called barracks.

Soul:I wont allow it. i will erase you before that's possible. And if that doesn't work. I will erase the fact that your goal will be stopped by my warriors, my friends.

Zeke:if that is what you think, the there is now way to bring you back to our side. farewell, Soul of Soul society. I loved you well as did we all. Cross road flame prison.

*every card circles around Soul as the flames grow larger and darker, then the shoot at him. A giant black flame explosion occurs in the tower and everyone senses the large burst of power and are terrified*

(what has happened to Soul? Will Zeke and Sekhmet succeed?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---The original---

Sekhmet: you must be fairly powerful if you defeated Grim.

Zeron:indeed i am.

*a figure appears by Sekhmet*

Sekhmet:well then allow me to introduce the original, this is were grim came from.

Alester:hello, shinigami.

*Zeron is petrified at the sight of Alester*


Sekhmet:yes, grim was an alternate soul of Alester and achieved a body to contain him. Very rare. So i hope you find joy in fighting him. I have other matters to attend to.

Zeron charging at Sekhmet: Your not going anywhere!

*his sword is then blocked by the hands of Alester*

Alester:She does as she pleases. Oni devastator menor.

*the giant white flames burst and send Zeron fling*

Zeron:thats grims move!

Alester:and mine as well. I will assure you that these last moments will be your last. there is no more hope for the shinigami race, the end is near for your kind. We have come to take our place.

Zeron:then ill have to take all the life from you in order for that plan to fail!

*Zeron charges at Alester, he takes out his giants black sword and parries it, nearly breaking the blade. then he cuts down on Zeron who is sent from the sky to the ground.*

Zeron:how are you so powerful?

*Alester appears in front of the crippled Zeron*

Alester:because i am whole. grim was incomplete, thus he was able to be beaten by the likes of you. I assure you again that i am different from that worm and that these last moments will be you last.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
oh and jilazo. please post more. you have to describe this sickness before i can do anything haha.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I'm going to need to think over what I'm going to do with Zeron, I'll write tomarrow or so.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Traea: (Stares at Kevin with little emotion) Why must you reduce yourself like this? Is it normal for your kind to boast so foolishly and fall so pitifully? If so, you're following suit quite skillyfully.

Kevin: Arrogance is powerful when met equally from one's opponent.

Traea: Arrogance? Is that how you percieve me? (crosses hands and looks to her general, Zalbeseal, and looks back at Kevin). You're also not very bright. If you were you would have distinguished the gap between our spiritual pressure long before you engaged me. Once you descried these variables, you would have deflected with haste. And still, here you are, which prompts me to believe you're ignorant. Whether or not you have resolve or a sense of will, it will not side step the pervasive variables.

Kevin: Tch. I may not analyze the situation as you do and I may not be as intelligent, but I will defeat you.

Traea: You may try.

Kevin: (Charges toward Traea and begins throwing punches and kicks with extreme fury)

Traea: (Dodges his attacks without unfolding her arms) I must have struck a nerve to provoke your new efforts. You're far too reckless.

(He continrues punching and kicking not landing one blow. Traea's profound speed begins causing kevin use flash step in a combination. She vanishes and appears in the distance)

Traea: Still fighting my after images?

kevin: (Astounded, he stares at Traea) H..how did you get over there? I was fighting you...

Traea: (appears behind traea) Trying to catch me off guard?

Kevin: (eyes open widely after he realizes she is behind him) He feverishly smashes his arm around to smack her, but misses.

Traea: You bore me, boy. (She appears next to her and kicks, but she stops the kick with her shoulder. She doesn't budge. She stares at him) I was interested in guaging your strength, but now I regret that decision. It wasn't worth the dirt on my clothing. (vanishes)

Kevin: She never even dodged or flinched...What is she?

Traea: You're not worth my time. I may as well leave. At this rate, you'd have more success fighting yourself.

Kevin: Don't pity me! Don't devalue my strength! (Appears and begins dealing a series of punches and kicks, but Traea simply dodges them).

Traea: You don't learn, do you? You're a glutton for punishment evidently. I grow tired of this same dance.

Kevin: Stop! (Slashes sword across Traea's neck) HA!!!!!!

Traea: Those after images truly are your weakness? (Kevin looks at Traea) Surprised? You expected my head to roll off and boost your ego? So pitiful. I'm far faster than you, you're no match for my speed. I'm not even using a portion of my skills and you can't even lay a hit. (dodges a barrage of Kevin's attacks)This just won't do.

Traea's speed is easily exhausting Kevin, but she has barely exerted any energy. What will he do?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
hmmmm i guess this will get really interesting if we have more people to come and play. haha.

-----------Sick child: Maximum strength?!------

Fu-shong: EXPLAIN NOW!

Tekken: basically his old captain did experiments to magnify his mental abilities and talents. Tomo was a willing subject so he gave himself up. But the test didnt end well-

Fu-shong: So you're telling me his captain messed up and didnt try to fix him?

Tekken: No! not at all, the Captain had to stop to help others.

Fu-shong: And why did he help others?

Tekken: Because his experiment was the day of the first attack that you laid upon us.

Fu-shong: Really! muahaha. very sad. too bad now he'll die.

Tekken: Yea not really, before the captain left he put Tomo and a few others in the safest place to repair tomo so he wouldnt die.

Fu-shong: So why is he sick *tomo's body releases another wave of energy, and Fu-shong stumbles*

Tekken: Because even though they fixed his body, the experiment on his mental abilities wasnt fully finished.

Fu-shong: Aww how sad, *she dashes to Tekken to end his life* DIE SHINIGAMI!!

As the sword slashes down towards Tekken Fu-shong is pushed back to were she started and bleeding.

Fu-shong: !!! what did you do?

Tomo slowly gets up, his body surges with silver energy.

Tomo points at her and out of no where a sword gashes her arm.

Fu-shong: WHat!!

Tomo: The only reason why it looks like i was dying was because all my life, i tried to keep my abilities under total control. But now it seems i shouldnt be hiding my real Talents.

Fu-shong: You cant have to zanpaktous!

Tekken: He doesnt, he has his mental abilties and a single zanpaktou....but he gets really dangerous when he uses it both at the same time.

Fu-shong: will see,


Sorry if it doesnt make sense, if it doesnt tell me and i'll try to make it sound clearer.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना zeldafan-11 said…
God, I'd love to make one, but I'm afraid I'll mess up the Japanese... how do guys know the Japanese you're typing is correct? please tell me, i want to decide on a zanpakuto too!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I go here its an english to japanese dictionary: link
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना YuukiXZero said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
What do you mean "What?" I should be asking that! Who are you?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---The beginning---

*the smoke fades revealing soul with the two blades connected by the chain with the spiritual essance in the shape of arms around the blades*

Soul:why do you keep killing, dont you beleive this is enough?

Zeke:never. Shoot!

*five cards float infront of Zeke and shoot out 5 black fire balls*


*Soul swings down and the flames vanish*

Zeke:You actually are able to do that, impressive. this will be very interesting. yet it is all for not. Black jack flame prison type 34.


*all the cards wrap themselves around soul, sticking to his body. he tries to cut them off, but it doesnt work. then they explode in black flames. the smoke clears and soul is on the floor*

Soul;we wont loose, you should now that.

Zeke:perhaps, but i have an ace in my sleeve.

Soul: what do you mean.

Zeke:the legacy of my people, my God. the gaurdian that led me to the princess. You should now that i am not one of them. i am diffrent. i originated from the one who created the lands of soul society. the one who gave her his life to bring land to many including sekhmets people. "THE CHILD"

*Soul is shoked from the words he has said*

Soul:you cant! he is much to young to experiance this. he has never seen violence, you dont know how this could tramatize him. He might use the FIRST ZAMPAKTOU TO DESTROY WHAT HE BROUGHT US!

Zeke:i beleive he will bring peace like he did before, i beleive he is not harmfull. he will bring us life again.

*Zeke turns away from the crippled Soul and presses a couple buttons from the control pannel in the castle, then a pod shoots out from the ground. it slowely opens revealing a sleeping child with red white hair covering one of his eyes*

Zeke:"The Child", he is really magnificent. but i am afraid that he will not be able to goin us so soon. I need many souls to replace his own.

Soul:so thats your plan.

Zeke: half of it. the other half is to obtain enough sould to satisfy Sekhmet, then i can introduce my idea. My findings of "The child".

Soul:But legend says thats "the child" was reborn into a hallow.

Zeke; i have done reaserch. the hollows name, was Kenaka. he was "The childs" Soul and power. and if i am not mistaken we have possesion of him as well. just means i am one step closer to giving life to this child.

*Zeke presses more buttons and the pod closes and slowely decends into the ground*

Zeke; you see, you have no ho...

Soul interupting and now behind Zeke without any wounds: hope.

Zeke: A clone?

soul;persisely, your the one who has no more hope. I will brind and end to your existance.

Zeke;so you finally want to fight. Finally, i have been waiting for you to become serious
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
this post has a sneak peak to the next generation of this bleach battle after this war.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Traea gets about a hundred yards away from Kevin.

Traea: …

Kevin continues to fight the afterimages and thinks to himself: I’ve got to stall for a bit, her movements involve tricking, that shouldn’t be too hard to counteract.

Traea appears next to Kevin and throws a kick at him. There is no emotion in her eyes except regret for this pointless fight: You’re weak.

In the next second alone, Kevin gets up on his feet and catches the kick. The force cracks some of the ground.

Kevin looks up at Traea: Don’t ever say I’m weak. (Kevin pulls in Traea’s leg and punches her right in the gut. Traea goes flying from the blow and manages to get up on her feet before she crashes into a boulder.)

Traea gets up from the blow: How did you…

Kevin: I already told you I’m…

Traea finishes: Wise not stupid.

Kevin smiles: Ya, that’s right.

Traea comes in and punches Kevin and Kevin catches the punch, Traea feels that he’s not putting much effort into the grab. Kevin pulls the punch toward him and around and Traea is on the ground, her right arm is in Kevin’s hand and her left arm is locked below her body, Kevin locked her into a position which not many could escape.

Traea: What was that?

Kevin: Aikido, it’s a martial art for focusing key energy my opponent puts toward me and using it against my opponent. (Yes this is how the martial art works)

Traea: Where would you learn that?

Kevin: I was in the real world for a long time, remember?

Traea: Right, anyhow, (Releases a huge amount of reiatsu and gets away from Kevin’s grip) I should kill you now.

Traea throws a punch and kick, Kevin bocks them both.

Kevin: But I don’t want to die.

Traea: I really don’t care about what you think. (Traea grabs Kevin’s wrist and throws him into the ground.)

Kevin lies there and looks at the sky and thinks: Oh, pretty…

Traea kicks Kevin into the ground once again, and Kevin gives in to some air.

Kevin: I don’t want to fight. I just don’t want people to make the wrong decision.

Traea: Then tell me what the right decision is.

Kevin: Oh, ya there might not be one.

Traea grabs Kevin’s leg and throws him into a bolder, Kevin doesn’t move, he doesn’t speak.

Traea: You were much better last time.

Kevin looks up, there is no emotion in his eyes, and he stares at Traea and vanishes.

Traea: What! (Kevin appears behind her and he hits her away, Traea flies to another bolder and Kevin follows her. He appears above Traea and punches at her, his fist doesn’t go trough and it’s a sure hit)

Songoku, you may have to start Alester and Zeron’s fight for now, I’m trying to get to it, but I’m not too sure what Alester’s ability is yet.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Mind battle---

Fu-shong: if it is in his mind, then ill just have to attack him from the inside out. Dig, Subura shinabi.

*Fu-shong becomes more of a liquid and then it shoots and barries itself into Tomos mind. Tomo yells and flails until he falls to his knees*

Tekken;what just happened?

*Tomo slowely gets up but his eyes are know purple*

tomo possesed; i am occuping for the time being. I am battling tomo within his mind as i fight you with his body. know i can use the power he know present against you. Are you ready tekken?

Tekken:oh snap.

---Mind battle---

Tomo:were am i.

Fu-shong appears into the picture like mist

Fu-shong:in your mind, this is were you like to go when you are alone, suspended in this land. but now that i am here, i control it. I can alter it.

*the land begins to melt and it turns to a barrne lifeless land with crows and rats*

Fu-shong: death awaits.

*she hold out her right arm and a lance appears in it like mist*

Tomo:what is that?

*Fu-shong appears infront of tomo and puches her lance past Tomos head and it misses*


*Tomo falls to his feet and he bleeds from his ears and nose*

Fu-shong with a foot radius my blade attacks the brain. does it hurt? haha
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet: (smiles sinisterly) He'll be more than enough to deal with Zeron. (Lays her eyes on Lin, Songoku, and Galgalzzi)

Galgalzzi: (leaning on a rock formation while his chin rests on his hand) Do you typically fight over who you'll battle?

(Suddenly lin is grabbed by the hair and smashed into Songoku sending the two flying)

Sekhmet: I realize you wanted to fight those two, Galgalzzi, but we have important matters to attent. Zalbeseal is battling some vizard. I gave him 20 minutes. Let's go. (both vanish).

Zalbeseal: (karukai goes to punch Zalbeseal, but he catches his fist and begins squeezing it tighly. He smiles and throws him to the ground). How long do you think you can maintain that mask? (Appears and swings sword and Zalbeseal catches it with his bare hand) Is this it? (Shoves sword at his karukai's face)

karukai: You really think you're grand.

Zalbeseal: (chuckles casually) I do think you're quite pathetic. That mask won't bridge the gap between our powers. You're out of your league, boy. (karukai smashes sword into Zalbeseal's chest)


Zalbeseal: (Slowly grabs the sword and moves it from his chest and pulls it out of karukai's hand with ease) You never even pierced my skin, I did expect more from you. But again, that mask won't bring you any closer to my level of power. You're running out of time, too. Those masks take a toll on you shinigami's bodies. (chuckles).

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Owls hunt---

Zeron:So i hear that your stronger than you seem, you fought both Element and Soul.

Alester:true, i was saddened at their attempts to beat me. They failed like scared mice trying to escape the owls clutches.

Zeron:well i assure you, this wont end that way.

*Zeron appears behind Alester and slashes an after image*


Alester from behind Zeron: You see, you are rash. you may be modest about some of your skills, but overall you are rash.

*Alester pulls out the giant black blade that looks like a arrow head with a handle*

Alester i hope you enjoy my trick.


*Zeron then realizes that there are black feathers floating around him, there are about 560 of them. they are form the same materal as Alesters blade*

Alester:from shadows, my feathers are born, but overall they have diffrent properties. the darkness turns into metal and looses all the aspects of a shadow. thus Light is not a weakness. Slice.

*The feathers shoot at Zeron from all directions, but he vanishes and appears to the side of Alester, his blade coiled at his side so he can thrash it from his side in order to be quike*

Alester with his owl eyes: failure.

*alester catches the blade with his hand before Zeron can push it from his side*


Alester: on the contrary.

*Alester Slices down and cuts off Zerons arm. Zeron pulls back*

Zeron:how did you...

Alester: i can see what coming Zeron, with these eyes i can see into the future. thus i know what to dodge and what to do in order to kill you. So far i have had 23 chances to kill you on the spot.

Zeron;well allow me to show you my power.

*Zeron stabs himself an his arm returns*

Alester:ooooo, what an interesting ability. I can't wait to absorb the knowledge of it. feather lances!

*the individual strands on the feathers shoot out and peirce every part of zeron, leaving him imobilized*

Alester:know i can see what your power does.

Zeron:The hell, i wont let you!

Alester closing in on Zeron with his sword pointed at him:you dont have a choice.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---the rabbit jumps to the sky---

*Zeke vanishes and appears away from Soul*

Zeke:you think that you have a chance to bring and end to this? You will never be able to be able to accompish what your comrades expect from you. you don't have any other choice then to die or to join our cause.

*The deck of cards reform in his hands, then they link together making a whip of black firy cards*

Soul: The goal that i seek is beyond the horizon, and i know i can reach it if i try. *tightly grips the two blades, then the arms of spirtual energy also tighten their grip* I will make sure that you have no chance to bring "The child" back. the genisis will never be reborn as ong as i stand here in my rank or even this world.

*soul swings his blade and the arm shoots out at Zeke with an open grip waitng to erase zeke*

Zeke:how many times have i told you, that wont work. my flames will burn you to a crisp coal.

*Zeke makes a gentle movement and the whip snaps and cuts the spiritual arm in half, it fades in black flames*

Soul:wrong move.

*from the burning spiritual arm, thousands are born from it. Thousands of erasing arms dart at Zeke*

Zeke:You underestimate me.

*The cards seperate and form a wall of cards infront of Zeke*

Zeke:Black flame 23; flame connonade.

*thousands of black fire balls equal to the arms disinigrate all the offensive erasing arms. then the cards slowely make the whip again*

Zeke: you will never be able to master such a beutifull ability, shame. It could have matured into somthing usefull.

*Zeke then feels a sudden absence. Part of his soulder is missing*

Zeke calmly:hmmmm, when did this happen?

Soul:the thousands of arms was a distraction. the plan was to let smaller individual bullets of the erase hurl at you when you burnt the thousand arms. looks like i missed alot though.

*Zeke looks beyond him and around him to see holes in the floor from the bullets that erased the floor*

Zeke: clever, but you know that wont work. you know what my kind is like. we only have one limit. Shinigami have shikai and bankai as do you. Shinigami have also acheived bankai sythasis, and the ones that follow sekhmet have resurection along with shikai and bankai. My kind on the other hand only have resurection. My level right know is equal to Sekhmets bankai. and stronger than your synthasis.

Soul: i know. why do you insist on not fighting?

Zeke:because the longer i stall, the more souls i obtain and i wont have to ill one i grew a freindship with.

Soul: Zeke, when you joined Sekhmet we broke our freindship. And you even think of 'the child'

Zeke:to bad. ill have to kill you know.

*the black fame card whip swifty wraps around Soul, scorching his skin severely on impact*

Zeke reviving his arm: Black flame 57; moon vortex.

*A black flame tornado is born from beath Soul and rises vertically, the screams of Soul fill the barracks. and they view the black flame pillar that rises from the tower. then it dissapears*

Zeke: im so sorry, soul.

Voice from the ashes and dust: no, i am Zeke. BANKAI!

The smoke blows away revealing a giant spiritual essance of a samurai around Soul whose two swords have turned to paint brushes. the samurai also has two paint brushes in his hands. Every movement the unharmed Soul make, the eraser gaurdian does as well.

Zeke: impressive, you acieved control over your bankai. im shoked. To control such massive erasing esance around you must be hard.

Soul: its nothing.

*SOul swings his left paintbrush, then the brush of the eraser gaurdian that surrounds Soul is swinged at Zeke. He dodges, then notices that the floor that the brush hit was erased*

zeke: dangerous.

Soul: you dont know the half of it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
gee guys ivee been OUT of comission for a while so i hope i dont mess everything up hahaha soz...
karukai stares at zalbeseal for a while and eventually backs away.
he thinks to himself for a while and then laughs really loudly. zalbeseal catches wind of this and thinks that he is mocking him. he instantly uses shunpo towards him and attempts to attack him with a punch...

zalbeseal:how dare you mock me you puny human!

karukai seems angered by this but tries not to show it however no matter how hard he tries he cannot suppress his anger over the fact that he was called "puny". he rushes forward with an extreme burning desire to kill.

the two end up punching each other. karukai is blown away and crashes into a building, however zalbeseal is blown only a few metres away.he wipes his mouth and sees it bleeding a bit. however he laughs and thinks its karukais.

zalbeseal:hahahahha you weakling! it seems you can throw a punch but mine blew you away and even left your blood in me!

karukai appears from behind him with his blade completely unscathed and slashes his throat.

karukai:that was your own blood mate dont underestimate our own power.

bakuen uses shunpo toward the scene of the fight and stares at what happened.

bakuen:i thought i told you not to kill anyone? you know what will happen if you do...

karukai laughs and responds: this guy was a weakling! i could have killed him in that last shot. he was going on about some hard skin or whatever. all i have to do is adjust my swing,the speed and the power and hes dead. it also seemed to me that his head and neck were weak spots.thats where his skin is the weakest.hes so frickin huge that he probably thought that by augmenting his arms,chest,abdomen and legs (basically where people normally hit) he could create the illusion that hes impenetrable.haha looks like that was his flaw. and anyway i didnt kill him, hell recover,but hell be out for a while thats for sure... and who are you to lecture me about killing? what about before when you killed that woman!

bakuen stares at him for a while and then replies "that was different... anyway in our next bout dont reveal that you are a vizard. i know you dont like releasing your zanpakuto.... but... please dont do it again. you know what happens...

karukai:dont worry nothin will happen. anyway lets get back. things are getting boring around here. lets leave the other angels to those kids over there...

bakuen: i would like to help them but its their fight and we dont even know if they are enemies or not. ahh well. you lot! we're off!

everyone of the squadron leaves except kang who longly looks at the battlefield and sighs... "its been so long. the best time to have a fight was twenty years ago, however the second best time is now... but i guess the third best time is never... i shall yet again wait my turn..."

he then vanishes and the area returns to its normal state...
hasta luego amigos!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Ha ha ha ha! Kof, you think you can kill my general like that? Oh boy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Sekhmet: Don't bother pursuing the weakling, it isn't worth your time.

Zalbeseal: As you wish. He actually believed he cut me (laughs).

Azriel: Those creatures never cease to amaze me. They're incompitence is astonishing. They cannot distinguish their blood from others.

Veznesel: Did you expect more? They need masks to try and become more like hollows. Being a shinigami isn't good enough, as it would seem.

Yashnamiesh: They may play dress up all they'd like, it won't alter the outcome. I simply want to run some of them through.

Galgalzzi: Smash those masks right into their faces is more like it.

Sekhmet: Now, need I remind you that such blood thirsty tactics are never the way. Slow and painful are much more appropriate. I think those shinigami were under the impression that our last encounter with the amplifiers was our last. However, they never quite see the bigger picture, which is convenient for us. There stupidity will help nourish our endeavors.

Azriel: What irony. They are contributing to their own lousy deaths.

Veznesel: Mmm..sounds delicious.

Yashnamiesh: You had something special planned for me, Sekhmet-sama?

Sekhmet: Indeed. You'll need to...


[Golden Gate rips the sky and as it opens out walks Yashnamiesh and two angels].

Yashnamiesh: Let's wreak some havoc ladies. It's about time that we let loose. (suddenly a gigantic cero materializes and blasts through several of the towns outside the soul society. They appear right inside the soul society and she blows out her mouth and suddenly all the building erupt into flames and begin crumbling)

Tesoura: Cero!

Passon: Cero!

(Both ceros destroy building and barracks)

Yashnamiesh: Who will come to play. (smiles).
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना smartypants287 said…
Shikai: Shikiyo Uindo (Death wind)
Release Command: kari (reap)

Ability 1: kyoshi (rejection)
When I slash myself with my shikai (shaped like a black scythe) It heals and goes on my opponent. My shikai must need 1oz of my opponents blood to activate this.

Ability 2: Sho (Thrust)
A sweeping wind erupts from my scythe Fire Zampakto are immune to this.

Bankai: Karite no Kochi (Reaper of the East Winds)
gives me a mask like thing covering on my right eye. My right eye glows red feet are raptor like, hands skeletal All my stats increase (kido, reiatsu ect.) but it drains alot of energy because it releases most of it.

Abilities 1 and 2: Same as Shikai, exept more powerful

Ability 3: konzetsu (eradication)
The surrounding area is all darkend, surrounding energy is sucked in and is in my hands. This tecnique is rarely used because it strains heavily on reiatsu and strenth

Me: Yagami Kyoru
Offence: 90
Stamina: 80
Total: 520

His appearance:
long "emo-ish" hair, dark brown
Brown hair
Bright light blue eyes
Age: 250 (looks 25, for you look like 1/10 of your age in Soul society)
Fave food: Buffalo winds and shrimp with a side of steamed broccoli
Fave hobby: Sleeping, but not as much as the Kyouraru captain guy
Occupation: 2nd Division Captain
Reiatsu Color: Dark Purple, edges black

Element Zampakto: Wind, Darkness
Immune to: Electricity, Earth, Heavy Reiatsu, Illusions
Attacks have low affect on Fire
High affect on Electricity and Earth
Normal on Wind and Water

Materialized form: Grim Reaper often riding a black dragon

More about me:
Not a Vaizard
Wields the strongest Wind and Darkness zampakto in Soul Society
2nd Strongest reiatsu
Good at hand to hand combat
wears sword like hitsugaya toshiro

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----Mind battle: Tomo's world----

Tomo is on the ground holding his ears. crying.

Fu-shong: Hmm i always liked killing someone slowly and painfully.

Five boulders drop on Fu-shong, she quickly dodges the the first 3 but gets bruised by the last 2.

Fu-shong: what is going on!?

Tomo starts to giggle and gets up.

Fu-shong: What are you doing, you should be hurting, yet it looks as if you havent been touch.

Tomo: Maybe its because you in MY MIND, IN MY WORLD.

Fu-shong: yea and you should still be getting damaged.

Tomo: *smiles and says innocently* No not really, i never got to mention that some of the upgrades i got during the experiment was the hidden ability of being totally aware any illusions. so that im not effected by any illusions.

fu-shong: What about my swords attack your head needs to be effected.

Tomo: How can you hurt my brain if you're already in my brain. Plus not to be rude but i let you in my mind. i let you in here.

Fu-shong: Stop lying little child. *starts to get annoyed*

She throws a pucnh but it merely goes through him. She kicks more and more but it just goes through. She stops to see if its hust a image.

Tomo image: BOO! *punches Fu-shoing, sending her flying*

Fu-shong: what the hell is this? IS this your true power of your zanpaktou?

Tomo: no silly its just my mind.

Fu-shong (thoughts): uhh i need to get out.....!!! what.

Tomo: By the looks of your face i see that you found out you can't leave. See i told you that my mind was powerful, sure it may not be as powerful as yours but none the less powerful. *smiles*

Fu-shong: shut up! *charges at Tomo*

Five birds shot at her and explode. She again quikly dodges.

Fu-shong: WHat the is this kid?

-------Outside of tomo's mind----------------

The possessed Tomo stops moving. the eyes flicker between purple and Black, but they settle to a pitch black.

Tekken sighs: Uhhh, i see he is actually using his powers. Hopefully he can win without his zanpaktou. All i can do now is wait on them.

Tekken takes out a vial and smashes it. The vial activates a barrier.

Tekken: this should shield us till he gets out from that state.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना losespada said…
This is mine

Shikai:Torakiba(Tiger Fang)

Shikai Appearance:It becomes a small Dagger and because of its size i become 3x faster


slowing strikes:when the blade makes contact the enemy becomes slower and the feeling is described as like a tiger bearing its fangs down on you

clone pack:my zanpaktou can seperate is spirit energy into clones there is no limit

Bankai:Oujatsume Torakiba(King Claw Tiger Fang)

Bankai Appearance:i now have claw on my fingers that look like my shikai but are much more pronounced and i have a tail that has a blade at the end that looks like my blade in its sealed form and i have stripes on my body of a tiger and i also now have fangs that potrude from my mouth and my body is more muscular

Bankai Abilites:

Heavier body:when i strike my enemy that part of theyre body will become heavy and more difficult to handle

Real Clones:The daggers on my hands will shoot out from my hand and the will become real

Regnerating Claws:if my claws happen to be broken,i can regrow them easily

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---curtain call---

Zeke: time to die, i have other matter to atted to. Black flame 67;Dark cross fade death.


*before Soul knows it his insides are set on fire, and he notices the whip, burning through the erasing essance of the gaurdian and into his body*

Soul: you bastard, you know that this attempt is futile. i will be back and i will kill you. With this lose, i will kill you and Sekhmet. My secondary ability is to adapt slowely. So after this, i will be able to erase even our flames, Zeke.

Zeke:then i will just have to kill you before you do anything of that kind of action. Burn from hell!

*a giant flame vortex is formed and it reduces whatever was there to ashes. then Zeke returns his cards into a deck and holds it in his right hand*

Zeke: i loved you well, Soul. i wish i had time to perform a euligy for the one that cared for his own people, for peace. But in the end he straiyed from that idea and moved to chaus. haus that drove him to submission by my power. Goodbye, Soul.

*Zeke leaves the tower, and leaves the ashes of a loved one. or at least just ashes, Soul might have escaped*

*Zeke then appears by VAznesel, Pardel, Yashnamiesh, Passon, and Tesoura*


Vaznesel:i thought you needed to gaurd the tower?

Zeke: i wouldn't abondon my girls in order to gaurd a measly tower, anyway i already took care of their leader.

Tesoura; SOUl! you killed the legendary Soul!

Zeke: unfortuety, i had to.

Tesoura: you have always followed through with any mission for the respect of our home. your have always ben a man of the people.

Yashnamiesh:Glad your on our side. I just arrived and i can already tell that the sad attempts of these shinigami are for not.

Zeke: i sensed the power haha, clearly no match for the likes of you.

*Zeke is interupted by 3 figures*

Tenchi:Sorry to drop in on such a pleasant conversation.

Ella: but we will have to interupt.

Lin: we wont allow you to cause any further distruction.

Yashnamiesh: ill take on captain Tenchi, he was a freind of mine once when he stood by our peoples side.

Passon: ill take the ella girl, she seems fun.

tesoura:that leaves me with you, Lin.

Zeke:let me see what my girls have been up to in their training. You all myst prove to me that in my absense you all have gotten stronger.

passon, Yashnamiesh, and Tesoura: yes Zeke, we will.

*all of the poeple viewing in Sekhmets army smile grimly as they watch this battle*

(new battles begin, what will happen? Has Soul really died?)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
lol. nah wasnt tryin 2 kill him,more like an excuse to get him outta there... havent really thought of a good zanpakuto for him yet. ahhahaha. i know its darkness type but i just CANT THINK!!! hahah. just look at me go on and on. anyway how should i deal with these other angels???

bakuen realises that the angels still havent gone yet and decides to leave the others and go and fight them. before long he is stopped by karukai.

karukai:hah, im not that stupid bro even i know when you want to beat the angels up asnd get them away. i bet its because of eve huh? you'd rather let them leave so that she doesnt feel as if she's not worthy and does something stupid eh?

bakuen realises that he saw right through him and still persists that he goes. however it seems that another person wished to accompany him...

bakuen: kang? is that you come on out theres no use in hiding!

kang soolemnly walks out and approaches sheepishly. as soon as hes a few feet from bakuen he instantly goes on his feet and kneels before him as he apologizes. "im sorry bakuen-sama it shall never happen again!"

bakuen: <sigh> theres no need for this kang... i told you, no one here is more important than the other thats why i accept everbody, remember?

kang: but master you freed me form that madness,took me in,and even trained me to become stronger and a better person. and yet you ask for nothing in return! this is what i must do to repay you!

bakuen: you already have...years ago in fact. you showed me that you were strong-willed and loyal. you are the rock of our team thats why i made you captain of the B-team. now do you want to accompany me to escort these angels back where they came from? apparently youve been itching for a fight.

kang:i... i would love to mas.. i mean bakuen-sama.

bakuen: so its settled. so now LETS GO!

they both flash strp infront of tesoura and passon. kang quickly engages in a battle with the two by using his own formula of hand to hand fighting... malnieira del grande (way of the great).

a quick flourish here and there and a bit of reiatsu co-ordination and he had already disabled passons right arm.

kang;the reason why your arms not moving is because... wait im not tellin you. youll just have to find out...

the mood shifts to bakuen and yamamniesh.

bakuen walks toward yamaniesh and confronts her eying her suspiciously. he dares to walk so far that they are only a hand span away from each other. bakuen opens his mouth to talk but yamaniesh is already upon him.
bakuen however grabs her sword and parrie using his bare hand. amove like that by anyone else would have had their arm severed. so why was his own barely even scratched?

bakuen: i know what you want to ask woman but to put it simply... i use the "forza de re"(force of the king) style of hand to hand combat. its an advanced technique to shunko that youruichi shihoin invented. only i know it. kang uses a weaker version of this called "la maneira de grande" its powerful but nothing compared to what im using. it uses little sound waves as its primary source of attack but i have much more deadlier ones... trust me.

yamaniesh cant even talk back due to the state that she was in. she realised that he deliberately used his hand to hit her sword not her herself. because the vibrations would be amplified since i held the sword. basically a way to try and disable her arm quickly... smart...
however she wasnt a general (at least i think so) for nothing...

yamaneish:smat move there boy but im ambi-dextrous using something like thast wont kill me. it wont even hurt me at all!

bakeun: well this will...

stangely yamaneish clutches her ears which are bleeding and collapsed to the ground.her head is swimming in the pain and a pool of blood starts to form around her...

bakuen:even you angels cant hear some sort of pitch. and i know us shinigami cant talk because we're pretty crappy altogether. however all i want to do is talk... but you angels all seem to think violence and fighting is the best and only way to solve things. all i am doing is protecting myself. however i do wish to have a meeting with sehkmet. is that okay?


she rises up despite the pain and rushes forward.
bakuen:i guess not...

he unsheathes his blade. "flash shiroi denkou..."

bakuen releases his zanpakuto! what will happen to yamaneish? can she even fight at all? find out tomorrow only on fanpop!

hasta luego amigos!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Orcale: (sighs as the sound of fighting echo in his ears) Things have really taken a turn for the worst. If things continue like this, I'm sure we'll end up killing each other. To think that what seemed like a small massacre so many years ago would turn out like this. I suppose that it is the Shinigami's fault. (Takes out book with cursive writing on the first half of the book while the rest is empty. He takes a pencil out of thin air and starts writing) I suppose finding out what the opposing team's strategy is would work to my advantage.

???: Still taking the cautious aproach as always, huh Nii-san?

I'm introducing a new charecter to the story, Orcale's sister.

Name: Kaguya Ayako
appearance: her hair is a bleached pink, her clothes are white and blue that are like a formal skirt and her sleeves are disconnected from the torso bareing her shoulders. She had long black leggings that cover up to her thighs and leather shoes.
Abilities: her techniques will become evident as time moves on.
NOTE: Kaguya and Orcale are kin but they have different surnames because they have different birth fathers. Orcale calls her Ayako to exagerate this fact.
Orcale: (turns to see girl) Who'd have thought I'd see you out here Ayako, I thought you'd stay out of this for sure.

Kaguya: (pouts) Why would I? You think that I don't care about what happens to Soul Society as long as I'm not in any immediate danger?

Orcale: I'm positive of it.

Kaguya: (smiles) Then you're right! But I had to come out because Hemi-ko told me to. He thinks it's too dangerous for you to be out here alone. He's not worried, but he also wants to get me to do something.

Orcale: That's Sensei for you. But I wish he had kept you. The enemies are rather powerful and aren't anything to laugh at.

Kaguya: You fought with them already? That's unlike you.

Orcale: I needed intel and it was the fastest way. But Ayako, if you're going to help me then you have to promise me that your habit doesn't show up in battle.

Kaguya: Alright, I promise. But it will be fun to play with these enemies if they're so strong. I haven't drawn blood in a while.

Orcale (closes book and puts pencil in ear) Well I guess we should get moving. Staying here in plain sight is pointless. You can do the fighting if we meet anyone.

Kaguya: Yay! I hope we find someone soon! (runs off)

Orcale: Geez, where does she get that energy from? (follows)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Alester has his sword pointed at Zeron at the tip. Zeron’s pinned by feathers, and stares at them. “They’re created by darkness” Alester had once said. Zeron stared at them, maybe, if it worked…

Alester: Any last words?

Zeron: No, (The feathers start to fade slowly) I’ve got plenty more.

Alester: What! You! (Alester draws back his sword and slashes it at Zeron’s neck. The feathers finally disappear, and a burst of energy come out and sends Alester flying into the ground, Alester skidders back and manages to get a footing.) What! How did you?

Zeron: Wow, I thought it would be a whole lot weaker.

Alester: What?

Zeron: That proves that my theory is correct.

Alester: What theory?

Zeron: You can’t tell what the future is of one person unless they have already made the choice. Now in a large population, it would be possible, but to tell what someone is going to eat or how they fight, that’s near impossible, unless they have a plan, which most people do.

Alester: You can figure that out?

Zeron: Have you even been to the real world? Like, nearly every Manga and movie says that.

Alester: …

Zeron smiles: Then I’ll have to do the first thing I was taught when I joined this team, to adapt.

Alester: Huh?

Zeron disappears and Alester is trying to find what he’s going to do. He sees that there are many futures that can happen, 12 of which he dies 4 of which Zeron dies. Zeron comes behind Alester and slashes at Alester’s neck. Alester backs away, and then blood drips from his neck.

Zeron: This is what I thought; you couldn’t tell what I was going to do? (Zeron smiles) Now I can kill you.

Note this!!!!!!!
This is the first thing that I thought of, even before I thought up Kevin’s Zanpakto. If you think about it, Kevin’s Zanpakto is all about adapting and creating! Isn’t that cool!?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Alesters deception---

Alester: just using instict huh, well that wont spare you your life.

Zeron: i cut you, its a start.

Alester: i saw many deaths, some of mine, and some of yours. but that is only in my current state. So if i did this *eyes turn into the green owl eyes* then your chances turn themselves to 0 again.

*alester pauses*

Alester: i am right, there is no possible way for you to live. you think if your master and the shinigamis master could not capture me that you will be able to, pathetic.

Zeron: ill just use my instict to drive my syth into your heart, and il make sure it hurts. If a Grim resides in you, then he still lives, i can not have any of him left in order to get my revenge.

*Zeron uses his instict and adaption skills to apear behind Alester, who is already turned to confront his attack*

Zeron: what! how?!

Alester: Just As your master failed to realize, even if you havent made the choice of an action, your brain sends electrical currents to certain muscles to bring about movement and flow of energy. I can sees these current with me eyes. So even instict can not defeat me, the only way i will not see you coming is if you cut off your head. your attempts are hopeless. I will devour your thoughts indefinetly, you are weak.

*before Zeron could even try using his instict one more time, Alester uses his blade and smashes Zeron to the ground. Then Alester sends a storm of black metallic feathers and each one of them stab Zeron in diffrent places. Alester appears on top of Zeron down at the floors of the barracks, Zeron is pinned with no way out*

Alester: good bye, master of death. I can see that your hope have been crushed. you do not have the streangth to beat me.

*alester stabs his swrd into the imabilized body of Zeron, drains his knowledge as Zeron shrivels away*


Alester: know i now what death is, what pain this child faced, but it tasted soooo good. *laughs* who will chalenge me know?!

(Zeron has meet his final action on the battle feild, will anyone claim revenge)

---The three oni---

*oracle and Kaguya walk into the battle awaiting an opponent until they are interupted by three figures. one of a large man, another of an adult women, and the one who leads them a shy girl*

Shy girl:we have a quesion to ask you, but not here.

*the shy girl releases a lage pulse of power, knoking out both Oracle and Kaguya. they wake up in a cave with the three warriors to their left*

Kaguya: What the hell was that for?!

Shy girl: It was to ask you an important offer, by the way i am Ayame jukai, this is my older brother and sister, Rok jukai and Tsai jukai.


Ayame: we have been sent by the thoughts of our leader, "the child". through his thoughts he has intructed us to recruit you to his army to purify these lands to make anew. He has awakened us to do so. he also requests all of you.

Oracle: really? well...

(what will they say to the, 12 year old shy oni Ayame, the old muscular Rok, and the seductive Tsai)


Zeke: i beleive that these three were already confronting these shinigami. *points to Tenchi, ella, and Lin* your interupting their battle, this is not your fight,

Bauken: foolish, there is no rules to battle, it is just fighting and death.

Zeke:such arrogant words. Burn.

*bauken then realizes there are playing cards floating around him, he looks at one card in paticular, then nine of diamonds. then the nine lights on fire and darts at him, cutting through his chest, burning his insides and sending him to the floor*

Zeke: i will not kill you, but you must find another to battle, this is NOT your fight. Leave you pathetic worm. go crawl under a rock.

*bauken trembles in fear*

Tenchi: well?

Lin: yea, you are standing for us?

Zeke: no, i just play by the rules *collects the cards into his right hand* continue you fight, Yamaniesh.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
----------------------fact or fiction------------
Kaguya: You knock us out for no reason and you ask us to join you? What gives you the right to do that? (starts to walk forward)

Orcale: (puts hand on Kaguya's shoulder) Calm down Ayako. It's obvious that they don't want a fight now. (looks at Ayame) You honestly expect me to believe that 'the child' asked you to come for us? Immortality can't be taken for granted enough to believe that he's alive.

Ayame: I realize that it's difficult for you to believe...but I would not lie.

Orcale: I didn't say I regarded what you said as false, it's just that I doubt such a rebirth should even be attempted.

Kaguya: You can't be telling me you're listening to her!

Orcale: (let's go of her shoulder and closes his eyes) I can tell they aren't lying. Their heart beats are steady. I've been uneasy ever since I returned to Soul Society. I'd love to know why.

Kaguya: (crosses arms) You're to trusting, Nii-san. (notices his black clothes) By the way, where is your uwagi?

Orcale: Huh? Oh yeah, they got ripped up in my fight before. I guess I should reform them now. (snaps fingers and his white cloak reapears. He sits down cross legged a looks at the three others) Explain to me why anyone is risking to bring back the boy, the father of all Zenpakutou users.

Kaguya: (moans slightly) Why do we have to listen to them?

Orcale: You may do as you like. Truth is, I'm worried about what I may hear. (Looks to Kaguya and speaks seriously) All of our lives may be in danger if things turn out wrong. Also, (eyes are a downcast) the lands of Soul Society has many secrets. 'The child' being one of them. I may love Soul Society with all my heart, but I question this 'purification' that has been so longed for.

Kaguya: But why does it have to be during a war? I really wanted to go and have some fun. (Orcale doesn't reply and Kaguya sits reluctantly) Fine, I'll stay.

Ayame: You will not regret your choice.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---story of the child---

Ayame: It is true that such a task should be without warning, but we have seen such distruction between the ones who ocupy these lands and the child has sensed it. He may be not amongst us now, but he still lives in the minds of his followers, being us three warriors. He wants to purify these lands for good to allow this war to stop. Though in order to do this we need the souls of some and one in paticular. The one of an arrancar named kenaka. We have heard that Sekhmet has killed him or has taken him captive. either way we must find his soul, or his body to bring "the child" back.

Rok: If you disagree with our plan, then we would have to kill you here and now. We can not allow such a secret to be released to the public of soul society.

Ayame shyly:we dont want to hurt them, they seem freindly.

Tsai: and one of them is kinda cute *smiles*

Rok:get you mind out of the gutter tsai!

Tsai: you cant stop me!

*both start to look at each other angrily*

Ayame:please, stop. We have guests...

*both continue to fight*

Ayame shyly: i said stop.

*a large burst of reatsu emerges from Ayame, silencing all of them*

Ayame: thank you.

Oracle: so what do you need me for.

Ayame shyly:we dont want to reveal ourselves as well to any one else. we dont want to cause more violence. We only kill if we have to to maintain peace. *blushes* sorry i dont now how to talk to boys.

Tsai: and you told me to stop you little flirt you! *nuggies Ayame*

Ayame: owww, stoooop.

Kaguya: i can't beleive these three.

Oracle: you didn't answer my question.

Ayame: oh, sorry *blushes* ummm, well we need to to retrieve the soul of kenaka for us, and the body of the child. he resides in the barracks in the black jack tower that Zeke has created. He is one of the very few Oni warriors left that survives. We dont want to anger him for he is very strong. Do not catch his attention when you get the body of the child. Rok will assist you in this mission.

Rok: i will?

Ayame shyly: Dont be rude Rok. please.

Rok: fine, dont get all sad on me ok, ayame. If you want to go along with this mission, then we should get going now. if not.

*Rok reveals a giant hammer from beneath his red cloak and pulls it out. it seems to have teeth on it*

Rok:then i will have to kill you, and i am not as mercifull as my sisters.

Ayame: Rok!

ROk: let me hear their answer!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey, Songoku, Zeron doesn’t die that easily, and he uses a sword, not a scythe, he only uses a scythe when he’s in Bankai Sythasis.

-------------Zeron’s Depression------------

A world of darkness surrounds Zeron, and a man in a cloak, looking like The Grim Reaper, stands in front of him.

Reaper: You died.

Zeron: I know…

Reaper: You could have done something.

Zeron: Yes.

Reaper: Would you like a second chance?

Zeron looks up in awe: What!?

Reaper: I am the Zanpakto of life and death.

Zeron: You can bring be back!?

Reaper: Yes, but we must hurry, your fading from this world.


Alester stands in front of Zeron’s body. He continues to laugh, and then stops.

Alester: What?

Zeron stands up, his body regenerating; his reiatsu intensely high, Alester is afraid by how much the reiatsu went up. Zeron’s sword goes through Alester’s right chest.

Zeron: You let your guard down. (Smiles)

Alester: But, you’re dead!

Zeron: What is my Zanpakto?

Alester: Life and…

Zeron finishes: Death.

Alester’s body is losing power, and Zeron’s is gaining power.

Alester backs away: You little…!

Zeron: Ya, I know.

Alester: You’ll pay.

Zeron: I’m not so sure. (Holds out his hand and there’s a small black marble) Dark Bullet. (The marble flies to Alester and there’s a huge explosion, dirt flies a hundred feet up, and Alester is right in the middle of it all)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---2nd chance---

Alester:humph, that was new. i should have killed him. Absorbing all his knowledge and life. It must have been that reaper of a zampaktou. Very interesting, though with his first death, it will only lead to another.

*alester appears behind Zeron*

Alester: you may be life and death, but i can still see every move you make. you just caught me off gaurd with your second life. I still hope you like my freinds though.

Zeron: What!

*from the shadows, gaint birds arrise intoo the sky, they then turn into the metallic form and dive at Zeron.*

Zeron: shi... i have to escape.

*Zeron tries to escape, but his feet sink into the shadows*

Alester: not only can i create shadows, but people can sink into them. good luck *vanishes*

Zeron: noooo. *the giamt birds dive at Zeron, now 3 inches from his face*

(what will he do, there is still a large diffrence in power)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------Pandora's box----------
Tomo and Fu-shong are still battling it out in Tomo's world and state of mind.

Fu-shong: *panting* damn it this is not fair let me out!!!

Tomo: No, haha, *Tomo creates five giant tornados which Fu-shong couldnt dodge*

Fu-shong cries out and lands on the ground super hard creating a crator. Tomo turns the dust into water *remember their in his mind so he can do anything* and brings Fu-shongs body to him.

Tomo looks at the lifeless body of Fu-shong.

Tomo: did i really kill him?

Fushong eyes open quikly

Fu-shong: haha, you never even laid a hand on me!

Tomo: what?!

Fu-shong: idiot you think you're taht strong?! well little kid even this is a illusion!

Tomo: no, it it cant be! *backs away as he witnesses Fu-shong breaking his mindful attacks*

Fu-shong snaps and they appear in the real world.

Fu-shong: idiots!

Across of Fu-shong is Tomo and Tekken and their eyes are purple and are just standing there.

Fu-shong: they thought they had me...muahaha.

Tomo and Tekken's eyes are back to normal,

Tekken: w-wh-what happened!

Tomo:We were in a illusion this whole time!!!

Tekken: cr**.

Fu-shong: haha, time to finish you off, *snaps finger*

Tekken: watch out another illusion!

Fu-shong freezes and is in shock.

Tekken: what happening.

Tomo: by the thoughts of it, she lost her powers.

Fu-shong: w-w-what???!!!!

Tomo: hehe, so sad.

Fu-shong: WHat did you do!!!

She runs at Tomo with sword in her hand but she is quickly pushed back by a mysterious woman.

???:(mockingly) OH sooo sadd.

Fu-shong/Tekken: Who are you?!

Tomo/???: Pandora Skies!

Tekken: Tomo you know her?

Tomo nods like a little kid.

Tekken looks back at the light caramel skinned girl. Her body is of the age of a 19 yo. She has wavy black hair and Ruby eyes.

PAndora: Hi hi! *waves at tomo and tekken* oh- wait! hold on.

Pandora runs to fu-shong, who is in shocked, and stabs her in her heart with her zanpaktou.

Fu-shong: n-n-n-nooo, th that cant be! h- h- how did you do it?

Pandora: you mean "we" *points to tomo and back to her*

Tomo: simple, she can cancel out out abilities with her zanpaktou in shikai form. Then i used MY illusions to trick you into thinking you got out of my mind.

Fushong: y- y- you did that all, and made me think i was winning.

Tomo/pandora nods.

Tekken: what the f-

Out of no where Fu-shong disinegrates.

Tomo: uhhh i hope thats the last of her.

Tomo then runs to Pandora and hugs her.

Tekken intterupts: wait!! can you explain to me how you know her!!

Pandora: well we became friends long long before the inccident, and when we first met my brother and i took him in as our baby brother.

Tomo nods: Oh and the cool thing is... we all learned how to communicate through reflections-

PAndora: thats why if you havent notice we're both wearing items with mirrors.

Tekken looks at Tomo's wrist band with a mirror attached, and he looks at the mirror on Pandora's necklace.

Tekken: i see, umm and wears this brother of yours...

A giant silence overcomes them, and Pandora looks upset.

Tekken: oh my bad i didnt kn-

Pandora: know that he is sleeping, what a lazy bumm. haha.

Tomo starts giggling. Tekken then thinks to himself how childish she sounds and how she really is soo similiar to Tomo. Yet he can't help but think how kinda pretty she looks.

Tomo: anyways, how long will you brother be sleeping???

Pandora: idk. haha. Anyways, do you remember Ayame them?

Tomo: of course they're nice. haha.

PAndora: i THINK i saw them.

Tomo: i thought they were in hiding??

Tekken: TIME OUT!!! can you guys fill me in?!!

PAndora: hmm okay. Well.......


Well like i said i wanted to give "the child" a sister (pandora) so i mentioned that he had a brother. but didnt mention anything linking him to the child. so from here you guys can decide if they're realated or not. haha. oh and I also made it that Tomo and Ayame them already met, since of course it seems they already might meet in the next few posts. hhaha.
Please tell me if you want me to change anything. MAHALO!!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Yashnamiesh: Tenchi, it has been a long time. I see you have some unique followers? Need I remind you that this will only end badly?

Tenchi: How so?

Yashnamiesh: Playing dumb now? I'll be more than happy to enlighten you (Tenchi swings his sword at her and she laughs and vanishes) Why must you always be so aggressive?

Tenchi: (Swings sword missing Yashnamiesh) It seems to be the only measure for getting through to Sekhmet and her followers! (Suddenly Yashnamiesh grabs his blade. He sends a current through her to paralyze her, but she is unphased. she stares at him and begins talking)

Yashnamiesh: What do you love more? The soul society or your people? Think long and hard about your response, Tenchi. Remember your family, friends, and comrads that were slaughtered. Does that paint a colorful illistration for you? We'll return to that in a moment, in the mean time, (punches him in the face sending him backwards. He catches his footing and stares at her).

Tenchi: You haven't lost your spunk...

Yashnamiesh: You're right, I haven't lost anything anything recently. However, the same won't apply to you in a matter of moments.

Tenchi: (Still looking at Yashnamiesh is cut on his arm and realizes she went right past him) (inner-monologue: What speed...) So, you've gotten much faster!

Yashnamiesh: And you've remained much slower! (Tenchi realizes she's above him and his kicked in the face and sent plummeting toward the ground. She smashes into the ground and orients himself again).

Tenchi: When did you get so fast?

Yashnamiesh: When did you get this sluggish? (Tenchi appears beside her to her suprise and goes to stab her but she knocks away his sword and a cero erupts from inbetween them and blasts him several yards away). Is this your idea of challenging me?

Tenchi: (He gets up and inspects the giant wound on his chest and thinks to himself, " I cannot afford to many of those. She was only being playful, too. I need to avoid her ceros, they are oddly concentrated.")

Yashnamiesh: Trying to understand my attacks? Or maybe a method for avoiding them? Either way, you're much too soft to battle me. (He appears behind her and kicks her in the back and then begins volleying her, finally smashing her into the ground).

Tenchi: Touch enough for you, B****?!

Yashnamiesh: (standing up) No, it could have been much stronger. Let me...(Vanishes smashing him in the stomach) display the proper way to fight. (She begins thrashing him around and finally fires a cero that he narrowly dodges). (she chuckles) That was close, huh, Tenchi?

Tenchi: You’re a lot quicker than I remember. (Appears beside her and stabs her in the back)
Yashnamiesh: (She vanishes and appears in the distance) you certainly enjoy sneak attacks.

Tenchi: Well, it did get the best of you!

Yashnamiesh: Ha Ha Ha (laughing maniacally. She stares at Tesoura and Passon)

Passon: Your comrade is placing himself in quite the predicament.

Tesoura: Indeed. I won’t be surprised if he’s dead within moments.

Passon: (chuckles) Mhm. Yashnamiesh-sama has a nasty secret that she normally keeps contained. However, he’s edging her further towards that proverbial cliff.

Ella: What are you talking about?

Lin: I have a terrible feeling about this.

(The two angels stare at one another)

Passon: It may be suggested that you leave, otherwise you will suffer in terrible ways and eventually die.

Ella: Doubtful.

Tesoura: They don’t trust us?

Passon: we’re hurt.

Lin: So, you’re fairly new, passon. What angel are you? Most likely the seventh.

Tesoura: (begins laughing and stares at Passon )

(suddenly without warning and before either Lin or Ella could notice Ella receives a large blow to the face sending her hurtling to the left, a second later all that is seen is an indent of a huge blow to her stomach sending her slamming into trees, rock formations, and creating a large trail of damage)

Lin: ELLA!!!!!!!!! (Inner-monologue: I didn’t see either of the two move, I didn’t sense a fluxuation in spiritual pressure, and there was no third party. Either they have immaculate control over their spirit pressure usage in combination with blinding speed or someone else entered the battle field and placed us under some illusion).

Ella: (laying on the ground as if she’s unconscious…she suddenly moves her leg and begins to pick herself up. Bloody and clothes torn and tattered, she looks up at the angels and realizes something ominous). LIN!!!!! GET OUT OF THERE!

Lin: (Lin turns around and fires a kido attack at the oncoming angel, but she simply smacks the attack away effortlessly and fires back with a potent cero. Lin is completely caught off guard, assuming that her kido would buy her time to relocate herself with Ella. The cero completely engulfs her while Ella screams her name from the ground).
Ella: LIN!! NO! (She sees Lin plummeting toward the ground and catches her with a flashstep and continues for a safe distance). Are you okay?

Lin: Why can’t we feel their energy fluctuating?

Ella: I am not sure, they must hide their spiritual pressure better than most. How did you survive her attack?

Lin: What’s bizarre is she could have fired a strong enough blast to kill me if not bring me close to death, but that cero was relatively minor.

Ella: What?! What am I saying, of course, I felt it too. It wasn’t comparable to other ceros, especially strange because she is an angel.

Lin: That blast was still very potent and its strength was overwhelming despite her restrictions. What disturbs me worse is why didn’t she just use a blast strong enough to take me out?

Ella: Maybe she can’t?

Lin: Maybe…but I doubt that.

Ella: We don’t know their numbers, we must find out or else we won’t know how to approach them.

Lin: …well

Ella: Hm. We should probably use caution, whether or not we know, but I am curious (Ella quickly vanishes with Lin, appearing in the distance).

Passon: You spotted that attack just in time, little girls.

Tesoura: It might not be fair if we try and kill them, it may be best if we just toy with them. After a few times being pounced around, they will whither away.

Passon: (chuckles) I wonder what you two are thinking?

Tesoura: They’re probably hoping that their friend over their notices what trouble they’re having and comes to aid them.

Passon: I’m sure it’s worse. They most likely concerned with their lack of concentration. Being unable to sense our movements makes it that much more difficult to predict attacks and avoid them. Right ladies?

Ella: (stares at both viciously)

Lin: We need to develop some strategy or attack in any way possible, otherwise we could lose, Ella.

Tesoura: Correction, you will lose this battle today. The win just isn’t in your C-A-R-D-S.

(Suddenly both Ella and Lin are punched in the back and the two Angels fly around the battle field like acrobats. They unsheathe their swords and being clashing with Lin and Ella)

Tesoura: Cut me, I’ll give you a clear shot!

Lin: (She stares, but quickly takes advantage of what she thinks is her opponents stupidity. With immense speed she slashes Tesoura across the chest from side to side). That wasn’t a very good choice opening up yourself like that! (smiles).

Tesoura: That was a nice, clean cut, girl.

Lin: (shocked) You should be mortally wounded!

Tesoura: Just from a tiny scratch like this? You cut my clothing, not my skin, silly girl.

Lin: (Lin realizes something terrible and frantically goes to call out her shikai when she is sliced with one clean swipe from Tesoura’s blade) (she gasps) Ughhh (blood splatters and flies through the sky as she falls backwards toward the ground).

Tesoura: Now that is how you use a sword in an effort to wound someone!

Passon: (peers over at Lin) Looks like your friend isn’t fairing very well. (Smiles while she blocks a barrage of sword slashes from Ella). Since when did shinigami cease all stealth attacks? Your movements are so obvious and decisions lack such subtlety, I am almost prompted to pity your poor judgment. I hoped not to make a mess, but a savage like yourself cannot be handled with much tact. (Passon appears behind Ella, in the distance Ella begins spurting blood from her hip all the way up to her neck. As the seconds pass more blood flows from her other side).

(both shinigami land by one another)

Tesoura: I know there is still something left, we weren’t that hard on them.

Passon: They’ll stop playing dead and get up. (She places a barrier around both of them and continue to watch Yashnamiesh battle Tenchi).

Yashnamiesh: Your two friends don’t look too well.

Tenchi: (eyes open wide and he glares over at Passon and Tesoura. He gasps as he sees Lin and Ella. Passon and Tesoura wink at him, which he does not know how to react) What the hell…(suddenly a sword pierces his chest. He begins coughing up blood. He looks at Yashnamiesh, but she is still several feet away holding her sword).

Yashnamiesh: Well, that was so unfortunate. If I had angled that attack a bit better, I could have scoured your heart straight through. I promise the second time will be much worse (smiles)!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---thunder of the beast---

*Tenchi begins to laugh*

Yashnamiesh: Whats so funny. Do you find your death comical or is it just the significance of utter failure.

Tenchi with lightning coming from his eyes: your the one who fails, Yashnamiesh.

*the lightning clone of tenchi explodes sending multiple surges of lightning around, one of witch nicks Yashnamiesh*

Yashnamiesh inner monologue: i...cant move.

Tenchi appears behind her: i may be fairly slow, but i am more intelligent in the way of combat. Bolt Cero!

*a yellow lightning cero shoots out with incredible speed and pierces Yashnamiesh's waist, causing much blood to spill from her*

Tenchi: i was a commander in the army of Sekhmet once, don't take me so lightly. I will most likely win this battle. right now your probably slowly gaining the ability to move, but your muscles are tingling in pain. Is it hard to move?

Yashnamiesh: you little trickster. you think you can pierce me...

Tenchi interrupts: i already have, you just haven't noticed it yet, the surge of lightning also cuts down your pain as well. In short you cannot feel when you are dieing.

*Yashnamiesh looks at her chest to see a gaping hole that is filled with a bar of pure lightning.*

Tenchi: ancient lightning bar prison frame;Bolt spike suffering.

*The bar of lightning that pierced Yashnamiesh shoots out many thin strands of lightning, puncturing most of her body from the inside out*

Yashnamiesh: you think this will kill me?! your so mistaken!

Tenchi: I only believe it to be the start of the battle. I know you all to well to be finished by such a pathetic attempt. Am i wrong or are you just using that smart mouth you always had? but im not finished yet, Flood!

*water is created from Tenchi sword and it shoots at Yashnamiesh, causing contact between the bolt bar and the water, concluding much pain onto her even in her paralyzed state*

Yashnamiesh bleeding: finished yet?

Tenchi: no actually, i know that i will need to fight a whole lot harder. *Tenchi grabs the gigantic gourd on his back* Drink up.

*Tenchi pops the cork and drinks the flaming sake till the gourd is hallow. Then a gigantic wave of power surges from him, passing the power of Yashnamiesh by far*

drunk Tenchi: *Stumbles* know let me think.....you have..breasts. Are they nice?

*within a blink from Yashnamiesh, she is punched and kicked millions of times that the lightning bar that sealed her breaks. She is then gliding through the air when she realizes*

Yashnamiesh: wha! GET YOUR HANDS OF MY CHEST YOU PERV! *punches Tenchi back and reclaims footing on the ground* you'll pay for that little stunt. Though you were always known as the quick and stubborn drunk of our village.

Drunk Tenchi: I can't say they weren't nice, but every time you hurt me i only get stronger. the power of the drunk is adrenaline. The more i hurt, the stronger and faster i am *stumbles* and this sake doesn't were off until day 7. *stumbles and falls to his butt*. Did i mention that your breasts are nice *smiles*

Yashnamiesh: ill kill you!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey Crazieone, are you ever going to comment on Kevin and Traea's fight??????
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
Kaguya stands up and puts a hand on the hilt of her swords in their sheath. Orcale doesn't do anything because he's staring into space thinking. Kaguya drew her swords by the ring on the hilts and spun the around.

Kaguya: if you want to fight then I'll be happy to comply! (giggles) But I'll be anything but gentle so you better be careful!

Rok: Don't be so confident! (Swings hammer at Kaguya and she steps back to dodge. She swings her right handed sword at him and he barely steps back. Rok swings his hammer down and is blocked by Kaguya's left sword. She pushes the hammer to the side and it crashes to the ground with a loud slam. She swung her right sword at his neck with blinding speed a but Rok blocks with his hammer's long handle. He picks his hammer up and prepares to swing it on Kaguya. Kaguya is swinging her right sword upward. Suddenly a pencil speeds at Rok's head surrounded by wind. Rok holds his head back to avoid the pencil. Orcale appears between the two holding Kaguya's arm and has his sword slghtly out to block the hammer)

Orcale: That's enough Ayako.

Kaguya: You always intervene so suddenly. (sheath's swords again)

Rok: (leans hammer on the ground and glances at the wall where the pencil had struck. It had drilled into the wall and left a small hole. Thinks to self) *He's able to control wind even without using his sword!*

Orcale: (looks to Ayame) I apologize for my sister's atrocious behavior. She's been rather antsy lately. I've decided to help you get as far as to where this Kenaka is. After that I'll decide whether or not your intensions are good.

Kaguya: And me?

Orcale: You're to go home. I told you that it's pointless for you to be out here. You're endangering yourself for no reason.

Kaguya: Aw, that's sweet. But I'm not going back. I came here to help you and that's what I'm going to do. Besides, I may not be as strong as you yet, but since I'm part of the Zero squad it simply shows that I'm strong enought to be out here.

Orcale: (looks away) You have always been the willful type. But do you want to help these three?

Kaguya: I'm not sure yet. I want to see the top of that tower so I guess waiting is best for now.

Orcale: But the question is when we get to the top, what will you do if I decide to continue helping them while you see them as something that should be stopped?

Kaguya: (grins maliciously) Then I'll more than happily kill you myself.

Orcale: So the dark side of the cordial Ayako is seen. Well, I don't care what you decide on.

Ayame: So you'll help?

Orcale: For now, yes. We'll be comrades...for now.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Mission interuption---

*The battle stops as Ayame gives the signal to go out for the mission*

Ayame: please do not return until you have retrieved both the soul of kenaka and the body of the child. he will be the final key to the end of this suffering.

Oracle: i know.

Ayame shyly: and as for you *looks at kaguya* If you have such despair for our ideal plans, than you can't live.

Oracle: let her stay out of this, she won't do any harm.

Kaguya: as if.

aymame blushes: ok aracle, as you say.

Rok: WHAT! you stronger than he is and yet you do what he says, god your so confusing. Lets head out know.

Kaguya: so i am coming?

Rok: sure little girl, ill let you risk your life to complete this mission.

Ayame: but as i said, dont let Zeke catch you, he is nearly at the level of the child. he is the strongest oni warrior in existance. his normal form is as strong as your bankai right know, maybe stronger. be stealthy.

Rok: we will dont worry, l;ets head out.

*Oracle, kaguya, and Rok vanish*

Ayame: i sure do hope that they return. Also there are more oni warriors that must be recruited. *turns to tsai*. i want you to find the others, we wuill great them and then tell them of our plan.

Tsai; of course you little flirt, i saw you eyeing oracle's body. you digg him dont you.

*Tsai teases ayame and nuggies her head*

Ayame blushes: its not like that!

Tsai: my little sister is growing up so fast awww.

Ayame: quite it.

---Tower of black flames---

*the three appear at the summit of the tower without being seen, yet rok is troubled*

Kaguya: what is it, are you scared?

Rok: i think we have failed.

oracle; what do you..

*all of a sudden oracle is interupted by a voice from behind them*

???: why are you here? who are you?

*Rok turns to see the sight of the famous Zeke*

Rok: YOU!

Zeke: Oh, well if it isn't the oni warrior rok. how sad you had to get mixed up in this.

oracle: we will take him on.

Rok: no, he is too strong for you. take the body and run! We will get the soul of kenaka later. Just leave!

kaguya: you underestimate us, we can take him.

Zeke: i beleive it is you that underestimate me. *deck of cards appear in his right hand and they light on black flames. then the air grows thin and kaguya, oracle, and rok fall to their knees by the lose of air and the very small persentage of Zekes power*

Rok: just leave! ill catch up to you! Hurry up with the body.

*rok presses a couple of buttons on the control pannel and the pod shoots up*

Kaguya: im not weak!

Rok: just go kno...

*rok the looks down to see a black flame whip built up of the playing cards, peircing his chest. Then he screams in pain and explodes in black fire*

Zeke: why dont you just give that to me know. If you run, you will die.

*oracle and kaguya are striken by fear*

Zeke: what are you going to do? Are you going to run or are you going to give it to me? I dont have all day. just give it to me and i won't let my anger peel the very skin off of you.

(will oracle and Kaguya fight the tyrant, or will they run with the body hoping that Zeke will not fallow)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
ok well this is my zanpakuto.

name: Ekoo Ibara(echo thorn)
release commmand: Silence them, Ekoo Ibara
Shikai description: looks like a harp, with a sword attached to the end. it is worn like a shield.
shikai abilities: 1. can fire spirit-energy powered thorns from sword.
2. harp can freeze or randomize the enemy's movement by being played.
3. Blast shout(srry dont no japanese yet)- soundwave powered by spirit-energy at high speeds.

Bankai-Two united, wolf armor ekoo ibara(once again dont no japanese)
description- basically, armor with a head like a wolf.
abilities- 1. the armor amplifies and distorts voice so if an enemy hears it, i can start to control their movements.
2. the blast shout is fired from the mouth, as fast as a bala, and as powerful as a high-powered cero.
3. the claws are able to fire high-powered, high-speed thorns, and also the claws are as sharp as a zanpakuto.

I would tell u about my character, but its kinda confusing. plus im thinkin of adding to the story, but i dont want anyone to know yet.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना randomfan13 said…
also, how do i join up with the story? do i add to someone else's? or just start my own part of it?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
---------------decisions decisions------------------
Kaguya: (whispers quietly to her brother) Nii-san, should we fight back?

Orcale: (whispers back) If we do fight, we won't be able to force him into submission without any unnecesary injuries.

Zeke: So what will it be? I'm low on patience right now.

Orcale: Sorry, but we can't conform with you. (turns to the pod holding 'the child' in it. He starts to pick it up and Zeke swings his hand and several flaming cards fly at Orcale. Kaguya stands in front of them and holds her left sword up)

Kaguya: Defend Benso! (sword turns blue and a blue shield is erected in front of her. The cards collide with it and a blinding light shines. Kaguya's muscles tensed a little bit but she holds the shield up. The cards vanish)

Orcale: (Picks up pod and turns to Kaguya) Ayako, let's go! (slowly dissapears as if he disintegrated himself)

Kaguya: (holds up right sword) Attack Zaika! (her sword turns red and Zeke's arms fall limp as if his muscles had been cut) We hate to hit and run, but bye! (turns and vanishes)

Zeke: Don't think I'll let you get away so easily. (dissapears to follow)
Benso and Zaika are both abilities that Kaguya's multi egoed Zenpakutou can use in Shikai or a weaker version out of shikai. Her swords each have their own name when using those abilities but they have a unified name for Shikai. In other words, her sword represents companionship and loneliness as well as defense and offense.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---the chase---

*oracle and kaguya are running from the strong Zeke*

kaguya; he is right behind us! What should we do?

Oracle to himself: we can't defeat him, those cards were just a small part of his power and t made kaguya struggle intensly.

*Zeke then appears infront of them confronting them. his arm is back to normal*

Zeke: do not underestimate my abilities. *the deck of cards appear in his hands* My powers now equal the power of you bankai. you dont have a chance to win.

Oracle: i didn't want to fight but...

*Zeke appears directly infront of Oracle as his cards turn into a black flame sword made of cards*

Oracle: to slow. *dodges*

Zeke: i would have hit you, if you were my target.

Oracle: what!

*Zeke then lounges at Kaguya with his black flame sword of cards*

Kaguya:Shit! DEfend benso! *the sheild appears, but the flaming black blade turns it to ashes and before it stabs her, the flames stop in order not to kill her. When the blade peirces her, she is knocked out*

Oracle: Ayako! Dont hurt her!

Zeke holding her in his arms as the cards dispurse all around him, now on fire again: she thought her sheild could resist my flames, how sad. She should have known that my flames burn everything esspecially defences. Why don't we trade. you give me the child and i give you the girl. I you dont, then i still get the better deal because if you don't ablige i will kill you and take all of it including the life of this gurl. She is very lively, isn't she.

Oracle: Damn.

Zeke: i also now a brief discription of you power, my flames will eat at you wind. your abilities wont work on me. If you run, than i will keep my prize and give her to Alester to wash her memories and implant memories that you are the enemy. You dont want to fight her do you?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
Traea: (stares at Kevin) I am not sure what is more pathetic (dusts off clothes), how trite your efforts are or how fruitless your mission has been. Are you truly convinced that your masks will be the edge of the blade?

Kevin: What? Who is we?

Traea: I acknowledge that you shinigami lack any precision or judgement, but you're not completely mindless. If you wish to play mind games, I suggest you try a different approach. You and your friends are riding a fine line.

Kevin: Are we? You suddenly appear after centuries and expect to kill without warning, and I am riding a fine line?

Traea: You may dawn the masks of a hollow, but you'll never possess their vicious nature, which is something you believe aids you.

Kevin: No, that isn't it at all.

Traea: Isn't it? Hollows are mindless, soul consuming brutes that do nothing but torment others, which is ironic as they are tormented souls. Despite all that, you wish to gain their abilities and use them in battle. That couldn't sound more like hypocracy. However, you shinigami are well-versed in this.

Kevin: My mask is enough to take you out.

Traea: (Glares at Kevin with such distain) On the contrary, you are very much illinformed. That mask, though it improves your talents greatly, still does not place you on our level. No matter how feverishly you try to bridge that gap, you will always be a weak minded shinigami. How often do you tell yourself, " I am a good person?"

Kevin: Huh? Now you're speaking non-sense!

Traea: If only I were, it would make you look less pathetic. It is so typical for your kind..(Kevin interupts: "MY KIND!") Correct, your kind. Those who only get involved as a situation becomes convenient.

Kevin: That is not true....

Traea: What stake do you have in this? I can imagine that you gain two prizes with your involvment. One, you can finally convince yourself that by embracing these hollow powers that you're nothing like those lowely hollows. Afterall, you put on their mask and use their abilities, so it's compariable. If you use your powers to help the shinigami, well, then you're treachery can be justified. Two, You can use this as an opportunity to explore your new and very mysterious powers. At any other time, it may be viewed negatively, but at a time of war it's completely reasonable that you'd push the limits to win. You shinigami are so predictable, but I am sure you assert that you're no shinigami. Afterall, you now have hollow-like powers, so you're far beyond that.

Kevin: Ughh...(kevin stares at her and has no words)

Traea: (She continues to glare at him) I absolutely loathe your kind, especially vizards. You're the worst type of creature. Allowing you to fall with your shinigami brothren is how fate intended it to be. (Suddenly Kevin smashes in the stomach and dragged across the ground. As he is, she hooks him onto her axe and smashes him into the ground several times and flings him in the air, he tries to escape, but is slices from his right shoulder to his left him by her axe)

Kevin: ...(Sighs and gasps)

Traea: (she is seen with a huge double bladed axe) You're weak. (appears beside him and glances briefly before smashing him with her axe. Blood is seen splashing all over the ground).

Traea: The difference between us is like night and day. You throw your punches and land your kicks, but I remain unphased and undamaged. I, however, strike you with one blow and you're too wounded to stand.

Kevin: (remains hunched over bleeding. He stares at Traea, which all he can see are her eyes. Her eyes that remain so beautiful yet are filled with such evil and emotionlessness). You're wicked...

Traea: (Walks slowly toward Kevin) Are those your final words? (Smashes Kevin on the back with the axe as he lets out a scream and then twirles the axe 360 degrees stikes his chest with the other side sending him in the air) Wicked no, merciless yes. (She fires a cero that engulfs Kevin).

Zalbeseal: (claps are heard from the distance) Wonderfully handled my dear.

Traea: Zalbeseal-sama! (kneels).

Zalbeseal: He's still alive, you know?

Traea: I feel no need to expend anymore energy fighting the likes of him. The vizards are weak, despite their goating us to fight them. He understand his place now. With or without those masks, they are still shinigami trash.

Zalbeseal: They sure are bold, however, it is in such vein. We're leaving.

(both vanish).

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umm seriously, can someone help me out? i dont no how to add to the story?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना orcale999 said…
----------------yet more decisions-------------
Orcale: (thinks to self) *Who'd have thought I'd be placed in this position again. Having to choose between the objective and another's life. I don't know what is more important, saving someone's life or finishing a mission...*

Zeke: Are you trying to find a way out of this? Don't waste your time. If you take too long then you and this girl will both be losing their lives.


Zeke: What's wrong? So scared you're unable to speak?

Kaguya: (mutters while still unconscious) Can't...give in...to anothers...will...

Zeke: So she still has some life left in her?

Orcale: *Ayako...The last time this happened I had to leave you behind for the sake of the mission. I was lucky that you were able to escape death. But because of that your feelings toward me changed...* (puts pod down on the ground and watches Zeke carefully)

Zeke: What's this? You're giving up?

Orcale: This is not a mission is not important enough to me that I have to lose my own sister. I usually don't break my promise to some, but this can't be helped.

Zeke: I see. (looks down at pod) When did you get the chance?

Orcale: What do you mean?

Zeke: I can tell that the pod there is simply a replica. When did you get the chance to swith them?

Orcale: (looks at the pod) I didn't. I can't even tell the difference now.

Zeke: So you're telling me that you don't know where the real one is?

Orcale: No...I was holding it the whole time. When did- (remembers the moment when Zeke attacked Kaguya) Unless...did she do it then?

Zeke: What are yout talking about?

Kaguya: (Is standing next to Orcale and holds a peace sign up) hehe, looking for this? (holds hand up and shows her holding the pod. She holds her right sword out) Attack Zaika. (This time all the card around are split repeatedly and vanish)

Zeke: What did you do?

Orcale: (shocked as well) Ayako, what just happened?

Kaguya: You're not the only person that likes to think ahead, Nii-san. When that man attacked me I used Benso to distract him. Right before he stabbed me, Zaika cut the pod in your hand. (She flicks the pod on the ground and it turns to dust)

Zeke: What did you accomplish from this?

Kaguya: I need to get permission.

Zeke: Permission?

Kaguya: (nods) Our level now may be nothing compared to you, but we still have something binding us. Orcale, shall we?

Orcale: You were able to think all that out...maybe you are my sister. (Pulls back shirt collar to reveal a black spiral mark on the right side of the back of his neck. Kaguya shows an X on her forehead hidden by her hair. They press a finger to the mark and mutter an incantation. They're mark fade away and they let off close to four times the amount of aura from before)

Zeke: So you've been holding back. I see why you managed to survive Pardel's onslaught. But I thought you couldn't risk youself for a mission like this?

Orcale: That was when my comrades life was in danger. But letting you have this boy is not really an option. (draws sword) I'm part of the Zero Squad, endangering my life is part of my job. The only reason why we have these seals is because we don't need people singling us out because of our strenght. Appearantly that didn't do any good.

Zeke: You're throwing your life away.

Orcale: I don't intend to finish the fight, just slow you down.

Kaguya: Nii-san, you want this fight?

Orcale: He's still too powerful. You need to help with this. Just becareful.

Kaguya: (giggles) Yessir!
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You guys are mean, help the guy out already! Or better yet, I’ll do it for you! Anyhow, all you need to do is ask, and you’ll also need a shinigami.


Zeron is fading into a shadow, losing his body, and he gets an idea.

Zeron: Dimension gate, open! (The rest of his body fades into his dimension, and he appears in a forest, about 20 miles from the fight)

Alester back at the fighting area: Ah, too far away to track him, oh well. But, (Looks behind himself) who are you?

A boy standing in the sun’s rays speaks: My name is Kevin.

Alester: Never heard of you.

Kevin: Never asked if you did.

Alester: Heh, why did you come here?

Kevin: Is that really reasonable to ask? You hurt my friend, his fight is done, and my fight has begun.

Alester: What, you write poetry?

Kevin: Eh, a little.

Alester: Well you should know that, (Appears in front of Kevin) that you stand no chance of beating me. (Alester swings his sword at Kevin’s neck, and Kevin bends backwards, just missing the blade.)

Kevin hits Alester on the leg and Alester loses balance: Wow, you are smart.

Alester backs off: Shut up.

Kevin: Although, I can’t go easy on you, (Holds his sword down) Bankai.

A silver reiatsu flows from Kevin, and fills the field. Alester is trying to find an opening of some sort, although he can’t.

Kevin stands with no sword: Now I fight for real. (A thousand swords of different shapes and sizes float around him and Alester, and all of them are bombs)
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thx, but someone alredy helped me earlier. also, my character isnt really a shinigami.