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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Kevy1 said…
I understand wantadog but the blade creates weaknessess because its hard to Maneuver and this makes up for the overkill.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Point taken.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
big smile
I'll post a review in about an hour or so, though it does sound interesting, Kevy.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…

Just to add to what Frost said, but when you use this rage technique, if they become invincible near death, then they can't really die at all and it defeats the purpose of the attack. You should do as Frost suggested and change it from being invincible, but instead more powerful than a Captain or something along those lines.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…

Pendent ability: This is an interesting way of designing a Shikai, as these abilities that pendent gives are designed to precede one another. If the first ability of X sunpou is used, how soon after the first one can the second increase can be used? and the same for the third increase ability.

Bankai abilities:

1) In Bankai can any of the Shikai abilities be used? In Bankai, can all of the abilities be used straight after one another?

2) Does this do this with all numbered Kido spells, including Hado and Bakudo? Can these dimension holes be destroyed in any way? If so, by what?

All-in-all, these are interesting abilities and a firm, but versatile idea for a Zanpakuto. I quite like this one.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Name: Urahara Kisuke

Zanpakuto: Benihime ('Crimson princess')

Bankai: Butou Senyokisaki

Release Command: Shriek (Himei), Butou Senyokisaki

Bankai abilities:

Senyokisaki: Dansu ('Elf-Queen: Dance') The Zanpakuto glows and has to be moved side-by-side and forwards and backwards until it stops glowing (if the Zanpakuto stops moving at any point during this, then the attack won't work). When it stops glowing, the attack is ready. This attack is similar to Benihime's Cry, which can be used in three ways: to cancel out a projectile of reiatsu, fire a corresponding projectile and create a small shield of reiatsu. This attack, unlike Cry, increases speed, for instant attacking and fires the same projectiles, but with the added explosives of Shibari Benihime. Can also cancel out reiatsu blasts by matching the timing, size and power.

Senyokisaki: Sakebi ('Elf-Queen: Scream') Lets out a loud scream, which creates a shock-wave, not unlike Grimmjow's, however this damages the opponent's hearing, causing them deafness for thirty seconds and masking a portion of their reiatsu for the same amount of time (this doesn't steal their reiatsu, its still there, just can't be used for thirty seconds). This attack can only be used once every five minutes.

Senyokisaki: Kouki Issei ('Elf-Queen: Final Cry') This releases a large portion of Kisuke's reiatsu. The reiatsu arranges itself into ten pillars of red reiatsu (each with a two meter radius) and then they all collide with the opponent, imploding intensely for ten seconds, then the remaining energy seals the opponent away. This can only remain sealed permanently if the opponent's reiatsu had been completely drained.

Bankai appearance: It still looks the same as in Shikai, except the tassel is replaced by a white chain, with an arrow attached to the end. The blade is also longer and slightly thicker.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
By the way, Kevy, you should review this, as it is for your RP when we decide to start it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Kevy1 said…
big smile
Thanks blackpather for the review.

The response for the review

Pendent ability: If the first ability of X sunpou is used it will take 4 seconds to use the second increase and 8 seconds for the third increase ability.

Bankai abilities:

1) In Bankai no shikai moves can be used but Fe-taru X Dansu Xs can be used individually.

2) Yes all numbered Kido spells, including Hado and Bakudo can be subdued and released. No, the dimension hole cannot be destroy or damage only in move 3 the compressed X can be destroyed..
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Batou Senyokisaki) –

1) How long would he have to continuously move this before it stops glowing?

2) What’s the range on this? Is it a directed shockwave, or is this an area of effect ability? How fast does the shockwave move? What portion of their reiatsu is masked? If their energy is already in use and gets masked, what happens to the portion that is in use? Since this focuses on damaging hearing, does it require that the shockwave hits the opponent’s head, or does any hit cause the sound to travel up to the ears?

3) Do the 10 pillars form instantly? Can Kisuke select the specific location of each pillar, or do they select a central location around which the pillars form? How tall are the pillars? How fast do they move when pushed to collide? How powerful are the implosions?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…

1) Lol, I completely forgot to add this. Twenty seconds. It cannot be interrupted by any outside influences, unless they cause the wielder to not be able to move the Zanpakuto.

2) 200 meters, at the absolute most (this does not mean that it will necessarily reach that far). It is a directed shockwave and can be avoided. About a third, possibly more (this depends on the amount of reiatsu Kisuke projects while using this ability). The reiatsu being used won't be affected, it will only mask a portion not being used (its better to use this ability while the opponent isn't using excessive reiatsu). Since it is a scream (a very high pitched sound) as long as the opponent hears the sound, it will be enough to cause the temporary deafness.

3) Yes, instantly, though it takes about ten seconds to close in on the opponent and about twenty-five arrange the pillars around the opponent. Each pillar CAN be placed wherever Kisuke wishes them to be placed, but they do also form around a central location to save precious time. The pillars are about 200-300 meters high. They move about 50-60 m/s and the implosion (theres only one, it is just the energy from all the pillars combined) is extremely powerful and could even break through an Espada's Hierro given enough time, however the implosion is designed to cause the opponent immense pain, then suddenly they are trapped for a certain amount of time, according to how much reiatsu they have left. Let's say the opponent has only 30 percent of his reiatsu left, he would be sealed away for a couple of days. If the opponent's reiatsu was at ninety percent of their reiatsu, they would only be trapped for between ten minutes to an hour.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Okay I have decided to enhance my sword, this will be a more detailed version of the one <---- one page over.

sealed state:

Appearance: In this state the zanpakuto looks like a ordinary wooden sword with a rectangular gaurd and a ordinary looking hilt. On either side of the blade at the base, there is a engraving of a wolfs head.

Power: unlike most zanpakuto, this sword has a power even in it's sealed state. This zanpakuto has the power to imitate any kido(this includes bakudo and hado), zanpakuto based ability(only kido based), or hollow attack(cero and above).it can only recreate at the power that it was originally first used. For example: if he sees a menos grande use cero, it can only recreate a cero at a menos' level.(p.s. He sharpens the zanpakuto using his spiritual pressure).

Shikai: Ookami(wolf)
Release command: shred to pieces Ookami!

Appearance: This zanpakuto appears as two scimitars that have four holes in each, no guard, and a hilt that is in a pattern of black and white. Also on either side of the hilt at the top, there is the same engraving of a wolfs head that the sealed state has.


Burakkuhoro Wa Hikari No Kyushu: Black Hole Absorption
The cancellation or absorption of any attack as long as the power of the attack does not exceed the soul reapers spiritual pressure which is at vice captains level when in shikai.It can block any melee attack by bouncing the sword away, creating an opening. It can absorb any attacks that use kido or reiatsu. As he uses this attack the holes on the zanpakuto fill up, so he is limited to using this attack only eight times, afterwards he cannot use shikai for awhile.

Wakusei No Tate: Planetary Shield
This attack forms a healing shield around a person, healing their wounds, the more serious the wound the longer the healing process. This attack forms a sphere around the person filling it with a knockout gas to put the person out. This attack can be used as long as the soul reaper has reiatsu.

Kiba Hanten: Fanged Reversal
After the soul reaper runs out of spiritual pressure or uses attack number one eight times, the combined power of the attacks that were absorbed are blasted out straightforward in a beam.There is no limit to the amount of reiatsu absorbed but the user has to be conscious for this attack to work to avoid accidently killing himself or others.

Bankai: Ao Ookami(blue wolf)
Appearance: This bankai starts out with she soul reaper having no sword and wearing a dark blue soul reaper uniform with gold trims. The soul reaper uniform looks more silky than a normal one. The soul reaper can make his sword appear in his hand. The sword looks more like kenpachi's but the jagged edge is more even than kenpachi's. Also the wolf engraving from shikai is on the soul reapers back.


Uchu No Choshinsei: Cosmic supernova
This attack takes all the light in the area and forms eight powerful blasts that attack from eight different directions at high speeds. Each blast is as powerful as Ichigo's getsuga tenshou at shikai level.

Arufa No Ken: Sword of the alpha
This attack takes all the surrounding light in the area and forms it into a blade. The blade is the combined power of all the light in the area, but is only used to prevent the sword from breaking. This attack makes the user rely on his skill with the blade. Again, This is just an ordinary sword that has no special qualities except that its nearly impossible to break.

Pakku No Ikari: Fury Of The Pack
This attack causes all the shinigami's senses to increase by 3x, Allowing the soul reaper to be able to fight at a incredible pace. This attack works independent of the shinigami, but the shinigami can for instance, take the increase for hearing and apply that toward his sight giving him an advantage. This attack has a downside of the longer the shinigami uses this attack, the more fatigued and erratic his reiatsu becomes.

Additional details:

Zanpakuto spirit: As the name suggests the zanpakuto spirit for this sword is a dark blue wolf with golden yellow eyes. While in shikai, The zanpakuto spirit is a beautiful woman who wears the outfit that the shinigami wears in bankai(does that make him a crossdresser?) She also has dark blue hair, golden yellow eyes and pale translucent skin.

Inner mind: This soul reapers inner world is a pure white space that has millions of brown doors scattered around, with the shinigami in the middle. These doors are his memories, thoughts, abilities, and most anything else as they make up who he is.

Zanpakuto element: The element of this zanpakuto is light, so while the attacks listed above are more powerful, The soul reaper can do pretty much anything with light while in bankai.(for instance: turn a single drop of light into a sword at the expense of energy.)

That does it, hmm seems a little long doesn't it?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Wantadog (Ookami) – I’ll use the updated version.

1) So what effect would using this on an opponent of higher spiritual pressure than the wielder? Could, say, a melee attack be more easily parried? Could a kido-based attack be reduced by an amount equal to the wielder’s reishi? Also, does the absorption increase your reishi by the amount absorbed, or does that energy just disappear?

2) How large is the shield? Can it cover multiple people? What level of attacks can it take before it shatters, and can it be recreated as soon as it is destroyed? Give some idea of the healing potential. How long would it take to heal a cut? A broken bone? A deep gouge? You say this can also be used as an attack by filling it with knockout gas. Does this form along with the shield it generates around you, or do you choose which forms? Does the release of knockout gas only happen when an opponent is within the shield, and can that gas affect the wielder or allies? How quickly would someone begin to feel the effects of the knockout gas? Is it inhaled, or does it affect by mere presence? How powerful is this shield? In either instance, how long does the shield take to form? As it’s forming, does it follow them if they move? Can you form the sphere around an opponent regardless of the distance, or is there a range on this?

3) Is this the only way that absorbed energy can be used? What if no energy was absorbed by the first technique? Can they still use this upon running out of spiritual energy or 8 uses of the first ability? If you can, how powerful is the beam in that instance? How fast and large is the beam in any circumstance? Does it function much the same as a cero?

Bankai: In terms of making the sword appear, what are the limitations on this? Can they make it appear in their hand if the blade would end up directly inside the opponent as a result?

1) Does it matter how much light there is in the area? Does it increase power or size of the attack? Is there a minimum amount of light required to make this work? How far away can the opponent be and still be set as the center on this attack? How fast do these blasts move? How large are they? After this is used, does light return to its normal locations? How far away is light removed from?

2) How far away does this draw light form? Is an increased amount of light only capable of making the sword harder to break, or does it somehow increase the power or size of the blade as well? Since this draws upon light in the same way as the first ability, can it deplete the power of the first ability if this is also active? Also, as you move with this blade, do you remove light from a given area around you, or do you just remove light immediately upon use of this ability?

3) A linear increase to senses is somewhat complex. For example, when your touch is increased by 3x, doesn’t that also increase pain by 3x? Sounds would be louder, which is great if they’re soft to begin with, but horrible if they’re loud. A dearth of light would be optimal for him, but any source of light would be practically blinding. It gets all the trickier if you decide to layer them as you’ve said. If, say, you increase smell by 15% by layering everything there, you may be able to pick out your opponents scent easily, but other smells would be insanely overpowering. Just keep that in mind. How does this increase the pace of your fighting? I get that it might improve your reaction speed, but increasing senses alone does nothing to increase speed. I don’t think you need to apply the downside here. This ability is a mixed bag as is.

It's an interesting blade, but don't worry about the length. Honestly, this is rather short as is, especially by comparison to many of the blades I've made, so keep expanding upon it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…


1.To answer your question, there is a difference in the effectiveness of this attack when fighting a more powerful opponent. For melee attacks, the effectiveness of the attack is measured in the actual physical power of the blow, a weaker blow would be more easily parried than a stronger one. For kido attacks, there is actually no limit on the amount absorbed, but the more that is absorbed the longer you have to wait until shikai is able to be used again. No the energy does not disappear, it is stored in the shinigami himself and the blast(see attack 3) goes through the shinigami, into the blade, and out.

2.As for this one, the shield can be any size, but as it is made up of the users reishi, the larger the sphere the larger the energy drain. yes it can cover multiple people, but that is not advised as that would drain the shinigami's spiritual pressure too fast, especially while in battle, so it is not something that would be used often. Yes it can be used immediately after it is used. It can be used as long as the user has spiritual pressure. A menos' cero or above can destroy it. It would take about 30 seconds to heal a 3 inch cut, 3 minutes for a broken bone, and for more serious wounds such as a sword through the heart, it would take about 15 minutes(more or less)(i seem to like multiples of 3). The knockout gas is released as soon as the subject is completely encased. This is not for opponents(I probably shouldn't have called it a attack then huh). It is used for allies, but this is not like orihime's power, when it heals wounds it heals kind of painfully. The gas is by touch as it enters the pores. It takes about 1 minute to form by lifting the subject and circling around them to create the shield. It cannot move, and there is not really a distance, as long as they are in the vicinity(same room)(the room being about 40-50 feet in any direction, it consumes more energy the farther away it is.

3. it can be used differently by releasing the energy before you run out of shikai, but if you use four absorbtions worth, one of the swords fade, if both swords fade then you lose shikai for awhile. If no energy is absorbed(melee and kido) then a comical poof comes out of the sword instead. If they run out of spiritual pressure then the attack still goes as long as the user is conscious. how fast and large depends on the amount absorbed,at most it would be as large as ichigo's getsuga but in a beam form. yes exactly like a cero.

Bankai: Well sort of, but thats more rukia's thing(kind of the only way she ever wins...you'd think the bad guys would learn...) To answer your question ya he could do that.

1. The more light in the area the more powerful the blasts. It increases power but not size so as to maintain its speed. Minimum is about as much as two arms(normal arms not gorilla size lol). The opponent has to be within 15 feet of the user. They move about as fast if not a teensy weensy bit faster as ichigo's ever so subtle getsuga tenshou. They are about as large as a getsuga as well. Yes the light would return to it's normal locations(might be awkward if it didn't huh?=). The light is removed from a 200 foot radius.

2. 200 feet radius like the above. No it would not make it harder to break, and the power and size stays the same. The first attack cannot be used at the same time unless the battle takes them someplace else. Light is removed immediately when activated, so when they move to other areas, the light in that area is not affected.

3(notes). Yes this a complex attack, but I intentionally made it that way because since this is a bankai attack, it takes an extreme amount of skill to control.

3.(answers). Yes it would, but if the user is skilled enough with this attack, he can focus the 3x enhancements on his motor functions and not on the downsides of increased pain. This gives the user extreme control over his senses, he can control which parts of the ears are enhanced and which parts aren't, he can adjust his eyesight to give him an advantage in any setting, for instance in the dark he can layer it to increase his eyesight, while in the bright light he can darken it so as not to be distracted(does that make sense). As for the pace of fighting, by applying what i just said, the user could increase the power of his muscles to provide enhanced strength and speed(i really hope that makes sense to someone other than me...)

that was sort of what i had in mind but i really only now figured out how to word it. As for the downside i put in there, i put it in because i thought it needed an equal downside.

Anyway thank you for your review, i hope this helped.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Fushizen Binsoku ('Unnatural Agility')

Release Command: Disappear (Shoushitsu)

Bankai: Kuroshikyo ('Black death')

Shikai Abilities:

Special ability: Able to move so fast that the opponent sees only a blur. This is different from shunpo and cannot be used at the same time. This is not constantly active and only occurs while using any of Fushizen Binsoku's Shikai abilities, or Kuroshikyo's Bankai abilities.

Nijimu ('To blur') This combines the un-natural speed of the Zanpakuto, with the slash effect of the claw-blades coming out of the wielder's fingers. While moving so fast, the blades can be used to cut and slash at the opponent, while the wielder is spinning and slashing at the same time. This cannot be blocked unless the opponent has greater speed than the wielder. This attack can only be used for thirty seconds at one time and requires ten seconds of cooldown time before being used again. A drawback is the usage of reiatsu, which is high.

Seishou Sutoraiki ('Energy strike') The wielder's reiatsu is applied to the finger/claw blades and can be used to in two different ways: the wielder can either keep the energy in the blades, inflicting more damage with each successful strike, or the reiatsu can be released into the skin of the opponent. This creates a deeper cut and leaves reiatsu residue in the cut(s). Any reiatsu residue in the opponent slows their overall movement speed/agility by five percent and atatck speed by ten percent. This only affects the opponent once.

Bankai Abilities:

Kyori Shouyo ('Distance bonus') This ability depends on distance from the opponent. The further away the wielder is from the opponent, the more damage the wielder does when he strikes the opponent. This is available up to 150 meters away. At 150 meters away, the wielder does maximum damage to the opponent, regardless of strength (treats a Captain as a Vice-Captain or Seated Officer in this situation). At 5 meters away, the wielder does less damage than normal (treats a Seated Officer as a Vice-Captain, or a Vice-Captain as a Captain). At 50 meters away, the wielder does normal damage. Maximum damage means that the wielder will be treated as a Captain-level officer, while the opponent will be treated as a Vice-Captain (if a Captain and Seated Officer, if opponent is a Vice-Captain). Strikes will cut deeper, with perfect precision and more strength than normal.

Special Ability, Bankai: Shikai Abilities can be used during Bankai and reiatsu usage of all abilities is ten percent less than in Shikai.

Sealed Form: The tsuba is black, with dark green wrapping underneath. The guard is shaped as a diamond and is golden. The blade is black and the tsuba has a short chain dangling off the end, otherwise it is the same in other aspects as a normal katana.

Shikai: A leather/metal glove is worn on both hands and the ends (stretch to the tips of the fingers) have long, curving blades coming out of them, that are approximately thirty-two centimeters long.

Bankai: Same as Shikai, but blades are five centimeters shorter.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Review anyone??? XD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
wantadog - Looks like you covered everything. With a blade like yours, there's a lot of ins and outs, so don't feel bad about missing a few pieces here and there. wagakagami regularly proves that mine are far from perfect.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Haha XD and Whiteflame often makes me realise that I tend to miss on some specific details...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Speaking of which…

Blackpanther666 (Fushizen Binsoku) –


Special ability) How does this speed compare to a flash step?

1) If, during that 30 second period, it is interrupted, does the cooldown automatically start, or can you speed up immediately for the remainder of that time? Can this be interrupted with flash step without activating the cooldown?

2) What suffices as increased damage as a result of holding the energy in the blade? Does it just add to the cutting force? With regards to the reiatsu residue, does it slow the opponent’s entire body, or just the portion of them in which the residue resides? I’m guessing it’s the former, but if it’s the latter, how far away from the site of injury is affected? Can the residue be removed, and if it can, can this ability affect the opponent again after a follow up cut? Does the residue last as long as the blade is released?


1) Do these increases and decreases only apply to melee strikes with the blade directly? I’m pretty sure that’s the case, but I’m just checking.

Looks pretty solid, well done.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…

Thanks for the review.

1) This is a different type of movement to shunpo, so it doesn't really. The best way I can put it, is that it is probably faster in general than shunpo, but not by too much. It also depends on the skill of the wielder and the skill and speed of the opponent and whether they are a Captain or not.

2) Cuts deeper and with more strength. Yes, it does. The residue slows the area that has been cut. The residue cannot be removed and only disappears when Fushizen Binsoku, or kuroshikyo goes into sealed form.


1) Yes. Lol. XD

Thanks, Whiteflame. Good review.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ZeroMask said…
how can i make?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
There's a template at the top of the page, Zero. Just fill it with whatever suits you best for a blade idea.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना skulls81 said…
My swords name will be Davidsoko

Use my referal link. Its a fun game with 30k+ daily players

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
You might want to post the blade in here if you want a review.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना unohana said…
zanpakuto's name: Hanayo(flower generation)
shika name:flor de la murde
release command: UP RISE
bankai name: rosa negrea(i get a long black jacket with a purple rose in the back with thorns all over all with th numer of my squad in my right arm)
shikai abities: 1.thorns will appear all over and attack
2.the petals will burn your skin
3.smell my roses and you will get posioned
bankai abities: 1.my zanpakuto will get spikes that appear like thrones so when attack someone you get many cuts
2.it will purple and and posion smoke will come of it which makes look like fog so the air you breath will kill you
3.touch my zanpakuto and your hand will slowly disapper
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Zanpakuto: sealed state
Description: this blade has medium sized blade and a guard that has four dragon heads going in each direction diagonally.

Zanpakuto: Shikai
Name: Unmei No Mokuteki(fates purpose)
Description: The blade while in its shikai resembles its sealed state but a blue strip in a spiral pattern is on the blade. Also there is electricity surrounding the blade(also in spiral pattern). There is a red circle on either side of the top of the hilt.


1:Moeru Yona Unmei(fiery destiny)
When the zanpakuto makes contact with the opponents weapon, the sword absorbs a little energy from the enemy, the longer the weapons are in contact the more energy is absorbed. When enough energy is absorbed,(about the energy it takes to use shikai) the next time the blades make contact, the electricity surrounding the blade snakes out and surrounds the opponents blade, locking the two together, then the electricity expands and wraps around the opponent, making him unable to move. After that the soul reaper pours energy into the sword charging it up. When the blue ribbon on the blade is completely lighted up then when the soul reaper yanks his blade away,, a huge explosion is created.

2:Unmei No Ringu(ring of fate)
The soul reaper pushes his blade into the ground and a yellow ring is created. this ring can be strectched at will and grows larger as the soul reaper pours reiatsu into it. When this ring touches an opponent, they are immediatly immobilized because the moment the ring touches them it pours reiatsu into them and that reiatsu immobilizes his limbs and stops his motor functions. then the ring starts absorbing all of the opponents reiatsu. This attack can only be countered by an outside attack as the soul reaper is incapable of movement when this attack is used.

Zanpakuto: Bankai
Name: Saigo No Unmei(final fate)
Description: While in bankai, the soul reapers body is completely covered in chains. These chains can increase or decrease his weight or the effect gravity has on him at will. There is a chain that is attached to his wrists, the soul reaper can make this chain hard,soft,stretchy, or whatever.


1:Unmei No Kaeru(changing fate)
This ability can increase or decrease the soul reapers weight or the affect gravity has on him. For example: He could lower his weight to half earths gravity so as to increase jumping power, or he can increase gravity to make him more sturdy so as to be able to more easily hold his ground. He could also decrease gravity or weight in one area while increasing gravity or weight in another.

2:(not sure of name)(passive)
This ability gives an extreme increase of strength. For example: It would take someone of Hanatoro's level and increase it to Renji's level. The soul reapers body size stays the same while this is active.

3:Kaminari No Yona Unmei(thunderous destiny)
This attack creates a tattoo of a single chain link on the soul reapers hands. The soul reaper can make chains fly out of his hands at high speeds. The chains attach themselves to whatever they touch and only the soul reaper can unstick them.

Notes: I had a bit of trouble on bankai attacks numbers 2 and 3. I'm not sure whether number 2 is overpowered or not. And i could not think of any way to explain number 3. Any suggestions are welcomed.

more notes: This was made for a visored character. If anyone is interested they can find it on the create a visored page.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Unohana (Hanayo) –


1) Where are the thorns appearing? Is it just on the blade, or in the air at a certain distance around you, or can you set a central location around which the thorns form? How many do you form? How fast do the thorns form? How fast do they move when you have them attack? Do they cause any special damage, or just what someone would expect of thorns?

2) Which petals? Do they burn as a result of touching someone or something? How much of a burn do they cause (first, second, third degree)?

3) Where are these roses? From what range can they be smelled? How fast acting is the poison? What effects does the poison have?


1) Do the thorns simply cause extra cuts, or do they have some improved effect? Honestly, this seems quite a bit weaker than shikai #1, since that’s a ranged attack.

2) How much of the area is covered in this poison fog? How quickly will inhaling it kill you? Does it have any other effects before it causes death?

3) How quickly will the hand disappear? Does it act as though the hand was cut off, and therefore start to bleed from the wrist when the hand does disappear? Can any body part that touches the blade disappear like this?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Wantadog (Unmei no Mokuteki) –

Shikai: Does the electricity have any effect without activating an ability?

1) So how much energy would one absorb in a quick clash? How about in a 10 second duration of attachment with the other blade? Just give some idea of what percentage of the total each of these would provide to make it clear. Can the opponent dodge the wrap around following the binding of the blades? Can the binding of their body be broken, either by energy or physical means? How powerful is the explosion?

2) How large is the ring this creates initially? How large can it possibly be? If the opponent jumps over the ring as it’s expanding/contracting, are they unaffected by it? Can an opponent resist the effects of the immobilization if they have more energy than what’s poured into them? How much energy is absorbed by the ring following immobilization? You say this can be countered by outside assistance, how? Can someone disrupt the ring to stop it?

Bankai: You shouldn’t include the weight changes and effects on gravity in the description. They’re part of the first ability anyway, so just stick to the physical aspects of the blade in here.

1) It’s really important to define to just what extent this is allowed. How low can his weight go? How high can it go? Inevitably, gravity has much the same effect as weight in some ways here, so one or the other works the same, unless the gravity applies to an area around you, in which case the questions become more complex.

2) I understand the example, but is this a multiplier for strength, or an addition? Either way, try to quantify just how much of a boost this provides, since the character wielding it is likely stronger than Hanataro.

3) Can the chains that come out of this be of any given length? How fast do they move? If they hit clothing on the opponent’s body, do they attach to the clothing, or the body through the clothing? How do these chains compare to your own in terms of being able or unable to be broken? If they are broken, can they be reattached from the broken end?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kennyboay said…
the weilder of the shusshoshintai Kaze is part of kenpachi's 11th division but is mostly too lazy to go up the ranks he keeps his zanpakuto in shikai form in hopes of getting to use it again. he is very fast and skilled at hand to hand combat. his self created unique unpredictable style of using his zapakuto has given even kenpachi a hard time.

Zapakuto-shusshoshintai Kaze(retreating and advancing wind)
release comand- hikisaku (tear apart)
Bankai- Aianmeiden Hiko (flying iron maiden)

shikai apearance- A box cutter knife the container of which carrying 8 tightly held knives, it apears to look like one wide knife. both ends of the container are burn't and have a hole for the knife to pop out of. the center of the container is a faded and scratched up orange color.

Ability 1- the 8 knives can stretch out to create one long awkward looking katana with the container as the hilt.(not realy an ability but this is how he is usaully found holding his weapon)

Ability 2- the knives can be shot out of the hilt by a small explosion his shusshoshintai kazu tends to make. the knives boomerang back into the hilt thanks to an extremely stong electromagnetic frequices that attract each other together.

Ability 3- the blades can attract together to make a differently shaped blade. or in mid air to change course

Ability 4- the blade when in katana form can make a chainsaw motion with the explosions in the hilt.

Ability 5- the hilt can make explosions to launch the wielder in any dirrection he disires. as well if the oponnent grabs a blade in mid-flight he could use the explosions and the electromagnetic frequices to make a lightning fast lunge at you.

Ability 6- if blades a broken they can be put back together when they return back to the hilt using electromagnetics of the blade to hold it together he can sew then coat the blade in spirit energy this fixs them completly.( through training he is able to do this very fast)

Ability 7- he can control the shrapnel of one of his broken blades through the electromagnetics by repeling and attracting one shrapnel by another.

Bankai Apearance- the container has split to create two along with the blades which now have the detail of a branching out gust of wind engraved into the inside.

Bakai Ability 1- the blades can now change shape in mid-air the reform back to the blades befor being shot again

the flying iron maiden- the blades whether they are still in the hilt or flying they can spread or grow as though they were explosively growing trees spreeding branches all over then return back to normal(or at least one peice of the blade) so they can fit in one of the containers.

Ability 2- the containers still use explosions infact the are now more powerful but the same abilities as earlier aply now as well.

just one of my colection of dream zenpakuto.
:D(> (refer to picture to understand emotocon)

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Whiteflame, (about Sankemuri)

1) The acid cloud is relatively large, I'm too sure how to descrube how large it is, so I'd say that it would cover an area of about fifteen square meters. The acid cloud moves at approximately 12 m/s, but will be affected by wind. This is manipulated by the Shinigami wielder themself. The wielder communicates directly to the Zanpakuto's spirit and then the acid cloud responds.

2) Yes, it uses reiatsu and tires the wielder. Yes, pH is the only thing that is affected, the acid is already relatively undilute (2-3 moles) and, therefore, doesn't need to be stronger. When it melts something the after-effect is that of the object looking as though it has been distorted in some way.

3) Through a chemical reaction, chlorine gas and the other chemical needed for chloroform (can't remember what it was, maybe sodium hypochlorate or something), are released and react with the acid to form a smaller cloud of chloroform gas (about 3-5 meters squared), which then puts to opponent to sleep as soon as they breathe in the gas. You can't really see it, as chloroform gas is transparent, or so I believe. It moves about the same speed as the acid attacks, but is released more in a wave, than a ball. Yes, it always has the same effect, and it works on anyone unless they are an insomniac.

Bankai abilities:

1) It is independant of distance and number of opponents. It occurs from the effect of coming into contact with the acid in the abilities, so the more attacks that hit, the faster the gradual symptoms occur. Reiatsu will hinder the process for awhile i.e. a Captain's reiatsu would hold it off for much longer than an Unseated Shinigami. This would start to show after about five to ten minutes for an Unseated Shinigami, but for a Captain, it would depend on the their personal level of reiatsu, compared to other Captains.

2) In Bankai the acid is much less dilute than in Shikai and the acid WILL burn, second to third degree burns when any Shinigami comes into contact, though it will take time before it begins to really burn. The more balls are fired out, the more reiatsu used, so the limit would be about twenty balls. Quite fast - about forty-fifty m/s. When they are being directed, not as fast, it would take about twenty seconds to get them in place.

3) This attack takes all of the acid fumes stored within the Zanpakuto and draws it around the opponent, taking about thirty seconds, allowing a small window for escape. The fumes form a massive cloud around the opponent, similar to Senbonzakura's Gokei and about as large. The only Kido that would really have much of an effect, would be Tenran, since it is wind, which could easily blow the fumes away.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
[zanpakuto's name]: Yoru Kage( nights shadow)
[release command] : kuraku hikari( darken the light
[bankai name] - hikari sutoraiku( 1000 shadows strike)
one thousand shadow clone appear simultainiestly around the opponent striking him/her one after the other the disintagrate when defeated

im really new at this so your comments would grealy be appriciated already made my character and sort of a little story. :)
[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
forgot these
[shikai] kage kuron (shadow clone)
a clone of the wielder is created by shadows with a shadow clone zanpukuto
all shiki abilities can be used by the clone
1:kurai konrai(dark confusion)
the wielder manipulates the shadows and light which causes hilusenations and confuses the opponent.

2:shadousukoraiku(shadow strike)
like ichigos gestuga tenshou this attack is simmillar as it uses the wielders spiritual energy and sends out a wave of compressed
spiritual energy.

3: kage terepoteshon (shadow teleportation)
can teleport through shadows

[bankai abilities]
Kurai kage no sutoraiki(dark shadow strike)can be used with banki
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Since you are new, I'll tell you some things to watch out for.

When making an ability, or a special ability, try to make that ability understandable i.e. add in lag-time, how the attack works, what kind of damage it does, etc.

Next thing, have a special ability and then, say, two other abilities that wouldn't be counted as main abilities. Special abilities are often passive, while other abilities can passive or active, depending on what you want them to do.

For example, Heaven's sword ('Sekisho Tsurugi') The blade of the Zanpakuto is shrouded in a bright light. The bright light can cut through essentially anything that has lower level reiatsu than the wielder. This ability is active for one minute after releasing the ability. After a minute is up, the blade loses the light surrounding it and reverts back to normal Shikai. If the reiatsu of the wielder is particularly high (Captain-level), their reiatsu will be added to the the light on the blade and will be releasing whenever the Zanpakuto contacts the opponent's reiatsu.

All-in-all, just spend a bit of time working out all the kinks and little details. Don't stress if you miss out something... Me, Whiteflame or anyone else who is regularly will point it out to you in a review.

Hope this helps.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
By the way, I forgot to say, for your first time, this is pretty good.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
thanks blackpanther666
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
any sugestions? i dont know what to write?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
this is my character it sounds kinda impossible but here it goes:
my characters name is rajin and no it does not have anything to do with being the god of thunder, rajins mother was a quincey and his father was a soul reaper when he was born his parents were killed by hollows also he was born with an identical twin but an evil one at that so as time went on they both developed their skills as soul reapers but as they grew older raijins brother got more and more increasingly evil. after both of them became captains not long after he snaped he attacked the civilians of the soul society killing many aventualy raijin steped realizing the only way he could stop this was to defeat his brother in combat, but he couldnt he tried but he could not bring himself to do it. Raijin always had a plan B so he used it his plan b was to use forbiden kido to seal his brother away inside him. his brother will only remain sealed away as long as raijin stays alive, raijin was stripped of his rank and marked to recognise the curse he carries and then banished from the soul society he was not angry for this because he new it had to be done. raijin became a mercenary for anyone who would pay the right number.

a little bit about raijin:
because he is half quincy and half soul reaper he can absorb reishi into Reiatsu therefor greatly increasing his spiritual presure,he cannot use a Quincy cross or any quincy weapon as of yet but who nows theres always hope for the future he is not a vissard but his brother Kurai tamashī (meaning dark soul)is one and when raijin taps into to kurai tamashis spiritual presure to build up his own sometimes he will lose control of the curse and Kurai tamashī will be released taking over raijins body. Kurai tamashī is ten times stronger then raijin.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
this is kinda what his banki sword looks like never used paint b4 so its a bit rough
 this is kinda what his banki sword looks like never used paint b4 so its a bit rough
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
and sealed
 and sealed
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…

Shikai: No it does not do anything without activating the ability. The opponents sword would kind of go right through it.

1. Lets say to use this attack, the soul reaper needs to absorb about 25%. A quick clash would take about 0.02. A 10 second clash would take about 5%. Well i suppose he could let go of his blade, but other than that no not really. The binding cannot be broken by any type of attack, unless the user is no longer in contact with his blade. The explosion is about as strong as 3 getsuga tenshou's(shikai form).

2. 5 feet in each direction. There is no limit, as long as the user has reiatsu. Anyone who is on the inside of the ring is affected besides the user. No it can't. It absorbs energy twice as fast as attack 1. It can be countered by someone attacking the user. If the user is no longer touching his sword or if the sword is pulled from the ground, then the ring disappears.

Bankai: ya i noticed that lol my bad.

1. It can reduce the gravity down to 1/10 of earth. It can increase gravity to somewhere around 250-300. The gravity only affects the user.

2. This attack multiplies the users physical strength by 4x....poor hanatoro.

3. Yes they can be any length. They move at about 10-20mph. If they hit the opponents clothes then it also attaches to the soul reaper. They are about the same. They are very difficult to break. no they can't, but the soul reaper can just make more. Also, the soul reaper can take one of these chains and make it hard and sharp like a sword(the same as the chain at the wrist.)

hows that?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
wantadog - You got to most of it, the only question that remains is whether the circle from ability #2 in shikai has any effect on opponents hovering over it, or if it only affects those on the ground?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Kennyboay (Shusshoshintai Kaze) –

Shikai: Way too many abilities here. The standard is 3 in shikai, and you have 7. Might want to slim that down a bit.

1) This is an ability as long as he can change the form of his blade so dramatically. About how long is the katana this creates?

2) Does the explosion cause any harm to the wielder? How fast are they fired out? Are they fired out all at once, or one at a time? You say the hilt has an electromagnetic effect, does that mean it can also attract other metals?

3) How are you moving these in the air? From the second ability, I was made to believe that magnetic pulses were required to move them. Can you activate pulses in them from a large distance away? How far? How do you control when and where they move? Do you motion in the direction you want them to go, give a mental or verbal command, what? How fast can you move them through the air?

4) I'm having trouble understanding this as well. Are the explosions causing the smaller blades (which have contributed a lot of their length to the first ability) to move along the edges of the blade? How quickly can they be shot around the edges? Why are the blades moving along the edges of the longer blade instead of flying off as a result of the explosive blast? Does this mean you can repeat the explosion multiple times in quick succession? Does that cause the hilt to overheat, or have any adverse affects?

5) Can this only happen while the blades are not located inside the hilt? Are these explosions stronger, weaker or the same power as the ones you talked about before? If they’re either weaker or the same power, why don’t the explosions that you launch the blades with cause blowback?

6) How quickly is he able to repair the blades like this at his current level? Is he even able to pull the blade pieces out of someone else’s grip using this? How far away can this continue to attract pieces?

7) Now you’re saying there’s at least 2 electromagnets. Where is the other one? Do the blades themselves function as electromagnets?


1) How quickly can these modify themselves? Can their shape be changed while they’re inside someone’s wound?

The Flying Iron Maiden) This is a bit separate from the first bankai ability, since you’re not just modifying shape, but also size. I’ve read this a couple of times, but I don’t understand how these grow. Do they expand to a mat of blades? How large is the created spread of blades? How long does it take for them to become like this? How long can they stay like this, and how quickly do they revert to normal?

2) My questions from earlier apply here as well.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Jyjy_binx (Yoru Kage) – I’ll go extremely basic on this, since you are new to it.


1) So are these illusions only visible? How extensive are the illusions they can create?

2) You should try finding some way to make this distinct from Getsuga Tensho, since, from what I’m reading, it’s exactly the same. Try doing something related to light and darkness, maybe the ability to fire off two different kinds of energy attacks, each with different effects beyond the basic damage.

3) In general, this is too much. Teleporting means instant movement, and shadows can be pretty much everywhere. You should try either limiting the amount of movement, or limiting the means of movement.

Bankai: Try to define an ability here. Simply naming one doesn’t explain what it does or how it works.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Jyjy_binx said…
white flame thanks for the review ill define the abilities to make them more understandable and thanks for the light and dark attack ill use that it never occured to me
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…

I'm not sure, i mean it might make it too easy to dodge if i say no but it might be overkill if i say yes... I'm gonna try and find a safe middle lol
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना AosakiYoichi said…
Zanpakuto Name: Rensanami (Chained Wave)

Release Command: Furo (Flow)

Shikai Description: When Released, Rensanami’s blade folds 90 degrees, and the handle separates, compacting into a spiked ball, with a chain in between. The blade turns gold, and then you have a kusarigama(link). The kusarigama, when held limp, seems to flow in an imaginary current.

Shikai Abilities:
• Suikai O Kiru – when I spin Rensanami 3 times, the tip glows blue and rings of water begin to appear around an enemy or ally for every time I spin, to a maximum of ten. These rings can guard or attack the target. On the command kakudai (expand), the rings grow out and slice at everything away from the target. Or I can say osaeru (suppress), and the circles shrink, attacking at whatever inside them. The target must be within 150 feet for this to work, but stay there until I disperse them or the target gets rid of them.
• Misutosuraisu (mist slice) – when activated, Rensanami begins to spew out mist off of both ends, which after a while, can create a smokescreen for whatever use. This mist is slightly abrasive and can tear skin if you are in it for more than 1 minute. The mist comes out at about 1 gallon of mist/5 seconds. The mist is powered by reiatsu and doesn’t disperse naturally. If I focus putting Reiatsu into it, I can increase the abrasiveness to make it over 30 second before skin starts to tear.
• Junsai (water shield) – I can spin Rensanami to create a shield of water. While it doesn’t freeze the water; it functions closely to ice because of my Zanpakuto in it. Other wise it has no other purpose then to defend from most attacks

Bankai Name: Gurobarugado Rensanami (Chained Wave the Global Guard)
A sphere of water 60 feet in diameter appears and in the center in a ten foot diameter air bubble where I am. The air doesn’t run out. Surrounding me are 4 kusarigama that can extend to about 80 feet from me. I can move the orb slowly, but clumsily and have no direct control. The sphere dampens reiatsu attacks coming in by diluting and reflecting the power. This doesn’t fully stop it just make it weaker. If it runs out of water do to its abilities, Bankai is over and must be submerged in water for 30 minutes before I can use Bankai again.

Bankai Abilities:
• Mizu no Buki (water arms) – The sphere shoots out up to three 40 foot “arms” of water, that can grab someone and either freeze and hold them in place or bring them closer so I can reach them with my kusarigama. The water comes out of the sphere, so the sphere decreases in size slightly for every arm that is out. The arms can’t come back into the sphere, though, and eventually I will use up the water using these arms.
• Toketsu Hifu (frozen skin) – I can freeze the outer layer of the orb into a 2 foot deep layer of ice, that is slightly reinforced by reiatsu. The ice is permanently frozen though, until it is not in direct contact with the sphere anymore.

Any comments appreciated. I can’t tell if the Bankai is over powered.

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 Zanpakuto Name: Rensanami (Chained Wave) Release Command: Furo (Flow) Shikai Description: When Rele
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना BLAMargera123 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Arte de Vivir (Living Art)

Release Command: Paint

Shikai Appearance: The Hilt is a Paint Brush, the Guard is Square, the blade has a painting of a small Baku on it.

Bankai Name: Pintura fatal de la Diosa (Fatal Painting of the Godess)

Bankai Appearance: The Whole Sword turns into a giant 6 foot tall Paint Brush and the users left arm gets covered in Ink with Light Blue Beads wrapped around his/her arm.

Shikai Abilities:

Paint - The user can paint anything to life for 5 minutes.

Bankai Abilities:

Ultimate Paint - The user can paint anything to life for an unlimited amount of time.

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: It Appears as a 13 year old girl in a white and black kimono with her hair in a bun, red eyes, and carries a Paint brush.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
AosakiYoichi (Rensanami) –


1) How wide are the rings you create in this way? Do you select where along the body the rings form? Can they be disrupted while simply surrounding the opponent but not being used? Can the constriction or expansion of the ring be stopped or broken? If so, how? You say that, when they expand, they slice. Do they also slice when they constrict, or do they use some different form of attack?

2) Does the mist affect you as thoroughly as it does them? How thick is the mist (i.e. how far can you see while you’re inside of it)? How much area can you cover in mist? Also, does it cost more reishi to increase the abrasiveness if you have more mist out?

3) How large is the shield you create? Can it be enlarged or shrunk? How powerful is it? I get that it responds like ice, but obviously it’s stronger than basic ice. What level of physical power can it hold up to? What level of kido power? Can it be reformed or repaired, and if so, how quickly?

Bankai: The sphere of water isn’t the blade, so it functions as an ability, especially since it can dampen reiatsu, and dilute and reflect kido-based strikes. That’s not a problem, because you only have 2 bankai abilities, you just have to place this in as an ability. Keep only the blade description to the bankai description here. But with regards to those pieces of the ability, I’ve got a few questions. Can you gather more water into the sphere from other sources, or can you only use what you have to start? You say you can move it slowly, what rate is that? What kind of control do you have if you don’t have direct control? How much does this dampen reiatsu? Also, how much of an effect does this have on kido-based attacks (a little more specific, please), and does it matter how powerful the attack is?

1) How long are the arms? How strong are they by comparison to the wielder? How fast do they move? Are they as easy to cut through as normal water, or do they have more defensive ability? You say these can freeze targets they touch. How fast does that effect take place? Does it transfer cold, or does it surround the target and freeze itself?

2) So does activating this essentially remove access to the first bankai ability? You say this is partially reinforced by reiatsu. How much defensive capability does that allocate it? If someone does puncture the ice, does the water inside spill out, or does it remain where it is? Can the ice be restored after being damaged or destroyed?

It's an interesting way to do a blade in general, and I think for the most part it looks good. In terms of bankai and whether it's overpowered or not is somewhat dependent on the answers to the first bankai questions. The rest of it doesn't seem possible to be overpowered from what I see.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
BLAMargera123 (Arte de Vivir) –

Shikai and Bankai: On the whole, it matters little how long they last – you can always recreate the same thing after 5 minutes, essentially making it unlimited. I don’t see a tremendous difference between the two as a result, but that’s the only thing I have to say regarding the two separately.

For both of them, however, there’s a lot of devils in the details. How are your drawings limited? Can you create, say, impossible weaponry or shapes? How are the speed and strength of whatever you draw decided? How about the capabilities of the drawing to utilize reishi? Can it draw upon the wielder, or does it use up portions of its time when, say, a dragon breathes fire? How is size decided? Do they enlarge when they come off the page? Does it require a certain kind of paper, or can it be drawn on anything? Does the color they use factor in at all, and if so, can they change the color they’re painting with automatically? How many different paintings can you have active at once? Does it matter how large they are? How do you control your creations, or do they control themselves?

That’s all I got. It’s an interesting direction to take it, but as I say, there’s an awful lot of uncertainties.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Gamehot2 said…
Re-do on a zanpakuto I made a while back.

Name: Hadesu
Age: 300(looks 13)
Sex: Male
Species: Shinigami
Position:none(captain level)

Skin: Tan
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Snow White
Height: 5"8
Weight: 120 pounds

Strength: 82%
Hand-to-hand combat: 100%
Swordsmanship: 84%
Speed: 100%
Kido: 0%


Shikai: Name: Nekuro Tenshi (Necro Angel)

Release command:"Meikai no kawa ni oboreru!"(Drown in the rivers of the underworld! ) The zanpakuto is always in Shikai because of the massive reiatsu. If not in use Nekuro Tenshi will dissipate and the command will materialize it

Apperance: A grey and orange hilt with bells on it, and a guard merges with the blade and makes the katana look like a blade on a hilt


Acheron: Kanashimi no kawa(Acheron: The river of sorrow): This is a ability that messes with the brain Nekuro Tenshi will start to glow then when it cuts its opponent a toxin is injected in your body you start to lose the perception of reality and eventually go into a coma 10 minutes after the toxin is in the body. After 1 minute your vision will blur till at 4 minutes you can barely see at all. After 5 minutes your mind will start to drift off similar to a day dream in the middle of battle. The drawback is that Hadesu can’t use any other abilities while the toxin is inside the opponent and the toxin will disappear if Hadesu lets go of his zanpakuto for 1 second.

Cocytus: Nageki no kawa (Cocytus: The river of wailing): This ability is dangerous to both the wielder and opponent. Hadesu moves faster than Shunpo and Sonído combined. But it can only move in one direction at a time no rapid movement.(for example you must go straight before you go left, right before you up) But the real drawback is sound in makes before you move it’s like a wailing (hence the name) and opponents can notice it then anticipate when you move and because you can't block while moving they can strike you down. But if done right you could kill your opponent with one strike.

Phlegethon: Honoo no kawa(Phlegethon: The river of flame) A flame coils around Nekuro Tenshi and is able to give Hadesu the abilitiy to burn through any solid object with one swing of his sword but every second he uses this ability is body will start to burn from the inside out 10 seconds his body heat rises at an alarming rate at 20 seconds his his skin and muscle peel off in 30 seconds his blood starts to boil 40-50 bone marrow starts to melt 1 minute of using this ability he will die.


Name: Nekuro no megami(Necro Goddess)
Release command: Hadesu shakes his zanpakuto and the bells start to chime then he yells "Gishiki wa hajimemashou!"(Let the ritual begin!)

Apperance: Hadesu's hair grows and cloths change giving him a black gantlet used for blocking attacks. A large claymore with a pitch black hilt, the guard is a black devil wing and the blade looks similar to Zangetsu.

Lethe: Bōkyaku no kawa(Lethe: The river of oblivion): This is very effective to confuse the opponent Hadesu actually is able to reach in a person's memory and remove a peach of it for example a part of your life you learned a powerful ability is gone and you no longer know that ability or when you learned to use a sword if thats removed you can’t use a sword anymore, this cannot be used on the same person twice within 24 hours and the effects only last 4 minutes if it’s used on a opponent with a stronger Hadesu will be trapped inside his own mind till the effect is resolved. Giving his opponent ample time to strike.

Styx: No kawa ga kirai (Styx: The river of hate): Hadesu goes into a berserker juggernaut near unstoppible state after activating this ability. His body no longer feels pain nor does it feel any limitation of his body. For example he could lift an object that weighs 2 tons without feeling strain. But after runing out of reiatsu the abilities ends and all injuries he will suffer all the pain he didn’t feel while in the berserker state. The ability only lasts 2 minutes.

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