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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना dendian1 said…
I wonder if zaraki will ever know his zanpaktou's name?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----Tomo, Tekken vs Aya-----

Still bleeding, from cuts.

Tekken's eyes start to look life less

Aya: Haha, he is already dying how pathe- e -tic

Aya starts to get confused and dizzy. she drops to her knees

Aya: What are you doing, get out of my head!!! get out!!!!

Tomo throws 100 needles attached to thin wire at her. They all pierce. Tekken comes to, panting.

Aya panting: Ha, you think that confusing me for awile will work? even these stupid needles..*coughs blood*

Tomo: heh, those needles are super indurabble, and filled with poison. i hope you see i hit some of your pressure points. haha.
i dont know what each do but ill just go with it.

out of no where the petals cut the wires, but missed 6. Tomo tugs on one of the strings. The needle attached to it swims through Ayas body stabbing through some neves.

aya: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Aya makes another sword behind Tekken. As the sword slahes down, Tekken quickly grabs it and throws it at aya.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-------------Zeron Denies the Facts-------------

Zeron: I’ve reborn someone, you would think they would be grateful, but instead they are trying to kill me…

Migato: Shut up! (Migato comes at Zeron with full force and Zeron bocks and Migato goes flying in the direction she charged in.

Zeron: I have to kill what I have created.

Migato: I will kill you! Shibai, Kageneko! (Migato comes to her Shikai form) Full Moon! (Nothing happens…) What, where is the moon.

Zeron: there is no moon, now what? (Holds out his hand) Dark Cero. (A pitch black cero comes from Zeron’s hand and Migato is in the middle of it.)

Migato comes out of it: You brat! I’ll kill you!

Zeron: I am the only one who will reap souls in this battle. (Zeron pulls on his mask) I am sorry for having to put you through this again, now please rest in a never ending sleep in peace. (Zeron appears in front of Migato and pierces her heart, there is sorrow and regret in his eyes, and takes the life out of Migato; a green mist comes from her body and vanishes along with the body.) I’m sorry… you were controlled, and I couldn't help it, I have no idea what happened, although I am certain that I have never met you. Alester, what are you?

Poor Migato, having to die twice…
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---MIgatos moon lover---

MIgato:im not done yet.

Zeron:how! how are you not dead!

MIgato:you brat, you are just as stupid as i was at your age. look to your left.

*Zeron does and there is a crack in his portal to the upper left and a light shines down and touches his leg*

Migato:as long as the moon light touches you, you have no power.

*she releases enough reatsu to creat a portal to the outside world. then she grans the blade that is in her chest and pulls it outside the demension*

Migato: now ill make sure you die!

Zeron:what did alester do to you?

Migato:Alester is my master!

*the moon light shines on Zeron as she rips the blade from her heart and she pushes Zeron off her*

Migato:moonlight prison!

*Zeron is frozen under the moon that know has strange marking on it as does the light from it*

Migato:Zeron, you have caused hate and disgust in my heart. i swear by the last drop of blood i have that i will kill you. I WILL KILL YOU IN THE WORST WAY POSIBLE! DECAPITATE KEGE NEKO!

---Alester's veiwing---

Alester:haha this was a good choice after all, I hope that the battle isn't over. It is actually quite intertaining.

???:your a monster.

alester turns:didn't i already beat you, Element?

Element:you cocky child.

*all of a sudden Songoku, Lin, Soul, and everyone that was on the shinigami side appear beside Element*

Oracle;So this is the famous Alester.

Element:what happened to your battles?

Kevin:the retreated, they said they has other plans in store for us.

Songoku;we couldn't trace were they went.

Lin:All we now is that they said that we are in for the worst.

Alester: and true that statement is. You shinigami have no idea what is coming at you.

Soul: i still can't beleive you escaped, Alester. you were the only one in the prison in our land. We had a prison nearly half as large as our landm just to keep you undercontrol.

Alester:and know that grim has become one with me, i am nearly complete. Sekhmet seperated me long ago and know i am nearly whole. Though i still can't wait to absorb all your memories and knowledge over your abilities, so i can easily counter it.

Songoku; what is his ability?

Soul: now one knows, it is just rumor that he can take and give knowledge to people. that is all i know.

Tenchi:he was a monster in our land, but i guess he is now loyal to the vile queen.

Alester appears behind Tenchi: Dont you DARE insult my master!

*alester kicks Tenchi into another mountain, tenchi breaks through the mountain and skids on the earth behind it*

Alester: i swear ill take all of you on!

*a portal opens behind Alester and Sekhmet walks out*

Sekhmet;cmon alester, this is a worthless cause, we don't want you to kill them now. We have other plans*

*alester turns back to the shinigami*

Alester:youll have your pain and suffering later.

*alester vanashes into the gate*

---Migatos fight---


*Zeron freezes in place, scarred that these will be his last moments, but nothing happens*


Soul;its over.

Zeron: when did you get here?! And were is Migato!

Soul: i had to kill her, my former master. I had to vanquish her at my blade.

Zeron:but were is she.

Soul: Erased.

*Zeron is confused, but understand that he has been saved, then all the others appear*


Soul:he is safe.

Lin:well what do we do know?

Soul:........we will establish more training. Yet i will go to locate Alester. he can't live, he is much to strong. *vanishes*

Element:he put me in charge for know.

Songoku;that what will we do.

Zeron still standing a little worried and disgusted about what Alester did: I..Im scared.

Kevin:what?! you scared!?

Zeron: im not joking, when i saw Alester. i saw a foggy image of my death by his blade when our eyes made contact. i don't know what he is, but he isn't normal.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
------------Chaos on Earth------------

Zeron: I was freaked from my death on the blade of his sword.

Kevin: Yha, but haven’t you died like, what, a thousand time?

Lin: Very true.

Zeron: Shut up!

Tenchi: No what?

Kevin: We can wait.

Element: Or we could just waste away.

Tenchi: That’s not funny.

Songoku: We can rest.

Kevin: We aren’t resting right now, we just got into battle, if one person is to rest, then it’s Zeron.

Songoku: Fine.

Element: I am going to help Soul, Alester is my opponent. Kevin you’re in charge for now. (Vanishes)

Kevin (Who is feeling very proud) grins.

Tenchi: Why are you in charge!

Kevin: ‘Cause I’m VICE-captain Commander.

Tenchi comes at Kevin: Well what do you have!

Kevin just lifts his sword up and knocks Tenchi’s sword from his hand and Kevin catches it: You shouldn’t let go of your sword.

Tenchi: But I should be much stronger than you!

Kevin tosses Tenchi back his sword: Yha, but not smarter. Have you ever heard of a weak joint or spot, everything has one, I just used one.

Tenchi: Shut it.

Kevin talks cheerfully: Okay! Tenchi, what do we do next!

Tenchi: Why now just make me in charge!

Kevin: Because Element said I was in charge.

----------Soul and Element vs. Alester------------

Soul catches up to Alester and Element is right behind him.

Soul: Why did you come?

Element: He is my opponent.

Soul: Who’s in charge?

Element: Kevin.

Soul: Wise choice.

Element: You know how to beat this guy?

Soul: Not quite, I was trying to figure out a way to beat knowledge.

Element: What about going against logic?

Soul: Hm?

Element: Dumb out the smart, do something unexpected, anything. It doesn’t really matter, or just empty out your mind, that works too. Don’t try a strait forward attack.

Soul: Got it.

Alester: How long are you two going to keep talking? (Appears behind Element) Let’s fight.

There is a large amount of reiatsu released and is felt for miles.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---mind vs matter. EPIC BATTLE---

Alester:you think even you two high ranked warriors can outmatch me? Pathetic. I will devour you from the inside out.

Element:think again *empties mind and appears behind Alester with his sword held high, yet Alester catches the blade* WHAT!

Alester:you think clearing your mind, or going on instict will help. When you clear your mind in a battle. You may not prioritize what your next move will be, but there is a choice you make depending on the move. the brain sends a message to the body to react to that choice. It is the same for a last minute reaction. I may be able to read minds, but what i really do is read the messages sent to the other body parts before you react to the message. that is what i do if you decide to do either of those.

Element:Then how do we beat you?!

Alester:I don't know, no one ever has except one. And im her warrior now.

*Alester pulls the blade and sets his hand on Element*

Alester:Oni devestator.

*a giant green explosion is created and the power breaks trees and turns boulder to pebbles. The dust fades and Soul stand infront of an unharmed Element with his sword out witch seems to have a spiritual aura arround it*

Alester:i saw this coming as well. your ability is very magnificent. very difficult to handle.

Element:what is your power? how did you block that attack.

Soul:furui edakumi. (acient artst). The ablity to *gets interuted*

Alester:erase. yes, that is a very interesting ablity. The ability to erase things out of existance once it touches that essance. Haha, must be hard to control.

*element notices that Soul is swearing sowely, he can tell that the ability causes alot of pain and stress*

Soul:you are correct, yet im tired of your smart remarks.

Element:me to.

*both appear on both side of alester ready to attack*

Alester:left *Soul swings left and he dodges8, under arm upercut *Element does an under arm upercut and Alester catches it and pulls it in Souls direction, causing element to crash into him*

Soul: make sure you dont touch my blade.

*the blade ticks elements cloths and they slowely start to dissolve, but element rips it off and throws it to the ground and watches vanish on the ground*

Element:you power is dangerous.

Soul:take no mind in it, i dont want you to fear a comade in battle.

Alester:but it makes sense if he does, if you cut him Soul, then he dies. It is as simple as that. Anyway im tired of playing games. Why dont you darken life, karasu fukurou (Raven Owl)

*The sun turns black and there is no light anywhere*

Soul:SHIT! jump now!


*Soul pulls element up as millions and milliond of black metal feather are born from the shadows, the shadows still remain and the feather keep reating themselves*

Element still in the air:i thought that the shadows turns into the feather, causing the shadow to dissapear, how is h doing this?

Soul:its one of his ability, he can darken the sun with the same metal he uses for the feather, thus creating a certain shadow that only that glazed sun makes. the shadows never stop coming, they keep growing, expanding. thus creating unlimited amounts of thes feather.

*soul slashes down a group of feather that were flying toward him, and they dissolve. from te other side Element uses fire to block the feathers on the other side*

Alester:this is funny, i cant beleive that i havent moved in awhile and i got you two back to back trying to survive. Quite interesting.

Soul; we might have to go into shikai.

Eement: i agree.

Alester who still hasent touched his blade:hmmmmm, already? haha. fine *grabs sword and takes a giant arrow head blade out* lets play.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Aya's poison---

*aya stands on the ground coughing up blood, then she begins to laugh*

Tomo:what is goin on?

aya:funny, my element is actually poison, i did all that other stuff as an act. i was just getting your hopes up.

*both tekken and tomo start to cough u blood and blood slowely dris from their noses*

Aya:you were both cut, now its over. DANCE KAGE SAKURA!

*The petals souround aya, then they seperate reveaing her in a very...adult flower uniform. nearly revealing everyting*

Aya:allow beuty to kill you from the inside.

Tekken:tomo lets kill her before she kills us!

*tomo stand their looking directly into the beutifull Ayas eyes*

Tekken:tomo! *turns him as he coughs u more blood to see that his pupil has turned into a flower* what the hell!

*the scene goes back to aya eys witch have changed and now have marking on the eyes themselves*

Aya:don't look at true beuty, it might be to much. Even for a girl.


*blood flows down both their mouths as Tomo is imobilized and Tekken is trying to talk to him. Aya just stands their laughing*
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
------blood is thicker than water-----

Tomo and tekken still coughing up blood.

Tekken: Tomo! pay attention to me!!!

Aya: Haha, no point he is under my power.

Tomo turns to tekken, tomo tries to throw a punch. Tekken catches it and punches Tomo in the gut.

Aya: What! you'll go against your own commrade?!

tekken: I need to! uhh, can't believe ill do this but...

Tekken takes out a syringe and stabs it in one of Tomo's wounds.

Aya: what the hell are you doing?!!

Tekken: getting rid of him.

Aya is surprised, and is shocked to see that tomo's body slowly disintegrates.

Tekken then takes out a vial and smashes it against the floor. Aya slowly witnesses the liquid turn into a body, which turns out to be tomo.

Aya: what the hell?!

Tomo: im back, haha. crap you brought the blind body to put me in?

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
------------Earth + Erase = Nothing------------

Element: Kousei Ranmyaku-Tsuchi. (Element’s six colored reiatsu glows from his body)

Alester: Die. (He releases his arrow and it comes shooting at Element, Element grins and turns to darkness and the arrow goes straight through him, the arrow lands on the ground and the Earth itself seems to explode from the hard hit. Sand and dirt comes up and around Element, Soul and Alester.)

Element: Bad move. (Element slashes his sword but before his has the chance, millions of feathers come at him.)

Soul: Watch yourself!

Element’s body turns into a blinding light and the feathers dissolve: Hm?

Soul: …what?

Element: The feathers are darkness right? If one force meets its opposite, then the stronger one wins. In this case, my light is stronger.

Soul: What is light anyway?

Element: I do not know, but it is the supposed opposite of darkness.

Soul: I see.

Alester shoots off another arrow and Element jumps up, sand and dirt are still falling from the earlier blow.

Element: Crushing bolder. (Sand and dirt surround Alester and come in to him from every direction, the force is barely enough to push him back, and a boulder is what the outcome is.) Now! (Soul comes in and jabs his sword into the boulder and it dissolves)

Soul: Last choice decision right?

Element: Ya.

Alester stands behind them: But in that mere second, I still escape.

Element: What?

Soul: Why are you surprised?


Sorry I haven’t written anything, I had some friends over, and of course, Halloween, but I’ll write some more in a bit. Crazieone, I still need info on the Angles, like do they have to all be women and if the ones you already have are the last and what kind of Zanpakto do they have if they have one, I really need these questions answered.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sakura1444 said…
Hello, I just recently joined Bleach Anime and have just started reading the Bleach manga. You know what is wierd? I have been thinking of making my own zanpaku-to as well!

Zanpaku-to's Name: Suno-Sakura (Snow Cherry Blossom)
Release Command: Sakidasu Imasara (Begin to Bloom Now)
Bankai Name: Kaika Kokoro Kaori(Blooming Spirit Aroma)

Description of Suno-Sakura: Suno-Sakura is a very long and sharp sword, of course. The blade of Suno-Sakura is an icy blue and has a cherry blossom with natural colors carved in the middle. At the handle of Suno-Sakura, there is snowflake emblem. Unlike a normal sword, Suno-Sakura's handle also has a pure white colored rope with handle attached to it. With the help of this additional rope and handle, you can use Suno-Sakura as if it were an arrow or spear. On the additional handle, there is a picture of an icy blue cherry blossom.

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1: Mochidzuki Aisuhime (Full Moon Ice Princess)
Mochidzuki Aisuhime is an ability that allows Suno-Sakura's master to become ice itself and it creates a huge amount of ice pillars in the surrounding areas to make it's master blend in. Using this ability, you can lower the opponent's guard down, confuse them, and then beat them up.

Ability 2:Senko Sakujo (Flash Eliminate)
Senko Sakujo is an ability that can eliminate any kind of other abilities in play by the opponent as fast as the speed of light.
A quite useful ability when going up against elements that you are weak too, if I do say so myself.

Ability 3: Koorihana Supea (Ice Flower Spear)
The ability Koorihana Supea turns Suno-Sakura into an Ice Flower Spear. In the Koorihana Supea mode, Suno-Sakura can freeze ANY living creature it comes in contact with, or, it can let vines grow around the creature and then squeeze the creature to death.

Bankai Abilities

Description of Suno-Sakura during Bankai:
During bankai, Suno-Sakura's blade can change colors at will. If the blade's color is light-green, whenever the user uses a grass based ability, the ability becomes more powerful or the time limit is extended by 5 minutes. When the blade is icy blue, ice based abilities become more powerful and time limits are reduced by 5 minutes. Also, during bankai, Suno-Sakura's master gains a temporary ability to teleport at will.
Ability 1: Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi (A Thousand Cherry Blossoms Shadow Form)
One of Byakuya's bankai abilities.

Ability 2: Kuki-kan Sakura (Atmosphere for Cherry Blossoms)
This ability turns the battlefield into, well, cherry blossoms. In the new battlefield, opponents who don't have even half of Suno-Sakura's master's spiritual energy are automatically destroyed.
Also, Kuki-kan Sakura enchances Suno-Sakura's master's defense, speed, offense, and senses by half of the original.
Not only that, if any living creature not holding Suno-Sakura enters the Kuki-kan Sakura and survives the first blow, their spiritual energy will gradually decrease. The weakness of Kuki-kan Sakura is that it can last at max for only 10 minutes. Please note, even though it only lasts for 10 minutes, the amount of spiritual energy decreased is a permanent effect that lasts throughout the whole battle.

Ability 3: Hyoga Ongaku-Kai (Glacier Musical)
The 3rd bankai ability of Suno-Sakura is Hyoga Ongaku-Kai. This ability triggers what I call a death musical. The moment the musical ends, the moment the opponent is destroyed, no ifs or buts, it's absolute. The musical takes, in case you are wondering, 10 minutes to complete. In other words, if you cannot beat Suno-Sakura's master in the ten minutes that Hyoga Ongaku-Kai is activated, you die. No acceptions! No matter how much spiritual energy you may have, you die.

I first got the idea of Suno-Sakura when I found out that one of Byakuya's zanpaku-to's ability was "A Thousand Cherry Blossoms." Then, when I kept reading, I found out that Rukia's new zanpaku-to was of an ice element. That was how I thought of Suno-Sakura. I love cherry blossoms and the snow so I decided to make Suno-Sakura both elements. By the way, I forgot to mention, Suno-Sakura's last bankai ability is called GLACIER Musical rather then Death Musical because when you die because of Glacier Musical, your heart will feel as cold as the North Pole and as empty as, well, nothing.
I wanted to have Rukia's zanpaku-to's ability too, but since it was limited to three abilities, I decided to not have it.

Please comment about how you think of Suno-Sakura, thanks.
By the way, it was really fun answering this question!

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
haha, ok first things first. Alesters weapon is a giant arrow head the size of a large boulder, but it isn't an arrow, its a sword. I know its confusing but just think of it as a gint arrow head with a handle.

---Alesters plays with his food---

Soul: you think that you will escape?

Alester:escape? haha, i am not going to run from you two. Haha, your just to much fun. *take out ear phones and his eyes turn into the owl eyes* Your knowledge just calls my name. I can't just back down.

Soul:then it is your lose.surikesu furui edakumi (erase acient artist).

*a blinding light emerges from Soul and both element and Alester are blown back by the pulse of energy. then the light vanishes, revealing soul holding two blades with a larger spiritual esense on both of them, yet they are connected by a chain*

Alester:the infamous twin brushes of the acient artist, imressive. I have heard, no wait, ABSORBED knowledge about that shikai.

Element: you monster

Alester:anyway, allow me to redo my past mestake. *millions of feathers are created from the darkness do to the eclipsed sun, then millions of fetahers appear*

Element;you think that will work again.

*he uses the flash of light and the feathers dont vanish*



Alester:you think they are shadows. haha, you are igsignificant. My feathers are born from the shadows, then they change into the same metal as my blade.

Soul:dosn't stop them from being erased.
*the spiritual essance on both swords turn into arms that surround the blade*


Soul:inspiration of the painter* the right arm that surounds the right sword lounges at the feather, erasing them*, heart of the painter. *the left spiritual arm ounges at the feathers as he swings the blade, erasing more feathers*


*the erasing arms and the flying boulder hold of thousands of feathers as they keep being born fromt he infinite shadows*

alester: you have got to be joking me, at this rate al my feathers will be gone. fine. Ill have to take it to the next level.
Recall Karasu Fukurou (raven owl)

*the feathers change targets from Element and Soul, to Alester. they circle around him until a crushng force of reatsu blows both the feathers and Alesters enimies away revealing him with an eye patch, a jacket with back feathers on it, and two black and red guns that seem to eminate a red aura from the shooting hole*

Alester looking at both the warriors:now i finish both you off.
*Alester points one gun at both of them and he fires a black feather out of it*

Element watch out!

Soul:Its to fast!

*both Soul and Element barely dodge the feather, it hits a nearby rock, then the rock turns black, then turns into the black feathers. Then a red circular shadow forms beneath their feet, about 100 feet in diameter*

Soul:what is this!

*both soul and Element vanish from the red circular shadow that formed beneath their feet in time to see what it does. from the circle a giant black burst of energy shoots out to the sky, turning whatevery was above the red circle shadow, into black feathers. (it looks like rukia's ice move were the circle she makes shoots up into a pillar of ice, but this time its back aura that turs things into black feathers*

soul:what power! *lands beside Element who is also astonished*

Alester:not only can i do that, i still have the same abilities i have before. I can use the feathers that are born from my guns power to attack you, but this time there are MORE THAN MILLIONS!

The feathers swarm around both the warriors and lounge at them from every direction. aletser then observes with his one eye and the other that is covered by some kind of black eyepatch that has an eye painted on it*

Alester: I hope you have a painfull death.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
oh and sakura 1444, that is amazing! that is such a beutifull ability and a powerfull one. i am impressed. good job.

Oh and jlazo, please add one more part to yourstory. I cant really add anything. :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sakura1444 said…
Thank you. Even though you say it is beautiful, sometimes, I myself think it is cruel...
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना rusty746454 said…
Ability 3: Hyoga Ongaku-Kai (Glacier Musical) is my favorite of all the moves i think its awesome =]
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sakura1444 said…
Yes, it is my favorite move as well. Hyoga Ongaku-Kai is the strongest out of all of Suno-Sakura's abilities in my opinion as well.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
I like the Zanpakto! Good job! But if it's just anyone who is caught in the musical, wouldn't that mean the user would die as well? Ah, who am I joking, not a chance, but does the user have to stand still, or can the user move and fight as well? And if you just started reading Bleach Manga and you like it a lot, come back here, we're big Bleach fans, and this story we're writing puts you into the action. It's a lot of fun and a good way to kill time!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sakura1444 said…
I completely forgot to explain... Well, anyways, user does not die because it clearly states that only the opponent(s) will be destroyed. No, the user does not have to stand still. Even though the user doesn't need to stand still, they can't use Suno-Sakura for the 10 minutes that Hyoga Ongaku-Kai is activated. They can use other moves and Shunpo(flash step) while Hyoga Ongaku-Kai is activated though.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Okay, that clears things up for me! Thank you for your time and explanation. Oh and when I said kill some time, what I meant was that it is constructive in writing and helps build up the skill. One more thing, WHERE THE HECK IS CRAZIEONE!

------------True Light------------

Feathers from all directions come crashing down to Element and Soul.

Element: Shining light. (A ball of light forms around Soul and Element and the feathers coming down at them catch in the surface of the ball and dissolve.)

Alester: What!

Element: Here, let me explain, your feathers are darkness focused into the shape of a feather, and millions of them are all the same. If I am able to block one of them, then I can block them all.

Alester: Where can someone come up with this junk?

Element: I have had a million years since my death date and I have learned many things from those millions of years.

Alester: And my death date was…

Soul: No one cares, Element is just saying he’s old, alright?

Element: You don’t have to make it seem like a bad thing…

Alester brings out his arrow: Shut up! I don’t want to hear this side conversation! (Alester lets go of the arrow and it flies towards Element who merely sidesteps to doge and jumps back)

Element: Anger will only make you fight recklessly.

Alester sends a million feathers toward Element and Alester and Element makes a shield once again.

Element: Do you know why we fight?

Alester: What?

Element: There are two forms of fighting, one to protect pride, and one to protect your loved ones, (Note: This is from Bleach itself) if you cannot figure out why you are fighting if it is not for those reasons, then you should not be fighting at all. (Element glares at Alester) Tell me your story.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना sakura1444 said…
what are you talking about?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
He is talking about a role playing story. We role play as our characters in an epic battle against the evil Angels (though crazione i think left, so we might have to change the bad guys to another thing) but you still get to role play as your shinigami in a epic battle between good and evil.

GAAAHHHHHH! LISTEN TO ME TECNO! one, the feathers change from shadow to metal. The properties alter. They become the same metal as his blade witch is the black metal thus making light una ffective to destroying them. two, he has NO arrows. an arrow head is the thing at the tip of an arrow, so just imagin that larger, way larger and with a hilt. so instead of the arrow head being attatched to the stick as an arrow, the GIANT arrow head is attatched to a handle to make a giant arrowhead SWORD. And if you read what i posted he has two guns know. Just read my post again, CAREFULLY! Everything else is fine, but just get your facts right on other peoples chracters before you post. This is the last time ill let that slide, READ CAREFULLY, sorry to be straight forward.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----Blind fighting----

Aya grins to here the fact that Tomo is now blind. She comes staight to Tomo but he dodges and Tekken kicks her face, sending her back to her original position.

Aya: what the hell?! i though you were blind?

Tomo: iam, but that doesnt mean i can't find my way.

Aya: What do you mean? can you sense your surroundings?

Tekken: not exactly but we can read you thoughts. Like how you think im stunning? *wwinks*

Aya: SHUT up! *blushes*

Tomo starts to giggle. Tomo then runs to her, and starts hand to hand combat.

Aya: stop this instant! *punches tomo in the gut*

Tomo grabs her hand in smashes a vial on her.

Aya: What the hell, you think that glass will stop me, uhh!

Aya breathing slowly decreases. Shes on her knees and grasping for air. Tomo walks up to her and takes her neck, and slshes it.

Tekken: I never seen you kill like that brfore.

Tomo: *giggles* i know. but i have a feeling she'll come back, but well see.

Sorry i dont know what to put so im just makong it on the spot. haha. Yea where is CRAZIONE?!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…

Alester:you want my reason of fighting. *shoots a feather out of one of his guns at element who dodges, then flash steps away from the 100 foot diameter verticle blast* My reason is to bring back what was really ours. This land, Soul society and turn Huece mundo to what it orginally was, but not only that.

Soul:what do you mean, all we wanted was to bring back our land after the shinigami raded the kingdom. I was there!

Alester:but not only do i want that, i want to bring the prince back.

*soul is shocked and sudenly he looses grip of his blade and amost drops it*


Soul:When our kingdom was undesturbed, we voted two champions of our land. Sekhmet, the beutifull, and Zeke, the trickster. They both brought peace and prosperity to the lands, but when the shinigami came we had to escape. Zeke was the one that was going to hold off the sinigami while the angels, me, tenchi, grim, and Sekhmet escape. The shinigami beheaded him on our lands. he fought until he new we were safe, at the same time he used u all his energy and collapsed to his knees. When we came back his head was a couple feet from his neck. We barried him in our lands as a simbol of promise, romise that we will bring our beloved kingdom back. But you think that he will be the same after his many years of death! Do you think he will see your blood and death a good cause to bring our home back!

Alester: i think that he will agree with us. He will stand by Sekhmet again to bring back what we had and Sekhmet will lead us to victory and he will provide us with guidence. Then he will abolish the shinigami race with us, he will slaughter all of you pathetic worms.

*Alester vanashes and appears behind Element and Soul*

Alester: that is my job right now, Thus i only had timto play with you two temerarily. As we speak Sekhmet is performing the resurection of our beloved Zeke. I hope you two enjoy my gift though.

*element and Soul are shoked when they find strage markings on their right arms in the shape of feathers*

Alester:my curse seal, the strngest in existance. If the black feathers fill your body, your soul will dissapear. You don't have much time though. I will see you again though.

*alester vanishes*

Element:how did he get these on us *tries to rub of the tatoo of feathers that are on his arm*

Soul:i don't know, i thought he was there the whole time, there is no way he could have done this.

*another feather tatoo makes itself visible on their arms*

Element:we dont have much time, lets go back to head cuaters in order to see if anyone can help us with this.

Soul:i agree, lets go. (inner monolauge: I just hope Zeke sees the light rather than the darkness)

*both vanish*


*Alester appears by Sekhmet and the other angels performing a ritual and he is out of shikai*

Alester:how is it coming?

Sekhmet: in seconds our prince will arrise. the black fames of the black jack rabbit will assist us greatly.

*the ground quakes as the angels that are formed around in a circle cracks. Then a burt of black fire rises out of the cracks, completely dissinigrating them, leaving a giant whole in the ground with something in the middle without clothing and holding a sword*

???:gahhhh, gahhhhh. Were...were am I

*sekhmet appears inside the crisp and burnt rubble*

Sekhmet:your home, Zeke.

Zeke:Princess? is that you, why ami able to see your beuty again?

Sekhmet:dear prince, it is because the angels have given you a second chance for your bravery and valor. As i said, your home.

*azriel and Vaznesel appear behind Sekhmet*

Azriel:its really you!

Vaznesel: Prince.

*both get on their knees*

Zeke:get up! Why are you bowing to me like before! I remember a shinigami with a blade to my neck! How and WHY am here?!

Sekhmet: for a second chance, a second chance to create our kingdom, to retreive our land, and to kill the shinigami. we have obtained revenge by killing thoughs pathetic excuses for warriors.

Zeke returns to a calm state: I see. Were are my cloths?

*Azriel tosses a nice suite with a diamond patterned tie*

Zeke:thank you azriel.

*he puts on the suite and puts on his tie, then he holds out his hand to the side. Black fire is born from his palm as quikely as it dissapears, revealing a deck of cards*

Sekhmet:your zampaktou is back.

Zeke:my beloved Black Jack Rabbit. I am so glad to be reunited with him. And Sekhmet, thank you.

Sekhmet:it is i that sould be thanking you.

*zeke smiles*


*element and Soul jet toward the base*

Element:so what exactly are the prince and princess.

Soul:they are not related. And the only relationship between them is that they are the two leaders of our kingdom. They recieved those names from the people. They became the kingdoms Champions.

*both arrive at the base*

Kevin:what happened!

Soul:*returns to normal form with his one blade, as does Element we couldn't catch him. He was stronger than we thought.

Element:we are sorry.\

Tenchi:not even our strongest warriors could catch him.

Kevin:who is he?

element:a monster.

Soul:and we have much more to be worried about.

*the crowd stand to hear the bad news that Sekhmets army has another warrior*

---Majestic leaders---

*both Sekhmet and Zeke stand side by side, viewing the land as the angels and generals stand behind them. zeke is in his full suite and tie*

Zeke:its not how i remember, who did this?

Sekhmet:the shinigami, arrancar, and hallows.

Zeke:they will pay for what they have done.

Sekhmet:now let me introduce you to my plan.


Sekhmet:you canot stand by my side as an equa like before if you don't know the plan.

Zeke smiles: you were always such a good princess, Sekhmet.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bleachfan16 said…
Zanpakuto: oujou doragon(Death Dragon)
Relase command: Awake from your death bed
Banaki: makai doragon(Hell Doragon)

Zanpakuto Ability: Relases a Black dragon that devours hollow or evil souls.
Zanpakuto apperance: look at picture

Bankai abilty 1: gets black armor to that is fire resistant
Bankai Abilty 2: can control Red and black dragons. The red clenses your soul and the black will devour your soul.
Bankai ablity 3: Lives off souls and spirit pressure.
 Zanpakuto: oujou doragon(Death Dragon) Relase command: Awake from your death बिस्तर Banaki: makai dora
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Sorry Songoku, I can't add to that, I really have no idea what is going on, so you'll have to put in a conflict.

P.S. Sakura, I told you we were writing a story, but if you would like to join if you get the main idea of Bleach, then I can try and add you in, but think of more than one character, you'll need it. By the way, did you watch the show first or just randomly read the manga?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
haha, sorry. i am tring to make some more angels to substute for the absence of Crazione. It isn't easy. here are my ranks as of now.


Generals:Alester, and Alice

Angels: Annabel,Fu-shong, and Jasmine.

Those are my ranks for my angels, generals, and angels. I hope they will provide you all with a fight until Crazione returns with his characters.

---Fight of essurance---

*Tomo and Tekken return from their victory against their first angel, back to the barracks*

Tomo:hello May, Kevin. What is going on?

Kevin:we are tring to help soul and element from their curse seals they obtained while fighting Alester. His power is like none other. To be able to take on both our strongest captains, its insane.

May:the curse has spread, they now can't use their Zampaktou and are in excrutiating pain from it. Soul is doing worse. The Curse crawled up to heart and Elements spread to his lungs.

Tomo:let me see what i can do.

Kevin:Can you find it?

Tekken:if he can't ill help him.

*the scene changes to Sempai and Ella useing water teqniques to heal Soul and Element, but its not working*

Ella:i don't know what else i can do?

Sempai:i dont either, this is a very advanced curse seal. i am having a hard time configuring what it is, what is its source.

*tomo walks in with tubes of some kind of liquid*

Tomo:maybe these will help.

*he runs to both leader and feeds them the liquid from the valves. The feather curse marks slowely vanish*


Tomo:by breaking the connection from them and Alester. Alester loves to have a connection to his prey, we noticed this when we fought his clone. The curse breaks when the connection is broken.

*A shinigami runs through the gates of the medical building in panic*

Shinigami:ITS THEM ITS....

*his head then hits the floor revealing his killer*

Alester:so you cut of the bond between them and me. Clever, i have never had someone figure that out in my life.

Alice:your so vile Alester, you need to find a melody in your actions.

Alester:Alice, sure you are amazingly hot, but you have no experiance when it comes to enjoing a fight. You finish them off to quikely.

Alice:and you don't?

Alester brining Alice into a hug: pshhh, dont question me.

* a figure walks behind them, and Soul knows who it by the diamond patterned tie*

Zeke:so these are the shinigami, they dont seem very facinating. What is the obastacle that is getting in the way of you killing them?

Alester;we havent had orders from Sekhmet.

Zeke:i see, then she must have a good reason.

*Soul, Element, Kevin, and tomo appear on every side of Zeke with sword in hand and swing at him*

Zeke blocking Souls blade with a foot along with Elements, and blocking tomos and kevins blade with a finger:pathetic, i have seen much better in my life.

*Zeke then kicks, spins and kicks kevin and Tomo along with Element and Soul*

Zeke: disgracefull, ill go along with my plan. ill meet you two in the center of the barracks after this.

*Zeke vanishes*


*he attempts to follow, but is intercepted by Alester*

Alester:where do you think your going.

*kevin and Tomo are faced against Alice*

Alice in a monotone voice:what adorable children. To bad your youth will end here.


*Zeke appears amongst a group of shinigami and black ops*

Lin:this is were you plan ends.

Songoku:this is were you die.

Zeke:how mistaken you are.

*Lin and Songoku notice that their are playing cards floating amongst them, then all the shinigami and black ops fall with deep and painfull gashes in them. the cards slowely levitate toward Zeke who hold them in his right hand*


Lin:no way!

Zeke:now, i have better things to do then mess with you. Break the heavens, shroud life, devour the life of the living, BLACK JACK CASTLE!

*the ground quakes and a castle starts to emerge from the ground. it looks medevil*

Zeke appears by the entrance to the castle:as long as this structure stands, the souls of the ones here will be drained and absorbed. Soon we will create our kingdom. *the gates open and he walks through*

---Retreat, for now---

Alester;well, he has done it. Lets go.

Alice: agreed

*Both vanish from their fight with the others*

Soul:they went to the structure in the middle of the barracks.

Element; gotcha.

*SOul and Element lead the others to the castle*


*all the shinigami appear at the castle gates*

Tenchi:not many of us can enter, others have to wait here and help the others survive*

Soul:element, me, Kevin, Songoku, Lin, Zeron, Tomo, Tekken will go in. Tenchi, you must lead the army that is out here in order to protect them.

Tenchi:of course.

*the shinigami walk into the castle to face their opponents and to find the one who created this monstrocity, Zeke*

Kevin:it looks like a normal castle.

*someone appears infront of the group*

???- I assure you it isn't.

Tomo:ill take her on, we have already met.

Aya:so you remember, haha. Well actually.

*she then transforms into a dark skinned skinny, great bodied women with a scimitar*

Fu-shong: I am Fu-shong, master illusionist. I created a whole new body and a whole new ability with my imagination. you think you can handle that?

Kevin:Are you sure?

Tekken:just go.

*the others continue up the stairs*


*two angels appear in the center of the new room that they discovered by going up the steps*

Annabel:you stop here.

Jasmine:you shall go no further.

Lin;this one mine.

Songoku: im not fighting without you, you might get hurt.

*the others try to make it to the stairs, but then both Annabel and Jasmine glow with reatsu and attempt to stop them, but lin and songoku quikely stop them*

Songoku:No you dont.

Lin:your fight is with us.

Jasmine:you worms!

Annabel:you wont beat us!

Lin:we will see.

*the others continue up the steps and are now in a giant room with red carpet*

Zeron:we are at the second top floor, lets go Zeke must be at the top.

*a feminine voice stops them*

Alice:thats if you can get past me

*she then appears with her axe that his gigantic, the size of a fourth of the large room, and slashes all of them back*

Zeron:this one is mine.

Kevin:ill help.

Alice:at your own risk.

Kevins thoughts:she swung her axe so swift, its like a hundred tons heavy

Element:now, Soul. Lets go.

*both run to the final steps of stair and are interupted by a familiar figure*

Alester;were do you think you are going.

Soul: What an unpleasant surprise.

---Tomo and tekken verse the illusionist---

Tekken:so your an illsuinist.

Fu-shong:correct, allow them to tell you.

*Byakuya and yamamoto appear by her side*

Yamamoto:you are so weak!

Byakuya:simly pathetic.

*tomo and Tekken get ready to fight the past*

---two in one---

Lin:so what is your power?

Annabel and Jasmine:Share, chamileon!

*the room fills with purple reatasu and annabel id holding a hooked blade with a chain that is held by Jasmine*

Songoku:intersting, what does it do...

*he is interupted when both him and Lin Are wraped in a chain and tightely bond*


*the blade hurls at them, but the two flash step out of the chains and the blade pierces the ground and it dissolves*


Annabel:Acid is the correct term.

(new battles begin, what will happen)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
-------------Kevin vs. Alice-----------

Kevin: Zeron, get back.

Zeron: What!

Kevin: I said get back; right now you need rest, now go sit in that corner and get some.

Zeron backs off: Fine…

Kevin turns his attention to Alice: Hey, do we have to fight?

Alice: What kind of question is that!? (Throws her axe back down, Kevin still blocks)

Kevin: Hm, it’s just a question, I’m assuming that means no.

Alice: Yha, what did you think it was?

Kevin: I was hoping for yes.

Alice: Shut your mouth. (Alice throws her axe to the side and Kevin blocks again)

Kevin: I’m not someone to mess with. (He releases reiatsu, enough to bring Zeron to his knees and Alice to stumble)

Zeron: That power is….

Kevin: Henka, Suchi-ru Yaiba.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
-----Tomo, Tekken vs Yamamoto, byakuya, Fu-shong-----

Tomo: since we met im guessing there is no need for introduction. Oh if your an a illusionists then Byakuya them arent real.

Fu-shong: Yea but the oain they cause is.

Byakuya and yamamoto appear behind Tomo and tekken. Byakuya uses shunpo to attack tomo. And yamamoto slashes down on Tekken. Tekken quickly blocks, but unfortunatley Tomo gets sliced around his arms.

Fu-shong: haha, you're soo slow. this will be very easy-

out of no where she sees Byakuya's arm fall off.

Fu-shong: What the hell!!! who or what did that!??

Tomo giggles

Fu-shong: What did you do?!

Tomo: Did you assume that i wasn't good? Well don't wanna boast but, throught the years i've learned to quicken all my abilities.

Fu-shong: hmp, you're still slow.

Tekken: but fast enough to kill you! (Dodges Yamamoto)

Byakuya: Scatter! Senbon Sakura kageyoshi

Byakuya's sword dissolves to a thosand cherry blossom and starts to attack Tomo.

The flowers surround Tomo and Tekken gets to see the fear in Tomo's eyes just before all the blossoms shrouded Tomo.

Fu-shong: Pathetic deat-

Tomo: Climb the Sky! Shiroi Kiraboshi!

Tomo's new reatsu was already enough to blow the petals away.

Fu-shong: *stumbles* What? what is this reatsu it cant be yours.

Tomo: But it is. i didnt seem like i have any strength cause i dont want to show it off.

Tekken: so you've been holding out, well me too. haha. but i'll wait


A giant white star shoots through the falling petals and slices/kills byakuya.

Fu-shong: Hurry Yamamoto! rid them no-

When the dust clears she sees that Yamamoto was pierced. She clearly sees that it was from Tomo sword.

Fu-shong: You're very annoying, but how did you do that?

Tomo: I have the simple ability to make my sword extend and go to any direction i want it to.

Fu-shong: fine whatever i'll just have to get serious!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Xierf said…
Kuro takai dark death
controls darkness around the opponent even thier own shadow. Can manipulate the darkness.
Bankai abilities:
Creates darkness and releases large amounts of energy. Can use the dakness around/ shadows to instintaneously kill the opponent. I only doesn't work at noon where there is no shadows.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---Glorious fists and brave steel---

Alice:you think thats going to help you.

Kevin:i know it is. *he turns his sword into a larger axe then Alices*

Alice still monotone: hmmm, i guess ill have to become serious.

*alice smashes the axe into the ground and opens her shirt*

Kevin: what do you think your doing! *covering eyes*

*Alice pulls two boxing gloves out of her cleavage*

Alice: what do you mean? i always keep my gloves here, do be immature and childish. Now that im using my Zampaktou ill be able to fight. Fight, Titania.

*a dark essance flows from beneath her and her boxing gloves change to kick boxing gloves with metal knucles on them and she looses alot of her clothing except a little bits in the neccesary areas*

Alic monotone: stilll don understand why i must look like this though. Always despised that part.

Kevin:you..your...your almost nake...

*kevin the gets punched in the face by her punch and is sent into the wall and breaks through it into the room before, but quikely returns*

Kevin:im not going easy on you anymore.

Alice speaking monotone:never asked you not to.

Kevin:hah, well take this. Before kevin can fight he is kicked in the face and then imedietly kicked from the other side*

Alice:why must you talk, lets just fight. thats the reason why your here. you don't have to do anything else other than that.

Kein:you think this is just fighting?!

Alice:what would you call it?

Kevin turning his hammer to a hammer and swings it down:i call it justice!

Alice monotone:what is that? You shinigami puzzle me with your causes that make you strive to a goal. I could never under stand you. *she punches the hammer and it breaks to many pieces of metal, then she exelerates to kevin and opunches him 300 times in a couple of seconds and kicks him down* why do you have to fight for justice, must you beleive that their is always injustice? Why couldn't you leave us alone in the first place?

Kevin bleeding from his mouth:she is sooo strong, how is she doing this? what is this ability?

Alice:is that your strongest?

Kevin:far from. BANKAI!

*an explosion occurs then the dust dissapears revealing spheres all around Alice*

Alice monotone:damn.

*a gaint explosion occurs were alice stand and dust and rubble hide were the impact was caused*

Kevin:i wish we could have fought longer.

Alice monotone:Bankai.

*The dust is pushed back revealing Alice with small Fairy wings and a glittery aura forming from her fists*

Kevin:she is unharmed!

Alice:my bankai allows me to heal constantly as well as become stronger at a farily fast rate. it is Titania the infinity. That is why i have become alot more steronger, faster, and i have been able to heal more than before. and it constantly grows. there is no end to my powwer.

Kevin:what! no way!

Alice:its over.

*Alice flies at kevin punching him in the stomach and a glittered blast blows through his chest and he is sent flying to the wall were he falls to his knees with a hole in his body*

Alice:good bye, brave steel.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
--------------Mind and Power-------------

Kevin lies there with a hole in his chest.

Alice: Good-bye, brave steel.

Kevin’s voice: What are you saying good-bye for?

Alice turns to see another Kevin: What!?

Kevin: That one is just mere steel; you would think that I would die so easily?

Alice: You little! (Throws a punch at Kevin)

Kevin: Why are you doing this to yourself? (Catches the fist in a hand of steel and doesn’t move)

Alice: What!

Kevin: Steel boots, steel gloves, very heavy, that’s it.

Alice: You brat. (Throws one punch after another and Kevin blocks them all)

Kevin: We aren’t training. (A spinning spiked ball flies at Alice and catches her flesh)

Alice: What is this? (Tries to pull the ball out but the pain in it is too intense)

Kevin: A bomb.

Alice: What!

Kevin: Don’t bother taking it out unless you want to be permanently damaged. That will take most of the flesh. But that bomb I can explode anytime. (Steel boots form around Alice and hold her to the ground while three spiked balls fly in to catch Alice)

Alice: Ahhhhhh! Why are these things so fast!

Kevin: Because I control them.

Alice: What!

Kevin: Now what will you do, those bombs will not go away, I’m not even in my strongest state yet, and above all (Kevin holds his sword up to Alice) I can kill you here and now.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना crazieone106 said…
[Play video]




[Silence is shattered by the Golden Gates of an Empire]

Sekhmet: (Gripping a golden chain linking five shinigami by their chests) I believe it is time that we take back what is rightfully ours.

Veznesel: Does this method not seem rather dangerous? I'm not objecting, I simply believe it is deeply mystified. Complicated, even.

Sekhmet: I acknowledge these concerns. It is flawless. Try and imagine it. They are ripe and our targets are foolish.

[Sekhmet and her subjects glare at the soul society. It is peaceful.]

Zalbeseal: We've been silent long enough. Let the blood be drawn.

Random shinigami: You don't expect this to work, do you? You know nothing of this

Sekhmet: (simply chuckles and peers at the shinigami linked to the golden chain) Oh, trust me, I know more than you think. (She observes the whole soul society)

Shinigami: Why are you here...

Sekhmet: The truth is, I've really missed this place. It's time I touch it up. (smiles). And I know exactly how i'll do it. (throws small crystals out of her hand and watches them plummet down below) (Gate opens and as they all walk through, she glares over her shoulder) Let the games begin (fires a huge cero that strikes the captain-commanders tower, completely obliterating it).

[Gate closes]




last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना trcassidy819 said…
Well mine is this:

Zanpakuto: Fenniku (Phoenix)

Release Command: Kashou issa tame za daichi (Burn everything to the ground)

Bankai: Fennikusu ittou (Phoenix unification)

Shikai Abilities:

1) Kasai suta-ta (Fire starter)- Can produce and control fire.
2) Mozou (Mimic)- Able to use opponent's attack, and copies the oppenents shikai and bankai.

Bankai abilities:

1) Nenshou hane (Burning wing)- strikes enemy with immense wave of flames.

2)Yakekoge tsume (Scorch claw)- Touch any enemy and they are immendiately engulfed in flames.

Zanpakuto Appearance:

Shikai- Doesn't change much but it is surrounded in flames and shines so brightly that it can reflect light and anyone in its reflection.

Bankai- Bigger and longer. It becomes part of your arm. Five fiery feathers resembling how long you to use it.

My Appearance:

My name would be Roukin Yokuharu and I would have long red hair (like Renji) with gold and orange streaks. I have just become a captain of the Soul Society. I am part vizard who has to hide this from the other captains. I was trained by Head Captain Yamamoto.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना trcassidy819 said…
big smile
I think mine is the coolest.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना rozemaria said…
wow! i think you think it first huh? hehehe! great job! you're so great huh? hehehe!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
? Rozemaria, what do you mean? Are you talking to me or trcassidy?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
wow you guys sure know how to post... i have been reading like, two-three pages of PURE WRITING/FIGHTING! gee i can never be focused on something for this long (i wonder how you do it haha lol)anyway now dat crazieones back i guess ill fight him again. Hehe...
Bakuen instantly wakes up at the sound of even more fighting, however this sort seemed much more full of malice and hate than the others.
he quickly gets up and reaches for shiroi denkou (his wicked strongest electrical/energy zanpakuto in existence i might add...) (lol didnt know why i said that. probably wanted to look cool again hahhahaha)
the others wake up too also sensing the disturbance in soul society. they all grab their respective zanpakutos (except eve shes like on a deathbed... haha) and instantly shunpo to the area of malice.

sehkmet: soooooo, my friends it seems we have some flies that need to be swatted... i can see that fool bakuen and his half-hearted brother karukai appearing. no doubt that the rest will follow...

bakuen,karuaki,encadora and kang in the end do appear but the other 10 are nowhere to be seen.

baello realizes this and instantly presses them with a bombardment of questions.

baello:so wheres dat eve girl? i said where is she?!? im gonna rip her head off for surviving our fight. so where can i find her? HUH!
answer me you b******! or would you like me to take out every single one of you like i did to your beloved comra...

-------------------------------slash-----­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­--b­aku­en had vanished and decapitated baello on the spot in front of sehkmet and the rest of her army.

el: (thinking to himself)the awkward thing was that bakuen had such a short patience at that second which was not like him at all. the other alarming thing that i realized was the sheer delicacy of his attack. he had slashed baello in millions of places (neck,back of neck,back,face,stomach and had cut of her legs) however the speed of the attack made it seem as if all the other places are still intact whilst they are almost completely disfigured. a way of stopping them from realising his strength but still a way of warning them not to annoy him... Bakuen-sama under all that kindness is just as scary as his brother karukai. he's a hard man to read...

sehkmet however stares at the falling, dead baello and literally shrugs it of with a " ah well she was always too mouthy anyway..."
she then stares at bakuen who of course stares back with as much malice as her.
sehkmet then laughs and looks at him again.

sehkmet:hmph.. it seems bakuen that you are fairly strong! i place you in strength to be as a general. azriel told me you had potential but in your previous fight didnt prove to be that much of a struggle. but now.. im having second thoughts. so will you join us??

bakuen: never. you are a dumbfounded witch if you possibly even think about me joining you and your filthy scraps of followers. i only killed that woman because of the plain fact that... i HATE people who brag about hurting others...

sehkmet: i hoped you may say something heroic like that... hahha now we get to kill you and the end will be even sweeter than before... ATTACK!

bakuen casually walks past every one of the angels and randomly appears before sehkmet. the angels fall suddenly losing their balance and consciuosness

sehkmet: h-how how'd you dispose of them so quickly?

bakuen; i didnt . i only paralyzed their hearts for long enough for us to fight. the others will take care of them afterwards..

sehkmet: i see. in that case lets BEGIN!
with that they clash swords and the focus shifts to zalbeseal and karukai.

zalbeseal: youre not half bad little man... it seems i have found a good enough opponent for once. BRING IT ON!

immediately huge reiatsu envelopes him and he rushes toward karukai.however he just somehow absorbs the reiatsu and grabs zalbeseals sword and head at once with only one hand.

karukai: ive heard about youre kind. its seems you have three releases not two like us. i believe its shikai,bankai and embodiment?

zalbeseal; oho... so you know about our releases but you dont completely know our strength little man...

karukai: in that case (using other hand in the motion to put on vizard mask) ill show you what a real shinigami release is. my brother knows of this and he advised me not to use it... but hey! i dont know youre "real" strength though do i?

an even bigger reiatsu surrounds the two of them as the unmistakable hateful malice of the vizard takes form over karukai...

karukai/mixed hollow voice; LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

hasta luego amigos!
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना songoku1112 said…
---the trick---

Fu-shong:looks like Sekhmet is finally here, i was wondering how long i would have to hold my illusions.


*suddenly, every battle in the tower ends as every angel and general ecept Fu-Shong was an illsion. Alice, Alister, Jasmine and Annabel were all illusions*


Soul:Sekhmet is here, this was a trap! Lets go and confront them now.

Element:but what about this tower?

Soul:you go to Sekhmet, i will confront Zeke in his tower.

Kevin;and me?

Soul:Go to Sekhmet as well, confront her along with everyone else. I have buisness to settle with our prince. the one who gave us one more chance to live during the shinigami invasion. He is the one i must thank for giving a chance to end Sekhmets rain of terror by killing him.

Kevin:are you sure you can beat him?

Soul:i dont know honestly, but that is none of your concern. The battle i fight isn't yours. Go and help the other captains bauken and his brother. They have finally arrived to support Soul society.

*everyone except tomo, tekken and Soul leave*

Tomo:so this was all an illusion?

Fu-shong: No actually. this towert still remains. Draining the souls of the weak in soul society. And Zeke still stands at its summit to operate it. Those are real, i was the only one that stopped you though. I was the source of every obstacle in this tower. i hope you enjoy the thought of me decieving everyone in the captain ranks.

Tekken:you just slowed us down so we could get ambushed.

Fu-shong:indeed i did, but i still have to fight you two. allow me to give you these to hold you off.

*from the shadows a dark tekken and tomo rise*

Dark Tekken:hello, me. You have always been so weak.

Tomo:and you, you blind child. what a pathetic weakness you have.

(how will tomo and tekken respond to fighting themselves)


*tenchi, Lin, Songoku, Kevin, Element, May, Sempai, ella, jake, and everyone else confront Sekhmet for the second time hoping that they will be preparred*

Tenchi:Sekhmet! Your dare you!

Sekhmet:Dare I? you are the one that abandoned our people. And now we have our prince on my side as well. Your chances went from slim, to none when it comes to defeating us.


*soul climbs the stairs to the top room and sees his once prince*

Zeke:i would expect you to be the one to confront me, Soul

Soul:why are you doing this?

Zeke:The shinigami are the ones that slaughtered me when you escaped along with the others. I have an undieng hate for them. they have no sympathy toward life in itself. No justice in their actions. They fail to realize that they are the evil in this world.

soul:i dissagree.

Zeke:yea, only because you know lead them, why is that? you lead the one that killed our people. your the one who is a traitor, you dissapoint me. First that you refer me as a traitor to justice and second how you lead the once who performed the worst injustice. Slaughtering a whole nation, does that sound right to you?

Soul:they have changed from their ways, they have changed their outlook on their actions and i make sure that they remain pure.

Zeke:yet you challenge your own race. I seem to miss the importance in your words, Soul. I seem to think that your words have no support by solid facts and that the only thing that backs it up is faith. though somtimes faith isn't enough. You can not have faith in changing history. it is impossible. Let me show you what the shinigami did to my by doing the same to you.

*a deck of cards burst from black flames that was created in his palm*

Zeke;lets start.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना peachesapples said…
Zanpakuto- Kosumikku Arashi (Cosmic Storm)
Release- Hadou (Surge)


Simple Form- A short sword with a hilt that has two metal rods coming from each side.

Shikai- a zanpaktou based on electricity and light. The hilt is an electric blue (of course) and it has a sideways guard with two metal rods on each side that actually absorb surrounding spirit pressure. Similar rods are on the bottom of the hilt. The blade is two metal rods that are not sharp, because the electricity can cut better than a blade.

Bankai Name- Shinrabanshou Arashi (Universe Storm)

Shikai Abilitys-

Ranpu Zenshin (Light Drive)- Allows the user to convert themselves into light, at unimaginable speeds. However, one cannot attack in this form.

Shikai Offenses-

Sori Ikazuchi (Flash Thunder) The user (me ^_^) uses Light Strain to change to light, and lunges at the enemy. Then they materialize for a split second and slash the enemy with incredible force.

Koshumikku Menshoku (Cosmic Discharge)- A physical raw power attack. The user gathers electricity or converts spirit energy to it and unleashes a powerful discharge at the enemy.

Bankai Description-

This Bankai is very special. The sword does not actually materialize on the outside of the user's body, instead it flows through the user's veins. This causes the user's eyes and veins to glow blue. The electricity causes the heart to heat up and supercharges the brain and muscles, allowing extreme coordination, strength, endurance, and stamina.

Bankai Abilities-

Kometto Boufuu (Comet Storm)- The user surrounds their body with electricity, then charges the enemy at extreme speed. Even if the enemy dodges the main attack, thousands of small electric spheres follow.

Shinsei (Supernova)- An insanely strong attack, but with absoulutley no accuracy, and very hard to use, almost suicidal. The user puts their hands together, and then an electric seal surrounds an area of space, ejecting all matter except for two particles. Then these two particles are smashed together, creating nuclear fusion. This is actually how a star is created The user then conceals the blase and sends it towards the ground where it detonates into a large red/orange blast the looks like the sun. It covers a one-mile radius.

Kasui (Stream)- The user uses electricity to line up particles into a straight line pointing at or pasing through the enemy. Then the user ignites the photons, creating a stream of electricity that, while small, if it hits a spritual body, will blast a good hole in it. It is like an extrending sword.

Ketteiteki Botsuraku (Final Collapse)- An insanely strong, inescapable attack. The puts all of their spirit pressure behind them, then converts it into electricity. The user then uses Light Drive and pulls themselves and the particles into light speed. This is much stronger than it sounds, because it actually clears all unwanted matter out of the area, while creating a strong membrane to keep the world from being sucked into the vaccum. This submerges the user and the victim in a void.However, electricity is present in the void, and it the small bits of power shine in the vortex, some pulling against each others mass creating clusters. To the victim, it would seem as if they were lost in space, a very beautiful final attack. Then, as the matter pulls against itself and the membrane, the electricity surges towards one direction, passing through the victim, completley vaporizing them.

Whatcha think :D
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना peachesapples said…
Okay, I got another one! I actually have several. This one I don't have a bankai for, yet. Anyway.

Name: Hariganerimu (Wirerim)

Shikai Description-

It is simply a yard-long wire. That is it. However, it is incredibly thin and heavy. This allows it to cut through almost anything, and when it hits another zanpaktou, it feels like a boulder has just been dropped on it.

Shikai Abilities- Harigane Origami (Wire Origami) The wire expands, then folds and folds like origami until it becomes any shape you want it to be. Such as an axe, a sword, or even your opponents zanpakto.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना peachesapples said…

Shikakku za Yabun (Assassin of the Night)

Release- Silence the World

Shikai Description-

It is a scythe with a curved handle, and a long blade. Where the blade starts is a crescent moon, and out of the back extends a blade as red as blood.

Shikai Abilitiies-

The blade is used for Assassination, which is why it would make a perfect 2nd Squad Blade. A person can swing his scythe from any distance so long as they can see their target with their eyes. Then, from any direction, any distance, the force of the slash will come out of the air and strike a person. SO basically, a person can swing it and cut down a tree from fifty yards away.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना peachesapples said…
One more!

Name- Vicious Viper (translates the same in Japanese)

Release- Kill anything that moves!

Shikai Description- The blade splits into two blades the curve out, curve back in and meet each other, then curve out again and turn slightly back in.

Bankai Name- Merciless Predator Viper

Shikai Ability-

The Curved blades create a small circle. Anything kept in that circle for more than ten seconds will be unable to move at all. Then the user is free to use spells to dispatch the enemy. However, ten seconds is a long time in a battle. If you cut the enemy once, it become seven seconds. Twice, five seconds. Thrice, three seconds. Four times, 1 second.

Bankai Description- A giant shining white symbol, same as the blade of the shikai, appears behind the enemy. The blade forms into hundreds of vipers, then attack the enemy. If more then three bite you, you will be unable to move for for the next five hours. And, on top of dodging the vipers, you have to watch out for the user. The vipers can also protect the user by creating a wall. However, they cannot bite if they do this.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jlazlo said…
----Tomo's sickness-----
hmmm, i guess i have another surprise but i rather not tell...yet. haha. sso i guess this will be a good time to elaborate on tomo's sickness since no one will be hurt.

Tomo: Hmmm, a fight with ourselves. I guess, there is nothing else we can do.

Tekken: C'mon tomo lets go!

Tekken and tomo start to fight themselves, each pair is doing fine defending and attacking each other.

Fu-shong: This seems too boring and eaqual i guess i should tip the balance a little.

Fu-shong dissapears and reappears as she slashes tomo. Tekken get distracted and is then kicked towards tomo.

Tomo2: Hah, pathetic originals.

Tekken2: hmph, i can't believe we came from them.

Fu-shong: Hurry up and see if you can still survive you stupid blind child.

Tomo: *getting up* Uhh, ahhh! *falls to the ground*

Tekken: Tomo! you sickness.

Fu-shong: Muahaha, i see we have a sick child on our hands?! this will be an easy kill!

out of no where strong reatsu is released. tomo groans and curls up, Tekken is on his knees next to Tomo. And the two imposters explode.

Fu-shong:!!!! what the hell did you do? Was it you? *points to tekken*

Tekken:No, of course not.

Fu-shong: Then who? is the someone else here?!!!

Tekken: No, its tomo!

Fu-shong is surprised in the major difference of power.

Fu-shong: can't be he is a pthertic child!

Tekken: well it is!!! its his sickness! it- it was because of a damn experiment his old captain did to him years ago!

Fu-shong: WHAT???
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना kofisius29 said…
peachesapples wow you know i think you should join the battles too you know cus you really know how to make up good zanpakutos REALLY QUICKLY! youre zanpakutos are cool btw. next time post a shinigami to use em, dat would make it perfect. XD

oh and if you are gonna join , i thinnk you should ask crazieone if you could be on his team. he was sayin a while back dat he needs a bit more of a team cus everyone is against him. (haha lol maybe everyone just loves SS lol). anyway yh kl kl
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना GaretStrife said…
Okay this is my zanpakuto.

Name: Pure Waterfall (don't know the japanese)
Release command: Awaken, Pure Waterfall.
Bankai release: Pure Waterfall Unleashed (please don't laugh)
Type: Power and Kido.

Sealed form: When sealed it resembles a normal wakazashi with no crossgaurd, with a keen edge. The outer edge is blunt and used for blocking while the inner edge is used for attacking. There is also a chain attached to the base of the hilt to entangle an opponents sword and for long range attacks. The blade is black while the handle in blue.

Shikai: Pure Waterfall. The blade becomes an avergae sized sword with two scythe like portrusions on the top with a spike in the centre of the blades. The chain is still present and has the same function as its sealed form, only deadlier thanks to the scythe blades. However water freely flows around the blades and fall a few seconds after the weapon hits, crashing on top of the enemy.

Shikai Special Ability: The user is able to make it rain so he can use his abilities freely. This is available while in Bankai.

Bankai: Pure Waterfall Unleashed! The weilder is capable of dissolving their blade and atack with the power of water. The weapon doesn't change shape, but the attacks become stronger.

Bankai Special Abilities:

Water manipulation: The weilder themselves are able to use whatever water is in the atmosphere to form different things ranging from shields to weapons.

Water Clone: The weilder is capable of creating a single water clone which shares an exact likeness with the user and also shares their spiritual energy.

Grand Torrent: The user uses all the water at their disposal and encases their enemy in a sphere which condenses until the enemey is completely crushed.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…

Element: Hm, what should we do?

Tenchi: Aren’t you next runner up?

Jake: Captain?

Element: Uh, yes, but what I meant is that who should each of us face?

May: Huh?

Kevin: We have three rules, one is that we only fight one on one, another is that anyone who interferes we pile on, and last is that the final result is final.

May: Harsh…

Kevin: That is why we almost never use our real bodies.

Tenchi: That would make sense.

Sekhmet: Are you all going to talk all day?

Kevin: Well I take Traea… again…

Averis: I’ll take Pardel.

Lin and Songoku: I’ve got Gagalzzi, (Stares at each other) not I do! What!? Why do you always take the fight!

Sekhmet looks as if she’s annoyed: Will you all just shut up and pick someone! (Holds her hand out) Cero! (A giant purple blast flies to the team, and suddenly disappears) What?

Zeron stands in front: I’ll take you.

Sekhmet: You were the one who…

Zeron finishes: Defeated Grim.

----------------Kevin vs. Traea--------------

Kevin stands in front of Traea: Yo.

Traea: What?

Kevin: Hm? Is there something wrong with greeting someone?

Traea: You’re annoying…

Kevin: Okay.

Traea: Are you going to fight this time?

Kevin: Well only if you fight too.

Traea: We’re at war, what do you think we’re going to do?

Kevin: Have a picnic.

Traea: In war? That just seems too peaceful.

Kevin: I have a few questions to ask before we start, may I ask them.

Traea: Why?

Kevin: I need answers.

Traea: Go ahead.

Kevin: Why do you want war? I understand that the shinigami destroyed your land, but why not join them and maybe have your land rebuilt that way?

Traea: Do you not know what they did to us?

Kevin: Destroyed your land, took everything away from you, friends, family, and power. I understand that, but what would the point be in getting revenge? Where will it get you?

Traea: It will get us new land.

Kevin: Soul Society is very small right now, and with your warriors. Just imagine what kind of city you can make, I’d help you, and my friends would to.

Traea: You’re a kind kid. But kindness won’t get you anywhere.

Kevin: You still don’t understand what I’m trying to get to. Well, if you refuse to understand, (Grips his sword and holds it up) then I’ll pound it into your head.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulqulorra said…
Zanpakuto name-Los Cuertos De Los Diablo(The body of the devil)Release command-Brazo derecha De Los Diablo,Dedos Izerechaz De Diablo.
Bankai-Los Cuertos De los Diablo.
Shikai-Depending on the release command my soulreaper will either gain the right arm of the devil or the devils fingers.
The left arm-turns in to the exact same arm as chad but instead la muerte mine uses a cero called Los Muertos,cool eh?:)
Left Fingers-wierd right?but any way,these fingers can create a portal releasing hollows!My character has a hole in his chest but hes a 100% soulreaper...really!
Bankai-Well... use all move combined...not creative right?sorry thats all I got:(
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना godofstorms said…
Shikai= ツインドラゴン[tsuin-doragon(Twin Dragons)]
realese: Bite
Bankai= ツインズドラゴンズ光の[tsuin-doragon-ranpu(Twin Dragons of Light)]

Shikai abillities= two gold blades with old scriptures saying the most powerful of kido that it shall relay to me when it seems fit. These kido would allow me to use the power of a Menos', Adjuchas',or Vasto Lordes' cero all in a diferent kido that instead of using spirt energy it would use my life force making it deadly to use.

Bankai abilies= It would be the light in the room and if there is non it makes it and i controll it wiht my spirtual preasure. I would be able to cause the light to turn soild or refelctive makeing a shield around me. The attack would be a simple blade but icould hitch a ride with the light creating a speed faster than flash step.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Hey, if any of you people who are posting new Zanpakto and wish to use them, please ask us if you can join our story, we want some new people.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Ulqulorra said…
uh okay sure how do you join?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Tecno said…
Here are the steps:
1: Ask to join.
2: ... ya that's all I can think of!
Hey, I finally started a page!
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