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posted by naksen8525
There are many Bit Torrent programs out there for downloading torrents, but there are 4 favorites:
BitComet,BitTorent,Vuze and uTorrent.
BitComet downloads really fast,but its kinda complicated for new users to use all features.But its the only program in चोटी, शीर्ष 4 ,that has लिंक्स to लोकप्रिय torrent sites,web based games and also offers torrent exchange:exchanges torrents with peers आप are connected with.
BitTorrent is the first program, based on the Bit Torrent protocol, as the name says.uTorrent looks very similiar to this program so I will talk about them both.They have a tiny "AppStore", wich...
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added by goalstopper
i am sure आप know how to if आप are a fan. but for people who have no clue what it is.