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posted by rawrr-doll
I found myself pondering over this yesterday, and I've come to the conclusion that this might just be one of Tom's many one night stands. But, who knows? आप can never be 100% sure.. maybe this is the start of Tom's 2009 प्यार affair with Chantelle Paige. I dunno, but I know there's a picture, and here it is.

Also, how much does he look like Bill now? Good lord, they are finally identical twins again! And it looks like the rumour about the piercing was true too, cos I've seen a few pics with him wearing one, and it doesn't look photoshopped. Personally, I'm loving Tom's new style, but I don't think I like his "girlfriend". She looks really bitchy, like the kind आप see in hip hop videos, yes? But if he's happy, it's all good. As long as Bill's still available XD

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Well.. I liked it :D
tokio hotel
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"I don’t दिखाना my body for a good cause... if one दिन in a संगीत कार्यक्रम I pull down my pants, I would leave without job to those reporters who say I’m a woman"

"the best birthday present I ever got was born 10 मिनटों before I was"

"Hey, we are TOKIO HOTEL! Our Desk... You're Dead... Fack! Again, ok"

"This is my little plane. I call him....Jumbiiiie!!"

"What a beautiful vetter... Nice, nice, nice"

"Dear children, don't eat anything healthy at
home. Just keep eating those hamburgers"

"No, I don't have a Facebook...A Facebook? What's Facebook?"

"I'm too expensive"

"I won't let anyone stand between me and my brother"

"Sleep with rockstars - Support the arts"
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Full name: Bill Kaulitz-Trümper.

Nickname: None; he says he doesn’t need any as his name is short enough.

Occupation: Singer / song-writer.

Date of Birth: September 1, 1989.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo.

Place of Birth: Leipzig (Germany).

Place of Residence: Loitsche, Germany and their temporary घर in Hamburg which is where their studio is.

Height: 1,88cm (6′2″)

Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)

Hair Colour: Dirty blonde; dyed black with blonde streaks at the moment.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Siblings: A twin brother named Tom who was born 10 मिनटों before him.

Mother: Simone Kaulitz, a freelance tailor and artist.

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