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A story I wrote when I was five, copied here word for word, spelling mistakes nag grammar errors kept lol. I found it while cleaning my room...

Cataya ran out of the stall, "the tolit is hunted." everyone laugfed "Its true", "run for your lives." The janitor ran in "was it the ghost या the tolit" "Both." Cataya exclaimed. "The ghost was gree with sharp teeth." "The tolit was नारंगी, ऑरेंज wuth razor sharp teeth and it always yelled I'm the toilinator!"

Cataya was angry her classmates didn't belive her her teachers, even her parents didn't belive her. Only Jakin घंटी, बेल Joans the janitor did belive. The...
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If I get reported becasue this shit will go down XD

Pig: a government-funded butt-picking fucktard addicted to donuts. Just about every cop you've ever met was the little chickenshit pussy with the smart mouth who got its नितंब, गधा (yeah, that's right; "ITS ass", not "his ass" या "her ass") kicked on a daily basis back in school. Don't be surprised if आप recognized the pig who's giving आप a rash of senseless shit for no good reason as Myron, the trailer park-dwelling, booger-eating mutant from high school who got fired from McDonalds for fucking the hamburger buns.

Hungry: The worst possible torture...
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Dear Mr. Potter,
You have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..."
One sentence to change millions of lives, to begin a decade...

"Harry Potter...the boy who lived...come to die..."
One sentence to end
-an era
-a lifetime

"The stories we प्यार best do live in us forever; whether आप come back द्वारा page, या द्वारा the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome आप home."
...One sentence, to bring it all back.

Re-post if आप will stick with Harry, until the very end. Until the spines of your पुस्तकें are weakened and the pages are falling out, until you're 80 years...
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posted by 1-2vampire
I just wrote an entire article, then my stupid laptop went and deleted it all. Ghfdshfsdkj. SO FRICKEN ANGRY.

Okay then, so I'm from Britain, but NOT ENGLAND. Britain is Wales, Scotland and England. It is not ENGLAND. Besides joda, who has sadly disappeared from fanpop, I'm the only Biggerstaff that I know of that resides in Wales.

I am a Nerdfighter, a Whovian, a bookworm, a Potterhead, a demigod, and और I can't be arsed remembering.

I hate learning Welsh, and I have to take it for my GCSEs... think of them as O.W.Ls. Definitely not taking them for A levels. Think of THEM as N.E.W.Ts :P

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Hello guys :) Mea here!
As some of आप know, I’m a total RENThead, and I’m in प्यार with the musical RENT. Since I प्यार this musical/movie so much, but not many people know about it या have heard of it, I decided to write an लेख about it :) I’m basically giving आप a summary and a few कोट्स from this movie/musical so आप can get a taste of it. I’d rather आप guys not get it from some बिना सोचे समझे source. आप can trust this biggerstaff to give आप the real info on this musical, so here it is (BTW, I have two versions: ones a short version with no spoilers, and one’s long with TONS of...
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Charlie and his sexy shades
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The Little Mermaid

In the original version, the Little Mermaid feels an indescribable amount of pain every time she takes a step - due to a curse the witch put on her.
The Little Mermaid has a mother in the original - her mother is dead in the डिज़्नी version.
The Captain that the mermaid falls in प्यार with marries another woman (whom he had been in प्यार with in the first place) - in the डिज़्नी version the Little Mermaid gets the prince!
The Little Mermaid's sisters offer her a चाकू to kill the prince so she can return to the see in the original.
The Little Mermaid dies at the end (turns into...
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This is just my opinion on the anon लेख that was पोस्टेड bashing GD. The only reason Im posting anonymously is because I dont want to ruin the friendship I have with them.

So Ill begin द्वारा sayimg this: We finally put our problems from the summer away, and if we all turn on eavh other, we're gonna bring them back and cause more.

I agreed with lots of the points आप made, but I also agreed with the comments. It is just how GD is, and thats okay. We shouldnt tell poeople to change and complain about how they are. I dont think she was deeply upset द्वारा your article,...
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posted by emilyroxx
Found this in the Harry Potter spot. :D
Credit: alisonfaith297

[] आप are loud.
[] आप like(d) going to school to see your friends.
[] You’ve had और than a couple detentions.
[] आप always have something to do on the weekends.
[] आप like to be the center of attention.
[] आप get above average grades in school.
[] You’ve been called bossy before.
[] You’re a bit of a daredevil/you like an adrenaline rush.
[] आप are athletic.
[] आप are one of the best players on your team.
[] आप would do anything for your loved ones.
[] आप like the colour red.
[] Your प्रिय class is Transfiguration...
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posted by emilyroxx
Lol, I thought that she was Gemonk. xD

You're now chatting with a बिना सोचे समझे stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: WELL ARE आप READY RAY?
Stranger: HOW 'BOUT आप FRAAANK?
Stranger: HOW 'BOUT आप MOIKAAAY?
Stranger: Well I think I'm alright. 1 2 3 4. *guitar* 3 2 1.. we came to fuck!
Stranger: Hehehe.
You: everybody party 'till the gasman comes
You: लोल xD
Stranger: Killjoy?
You: Yesh!
Stranger: YAAAY I प्यार finding killjoys on omegle. आप have...
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posted by IzzyOzera
Stranger: Blaine!?
You: Kurt?
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: finallY!
You: How are you?
Stranger: I'm totally in प्यार with you!
You: I'm crazy about you!
Stranger: you've brought me to light
Stranger: and my दिल stops when आप look at me!
You: I प्यार you.
Stranger: I प्यार you, too.
Stranger: wanna vote?
You: yes! I think we should vote. Lets vote right here right now!
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: I प्यार to vote with you
Stranger: want to do it all the time
You: yes. We should never ever stop
You: do it forever and ever!
You: Kurt are आप there?
Stranger: I am
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So, I was recently diagnosed with Asperger's, and I प्यार psychology, so I'm going to force some medical diagnosis information of all of you!

Asperger's syndrome, also called Asperger's disorder, is a type of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). PDDs are a group of conditions that involve delays in the development of many basic skills, most notably the ability to socialize with others, to communicate, and to use imagination.

Although Asperger's syndrome is similar in some ways to autism -- another, और severe type of PDD -- there are some important differences. Children with Asperger's syndrome...
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