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posted by xanderlovesbtr
Rising तारा, स्टार Cymphonique, who might look familiar to our readers, guest stars in this week’s Big Time Rush episode, “Big Time Girl Group.” She took time out from juggling TV (she’s going to तारा, स्टार in her very own Nickelodeon दिखाना later this year) and संगीत (debut album on Sony coming soon) to tell us all about it!

Read on to find out which guys have on-set rap battles, and watch a sneak peek of this week’s episode!

हे Cymphonique! Tell us about your character on this week’s episode of Big Time Rush!
Cymphonique: Hi! My character’s name is Kat, and she’s the fierce leader of her...
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Katelyn: Hey, Logan! I’ve missed आप so much! *Runs up and भालू hugs Logan*
Logan: Uh. . . I only went back to the apartment to grab my towel. Um. . . *Looks around pool area* Aren’t आप supposed to be with Kendall? I mean, आप are his girlfriend.
*Katelyn giggles* Katelyn: Oh, Kendall, schmendall! YOU’RE SOOO much cuter than he’ll ever be.
*Logan stops to think* Logan thinking: This is SOOO akward. Where is Kendall?!?!?!
*Katelyn grabs Logan’s arm and shakes it* Katelyn: Hey, look over there! Isn’t that your photographer friend, Marcos? Maybe he’ll take our picture for us! What do...
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The hottest दिखाना of the summer is at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel. Big Time Rush, one of the most लोकप्रिय shows for kids on Nickelodeon, is coming to Jersey this August. The only problem is a big problem. The दिखाना is SOLD OUT!!! There is a solution. iPlay America is holding a number of special promotions starting this Wednesday, July 18th. They are giving आप the chance to win tickets to see Big Time Rush! They will do the same thing for the following three Wednesdays (July 25th, August 1st and August 8th). Starting at 3 p.m. and ending at 7:00 p.m. on each of the four Wednesdays, you...
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posted by jamesandlogan3
Jagan (Ja/mes and Lo/gan) is the friendship/bromance pairing between James Maslow and Logan Henderson and the counterpart of Kenlos.

Logan and James have grown close and are now like brothers. In the show, Logan helps James द्वारा लेखन the "Yeah" song with him and James helps Logan द्वारा helping him find a तारीख, दिनांक for the dance. They are close and have been seen joking around and playing in the tour bus with toy guns. James sometimes calls Logan द्वारा his nickname which is Logie-Bear. James has कहा that he loves Logan's Mother because she is so kind.
Jagan Moments (From the show)
Season 1
Big Time Audition...
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posted by Dorito23
'Cause the world stops
When I put my arms around you, around you, oh, woah
And nothing even matters
And nothing even matters

It's like one for the haters and two for all of those
Who try to shut us down, they don't really know
There ain't nothing they can do that can tear us apart, no

I don't care about the money, don't care about the clothes
When we're together, baby, anything goes
'Cause we don't even need to prove what we feel in our hearts, no

This दीवार we built together
There ain't no way of knocking it over
We'll be here forever
Getting closer and closer, baby

'Cause the world stops
When I put my arms...
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1. Bungee-jumping, go-carting and skydiving: Logan loves jeopardy and action. “I’m kinda addicted to the weirdest things!”

2. Kendall buys organic खाना only. “This way I protect the environment – and it tastes delicious!”

3. Wow, he’s got muscles: James is able to do several pushups while doing a handstand. “That’s my crazy talent!”

4. The boys like to hang out with the अभिनेत्रियों Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice. Their प्रिय pastime: Hockey!

5. “Whenever I’m nervous I gnaw my nails like crazy,” admits Kendall.

6. “Carlos is the neatest out of us all. If he sees...
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Nickelodeon super-band, Big Time Rush, (in a desperate attempt to reach a new audience) will be joining forces with Beyoncé Giselle Knowles to create "Irreplaceable Night," in addition to some other new songs. The idea is the same as when Justin Bieber teamed up with Timberlake to create their album. The artists take the names of their songs, and combine them into new songs. The rest of the titles on the album are still under wraps, but Big Time Rush's James Maslow was here to let us in on five.

"We're super excited to be working with Beyonce. Before recording our tracks, we played some scrabble, saw 'Paul', and I even exchanged some hair tips with her."

To hear the song, check out link

To read this full article, check out link
*Theme Song*
On Part 1 Big Time Rush Became Little Time Rush?
Cast Members:Kendall Knight.. James Diamond.. Logan Mitchell.. Carlos Garcia.. Katie Knight.. Mama Knight.. Gustavo.. Kelly.. Jason Garcia.. John Mitchell.. Jack Diamond.. Hunter Knight.. Special Guest Stars:John Cena.. Roshon Fegan.. Miranda Cosgrove.. Bella Thorne.. Kenzz (me)
Lets Find Out Now!
Carlos:Dang my head it to small for my हेलमेट :'(
James:Haha Srry Man
Logan:well dont where it
Carlos Starts to Cry
Kendall:Oh Gosh! D:<
Logan accidently Kisses Carlos (Cargan <333)
Kendall: /:
Carlos Moans.Logan Drags Carlos into the बिस्तर room to have Sex <3333
James:BigTimeSex Coming in novmember
The अगला Day...
Logan:Wheres Carlos??
James:I dont Know
Kendall:I dont know Girl Friend
Carlos Walks in
Logan Kisses Carlos and Carlos Kisses Back <33
Kendall:Cargan Aww :D
James:O.o I had a crush on logan
James Cries
Logan Giggles and Carlos kisses him again
posted by teentop449
बिग टाइम रश
Big time rush
Today (5-2-13/May 2,2013) at 8:00,there is going to be a new big time rush!!<33 this is going to be super-duper awesome!!!<3333333333 Aren't आप excited??!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!!<3333333 I Know i am!! I can't wait!! Its almost here!!! After the premier आप can टिप्पणी दे on what आप thought about the premier!! I can't wait to see Kendall,James,Carlos,& Logan!!<33
So all आप rushers out there don't miss it!
I <3 BtR!!!!!<333333333 I can't stop!!<33 I am never ever gonna miss not even ONE episode of big time rush!!<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Can't wait to see my hubby's/babies!!<33
that's all! Bye!!!!!!<3333333
बिग टाइम रश
Big time rush
बिग टाइम रश
Big time rush
बिग टाइम रश
Big time rush
बिग टाइम रश
Big time rush
posted by rusher29
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boyfriend
Your boy, boy, b-b-boy, b-b-boy

Have आप ever had the feeling you're drawn to someone? Yeah
And it isn't anything they could've कहा या done?
And everyday I see आप on your own
And I can't believe that you're alone
But I overheard your girls and this is what they said

Looking for a, looking for a
That you're looking for a boyfriend, I see that
Give me time, आप know, I'm gonna be that
Don't be scared to come, put your trust in me
Can't आप see all I really want to be

Is your boyfriend, can't...
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posted by MickCayla133
-School: Roosevelt High-
Mrs. Collins: Class, There New students Coming
Band: talking-
Band: Stops-
Girls comes in-
Bands: Stares-
Mrs> Collins: These are, Jo Taylor, Carlie Taylor, Stephanie Taylor and Erin Taylor. आप may sit back there. -points-
Girls: Goes and sits द्वारा them-
James: Hi I am James.
Erin: He.Hey
Girls: Kay"
-bell rings-
-Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza-
Kendall: हे Girls! Over here!
Girls: turns around then goes to sit-
Kendall: Can we get to know Each other
Jo: Why!
Kendall: Your Hot!
Jo: Thank आप -flirts-
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 Big Time Rush (L-R): Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt
Big Time Rush (L-R): Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt
Nickelodeon has ordered a third season of “Big Time Rush,” its लोकप्रिय series about a created-for-TV band. Think “The Monkees” – just with actors who can really sing.

The network has picked up another 20 episodes of the show, which just completed production on the सेकंड season. Production on the new episodes will begin in January, perhaps after a TV movie, and air sometime during the first quarter of अगला year. “It’s sad to end production, but we got the great news about the third season,” says cast member Carlos Pena.

“Big Time Rush” was created द्वारा Nickelodeon and Sony as...
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*Theme Song*
Previously On Big Time Rush Comedy
Gustavo told the guys That He going to replace them!
Lets find out whats going to happen in this Episode?
Gustavo:Yall are getting replaced!!
The Guys:What!!
Gustavo:Theirs a Reason
Gustavo:I found a Better Band!
Kendall:You cant Replace Us!
Gustavo:YES I CAN!
Logan:Whats the New Band आप think that is Better then Us!
James:Tell Us! What the Band Name is?!
Gustavo:Boyz Rock!
Carlos:Haha!! Boyz Rock sounds Funny!!
Gustavo:They are Here! हे Guys
Alex:Hey Carlos!
Eric:Hey Carlos!
Trey:Hey Carlos!
Robbie:Hey Carlos!
Carlos:Alex and Trey...
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Get a call on a बिना सोचे समझे afternoon
I pick it up and I see that it's you
Like my दिल आप were breaking the news
You say it's over, it's over, it's over
Heading out cause I'm out of my mind
All my फ्रेंड्स are gonna see me tonight
Staying here 'til the sun starts to rise
And I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna

Dance hard, laugh more, turn the संगीत up now
Party like a rock तारा, स्टार can I get a what now!
I swear I'll do anything that I have to
Til I forget about;
Jump up, fall down gotta play it loud now
Don't care, my head's spinning all around now
I swear I'll do anything that I have to
Til I forget about...
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*Theme Song*
Previously on Big Time Rush comedy Episode 2
The Boys Went to Red Robin and are banned from Red Robin.Katie made a poster of Carlos biteing a security's ear.Lets find out what happening in BTR comedy episode 3.
Kendall:Jo are तारीख, दिनांक is in a minute
Jo: Kendall where are we going?
Kendall:Where ever आप want to go
Jo:A perfect Picnic
Kendall:And a perfect walk near the beach
Jo:That sounds Romantic
(at the apartment)
Carlos:I made nachos
Katie,Logan:Yay! were hungry
Carlos:DIG IN!
Carlos:so how is it
Katie:Its Good
Logan:Its Fantastic!
Carlos:I'll make a other batch
Katie,Logan:(spited it out of there...
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Now I’m about to give आप my heart
But remember this one thing
I’ve never been in प्यार before
So आप gotta go easy on me

I heard प्यार is dangerous
Once आप fall आप never get enough
But the thought of आप leaving
Ain’t so easy for me


Don’t hurt me [BTR]

Desert me

(Three) Jordin
Don’t give up on me [Logan]
What would I wanna do that for [BTR]
(Four) [Jordin]
Don’t use me [BTR]

Take advantage of me
Make me sorry I ever counted on you

1, 2, 3, 4 to 5

Baby, I'm counting on आप (4x)

Understand I’ve been here before,...
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posted by Dorito23
City Is Ours

(Big Time Rush)
The city is ours (2x)

Rolling past graffiti walls
Billboards lighting up the block
Everyone one of us on a mission (Oh yea)
Got a whole crew द्वारा my side
Cars beep, beep when they pass us by
We ready to get down to business (mm, mm)

We pull up, open the door
All the girls, scream there they are
It's packed from दीवार to wall
And, everybody is calling
Here we come, it's almost time
Feel the rush, now hit the lights
We gonna get it all started

Because the night is young
The line is out the door
Today was crazy but
Tonight the city's ours
Live it up
Until the morning...
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*Theme Song*
Starts With
Jonsa Brothers
Jack Black Man
Jack Castillo
Gabirela Mendez
Hailee Fat So
चमेली Slow so
Brook Fucksom
Max Dumb-Asswell
Lunch Ladies
Micheal O'Shit
Aperil Beaver
Marcos Fuckomxz
Justin Gayiber
JorDIN Fuckarks
Guest STARING Socko and Mat29Cool and Chloe Briones

Once Apon a Fuckin Time
द्वारा LIMB द्वारा limb द्वारा Huskey HaRDY
People Wanna Know Jack Castillo is Awesome या Not
ApeRil ऊदबिलाव, बीवर is Gay
Justin GAYIER is a Liesbin
Micheal O'Shit isn't a Life Oragnism he is a BEAVCOON
"BIBER FEVER" SAYS Gabrilea Mendez
Huskey Hardy Kisses Chloe
CUTE20K MARRIES Huskey Hardy
Chloe Marries Max Dumb-AssWell
To be Contiunde