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*Theme Song*
Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight
Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell
Carlos Pena as Carlos Garica
James Maslow as James Diamond
Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight
Mat29cool as Michelle Cage
619WWEprincess as Maria Pena
TeamZoey as Rosabel Anderson
JBfan445 as Lisa Counts
Hjj211 as Tatum Maslow
AlexSelenaRules as Alex Jones-Well
Juliet1234 as Cat West
FamousK10 as Taylor Mitchell
Btrno1fan as Erin Bieber
Katelyn Traver as Jo
Erin Sanders as Camile
Selena Gomez as Ally Jones
Joe Jonas as Joe G. Jones-Well
Nathan Kress a Justin Hollywood
KarlaCena as Karla Anderson

Katie:Taylor can is Tell आप Something...
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Jagan (Ja/mes and Lo/gan) is the friendship/bromance pairing between James Maslow and Logan Henderson and the counterpart of Kenlos.

Logan and James have grown close and are now like brothers. In the show, Logan helps James द्वारा लेखन the "Yeah" song with him and James helps Logan द्वारा helping him find a तारीख, दिनांक for the dance. They are close and have been seen joking around and playing in the tour bus with toy guns. James sometimes calls Logan द्वारा his nickname which is Logie-Bear. James has कहा that he loves Logan's Mother because she is so kind.
Jagan Moments (From the show)
Season 1
Big Time Audition...
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