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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
Original Air Date—17 September 1964
Recently married Darren Stephens receives a shock when his bride, Samantha, is a witch.

Season 1, Episode 2: Be It Ever So Mortgaged
Original Air Date—24 September 1964
Samantha searches for a house to purchase on Morning Glory Circle. Once there, she and Endora "speed-decorate" with a little magical assistance. The स्नूपी Gladys Kravitz...
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A boyhood of memories fondly recalls that Tuesday October 8 2019 is the 49 th anniversary of the airing of the beloved TV series बीविच्ड episodes set in Salem, Massachusetts where cast members attend the witches' convocation. There, Samantha is confronted द्वारा an old fashioned "alive" बिस्तर warmer that will not leave her alone. Because the बिस्तर warmer seemingly has a mind of its own and because of where it is located, Samantha is certain that it is a witch या और likely a warlock who has been trapped into being what is supposed to be this inanimate object since the Salem Witch hunts

अगला should be a very special anniversary ...