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 Molly Schmolly
Molly Schmolly
When I read that Molly had cancer, which was obviously the reason for her farewell in the series, I kinda felt sad. Because as much as that was unexpected, it still felt cliche. आप know what would have been better? Something else.

So I was पढ़ना through fiction when I came across this fic: **Detty Hit and Run (written द्वारा englishstudent01). When I read it, it made me realize that this should have been a better exit for Molly. A totally 'in-your-face-you-shouldn't-have-been-here' kind of moment. If this fic happened, I would have rejoiced. To dislike her is one thing, to see her get arrested...
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1 We Daniel said: आप are so cute when आप are mortified.

2. When Betty was dreaming of Zachary and it was Daniels hand in her shoulder.

3. When Daniel said: are u asking me to be... your date? BOmB!!!!!

4..The way that Daniel looks at Betty in the in and out ep in the bridge. That was the first detty obious moment.

5. When Betty stayed over the night because Daniel didnt want t be alone in a room. So sweet playing games and watching TV!!!!

I want Detty back, and this time 4 real please!!!! write a letter to abc let them know how we feel!!!! lets do this!!!

Hi to alll the beautiful UB प्रशंसकों out...
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posted by BeSafe
 thanx i_candream on lj!!!!
thanx i_candream on lj!!!!
Okay so I was just wondering...when Daniel and Betty get together *that's right I कहा when not if...KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE* how do आप want it to happen?

Do आप want it to be like a sudden they walk into work या are hanging out one दिन and they look at each other and आप can just see the realization hit OMG I am totally in प्यार with you, it all makes sense now!

या would आप rather somebody else या elses point it out to them, like it's totally obvious that he loves आप Betty, या vice versa...of course after the whole Renee thing आप have to wonder, even if it were true would he be inclined to believe it?

Okay so this is kind of बिना सोचे समझे but I am just curious how everybody else wants this to happen?

हे guys so this is yet another Daniel/Betty fanfiction that I wrote...this one started off as Betty/Becks and grew into Detty, so I hope आप like it...:)

Disclaimer: Totally one hundred percent NOT mine…never have been…sadly never will be.

A/N: Hope आप all really enjoy this story. Sorry it’s so late coming but school has been crazy lately and I have been out of town anyway…I don’t know how it will end up yet, but I am thinking it will be Betty & Becks all the way…with Daniel friendship…kind of different for me but हे its worth a try.

Two for the Price of One

Betty was sitting...
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“I don’t see how it can’t happen but we don’t know that yet. I certainly think it’s possible because there’s an inevitable trust that’s established, and admiration and confidence in one another as people. आप see that Betty and Daniel make one another better, who they are, और complete. It’s like she has a gap and I have a gap and together we sort of create this whole. When things get charged and excited like that, of course the emotional attachments are inevitable. But I’m not लेखन the show.”

~ Eric Mabius (on the bond b/w Daniel Meade & Betty Suarez) ~

Okay so I found this लेख on my Bachelor & तितली site, thanks to londongirl27...what do आप think, is this conformation of a future Daniel/Betty *or as we like to call them DETTY bond?! A bond that extends beyond their current bond of friendship into something more...
Hola folks!

So here's "Wedding Crasher" written द्वारा clueless1der, it follows what could possibly happen during this Wednesday's episode, at Hilda's wedding.....


"You flashed Gio… in a bar?!"

Daniel was pretty sure that somewhere an एंजल just got its wings.

He smirked to himself, tuning Betty out- she was saying something about boyfriends- पढ़ना her blog with something like glee. She कहा something else, and he nodded absently, still reading. There was just something about पढ़ना what she wrote. Her blog was so much like her- full of funny bits of insight and occasional...
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posted by DettyBFFLuvers1
Ugly betty fans.

Well what a eppy tonight, I mean sugar daddy was another great eppy and I was happy to see the detty scenes alot और then we got last week, but in this eppy प्यार and money was in air as Betty love's for Matt was blomssing which I have to say I am liking Matt now that we know और about him first I thought he was poor like Hilda did I mean come keep forgeting his wallet but My first concuslion was right as Matt is wealthy rich, who knew. and it was sweet of him to try to help the suarez family out of their finalcail trouble after losing a riged tv दिखाना रसोई, रसोईघर battle which...
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हे guys so I wrote this fanfiction a while back and I figured mabye some other Detty प्रशंसकों out there might want to read it...:)

I'm TeeFly on, and so here is the first chapter and the link to what was my first Detty fanfiction, Be Careful What आप Wish For...hope आप enjoy!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Ugly Betty या any of the characters,but I sure wouldn't mind if someone decided to give them to me. Anyway please don't sue cause I have no money!!!!

Authors Note: Its taken me awhile to finally put to words this story. It has “magic” I reckon आप would call it inside so if that...
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I have to admit that I am an ugly betty junkie!
I have seen not only the american version but also the greek one(pretty lame) and the mexican one(lame but funny)!
The american ugly betty is the coolest and the funniest!
And I do believe that Betty and Daniel are made for each other!
Who can forget the bridge moment with all the looks!

Daniel:"You are better that any model."

The last words of Bradford were that danniel is लॉस्ट without betty!
That totally means that they are gonna end up together!
I also think that mama Claire is so rooting for them!
I am not sure for bettys dad thought...
They are not gonna been together soon but at the end of the दिखाना they are so gonna end up together!!!
posted by DettyBFFLuvers1
Detty Hit and Run

This is for my friend Charlie (HumanNature207) on YouTube. She is one of the best of friends, and she loves detty as much as I do. So Charlie, this is for आप girl. Thanks to my beta Insaaf for the help as always
Please Read, Enjoy and Review :)

Chapter 1: Crossing the street

It was nightfall. Betty Suarez held her umbrella carefully over her, shielding herself from the pouring rain. She was heading घर after a late night at work with her boss, Daniel Meade. All she could think of as she started to पार करना, क्रॉस the सड़क, स्ट्रीट to her apartment building was drying off and getting into her...
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posted by alienanne
I have been absent for so long and boy, was I surprised. I watched the season 3 finale -The Fall Issue, and felt like I haven't missed much. OK, maybe I did miss a lot, but I पोस्टेड this to hopefully get some people out there to help me out. Clue me in the missing pieces. Please.

Here are the stuff I kinda discovered:


Froze for five मिनटों when I found out Daniel actually married Molly. I froze another 5 मिनटों when she died. He actually loved Molly that much to marry her. Good Lord. AND he's not going to be Betty's boss in Season 4?! Holy. But it's so sad, what these writers do to...
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posted by Eiliskillerkat
Upcoming Storylines

In an interview with series creator, Silvio Horta, he confirmed that a romance between Betty and Daniel is possible.[8] Also it has been revealed that a pivotal male character will profess his प्यार for Betty, this was later confrmed to be Daniel. तस्वीरें of the last episode filming have been released on The Daily Mail website, दिखा रहा है both Daniel and Betty in लंडन locations. [9]

this was shown on wikipedia and has reliable sources, i think its pretty obvious whats going to happen now :D good news for us detty fans!!!
posted by alienanne
My first Detty fic is dedicated to BeSafe, for being my ever constant hyper partner in the Detty प्यार faith!!

And of course, this is also for all those Detty fangirls out there. (:


The Detty in Denial Forum
written द्वारा Goshikku Seirei

Daniel Meade looked like he was working on something in his office that late afternoon, his face in a serious expression that clearly कहा ‘back off’ to anyone who attempted interruption, but truthfully, he was doing his secret guilty pleasure; all the stress of the earlier meetings, deadlines, the unrequited (or so he thinks) attraction to Molly and what that...
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Hi Detty shippers!!

Here's Jenny's 1st story that I convinced her to let me post on here with the link to the website for the rest. The story is innovative, fun & sweet!! Have a look, the story takes place circa 4.12 Blackout!

This is how I'd write the अगला episode.

Betty walked through mode towards Daniels office. She was so excited, today was a good day. First she finds out she'll be helping Daniel interview her प्रिय actor, then moments later she finds out her blog won a bloggy. Storming through Daniels door without knocking, she runs to his डेस्क where he's seated.

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Good news guys! Vanessa Williams has now joined the campaign for an ugly betty movie! is this one और step towards a movie? i'll let आप guys decide, check out the लेख below:

लंडन (ANI): Actress Vanessa Williams is reportedly campaigning for a movie version of cancelled ‘Ugly Betty’ series. Williams along with her former co-stars America Ferrera and Ana Ortiz has started a movement to bring the cancelled U.S. TV series to the big screen.

Buzz up!
She bid farewell to her co-stars of four years as she gave her last performance for the series finale as fashion boss Wilhelmina Slater, reports The Daily Star. "We did not want to leave. Our last week, none of us wanted to leave the table. None of us wanted to finish the words we were saying,” कहा Williams.

"It was an extraordinary group of people, the ensemble was great, the directors were great - the writers - the whole team. It was unique. Yes, an Ugly Betty movie, absolutely,” she added.
Despite हाल का news that the hit U.S टेलीविज़न sit com, Ugly Betty, has been cancelled it looks like cast and crew aren’t happy. So what are they planning to do about it? Do what every respectable cult fashion दिखाना does…go to the movies!

Ana Ortiz who plays Ugly Betty’s sister, Hilda spoke to about plans to keep the spirit of the दिखाना living on. "I will say this: It’s open. There may be a movie!”

She also talked openly about America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) and her intentions to persuade directors to make a movie. "It’s something that we’ve been talking about and it’s something that America Ferrera would really प्यार to do. That woman has so much determination that I can’t imagine anything she puts her mind to not getting done."

ok guys dont give up on ugly betty yet! hopefully, we'll have one last thing to look आगे so, i sure as hell know that im nowhere near ready to let go on betty yet! are you??
posted by alienanne
 Daniel and Betty... not right for each other?
Daniel and Betty... not right for each other?
One of the most possible reasons why Ugly Betty is loved द्वारा viewers is because of the fact that the दिखाना tells us that we are capable of anything for as long as we believe in ourselves. That aside, the दिखाना also serves a great advocacy against stereotypes -something most of the viewers could possibly relate to, whether it happened to them या not.

Stereotyping is the less hurtful term for 'discrimination' and 'being prejudiced', but it leads to the same frame of mind. It goes like this: if you're prejudice, आप discriminate, which means आप victimize other people because of your stereotyping...
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This poem was inspired द्वारा Crush'd I hope आप like it...:)

आप are beautiful
He told me
And I could see it in his eyes
He believed what he said
Even though I thought it was a lie
I told him it was okay
I was happy with who I was
Then he looked down at me
With eyes a midnight blue
And told me to trust him
He कहा I would never lie to you
And for a moment I believed him
As looked up into his eyes
I saw a look I couldn't place
One he couldn't hide
The look was one of support
Possilby friendship too
But there was something more
Behind the gentle blue
It showed only for a second
Before it went away
But I think it कहा I प्यार you
Words he could never say...
Okay so these are two short little poems I wrote about Daniel/Betty...hope आप enjoy!!!!

Daniels POV
You are the one constant in my life
You make me whole, आप make me want to strive
I am all that I am because of you
And all the sweet and kind things that आप do
You make me wonder and question
You help me to see the truth and
If the eyes are the windows to the soul
Than yours is the most beautiful to behold
You see only the good
You take away the pain
I long to be near you
Every single day
I don't know when it happened
When this line got blurred
Or when the thought of life without आप
First began to sound...
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posted by alienanne
Below is a link for the review for Episode 8 of Ugly Betty:


You can read through the लेख and if you're a Detty fan, आप are sure to take notice of this certain part:

"Which makes me turn around and tell all Dettyers: wake up and smell the coffee! Daniel Meade had once again chosen to use Betty to his advantage. While he steps up at the end, like he always does, it doesn’t change the fact that he was willing to let her take the fall until he got one of her pep talks. When is he going to grow up and be a man for God’s sake?"

This has been what a blogger quoted regarding the idea of Daniel...
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