ब्यूटी एंड द बीस्ट Successful दिखाना "Beauty and the Beast"

onthebroadway posted on Sep 03, 2010 at 05:29AM
The touring production of the musical titled "Beauty and the Beast" made it’s encamping in the current week at the venue of the Starlight Theatre that boasted of numerous entertaining performances and also an altogether successfully show that had included both humor and pathos.
Although it had not been that big a high-tech affair – the actors, there had been no computers, move the scenery around -- and whilst being an audience of the respective show there had been several moments on this Tuesday night when I had found myself wishing that there would have been more opulence than was being delivered by the respective company.
Post all the ups and downs of the respective show that is Beauty and the Beast had been released in the year 1991 to rave reviews from both the critics and the audience and also to record-breaking business at the box office. The respective film had been widely hailed as being a technical breakthrough and to date it remains the only animated feature film had been nominated in the category of the Oscar award for the Best Picture.
The main story of the play had revolved around a self-centered prince who is shown as being transformed into a terrifying beast after he becomes a victim of the curse of a witch who casts a magic spell on him. It is not until the beautiful and the young Belle had become his prisoner that she gradually teaches him to become much civilized and this leads to the breaking of this spell. If you want to see the fantastically show beauty and the beast so you can buy link online and get the real entertainment and feel free.

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