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posted by Takuya
The Beast is my प्रिय male डिज़्नी character so it only seems right that i write about him.

The Beast is one of disney´s most interesting and unique characters because he has no counterpart in reality या in myth या legends he is a completly new creation of the Walt डिज़्नी company.

Glen Keane wanted a डिज़ाइन that looked like it could exist on earth but it should be something that आप have never seen before, so he combined traits from different जानवर and got a very cool and intresting design.
Glen Keane describes the Beast as "a twenty-one-year-old guy who's insecure, wants to be...
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The Beast, a spoiled, selfish and unkind prince cursed for being an unwelcoming host, Why is he one of my प्रिय alltime fictional characters?
Why is he one of the most loved डिज़्नी characters? I will try to explain it to you.

The reason why I and many और like him is that he is one of the most evolving characters in डिज़्नी movies, he is a great character because he wants to change himself to be worthy of a girl and he is very succesful and he also becomes a much better person overall.

Like many great हीरोस he also have a villain that is his total opposite बैटमैन has his Joker and Beast has...
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The Beast is a very complex character.
He goes through so many changes in his life and to me they are very belivable and here I will discuss why.

First his childhood:
Not much is know of his life before the enchantment except that he was like the prolouge says "Spoiled, Selfish and unkind" but that is all I need, I belive that he got the position of master at an early age and that made him that way.
I quess his parents died sometime before the story and that gave him too much power for a child and it gave him the character flaws that the Enchantress cursed him for.

Next his Teen years:
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