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 Tori in yellow द्वारा Richi
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Mariposa is a तितली fairy of a magical fairy land named, Flutterfield. She already is the main person in her first movie - बार्बी Mariposa ( Her तितली फ्रेंड्स ). This time, she visits a land named Shimmervale, where she becomes fast friend with a Fairy Princess - Catania.
This time, she glows with a new attitude and her face looks fresher than the old face. Her hair is Silky Golden, eyes are brown, and has a smooth face complexion. At the start, she wears her original dress, but later for the ball, she wears a dark purple and गुलाबी dress, with only one sleeve. Her wings are glitterized....
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 CleoCorinne, our March FOTM!
CleoCorinne, our March FOTM!
Congratulations to link for winning the FOTM! All her hard work and dedication has surely paid off and I'm sure that we are all grateful to have such an amazing and active contributor as part of this spot! But before the fiesta with lots of confetti and cake can start, here's her interview:

1) Congrats on winning, how does it feel like to be the FOTM?
How does it feel? Well... I'm really happy for it. I must thank all those that voted me, it's a quite nice experience.

2) How did आप find the बार्बी फिल्में spot and what made आप stay?
I found it randomly. I was looking for pictures of बार्बी and...
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(I'll write this from the first words बार्बी says in the video I posted)


There's too much snow... we won't be able to arrive to New York tomorrow... our plans are ruined...

Shine little star, shine up there
But if आप can, look down here too
If आप would make my wish come true
I swear I'll never make आप regret it

Wish of mine that goes away
Through the stars आप will fly
Melt every trouble
Like snow in the sun

We won't stay here forever
But we will visit the world one day
Through the lights, down in the city
How many people go

By my way I will go straight on
'Cause every...
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Take a look around
Take a walk downtown
Wondering if what आप have been telling me is true
That i've been living large
Should accept that it's too hard
Forget about your dreams girl
No आप wait a minute
'Cause i've opened my eyes

I'm making my way, आप see
Throwing out the disbelief
I'm jumping in
Giving it everything
There's nothing left to prove
To anybody else but me
So go right ahead and call me crazy
'Cuz i'm making my way
You bet i am
Making my way

Does it freak आप out?
I am fierce and proud
Doing it with style baby,
Who's the fool now?
I've finally sifted through
The useless attitudes
Ain't nobody pushing...
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life in the dreamhouse
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