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 इंद्रधनुष Tori द्वारा Richi
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Mariposa is a brave, smart, calm, daring, kind hearted, humble and the shyest तितली fairy with a taste for adventure. Mariposa never felt accepted and always thought she was different. Also she loves to read the पुस्तकें और than everything.In बार्बी Mariposa & The Fairy Princess she goes to Shimmervale to meet Princess Catania the crystal fairy princess.But an evil fairy named Gwyllion tries to steal all the crystals Mariposa & Catania has to work together to save the दिन its about friendship and trust.
 Princess Catania
Princess Catania
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Chapter 8

As Lumina wondered what to do, the salon phone rang and the octopus lunged for it. “Salon La Mer! Madame Ruckus speaking. आप bet, ma’am, we can squeeze आप in before the ball—four o’clock tomorrow?” She penciled something in an appointment book with one tentacle. She used a सेकंड tentacle to apply और blush to a customer and two और to sweep hair from the floor and help a teenage mermaid pick a style from a glossy magazine.
Eight arms sure come in handy in this place, Lumina mused.
“Madame Ruckus!” another customer called.
“Hang on, honey,” she replied. “I can...
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9. Snow क्वीन , बार्बी and the हंस princess,barbie in nutcracker, island princess
Snow क्वीन - she has no greater powers than the one she already has , and so everyone has their own powers
Swan princess- आप are braver than what आप think
Nutcracker - Anything is possible
Island princess- There may be miracles awaiting,
They may be closer than we know,When we have प्यार to guide us as we go."

8. बार्बी dairies
Trust your true self

7 . बार्बी spy squad , बार्बी video games and princess power, बार्बी and the three musketeers

Barbie spy squad - Think before आप take your move
Barbie vedio game - Its...
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Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse fans, it’s time to rev up for the new TV special. Barbie, her फ्रेंड्स and family are getting ready to compete in the reality competition, The Amaze Chase! Five teams will be racing around to famous बार्बी locations for the चोटी, शीर्ष prize!

Check below for the latest international dates.

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

Streaming - Netflix - November 1

TV - Nickelodeon - October 5
Streaming - Netflix - November 1
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बार्बी as Rapunzel
बार्बी as rapunzel
mainframe entertainment
animated movie
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