बार्बी in the Nutcracker Club
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posted by BarbieStars101
बार्बी and her little sister Kelly practice ballet steps, but Kelly cannot master them. Upset, Kelly gives up, but बार्बी tells her about Clara, a ब्रेव girl. At Christmas, Clara receives a Nutcracker doll from her Aunt Elizabeth. Clara falls asleep in her parlor with it but the parlor is invaded द्वारा a माउस King and his army, searching for the Nutcracker. Nutcracker comes to life and fights, but when Clara tries to help she is shrunk. When the army retreats, thanks to Clara hurling her shoe at the माउस King, Nutcracker tells her he only looks like a Nutcracker because of the माउस King. Both victims of the evil king's magic, they have to find the Sugar बेर Princess, the most powerful faerie in Parthenia.