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Source: Me and Doll Divine
posted by nmdis
Louis was waiting for Susan and Margret.
Louis: I wonder why girls take entire दिन in dressing up and make up!
Susan: आप would have known if आप were a girl!
Louis: Oh no! आप listened the entire the entire thing?
Margret: Yes we did and what were आप saying “Girls take entire दिन in dressing up and make up”. I tell आप Susan ‘Boys can never understand girls feeling!’
Susan: Now end of the matter, we should now discuss for what we are here.
Louis: आप are right Susan.
Susan: Guys I have खोजिए the internet for some picnic places in the state.
Louis: Please Susan don’t tell me that we are...
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Susan: It’s such a lovely and our college is off still we can’t do any fun!
Margret: आप are right Susan, I don’t understand what happened to professor Belle’s head she’s gone mad, how can anyone give so much of WORK??????? I hate her!
Susan: But she is so sweet with us.
Margret: Susan what happened to you? आप are calling her sweet! She is damn strict.
(Suddenly घंटी, बेल rang and Susan goes to open the door she saw Louis there.)
Louis: Hi! Susan and Hey! Margret is also here. That’s awesome.
Margret: Hello! Louis
Susan: Welcome Louis, did आप want anything?
Louis: Why...
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posted by CleoCorinne
This FanFic will be about Melody from DC...
I'll tell how she learned the song "Believe" as an apprentice, how she hid it in her दिल for a long time and how she made Liana and Alexa learn it all during those days.
It's a Song-Fic

Characters: Melody
Genre: Friendship/Adventure
Rating: K

Hope you'll like this FF, it came to my mind this morning coming back to school द्वारा bus, and I was listening to "Believe" (The full version)
I though it would be a nice idea, also Mel is Miss McCartney's प्रिय character in DC, so then... that's what my mind sent me! Lol!
posted by Lorinna
It was really early morning, when Courtney woke up. She yawned and looked at the clock.
-Ew, -said she to herself. -I don't need to wake up now. But I can't sleep more. Okay...
Courtney got up and took her favourite drumsticks.
-Tum-tum-tum, -said she, drumming with them on दीवार of her room. -It seems I have rhythm in my blood. I wonder, what's बार्बी doing now? Where's my phone? I need to ring her up.
Courtney looked around and didn't saw her phone. She started to खोजिए for it, but she couldn't. She fell down into the chair and closed her eyes. Then, she heard ringing of her phone.
-That's it!...
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posted by barbiegirl2435
Chapter 1. The Raid, Preparations and Expectations

It was a normal Sunday night, filled with food, friends, and laughter. या so they wished. Things couldn’t be normal when आप lived in a forgotten, subterranean military base. या when आप had to send out a large group just to be सुरक्षित when getting the needed supplies. When society was deadly and आप feared for your very existence. This is what the Souls (better known as parasites among the humans) had brought…

Clara stood on one of the many old, metal tables. With her small, soft voice, she attempted to attract the attention everyone. But she...
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बार्बी wants to wake up Kelly's fantasy... and she asks her a new story. So Kelly begins to tell बार्बी a story about the goddesses of the Four Elements, that are trapped in four different places in the World of the Glass Tower. But it's time to go to बिस्तर now, it's ten o'clock in the evening... and Kelly told बार्बी only the plot of the story. In the night, Kelly heards a strange noise coming from the living room, she wakes up to see what's happening there... but a fairy with इंद्रधनुष wings appears in front of her from the nothing and does a spell... So, Kelly wakes up, as the fairy says, in the World of the Glass Tower. When Kelly asks the fairy why she has a cut in the right leg, she tells her that she has tried to defend the goddesses of the Four Elements. Kelly doesn't understand: is that the world that she began to tell बार्बी about? या it's only a dream?

Coming soon... I already done Chapter One! Hope आप like the plot... I've done it in one घंटा yesterday, I didn't have ideas!
Chapter 1. A Difficult Decision

Louis let go of the balloon’s steering system, his hand reaching into his pocket. “Corinne,” he said, “I प्यार आप and I want to be with आप forever,” a small, velvet box in his hand, “Corinne Viviania D’Artagnan, will आप marry me?”

“Louis, I thought the whole point of this was to keep our relationship a secret,” Corinne कहा uneasily, “So, no one would assume the wrong thing.”

“Then this can be a secret too! Corinne, I प्यार you, please just think about it,” Louis pleaded.

Corinne’s eyes widened, “You would give me time to think about...
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The room is dimly lit, seeing is nearly impossible. An ambush! Men surrounding them on all sides. A battle cry sounds in the air.

Lights flash, swords bash.
A scream, pain filled and blood curdling. Body and ground collide.
Renee makes no attempt to get up.

Fighting styles clash, swords smash.
High and shrill, rings out a shriek. Steps sway, grip loosens,
Aramina’s eyes close.

Girls’ dash, swords crash.
A choking gasp, cut off द्वारा a sudden gurgle. Breathing stops, body slumps,
Viveca’s chest no longer rises या falls.

She’s the only one left.
Surrounded द्वारा men, each with a proud smirk and a deadly glare.
Sword in hand, a man lunges forward…
Princess Annabelle, gets kidnapped द्वारा a wizard named Vladimir. And the person that Vladimir has keeping an eye on her, Sean, is a good guy and helps Annabelle escape. And along the way, the two began to fall in love...But when they get back, Annabelle is promised to Prince Dracul (who's really just Vladimir in disguise). Sean and Annabelle are heart-broken. Sean finds out, that Prince Dracul is really Vladimir and tries to tell Annabelle, but is taken hostage द्वारा Vladimir. Annabelle finds out Sean's gone and thinks he doesn't प्यार her. Then Annabelle is taken द्वारा Vladimir again and finds Sean. Annabelle and Sean admit thier प्यार for each other and escape, but are caught द्वारा guards in the hall. But Sean and Annabelle prevail and are free to marry!