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It was an early morning.Keira was having चाय in her huge balcony with Vanessa. After a few मिनटों , Liam came in her room .

“Good morning, your highness!”said Prince Liam .

“Good morning, Prince Liam!”said Keira surprised that Liam came to see her. Suddenly she felt happiness inside herself. That happened everytime her eyes met Liam’s eyes. She लॉस्ट in her thoughts for a while .

“Are आप okay, Tori?”said Liam looking at Keira strangely. He was already in the balcony sitting in the chair.

She was even और confused when he called her Tori. She wished she could tell him the truth...
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posted by Lorinna
*probably, not so hard connected with बार्बी movies, but some mention of them is there*

Who of us not been in love? Not spared this fate and Lolita. For a week she sat before the computer and felt sad. Lola's friends- Abbey, Lyssa, Ceci and Barbiella-decided to help her and bring her back to life. Barbiella undertook to find out from Lola, who is her secret idol.
-Loli! -exclaimed Barbiella entering the room of Lola. -Why are आप so sad? I've never seen आप so sad yet never!
-B R, I think I'm hopelessly in love,-sighed Lolita.
-Wow! -exclaimed Barbiella. -And who is he?
-He is my classmate, his...
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posted by CleoCorinne
What if Delancy hadn't the proper grades at the end of the semester? What if Blair discovered she's Princess Sophia in another way? What would Dame Devin do to put her daughter on the सिंहासन anyway? A twist in the story, a remarkable one.

Characters: Blair W. & Headmistress A. Privet
Genre: Suspence/Drama
Rating: T

Tell me what do आप think about it, this came to my mind after remembering what Emily hears at the TV... "Where glorious girls meet dreams of destiny!"
Also, for what Miss खुद के बारे में, निजी, privet कहा to Dame Devin: "If she completes the sememster" (talking about Delancy)
posted by manu962
Firstly "Invisible" is just a working name.

So ,It all starts when Keira and Tori changed places..That's when Keira started to have a crush on Liam.She thought Liam loves her too but later she realized that he liked her only because he thought she was Tori.

Maybe some people won't like it because Keira will suffer a little bit and there will be a प्यार triangle.

Tori is going to be a little bit "naive" in this story because she won't realize that Keira loves Liam .But she's not an antagonists.

In this FF आप will read:

1.Will Keira and Tori still be friends?
2.What will Liam decide in the end?
3.What will happen to Keira in the end ?
So, I've seriously edited this after looking and listening to what I had before. And now, I find the playlist perfect!
1. Amazed~ Lonestar (Anneliese and Julian) Just a really fluffy song to दिखाना the relationship the two have.

2. Don't आप Wanna Stay~ Jason Aldean ft. Kelly Clarkston (Anneliese and Julian) Self-explanatory; neither wants to leave.

3. One दिन आप Will~ Lady Antebellum (Anneliese) While Anneliese is dealing with her loss, these are her feelings.

4. Hello World~ Lady Antebellum (Julian) As Julian deals with आग In The Mist.

5. Never...
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Source: The Beat Brothers
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Source: My romantical fantasia and my knowledge of BR
once there was a girl named lessie who loved lotus .there was a lotus garden beside her house but due to construction work the lotus garden was cut. lessie protested a lot against it but all was in vain.one while she was sleeping she saw a dream .she saw that she was in heaven with her mother ,the lotus क्वीन . when she woke up in the morning she was very surprised.when she woke up she saw that she was really in heaven with the lotus क्वीन .queen कहा 'Lessie , oh my dear daughter,finally I met u ! I saw when u were of 1 yr old ,oh,dear!' Lessie said,'ur daughter' to queen"but I am of the human...
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posted by MajorAbbey
Noblewomen weren’t flawless. For all their airs and graces, for the way they thought their tiaras made them better people, they were just that – people. People weren’t perfect. They had flaws, and they made mistakes. No one knew this better than Alexandra Privet. It was her job to teach those girls the airs and graces they were so proud of. But she knew they could never hide their true personality; especially if they were as despicable as Dame Devin.
As she ascended the staircase to her private quarters, Alexandra fumed over the other woman’s plan. Bulldozing the poorer parts of Gardenia!...
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The sun is setting, making the रंग all orangey. I sigh, this place is beautiful and completely off the radar. I’ll have to remember to thank Dominick for having such a paranoid family.

Someone takes my hand, not someone, I’d know him anywhere.

“Beautiful,” he breathes.

“I think so too,” I say.

“I wasn’t talking about the sunset,” he whispers in my ear, “You’re beautiful.”

He squeezes my hand and my दिल pounds against my ribs. Does he realize what his simple touch does to me? Does his pulse jump in his veins too?

His hands grab my shoulders and he pulls me around to face...
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Here is a small oneshot, which I make today, inspired द्वारा everything what happened with me. It happened after timeline of "KDL", my first serious fanfiction. It maybe a small hint...
Lolita sat in front of window and looked at the street. There was a gray day, which looked as all days of her life.
It was a bad दिन for Lolita. Her tooth was ill, she became an enemy for her best friend forever, and her sister, Rosita, made her angry- again.
Lolita's boss, Miss Kelly, या "kind Miss soundmaster", as Lola called her, was in Ottawa, at her family. Lola's फ्रेंड्स द्वारा फैन्पॉप suddenly disappeared. Lolita...
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(the story begins the अगला दिन after their concert. Keira goes to visit to visit Tori)

Tori-(GASPS)Oh Keira thanks for visiting! I wanna tell आप everything that occurred on my दिन when i was you!!
Keira-Me too!
Meredith and Trevi run around and play happily.
Tori- आप two seem to be having fun.
Meredith- we do!
Trevi- I wish Keira too brought her sisters too to Meribella. Do आप have any?
Keira hung her head with sadness. Tori knew it was the time to send the sisters out so she did.
Tori- Keira, stop weeping that way. I hate when आप cry.
Keira- Tori, I....I just remembered the time when I...
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posted by Lorinna
लोल FROM ITA & फ्रेंड्स PRESENT

Meet Kelly Maria Sheridan and फैन्पॉप Gang in all-new story, preceded द्वारा hits like "Kelly, Diana, Lorinna" and "Strong Together". In the new story, Kelly will be turned into evilness द्वारा Evil Masters of Evil. And Diana will take control under Mattel Corps. and will jeopardise the life of बार्बी फिल्में forever- right before releasing new movie, Princess Charm School! How will फैन्पॉप Gang and its new members save बार्बी फिल्में and Kelly from Diana and Evil Masters of Evil? And what will happen with The Beat Brothers? Will they repeat the fate of the Beatles, या continue their performing?
Read the all-new "Armed And Very...Fab" in December, 2011!
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