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Still same, I guess.

तारा, स्टार woke up. He called Niko.
“Hey, Niko, can आप give me pilot lessons?”
“Sure, I’ll be there in an hour. Wait a minute. Aren’t आप already a pilot?”
“Oh right. Never mind.”
तारा, स्टार called United Airlines.
“Hi, could be a pilot there?”
“Sure. What’s your name?”
“Birth date?”
“October 16, 1922.”
“Ok, आप will fly a 747 to London.”
“Out of where?”
“Cool. When is the flight?”
“Tomorrow at 10:45 am.”
The अगला day, तारा, स्टार wrote a note to Tony, and called all the कुत्ता and people to get last मिनट tickets....
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Sorry this took so long. I thought I was going into Chapter five where Balto's pups are all grown again but then I just remembered where Chapter four left off with Balto catching his daughter with a male कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला and they have "THE Talk." Well, why don't we see how that talk went in this bit. I don't own Universal Studios.

Away from the town of Nome, on the deck of his shipwreck, The Great Balto paced the floors back and forth waiting for the right thing to say to his daughter, who was sitting patiently on an old crate. Finally he stopped pacing and turned to face her.

"Saba." Balto began. "We...
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I प्यार Halo so I had the idea. The things such as ODST’s, Spartans, The Covenant, and things like that are copyright © to Bungie ®. I came up with ODSTD‘s.

Nikki was roaming around in Nome, when Rob came up to him.
“Hey, Nikki.”
“Hey, Rob.”
“What’s going on?”
“Not much.”
Kirk came up.
“Hey, people.”
“Hey, Kirk,” Rob greeted.
“How’s it going?”
Lars came in.
“Hey, everyone.”
“Hey, Lars. Hows ‘bout we’s say 4 lines, dere, then James will come.”
“That’s 3 dere, now I mades it 4, Now James should come dere.”
James didn’t...
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Steele is back as a good guy.

Star saw a commercial on that had a अंतरिक्ष jet that looked like a normal plane.
“That’s cool.” तारा, स्टार said.
“Hey buddy” Ralph said. “Hey look an ERJ-190 spacecraft.”
There were a words on the tail that कहा “Jetblue.”
“Awesome plane.” Ralph said. “I still can’t believe आप and Dixie are married.”
“I have to go tell the कुत्ता about this.” तारा, स्टार barked.
तारा, स्टार ran to Kaltag’s house, Kaltag was still recovering and in the cast from when Balto broke his arm.
“Hey Kaltag, there’s an aircraft that goes into अंतरिक्ष but looks like a normal...
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One afternoon तारा, स्टार was laying on the सोफ़ा, सोफे watching TV. Just then commercial came on with a giant cruise ship. That caught Star’s attention.
“We go to Seattle, Washington in the summer and Sydney, Australia in the winter.” the commercial announcer said. “So go to today!”
Star’s owner, Ralph came in. “I can’t believe Rosy’s dog had puppies.”
“I know.” तारा, स्टार tried to answer.
“I need to get a girl. I can’t just have a dog with me. I can’t even understand him.”
तारा, स्टार went to his खाना bag. He couldn’t get his head to the खाना level. He ripped...
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