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Star, Humphrey, Kaltag and the other at least 50 कुत्ता get home. द्वारा the way I found out the names of the 3 Omegas Humphrey hangs out with.

तारा, स्टार and Humphrey were relieved they were out of it.
“After that, I need some pepperoni, HOTPOCKETS!!!” तारा, स्टार said.
Humphrey was flying at least 10,000 ft above the hurricane.
“Damn, that’s an awesome view!”
तारा, स्टार came back.
“This is good, want a bite?”
Humphrey took a bite.
“Am I in heaven?”
“It’s that good.”
Kate came and knocked on the door.
“Hey Star, since आप say driving school is so much better than...
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This takes place two days after the last one. द्वारा the way I forgot to mention Humphrey and Kate came from the movie Alpha and Omega. Tough luck trying find it because it’s not out.

Kaltag’s phone rang.
“Kaltag, thank God.
“Where are you?”
“I’m at an abandoned airfield, and my plane is almost fixed.”
“Ok, I’ve been worried about you.”
“Well, I’m fine.”
“Thank God!”
Kaltag hung up.
“I have to pee again!” Humphrey said.
“You’re as bad as me!” तारा, स्टार observed.
“She’s fixed and ready to go!” Comet yelled.
“Hey!” Kate yelled....
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I don’t have ideas.

Balto went to Star’s mansion in Heaven.
“Hey, Star!”
“Hey, Balto.”
तारा, स्टार was drumming.
“What’s goin’ on?”
“Not much.”
God came in.
“Hey, God.” Balto and Kaltag कहा in unison.
“Hey, आप two. Balto, you’re going back to Earth.”
“Oh, ok.”
“Star, you’re staying here.”
“Balto, come with me.”
God led Balto to a teleporter.
“This will teleport आप back to your body.”
“Wait, I thought it was burnt.”
God sent something to Earth.
“Not any more.”
“Ok, see आप when I die again!”
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This is the best artical आप will ever read I do not own this. Writer of this gets full credit I get none. This is a to be continued thing but I can't find the सेकंड part but as soon as I do I will post it. Again I just copy and pasted this I did not write this. Well here it is.

It was early morning in the town of Nome. The snow was falling and the slim प्रोफ़ाइल of a grey husky, who had a slightly emancipated appearance, could be seen padding along the fresh snow. He rounded a corner, and went and sat in front of a closed basement window that only came 1 foot from the ground.

“I sure am hungry.”...
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