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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
In these types of games, I’ll give a series of multiple-choice questions, with each answer corresponding to a name. At the end of the questionnaire, आप will have named your hypothetical children (first and middle) based on your responses. Have fun! :)

(Names are taken from Nameberry’s “Surname प्रिय List”)

First Name:

Which superpower would आप choose out of these options?

Flight – Harper
Mind-Reading – Jackson
Time-Travel – Cooper
Invisibility – Grayson
Super-Speed – Carter

Middle Name:

What is your प्रिय beverage from these options?

Water – Blake
Tea / Iced...
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Use this dice to play: link

You are now 23 years old and have graduated from college with a degree in (SUBJECT). आप still live with your grandmother, (HER NAME), in (CITY), and have built up a career as a (CAREER). आप also followed in your grandmother's footsteps and became an philanthropist. The charities आप stand behind mostly are helping one-part families, foster kids, and treating alcoholism.

You and your grandmother are hosting a charity gala represented द्वारा your grandmother's firm, (FIRM NAME), at your estate. While you're mingling with your best friend from college, (HER NAME), and one...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1)______ ______ ______ (first, middle(s) and last, doesn’t have to be real), आप are twenty-five years old and आप work as a (choose from options below): 2
(A) illustrator / cartoonist / artist
(B) teacher / professor
(C) accountant / banker
(D) लेखक / novelist
(E) musician / singer
(F) hospital intern / medical student
[Feel free to elaborate on the career आप choose, ie: what subject आप teach, instrument आप play, field of medicine आप study, etc]

You are at the hospital one afternoon visiting your good friend who just gave birth to her first child. After meeting the adorable little...
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